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This is a thing that really happend.

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Touhou has games now?

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Touhou is no longer doujin and under the realm of /v/ now. Stop posting /v/ related material here please.

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>has paid DLC now
2hu is not reclining. Its a fucking rotten carcass now.


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I hate this.

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It's a fangame.

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>gets PRO status
>stills with doujin quality

This is really triggers me. (along with that super happy Remilia)

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And ZUN allowed this to happen.

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I didn't know it got a physical release

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Holy shit. People are getting this triggered by a fan game.

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Because it's dumb.

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Remilia is cute


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In other news, it looks like 4chan is going to become the property of political peoples

Did we recline too hard, /jp/?

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Times charge, and people must change with it or be left behind.

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Doesn't matter.
It has "Touhou" in its title and is being sold commercially with ZUN's blessing.

Doujin my ass.

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This is kind of sad. At least ZUN still produces new stuff.

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Oh boy this thread again.

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Not the game, it's the un-wanted "fans" that is now slowly comming up. Touhou is gonna be like FNAF & Undertale.

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Thanks for visiting us with your awesome greentexting and social media screencaps.

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They have to make it at least once a week.

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>weebshit they will say
I doubt that will have that popularity in the west

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Should Touhou have dub voices?

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This entire post bleeds stupid.

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>published by NISA

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Shut up you dumb faggot. Touhou is already big but too weeb for westerners to get into.

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What the actual fuck is this?

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United States of America

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>Diverse Interpreten

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>shitty port of a shitty fan game
>laughably dumb localization
>shitted up even more with dlc and paid online multiplayer

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Was this thread brought here from /v/?

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I need some touhous with attitude

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Cute Remi, dude

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Took it too easy IMO.

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All they had to do was make remi look smug. That's ALL they had to do.

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>un-wanted "fans" that is now slowly comming up
This has been happening for 8+ years you mongoloid

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I thought ZUN didn't want people to get introduced to Touhou through fangames. Is it because the art is prettier!?

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Smug Remys make everything better

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Not the music video animations with english pop music.

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>Implying you have ever seen the animation music videos.

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Remi is so mature!

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You mean the same shit Japanese fans have been doing for YEARS on Niconico?

Paying attention to the autism was your mistake, do not do it again.

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Fucking kek m8

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Guys, after looking through ZUN's twitter, I think managed to connect the dots

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What the fucking hell is this!?

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And Moot said 4chan will be financially fine.

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I bought it.

Come on anon, it took you this long?

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How's the controlls when playing?

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I actually haven't had any time to play it considering it's almost been a month since I got it.

So I can't answer your question, sorry.

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This is the price you pay for having money

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>FNAF & Undertale
Touhou will never reach that level of popularity bullet hells are already a niche genre and your average person isn't going to understand what a doujin is or bother reading them so there's no real entry point for them.

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>What a doujin is
>Average people can't grasp the idea of fan-based/self-published work
I'd say you're grasping at straws, but that would imply you knew what straws look like.

There's a huge entry point for anyone who might be interested in Touhou, it's a bunch of characters in modest clothings with a variety super powers and appearances. There's at least one character for everybody to find aesthetically and thematically attractive. Which is how a lot of secondary shitters are born, they just really like the appearance of one particular character and hop on the ship.

There also exists Undertale and FNAF secondaries. A lot of them. Maybe equal or more to the scale of Touhou's. Especially considering the pitiful initial 1-year sales the first FNAF had on its Steam page at a whopping <10,000

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>Local vs Mode
Neat! Might be something. But sadly it's only 2 player, would love though to have that clusterfuck like TimeSplitters 'n Smash's 4 player mode. But I can see it would be a shitter on the frame rate.

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>Was on E3

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Is this guy purposely trying to piss people off!?

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This thread is strangely devoid of doomsayer shitposting about how 2hu is dying, ZUN is a sellout, 2hu is inclining, etc, etc. Did they get tired already?

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>Marisa profile
Oh god, this will be someones first experience with touhou and it will be with secondary profiles.
>This is Cirno, pronounced Sir-No...
>This is Patchouli Knowledge, she's fat and hardly leaves the library. Because of this she has developed a close bond with Marisa, her lover.
>This girl is called China, she guards the SDM but spends most time sleeping. She's secretly a high power youkai, a dragon.
ZUN, why did you allow secondaries to write profiles?

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No body outside of the mentally deficient has the patient and will to continuously shitpost about one topic for a long time.
Even that /vp/ Goodra dipshit got tired of it after awhile.

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But remember, it's doujin!

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No need to keep repeating the same things everyone already knows.

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Is that a raven or crow?
I think it's a raven.

How do you befriend them? I threw some seeds out and they flew away, ignored me and didnt eat them. My self esteem isnt great, but it's not nice when wild animals shun your attempts at friendship.
They look so great, parrots are faggy with all their colours, corvus are simple and elegant.

>> No.15935596

You have to go repeatedly.
Some raven clans simply won't trust humans. There's a documentary showing that ravens do actually learn some things from their parents, so you'll have bad luck trying to befriend them in cities since most people still treat them as bad birds.
Give them fish instead of seeds, they're big birds so you're not exactly giving them much in terms of food offering. Don't toss it at them either, they might be taking it as a threat and it'll end with them thinking you're just another hostile person; you probably want to be in a non-threatening position too, like sitting or crouched when giving it to them.

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Parrots look really nice, you tasteless retard. Only a misguided teenager thinks "black = elegant".

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Parrots may have very pretty plumage and are definitely beautiful when flying around and landing. But they fucking suck personality wise. They're the white trailer trash of birds. Annoying little shits.

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What fish would they like?
What about crows?

Parrots are obnoxiously colourful, it makes them seem like flamboyant attention whores. Black is simple and not eye catching.
Magpies and penguins look good too, very formal in black and white.

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That would be seagulls. Loud, obnoxious and will steal from you and swarm you.

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>What fish would they like?
Very small fish. Buy a can of smelly sardines and see if they're interested by the must.
If not, go buy some berries.
If your particular clan doesn't like either, go buy nuts/beef and toss them that.

>Parrots are obnoxiously colourful, it makes them seem like flamboyant attention whores.
Yeah, that typically the point of them having very colorful plumage for mates, you dunce.

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kawaii flying neko chan

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Where are you seeing these?

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His ass.

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Are we talking about crows now?

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That one looks young, did it fall out of it's nest and get adopted by you or something?
How do I befriend crows Aya sama?

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To befriend a Jackdaw you have to start feeding them them before they open their eyes, which means a few days after they hatched.

If they already opened their eyes and recognized their own species it's too late. 95% of the time that happend they usually become self-sufficent with 3 or 4 months and fly away.

If you managed that the bird recognizes you as their group/family/clan you can be pretty sure it stays for a lifetime. Jackdaws are pretty smart, some can even learn words like a parrot.

They do shit a ton, so prepare to clean the house daily.

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>Jackdaws are pretty smart, some can even learn words like a parrot.

>> No.15944698

Hey I remember you from a thread on /v/, it was probably years ago though.

Glad to see your bird is still doing well.

>> No.15950994

Shit son, you remembered it?

It was 1 year ago
The bird flew away.

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Fnaf, Undertale and Touhou are dead.

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Fuck that's upsetting.

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I bought this off the japanese psn store on release like a year ago for half this price.

>> No.15951761

I got it off the Internet for free.
And I still felt robbed.

>> No.15952134

Maybe it will fly back, they migrate.

Is it that bad?

>> No.15952256

Jackdaws don't migrate.

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That Play! Doujin thing was the biggest mistake ever made.

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>still being fucking delusional enough to believe 2hu is a secret club