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post touhous that nobody likes

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Flandre Scatlet

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If you were trying to list secondary-bait Touhous, you forgot Utsuho and Momiji.

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Benben & Yatsuhashi

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You're right, big breasts Satori is terrible.

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I hate Aya!

I wanna make Tengu Stew!

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i will destroy you

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who is this?

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In-universe (probably)?

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In-universe or by fans? Everyone can find reasons to hate 2hus as a fan

In canon it's Seija and Satori hands down though. Both primarily just because of the type of youkai they are. Seija by her own design and Satori because satoris are assholes.

In general I think everyone is annoyed by Aya as well, no one ever seems to respond favorably to her writing during the "interview" segments of her stories.

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there are no hated touhous
touhous are for love, not hate

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Satori is for slender petite body.

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To be fair, animals like Satori. Her sister might, too, if she wasn't insane.

Aside from her, this awful bitch

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Medicine a shit.

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She interprets hate as love and love as hate.

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She doesn't interpret shit differently, she just gets a rise out of the things that'd be a turn off for normal folk, and vice versa.

It's like the priest once said: "Where you derive supreme bliss from other people's happiness, I derive supreme bliss from other people's unhappiness."

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Hold on. There are people on this planet, who don't forget to breathe, that dislike Satoboobs?

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Yes, they are called people with at least a shred of taste

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Huh? I don't get it. Was that supposed to be sarcastic or something?

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I wonder if she's actually happy about all that...or would that be sad or angry? Her thing's kind of...weird and difficult to interpret. Especially since she "can't actually make friends anyways."
Even anons have other anons to shitpost at at the worst.

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I love him

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Well, One can assume a normal person would be bitter and miserable at such a fate, so she must be proud and content with her lot in life.

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the one that looks like deviant art oc

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I want to tease Seija about her silly upside down nature by trying to coerce her to participate in pure backwards world opposite day crazy!

Like talking, walking, backwards and wearing shirts for pants and skirts for shirts, wearing hats on your butts and underwear on your head. Farting out your mouth and burping out your butt and I won't detail any further on those functions than that!


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I like her! Or I at least don't /hate/ her.

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We need more doujins about Seija and that sort of thing, and I don't mean the sex ones.

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Hating Hecatia is an outdated meme please stop

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>and I don't mean the sex ones

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There's already sex ones for that, I want some non-lewd silly Seija shenanigans.

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Santori-chan may develop small breasts ONLY after pregnancy is achieved!

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Satori's not popular and hated by almost everybody.

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She should be happy about it. Remember, Seija isn't human.

She seemed to be having the time of her life by the end of ISC. She likes being the one everyone hates, it gets her off.

This is made definitively clear when she rejects Shinmyoumaru and decides to keep being a huge shit. She's an amanojaku, after all.

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>Seija isn't human.
What the fuck is that supposed to mean?

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I want to call her Aniki

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What would happen if I tell Seija that I hate her and she knows that I'm lying?
Would she be disgusted? sad? happy? or confused?

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I'd assume disgusted, anon.

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Not even /jp/ likes her.

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She loves it. She gets happy when she is hated.

It's a sad fate for normal people, which is why Shinmyoumaru wanted her to stop, but anamanojaku like being hated and hate being liked. If she had a bunch of friends and people loved her, she'd be miserable.

The fact that she got everyone to be so mad that they broke danmaku rules to stop her means she is doing her job well

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Nah, Yoshika loves her.

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I like her, I want her to give me paizuri with those fat, saggy, stretch mark ridden breasts of hers.

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Disgusting, isn't it.

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Is it humanly possible to hate Jinyou?

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Secondary bait Touhous are great advertising to be honest. They get spammed all across the web, drawing people in.

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Poor Hecatia! I don't hate you!

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>Hating any Touhou.
I'll get you the noose.

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I hate the way she stands but I'd love to bend her over. A great 2hu, just terrible way of standing.

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Her design is just too silly

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I'll stew you.

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They're called pedophiles.

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*people with good taste

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What about a Satori with a reasonably moderate bust?

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Yes, they're called primaries.

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Meanwhile, these are the same "primaries" that like to put massive milkjugs on a certain bird with a big red torso accessory canonically too large to fit on any body with even a moderately sizeable chunk of chest tumors.

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I cannot accept a buxom of nuclear destruction serving under a mere mind-reading infant, my men.

Whatever the servant has, so does the master.

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Unless, of course, we refer to certain inhabitants of a lakeside mansion.

But only that shall be the sole exception.

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I have been looking for this all week.

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they're fake

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The five stages of grief is setting in.

You are four more stages away from acceptance of the truth.

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Not a single image in this thread has Satori at this level of bustiness. She is most likely wearing a bra in this image, which means every image of her nipples showing through her shirt such as the image in the OP are discarded as being accurate depictions.

So yes, primaries.

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>She is most likely wearing a bra in this image,
And you are assuming this based on what? Her nipples not poking at the shirt? In the areas covered up by her hand and her third eye?

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isn't that the point? She's a teen metal chick right? He theme was going to be metal too, but mr.zoon is scared of goths so he didn't.

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Can you provide evidence to the contrary?

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Can you provide evidence to the accordant?

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That's fine too.

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I love tits as much as flat chests. But in my head canon Okuu has the humongo tiddy

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The desire to breed is overwhelming

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Satori has somewhat big breasts, but only to her relative tiny scale. Compared directly to other boobhus, she is rather small.

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Good try, newfag. That book got all measurements messed up, unless you agree that kanako and mamizou are flat as fuck.

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Mamizou is flat as a board.

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Mamizou is pretty flat-looking, tho. Probably even proud of it too, if that one intro animation is any indication.

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There is not a single non-flat canon depiction of Mamizou, except that one sprite gag, which explicitly makes fun of her figure.

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And baykuren has tits that bounce on their own.

>> No.15864984

And wears a sexy motorbike suit. I wish we could see more 2hu's get fanservice like that.

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What about Kanako?

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Don't know, don't care. One goddess is hardly "all measurements" anyway.

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Nobody cares about Kanako. People are discussing about Satorin's bust because they actually love her

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> your head cannon

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Isn't Reisen hates because she left the army

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I want to grope and fondle Satori's body like a desperate animal as she cries and tries to push me away!

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I want to grope Mami's flat chest

with my hands

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Desertion in the time of war. Thankfully she pulled it off in LOLK or else she'd probably be executed for her crimes.

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Rinnosuke doesn't hate her.

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Does he even count? He doesn't exactly hate the two brats that rob his store.

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Well he doesn't like her either so I guess technically the guy isn't wrong...

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I want to form a family and raise a rape baby with Satori!

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She's basically a /jp/ anon

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I want to bite Satori's tummy!

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I actually am not a big fan of Satori

The only thing I really like about her are her Danmaku Patterns

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Why not?

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translate it weebs

>> No.15889540

Yuka Kazami.