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Patchy and Remy have feets!

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That's a good thing! Being an amputee is not much fun!

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You can still have fun without feets if you learn to run through life!

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Yes, but the best part about feets is that they are very cute!

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whatever happened to that torrent on /jp/ filled with 2hu feet?

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I'd like to see this!

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Seconded. Cute feet are cute.

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The cutest!

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What makes the cutest feet the cutest?

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I think it's mostly the size and shape, but I think what the girl is doing helps a lot too! I think casually barefoot girls are very cute! Girls embarrassed by their naked/smelly feet are the cutest, but it's hard to find pics of that!

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Feet in socks can be cure too.

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Cute ticklish feets!

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But embarrassed naked feet is great too!

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What I love about tickling is that it's fairly innocent, so it's a way to touch a girl's cute smelly feet that doesn't necessarily seem perverted! You can pass it off as just being playful, even if you're mind is racing from getting to molest a girl's naked feets!

Just don't let her see your fully-stretched, hard-as-steel, pointing-to-the-ceiling, loaded-with-blood-and-cum erection!

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Please post more embarrassed naked feet!

I really need more of them.

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you will never have enough

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This is true. Naked Touhou feet truly are a miracle of this universe!

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If the girls keep running around barefoot, their shoes will turn into tsukomogamis and an incident will occur!

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It's innocent until you restrain them and don't stop tickling. That's the other thing to love; they've got no idea of the danger until the knives come out.

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They should wear shoes often though. I know that sounds crazy, but hear me out:

-It makes seeing their feet feel more special when they are barefoot! If their feets were always naked, then they'd NEVER be naked! When you first meet a Touhou and see her with her shoes always on, then it's really amazing when you get to finally see her feet! I had this happen with a girl from work, and I came in my pants when I actually got to see her smelly bare feet after seeing her in shoes for so long!

-Wearing shoes lets their feet marinate in delicious, smelly feet bacteria!

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What is the optimal amount of time to let feet marinate for?

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That's a complicated question! It depends on how you like them to smell, what type of shoes, and how warm it is etc.

If you just like a little bit of a sweaty smell, then maybe smell them sometime after lunch. If you like them super smelly, she should wear thick shoes, and not take them off once during the day! Jogging during the summer will turn her feet into stinky biohazards!

Having Yuugi wear uggs is actually against the law! Her feet become WAY too smelly, and could make novices pass out and choke to death on their pwn vomit!

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People who call feet feets are the worst.

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Patchy has feet. Patchy and Remi have feets.

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what is she apologizing for?

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I want the Remy to bully my dick with her small loli feet!

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seriously though that torrent has got to be around here somewhere

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Reimu has feet. China has feet. Ran has feet.

Remi has feets. Rumia has feets. Kogasa has feets.

There's a logic behind it.

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I love this pic, she's so cute.

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Me too. In my opinion, that's the best thing about feet.

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dick bullying?

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Is there anything more lewd than a character that wears shoes swapping clothes with a character that doesn't?

Their stinky feet have been trapped in those shoes, but with the clothing swap they HAVE to expose them! So cute!

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The autism level of this filename gets me every time.

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What would you have called it?

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She has really cute feets though!

I love how they're blushing!

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Two pairs of Youmu feets!?

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That's not a cute filename, though!

All Touhou images need cute filenames, ESPECIALLY ones with feets!

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I want them both to step on me with their bare feet. In fact, I want them to use my body as a trampoline.

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Didn't you hear what I said, anon?

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Sexualized soles.

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Is there a 2hu that DOESN'T have feet?

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Mima. Tojiko.

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But clean feet are best for touching!

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Soles are soft, warm, pink and CUTE! Do NOT sex them or cum on them!

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I wish I had a feet fetish. Sounds easy to indulge IRL.

I don't find sexual anything bellow the knee. I get the sex play from teasing, but I don't find myself wanting to cum on some girl's feet.

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>tfw don't find anything sexually appealing above the ankle

Women's feet basically control my mind.

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You're all such fucking faggots holy shit

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It's torture sometimes. It's hard to go out in the summer and get bonered from all the cute 3D girls and their naked sweaty feet!

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There's basically a 50/50 chance of a girl thinking you're weird as heck, or getting really turned on by it.

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No, I don't like men's feet. They're hairy and gross!

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Footlove is heterosexual.

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Satorin FEETS

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On your face~!

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With her full weight!

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I want fatchouli feets

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fat soles!