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What is she doing??

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Serving as a cruel reminder that this place is dead.

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Glomping the heck out of the cameraman I presume?

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Now with more Chu.

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hiroyuki needs to delete some of the stale banners

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Chu on this!

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All the newer ones (made after 2008) need to be deleted.

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He said the stale ones, not the relevant ones

Even I will say that the pre 2007 4chan attitude towards anime is not really here anymore. Times change, people die and move on, etc.

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More like he needs to delete the newer shit that sucks like the Homestuck one

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Homestuck is not really that new

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>Be artist
>Want to make my own game
>Good art takes time
>No time for game since I have to make a living
>Want to quit job and start a patreon to finance game
>Afraid that people will hate muh fetishes and I wont be able to make a living.

There is no escape.

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no thanks, i still miss some of the older ones

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normal please return to outside

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I always wanted to know the source

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You don't get it.

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Nice try redditor I can see you.

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I always wanted to know the embrace of a woman

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He's not wrong. Even under ideal circumstances you wouldn't expect this place to have the same culture as it did a decade ago. I can look back on my posts on traditional forums I made 15 years ago and I can't even recognize myself. Don't confuse observation with celebration.

Get out of /jp/.

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Me too anon ;-;

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Fuck off lard bitch.

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What a shit thread, time to hang myself for fifth time today.

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Why is she sad?

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Alice called her a whore.

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This is a funny post.
10/10 comedy gold my dick is erect.