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Previous thread: >>15763222

This thread is for the discussion of untranslated Japanese visual novels.

What are you playing? What are you looking forward to? What have you finished? You know the drill.

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Reminder that era of eroge piracy is over.

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As long as it leads to the takeover of reasonably priced eroge on a steam-like platform (but not steam because I don't want my friends watching what porn games I'm playing) then that's okay with me.

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If SenMomo has uncrackable DRM then I'll import it myself.

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Why do you want a platform? What's wrong with just getting games on getchu, dmm, dlsite, etc?

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Someone should tell the EOPs that Dies Irae is shit

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>Tsukuyomi's romance goes from 0 to 100 way too fast. Hell, her character was barely there, pretty much every other heroine was more prominent and I almost thought I was on Mao's route at some points. What's up with this? Rain's route definitely wasn't the most exciting of Skys by a long shot, but at least she had the lion's share of screentime and got development in it.
Pretty much. Rain's route in BS was kind of bad, but still a lot better. Quite an irony that I find Freya a much memorable character than Tsukuyomi.

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So this thread is over?

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It's a real shame because I thought her design was cute and my initial impression of her character was good, I even wondered what she'd do, but then she decided to fade into the background until it was time to fuck and I could only lament what could've been.

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I liked her a lot more after the first half of Nagi's route, but they couldn't have realistically put that stuff so early into the game. Ideally, I think they should have had a 5th character to start it off with and then have Tsukuyomi's be second to last to be able to make full use of her, but it probably wouldn't have worked out as well as I might hope.

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That bad, huh? Well, at least she gets better, that makes me feel a little better.

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I still liked her route, but I think it would have worked better if it wasn't the first.

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Yup, these threads will be extinct within the next year or two

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And people will resort to video playthroughs

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We'll just have to start playing PC98 games.

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What does she say? I can't read it yet

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And thus humanity was squeezed into the domed cities wherein we now live.

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arigatou desu!

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which VNs have best gameplay?

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Evenicle, later Rance games, certain Venus Blood games...

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Anyone know how I can get the text working properly in 忘れものと落とし物 ?

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Different anon, but are there any eroge with good action gameplay that aren't Baldr?

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本末転倒 my friend

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Duel Savior

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Melty Blood

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Material Brave.

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My instincts are telling me it's shit. Is it?

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You sure you didn't download a chink version?

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That's it. I'm done with this fucking game.

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Took you long enough, otter-kun.

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I can still feel it

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Have fun?

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The gameplay's okay. Tedious, and I have to consult to a guide several times to get many missed scenes because I'm not visiting a place under a specific time, but I find it fun.

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Didn't the decade worth of resentment and anger tip you off to avoid Tamaki like the plague?

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Yeah, that's how I feel playing this old pc98 game. I like exploring but having to select "話す" over and over to advance dialogue or "考える" over and over to advance the narrative is just tedious.

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That room is awesome.

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But that's part of the reason why I'm trying the game in the first place.I entered the game with the mindset that I spend some money on it and have no idea what the game has to offer, so I could feel what the people at that time feel when playing this game.

Maybe I'll finish one heroine's path from Kakyuusei 1 first before going back to this game. Maybe I'll pick Yuuri or Mika later, I met them often in the Tamaki playthrough while exploring the city.

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Is she really fat or just a thick loli? Or is she a loli with childish chubbiness?

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Too bad I wasn't into eroge back then. Would have been a nice shitfest to be a part of.

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Fat Loli. A new girl later appears in the town if you romanced her enough, which is actually her after taking a diet, but she won't reveal this to surprise you, until you fucked her. There are hints before though, like the glaringly similar clothes, you accidentally bumped to her exactly the same when you bumped to her fat self the first time, she's trying to hold her appetite when seeing cakes, etc.

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That's silly but kinda cute.

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Ew, why'd she cut her hair like that? She went from moe to Three Stooges Moe.

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It is a bit worse when you realize it only took that guy like 2 months to bed her.

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>She went from moe to Three Stooges Moe.
I really liked that for whatever reason.

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How long is a reasonable time? 4 months?

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When it comes to eroge protagonists? Within 10 minutes to a couple decades later.

Jokes aside, mostly all girls in Kakyuusei series do not put out so quickly, thus why people call Tamaki a slut. This includes Minatsu, an actual prostitute.

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I really hope it doesn't.

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What does this mean? Did she dump that other university student guy?

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Personaly I think its just that Tsukuyomi same as Rain doesn't work so well as heroine but they both are cool when they are support characters. Tsukuyomi was a lot better in later routes and got her shit solved better there. Also Freya was cool indeed, really like her character really got developed as the routes progressed too

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What was the name of this one?

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There are people who played a game to wait more than two months to fuck a prostitute?

Did they, as the protag, just have some plan to edge for that entire time so he could wash away the cum of all the men who just paid for instant sex as two years worth of semen flows endlessly inside Minatsu with a glopping noise, or what?

I mean I don't want to use that phrase, but that sounds like a route for literal you-know-whats.

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Looks like island

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File: 1.05 MB, 1280x720, まいてつ画像_20160831_084328.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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More like the guy dumping her when he knows Tamaki is dating Rouma behind him, despite Tamaki trying to deny it.

Watched the playthrough on Nico. I literally can't stop laughing for five minutes.

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Link? I want to look on the shitfest.

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Thanks anon!

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Does it bother anyone else when people who probably read very slowly put in higher-than-should be lengths on vndb for new releases? No way in hell is Amatsutsumi 30-50 hours

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Why would you ever use vndb for something like that? The average is around 18 hours on EGS.

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>The average is around 18 hours on EGS.
Perfect for the length if you do only Hotaru's.

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I know what the average is, hence I'm bothered by it. It just gives other people who only look at vndb real quick then download the VN a wrong idea. It doesn't really affect me but still...

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Use EGS for that and even then take with a gain of salt due to differing reading speeds

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Are you telling me the other girls have routes too :^) ?

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I wouldn't know, Hotaru power too strong and their individual chapters are serviceable enough.

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Which makes sense, it's like a kinetic novel with 3 bad ends along the way.

>> No.15791534

>3 bad ends

>> No.15791538

Hotaru end 1>Hotaru end 2.

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I sincerely hope you're just joking.

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It was better done in general, more moving too.

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Nah, it's fucking boring. The only challenge there was to beat the last boss and 4 generals in Nanashi route on hard.

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>It was better done in general
Not really sure about that though. Makoto basically went yolo and an hero himself along with original. At least he got to bang Hotaru in wedding dress. I'd say pic related part was nicely done too. If only a tad bid too cliche at the end. Still wish Makoto got a hugging scene with original that didn't end up in tragedy though. The hair combing scene is nice but I want more.
>more moving too
I partially agreed with that, simply because 2 people poof'd without anyone else apart from Hotaru knowing Makoto's fate.

The ending music is way better though, I'll give it that.

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>(but not steam because I don't want my friends watching what porn games I'm playing)
I just go offline on friends on my VN PC and stay online on my main PC. Hours still show up, but oh well. You can crack steam games and run them without steam knowing you're running them, I think.

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>That BGM change when Tamaki's boyfriend touching her crotch

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Didn't daitoshokan have a faster skip option unlocked only to people who actually bought the game?

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Don't post in Japanese when you can't.

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I'm not angry, I'm only wondering why would you be so eager to embarass yourself.

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Good reason, I guess. But I can't help but think you still have a long way ahead, DJTeddit friend.

Out of interest, did you use knowingly 習う for its nuance?

>> No.15791860

eigo de ok

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So what is it, then?

>> No.15791873

You'll eventually find out yourself, DJT friend.

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Don't you mean 教えて?

習う means "learn from a teacher, master, other person."

It loosely fits here, if you posted your sentence wanting to be corrected by someone, but you can't use it as a synonym for 勉強する, which I see people do somewhat often.

Now mod friends should delete all this exchange, some hwabyung'd individuals are already rearing their heads >>15791873

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VNDB has no real standard per se as too many people change it. So you have very wrong numbers.. in both directions. If I change things there, I go with scriptsize as that's the most "correct" way of doing things. Going with their general guide outlines and something somewhat fitting, 1kb sjis is roughly a minute. So for example 1.8mb to 3mb would be 30-50 hours.

I have no idea where Amatsutsumi falls into. Based on their pevious games it could be anything. Chrono Clock was ~1.5mb or something, while Hapymaher was a good chunk above 2mb unique text. Keep in mind that vndb numbers are in theory for "everything" of a game. Skipping certain (side-)routes, skipping through ero-scenes.. stuff like that will make things faster obviously. Which is also one of the bigger reasons, why EGS has unreliable numbers.

>> No.15791930

>Hapymaher was a good chunk above 2mb unique text
Was it? Seemed fairly short to me.

>> No.15791962


Oh yes. That said, you finding it short seems weird, given that its writing style and such should make it feel even longer. Though I guess if you look at it after a few years, it may have the opposite effect. Once you forget how it was written and just consider "what happened", it doesn't seem too long anymore.

That said, it is a game where you can skip quite a lot of stuff if you want to as well. The routes are pretty much written like that as well, which was one of its bigger weaknesses. Dunno how much you bothered playing.

>> No.15791983

I read all of it. I suppose there were big chunks of it that weren't worth remembering, so that might be part of why I don't remember it being that long. Still, it surprises me that it's over 2mb. Maybe I was just less distracted than usual when I read it.

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After the disappointment I had with Amairo Islenauts, I didn't bother with Yuzusoft's previous title last year. I just started Senren since it reminded me of Tenshin Ranman. I'm in chapter 3 so far and I am entertained at least.

>> No.15792153

Senren Banka's biggest problem is that at least two of the routes meander and the relationship development and drama feel very disjointed and long winded.
Still haven't read Rena's route, but from comments on here seems like it should be better than the two I'm think of.

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Yeah, it`s pretty good.

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Do I need to know Japanese to post in this thread?

>> No.15792434

A bit pointless to post here if you don't

>> No.15792444 [DELETED] 

Of course not, everyone here just looks at the CG sets and makes up a story to go along with it.

>> No.15792448 [DELETED] 

Why? And you didn't answer my question :(
That sounds a little stupid. Why would anyone want to miss out on a great story?

>> No.15792454

Why anster to a braindead baiter? It's always the same person with this fake innocence.

>> No.15792462

Nah its the same PlayDRM from akabesoft's idol slut game which got cracked, they just managed to encrypt their files correctly this time so you'll need a key for cracking it. Probably most of companies will not be able to do it correctly, while someone will share his key for the other big titles.

>> No.15792506 [DELETED] 

stop being a dick
Thread title is 「Untranslated VN General」. Also, /jp/ hate themselves for not being japanese and will take it out on you, just ignore it.

>> No.15792513 [DELETED] 

>stop being a dick
How was that being a dick?

>> No.15792549

Exactly, whether the game is going to get cracked depends on how well the protection is applied, if it's just simple exe and asset encryption then you can dump the exe and files, if they introduce additional checks and virtualize them it becomes a problem

What eroge piracy need is a good cracker (a rarity these days, see how "well" western game warez scene is doing) and cooperation with people who buy games and so far nobody offered to crack stuff if someone shares the key (mikocon said they can share theirs but knowing them it's going to be "crack this game only for us or get lost")

I'd love to check this thing out myself but it's probably way beyond me and fuck buying some shitty nukige just to take a look at the DRM and the trials don't have it

For now only nukige brands use it but I think other publishers are going to jump on the bandwagon once it proves effective and it also depends on whether Japanese players will raise a stink about used game market or not

>> No.15792567 [DELETED] 

But the thread title doesn't say anything about knowing japanese.
>Also, /jp/ hate themselves for not being japanese and will take it out on you, just ignore it.
Wow, why would someone want to be an objectively inferior species? You can just learn japanese and still remain human.

>> No.15792578 [DELETED] 

Stop your samefagging parade.

>> No.15792723

I dont really think other publishers will use it at least any time soon, if I'm not wrong the first "not cracked" nukige came out like 3-4 months ago, and still not a single big company used or announced it yet except akabesoft, which got cracked after all.

There might be some "uncracked" period at visual novel industry with akabesoft's new engine (or at least Mimasu has said they're making a new engine, dunno if its real or not), but playDRM is not an uncrackable thing. I'm pretty sure at worst someone like checkmate or random uploaders will share their key and the "arrogant chinese cracker" will crack the big titles, and there is the second hand market + trial problems as well. It might be a good solution for protecting the low priced nukiges though.

>> No.15792730

Well low priced or middle priced games dont really need the "used game market" so people dont really care about playDRM at them, the shit gets real when you put that in a full priced game.

>> No.15792758

>trial problems
Its trivial to pack trial data with different encryption key.

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By the way, this DRM sends your hardware info like local hostname, CPU model, all drives and their capacity, and screen resolution to the DLSite Play server every time you input the serial, you can see for yourself with Fiddler or Charles if you set up SSL proxying correctly

Mikocon's uploader said something about that guy going underground because of unwanted exposure when he started dickwaving PS Vita dumps, I think he would definitely be capable of cracking this if the wanted to and had someone hand over his keys

There's no way Freenet uploaders are going to share keys, too much risk for them

There's always a risk of getting banned/tracked/arrested with online DRM, who knows it they use some sort watermarking

>> No.15792807

I just want a trial to see how the protection obtains the key and does its stuff without having to buy a full game

>> No.15792845

what's this?
Looks interesting

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File: 364 KB, 640x375, Neko_Project_II__FDD1GaoGao!_2nd_Pandora_Wood_(19_2016-09-04_14-03-48.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Gao Gao 2
It's not too bad.

>> No.15792871

Thanks, I am not a native speaker so maybe this sounds like a stupid question but is it hard to read?

>> No.15792883

Not really. The opening auto-scrolls so you'll have to pause frequently if you can't read steadily, not to mention it's a (brief) infodump on this sci-fi post-apocalypse setting so, you know, there's some potential challenges there. Other than that, it's pretty much just normal Japanese you'd find anywhere.

>> No.15792892

thanks after I finish chaos;head and chaos;child I'll read that.

>> No.15793069

So I've been out of the VN scene and these threads for about two years now, with the last ones I've read being Astralair and Nanarin. Browsing through vndb I found out there have been fandiscs or spinoffs for a lot of my favorites (Baldr, Muramasa, DI, Tsuriotsu, Astralair) but right now I'm looking to get into something completely new. Could I ask for any recommendations or personal favorites from 2015 and 2016?

Nanarin devs apparently have a new one out (Akeiro Kaikitan) so I was planning to check that one out at least.

>> No.15793075

Try fairytale requiem for something completely new, I really liked it.

>> No.15793095


>> No.15793109

Sakura no Mori Dreamers?

>> No.15793117


Not that anon, but those look interesting too.
Perfect lenght too.
Thank you

Do you know other good VN?
Maybe not too difficult for a JSL

>> No.15793129

What the fuck are you asking, retard?

>> No.15793130

Why don't you finish them first like a normal person? VNs aren't running away

>> No.15793139

Himawari's Vita remake got a PC port so I'd recommend that if you haven't played the original already. Also Island from the same writer.
If you liked Dies Irae there's Senshinkan and its sequel.

>> No.15793141

you are right, thanks kind anon

>> No.15793146 [SPOILER] 
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That was brutal

>> No.15793154

If you've been away for two years you may have missed that Scaji's Sakura no Uta is finally out.

>> No.15793157

Please seek help for your hwabyung.

>> No.15793189

Lol, that kind of comment thing is on japanese youtube? I thought it was weird in that one Euphoria scene, but it's pretty legit, huh?

>> No.15793288

Completely forgot about Liar-soft. Looks like it has different writer(s) than Gahkthun and Inganock so I suppose I can expect something entirely different?

Both look interesting from their description. Will be checking them out, thanks!

I did read Himawari but I never got around to reading its fandisc. Also read Senshinkan but even though it was good I remember being slightly underwhelmed from how the story played out in comparison to what I expected from reading the trial. Is the sequel an improvement? Will def check out Island though, thanks!

Shamed to admit I wasn't even aware of it. I did love both Subahibi and Himanatsu so I think I'll just jump into this completely blind. Thanks!

>> No.15793296

Fuck off

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File: 524 KB, 1280x720, Nanten.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You should definitely play Himawari's fan disc if you found yourself puzzled by the main game's ending and wanted it expanded / explained more.

I didn't really find the main story in Senshinkan or Bansenjin that super interesting either. Bansenjin is pretty great if you enjoyed the battles though due to load of new BGMs, plus it has the best heroine of 2015.

>> No.15793829

Was 魔女アリサの物語 ever released outside a demo?

>> No.15793920


She's probably the only route I won't be bothering because for me, she feels out of place in the common route. I'll just probably bear with that drama you mentioned since I liked the Mako, Yoshino, and Murasame.

>> No.15794151

Yeah but it was never translated

>> No.15794216

Murasame's route was fine, probably my favorite aside from Roka's so far.
Mako's route felt like the writer decided to pad out the route with another hour of stuff right when the confession etc would've been a natural next scene because the route would've been to short or something. Though the conclusion of the route was nice I guess.
Maybe the problem is I just don't like Yoshino a whole lot and find her boring, but her route and its main drama and even icha-icha scenes felt like they dragged on and on for minimal payoff.

>> No.15794246
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Finally finished Doshikuro. It's been a while since a title had me coming out very satisfied.

The good:
- Ichou (probably one of Ogura Yui's best role)
- All the characters were decent and had a role leading to the True Route. Even Urara who I hated at first grew into my second favorite character.
- None of the routes felt like they were written just for the sake of it. Each of them highlighted the respective character's story and integrated them to the game's conclusion.
- The writer did a good job utilize the game's settings (Shinto's mythology) instead of just throwing it out there and promptly ignore the settings for the rest of the game.

The Bad:
- Art. The sprites are alright but some CGs are pretty bad.
- The music is serviceable but could use more variety. None of the tracks is very memorable.
- The system seems like it came from the early 2000s. Some voiced lines didn't match the text at all.

Overall it is a really solid title. Everything was well-resolved except for Urara who got shafted hard. Seriously I can't decide if it's Sakuya or Urara who I should feel sorry for.

>> No.15795282

>she feels out of place in the common route
And despite that she's the actually plot-relevant one and had the most complete route.

>> No.15795373

I liked Gears of Dragoon 2 quite bit. Also like the name might imply but it's not a sequel storywise so you can play it as standalone of the first game.

>> No.15795558


And nobody ever cared. The... plot.. of this isn't exactly why people play the game. And unless you don't just happen to be into her two big bags of "plot" there's really not much of a reason to play her route. Fine support character, but else?

And that just gets worse as you complete the other routes, as the plot in those is, without exception, terrible. Muramasa's route is actually bad enough for me to call downright overall bad. Even though Muramasa is quite a likeable heroine if you ask me, and unlike Mako and Yoshino she also didn't quite suffer that much in her own route. Mako and Yoshino are just downright way more likeable outside of their routes. Well, Muramasa as well, but it's not as bad I feel.

Yuzusoft will have to think about how to do routes next time. It really shouldn't be that the best part of an eroge is the common route. You could even look at the common route as a kinda stand-alone story.

>> No.15795631

It's just that Rena didn't had enough screentime in the common route for me to care about her. I think this anon >>15795558 sums it up well. Not really playing it for the plot since it's more of a moege.

I just need to waste time on something while waiting for my copy of senmomo to be released.

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I want to bury my face

>> No.15795802


>> No.15796289

Why do you criticize peak cuties like Akari-chan and especially Hotori-chan every time I post about them?

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Don't know why I can't lauch Ginharu... Using RegionLoader, but... No.

>> No.15796548

You don't have the disk in

>> No.15796588

Anyone else feel weird at seeing ミーム in baldr heart? I felt like 4chan invaded the baldr world, and somewhere in the 仮想 there's some kind of 4chan city like that one really old flash. And somewhere in there.

>> No.15796607

I don't remember saying anything bad about the brown one.

>> No.15796655

No one reading the full version of Trianthology?

>> No.15796658

If you cant read that there is no way you can read the fucking game anyway.

>> No.15796662

>no torrent
I plan to read Vespa though

>> No.15796673

That's not Romeos story.

>> No.15796677

I though that'd be いうまでもない. If you look around a lot of people are just reading Country Girl. I figured I should specifically state I intend to read Vespa.

>> No.15796683 [SPOILER] 
File: 708 KB, 1280x1024, 1473089877361.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I also started snickering even though the term was obviously used in its original meaning. Truly the dankest eroge of our time.

>> No.15796698

Wait, Romeo's story is the one in the trial?

>> No.15796703
File: 106 KB, 683x470, 1465802580361.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15796779

Why care about the full game then?

>> No.15796789

Ryukishi or not, it's sci fi and I like sci fi.

>> No.15796801

I'll be waiting for your laments afterwards.

>> No.15796803

Why not just read a different scifi VN or book even then?

>> No.15796813

Should I trust the tags on a visual novel or on a character for vndb? Quite often characters have many more tags than the game does.
Speaking strictly of the sex acts tags.

>> No.15796822

>or book
Because I like VNs.
>a different scifi VN
You can count the number of sci-fi VNs on one hand and most of'm are either nukige or PC-98, and while I don't have a problem with PC-98 games they do tend to be less VN and more adventury.

>> No.15796890

Why is 'It's my own invention' so boring?

>> No.15796929

That image's blurriness bothers me.

>> No.15796947

I assume you just started it? The beginning may be a bit slow, but once Takuji finally completely loses his remaining screws I was grinning like a retard through the rest of the chapter. Definitely the most memorable eroge protagonist I've come across.

>> No.15797046

Somewhat, Takuji is just now becoming the savior. There's just so much endless, repetitive inner monologue...

I'm in love with Zakuro's voice actress though, immediately went to check her other roles and got sad that she basically did nothing. 空へ!

>> No.15797071

I agree that this title is great, but I also felt that the love comedy stuff got a bit stale in the second or so route. Granted the multi-plot route more than makes up for it, but still. I think it's just a bit slower than it needs to be.

What do you think?

>> No.15797136

Kurukuru for Lolotte.

>> No.15797358

>online DRM
I never understood this. Not only does it punish the people who honestly buy the product, but it discourages the people who pirated and liked it enough to buy it from spending money on it. What do companies gain from it?

>> No.15797377

>Pirates are the only reason our game doesn't sell
>The next one will be full of DRM, surely our sales will skyrocket!

>> No.15797465

I agree with the love comedy stuff went on too long for its own good. The h scenes also seemed to go on forever and I ended up ctrl through most of them.
But as you said, the routes' structure was crafted well.

>> No.15797687

Wait till you get to the teacher's scene

>> No.15797708

Anyone willing to reupload this Japanese IP only patch?


>> No.15797719

Eroge industry is getting lower sales with each year, and our retarded companies have thought that its because the new generation just likes to pirate unlike the older ones, and they'll reach the golden age one more time if they can manage to protect their games.

>> No.15797952


>> No.15797964

Thank you.

>> No.15797969

Where did I mess up in Tsukuyomi's route to get the bad end? It was her question, wasn't it?

>> No.15798078

There's actually two flags you have to get right for the good ending.
1. In the choice you mentioned you must REFUSE her request to put her down if she goes mad.
2. In the bomb escort level you have to keep its HP over 25%. If at the end of battle Hiromi says Nanaka is already dead, you failed. After it you'll also see a scene of dying students and Yuuri putting them out of their misery. If at the end of the battle both of them are still alive, you got it right. You won't see the dying students scene either if I recall correct.
If you got either of those flags wrong you'll get the bad ending.

Also you unlock parts of scenario chart every time you clear a route, showing alternative endings for the route you completed, the related flags and also where the next route begins. Sadly scenario and battle skip are only unlocked after completing the final route, meaning you have to load a previous save and not keep the unlocks you got from clearing the bad ending or start the game from the very beginning and play through the entire route again, or complete the game first and use the skip function.

>> No.15798191

>Sadly scenario and battle skip are only unlocked a
Just adding more to what >>15798078 said: It's a lot easier to get the good end if you're playing on Normal than on Hard. I tried that once and Neumond's HP stayed nearly 4k at the end of the battle.

>> No.15798258


>> No.15798345

The trial version was pretty good.
Wont spend 50 bucks on it though.
There should be a torrent soon I guess.

>> No.15798609
File: 937 KB, 1024x768, 2016-09-06 01_28_59-フォルト!!A.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>What are you playing?


For the 3rd time. It's one of the few games I like to come back to. Gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling. Too bad Ciel is kill.

>> No.15798634

Need a suggestion for something fun/cute to read.

I've been meaning to check out Cocoro Function, but Hanasaki and Hoshi Ore seem appealing too.

>> No.15798668

Senren Banka

>> No.15798676
File: 69 KB, 306x331, 1465527956605.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Hoshi Ore

>> No.15798695

Fuck, I completely went over that. I'm dumb as fuck. This is why I don't type the names in Japanese.

I was thinking about that too, Mako looks cute.

>> No.15799401
File: 329 KB, 1280x720, 150.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Has a single screenshot ever made you play a game?

>> No.15799438


>> No.15799493

>I'm in love with Zakuro's voice actress though


>> No.15799610

I miss tony's lewd art
I hope he comes back to eroge one day

>> No.15799797

Yes. And it wasn't a game with such disgusting art.

>> No.15799812


It was a crop from the last h-scene from the game. I was expecting a fap from it.
Ended up flaccid the whole way through.

>> No.15799842

What is this? NTR simulator?

>> No.15799888

i think its the most successful NTR game of all time
because it managed to make the audience genuinely mad instead of making them fap hard

>> No.15799915

Now I'm interested. Is the game worth checking out for this?

>> No.15799928

You already know it's NTR now so the surprise is ruined

>> No.15799932

I don't think there's anything special for NTRfags in it now, the game created such a massive butthurt because it wasn't marketed as an NTR game in the first place.

>> No.15799965
File: 449 KB, 550x412, 3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


It's a dating sim. With pants on head retarded writing on the childhood friend main heroine story. If you only want to check the game only for the scene, just look to the video playthrough because the game could get tedious at times. (For example, one scene requires you to have two girls with quite high affection rating, then date one of them on specific place on specific time to get the scene. Good luck finding it without a walkthrough.) If you're looking for a dating sim though, you'll be enjoying this, it gives the 'feel' of getting a certain girl's affection pretty well, because the game's mechanics are geared up just for that.

>> No.15799978

The condom ntr in love rec. I never finished the game though.

>> No.15799988

I still don't get why it's considered NTR, she was already in a relationship when the game started, she wasn't taken away from you.

>> No.15800004
File: 444 KB, 1286x771, 恋愛0キロメートル.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This kinda left a bad first impression, but I'm really enjoying it as I go along. It's pretty comfy.

>> No.15800024

Still NTR if you didn't know, imagine going a heroine route and all of a sudden she's getting nailed by some other dude

NTR is more aimed at cousing jealousy than anything

>> No.15800142


You'd think that they'd notice that this is a trend across the entire Japanese economy, not just eroge. People won't spend what they don't have. The decline is hitting the other nerdy industries in Japan, too.

I can't claim to be an expert on Japan's declining economy, but I can think of at least one thing that could use some help: doing away with Japan viewing technology as a means to plug holes. Maybe they could go to work as advocates for proper IT?

>> No.15800172

Actually the biggest problem is the "price" of the eroges. Some great games might be worth of its price, but most of moeges / average games are "definitely" not worth of a fucking 95 bucks, its just too expensive. If they want to sell, they have to take this shit seriously and stop making sloppy & retarded writing etc in their games.

I mean just look at yuzusoft, its not like they're writing some deep stories etc, they are just a moege company but since they are actually working hard for their games its selling like pancakes. They were the best seller at 2015 and most likely will be at 2016 as well.

>> No.15800188

>be excited for game
>accidentally read spoiler
>lose all interest
God damn

Anyone who read Natsukumo Yururu can tell me how big knowing that it's a simulation is? Is it something that's revealed only towards the end?

>> No.15800200

Happened to me with Midori no Umi. I read a Japanese review and the guy was dick who didn't warn about spoilers.

>> No.15800205


It's not just the price and whatnot. It's also fear. We had the NTR thingy just now here, but, I'm pretty sure everyone here knows this for a while know: Current works don't even dare so much as to imply the protagonist is not the absolute number 1 for the heroine(s). To a paranoid "has to stress this at least once every 20 minutes" extend.

It feels like authors aren't able to just.. write what they want, but instead have to rely on what's proven to be "acceptable" and also make damn sure that the customer base is DEFINITELY not upset in even the slightest way. I have the feeling this is also why for example the more "modern" tsundere became a thing. The classic one could very well be a super bitch and unlikeable at first, while the modern take on this type was made so that the audience knows that she actually totally likes the protagonist.. again that being stressed every couple of minutes so nobody could ever possibly get the wrong idea.

Well, this is getting long, but I guess the gist is: The genre needs some shifting. Something a little away from the typical norm needs to sell. This is why I'm quite happy to see companies like August or Moonstone actually experiment even a little bit. And this is also why I feel that doujin works need to maybe step up and produce something REALLY big once more. It's asking for a lot, but a stagnating medium having stagnating sales isn't weird. It's mostly the same shit again and again and again and again after all.

>> No.15800229
File: 18 KB, 500x441, 1467510693915.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>still remember someone spoiling me on Chaos;Child

I'll haunt you when I die

>> No.15800301

It is definitely worth reading anyway, I found it very funny.

Also I'm a lolicon, so that helped too.

Anyway, I wouldn't really say that the spoiler ruins it. You don't know the exact reason behind it, and it may be a bit different that what you are thinking.

>> No.15800372

While I agree with you, I think their biggest problem is being "lazy", not fearing. For example Eushully's last game 珊海王の円環, it was so fucking sloopy that it felt like they actually wrote it in last 2 weeks or something, and they took 10.000 yen (more than 90 dolars) for that. So what will happen? Their next game will not sell as much as this title, and they'll cry how everyone pirates in this generation like a complete retard.

And this is one of the biggest company in the industry, I'm not even counting the average 10 minute into route > 10 h-scenes > ending type moege companies All they have to do is actually putting some work in their games like Yuzusoft or last month's Gin'iro Haruka, then it'll sell, its as simple as that.

>> No.15800377

Eusully is weird.
With Rhapsody, shortly after release they apologized for bad scenario and promised to do better next time.
With Sankai, they didn't post anything on their "blog" since release, and on twitter they are just bragging how well it sold and promoting sankai merchandise.

>> No.15800381

Eushully has got a dark age coming in the near future if they don't up their game

>> No.15800382

So how's Force compared to Sky, Zero, and Heart?

I really enjoyed sky, couldn't finish zero for some reason (maybe the 3d), and I'm enjoying Heart so far (mid way through princess route)

>> No.15800411
File: 302 KB, 1291x753, Untitled.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Seeing the girls actually age is really nice.

>> No.15800417

The gameplay is obviously a massive downgrade, but if you can overlook that it's a fun game.

>> No.15800433

Force >>>>>> Sky > Heart > Zero.

>> No.15800485

Pretty much same as mimasu, he has said that they've made so much development since the lovely cation so their lastest cation game should have sold more than lovely series, yet it sold less because of "pirates". I guess he didnt bother with any of their games so far.

>> No.15800489 [DELETED] 

Story-wise it's okay, though nowhere close to Sky or Force. Gameplay-wise it's easily the best though. Be prepared to get your ass kicked if you're used to abuse air combos like in Sky. Also best OST of the series.

>> No.15800501

I don't see how its "same", Eushully never said anything about piracy and they don't make any public rants at all.
Moreover, Sankai actually sold shitton of copies, being ranked #2 in one of shop sales rankings, so they have no reason to rant, yet.

>> No.15800513

Force is an old game, so the gameplay isn't as polished as Sky or Heart (much more fluid than Bullet though). As for the story it's a lot darker than the rest of the series (esp Tsukina's route). Some people say it's better than Sky but I like them equally. It's my first eroge btw.

>> No.15800599

Force is old as fuck and kinda ghetto, but its important game for reason, plots isn't as polished as later baldrs but still good and it has Genha in it, Genha is prety much better than any heroine in Force. older system after Sky&Heart will be pain though

>> No.15800616

>plots isn't as polished as later baldrs
Force plot is much more polished and worthy than later obligatory-gakuenmono-and-moege diluted bullshit.

>> No.15800623

I mean same with the overlooking bad parts of their game, since mimasu is saying how they did added this feature and that feature while overlooking the game's badness as well.

Eushully is really at the edge of falling though, I guess they'll return their safezone and make another Ikusa megami game.

>> No.15800629

>Force plot is much more polished
Force barely has a plot before Bachelor's route

>> No.15800640

What does it say on her tits?

>> No.15800644

The second floor to 100 dogs
To know you have

>> No.15800761

It barely develops its character, factions or plot decently, it basically doesn't give the game time to breathe even a little, Ryang's route wuld actually be good if it was twice the length, so it was at least 3 hours to get to know her side.

>> No.15800764

Now tell us how you feel about it and what it means to you.

For me, it's easy to have a hundred dogs, but having them on the second floor is an actual commitment. And it's always important to know when enouge is enouge.

>> No.15800862

I am playing the game and thinking about choosing that gal's route next but since everyone is crying about NTR am not sure if shouldnt skip it.

Okay most people consider it NTR even though technically the girl had a boyfriend the whole time, honestly with that part have no problem.
Anyway it is still a heroine route so arent you kinda stealing then her from him rather anyway?

Or is this a route where you dont get the gal at all and even only get to watch the whole scenes from her side with her boyfriend and with the 'he ends up alone' ending or why is everyone so mad about it?

>> No.15800893

No clue

I only know about that game because of the butthurt it caused, like this >>15791032

You know it's NTR now so it obviously won't cause you much grief since you already know what you're getting into, the butthurt nips didn't know

>> No.15800911

I'm pretty sure it wasn't considered "NTR" or anything. That term has really blown up lately. People just didn't like it straight up.

>> No.15800989

re. Ginharu



I've got to agree. Ginharu's MC was not very good. I think he represents a flaw in moege I often seem to feel, which is that the writers forget that romance is between TWO people, not a hot girl and a piece of cardboard. The MC, however unfortunate it may be, is present for the whole story and he needs to play a good role in the relationship beyond being Mr. Perfect for the romance to be interesting.

>> No.15801002

It was considered NTR for the players, you guys don't understand how it was released.

Before release there was absolutely no mention of her having a boyfriend anywhere.
It was a very hyped game so there was a lot of coverage, she was introduced as the main heroine, childhood friend, who come to wake the protag up and take care of him.

She is far from being the first non-virgin heroine in a galge, the 90's were full of them, but everything that happened before the release and during the game were enough to generate such a shitstorm it impacted the eroge industry as a whole

>> No.15801009

I'm really, I guess, being pedantic about language here. That, I don't really think, the "ntr genre" was really in the cultural consciousness like it is now, and although it did cause quite a scandal, I don't think the scandal was predicated on the concept of "NTR". Correct me if I'm wrong, I wasn't there so I don't know that level of detail. I only bring this up because their discussion was getting hooked on the definition of NTR and stuff.

>> No.15801022

Yep. Because you don't put NTR in a Renai game. Specially not the main heroine. Specially not when she is the Osanajimi character.

>> No.15801205

But she screams the name of her ex in an eroscene, right? That's fucked up even in real life. They were definitely aiming at upsetting the player.

>> No.15801212

Yeah, it was definitely fucked up. I just don't know that it was NTR or considered NTR at the time. It was a long time ago.

>> No.15801252

That's something that was made up, the name of her boyfriend is never revealed in-game.

>> No.15801271

I think this is Asa Project's best title, and one of the more fun comedy titles. Althought that's pretty subjective, I'd urge you to stick with it for at least a few jokes.

>> No.15801295
File: 96 KB, 640x537, why the fuck am I searching this scene.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Just something to add:


It's clear that she got more attention than other heroines in the promotional video, being the main heroine and all. Which makes the fact that she already has a boyfriend hits harder than ever.

Her CG make it worse: The player can spot Tamaki being kissed by her boyfriend and enjoyed being groped by him in the middle of the night at park. With their own CGs. I mean, why the fuck of all the CG's that they could made to describe a scene in a dating sim, they make a special CG of her happily being kissed and her crotch groped by her boyfriend, in front of the peeping MC that don't do anything when they do it but watch and sulk? Granted, both CG require the player to bring another heroine to a date at a specific place, but still, the frustration would make normal people that don't expect any of these rage hard.

And then there's her being fetched by her boyfriend after the player dating her, and the player caught Tamaki and her boyfriend just walk out of a love hotel.

The boyfriend himself is not an asshole. Even Tamaki telling Rouma during her sex scene to understand that she has given her first time to her boyfriend because he loved her. The dude still even wished her well when breaking up with him. Combine that with how little conflict that the game shows between Tamaki and her boyfriend makes you as the player don't feel any satisfaction stealing her from him at all.

Even so, I think people would still give her a free pass if she's not the main heroine.

This should sum it up pretty well: http://plaza.rakuten.co.jp/ownopinion/diary/201212260000/


The ex's name is never revealed. I never encountered her screaming his name in any of the sex scenes either unless I'm being a bumbling idiot and missed some of the scenes.

>> No.15801362

elf dug their own graves when they started doing ntr.

>> No.15801370

If by dug their own grave you mean kept making games for another 15 years, sure

>> No.15801406

that is so fucking brutal

>> No.15801413
File: 757 KB, 1920x1080, capture_001_06092016_215608.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well that was a major waste of time. Finished Hanahime Absolute apart from Ayane and Anko since I heard they're gutted side routes. It's like the whole game suffers from too many cooks spoiling the broth and in general huge pacing issues. Played in order Reina > Maher > Polina > Hiyoko > Eve. Like the other anon said there's really no proper stakes in the tournament and no one has any reason for fighting until the end where it plays roughly the same in all routes.

Maher's route for example was pretty much nothing happening in it but boring 特訓 and ended with extremely abrupt final duel with the Queen despite how big of a deal they previously made it up to be, followed by like two lines of text and then instant time skip to everything being nice and dandy again, then credits roll. For being the original cover girl she sure did have the shittiest route. Completely pointless.

Reina's route was also really pretty weird with her instantly falling in love with the protagonist and then they get to confession ASAP without any proper development, though apart from that her route was somewhat better since they actually investigate the weird stuff going on with the tournament. It also ends with implications that there may actually be a semblance of plot and something more going on behind the scenes due to them mentioning Nao is developing something more than just a fun game with Crown Hearts, but none of it ever gets brought up again, not even in Eve's route. Reina's silly H-scenes with her rape doujinshi fantasies / roleplay gave a few pretty good laughs at least.

Polina's route's romance development also came out of the left field, though her route was probably the only one where I was at least somewhat invested in the story towards the end. The game could've used more of that sort of small drama so that there's at least *something* that makes the events feel meaningful in some way. Also the only route where the wishes even get brought up.

Hiyoko’s route was extremely weird as they went straight to groping, kissing and anal sex even before confession, then they go instantly back to normal the next day. Then in the scene right after it she blows the protagonist, and this is the first fucking time the protagonist starts worrying about incest implications. Then the main drama of the route then turns into Hiyoko worrying about incest being a taboo and that the society and the protagonist "will never accept her love". What the flying fuck?

Eve's route is only notable for "wow it's fucking nothing" despite her being the main heroine. Only improvement over other routes was that they didn't get straight to having sex at the start of the route, though any fun or meaningful relationship development and proper humor are still only conspicuous by their absence and the game instantly delves into the same exact end plot as in the other routes. I finally expected some more explanations or characterization for the Queen, why the rival fujobaits even fucking follow her despite knowing about Eve being controlled by Loki and why they're okay with constantly letting the protagonist's group grow stronger despite this being a PvP tournament with supposed stakes and the main prize being having any of your wishes fulfilled, or Nao's supposed motives in letting Loki roam free, but nothing. Nothing in this game can make sense even in a fun way and there's nothing that makes you want to read further apart from the false hope that it'll surely get better later on.

In short the routes themselves are too samey with same events, and romance pretty much instantly begins at the start of the routes, often trumpeted by a load of H-scenes. I'm not expecting any super serious plot from a spiritual successor to Kurukuru, but the heroine personalities or interactions are really nothing special either and if I was looking just for a pure love charage I’d pick something better. The rival pretty boys' camp also couldn't be any more uninteresting and bland compared to Kurukuru's variety of side characters and silly antagonists with their own funny character interactions and motives. It even misses the cute shit like Kurukuru's protagonist scolding the 雑魚 enemies and sort of befriending them. Protagonist himself is bland shit who only fights in story sections, but not in actual gameplay sections despite him being the most skillful player story wise and his only notable characterization is that he can cook and "muh broken promise with Shiki". I already covered why the gameplay feels like a downgrade to PSS in previous threads so I won't complain about it more.

I think the only genuinely good thing I can say about the game are some endgame battle tracks, which were able to get me at least somewhat pumped up in Reina's route. That and the sexy character designs. Sad that they're wasted on a what feels like a gutted and in all ways inferior version of Twinkle Crusaders.

>> No.15801443

Meh, i think games are worse where a route exists with the prota working together with a gal, not sure if should call heroine, doing all the work but in the end the girl goes to another guy.

Though in my example it still wasnt NTR because neither gal nor prota felt much for each other.

>> No.15801460

That's a shame to hear.

>> No.15801465

People on EGS aren't happy about the game either.

>> No.15801467

I've rad all of C;C knowing who the culprit is and still had plenty of fun.
I think people put too much value into ebin twists.

>> No.15801473
File: 912 KB, 1030x768, 2016-09-05 23_05_04-フォルト!!A.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I miss tony's lewd art

That's my main grief with Ciel apparently not making new games anymore.

>> No.15801484
File: 406 KB, 803x1243, 0a58a5a59a23f9bfdb0b0ad2932d39f0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

when will tony go back and make cute game where an elf is the main heroine and you get to tickle her ears?

>> No.15801588

Picked up

>> No.15801610

Guess I don't have to waste my time on then. Thanks, anon.

>> No.15801713

Anyone downloaded SG 0 pc version and started it without any problems.

I seem to get an error which I think is like to this Soft denchi DRM bullshit.

What do?

>> No.15801724

It gave me no problems at all, aside from making me want to replay s;g for some quality CHRISTINA time.

>> No.15801746

Was it the newly uploaded torrent?

>> No.15801752


I dunno, maybe it's because I don't have a VN power level in the triple digits yet, but I feel like it works better in this medium than others.

You don't see the MC.
The reader makes the most vital decisions for the MC.
The genre is set up so that the MC is generally decides what his relationship with each girl is going to be before things drag on for too long, so at least you don't find yourself wondering why the girls are fighting over the cardboard for what must be months on end.

He does at least need to shine in regards to being a tool for jokes, though, as well as be surrounded by interesting circumstances. And this isn't a free pass to be an intolerable retard of any kind.

>> No.15801754

Did you install Soft Denchi? Try uninstalling it.

>> No.15801761

Or try moving sdsys64.dll somewhere that's not the same directory as game.exe.

>> No.15801796

>Rape ex machina everywhere.
>Tooru is as dense as Kou
>shitty battle system where you can clear the game on hard with three ranged weapons. Or suffer with melee.

Yeah, clearly better than Sky(no)

>> No.15801964

Post one sentence describing your favorite VN

>> No.15801972

You must not really have read too many games to say all that.

1 - You don't "see" the MC, but you read al his narration and you read everything you say. From raw script data I've look at, this encompasses 50%-75% of each game. Yeah.
2 - You barely make any choices in these games. In Ginharu particular, you don't get *any* choices in the routes and the choices in the common route amount to "Girl gives you something. A) Say you love it or B) Say you like it". Both good things but one less extremely good so it doesn't give love points. This means the reader has no power over the MC's choices and his bland perfectness is shoved in your face. For a lot of modern relationship games, the choices boil down to "Here's a list of the girls. Pick one. You date her." In the past, choices mattered because they were games. Now they're just novels. Even with stuff like Lovely Cation where you choose where to go and what to do twice every day, the narrative itself remains largely unchanged.
3 - You don't wonder why the girls are fighting over him, but you do get bored as the 1-way relationship goes on and on and on. A relationship with 1 interesting person and 1 boring piece of cardboard is very hard to make interesting or engaging. 2 interesting people playing off each other is far superior. Again, in Ginharu, a lot of the dialogue devolves to 1) MC being perfect boyfriend in every way and 2) The girl giving MC a speech which him having nothing to say in response except 相槌 because he's cardboard.

>> No.15801979

>you read everything you say.
You read everything he says, my mistake.

>> No.15802122

- install in a VM
- distribute VM image
- profit

>> No.15802168

I've launched the .bat thinking it's a crack and it installed that soft denchi shit, but the game ended up working so maybe it was a crack after all.
I may be currently mining bitcoins for some chinese dude but the game itself works.

>> No.15802346

I never thought of this before. This is fucking genius.
I mean, the VM would probably weigh more than 10GB due to the size of the installed OS and game but at least this would be feasible.

>> No.15802402

Baldr Force is literally the best VN of all time. Do not, I repeat, do NOT listen to the haters itt. They will only misguide you. Play the game for yourself and you will see that dubsman here >>15800433 and I are right.

>> No.15802417

No school.
No fucking useless flashbacks every minute
No useless moeshit.
Most endings not having retarded literal deus ex shit like Sky.
No useless filler content in routes.

And no, compared to Kou, Tooru is fucking genius. Kou is mentally 10 year old.

>> No.15802482

Well actually both games are not so great from story.

Another problem in Baldr Force is how the plot moves to fast, at certain points it even jumps from one scene to another.
This is alot better done with Badlr Sky, though

Of course there are the aforementioned problems.

But both games have its fair points of problems.
Because played Baldr Sky recently and Baldr Force before a long time and it was one of my earliest games, might still critize it not enough for its shortcomings.

But fact is both games have their bad and good points.

I hated the deus ex stuff, so I completely understand at least hating on whole Sora's route
but its other routes were pretty okay,
And yeah the damn school age thing was annoying.

You have to be pretty much see through a rose tinted glasses to praise one game so much over the other.

Play both games again, look at the story, Baldr Sky's might have parts its shit but Force one's is not so much better and has its fair amount of problems.

>> No.15802489

tl;dr: Baldr was actually never good, and as such Giga was always shit?


>> No.15802502

Keep in mind it's Hiei

>> No.15802508

You fuck cute girls.

>> No.15802529

> I hated the deus ex stuff, so I completely understand at least hating on whole Sora's route
>but its other routes were pretty okay,
But its same shit in every route.
Nanoha good end? Literally eaten by assemblies, then suddenly Agent/AI pretty much "ressurects" them bending all rules
Rain route? Nuclear reactor going to blow? Agent appears out of nowhere and stops timer. Part of virtual space is going to disappear? Agent saving the day again. Kou going insane, yep, Agent calming him down
Its literally Kou reaches dead end because he's idiot => Agent appears and saves the day by breaking all rules => rinse and repeat, and by all means this cannot qualify as good story, this is one of most despised plot devices across all mediums and I'm baffled why Sky is getting free pass in this regard.

>> No.15802582

Because 80% of the average person's impression of something comes from the ending.

>> No.15802609

Yeah I know about those parts
cause Soras route was last, first had own theories about Agent being Kuu who got self awareness or some shit and not some interdimenisonal network entity si when Sora's route explained the whole stuff also thought that part was shit.

But still if you are endlessly crying about one or two parts you didnt like and because of that hate the route, then the same could be said about Baldr Force with its unlogical points and all.
Sure its not deus Ex problems but like someone already wrote, the setting and factions were barely explored, it was really barebones.
And most of the heroines felt pretty weak, from relationship, romance.

As much as one may hate the school arc in Sky, at least that established their relations with each other.

>> No.15802813

I played Baldr Force first, and it was so mediocre it turned me off from playing Sky. It was like every dumb sci-fi/cyberpunk cliche rolled into one, rarely doing more than scratching the surface, with plot holes everywhere and heroines that were mostly non-characters. Not to mention the combat system was just repetitive and annoying. I guess I can sort of see why it would have been popular back in the days when an eroge having any kind of a plot at all was notable, but it's not what I would call "good" in any way.

I sure hope whenever I get around to playing Sky that it's a massive improvement.

>> No.15802843

Sky is same "dumb sci-fi/cyberpunk cliche rolled into one, rarely doing more than scratching the surface, with plot holes everywhere", but with school and moe crammed in.

>> No.15802860

Well honestly Sky somewhat has overall the better story, but there are some moments where the plot gets extremely bad, really extremely bad, well it somewhat depends on her ability to excuse deus ex stuff and of course the school age, which is very simply said a harem comedy.

The pacing is definitively better and the heroines also have stronger appearances, though some you may find not so likeable.

Anyway if you dont like the combat system of Force, you may also hate the one of Sky.
Sky's is improved and has more weapons and stuff but well basically it is still the same one as in Force.

>> No.15802878

That's not very reassuring. Well, if the heroines are at least better I can probably cope. Harukuru's sci-fi was bad too, but the heroines were fun so I enjoyed it overall.

>> No.15802920
File: 325 KB, 800x500, FRTUxzv.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have no idea what's going on but I know that Yukie is best girl.

Also do the choices you get do anything?

>> No.15802940

Well, compared to Force, Sky definitely has better character development.

>> No.15802964

The game is literal garbage, avoid at all costs

>> No.15802979


>> No.15802990

This is the worst-written VN of all time and embodies all the evils the moege machine is capable of. Boring writing, boring characters, boring dialogue, terribad story, character interaction so awful it causes painful wincing... There's literally nothing good about the game except the art, so just ctrl f to h-scenes.

>> No.15803005

I know a guy who apparently loves every single moege from ensemble. Top kek whenever I see him praise them but I leave him be anyway.

>> No.15803095

It's really boring, and I like moege.

>> No.15803106

Woa, you're really passioned about vilifying this. Guess now I have no choice but to pick it up.

>> No.15803122

Is Shumon still alive?

>> No.15803186

Shame, hype train is dead. I wasn't expecting this to be a landmine, but the signs for it popped up pretty quick. To think that Flower Knight Girl's collab is probably the best thing to come out of it (well, besides the aforementioned music and character designs).

I suppose I'll check out Reina's and Polina's route at some point. And maybe Maher, but that's probably it. No point in checking out Ayane/Anko, Eve literally has the worst design IMO, and female Synn makes me question my love for imoutos.

>> No.15803280

Can you fuck Joou at the very least?

>> No.15803297

Enjoy your suffering.

>> No.15803303

It's a bit unfair to say that because the one Ensemble game you played was shit, they should all be avoided.
Some of them are pretty good.

>> No.15803305


>> No.15803311

It's one thing to fuck up an imouto route that badly, but how do you fuck this up too?

>> No.15803334
File: 311 KB, 1366x768, clarkesthirdlawjpgsarefillingmyfoldersthesedays.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>It also ends with implications that there may actually be a semblance of plot and something more going on behind the scenes
I don't know if you noticed, but it's somewhat connected to Princess Witches (Yggdrasil, Beads-chan, Nao), i.e. magic, so that's probably what they will get into when it gets a FD/sequel, something the game sure needs.

I would like say also that it definitely isn't a landmine however it may not have the "level of completeness" of KuruKuru which people were expecting. It is at least better than a lot of gameplay eroge out there.

>> No.15803355

I've seen this line countless times how there's no gap between magic and advanced science. But how does this really hold up?

>> No.15803466


What's wrong with it? She was the guy's girlfriend after all.

>> No.15803531

Seems there is some unwritten rule that a main heroine in a pure love game cant have a boyfriend or worse even gone so far as losing her virginity to him.
So some obsession with purity of heroine thing.

>> No.15803561 [DELETED] 

How is this an eroge unwritten rule? Saying "I really loved my ex" to your current partner isn't a great good idea in the real world either.

>> No.15803566

How is this an eroge unwritten rule? Saying "I really loved my ex" to your current partner isn't a great idea in the real world either, especially if you're about to fuck.

>> No.15803581

>Saying "I really loved my ex"

Yeah sure it is not especially fitting but
might be just me but what is so important about it.

It is not like she repeatedly proclaims it or has
some deep thoughts repeatedly about how she is not sure who she loves and all that crap,
it is one damn sentence but it seems be enough to rip apart people inside.
This is kinda funny.

>> No.15803596 [DELETED] 
File: 90 KB, 972x801, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just torrented a few games and this one finished, can anyone please translate what game this is

>> No.15803619 [DELETED] 


>> No.15803670

>It is not like she repeatedly proclaims it or has
>some deep thoughts repeatedly about how she is not sure who she loves and all that crap
Well I mean, the whole route is about how she was fucking some other dude before the protagonist. Lines like that are just pouring salt on the wound.

>> No.15803713

You can't trust a girl if she wasted her hymen on a guy she wasn't deeply infatuated with.

>> No.15803785
File: 754 KB, 1920x1080, 199581-2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tamaki case is a series of small mistakes piling up until it made a catastrophe.

As said, if she was not an osananajimi main heroine she would end as an unremarkable sub-character and nothing of value would be lost.

The game went an extra mile to show how deep in a relationship is with her boyfriend showing in CGs her boyfriend kissing and groping her, and showing several times in the exit of a love hotel. By all means this was unnecesary for the narrative and shows how much willing élf shoot in his foot.

Tamaki herself is kind of a ビッチ. The MC is supportive toward Tamaki and her boyfriend relationship and does not proceed with the aim of stealing her back. Tamaki herself ask for dates with the MC, despite she having a boyfriend AND getting caught several times by him. When the MC asks if is ok to keep dating after getting caught by her (understandably) angry boyfriend she says that is all right.
The last time MC and Tamaki get caught meeting, the boyfriend picks her and in front of a love hotel breaks with her.
The boyfriend is a nice guy and wishes her well even after seeing her girlfriend cheating him with her osanajimi friend several times.

After a few days, the MC becomes the rebound guy and during sex she reminds him how much she loved her previous boyfriend (a medecine student with an sports car) but sex with MC feels better.

If I recall correctly near the end of her route she talks about a childhood promise to marry the MC, adding even more fuel to the fire after she seemed to not care until that point.

In summary, it was not élf trying to be original breaking the molds of a stagnant genre, it seems like an internal boicot to make the main heroine as much unlikable as possible.

>> No.15803850

I'm the masochist :) So, I can.

>> No.15803867

Well honestly have no problems with people calling her unlikeable for the stuff she does, her behaviour seems really strange.
What the heck was the scenario writer thinking when he wrote her route...

Anyway people screaming NTR, that is whats wrong, especially with all that misinformation which has spread.

The problem with Tamaki's route is that is really badly written and makes her seem like a bitch, as a character many of her actions dont make sense even though she acts like a nice girl.
If she wanted to break up with her boyfriend she could have done it anytime but out of some reason she doesnt and waits until he breaks up with her.
Her route just has those points where it seems strange, it doesnt really make sense at all.

>> No.15803888

>If she wanted to break up with her boyfriend she could have done it anytime but out of some reason she doesnt and waits until he breaks up with her.

That's actually.. rather realistic. Of course that doesn't make her a nice girl or anything, but not every girl is nice. If the MC still accepts her, well nice. There should be nothing wrong to start a casual relationship based around having sex with a girl like that, but if you want more.. good luck. Though that can still work out of course.

Love isn't always black and white. People pretty much always prefer to be with a certain one person and as such anyone else is "less important". That however doesn't mean they can't settle with that if the preferred one is not going to happen. There's also a lot more. Something eroge tend to completely ignore. And perhaps that's better, seeing how shitty most drama is. If you fuck up the writing with this kind of stuff.. well yeah.

>> No.15803967

Help me decide what to read next.

What's better, HoshiOri or Hatsuyuki Sakura?I'm leaning towards the latter right now.

>> No.15803980

>Hatsuyuki Sakura
Enjoy extremely cringy dialogues and bad voice acting.

>> No.15803989

Hoshoiori, but I wouldn't recommend reading all routes because you'll get burnt out.
Rikka best girl, best route.

>> No.15803993

Ori is your based charage with no discernible plot whatsoever, but cute girls and funny its moments.
HatsuSaku on the other hand us a masterfully crafted story you will enjoy and relate to. Plus soundtrack is downright awesome and Hatsuyuki is the best protag ever.

>> No.15803998
File: 185 KB, 1026x614, 2016-09-07_133255.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why is Romeo so...

>> No.15804011

Examples of the dialogue?

Yeah in bishoujo games I usually only play one/the true route if the game has one.

This helps a lot, thanks. I'm feeling an actual scenario right now so I'll go with Hatsusaku

>> No.15804012

Why does the art look so normal?

>> No.15804015

>HatsuSaku on the other hand us a masterfully crafted story you will enjoy and relate to.
Not sure if serious.

>> No.15804037

That part wasn't drawn by Ruykishi, why else.

>> No.15804038

HoshiOri >>>>>>>>>>>>>>Hatsuyuki Sakura

>> No.15804045

The backgrounds aren't always static, btw. A big improvement over that retouched umineko shit.

>> No.15804047


For what it's worth it has >80 EGS. Not like I've played it. I'm always wary if the (in my eyes) cutest girl has no route and is only a sub-character. No matter how "good" something is supposed to be.

>> No.15804078
File: 62 KB, 500x1000, Cp3nOZqUIAAJ3Q9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


If people want drama and realism in their love story, they won't seek a game marketed as pure love story game in a series where all the previous main heroine is a pure girl.


>an internal boycott to make the main heroine as much unlikable as possible.

Unless there are reports of élf pissing off their employees back then, that's sounds way too unlikely to happen. But then again, they dare to release this on the same day as Rance VI. It's like watching a trainwreck in a slow motion.

And also funny that élf try to backpedaling on the OVA, by making her already break up with her boyfriend in Anthology OVA before the episode started, and outright dropped any mention of her having boyfriend in Sketchbook OVA.

>> No.15804084

Are Takehaya's routes in 遥かに仰ぎ、麗しの really that bad? Or it's the other way around?

>> No.15804098

Both are good.

>> No.15804110

Some autists hate one and love the other, but most people seem to like both. At the very least, they're very different.

>> No.15804184

>Examples of the dialogue?

There are also all those "gururu shiro" and "da ze" which were nearly unbearable to me when I played the trial version.

>> No.15804194

So it's like 天使の羽根? I really enjoyed asuseka and can't see how Takehaya can be the villain here.

>> No.15804201

Just read it and decide for yourself. Don't let the loudest autist force their opinion on you. Takehaya's half was pretty garbage though.

>> No.15804208

Woah, this youtube interface. First time I've seen it.

Also looks like normal eroge dialogue to be honest

>> No.15804220

Speaking of Tenshi no Hane, how was it? I remember reading parts of it a few years ago and enjoying the writing but real life shit kicked in and I stopped reading everything for a while.

>> No.15804243

The "plot" routes' plots weren't very strong anyway, it's entirely possible people could like the subschool routes better. I remember liking the main school's heroines a lot while I played it, but now all I remember is sumika and kanade.

>> No.15804247

I've been using YTG for a year, and it's a lot better than old YT if you're only watching gaming videos. You can even watch and shitpost in the comment section at the same time.

As for the dialogue, if you enjoy generic moege, I guess it's fine then.

>> No.15804258

Good, great when it came to the moon branch. I hate being bored and it always had something to allay my impatience.

>> No.15804260
File: 246 KB, 800x600, comyu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15804274

Thanks. I'll start reading it after I'm done with Baldr Heart.

>> No.15804308

The title song of Romeo's chapter in Trianthology. Nayuta is a fabulous songstress. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ziFnkvYnkxU

>> No.15804335

Holy fuck did that VA even go to voice acting school? Her acting is atrociously fake.

>> No.15804382

>This faggot can't read 轍
The phrase 同じ轍を踏む is very common. Maybe わだち isn't as common a usage, but what the hell.

>> No.15804389

Natives live in a language bubble sometimes, I asked my friend something about "prose" and he didn't know what it was despite being a third year college student.

>> No.15804421


>> No.15804436

>Can't read 畏まる
So is he retarded or being retarded his gimmick? Jesus.

>> No.15804458

Back in my DJT days, I once posted a meme list of the last 10 words with new kanji I had mined from some porno games, and a native who hung out there mentioned he didn't know a lot of them. I forgot all of them but I remember (傅)く. So, yeah. Natives aren't god-tier, they just have stupid levels of exposure to common language.

>> No.15804489

>djt, meme and porno game in one sentence
Please end your existence.

>> No.15804495

The truth cannot be seen without love my friend.

>> No.15804512

Unconditional love is bullshit, not my friend.

>> No.15804519

We all are the part of your world. So if you collapse, we'll follow you.

>> No.15804531

I'd prefer to stay here for a little while. I wouldn't mind if he suddenly disappeared though.

>> No.15804542

Actually many words are more often (and better) written with kana than kanji according to my sensei. Apparently eroge writers tend to throw in more kanji compared to mainstream writing (to the point of being unnecessary sometimes), hence even natives may get lost.

>> No.15804552

>Back in my DJT days
Are you implying they aren't over yet? You are still a DJT fag as far as I'm concerned.

>> No.15804562

Hmm, that's fine. I just don't go there anymore. You can apply arbitrary labels to me all you like.

>> No.15804566

You still write like someone who actively visits that place so you are no different to me.

>> No.15804573

You wouldn't make this statement after trying some rpg from the snes era.

>> No.15804581


>> No.15804590

If I may interject for a moment, he said "some" words, not all words (as I presume you were implying). Big difference between 図書館 as としょかん or whatever and 畏まる as かしこまる.

>> No.15804604

>If I may interject for a moment
You may not.

>> No.15804654

Yeah, when I picked some sentences from fortissimo and asked my sensei, he immediately said it's bad writing based on the excessive amount of kanji. There are cases in which using kanji may actually make you look less educated to native readers than not using it at all.

>> No.15804702

For SNES I think there's another problem: text space. Back in that era the screen resolution was small and package size was very limited, so using kanji actually helped a lot.

>> No.15804799

Also found this in case someone is interested: http://businesswords.blog.jp/archives/1048584564.html

>> No.15804810
File: 133 KB, 261x734, 20160907230508.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>森崎 亮人

>> No.15804821
File: 831 KB, 1280x720, 321.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you ever get around to it, try the portable version too. I'm waiting for someone to dump the Vita version.

Adds two new routes which are pretty nice.

>> No.15804822

>森崎 亮人
Do all of that come from him?

>> No.15804938
File: 222 KB, 800x588, 18c7d1c2-s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.15805211

I can nitpick stuff from force too. Look
>So Ayane&co were left alone in console pods for couple of weeks? If not, you can't explain how they were able to return frm leviathan.
Next, Diabolus ex Machina aka Genha returning from what supposed to be a flat line in several routes. I don't thik it was fucking explained anywhere.
Next, it doesn't make sense to call each lost fight throughout the game a gameover from a logical point because Tooru is essentially fucking immortal in the cyberspace. If he loses, he just returns and his shumicram is supposed return to fullhp.

Sky has more interesting combat system, better characters, better visuals,music, etc. Don't miss out on that.

>> No.15805262

Actually I very agree on first two points, especially first one. Its sole reason why I consider Force merely "good" instead "great". Still better than Sky's "meh, was kind of okay I guess".

>> No.15805264


>> No.15805344

What's the correct reading order for the Kyonyuu Fantasy series, again?

I read the first one a short while ago, and just finished Majo.

>> No.15805351

Order of release, every time

>> No.15805354

Found this on the archive

Rome: Kyonyuu 3 + possible sequels
Early-Middle Medieval Europe: Kyonyuu 2 and/or 2if
Early 1500's: Kyonyuu 1 -> Gaiden 1 -> Gaiden 2
Modern day: Kyonyuu Majo

Proper play order: (Playing this out of order ruins plot events in certain games)
Kyonyuu Fantasy -> Kyonyuu Majo -> Kyonyuu Fantasy Gaiden -> Kyonyuu Fantasy 2 -> Kyonyuu Fantasy Gaiden 2 -> Kyonyuu Fantasy 2 if -> Kyonyuu Fantasy 3

>> No.15805356

Is anything beyond Dive 1 and 2 worth reading? Though I assume those two combined are the peak of the Baldr series.

>> No.15805368

Been waiting for a Subarashiki hibi translation but it seems it will get an official release and no one seem to be offering a patch anywhere else.
What to do?

>> No.15805370

Learn Japanese? Retarded question.

>> No.15805376

Ask in relevant thread.

>> No.15805378

They were really close to release the damned english patch but fuck now it is going to get an official release

>> No.15805387

Some series have really weird chronologies, so sometimes that fails.

Appreciated anon, I probably should have checked the archive.

>> No.15805388

Force is okay for the story. Haven't finished zero or heart so can't tell u about these.

>> No.15805415

I couldn't get into Zero due to its shitty and easy 3D battle system so I can't judge it.

Baldr Heart is a straight improvement to Sky gameplay wise, and the story was entertaining enough, though it suffers from same stuff as Sky such as going through same or similar events in further routes again, recycling some character archetypes and so on. It also misses the variety of Sky's world building through exploring different factions' sides and while the heroines weren't awfully bad or anything, I didn't find them as memorable as Sky either. I'd say it's easily my favorite game of 2016 so far, as I can't really think of any point I got bored or felt the need to go back to browsing 4chan.

>> No.15805428

ハピメア and ハルキス

>> No.15805476

Sounds good enough. I'll give Heart a try when in the mood for gameplay. Thanks!

>> No.15805508
File: 19 KB, 327x201, asdasd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pic related is the error I got. I've tried using the .bat for soft denchi and installed from the application. Goddamnit.

>> No.15805520

Use the launcher you donut.

>> No.15805532

That's the error I got from using the launcher you bagel.

>> No.15805563

You mean you use Launcher.exe? Weird, it should work.

>> No.15805564

Well then I have no idea, works on my machine, sorry.

>> No.15805604

I just ran game.exe and it worked

>> No.15805606 [DELETED] 

>Been waiting for a Subarashiki hibi translation but it seems it will get an official release and no one seem to be offering a patch anywhere else.
>What to do?
You can also try Dive X. It's fun to play with, especially with Muramasa.

>> No.15805613 [DELETED] 

Looks inconsistent as fuck. I wonder if he ever proofreads his own works.

>> No.15805616

Looks inconsistent as fuck. I wonder if he ever proofreads his own works.

>> No.15805624

I think you should try Zero too

Momentary am just in second route, so cant completely judge it yet of course.

But will say momentary at least there was no Deus Ex and the story seemed pretty okay.
... Yes, have already heard there will later be some.of those Deus Ex moments again, hope there are not to many but so far none of it happened not even some net distortion thing.

But well it plays in the same world and timeline as Sky, you even meet mercenary Kou before he got his chip fried.

Also it somewhat even creates a connection with Force.

For those who also dont like Kou dont fret, Edward is nothing like him.
He is kind of a mercenary from beginning, well he has memory loss too but none of it makes him act like a student and apart from some mystery what exactly happened, you get his background story already in second route.
Also he has no problem with killing people.
And best of course no school age, well considering Edward's background ...

The setting looks to be a bit darker than Sky but again am just in second route, cant judge completely yet.

Also if the Battle system is to easy then change the difficulty.

Kind of dont see why the gameplay is so bad, only thing have to critize is there seem to be far less weapons to play around with.

>> No.15805630

You can try Dive X, though it's just a fandisk. Having Muramasa is a great bonus.

>> No.15805796
File: 323 KB, 800x600, 1065682191324.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anon who complained about Inventions here 2 days ago, I finished it (both endings) and it got pretty good. I especially enjoyed the part from pic related in Kimikas ending, the entire convo and what comes afterwards was a really cool experience.

>> No.15805878

Why did you complain?

>> No.15806099

Cause I lost my penis when I was really young.

>> No.15806147

It's in this thread still, just ctrl+f invention

>> No.15806191

>yada yada boring
We can't make it up for you, you know. There's just no point in doing so.

>> No.15806200

I've no idea what you're trying to say

>> No.15806254

Glad you liked it. In hindsight, personally I think I liked this route the best, despite its flaws.

>> No.15806419 [SPOILER] 
File: 1.09 MB, 1277x719, 1473289877078.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Akeiro spoiler

This route wasn't that impressive overall but this scene still made me cry. Pretty unfair.

Which I guess is an improvement over Iyo's side route in Nanairo which made me explode in rage.

>> No.15806436

Kana's route in that game made me rage. I wish I hadn't done it first. Soiled my impression of the whole game.

On that matter, does anyone follow Kazuki Fumi on twitter? He isn't 24/7 senden which is nice but it's surprisingly banal for someone who wrote Aoi's character for instance.

>> No.15806641
File: 627 KB, 1920x1200, d91dc48a722c15065ab6724eec03f8cc[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why of the why

>> No.15806672

Just started Baldr Heart, but holy shit it's so hard to combo when you have 5 of those spider enemies jumping on you mid-air. IIRC in Sky you were usually safe as long as you got the enemy in the air. I might actually have to go back to normal difficulty.

>> No.15806740

The anime needs a game of course

>> No.15806828

It was good, sure, but Zakuro's route is clearly the best. There was nothing more glorious than her slow breakdown into despair and hatred, and Kimika's heroism

>> No.15806990

Got to a big reveal in Baldr Heart, but I have questions. How doesunborn babby even have a 電子体 to be salvaged from. Don't they get brain chips as a kid? Or are you saying because the mom had a 電子体, her's was also manifested in there somehow?

>> No.15807004

I just assumed it was just a mixture of parents corpses + unborn baby + shinmen misaki's memories/data.
the real question is where did her cute outfit come from

>> No.15807044

>Kana's route in that game made me rage.

>> No.15807058

The main conflict was incredibly immature and childish. The resolution was too. Their relationship was nice, great even, but the "plot" aspect (i.e. involving the evil ghost and all) was so frustrating. Any meaning or impact the ending would have had was ruined by the whole thing just being awfully childish. I was raging because I was basically like "c'mon what the fuck grow up" the whole time.

>> No.15807115

You better start on Normal because GIGA increased the difficulty a lot compared to Sky. Hard is like 3x harder than Normal in some battles. Plus aerial combos now aren't as safe as it used to be, so don't abuse them.

>> No.15808031

It is still quite doable on hard, I actually did the first two routes on VH except THAT ONE fight on Mao route which was on hard and then tried to stay as much as on VH as possible except on several more bullshit zako fights when I switched to hard, there some of those around. Just gotta be more carefull and patient and mix your melee with ranged and know when to go to air. But zako fights were indeed lot harder in Heart than Sky, bosses most part are on same level.

I saw it as her mother was pregnant and dived to net so there is still information of baby in the virtual and AI trying to percieve it as life. And there was the whole theme around of purely beings born on net due to evolution of AI. + the facts that >>15807004 mentioned also added to her "birth".

>> No.15808163
File: 199 KB, 1291x753, Capture.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wish this game would stop wasting time on things like this and just move on with the damn story.

>> No.15808168

The game is about knowing the girls and you'll have every single girl do their stuff.

>> No.15808173

The entire point of the game is to hang out with girls and later fuck them.

>> No.15808175

Not him but the Cooking club stuff is about the perfect yet painfully boring protagonist.

>> No.15808184

He just has actually good qualities that make you understand why girls even fawn over him.

>> No.15808187

Depending on the route, You've still got a long while to go before anything remotely interesting happens

He's already chosen a girl a while ago if he's in the highschool section.

>> No.15808254

Well anon, when someone has good qualities and NO bad qualities that makes them "perfect". An EGS reviewers stated that throughout the whole game he never gets angry once, he never does anything that would ever hurt anyone, etc etc, and it's true. He really is like an always happy robot always doing the exact right thing.

>> No.15808420

As if anybody could actually romance the girls knowing what chaos children syndrome shit actually is.

>> No.15808553

So why didn't they have Kikuchi Seiji do the art for Baldr Heart like all the ones Hiei wrote? Was it simply because his style morphed too much?

>> No.15808564

The new artist draws cuter girls.

>> No.15808575

I guess he prefers doing LN illustrations nowadays. Less work and easier money.

>> No.15808609
File: 177 KB, 800x600, sky.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I liked Sky's heroine design more. I don't know how to put it, but Heart's main girls looked pretty unimpressive and generic to me for some reason. Probably the school uniforms since that's majorly the only thing they wear, though some of the fairies were cute.

>> No.15808638
File: 930 KB, 800x600, kanishino.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh god what's wrong with this games font? I can somewhat read it if I squint but it isn't really pleasant. This is just a random screenshot though, I'm guessing you can change it in the game itself (?)

>> No.15808641

Another newbie takes the bait

>> No.15808642

The guy who did that screenshot fucked around with the registry to change the font I think. I was kind of mad that it was actually your generic ms gothic.

>> No.15808645

Someone should really just replace those screenshots with normal ones.

>> No.15808675

I disagree. Reactions like above always amuse me.

>> No.15808935

What's the best place in Akihabara to go to for eroge shit?

>> No.15808966

There's a lot of shops that offer them that you can just go inside and compare prices between shops. And they usually differ for exclusive goods.

But I'm guessing you're looking for old or used games. Most places I frequent to are Trader's and Kamifusen. Sofmap's a bit expensive. You can check out the back alley shops, they should be cheaper.

>> No.15808967


>> No.15809512


>> No.15809870

Is it wrong of me to consider HoshiOri a kamige?

>> No.15809876

That's not what kamige means, so yes it's wrong.

However it's not wrong to give it a 10/10 if you like it that much personally.

>> No.15810015

That's the point I also first started wishing that they were having some bigger plot revelation in store for later, except that it never came, not in other routes, not even in the unlocked main heroine route. How can they fuck up so bad? Reina's route already revealed all the necessary information and everything plot related, Eve's route adds nothing meaningful for the main plot, not even character development and the same obvious broken promise dilemma was already solved many times in the other routes. A far cry from Twinkle Crusaders' Azel route.

But sure, if they do end up releasing an improved fan disc / sequel instead of trashing the whole thing due to fan backlash I'll probably play it anyways, since I desperately want some god damn payoff for all the time I wasted with the game.

>> No.15810111

>That's not what kamige means, so yes it's wrong.
Enlighten us

>> No.15810142

I might be operating under a different definition of kamige, as I suppose it will always be impossible to reach a consensus on its complete definition.

I would give it a solid 9.5 or so, though - a 10 is impossible. Of course, scores are also confined within their genre in my opinion.

>> No.15810160

I, not him, subtracted a solid 1.5 points from Hoshi Ori purely because the meat of the game (the most of the time) was engaging in the same kind of club activities for a festival, that's the worst for me. Then I subtracted 0.6 because in the routes I did I didn't feel too much realism to the relationship in terms of serious drama. I wonder if you give it such a high score because pure love is a drug?

>> No.15810169

kamige = game liked by a large amount of people. Any of the 90~+ rated games on EGS basically.

>> No.15810180

>kamige = game liked by a large amount of people
That seems pretty arbitrary to me. Like, you just made that up. If you could show some peer-reviewed scientific journals which back up that definition I'd be more like to not toss your post out the window of needless pedantry.

>> No.15810182

Yeah we aren't falling for that bait chain again buddie.

>> No.15810189

I was joking about the scientific journal things, but seriously, that's a definition he pulled out of his ass. It's one thing to have a private definition of slang, it's another thing to butt into convos and tell people their language wrong despite having (probably) no legitimate base to do so.

>> No.15810193

Sure thing champ.

>> No.15810199

> I wonder if you give it such a high score because pure love is a drug?
I wouldn't disagree with this, I found it to be one of the only games to touch me right to my core. I'm a sentimental fool, but I'd call such a thing beautiful.

>> No.15810208

That's fair. Ratings don't have to be objective analysis or anything. It's a kamige of your heart.

>> No.15810278

I found akeiro rather disappointing. The route you posted was the only one I enjoyed all the way, and the only one that I felt came close to the atmosphere of nanarin.

>> No.15810316


>> No.15810328
File: 66 KB, 524x427, 1469201245745.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't start this shit again

>> No.15810337
File: 579 KB, 1280x720, 銀色、遥か_5月25日_2016-09-02_11-52-20.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15810359

Is that a butchered quote from something? It sounds almost familiar.

>> No.15810364

>a butchered quote
Straight from Shakespare my man

>> No.15810396

Wives of Windsor, I believe. It's a comedy by Shakespeare as >>15810364 pointed out.

Instead of having a normal reading like King Lear or something, my high school English class had to read this.

>> No.15810423
File: 83 KB, 780x299, ss+(2016-09-08+at+11.10.40).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So they delayed their game like 1.5 year for a kusoge, making such a shitty game with 3 fucking years should be really hard.

>> No.15810430


>> No.15810436

Ops, I forgot to say that I actually tried it myself and dropped after 2 hours of common route. Not sure about "38" but its definitely not worth of more than 50.

>> No.15810551

3 people in a row thinking a game is garbage can't be coincidence.

This makes me think, does anyone in this thread write EGS reviews?

>> No.15810622

Anyone tried this torrent?

Does it contain append discs for Ikusa Megami ZERO and VERITA? From their filesizes it seems like it could, but I dunno.

>> No.15810646

It's okay, but you''d better keep it to yourself. I still want to believe that the're people who give their kamige patronage to story-driven monsters like Subahibi and WA2.

>> No.15810689

I buy games that I really enjoyed on Amazon afterwards. I hope most people do the same.

>> No.15810733

Well that was just a joke, but I never buy any story-driven games like your examples as well since I'm more like a moege person and they sell like pancakes anyway. My last three purchases were noraneko - sengoku koihime X and amakano second season, probably I'll buy giniro haruka at the next month as well.

>> No.15810747

If I get a somewhat well paying job and become kanemochi, I'll almost definitely order my favourite eroge I had to pirate due to extreme poverty. The most expensive will probably be buying a full set of Bishop, Orcsoft and Lilith games.

>> No.15811048
File: 144 KB, 267x282, sana.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sorry to be a bother, but where do you download untranslated VNs? Do you buy them? I found several on mofumoe, but I can't find several titles on nyaa, and lots of links on anime-sharing that had random obscure VNs are broken. Do you have a secret Japanese treasure trove of downloads?

>> No.15811076

Baidu and clubbox usually have a lot of stuff.

>> No.15811080

Sukebei nyaa is the place to go.

>> No.15811124

If you cant find torrents or if they dont have seeds at anime-sharing / sukebei.nyaa, you'll have to check anime-sharing's direct download links. There are 9-10 threads for each game with different uploaders so probably you'll be able to find a depositfiles or rapidgator link which works.

>> No.15811661

Has anyone had the problem to skipping voices in Nitro+ games? It's like when a CD skips. It happens at random and on every Nitro+ game I've played.

>> No.15812181

rutracker.org and pornolab.net are two good places to go.

>> No.15812639


Very witty. Good pun.

>> No.15812782



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