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Give me five good reasons why you like seiga

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Her left breast.
Her right breast.
The space between her breasts.
Her teasing attitude.
Centuries of experience.

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someone post it

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I ain't going back to jail.

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I want to get cozy with Seiga!

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A happy Seiga is a cute Seiga!

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did someone say seiga boobs

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1. She's cute!
2. She's a girl!!
3. She's a witch!!!
4. She's a cute girl witch!!!!
6. Seiga!!!!!

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Great to fantasise about.
And stuff.

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I got a big reason for you

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it feels like yesterday that /jp/ would freak out from that

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Assuming she loves you;

Probably no morals, so will engage in any degenerate fetish
Will let you fuck Yoshika and other girl corpses
Shady ancient drugs for enhanced erection and libido
When you die she will take care of your corpse and keep you a another jiang shi
Would probably kill other people for you

bonus: wicked paizuri

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What if she doesn't hate me?

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I like her for reasons that don't involve her breasts.

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Such as?

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She's pretty.
Her fashion sense is pretty hip.
She keeps good people like Yoshika around her.
She's got enough balls to say she's evil to other people's faces in a land where everyone say's they're nice.
She probably has a wicked sense of humor.

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>She's pretty.
Thanks to her breasts.
>Her fashion sense is pretty hip.
It accentuates her breasts.
>She keeps good people like Yoshika around her.
For the breasts, no doubt.
>She's got enough balls to say she's evil to other people's faces in a land where everyone say's they're nice.
She knows she can get away with it by flashing her breasts.
>She probably has a wicked sense of humor.
And breasts. Can't forget the breasts.

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words of wisdom

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You wanna set a price?

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But I don't.

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Dem hairloops

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1. She is a cute!
2. She has the breasts!
3. She has a hair loops!
4. Seiga!!

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Good post, dude!

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There aren't enough good doujins of her.

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I want to be violently raped by a wicked hermit.

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Do you guys think it's better to be raped by Seiga and Yuuka, or Yukari and Yuyuko? I can't decide.

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First two.

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Yukari and Yuyuko.

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Yuuka and Yukari

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Hm, I'll have to try and fantasize of a scenario where it's all four of them and it still somehow makes sense.

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FIVE? People often cant even list more than a couple for their favorite Touhou or even know why they are their favorite.

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She's an evil person in a world full of neutral characters
She is double faced and quite good at keeping up with appearances
She knows how to both control situations and deal with them
She will not second guess in using and sacrificing others for her goals
She shows a wicked sense of attachment and care for others if she deems them worth her time

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She's the absolute worst!

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Seiga doesn't really like you.

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Nah, she does. Why would you think otherwise?

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I have my reasons, but they're not good.

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She covers my dick with her hand when I cum.
She should take it on her beautiful full breasts.

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