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Don't forget to say it this month

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Don't tell me what to do you dumb hare.

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Tewi a shit!

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Thanks for reminding me, but what do I need to say again?

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You need to say rabbit rabbit rabbit, that's right, it's THREE times

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Say "rabbit rabbit rabbit" or "white rabbits" the moment you wake up on the first for good luck

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Woah there, I've been saying "bunny bunny".

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Take that back right now!

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No wonder your luck has been SHIT.

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I make my own luck.

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Tewi is NOT a shit! Please stop saying that!

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I have messed it up for the whole year, I simply cant

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Can I make it two months in a row? Let's hope so.

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Something about fucking the rabbit?

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How does the jay remember? I always wake up to get a bagel and take it easy before realising I've spoken aloud to myself without remembering.

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By stressing about it really hard the night before. Sometimes I'll wake up in the middle of the night mumbling "r-rabbit... rabbit" before going back to bed. Then I say it again in the morning, more clearly, just to make sure.

You could do is plaster your walls and door with "REMEMBER" reminders.

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The last two months I had dreams involving Reisen on the 30th and 31st.
In general I wake up either 2 hours earlier than my brothers or after they've already left so if I don't remember this thread will remind me before I say anything.

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Perhaps putting my music stand next to my bed with an A3 paper note on it'll work,
it'd be within my vision for a large chunk of time while getting to sleep.

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Change your daily routine and make checking the jay the first thing you do in the morning.

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Say whaaaat.

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I'll make sure to do this too, thanks friend, hopefully I'll be able to appease Tewi now.

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fuck OFF reisen

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Is this how Tewi is going to arm her army of rabbits?

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What video games would Tewi play?

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ribbit ribbit, right?

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mating press
mating press

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All the shit ones, because SHE'S A SHIT!

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This is about saying it loud, right?

My first thought can still be "Sanae is garbage" as long as my first words are rabbit, rabbit, do I have that correct?

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>My first thought can still be "Sanae is garbage"
I don't know why but this really tickled me
The idea of someone's first thoughts every morn being "Sanae is garbage", oh I am laffin
Whether or not your remember to say it aloud or not, I hope you have good fortune in September

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Tewi is a prostitue.

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She's as old as her profession you could say.

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Remember, after you say rabbit rabbit rabbit, you can proceed to download the OpenBSD 6.0 release: it's happening on September 1 this time.

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these white rabbits are all mine now

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It throws me off when these threads are made this early as this is the only way I'm aware of the month changing. Please think of the hikis.

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Where's the thread for the guy who can't stop himself from thinking about Tewi's marshmallow butthole?

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This rabbit is made for punching in the belly, especially when she's pregnant!

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Do I say usagi? or rabbit in my own language?

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Anon, that's really cute.

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Not him but: A SHIIIIIITT

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If I say it at 12:00 AM precisely without sleep, does it still work?

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No! I demand that you stop insulting my wife!

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I'm quite certain that Tewi's blessing works. I said it for the first time this August correctly and the weather during my vacation in Japan was spectacular.

Thanks Tewi!

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Typhoons delayed the Yamanote line for 4 hours while I was there. And then it stalled the Narita express an hour and half while we were on board. If you were there during the first half of August I think you hogged all of the good weather luck.

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Also chances are she has multiple husbands for maximum genso-shekels

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You're a day early but I appreciate it

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That butt is made for eating out

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you fucking piece of shit making these threads is MY job
also you were WAY TOO EARLY
if you are going to STEAL my RESPONSIBILITY as HABITANT of JAYP you are at least going to have to be ON TIME fucking IDIOT

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Fuck! I forgot again!

I'll never have good luck.

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Where the hell do you live that you just woke up on the 1st

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Does it work if I go to sleep after midnight?

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I just did that exactly. Going to go for as soon as waking as well to be sure.

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From what I've always known, it's the first thing you say after waking up on the 1st.
Anything before going to sleep doesn't matter either way.

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Post the shit one.

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Do I say it first thing at 12:00 midnight or when I wake up?

Do I fuck up if I say things past midnight, but still say it first thing in the morning?

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you useless piece of trash should read the thread

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I have multiples of those, be more specific.

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Wait, some have mentioned saying the word three times and others have said to say it twice. Which is correct? Does it matter?

I'm going to make an effort to finally do this without forgetting again, damn it.

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Every time I wake up, every day for about 3 years I start with a FUCK. The luck is null.

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It's always been 2 times on /jp/.

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ribbit ribbit

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I did it! I said it the first thing I got up!
I'm sure Tewi will grant me good luck right up until the end of the month!

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I said it again this month, /jp/! Where's my free Tewi?

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Here she is, please take good care of her!

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Are you trying to trick me?

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Failed again.

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The message on my alarm is "Rabbit."

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I forgot once again.

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I remembered!

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By falling asleep snuggling a plush Earth rabbit on the eve of the new month. Never fails.

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I don't know if I did it properly or not. I remembered too late, but then again I don't think I've uttered any other words today. どうしよう…

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I did it!

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I did it.

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I fucked up

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I had a very lewd dream involving Reisen again so I didn't forget!

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This is a British/North American superstition, so say it in english. All of the following, and possibly more, are acceptable:

Rabbit Rabbit
Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit
White Rabbits
Rabbit Rabbit White Rabbit
White Rabbit Brown Rabbit

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If it's a British/North American superstition, how is it /jp/?

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I woke up at 12:45 said it then went back to sleep and said it again at 6 am. Not sure if doing it twice fucks it up or not.

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Cause /jp adopted it and helped it live again, raise from the ashes of obscurity like a magnificent phoenix.

Except now, instead of little british lolis trying to say the words when they first wake up, we have otaku man children doing the same.

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you fucked it up
enjoy your 4 final weeks of life

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I always forget, always.
I don't want to chest by putting a reminder somewhere so I always forget.

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You're fine. It's that one anon who said usagi that's really gonna suffer. Gonna turn into a little girl with rabbit ears by the end of the month.

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I'm saying usagi next month!

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I want to MATING PRESS Tewi!

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But it's awkward having 2 sets of ears. Your hearing becomes uncomfortably sensitive. The rabbit ears will be itched constantly by your hair. You will no longer be able to hold a job or stay in school. No one will recognize you and you'll probably end up as a pet for some /jp poster; living in their home, forced to do house work and other "duties" in exchange for room and board. None of your current clothing would fit anymore, and you'd be forced to get little girl clothes.

It's a terrible fate, man.

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I set an alarm. A recording of myself telling me not to say anything but the rabbit rabbit rabbit and to not fuck it all up.

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I didn't do it when I sleepwalked to the bathroom and went back to sleep, but I said it when I woke up for real. Does that count or am I fugged?

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You are fine. Only "Usagi" and references to black rabbits will result in divine punishment.

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I had to tie a scarf around my mouth and tie my legs up as tight as I could so the discomfort would make me remember when I woke up.
It was hard to sleep and the scarf fell off anyway but at least I didn't forget!
Have a good one /jp/!

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that's pretty lewd anon....

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the wisdom of British loli has enriched the life of many otaku man children

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I remembered, 2 months is a row now.

This time though I woke up twice in the night and said it. Then once more when I woke up.

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Tewi doesn't want to be sexualized but I'm going to do it anyway!

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Post the one where she's wearing that bunny suit and is squatting

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Tewi is for sexual, yes. But keep in mind the limits of her petite loli body.

Try other positions both could enjoy.

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I don't think I've ever remembered

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>Try other positions both could enjoy.

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I said it this morning when I first woke up.

I stubbed my toe, burned my breakfast, there was a fight on my train heading to work, and I made it right on time only to find out I was an hour late to a company meeting that was taking place before we opened doors.

I'm not feeling good.
And I just now realize I left my credit card at home so I have nothing to eat for lunch.

Thanks Tei

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Did you say it right? Did you say usagi?

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Imagine how bad would things be if you hadn't said it!

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I'm going to masturbate to Tewi RIGHT NOW

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Bunny tummy.

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I said Rabbit

>> No.15779513

Only once?

>> No.15779543

Which is the proper and original thing thing to say

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I missed it, Rabbit Rabbit

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I didn't!

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Success! Only the second time of 2016 for me.

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Rejoice my brethrens! After much research I have found out that if you missed saying the phrase in the morning of the first month, there is still a way to make it up!

All you need to do is say either "Black rabbit" or "tibbar tibbar" on the evening of the first day of the month, right before you go to bed, to still get yourself good luck.

ps - no guarantees the above method would work or that you would not incur the wrath of the rabbit gods for trying them.

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rabbit rabbit rabbit

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This one?

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I missed the chance

>> No.15780685

I forgot this time

Tewi has given me a mix of good and bad luck in the past but my August on the whole was pretty great.

>> No.15780871


Rejoice friend! You still have a chance as mentioned here >>15780483

Definitely safe and usable method!

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I said rabbit rabbit but all I got is a

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I said it and I also fapped to Tewi today.

I'm gonna be extra lucky this month.

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I forgot to report but I did it as well. It's easy if you change your alarm to something special!

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I want to eat out Tewi's ass while her tail tickles my nose!

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This is my goal in life.

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I did this and mustard gas came out of my mouth wtf

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I said it today and all I got was bad luck.

>caught little bro masturbate
>go college
>left phone in car
>suddenly rains
>fly flew into my lunch
>traffic jam
>friend broke his camera and phone
>dog keeps barking near my house
>baby keeps crying near my house
>kicked table leg
>stepped on big puddle
>pirated game won't play
>100+ yr old great grandma died

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Good fucking job.

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Your first mistake was trusting A SHIT.

>> No.15783208

Good thing Tewi gave you luck, otherwise that would have ended even worse for you!