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How exactly does one get into Touhou? There are so many games, stories, lore, manga, fan stuff that it is hard to find a place to start.

Should I just start playing Perfect Cherry Blossom or just go on a wiki to read bios of the characters?

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Games and written works in one place.

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Know all the characters from wiki and danbooru and talk about cute 2hus!

Don't be a tryhard like some people would convince you, it's not good.

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I would start playing the main games in the right order 6-15 and then I would read more about the characters I find interesting and then maybe read some of the mangas.

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>right order
>doesn't start from the first

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yeah i too want to know how to get into touhous if you know what i mean

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Please forget about touhou and get out of /jp/.

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I would suggest either PCB or EoSD. PCB might be a bit easier for newcomers

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>Should I just start playing Perfect Cherry Blossom
Yeah that's a good start. Then after the game's bullied you a bit, go read the wiki on various things.

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>How exactly does one get into Touhou?
by fucking you are mom lol

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If you're interested in the whole package, then read and play things pretty much in the order they were released, or see pic related. You can ignore the PC-98 stuff until later.

If you just want to play the games, probably 6 or 10 are good starting points, then play all the Windows ordinals, then the spinoffs and PC-98 games. They're all on Nyaa. Read the manuals before playing.

A lot of fanon is unrelated to (and sometimes completely contradicts) canon, so you can read fan works with only a basic understanding of characters and events. Just don't take anything too seriously.

The wiki is good for technical information and translations of official material, but take everything else with a grain of salt.

Ultimately, just do whatever you find most enjoyable.

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>doesn't start at HRtP
What's up with this shit? The PC98 games are genuinely good.

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>tfw I have been playing the main games only, and reading whatever I find

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just follow your heart

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Whether HRtP is "genuinely good" is debatable, but in any case, the PC-98 games aren't exactly canon at this point. They're best thought of as semi-official fan games, and a neat curiosity to check out once you're done with the modern material.

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Why not before?

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Because they're just not as good? It doesn't matter how well-designed they are, the inherent drawbacks of the platform mean that they've aged relatively poorly, and so don't serve as a good entry point to the series. And 6 was made specifically to be a new beginning, meaning that you didn't need the history of the older games to get into it. You can dive in at a relatively modern and approachable game, get used to the series, then go back and play the kind of janky older ones without losing out on anything.

And that's just considering the better PC-98 titles. Can you imagine making everyone start at HRtP before moving on? 99% of people would drop the series right there.

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You shouldn't play the games at all. There's a reason that whole genre is dead: it sucks. Just read doujin. My favorite are Aki Eda's Rei Mari ones.

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Just listen to Bad Apple like I did and slowly get more curious about 2hu over the years till you get into it.

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My favorite is Itou Life

Yeah, doujins is all you need to get into Touhou

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Tryhard pls

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My favorite doujin artist is Michiking. But don't listen to that nerd, the games are good. If you try to get good at them they will devour your soul though.

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Why would anyone be a fan of game series without playing the games?

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The embodment of scarlet devil(th06) is also a good start. If you played Perfect cherry blossom(th07) first, then wait until you get to stage 5 of th06, you will find someone familiar.
Also, if you like the soundtracks, Th7 and Th8 are the best choices.

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I thought this article summed it up well https://terrenceswiff.wordpress.com/2016/05/23/a-touhou-project-primer/

basically said to play the games and read the material without resorting to memes or anything

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Why forcing yourself liking shitty games when there are superior doujin and fanart you can enjoy?

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I don't think the games are shitty.

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Play the games starting from EoSD until the more recent ones and lament yourself because you have noticed that 8 killed Touhou because no ulterior game has managed to be as good as this one.

Imperishable "my older and little brothers are jealous as fuck of me" Night.

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The funny thing is IN is actually shit and EoSD is a much better game.

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Maybe not but it's not worth bothering or remembering

Touhou is about cute girls, that's all that matters

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Back then, I tried HRtP. Didn't fully understand how to play it, got rekt.
Then I tried SoEW, it's bloody hard to see and react to the bullets and enemies, I got rekt even before Marisa.
Conclusion, just start from EoSD, PCB or IN. Get used to it first. You can enjoy PC-98 later.

Also, doujin that involves gameplay mechanics is not that fun when you've never played the game. Do yourself a favour and play it. Experience the 00/99+ with Clownpiece.

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Definitely don't agree on that point

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EoSD was the best game because ZUN just wanted to make a fun game and not any other motive.

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I'm not too much into the danmaku genre, so HRtP is probably my favorite main Touhou game, or at least the one I have more fun playing. I also like how different the atmosphere is compared to the other games.

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Then why are you on /jp/?

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I think that should be addressed to you.

Filthy secondaries have no place on /jp/.

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Choose it by your fetish. Wich type of creature you want to hold your delicious juice?
> Vampires and Maids: th06
> Phantoms, Furries and a Hag: th07
> Rabits, Lunatic moon-stealers and a Millenar Pyromaniac: th08
> Flowers: th09
> A Kappa, an entire Zoo, a Bigboobed God and a Loli-Frog-god: th10
> If you like caves. and spiders. and cats. and crows. And 2 mind-readers hoes: th11
> A rat, a captain, a fish, and a multi-colored-hair biker whore: th12
> Ghosts. Again: th13
>Rabits, Lunatics and the most important: The United States Flag: th14

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I ment th15 in the last one, not 14.

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>the PC-98 games aren't exactly canon at this point.

Didn't ZUN say that they were canon unless they directly contradicted the Windows games?

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What a cute newfag

/jp/ is not the place for so-called "primaries" or tryhards like you, it's always been a place to contain and discuss cute 2hu girls, deal with it

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Yes, they have its "own canoncity", but Zun also said that the "modern" generation of TH(th06~XX) is "more in the way he would like it to be".

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You're trying too hard to fit in

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That goes to you

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mildly kek'd

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>a fish

And who would that be?

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Where is dullahan and wolf-girl?

You missed a lot

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I missplaced Wakasagihime, I've failed this thread

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Momiji is an irrelevant midboss.

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"No you" stopped being an effective comeback in elementary school. What a shitty troll. Sad.

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Dude, bounce.

This is pathetic.

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Too much girls. Soo little space.

*My feelings*
At least shes inportant dor furry doushinjis

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>call anyone tryhard because you suck ass
>calling anyone tryhard on 2016

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I'm trying to play EoSD, but no matter what I do, it freezes on the loading screen and doesn't respond. Pic related.

Downloaded it from Moriya Shrine, but it doesn't seem to have any other links. Help please?

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Touhou's music is more remarakble than its characters to me, but they are closely linked.

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Start as administrator?
Its weird, EoSD runs in almost anything at this point

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are you running it in jap app locale?

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No dice.
I'm not sure. I changed the system location to Japan, but the language bar at the bottom of the screen sometimes switches back to EN, seemingly at random.

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Shit, forgot to mention: Windows 7, 64 bit. Just in case it's relevant

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Check the custome.exe file on the games's folder, this is how I have mine

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You are running the "th06e.exe" right?

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Are you using the vsync patch?

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I'm not sure what that means.
Got the title screen this time. Had to check "Controlled use of gouraud shading" and "Force 60 frames," as well as adjust the pad numbers from 1000 each to 600, but it looks like it works now.

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By typing "touhou" into exhentai.

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Spoken like a true secondary, holy shit.

The games are great, but they are not something to replay forever like some kind of cult game. They're ok as shumps.

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It works perfectly now, except I can't get it to run in windowed mode. Which is kinda lame, I guess, but that it works is the important bit. Thanks for the support, guys.

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oh well, it's great you got it working anon, have fun

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They're shit. The only thing that keeps Touhou going, while every other classic shmup series is dead (including many superior shmups since Touhou was never even the best example) is the setting and characters, which have maintained interest in PEOPLE WHO DON'T EVEN PLAY THE GAMES.

This can especially be seen in how:

1. Every single time a new Touhou comes out /jp/ itself goes mild because no one gives a shit about the actual games anymore. People just want new material for doujin works, so the focus is overwhelmingly on meme characters like Clownpiece.

2. The majority of the doujin works are still based on the ancient games like EoSD, because no one plays the new games and just remember the ones they played as children when they were too stupid to realize shmups are shit

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Eh I kinda just picked one which was touhou 7 so I would start with a random game it a few then just continue.

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For sure someone already asked that(and a bit off-topic btw), but why there isn't a /th/ tag here? o.O

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Stop that.

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Please get out.

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Didn't you read the banner?
It said not to come here

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Are you people seriously saying not to play the games?

It's singlehandedly the best way to learn the characters. Going through the character list on the wiki will give you nothing compared to actually fighting them, reading their dialogue, listening to their theme, and looking at their danmaku.

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i wish i could

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On the other hand, their game dialogue gives a sorely incomplete view of their character compared to all the other official print works, especially for older characters.

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I wouldn't have put near 2000 hours into Touhou games if I didn't think they were good or worth trying to get good at.

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That's like, your option man.

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How far is your head up your ass?
Do you think that because new characters become memes the games are ignored?
>The majority of the doujin works are still based on the ancient games
This happens everywhere outside of touhou, stfu already

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Friendly reminder that Touhou is primarily and always will primarily be a video game series, and the fact that people here would gladly tell others not to play the games should not be considered fans of the series at all. Recommending hentai doujins over the actual games themselves is pathetic and those who think that should fuck off.

Pretty much this. The games are nice to see the characters' danmaku in action, if your focus is on the characters. Written works are fine, too. Not fanon crap.

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Holy crap why are there degenerates in this thread? Play the games, read the official materials. Don't allow the fandom to askew your view of the Touhou universe. If you see cancer, that is all it is, cancer. Don't be fooled, just leave this thread and go to a better place!

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>this mad he sucks at touhou
Get good you fucking scrub

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Hehe I take tha advantage to say how hilarious is that there are people having problems running the Touhou games... Man, they haven't met this demonic thing.

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Use a windowing software. It works if you do that. Sounds like a lot of hoops to jump through, but it's worth it. Very fun game.

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Why are you even on /jp/ if you bash people who don't care about the games and calling others secondary?
Most of /jp/ don't care about the games

And people who try to shove muh canon and muh games while discussing 2hu girls are annoying
Why don't you just go to other boards?

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>How exactly does one get into a touhou?

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Who quote?

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Stop projecting your own cancerous opinions on the rest of the board, and fuck off.

You're probably some teenage/uni fag who thinks he knows everything about a boards culture after seeing one post.

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>Stop projecting your own cancerous opinions on the rest of the board, and fuck off.
A great deal of /jp/ is made of secondaries (and secondary fetishists). They just don't talk about it very much because it's a very fast way to get shit on by a dozen posters.

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This is unironically what I did, and I'm pretty new to touhou. I was aware of most of the big touhou memes but genuinely liked Bad Apple enough to listen to it for years. At some point I tried Imperishable Night and as I played more of the games I got more interested in the lore and characters. Now I'm primarily reading the mangas and written works and listening to the music, but I'll probably go back and 1cc more games.

It's a lot of fun to be able to go back to all the old meme videos and identify all the characters/songs and stuff

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I gave that guy the benefit of the doubt and assumed he meant Kagerou since he had Banki in the same post but alas he meant memewolf

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My only issue is how people bash on the games and try to convince others that Touhou is only for fapping. Compared to other series like KanColle, which basically promotes fanservice, Touhou isn't like that at all. I just feel people ought to respect it more.

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There is a reason why spellcards exist. Because ZUN wants it to somewhat represent the character of the user. Fighting them is a part of understanding their personality.

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I can only imagine those secondaries are younger people who aren't really otaku and think this board is "satire" or some gay shit.

I mean, when we aren't fapping or shitposting on /jp/, we're playing games and watching anime. Only someone with very little free time would only be fapping to 2hus, or someone who didn't care much for japanese culture and just came here to shitpost.

All those secondaries are fucking disgusting and might as well just post in /c/ or /e/ if all they want to do is jack off.

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So, if we fap and play the games, we are ok?

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Please kill yourself out of /jp/

Appreciating cute and lewd 2hu girls belongs here forever

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Threads like these don't help, it's just spoonfeeding bandwagoners

>> No.15717546

That's what "primaries" are

They are cancer

>> No.15717710

Primaries arent bandwagoners you fucking retard.

>> No.15717772

I never thought I would read this some day here.

>> No.15717841

Of course!

>> No.15718368

In case you haven't figured it out, it's just one shitposter trying to bait.
All of his posts are basically the same.

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kuso thread

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Either that or some guy that got beat by Patchouli on Easy and decided no one could objectively enjoy the games

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If you want some real advice then I suggest you don't get into touhou.

I was a respectable member of society at one point. Now all I have is /jp/ and spin off boards

>> No.15718767

>I was a respectable member of society at one point.

Stopped reading right there.

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Play the games until you lose sense of reality. Worship Kanako. Drink water.

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If it reassures you to think that then sure.