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Wow, Eirin's just so...

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Perfect? Sexy? Beautiful? Amazing? Lovely? Intelligent?

Best 2hu. Blows everyone else out the water. She deserves her own spinoff series.

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kaguya is terrible, eirin should have had the final boss spot alone

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Is she a sex doctor?

I'd love my dick to be diagnosed with her pussy.
She must be enjoying her job a lot which is involved with penis inspection everyday.

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What are the function of those big bonkers in medical procedure?

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Vicodin; and may more drugs; dependent?

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get rekt fag

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I want to marry that old hag

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>Doctors say looking at busty women for 10 minutes a day is good for your health
>The men who were told to stare at bosoms daily had lower blood pressure and slower resting pulse rates

These big breasts are for your health, Anon
Now time for your daily dose

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Flat is death then

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Sorry but Eirin is still not popular.

Proof: I still worship Byakuren.

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How much dicks does Eirin takes everyday?

She must have relieved a lot of her patients with her healing vagina

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Having SEX with Eirin!

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Bad! Touhou would be better off if she never existed!

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_, ,_ ∩
( ゚∀゚)彡 えーりん!えーりん!

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I demand you exile yourselves to the moon at once.

She's still a virgin! She uses her hands for relieving patients, and sometimes her big, bouncy breasts!

Whoa, dude, you gotta ask her out first.

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It's astounding to see how many artists draw Eirin with a fucking blue eyes.

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Fuck off HAG!

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Miss Eirin writes you a prescription for viagra, because she wants sex!

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What if Eirin's so used to seeing dicks everyday that she's become bored of them? You'll have to harass and beg her day and night and til she begrudgingly gives in and allows you to bury your dick in her cleavage while she gives you a look of abject disgust.

When you blow your load, she'll angrily demand that you wipe it off her tits and neck yourself.

Whose foot is that getting in the way of my love?

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Then she is a bad doctor and need punishment
Her job is to heal people and make them feel better, so I will force my dick into her vagina and pump her pussy wildly until she love me

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Today it's time for your private penis inspection, as previously prescribed by Dr. Yagokoro
She brought Nurse Reisen to lend a hand

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Sorry doc, only my waifu is allowed to touch my pee pee.

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Yes! It's breeding time!

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You'll never believe this, but Eirin's breasts actually purr! Yes, like a cat! They do it when they're happy and full of milk!

So you snuggle up to Eirin's soft chest like a pillow and hear them go. Eirin loves to cuddle! When she moves, you can hear the milk in her breasts slosh around! When they get too full, she has to drain them, and she'll let you drink her milk from the tap! I'm high and I LOVE EIRIN!

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Is that some sort of bizarre biological quirk native to Lunarians?

Call me when Eirin has the technology to let my impregnate her boobs.

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I want to drink all of Eirin's healthy milk!!

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The human village needs a daily 'Stare at a 10/10 for 10' campaign initiated by the good doctor.

I know a human girl with some big knockers that could help out the men of Gensokyo.

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Will Reimu also help to heal my dick with paizuri?

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