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Show Renko and Merry your love /jp/.

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Shit 2hus, the only one worst than that is Sumireiko.

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This opinion is so wrong I'm gonna call the police on your ass AND bump this thread.

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I get tired of the endless Touhou keychains, cell phone straps, etc. It would be nice to see a few more figure releases.

Some of those out of print releases go for ridiculous prices on auction sites.

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It seems very cute, but I think it's too expensive for its height (13cm).

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Looking good.

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Any upskirt shots?

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worst 2hus

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screw you for having to make me use iqdb

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Reminder that the music CD toeho's are just as important as the gameho's

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post the one where I can see her pantsu

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It's a very nice composition. I'd love to see one mirroring one of the CD covers, though.

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They are important to the plot, Anon!

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Literally Whohus

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Where are the panty shots?

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I'll buy them for the pantyshot so I can hotglue them.

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Renko's lifted skirt! I can almost see her butt! Why is she wearing that in cold weather?

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I have more ways to show my love than paying 180k for a figure

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A common theory goes that she might be an exhibitionist of sorts

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I don't care about these hus.

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I made that a while ago

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i do

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That Maribel's purse is awesome! I want one!
I wonder if she made it?