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Are you gay for Rinnosuke?

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Go back to /v/, you literal faggot.

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I am now.

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Always were.
Rinnosuke is my husband!

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This nerd can't be that manly.

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Why not?

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Nerds can't be men.

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Hoarding buddies!

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im just gay

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Sorry, but I prefer Foxy Grampa.

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I am only gay for Yukari and her big futa dong

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Let's all have a gay orgy with Rinnosuke!

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That filename

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He's just an old nimbus man. A fucking cloud.

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I'm straight for him.

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He had more sex than all of /jp/!

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He can be moist and warm, and that's sexy enough for me.

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No! Rinnosuke must only be shipped with Sakuya!

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You will never have a dad who are willing to join you in 2hu cosplay.

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a curious fellow

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The only malehu should be preserved!

He is pure! Untainted!

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She's not Tokiko's mommy!

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This. Everything else is the wrong answer.

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Why on Earth would anyone like Rinnosuke? His power is so amazingly useless that it makes Rumia's look presentable. He also has a bit of an ego problem that he is willing to lie about his "knowledge" of human knick knacks. Not to mention he can just move closer to the village to increase the amount of customers if other half breeds and native born youkais' presence aren't an issue.

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Those villagers wouldn't shop at his place knowing he goes grave robbing in Muenzuka like a yokai tho.

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Power in Touhou is just representation of what someone can do, not special super power.
I mean, some characters are pretty generic in power, like Chen. You don't think Kosuzu is anything more than normal human, right?

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Not everyone is a kiddie who jerks off over powerlevels. Kourin is a cool dude, and it's okay to like him even if he wouldn't win in a fight against Goku.

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which 2hu could win against goku?