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It's so hot out! But I love the heat, because it means sweaty, smelly Touhous!

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pls don't sweatilize the mokou

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But she's so stinky!

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Sweaty Yuugi in hot sauna

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thin eyebrows...
still cute because mokou, but....

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Do you like thick eyebrows?

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Which Touhou has the best smelling butt?
Which is most likely to wear spats?

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This clown loves the heat

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Cheerleader Byakuren has sweaty smelly pits!

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sweaty old lady www

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Those long socks look very hot. She should peel them off her sweaty legs!

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They're stockings, so they'll have an even stronger scent on the inside

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I would tell her that I can see her mommynipples through her shirt, but then she would get embarrassed and cover them up. I want to keep looking at them!

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Sweaty mommy paizuri!

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Cute eyebrows by the way.

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I want to Moko Mokos Mokos

in a meido outfit

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I want to smell Mokou's feet!

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I always find it interesting that in Keine X Mokou rape doujin, it seems to be pretty split between either Keine doing the raping or Mokou doing the raping.

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Which 2hu's sweat is the tastiest, /jp/?

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I really don't get that artist's trash suit fetish, but his regular pics get me harder than a car made of diamonds.

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Suika because it tastes like sake!

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I want to smell that japanese goblin butt !

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Thick eyebrows are fucking shit.

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She'd enduring the heat just for you, /jp/!

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Go Go Nazrin !

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Nazrin would get all sweaty and smelly just for me?

Wow! That's so nice! I hope she'd let me smell her stinky pits when she's done!

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Okuu is a sweat MACHINE! Her coolant system seems to be working quite well!

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I wish the artist drew her sweaty foot more!

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I want to lick and sniff all the sweaty 2hus. Butts, feet, armpits, neck and belly.

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Another quality cringefest courtesy of /jp/. Thanks dudes.

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Is the word cringe the new epic meme ?

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Shanghai is here to help.

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People have been cringing at things as long as the concept of having standards has existed.

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Having standards on an imageboard sounds pretty cringeworthy. You should enjoy some sweaty 2hus.

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I'll stick with just the butts, thank you.

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That right arm of Marisa confuses me. Is her expression that way because Shanghai broke her arm backwards?

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I love Reisen!

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Shanghai's desire for armpits will not be denied.

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"Wow, were you really looking at my sweaty armpits?"

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This thread stinks!

It's the pits!

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Go take your retarded fetishes elsewhere. Thanks.

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I will gather all the 2hus in a factory, milk their sweats, bottled it and mass produce it to be sold worldwide.
Each 2hu is different taste. You can drinkit, use it for bath, a lotion, perfume, lube, etc. A gallon is also available for refill.
I'll put a photograph of lewd 2hu in the product so you can imagine them while using it. It's like that piss-smelled perfume of certain anime character or whatever that's sold in Japan.

You're gonna buy it, right /jp/?

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Reminder to not waste last weeks of summer by doing

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It's 105 degrees where I live! Good thing I'm not a Touhou; otherwise I'd be all sweaty and smelly like a stinky girl!

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I've been looking for a job since the beginning of Summer vacation. I wish I could afford wasting the last weeks of it. Bankitits (among others) have been the only thing keeping me sane.

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Good luck anon

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Cheers, boss. Will do my best.

Here's a Sweatybanki just to keep things on topic and so I have an excuse to live out my recently found love for her.

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Did somebody say sweaty, smelly Touhou feet?

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Stinky 2hus make my penis feel good.

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I used to have a mouse. They don't smell nice at all!