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Ran Facts:

-She's cute!
-She's fluffy!
-She's hardworking!
-She's technically not a fox...
-...but she might as well be!

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-She's a parasite

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-She's my muse

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You're the parasite, filthy neet.

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nice meme

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Solid meme /b/ro!

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Kudasai leave /jp/

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-She's a good girl.

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Ran is a good mommy.

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Op you forgot to add she's the sunny side of 1000 by at least 101 years going by tail number

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Ran Facts:

>-She's cute!
She is a tool. and Yukari beat the shit out of her.
>-She's fluffy!
The fox is,
-She's hardworking!
no, Ran is a dork who spend her time doing math than taking care of chen.
>-She's technically not a fox...
>-...but she might as well be!
only if you're trivial.

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It takes 800 years to amass nine tails, not 1000.

The only persons who would note the difference are being trivial, that is correct.

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No wonder /jp/ likes her so much.

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Wrong, You mean wouldn't

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So, everyone in Gensokyo?

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"sunny side of" means 'less than' in this context; and do the math okay.

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Gensokyo in your head canon, yes

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That still puts one around 900 years.

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Imply all you like, that won't change how everyone in Gensokyo treats Ran like a fox.

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So ZUN is trivial?

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If Ran was my mom, things would be different around here.

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Ran is a shit m8
a big one
a grat one

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poast the one with Chen playing with her ears.

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I want to be mofu mofu'd and ara ara'd relentlessly by Ran!

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5 cute facts about Ran:

- She's a girl!
- She's a shikigami!
- I love her!
- Ran!

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Do your best, Ran-sama!

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Now draw in the part where Ran gets re-installed onto a new hapless kitsune as she begs for mercy.

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Just gonna keep throwing around that fanfiction, huh?

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How does Ran's clothes work? Is there a big hole on her clothes above her butt to fit all her tails through?

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Most likely.
We can't really see it, but there's probably a large gap hah in the back that can be tied together.

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Calling what ZUN wrote fanfiction isn't going to make it any less canon.

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Feel free to point out where ZUN said the fox was upset with the situation.

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I thought you were implying that Ran essentially being software was fanfiction. My B

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Thousands of Rans! Get yours today!

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Believe me, I have no delusions about her nature as a shikigami.

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I want to sneak my hand through that gap and grab her bare butt cheek

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Seeing Ran's dress under the tabard!

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Maybe life in the kitsune village ain't what it's cracked up to be.

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How lewd.
No wonder she wears it all the time.

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You'll be caught and trapped by her tails for good... There's no escape after that anon!

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I'm sure she'd let you out eventually. Catch-and-release is more fun in the long run.
Besides, it's hard to get things done if you're hauling around a person like that.

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Well sure but there will still be nothing you could do about it yourself, it's really up to her how long she'll keep you

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That's just 4

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Terajin is pretty great.

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wasnt confirmed that she and chen were just mindless puppets controled by Yukari?

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The only thing you could call new info was that Ran and Chen are indeed distinct from the animal youkai.
They aren't mindless puppets; Chen's off messing around with cats most of the time, and Ran has disobeyed before. However, as servant spirits, they have to carry out orders given to them (which is where shikigami excel.)

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>Chen's off messing around with cats
Sure she's not messing around with Cirno?

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If saying the fox is upset with the situation is fanfiction, then saying the fox is not upset with the situation is also finfiction you know? And which seems more likely considering both the situation itself, and the fact that "nasty" yukari yakumo is the one who presumably did the installing?

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>And which seems more likely considering both the situation itself
Well, take a look at the other shikigami, Chen.
In this case, the original youkai comes out sometimes and does nothing different. No difference in behavior.
Thus, there is a case that indicates that the animal youkai do not care, and no evidence to the contrary.

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She probably knows Momiji though; there's a line somewhere that says she spends a lot of her time on Youkai Mountain.

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>If saying the fox is upset with the situation is fanfiction, then saying the fox is not upset with the situation is also finfiction you know?
Schrodinger's shikigami!

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This implies a lot of things, is Chen aware of the secondary partition in her mind?

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You made me think of this and now it's ten times as funny.

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Chen knows she's a shikigami, so she probably knows what that implies. Probably better than we do, anyway.

On an unrelated note, I never noticed this little comedic bit before:
>Aya: Look, your master is much, much stronger than you, right?
>Chen: Yeah.
>Aya: Your master doesn't have to use catnip on you to control you, right?
>Chen: She does it sometimes.

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Is that the cat or Chen speaking?

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Interestingly, the article actually goes out of its way to state that it's Chen.

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Boy, that picture gives Chen enormous ears.

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Clipped her nails, too.

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Ran confirmed cat lover.

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Chen knows she's a shikigami, as would the cat if it comes out when Chen gets splashed with water. But that doesn't really matter for the argument that the original youkai is being tortured or whatever. If the cat doesn't care or have some crazy existential crisis when it comes out then there's no reason to believe any sort of stupid mindbreak eternal torture insanity bullshit goes on with this process.

>> No.15612268

That does bring up an interesting point: What does it take to break the Fox from Ran? We know that for Chen, only water is needed, drawing from the parallel that shikigami are given with computers. Would water work on Ran?

>> No.15612322

>for Chen, only water is needed, drawing from the parallel that shikigami are given with computers
Uh, I'm pretty sure he's doing that since she's a bakeneko. Cats hate water. ZUN mentions that she is weak to water even in her "original state."
As for Ran, ZUN never mentions anything about a weakness.
This is all probably due to the fact that Ran is an exceptionally strong shikigami, while Chen is pretty weak.

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Dick, kitsunes are seductresses and wives.

>> No.15612328

That's not a weakness that's a goal.

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Weakness to Ran, not the fox.

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Ran does have the personality of a fox, though.

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I'd happily live in there forever

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5 cute facts about 5 cute facts

1. they're facts
2. they're cute
3. there's 5 of them
4. cute facts!

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I posted this in the last thread, but this info only makes me love this doujinshi more and it's officially my head cannon now.

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Some weapons-grade cute in that.

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funny how it comes from an useless person like yourself

>> No.15615417

I wasn't prepared...

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somethin like this

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Holy Moly!

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I love how Space Jin draws Ran.
Not enough people give her sharp teeth.

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Megami Tensei is fun, and teaches you about the existence of many minor deities.

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Ran's hungry! What will you feed her?

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my love

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My semen soup special. With extra protein.

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Is ran a open OS or closed?

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Ran's feet!

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it's very cute that Ran is shy about you seeing her in her swimsuit, when you've already seen her butt naked before!

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Upload those nerd

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Can I have a zip pls?

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Swimsuit Ran is wonderful.

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>she's not a fox

Not only that, the "cute" body isn't even hers. The body is not Ran.
We don't know how real Ran looks like, if it has form at all.

I like how you purposefully missed that one, though.

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It's too late, anon. We already don't care.

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Oh, but that IS Ran now.

>> No.15625541

Oops my bad.
I keep mistaking /c/ as /jp/ but they are really indistinguishable these days.

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She used to be in my top 3 but now she's not even in my top 20!

>> No.15625744

Ah, the plight of the secondary.

>> No.15625754

I'm not sure if I can even build a top 20. I love so many characters, I would have to do it on a per game basis.

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True secondary should ignore canon and go on with the delusion.

>> No.15625813

That appears to be more difficult for them when it gets laid out in no uncertain terms.
They can't exactly Black Tewi out of it.

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Well the last time she was in my top 3 was about 5 years ago when I was still getting into Touhou. She first started dropping when I discovered new characters I liked more, then she dropped a bit more once I started getting into the official works and found out she wasn't really what I thought she was. Then middle to late last year she dropped out of my top 20 once I finally got sick and tired of how she's depicted in fanon, which seems to only range from boring moeblob fox girl to mommy to slut (though this last one especially applies to all Touhous). I don't even remember what my ideal Ran was anymore. Honestly the "parasite" stuff doesn't bother me too much.

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Tastes change I suppose.
Ran's always remained consistently high for me, but I never really had any big misconceptions about her. My top Touhous list is rather small, though. Most of them don't seem that appealing to me.

But if you're gonna let fanon get to you, I don't know what to say. I always thought Ran got off pretty lightly there anyway, since the big memes died off.

>> No.15626704

Shikigami almost certainly don't have physical bodies, if that's what you're asking about. They're "Software" "Fantasy turned into a tool through a pattern" etc. etc.

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Utsuho will always be my 2nd favorite no matter how much people mistreated her.
Shame on you, anon.

>> No.15626750

Traditionally, shikigami are spirits that are imperceptible unless summoned to an object or being.

>> No.15626854

Unfortunately I'm easily influenced. But at the time I got fed up she was already on the way out. I suppose my tastes did change too, but surprisingly my #1 hasn't ever changed since I got into the official works.

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I kinda wonder how that would work out.

>> No.15631598

She is SO open as Sanae

if you know what I mean

>> No.15632436

taken that Chen has matured or still has her childish personality?

>> No.15632636
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The former.

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if she were mature I bet she could take very good care of Ran, since she wants to be just like her master.

>> No.15635350 [DELETED] 

Ran facts - she has big soft mommy titties!

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me on the left

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>> No.15638557

>ripens and ferments
Man that is just perverted

>> No.15639017

-Her hat is really stupid

>> No.15639143


Actually, we don't know how old she is; she might be much younger than her body would suggest.

Heck, if Yukari is in fact Maribel in the future from the past, she might not technically even be older than a human!

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What is wrong with Ran?

>> No.15639241

You're really stupid

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Absolutely nothing wrong with it.

>> No.15645000

I wanna impregnate RAN!

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