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So /jp/...

I was browsing some street view maps of Tokyo (Akiba ect) on google earth, and I noticed that everyone I saw wakling the streets seemed to have their head toward the ground, with a really depressed aura around them. Given it's hard to tell someone's expression in those pictures, still I didn't see anyone who looked like they were laughing. No one seemed to be enjoying themselves, and on top of that the sky was cloudy wherever I went.

So I ask you this /jp/, why are japanese people so depressed all the time? Do they not know how to enjoy life like the western world does, or was I just looking at a bad group of 50 or so people in Tokyo?

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>Do they not know how to enjoy life like the western world does

yes this seems likely well done anonymous

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You're welcome, I hope my great wisdom can be used to solve all of the world's problems someday...

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There's your answer.

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People in the west pretend to have fun in order to not seem depressed. Most friendships in western society are shallow, so someone who acts depressed risks being isolated.

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I actually was looking in a few suburban areas too. Everywhere I went was dreary and people looked depressed.

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I live in the west and I know why I'm happy all the time.

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Because it is mandatory?

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In America, people tell recluses to go outside, but they don't want to because of normal people. This does 2 things, it disperses them throughout the visible populace, and it means fewer of them go outside.

In Japan they have a special quarantine zone for them. This is known as Area A.K.I.B.A. No one knows what A.K.I.B.A. stands for, but we know this much about it. It was created by a joint effort of the Imperial family, five of the wealthiest Zaibutsu and the former Nippon Hikikomori Kyokai (N.H.K.) by order of their mother company. It is speculated that it was created to counteract the stagnation of Japans so called 'bubble economy.' In effect we know it does at least 3things. It isolates Japanese undesirables in a single area. It provides incentive for these undesirables to spend money, benefiting primarily the 5 zaibutsu. It prevents undesirables form reproducing.

This in turn creates an artificial and internationally agreeable forced labor camp. Undesirables are encouraged to stay within the boundaries of Area A.K.I.B.A. and incentive to work instead of merely being recluses. Because the populace is 97% male, most will never reproduce. As a countermeasure for the remaining 3%, moe was created to raise the standards of these recluses. If any of the undesirables copulated with girls, it would be with those that are underage, and before puberty and give an agreeable justification for the death sentence. These 3% of course, are repulsive, but just as an extra security measure, Yaoi was created. Since many men would copulate with any woman, Yaoi was created for these 3% would only be attracted to homosexual men, reducing their chances of reproducing to 0%

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That sounds like a life of ensured stability around peers who understand the workings of one's mind. It benefits everybody. What beautiful harmony.

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nonono you got it all wrong, area akiba is created by the jsdf to create ultimate despair to create a new wave of kamikaze fighters. many have been know to do suicide attacks. this gets rid of undesirables, frees japan of any official responsibility of attacks, and allows japan to have a standing army which they arent supposed to have

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ITT: Akiba conspiracy theories

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