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Previous thread: >>15537959

This thread is for the discussion of untranslated Japanese visual novels.

What are you playing? What are you looking forward to? What have you finished? You know the drill.

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Last I finished was Furuiro meikyuu rondo.
It had some cool parts, but damn if it didn't have some severe pacing/character development issues, it takes its sweet time in some parts yet character development for most characters is rushed as fuck for the most part.
Also I really preferred the mood of supernatural mystery over time travel let's fuck my friends over for a girl, however I did like the meta aspects with the player himself it introduced.
Decent enough.

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Played Oujou Ibun.

To be honest, it's not very good. The main character is pretty much has no characterization. And the promise of sequels that will never come doesn't help it either.

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I played their other game recently and I actually had a pretty good time for most of it. I think the scenarists are different though so that makes sense. I wouldn't overlook Suiseihen just because it's from the same company because of that but I wouldn't really recommend it either due to its incredibly boring plot which its characters and nice writing barely make tolerable.

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>What are you playing? What have you finished?
Nothing thanks to the last 2 months having almost no worthwhile releases

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Why do you only read new releases?

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I don't. My backlog has been reduced to just nukige

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>No backlog
I did not know such mythical beings existed.

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Some people just have narrow taste or don't look around for good stuff.

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They don't exist. Don't believe them. They are just drunk.

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name of this vn?

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It's that one Frontwing Vita port thingy I think. No ero. Forget about it. I'm sure you only asked because you wanted to do lewd things with that girl.

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All ages remake of Himawari. Go play it, it's great.

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yea i want to do lewd things with her

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or play the original with the voice patch?

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Original doesn't have こもれび and かげろう as far as I know. And correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm assuming the original doesn't have that many H scenes either. It's not like the all ages remake shies away from heavily implying that the characters fucked off screen.

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all ages eroge is shit eroge

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embryo pls

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Is there no sex in this?

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Does Sakura No Uta get better? I want to like it but I seriously got bored reading it 2 hours in.

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imouto paradise

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Yeah. If you're only 2 hours in you're probably still in the content written 8+ years ago. Chapter 2 is good. Makoto's route sucks but Rin's is okay. Then it's full speed ahead from Zypressen on.

This is my main problem with Sakura no Uta and the reason I consider it worse than Subahibi despite some incredibly powerful scenes in the second half of the game. It takes a long time for it to really get going.

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It gets really good.

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>It's not like the all ages remake shies away from heavily implying that the characters fucked off screen.

Dropped. I hate when they do that.

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>Chapter 2 is good. Makoto's route sucks but Rin's is okay. Then it's full speed ahead from Zypressen on.

This it's ok if I just skip to that point? These earlier scenes feel like they are ripped right out of second rate light novels and bad anime.

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To be fair, Subahibi had that not that entertaining first chapter.

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>to be fair, Subahibi had that not that entertaining
Fixed that for you, no need to thank me, you just added a few unnecessary words is all.

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No. Sakura no Uta has a very complex setting and a ton of foreshadowing and ideas that are built up over time. Skipping would be a bad idea. Makoto's route is probably okay to skip, but you'll need to read the rest.

True, but Subahibi's first chapter is also very short compared to the first half of SakuUta.

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I hope you're not referring to the 王様ゲーム. Best part of the VN.

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Who would've thought.

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What tag is the hairstyle is the second girl I kinda wanna try games with it

Any recommendations

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Or inaka no natsuyasumi heroine
Or that blonde teach from that popular english teaching book

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I agree anon

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That's cool.

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Damn, Baldr Heart trial was boring.

I guess we're never going to get good eroge again. RIP 19XX-2011.

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Picked up

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Akeiro artist is doing an otome game now

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Why would we care?

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Anyone here finished 時計台のジャンヌ?

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Because the Akeiro artist is doing an otome game

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Otome games always look terrible. Is this what girls actually like?

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Cool, why would we care about the Akeiro artist doing an otome game though?

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C'mon anon exercise some brainpower. If the Akeiro artist is doing one thing, he's not doing another thing. Even if you aren't interested in the game itself, the fact a high profile artist like him is working on it, and not something else, for awhile, is something to care about.

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Those designs are disappointing, Akeiro MC was cute.

>> No.15582037

MC has a portrait?

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(note: different person)
He came up in CGs pretty often, at least.

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After installing the VN, I just need to place the no dvd patch exe into the folder and use that to launch?

>> No.15582048

With all the sword boys she's been drawing I'm not surprised she'd be up for something like this.

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Depends on the crack

>> No.15582264

If anyone has the nintetail collection torrent, could you seed? There's only one seeder going at 5kb/s-40kb/s. I would appreciate it.

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For the anon who was wondering about Inochi no Spare's DRM.

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They are choosing heroines with a character poll? what the fuck.

>> No.15582931

Who cares? With a game with a cast like that you know the character writing's gonna be shit anyway.

>> No.15582940

Now all the people complaining about not having teacher heroines in moege finally have their chance.

>> No.15582949

Putting the imouto that low is shit.

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That PlayDRM thing could have worked if they weren't fucking dumb about using kirikiri and not encrypting game files. There's at least one game from last month that didn't get cracked and those that did are hoarded by mikocon because they bought them and had the license key to decrypt them.

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Which game didn't get cracked?

>> No.15583328

選択コレクション 淫乱巨乳清純系「恵美」

It's uploaded but there's no crack and most likely won't ever be unless someone buys it and forwards his license to a cracker. If every game started using this DRM it would kill P2P uploaders as their uploads would become useless.

>> No.15583345

Probably the chinese cracker just didnt bother with this one, most likely he wouldn't bother with akabesoft's nukige as well if mimasu didn't celebrate their victory.

>> No.15583383

Sounds like a job for our beloved arrogant cracker!

>> No.15583405

This game has all files encrypted because the protection was applied properly, the akabei one didn't have this so it was just a matter of replacing the exe (btw, b-luster's game doesn't use kirikiri so this approach probably wouldn't have worked either). In a normal scenario where the game is protected properly the cracker needs the decryption key obtained from the activation server by sending the serial number, game files alone will get you nowhere. The Chinese cracker didn't have that and the crack came to be because of akabei's incompetence (same mistake for the third time).

All I'm saying is online activation is going to work in mikocon's favor (because they buy games and have a cracker of their own) unless A-S and P2P uploaders start cooperating with some skilled crackers whom they won't mind sharing game serials with (which seems unlikely).

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When I see girls playing eroge most of the time they actually play male-oriented moege for some reason. I think they like the cute.

Because this is the VN thread and people who played Akeiro might care because the world doesn't revolve around you. Easy.

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This reminds me that Clockup is a popular brand among females, I've even seen some talking about scat and whatnot.

>> No.15583896 [DELETED] 

Where do you encounter these females, I am very skeptical.

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Japanese sure is hard.

>> No.15583961 [DELETED] 

I am enlightened skeptic myself and I would like to know too.

>> No.15583985

Need to replay Kaito simulator in glorious 720p one day

>> No.15583998

Anything good coming out this month?

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>> No.15584184

What are they?

>> No.15584313 [DELETED] 

I also thought the same, on the Internet everyone can roleplay, but then I saw several people saying that there were several women in events, and I also remember someone here saying he saw a lot of girls in the Clockup line in character1, so my skepticism has been slowly fading away. I mean their main artist is female too.

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You don't want to encounter them, don't worry. This is the girl that played through Euphoria like 20 times


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how do double negatives work in japanese

>> No.15584665

Fuck, do I need to read every book, poem, and author SnU references? Who the fuck is ishikawa takuboku and why should I care? Starting to feel like Sca-ji isjust riding on the coattails of better men.

>> No.15584673

Any good author draws from and references other authors, whether explicitly or not. We learn language from consuming it so naturally good authors have consumed other good authors. In that sense you could say every living author is just "riding the cottails" of other people.

>> No.15584683

Are there any good VNs with a lot of sex that I could read knowing only hiragana and 140 kanji?

>> No.15584691


>> No.15584696

There is a difference between inspiration and plagiarism. SnU is using whole passages verbatim.

>> No.15584700

>riding on the coattails of better men
Sure, they're very good authors who have left a mark on history for their profound works, but Sca-ji is a genius, his creations the physical embodiment of artistic beauty. By drawing on the best of classical literature he creates works that far excel them. It's incorrect to call them better men.

>> No.15584708

Quoting is not plagiarism.

>> No.15584718

What if I increased the number of kanji to 300? Or lowered the standard to mediocre

>> No.15584722

I honestly can't tell if you are serious or trolling anymore.

>> No.15584740

Baseline is to assume any normal length work, regardless of difficulty or quality, will use an absolute minimum of 1000 kanji, with averages coming closer to 2000.

>> No.15584742

You should try reading his works then. Anyone who has had the pleasure to feast their eyes upon his beautiful prose will understand, assuming of course they have the sufficient level of intellect and literate background to comprehend his genius.

>> No.15584775

How do you measure difficulty or quality? Your kanji stats are interesting. What happens if I increase the number further? Let's say 2000-2200

And just for the record, I'm not interested in reading great literary works with a lot of deep artistic references. Something interesting will do just fine. I suffer from a certain disease which prevents me from being able to concentrate on stuff for longer than 20-30 minutes.

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File: 1.22 MB, 1276x717, beautywithoutend.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

God knows i'm trying. I just need to know if being familiar with the works of ishikawa takuboku is required reading for understanding the depth of Sca-ji's work.

>> No.15584791

This thread is more for the discussion of the content of eroge than the language they're written in, you should ask these kind of questions over in DJT.

>> No.15584794

I said "regardless of difficulty or quality" because they're mostly irrelevant to this. If you exclude works like France Shoujo the kanji count will pretty much always be similar.
Have a look yourself. A porno eroge, that is not deep or literary, called Imouto Bloomers 2 has 1,339 kanji. Tsuyokiss, moege rabu title, has 2182 kanji. Like I said. 1,000 is bare minimum. 2,000 is average. 140? 300? Irrelevant numbers. Too small.
Keep in mind 10,000 lines is short and 5,000 is very short.
So you say, but I read through the archives of this thread for fun and back in 2013 there were literally discussions on anki that went on for hours with no one acting odd about it so I don't think that's so much the case.

>> No.15584818

I don't visit that board/shitty thread nor do I intend to. My question isn't about the language, as far as I know kanji aren't considered to be a separate language.
I see, so 2000 would be the minimum requirement for an average non-deep work. Do you have any recommendations? I'm looking for interesting stuff that could keep me hooked. The genre(?) doesn't matter that much as long as it isn't some demented shit.

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File: 3.00 MB, 3600x1920, 1441578952061.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

At your leisure

>> No.15584863

Just watch https://youtu.be/Eb2EIB56TfY , pick the one that appeal to you the most and try reading it. If it's not interesting enough for you then pick the next one and repeat.

>> No.15584878

Whoever made this has some incredibly fucking low standards.

>> No.15584885

I think he got bullied for it, but hey. Even having fully read 100 VNs puts him in the top 10% of VN readers.

>> No.15584886

If you weren't a pleb, you'd care who Ishikawa Takuboku is even without Sakura no Uta.

>> No.15584898

I don't know why you think a work being "deep" or not has anything to do with kanji count. It has more to do with length and the writer's style.

This has 2657 unique kanji:

Subahibi has 2238.

>> No.15584903

Not fucking everyone is interested in poetry. Get out of your little bubble.

>> No.15584963

So says the pleb.

>> No.15584968

>Even having fully read 100 VNs puts him in the top 10% of VN readers.
Really? I've read about 120 and still feel new to the medium.

>> No.15584969

I read some of his poetry but didn't understand any of it except a couple lines.

>> No.15584979

Top 10% of VN readers, not top 10% of pro vets. The majority of vn readers dont get to 50 and less get to 100. Surveys have shown this. I think most people here tend to be more fanatic than normal people and thus would on average have more people with 100+ read.

>> No.15585224

>not recognizing the literary genius of puni puni handmaid
spoken like a true pleb

>> No.15585268

What are the best imouto nukige or Kemonomimi like Wanko to Kurasou

>> No.15585772

Game is definitely funny but one thing I dislike is how Kinugasa has to flog his jokes to death. Even a good joke/funny scene loses much of its punch when it's followed by a too long dialog about it.

>> No.15585900


I'm not really far in yet, but generally like it. If I had to complain about something story-wise, then that it's rather.. disconnected. Lot's of short scenes.

The bigger problem however is the production. I have no idea who decided where to put CG, but seeing one in a super mundane "just talking" scene like 100 others for 30 seconds just feels weird. Even more so when you can easily think of other scenes which are more unique and could actually use a CG to supplement what's happening.

And then there's the voices. The mixing, or lack thereof, is astonishingly bad. One of the guys is super loud, the girls usually super quiet. Every now and then you have a weird line that's just louder than usual for no apparent reason. Also in the "sound options" for voice volumes it actually sounds all "fine" and equally leveled. Why is it so bad in the actual novel? This shit makes me want to play more Purple games. Assume they didn't just voice-mix Hapymaher and never did it again... but damn was that nice. Equal sound-levels. No massive "bursts" for screaming either.
I dunno how this can even happen with the company behind it. It belongs to Akabee Soft 2, right? They should have the budget to not produce such a terrible sound production.

>> No.15585992

>disconnected. Lot's of short scenes.

Better get used to it. Also, most of the endings are downright retarded. The game is more like a build-up to make the player familiar with the setting and characters. It's a pretty standard moege with good characters but the real story starts in 終末論.

>> No.15586077

There needs to be more girls with twintails and cowtits.

Flat is shit and boring.

>> No.15586107

>whole medium is flooded with cowtits

Yeah no thanks. Flat and moderate needs more presence. Cowtits and loli are there more than enough.

>> No.15586185

There's no need for cowtits in moege.

>> No.15586196

Depending on what you mean by cowtits, I might have to agree with you that we need more big titted twintails girls.

>> No.15586209

Kill yourself.

>> No.15586225

>more girls with twintails and cowtits.
We don't really need more, rather what we already have needs some variation but cowtits + Twintails is a surprisingly good combo

>> No.15586226

Why not? Moege are about dating hot girls and big tits are hot.

>> No.15586247

>big tits are hot


>> No.15586278


He probably meant that it's hot in between big tits.

>> No.15586281

I didn't.

>> No.15586490

Cowtits are particularly fucking retarded in ero art in general since they almost always come with shitty impossible shirts, eclipse the owner's brain AND limbs in size, and rarely ever look believable even when you take the shitty shirts off. How people find this shallow, unsubtle shit appealing is beyond me.

That and the only good combos are twintails + flat and short + large.

>> No.15586597

>sexualized designs is retarded in sex games
What cunning insight you've got there anon

>> No.15586651

Nobody said sexualized designs are wrong.

>> No.15586666


>> No.15586668

Work on your reading comprehension and read the first sentence again.

>> No.15586673

Maybe you should work on yours.

>> No.15586685

Nice comeback, but I'm not the one to do the reading.

>> No.15586691


>> No.15586697

Which VN's have the cutest character designs in your opinion?
Preferable nukige

>> No.15586779

s irae

>> No.15586806

Sexy Neko Imouto Kiss X

>> No.15586810

Moege are about dating cute, pure girls and having a cute, pure relationship with them. Cowtits are neither cute nor pure.

>> No.15586818

If that were true wild animal sex wouldn't be such a huge focus, taking up well over 50% of CGs.

>> No.15586827

You're right I'm still stuck in the early 2000s when there used to be more date CGs than ero. I've forgotten things have changed.

>> No.15586902

Otome Domain got over a thousand on the TG sales ranking. That's quite an awesome result.

2016年6月売上ランキング (TG調べ)
*1 1105pt Otome*Domain (Palette Qualia)
*2 *496pt Koi Suru Kimochi no Kasanekata ~Kasaneta Omoi o Zutto~ (Ensemble)
*3 *360pt Lamunation! (White Powder)
*4 *348pt Ero Zemi (Atelier Kaguya Bare & Bunny)
*5 *336pt Planet Dragon (SofthouseChara)
*6 *302pt Toriko no Kusari (Guilty)
*7 *278pt Koi to Koi Suru Utopia (LoveMatic)
*8 *189pt Yakimochi Kanojo no Ichizu na Koi (Pulltop Latte)
*9 *171pt Teakamamire no Tenshi (Akabei Soft3)
10 *114pt Koukan no Toriko-tachi... (Waffle)
11 *101pt Musumaker HD (Digital Cute)
12 **72pt Ore Maou! (WendyBell)
13 **67pt Ore Dake no Idol (WitchFlame)
14 **61pt Koi to Mahou to Kanrinin (Prometheus)
15 **57pt Clover Day's Plus (ALcot)

>> No.15586922

Now they're going to make even more straight trap games.

>> No.15586940

>2nd place
Sweet jesus Japan

>> No.15586943

More like
>Lamunation 3rd

Now the writer can just change his penname and go again.

>> No.15586946

I consider ensemble to be all the evils of the VN industry condensed and given horrendous form, Lamunation isn't so bad in comparison.

>> No.15586956

>I consider ensemble to be all the evils of the VN industry condensed and given horrendous form


>> No.15586961

>15 *57pt Clover Day's Plus (ALcot)
>*5 656pt Clover Day’s (ALcot)
That emote gimmick could clearly be considered a total failure.

>> No.15586965

>Ensemble is just a fucking garbage company. So I say because "恋する気持ちのかさねかた" is one of the worst VNs I've ever read in my life and am thus extrapolating that everything they make is garbage. Sorry ensemble but what the fucking fuck, don't release gutter garbage like that.
>I downloaded it because I wanted to experience a normal and generic moege, but what I got was a work below even feces in a gutter. Some games try to be good and fail, those are endearing. This game didn't even try to be good. It didn't even try to be anything. It was written by a hollow eyed intern, with no aspirations but to provide a bare bone ""characterization"" upon which to gracelessly stick pretty CGs. The work is neither a failure nor success, it's simply a grey blob that exists and sucks passion and happiness from all those unfortunate enough to approach it. Giving it any score would give it legitimacy, so I give it a what a fucking mess out of holy fuck never read this.

>> No.15586980

>1 1105pt Otome*Domain (Palette Qualia)
Is 1000 that good?

>> No.15586987

>*9 *171pt Teakamamire no Tenshi (Akabei Soft3)
Even with all that publicity from the funny eroge piracy is dead shit, even with a whole week of leeway by not being upload, it still sells like shit.
Mimasu's is clearly heaving his priorities backwards.

>> No.15587001

How's this month looking? Will 千恋*万花 dominate? How good does it look? I still haven't played the trial.

>> No.15587036
File: 165 KB, 1228x340, 949b5736.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah. Even super hyped stuff like Maitetsu didn't even reach 600. Sakura no Uta has little over 750.

Usually one point is equated to 23 copies sold, but note only sales from few stores are counted.

>> No.15587038

The trial was a lot of fun.

>> No.15587049
File: 989 KB, 900x4110, 2015年エロゲ・ギャルゲ年間売上ランキングTOP50.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes. Currently in 2016, only Otome Domain and Otome Riron to Sono go no Shuuhen got over a thousand points.
In 2015, only five titles got over a thousand: Sanoba Witch, Angel Beats, Kami no Rhapsody, Custom Maid 3D2 and Primal Hearts 2.

>> No.15587053

Jesus, Yuzu and Eushully are such powerhouses?

On EGS etc. you see people cursing Eushully, but then sales like this happen.

>> No.15587059

Workspring also got it's fair share of hate, but at the end of the day if people are bitching about it means people are buying it.

>> No.15587060

EGS is not very relevant to actual market.

>> No.15587078

The trial was horriable besides the production value, Yuzusoft games are always dull, the writing is always dull and drag on too long on things you don't give two shits about. All their titles are like this, they are always on their safe zone and afraid to try anything new.

>> No.15587091

0/10 tier bait.

>> No.15587093

>trap hiding in all-girl school
What an original premise!

>> No.15587096
File: 822 KB, 1301x731, v.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What do you mean?

>> No.15587097
File: 15 KB, 180x88, yuzu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Third party here. Am I missing something?

>> No.15587101

Oh, I bet he was thinking of 千の刃濤? Kyahaha, how embarrassing.

>> No.15587103

I would like them more if they at least placed more focus on the comedy instead of dull SoL scenes that are as interesting as watching paint dry.
The few funny scenes get recycled ad infinitum too.

>> No.15587107

Perhaps. Speaking of which, I'm expecting Akihabara to super quickly change into full Senmomo holy land after Senren Banka comes out this Friday.

>> No.15587119

>Otome Domain and Otome Riron to Sono go no Shuuhen
Year of the trap on girl?

>> No.15587125

>Yuzusoft games are always dull
From the ones I've read only Amairo Islenauts and Noble Works were somewhat dull.
>the writing is always dull and drag on too long on things you don't give two shits about.
This does happen sometimes, I have to agree. Sometimes you just want a scene to end already because it drags on and on and it's not really funny or interesting.

>> No.15587131

What about moege that never get boring?
I read the common route + Frey route of Seikishi Melty Lovers straight through and I don't think I was bored a single time.

>> No.15587247

kanojo step trial when

>> No.15587270

Most of sales comes from the pre-orders, so I'm pretty sure their next game will sell not even half of this after their retarded last game.

Its always like this, For example Baseson's Appare tenka gomen sold almost 1000 point as well even though it was pretty shitty, but their next game (its FD) couldnt even sell 1/8 - 1/9 of Moeshouden.

>> No.15587338


Depends on how you look at it. The e-mote is almost non existent. They essentially didn't give two fucks about making it into something that e-mote usually stays for. And as much as they cared about this version, as much did people care as well. It was really a massive disappointment. Not worth the money. Unless maybe if you never got it before.. but even then...

>> No.15587370

Can you turn off the e-mote? Not sure if I want to play the game with it.

>> No.15587376

HaruKuru kind of abruptly send me back to the title screen, and the two options that it presents when I click New Game just show repeated text.

Did I fuck up somewhere? Didn't look like a bad end

>> No.15587403
File: 526 KB, 1161x280, eyes.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I know their previous games were never known for exactly stellar art or anything like that, but I still can't get over these. I'm probably going to play the game nonetheless, but what the fuck Smee?

>> No.15587432
File: 295 KB, 500x865, kiseki.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It looks to me that they're aiming for a paradigm shift away from the maniac comedy of their previous games. Either way I'm interested despite the eyes

>> No.15587483

I'm reading sanoba witch and it's the most boring tripe I've ever started. Plain moege just isn't for me I guess. It's the first moege I've tried.

>> No.15587504

I wouldn't judge a genre by 1 game
Simply having different authors changes a lot

>> No.15587647

Sanobawitch was pretty decent in the entertainment department actually. But try some of the more heavily comedic before you give up on moege I guess.
Also there is sometimes a fine line between moege and scenarioge.

>> No.15587692

Oh I thought the entertainment side was really not cutting it. It was rated high on comedy but I guess I just didn't see much of it apart from Nene and the male sidekick occassionally. Not so much from the other heroines.

>> No.15587728

Don't play yuzusoft for the entertainment/comedy factor, it's simply not there for the most part and the games tend to get drier and higher on simply ichaicha as they go on.

>> No.15587743

Trying to play moege is pretty damn hard if you don't like ichaicha in the first place, even the funnier ones go into ichaicha and sex mode when they go into the routes. That or silly drama.

>> No.15587753

This. Yuzusoft should be played for ichaicha.
If you don't enjoy that sweet ichaicha or you don't feel it properly then you won't enjoy Yuzusoft games or even moege/charage in general.

>> No.15587754

Why would you even play moege if you don't like the very things its founded on? Moege having comedy is just an excuse to fill up the common route of a game with no meaningful plot

>> No.15587757
File: 194 KB, 1280x720, one_down.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So one ending done. This won't take long at all!

I mostly enjoyed it. Though if this'd be everything, I'd probably not be happy. Even after the route is done I feel like there hasn't been nearly enough screentime of the heroine (Reika), simple banter and so on. Made the romance feel rather tacked on too.
Also they completely forgot the subplot they started with Zun and his (onesided) crush from the first half of the route. Among.. other stuff.

Next up Aya I guess. Don't know anything about her, not even why she'd be a heroine. Will be an awkward transition from her being basically not existent to heroine status..

>> No.15587762

Yeah, that's what I said. This is why I would suggest that anon who tried to force himself through sanoba witch is wasting his time if ichaicha does nothing for him, but not just with sanoba witch, with every moege in general.

>> No.15587767

>Will be an awkward transition from her being basically not existent to heroine status..
Not like she actually has a presence in her route or anything.

>> No.15587788

Do Tsuki, and then you might as well jump to the fandisc and read Kaitos fun childhood story, Reika is the only heroine that matter for the second game which is much better

>> No.15587808


Now I'm interested.


That enough? I kinda figured I'd read Reika, Tsuki and probably Tae. Figured with Reika's sis being on the title screen of the trinity version together with Reika, she's kinda a must too. Also interestingly, the "extra mode" screen features the two sisters and Tae. Guess those were promo artworks or something once, but..

>> No.15587812

>which is much better
And still manages to shit the bed incredibly hard.
Tsuki's route also happens to be terrible in most regards.

>> No.15587824

>That enough?
Well, every other girl beside her become side characters
Cheer up

>> No.15588487

Anyone going to summer comiket? Hoping there will be a lone hero to upload Hiruou's new work.

>> No.15588715
File: 1.12 MB, 1220x1700, 1415790361800.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Speaking of rec charts, pic related is probably the only relatively recent one I have. Have there been any others in a while?

>> No.15588739

That chart is so bad it has been disowned by its creator.

>> No.15588747
File: 1.31 MB, 2439x2232, 1453785026520.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Your best bet for recent is probably just pic related.
I'm thinking of making a chart for good games that are obscure enough not to be common knowledge for people not into the scene and not popular enough to be commonly recommended, but still pretty dang good and worth playing (examples being, like, Mushi no Me, Rakuen, etc). The only problem is, I myself am not well read enough to make such a list without taking blind recommendations so if it ever gets made from me it'll be awhile. Sorry.

>> No.15588790
File: 83 KB, 1282x748, ss+(2016-07-26+at+03.08.36).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Holy shit, the romantic comedy suddenly turned into something else.

>> No.15588797

>all the characters have black hair
What's next, a VN where the heroines are all quintuplets and look identical?

>> No.15588825

Actually its a pretty amazing game; it has one of the best h-scenes I have ever seen in a moege with great voice acting (moaning etc), pretty cute heroines, a decent plot and some little good mystery which makes you wonder what'll happen until the end. But unfortunately because of the title everyone just gives same reaction as you and doesnt even try it.

>> No.15588826

女装学園(孕) PV and trial are out and holy fuck I am so happy we get another Aogiri Penta game.


>> No.15588829
File: 236 KB, 1032x802, _.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15588853


Way 2 gay man.

>> No.15588872

Ever heard of something called a personality, anon?

>> No.15588910

>the heroines are all quintuplets and look identical
picked up

>> No.15588918

There's no reason why the game I envisioned couldn't have 5 heroines with interesting, unique personalities. It doesn't mean I want to romance and have sex with them all though.

>> No.15588962

It's one of the best games of that year

>> No.15589373

One day I will play this game
But today is not the day

>> No.15589586

Micchi's July top 3:

1. Deresute
2. Pokemon Go
3. Tree of Savior

>> No.15589589

I bought this last summer and I don't remember why. I forgot I even had it.

yeah I had a job back then. Any idea why this would catch my interest? I can't find enough information about it to understand why.

>> No.15589591

no you don't actually need to know them, the story is good on its own but the circlejerks here like to pretend like SnU is some kind of literature masterpiece human kind has ever witnessed.

>> No.15589598

Teacher Heroine probably

>> No.15589607


Why not read it and find out?

>> No.15589609

For a second I thought he actually wrote the July post.

>> No.15589898

I like to think they're being ironic

>> No.15589938

I have a lot of other novels on my plate. What if it sucks and wastes my time and money? Right now it just wasted my money.

>> No.15590034

I've seen precious little evidence of that. Also SnU is pretty good they are just taking it too far.

>> No.15590285


>> No.15590335

>SnU is some kind of literature masterpiece
I won't say it is a masterpiece but SnU was better than any real "literature" book I have ever read. The same goes for Subahibi. It's either westren literature sucks or Scaji is really that good.

>> No.15590339

Read more.

>> No.15590366

Such a shitty comeback.

Not even that guy, but you didn't name anything. You're just afraid of the idea that someone might find Sakura no Uta that good.

>> No.15590368

If you say so, anime boy.

>> No.15590372

You sound like your favorite book is Infinite Jest.

>> No.15590391

What's more? I liked SnU and Subahibi much more than any Fyodor Dostoyevsky work except maybe Sin and Punshiment and that guy is known as the best writer in the world.

>> No.15590399

>and that guy is known as the best writer in the world

Also liking more =! being a better written. Lots of people prefer Twilight and Harry Potter to Dosto too.

>> No.15590443

the concept of "real literature" and the circlejerk around it is more pretentious than any eroge

>> No.15590478

The ONLY meaningful metric of how well written a work is is how much the people who read it enjoyed it. Anything beyond that is just "my taste is better than your taste" circlejerking.

>> No.15590485

If that lets you sleep at night, go ahead. I'll personally stick to being a rational person and just say I prefer Scaji to a lot of literature for the entertainment factor, but I definitely do not think he is a better writer (because he isn't).

>> No.15590502

What's the purpose of literature if not entertainment? If you've failed at keeping your audience's attention, you've failed as a writer.

>> No.15590515

If you don't even know that much then this discussion is pointless as I'd just be spoonfeeding you things that have been uttered a hundred times over. Just make a thread on /lit/.

>> No.15590526

>playing the shitty remake instead of the original

There are seriously people who do this?

>> No.15590527

/lit/ is the last place I'd go for a rational or intelligent discussion, thanks. But have fun reading things you don't enjoy, I guess.

>> No.15590529

Nice projections.

>> No.15590569

There is no such a thing as literature taste or deeper meaning to your literature books that are not entertaining but somehow better than Scaji works. I can somehow understand why you wont admit this, it's pretty fucking sad when two porn games are much better than real Literture which is supposed to be a legit field of study that some people spend money, time and effort to study at college.

>> No.15590577

You can shut your eyes and ears and delude yourself however much you want, that won't change reality anyhow.

>> No.15590603
File: 1.66 MB, 756x9800, 1458975393925.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Just make a thread on /lit/.
what could go wrong?

>> No.15590641

after playing several routes in 恋する気持ちのかさねかた and 乙女が奏でる恋のアリア I feel very confident to say this


no one should disagree, ever

>> No.15590648

>legit field of study that some people spend money, time and effort to study at college
Hardly a "legit" field when the only thing it earns them after four years is unemployment.

>> No.15590649

Which routes did you do? While the rest were pretty bad I feel Kaede and Ayaka's routes were good and I enjoyed them immensely.

>> No.15590655

Yeah, I think we have established that multiple times. They've created a few alright games and the rest are kusoge

>> No.15590663

I'll forgive them

>> No.15590664

What are the best trap protagonist eroge?

>> No.15590685

Tenshi no Hane wo Fumanaide

>> No.15590689

I did kaede, kanade, chikage for aria
the girls themselves are fine I guess, but the writing is... super underwhelming. it's not that the writings are terrible or anything, but it's clear that the writers are NOT EVEN TRYING. a lot of the scenes are missing, the pacing is way too fast, and overall the game length is unbelievably short. kasanekata is worse in the sense that it doesn't even have a common route to speak of. with such a bland settings/story all that's really left is just art/va/whatever. how dare they sell these games for full price.

>> No.15590708

>Hardly a "legit" field when the only thing it earns them after four years is unemployment.
What does employment have to do with it being a field of study?

>> No.15590718

No. Just get the first version of the game.

>> No.15590732

>kasanekata is worse in the sense that it doesn't even have a common route to speak of.
So then the whole game mainly consists of the heroines routes? That sounds kinda refreshing.

>> No.15590750


>> No.15590842

Someone who's shilled for Mikocon access please rip this ;_;

>> No.15590889

Didn't you shill enough in the previous thread? Is this going to become a regular thing now?

>> No.15590896

Did you misunderstand his post?
He's asking the "mikocon shills" you refer to, to upload the game for him so he can play it without paying. I don't see how that makes him a shill. It's a fact mikocon has exclusive games behind their VIP wall people want, ever referencing this fact is not shilling.

>> No.15590903

I seriously hope no one here actually pays for this shit.

>> No.15590934

My top 3 are 月に寄りそう乙女の作法, 天使の羽根を踏まないでっ and 機関幕末異聞 ラストキャバリエ

>> No.15590962

I heard the trap aspect of that game is practically nonexistent after the beginning, isn't that true?

>> No.15590985

Every day until it's ripped.

>> No.15590992

What game is it? I can't access the page because I'm not logged in. Because I don't have an account.

>> No.15591007

Yeah, it's not that important to the story. The fact that the protagonist is a man, however, is one of the important plot points.

>> No.15591012

[160311][スタジオ奪] 奪ENDING 〜人の妻、最後まで売ります〜

Been out for months but no rip of the game, how could such top-shelf-looking NTR be ignored like this.

>> No.15591019

How was Lamunation? Is it really that writer really often to use Western jokes, many "fuck" words etc.?

>> No.15591030

That game is 3000 yen. Just fucking buy it.

>> No.15591037

I haven't ever paid for porn in the 15 or so years I've been a connoisseur of it and no bloody way I'm starting now m8.

>> No.15591042

Why this NTR game in particular? Doesn't look like much

>> No.15591049

That's 30 dollars dude
I don't many porn games are worth that much. Probably only those from one's favourite company.
Well, for those of us who aren't kanemochi...

>> No.15591051
File: 180 KB, 380x720, 319_1351_result.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Because second heroine looks delicious.

>> No.15591053

Then no begging for someone else to pay for your porn.

>> No.15591059

He asked for a Mikocon shill to upload it. Someone with VIP mikocon would already have access to the game, no need to pay. Try to keep up, anon.

>> No.15591060

Even at minimum wage, $30 is not a large amount of money.

>> No.15591070

$30 is my weekly food budget
Minimum wage + bad hours + costs of living = $30 is a lot of money.

>> No.15591086 [SPOILER] 
File: 104 KB, 815x635, 1469544559825.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So I just finished Subahibi. Not going to ask about any philosophy etc but one thing I don't understand is what the paradox in this section is. When was the first time Yuki got caught up in Zakuro's suicide? If Down the Rabbit Hole part 1 was a dream then the only time was in Down the Rabbit Hole part 2. I feel like I forgot or missed something painfully obvious.

>> No.15591106

Go back to the beginning of Down the Rabbit Hole. The "dream" section occurs when Yuki sees the shadow jump off the building. In "reality", she was hit by the falling Zakuro, causing her to be in a coma. Zakuro apologizes for this in the chapter.

>> No.15591119
File: 140 KB, 510x434, salespoint4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I thought I recognized that background.

>> No.15591134

Ah yeah that makes sense. Thanks.

>> No.15591141

The fuck is up with those pecs

>> No.15591146
File: 2.04 MB, 800x1800, cost saving.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I swear to god, if I see these backgrounds one more time I'll... probably not do anything anyway.

>> No.15591166

So I guess these are part of some freeware background pack right? I mean these fuckers are so common, even among different studios.

>> No.15591219
File: 3.21 MB, 1280x1439, 454444.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Background and UI icons

>> No.15591266
File: 739 KB, 1284x964, 貞操観念ZERO ~ヤリマン家族とハメ狂い夏休み~-2015-11-13_13-17-58.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The things that have gone on in this house...

>> No.15591269

source on this?

>> No.15591276

What game is this again?

>> No.15591281
File: 488 KB, 800x600, 2016-07-26-105123_1920x1080_scrot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I like this VN.

>> No.15591286

Based Lune, truest revenge ntr, hope it actually sells and they do more ntr archetypes.

>> No.15591296

Even if I'm not a fan of the character design that name alone has me sold. My dick is ready.

>> No.15591300



>> No.15591306

I agree they could have toned down the muscle mass and pecs a bit, but I hope it means it has milking.

>> No.15591316


thank you

>> No.15591335

Was it uploaded in Japanese already?
I don't want to read it English.

>> No.15591346

Yes there's an untranslated version on AB

>> No.15591347

I think the artist tried to make him look masculine and feminine at the same time, and instead it ended up looking weird.

>> No.15591353

You are saying twilight and 50 shades of gray are better works of literature than most of the classical works?

>> No.15591374

Oh, fuck.
I'm not registered there and I hate those sites where you have to beg for the invite.

>> No.15591375
File: 476 KB, 799x624, fuck humans.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fumiko is so boring. Whose bright idea was it to have a youkai story with a firecat, snake miko, and hotpants blonde loli, then force you to do the bland osananajimi's route to unlock things. I'm not even looking forward to the shy kouhai.

>> No.15591380

It's certainly worth it though

>> No.15591417

that series really wasn't too interesting i couldn't care less if it ever got uploaded

>> No.15591456


>> No.15591490

I find it kind of worrying that nobody in the west buys and shares DL editions at least, mikocon's list of games taken hostage keeps on growing (though the only notable entries are EVE and fureraba remakes)
If they're going to be the only source left you won't have any new eroge to read

>> No.15591498

I'm waiting warmly for eve, no matter how long it takes, won't take longer than shining night anyway.

>> No.15591510
File: 221 KB, 1280x720, zun.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Zun done. I'm pretty happy to have read it even if it really had nothing in it that'd seem relevant for anything in the future. It was more than funny enough though. I'm not even sure if I should laugh about some of its jokes, but damn those "shit" scene(s) during the "befriending" weekend...

Aya had potential too, there are times you could actually see she really is Reika's sister.. still worse than Reika of course. Too little screentime to say more though. In a way I feel like this is how Majikoi should've been. (Akatsuki no Goei has good heroines though, in theory... I think. So a bit more of them wouldn't hurt)

>> No.15591537


tomo from ruitomo, hands down

>> No.15591572


Akagoei is a very silly trilogy with major problems, but it is so fucking entertaining that you can't help but love it. If you don't take it too seriously it's really quite enjoyable.

>> No.15591627

Does ISLAND only have full screen mode? I tried the setting but can't seem to get to window mode.

>> No.15591659


Speaking of Eve, they announced a 18+ version of the remake.

>> No.15591727

That might actaully force the usual uploader to release it because he doesn't seem to upload any all ages games

>> No.15591743

I used to be a fierce sca-ji hater, I dropped Sakura no Uta twice. I picked it up again from the beginning recently, that scene were Rin picks up the club pamphlet and hands it to Naoya as she says tadaima, man it put a tear to my eye. I read that scene twice before and it didn't move me. The happy prince was well written. The comedy well spaced and paced, The BGM is always perfect for the scene, the art is amazing, and all the characters balance out. How could I have been so blind? I guess there were a lot of memes flying around when it released and I stepped onto the hate train without even knowing. I just started chapter two for the second time, I hope it gets even better from here.

I still think SubaHibi is shit, but Sakura no Uta is a work of art.

>> No.15591771

What a lot of people don't really realize is that half of reading goes on in your head, not in the pages of text. So, in the first place, hating a certain writer is a silly thing to do... because you, personally, have a big influence on how the work is read. It's better to say, "X work doesn't mesh with me", than "I hate X".

>> No.15591795

Which game is this from?

>> No.15591799

There's a difference between "I can see that this is good but I don't like it personally" and "This guy is a terrible writer and he should retire". Both emotions exist.

>> No.15591810

I can't tell if this is a serious post.

>> No.15591822

sweet sweat in summer

>> No.15591846

That's the thing. Whether writing is good or not is significantly determined in your head, and therein lies the problem, like I'm saying. Someone with the latter emotion is likely making a mistake of overvaluing their own mind as far as I'm concerned.

>> No.15591855

Are you sure the untranslated version is up on AB? I can't find anything but the CGs and the English version.

>> No.15591874

Alt + Enter

>> No.15591878

I disagree. That's only the case if you for some reason think of yourself and your opinions as worthless, which you seem to do. By collecting experience you can determine whether something is good, if the author put in effort, just shat it out in a month and so on.

>> No.15591883

Why is it that one can't make a post about loving SnU without someone thinking it's an ironic joke?

>> No.15591927

I didn't say once that one's opinions are worthless, just that the work is divorced from one's mind yet how one's mind perceives the work is incredibly variable, and it's very important to consider the influence that has on how one evaluates a work. The number of people who go around calling works shit, when the whole reason they don't like it is in their head, is frankly too much. Obviously, I'm not saying you should never call any writing shit. Fan fiction exists. Just, it's far more important to be cautious and thorough than most people exhibit.

There's this one review I read ( http://homepage2.nifty.com/aleksey/LIBRA/kasai_nasu.html ) that really changed my opinion on reviewing and evaluating literature. When this person called a novel poorly written, the detail they went to in describing it was immense and detailed and thorough. They solidly showed that the writing was poor not due to their personal perception, but because the writing itself was provably bad on its own merits. In comparison, someone just getting bored with writing and saying "well it's shit!" isn't exhibiting any cautiousness or respect for the relevance one's perception plays in evaluating literature.

>> No.15591950 [DELETED] 

I think it's important to separate the artist from the art. Oscar Wilde was a homosexual pedophile that preyed on young boys looking to sell their bodies, should that affect the way you read his work? Maybe, but I try not to think of that.

Anyways it's absolutist true that your state of mind affects how you read something. If you believe something to be bad/good your mind will subconsciously focus on the parts that will confirm your biases, it's only human nature. No one read like a machine.

>> No.15591964

I think it's important to separate the artist from the art. Oscar Wilde was a homosexual pedophile that preyed on young boys looking to sell their bodies, should that affect the way you read his work? Maybe, but I try not to think of that.

Anyways it's true that your state of mind affects how you read something. If you believe something to be bad/good your mind will subconsciously focus on the parts that will confirm your biases, it's only human nature. No one reads like a machine.

>> No.15592014

The author's experiences and life in general have an influence on their work, stories don't come out of a vaccum

>> No.15592033

I agree and never said otherwise, but I don't see how that is relevant to my point.

>> No.15592241

Thanks. F11 works too.

>> No.15592300

If hating a writer is silly then loving a writer also is.

>> No.15592323


>> No.15592334

Those are the times you just say fuck it and download a savedata

>> No.15592362
File: 152 KB, 1433x878, ?.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is tenkiame folder suppose to look like this?

>> No.15592371
File: 106 KB, 1041x494, 435222.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mine doesn't look like that

>> No.15592377

That route ended an absolute mess, like they ran out of time and had to throw together a conclusion. I went back to an earlier choice and appear to be on a more youkai-focused branch this time.

>> No.15592388

Guess I'm just not installing it right

>> No.15592390

I really liked SnU, but all that shit about reading it several times and the scaji hating and the praise for the first chapter came off as ungenuine.

>> No.15592392

I'm going to take a slight guess and say that those are Chinese characters not displaying in Japanese windows? Would that make sense?

>> No.15592419

Try using a real OS

>> No.15592439

I usually get most of the vn's working with wine, but I might just have to install a windows partition since it's a pain like right now.

That's how it looks after mounting the iso

>> No.15592461

Did you buy your version of linux? Using the free version might have caused this bug

>> No.15592496

Dude just use a virtual machine like the rest of us linux users. You should be able to find a VMWare license key on the archives if you search for it.

>> No.15592550
File: 38 KB, 727x498, tenkiame.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So that's the CD? How did you mount the iso?
Maybe it has to do with the encoding, another option is to just use a tool to extract the iso, or try cdemu.

>> No.15592595
File: 79 KB, 1032x830, 2016-07-26-170827_1920x1080_scrot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I was able to fix it

I have most of it working now.
I'm able to launch it, but it gives this error after the "Gummy softo" launch screen

>> No.15592600

I'll probably end up doing this, would be alot easier

>> No.15592641

Why is Micchi obsessed with this girl?


>> No.15592660
File: 475 KB, 1600x1200, oipoth2i.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thank you.

>> No.15592671

>She also knows a lot of otaku memes.
I don't know who Micchi is but I'd say it's this.

>> No.15592676

She is the best imouto ever.

>> No.15592678

He's just obsessed with imouto in general.

>> No.15592679


>> No.15592714


>> No.15592722


>> No.15592838

Is Tenshin Ranman actually good? Never played Yuzusoft's earlier games

>> No.15592857

Off the cuff question; I have nothing else I'm really interested in right now and have my backlog mostly clear - can anyone tell me what the hell the playing order is for the Kyonyuu Fantasy games?

I assume that there's two different split storylines, but I'm not sure.

>> No.15592893

>Is there a timeline ?
Yes all the entries of the series are interconnected, it's 1 world over a single timeline.

>And what's the difference between the original and the digital novel edition ?
The original versions are good and the digital novels versions are really shit, don't waste you're time with the digital novels like I did.

>It looks complicated for a nukige series though.
It's really not.

Rome: Kyonyuu 3 + possible sequels
Early-Middle Medieval Europe: Kyonyuu 2 and/or 2if
Early 1500's: Kyonyuu 1 -> Gaiden 1 -> Gaiden 2
Modern day: Kyonyuu Majo

Proper play order: (Playing this out of order ruins plot events in certain games)
Kyonyuu Fantasy -> Kyonyuu Majo -> Kyonyuu Fantasy Gaiden -> Kyonyuu Fantasy 2 -> Kyonyuu Fantasy Gaiden 2 -> Kyonyuu Fantasy 2 if -> Kyonyuu Fantasy 3

>> No.15592923

Thanks anon, greatly appreciated.

I heard good things about it, despite being a nukige series so I figured it was time to check it out.

>> No.15592944

>not blood related
into the trash she goes

>> No.15593083
File: 424 KB, 1280x720, 684641434.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


This shit was great though.

>> No.15593352
File: 25 KB, 639x286, c.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>There's this one review I read ( http://homepage2.nifty.com/aleksey/LIBRA/kasai_nasu.html ) that really changed my opinion on reviewing and evaluating literature.

So you were hardcore enough to read the Japanese literary analysis that destroyed your beloved Kinoko Nasu?

>> No.15593355

It's funny that it was posted over there, but I don't know why you're bringing it up now.

>> No.15593398

>>Girls cannot learn Japanese because they don't read eroge, which is the main method of practice.

not sure if retarded or trolling

>> No.15593415

For the linux users, do you use playonlinux when installing Visual Novels, and it there a guide which also tells you packages such as the lib32 filed you need to install?

>> No.15593441

Retarded. Girls aren't learning to play eroge, they want to go to japan and do exchange student stuff.

>> No.15593516

I just use a virtual machine, but for most older VNs all you need to do is run the following in order to use a japanese locale:
LC_ALL=ja_JP.UTF-8 wine myapp.exe
I've never tried using PlayOnLinux, but you might have to do some random package installing in order to make some newer titles work.

>> No.15593541

>they want to go to japan and become prostitutes

>> No.15593546

When I used Linux it was like a 20% chance that a given VN would work with no issues in Wine/Playonlinux. Just use a VM and deal with the performance issues or figure out how to set up GPU passthrough. At which point you might as well just be using Windows in the first place.

>> No.15593554


Seriously, I don't get how they go back to their shitty formula after making ojonana.

>> No.15593581


>> No.15593603

not everyone is amelia earhart

>> No.15593613

I'm an exchange student and most of the girls here are just as into anime and other nerd stuff as I am. Few normies actually go to Japan.

>> No.15593646

Besides what >>15593516 said, I use wine-staging (http://www.wine-staging.com/) and enable its CMST experimental feature through winecfg, so far it seems to work faster with it. And some VNs that didn't work without it do and viceversa too.

I also always make sure to install d3dx9, quartz and ffdshow through winetricks.

You need to install lib32 libraries if you're on a 64-bit system, but most distros already do it for you when you install 32-bit wine.

>> No.15593698
File: 104 KB, 1280x720, b1177123371e7659904a0ea3d7679784.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What eroge is this from?
It should be from an eroge but I couldn't recall the details.

>> No.15593746

>Few normies actually go to Japan.

This. When I was there, Japanese student ambassadors watched more anime with the foreign students over a single summer than they ever had in their lives up to that point. I got three Japanese people into anime.

>> No.15593752

How old are you?

>> No.15593784

So physically going to Japan demands interacting with normies, staying with normies, etc etc. Robots need not apply

>> No.15594249
File: 986 KB, 1280x720, o4oX6dO.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh, it's あの晴れわたる空より高く.
Google finally decided to cooperate with my image search.

>> No.15594318

On Subahibi

While Sca-ji's masterpiece covers various societal and existential themes, the overarching message is an allegory on the disjointed life of an eroge reader, and the stark contrast between their various selves.

Yuki is the quintessential eroge protagonist; cool and calm, popular among everyone she knows, sophisticated and cultured without bothering with school, undefeated in fights, and most importantly of all, lusted after by the swarms of cute girls around her. She represents everything an eroge reader dreams of, everything they become when they enter the world of eroge, free to choose the idyllic archetype of girl they want, and smoothly navigate into a sexual and romantic relationship.

It's a powerful juxtaposition to Takuji, the eroge reader in the 3D world. Shown to be weak-willed and cowardly, unpopular and bullied, a loner who locks himself in his enclosed world and immerses himself in anime and porn games, he is the very model of the otaku stereotype. And it's his hyperbolic hatred of reality, sparked by his abuse and disdain by his peers, coupled with his unnerving passion about fetishes like futanari and the requirement that girls MUST be a virgin, that symbolise the negative energy inherent in otaku culture. Like the eroge reader when he ventures beyond his room, Takuji is nothing special, with no friends or lovers, below average grades, a fan of bookseller genre fiction, hopeless in any form of fighting, a useless drain on society.

What then is Tomosane? The key here is to realise he is the only personality fully aware of the situation, with coherent knowledge of the others and the life he leads. Tomosane is the mind and soul of the eroge reader, the objective voice that sees the life of protagonist and otaku, like and by day and night, that the reader lives. So he despises Takuji with a passion, hates his weakness and incompetence, abuses him both physically and verbally, scorns the concept of games with relationships with your imouto. And he loves and respects Yuki just as much, admiring her vision and drive, her sharp mind and idyllic looks.

Under this theory, everything falls into place. The average person lives a consistent, steady life, regardless of whether they are at work or school, home or bed, they are the same person throughout. But the eroge reader changes characters daily, sometimes acting the role of a normal person, sometimes becoming a knight and harem leader, revolutionary and student council president. This is exactly the kind of sharp, broken, disjointed existence experienced in Subahibi, as one must cope with incoherent, incontinuous narrative.

The final question is then, what does the story mean? See Tomosane's belief for their goal initially, the roles of creator, destroyer and peacemaker. He seeks to end the suffering of Takuji and for them to embrace fully the character of eroge protagonist, in short, to abandon the real world and enter 2D completely, never to return. The dream and end result of many an eroge reader. But this is abandoned as Takuji throws off these shackles and fights back, overcoming his bullies, defeating Tomosane, finding a girl of his own, embracing society and reality and seizing it by the throat. The path to redemption, perhaps? Just as you would expect of the world, life is not so easy, and he is defeated, and there is a reason Tomosane is the only real survivor of 20th July. Sca-ji is saying to all his eroge readers - do not abandon humanity and completely immerse yourself in fantasy worlds, and do not bow to the rules of society and give up everything you love. It is you, the mind and soul behind your characters and your actions, that dictates the path you take. So live!

>> No.15594321

whats so good about it looks kinda generic

>> No.15594325

21. Why?

Well, same thing applies for virtually anything in life aside from being a NEET. The good thing is that Japanese normies are not like western normies.

I still make it a point to hide the fact that I fap to loli eroge though.

>> No.15594332


I'm not convinced. Elaborate.

>> No.15594401

I wouldn't mind being a robot in japan and eating Y300 gyudon every day. But I'd have to get a Real Job and wouldn't be able to NEET

>> No.15594789

Man, I'm so bad at Baldr games. Done Chinatsu route, opened all weapons, and was planning to play 亜紀 and further at hard, but I have hard time comprehending how to use all these combos.
Is there some kind "BSD2 combos for retards" thing which would explain everything like cancelling, initialize and other stuff? Wiki is full of things like お好み and 自由枠 which triggers me.

>> No.15594792

git gud

>> No.15594861

why spoiler

>> No.15594900
File: 406 KB, 1280x720, missile.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tae route = best route so far. Fun girlfriend you get there. Just beware of missiles.

That said, unlike Reika and Aya, this is actually a complete heroine "focused" route and doesn't do random stuff for the first half (or in Aya's case for the whole time..). Quite nice. Also actually had better Reika scenes than Reika's route had.
Story was quite predictable and standard, but still worked well, probably because the characters are generally likable. I would've liked to see more of the Reika Tae rivalry->friendship thing, but oh well.

Next is Tsuki. Time for getting trolled I suppose.

>> No.15594930

I'm no expert and this might come off as Captain Obvious depending on how good you already are, but:
If you've already used an attack in your current slot, the game automatically tries to use another move even if the range or movement requirement doesn't apply. F.ex. you could map only melee moves into Short-Range A > Search Dash A > Long-Range A > Normal Dash A, smash the A button and once you have used the first move in the combo the game picks the next A move available.

For general combos, I found the dual sub-machine guns and that one starter weapon which creates a blue AoE are good at keeping the enemy mid-air to create some room for heavy and slow attacks. If you're using some sort of moves that change enemy orientation, you obviously want the next strike to be something that hits them as well, f.ex. the big axe can scoop up fallen enemies and that one gun which only shoots straight up, useful after launchers. Also incorporate heat utilizing weapons into your combo, f.ex. the minigun is more powerful the more heat you have accumulated so far and is a great and easy to use combo ender.

Initializing is pretty self-explanatory, it refreshes the combo, unlocks max heat to three bars and enables you to use the same moves again so if you're using it, you should try to come up with a combo that you can continue after the refresh, f.ex. a very simple one would be AAAA > BBBB > CCCC > Initializer > AAAA > BBBB > CCCC

>> No.15594942

If you can adequately explain how Tsui no Sora II fits into your theory I'll be convinced.

>> No.15594983
File: 107 KB, 228x247, 3245346475676.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Next is Tsuki.
Oh boy

>> No.15595049


>> No.15595058

I guess everyone here is going to claim it as kusoge on arrival then.

>> No.15595085

Fucking kusoge.

>> No.15595087

Its kusoge even w/out english version.

>> No.15595092

What game is this so I can avoid it?

>> No.15595109 [DELETED] 

I suppose it's the next kisetsu-ruru game

>> No.15595323

Does Forest have a text log? I can't seem to find it

>> No.15595374

Not him, but is it anything more than just a nod to readers of original Tsui no Sora?

Which I plan on reading soon, but unfortunately I already saw the spoiler that everything happens in original Ayana's mind. Subahibi's Tsui no Sora II is just a nod to that.

But come to think of it, one Japanese review I've read places importance on the very last scene in Tsui no Sora II, where that one girl calls for Ayana to come down from the roof, with Yuki nowhere to be seen. Ayana is rather clearly meant to represent Sca-ji himself and this scene of her being treated just like another normal student is Sca-ji telling the readers not to idolize him.

>> No.15595422
File: 46 KB, 1340x375, c.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


(Note that the picture is just one bit, his actual argumentation is much longer.)

>> No.15595904

Where can I download this one? https://vndb.org/v2747

Wanted to read it long time ago but all the links and torrents were dead

>> No.15595975

Can anyone help me find a good Visual Novel with H.P. Lovecraft like writing. Themes of madness beyond human understanding, horrors too terrible to behold, and mad men whose ramblings foretell of a future where the living will envy the dead. Iwahime started off good with those suicidal thought and imagery of release turning into horror, but it stale really fast.

>> No.15596048

Lovecraft is a character in Shikkoku no Sharnoth which follow a somewhat similar theme as the stories

>> No.15596118


>> No.15596254

There are some alive links at anime-sharing if you look carefully. For example:

Baidu is an option too. There are multiple uploads there.

>> No.15596389

what do I need to do to download from baidu?

>> No.15596515

Use JDownloader

>> No.15596517

Not really, but you can keep pressing the up arrow to display previous lines in the text box.

>> No.15596556

Personally I use https://github.com/banbanchs/pan-baidu-download
If you are into cli stuff then it's really easy to use.

If you prefer guis then there are some browser addons which let you export a direct link.

>> No.15597046

It's difficult, because the central theme of Tsui no Sora II was that there is no one overarching theory that explains everything, but rather a number of possible explanations, each with their own drawbacks and arguments. Ayana posits various situations, but no statement is made as to which is the correct interpretation, since Sca-ji intentionally desired ambiguity, which of course inspires the reader to think for themselves about his themes and ideas, rather than having them rammed down your throat.

If >>15595374 is true, it's possible Tsui no Sora II is thematically inconsistent with the overall allegory. I think this is fine, and not every scene need lead back to one underlying theme, in fact, it is precisely Sca-ji's coverage of so many different and distinct messages that makes his works so powerful.

>> No.15597515
File: 211 KB, 1280x720, tsuki.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And Tsuki done. I'm not really sure what to say about the final part. Except that it sucked pretty hard. The amount of backpedaling was just insane. It's like you get information a, b and c but then all of those are wrong and its d, e and f but even those are wrong and in the end nothing is actually bad and.. what the hell? That was... just no.

Outside of that the route was surprisingly meh. Tsuki isn't a bad character, but I feel she worked better outside of her route. The best moments of her route were from Reika and Raita.. which is definitely not a good sign. (to be fair, Reika is pretty hard to top if you ask me)
Still, worst route so far.

One route remains: Moe. Will probably just skip through it, as that girl had 0 relevance so far. I don't think she said more than like 20 words in everything together so far.

>> No.15597723

when I try to play VNs in the ps2 emulator voices don't play at all. Is there anything I can do?

>> No.15597763

Mod a real PS2. Alternatively, hire a team of voice actors to read the dialogue to you as you play.

>> No.15597832


You can skip Moe's entirely if you want, unless you just happen to like her. There is no reason at all to read her route except for based grandpa.

>> No.15597844

I'm hype. Can't wait to the 29th.

I like the muscle mass, I just wish you got to fuck him as a guy more because that's more humiliating.

>> No.15597943

I agree, but it's hard to be picky with these kind of nukige considering they're so few and far in between.

>> No.15598892

hey can someone make a new thread

>> No.15599197

maybe you can?

>> No.15599242

Which game do you think will be uploaded first?

>> No.15599280

Yeah, the best parts will be the descent into chinpo addiction, I hope the later parts have more than enough humiliation to make up for it.

>> No.15599409


I don't know if I like her given that she wasn't exactly existing so far. Also I'm sure there's SOMETHING worthwhile in the route. That was the case for all of them so far. It's also mandatory for Kaoru, and I imagine that being quite funny.

>> No.15599435

That one is a literal non-route.

>> No.15599656

probably look at your settings or check game compatibility, i never had problems at least.

unless you're using a real toaster

>> No.15600209
File: 2.75 MB, 1295x1480, 345345345.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The hell, another game that uses one of the backgrounds from tenkiame

>> No.15600237

Senren Banka since everyone and their mom will buy it so it's more likely someone will upload

>> No.15600242


>> No.15600296
File: 730 KB, 1280x720, ガンナイトガール_Version_1.0.0.2_[data_ver1.00]-2016-01-04_12-43-21.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15600364

Anything good this time?

>> No.15600372

>Zen picking actual titles for his top 3.
>Senren*Banka is his top pick.
Time to read the trial. Hope it's not bad like amairo islenauts.

>> No.15600391

Senren Banka's trial was pretty good, and though I didn't read it Amatsutsumi's trial seems to have been well received. Floral Flowlove is written by the Doshikuro guy and seems to have potential as well.

>> No.15600416
File: 898 KB, 1280x720, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Auw, this CG is incredibly cute.

>> No.15600418

Is she masterbaiting with the table while she tongue rapes that guy who doesn't seem to care much? Picked the fuck up.

>> No.15600450

>Ojou-sama wa Gokigen Naname
>Sanoba Witch
seems pretty good.

>> No.15600487


No I'm sure she isn't bating anyone, let alone master baiting.
Or wait, maybe she is and all the other CG are shit?

>> No.15601266

Do you think you'll be able to easily pirate new eroge two years from now?

>> No.15601278

Even if that wasn't the case, there are so many eroge from the past five years that I couldn't possibly play all the good ones in the next twenty years.

>> No.15601288

Probably. Eroge industry is not that big anyway so most of companies are just desperate to survive / profit some money from their games, none of them really cares about pirates that much. Only mimasu has enough time / luxury to work against it, and probably he'll stop at some point as well.

>> No.15601295

I don't really care to play random titles on release. The only ones I'd want to are mega titles like Baldr Heart, for which I don't mind spending money

>> No.15601579

So you let others make decisions for you? What does it feel like to not have your own opinions? Next you will say you only watch popular anime.

>> No.15601584

Wrong post?

>> No.15601682

I am sure your average nukige will still be available via piracy, but I think bigger titles will start adopting good drm solutions. It won't affect me too much because I buy quite a bit of my visual novels, and vn demos tend to be long enough that you should be able to tell if you like the writing or not. DRM is only going to get better and better, the wild west of the digital era is going to be tamed in our lifetime.

>> No.15601851

8800yen five times a year (since there are only about that many that are must-plays) isn't that much money if you actually work.

>> No.15601873

DRM has been proven ineffective and cumbersome to paying customers, and piracy has been proven to have a negligible impact on profits so i wouldn't count on that

>> No.15601893


Yes. The bigger success comes from easy and comfortable access for legitimate customers. Not from copy protection.

Japan starts to see Steam and I'm sure they'll wonder why that platform is so big and why it offers that much success to certain things. The digital eroge market is HEAVILY lagging behind: Fixing that may be the best way to help the overall market. Time for some "digital deluxe version" eroge.

>> No.15601900

Yes because once again the cost for preventing piracy isn't worth the cost of doing so, the best way to prevent piracy is to make games good enough that people want to buy them.

>> No.15601941

A large part of why digital works in the west because you don't usually get $40+ bucks worth of bonuses for buying from Gamestop like you do from Sofmap etc.

>> No.15601994

This. A big part of why eroge are so pricey is because of those bonuses.
For digital distribution there is DMM and it doesn't work as good as one might hope.
A lot of eroge users want physical copy for the merchandise.

>> No.15602009

>DRM has been proven ineffective and cumbersome to paying customers,
Denuvo is rock fucking solid and nobody is complaining about it

>> No.15602020

>and cumbersome to paying customers
Never had problems with DRM personally. DRM is just like any other software, it's good or shit depending on the devs.

>> No.15602021

Also west practically doesn't have a second-hand game market.
In Japan for the eroge it's a somewhat regular practice for hardcore fans to buy multiple copies for the bonuses and sell the game package itself to a second-hand shop where it will be sold at a fraction of the original price.

Digital distribution won't fly when you can buy an unopened physical copy without any bonuses at a price lower than download edition.

>> No.15602032

>why that platform is so big and why it offers that much success

If you are not going to have copy protection what is the point of putting the game on steam as opposed to hosting the game yourself. All it means is steam gets more money and the devs get less, as well as restrictions on game content.

>> No.15602039

>Denuvo is rock fucking solid and nobody is complaining about it
Hahaha, your funny. People complain about Denuvo all the fucking time and the protection on those games have been broken multiple times albeit it took a little bit of time. I refuse to buy any games using Denuvo myself and encourage others to do the same

>Also west practically doesn't have a second-hand game market.
It used to

>> No.15602053

It was killed by the regulations, DRM and logistical problems.
Japan is much smaller country than the whole English speaking world.

>> No.15602055

Let me rephrase: Paying customers are not really that impacted by Denuvo. JC3, Doom. Hitman, Far Cry, Total War: Warhammer... all games with denuvo, yet no press or consumers ever mention it. Ever. Yeah, maybe in pirate circles Denuvo gets complained about, on online forums like this, but consumers and the buying market? They simply don't care. I don't like it but that's how it is. A couple games have been cracked, but it's not reliable.

>> No.15602104

I have not had any problems with any of my denovu games, I would not even know they had drm if people did not constantly remind me.

>> No.15602105

>yet no press or consumers ever mention it
and that's exactly the problem. Where are the companies publically stating that using Devuno has brought them extra profits? after all piracy is "costing" the industry tons of money and preventing that should force people to buy the games, no? I thought so

They only use it to say fuck you to consumers and pirates while also losing money, It's nonsensical.

>but consumers and the buying market?
I'm pretty sure I've read comments regarding Devuno affecting computer performance on other boards from people that have been forced to use the program to get access to games.

>> No.15602107

I think we kind of misunderstood each other. My main point was just that a rock-solid, effective DRM solution exists that doesn't encumber paying customers. Yeah, there's some talk of it affecting performance, but that nonetheless doesn't impact consumers enough for them to care, in general.

>> No.15602115

I don't think we have, It's clearly not rock solid if the program has been cracked multiple times and there are customers complaining about how it effects computer performance. It doesn't even bring in the money it was meant to do, seems like a failure of a program from every angle unless it was designed to just be a expensive fuck you to pirates. Which it probably was.

>> No.15602118

Why are you taking it personally? Why do you care if some company buys drm to protect their products? Unless you own stocks in those companies it does not affect you personally, unless you are a pirate. It's not just about generating more sales, it's about making sure people that use your product pay for it. If you own a train company it makes no sense to let people on for free even if it does not cost you extra money and might give you a few good reviews. You would hire a ticket checker and kick out the freeloaders.

>> No.15602130

Old revs of denuvo have been cracked because of a steam exploit. The performance overhead is so minor it would not affect your frame rate, hell playing music on the background takes up more processing power. Also performance does not really matter for visual novels.

>> No.15602137

>Denuvo is rock fucking solid
that's been said about lots of things that ended up getting hacked later. yes encryption and protection gets much better over time but so do hackers and the tools they use

i mean in a general sense. i doubt you've experienced too many forms of DRM out there and to an extent you're right, it depends on the implementation, but there's a reason why one of the most profitable industries for online content mostly gave up on DRM and other similar industries are likely going to come to the same conclusion for themselves eventually

>> No.15602139

>It's clearly not rock solid if the program has been cracked multiple times
It's not 100% perfect, but it's rock solid. Doom is a fucking huge release and it hasn't been cracked in two months? That's rock solid to me.
Yeah, it may not save anyone money, but it's still a rock solid DRM solution that doesn't encumber consumers. You said "DRM has been proven ineffective and cumbersome to paying customers". That's just plain wrong. Denuvo is effective and not cumbersome to consumers.

>> No.15602142

>that's been said about lots of things that ended up getting hacked later.
Well, we can only speak about the current moment, yes? Whether it gets hacked permanently in the future or not is theoretical. That it's currently effective and rock solid is fact.

>> No.15602144

Those polymorphic encryption tricks and timing checks are certainly not free or low overhead but it doesn't really matter because game developers will just have to optimize the game a bit more.

>> No.15602148

I'm not taking it personally as I've said I don't buy games that use it, It's just a nonsensical choice that I don't understand

> it's about making sure people that use your product pay for it.
and It's not worth doing that unless you make more money than you're spending preventing it, it's not cost effective and bot being cost effective causes businesses to go out of buss sines.

>Also performance does not really matter for visual novels.
Obviously but we aren't talking about visual novels. Somebody needs to make a new thread by the way

>That's just plain wrong. Denuvo is effective and not cumbersome to consumers.
Except that's not what I've heard from customers.

>> No.15602150

>Except that's not what I've heard from customers.
There will always be some complainers. What matters is the big picture, and in the big picture consumers don't care.

>> No.15602162

>, it's not cost effective and bot being cost effective causes businesses to go out of buss sines.
not* business* What happened there?

Yes but the complainers are loud enough that I hear about them from places I wouldn't expect to so it's clearly a larger issue that it would normally be.

>Big picture
The majority of the consumers in the big picture wouldn't even know where to complain if they did run into an issue.

>> No.15602169

And yet they're buying the games. See my point?

>> No.15602170

New thread:

>> No.15602172

No because I'm not seeing companies go on about the profits they are making.

>> No.15602178

The fact companies keep using it speaks all the necessary volumes.

>> No.15602183

No, not really.

>> No.15602186

>That it's currently effective and rock solid is fact.
but as was stated many times before it has repeatedly been hacked. i can't say this is the case now, but sometimes things are hacked and the knowledge simply isn't leaked because the hacker doesn't want the company to know and improve it since it's a cat and mouse game

>> No.15602187

That only means companies are insistent on telling pirates to fuck off, not that they are making profits.

>> No.15602190

A game can make or lose money on several factors, drm being one of least important of factors. If you know what denuvo is you are already more aware than 98% of the consumer base. Most people just don't care as long as the game is good, like Doom.

>> No.15602194

Last time I checked Doom outside of the single player campaign was garbage.

>> No.15602206

>If you know what denuvo is you are already more aware than 98% of the consumer base.
That's even worse, they could have tons of problems with the program but be blaming other things due to not knowing it exists.

>> No.15602211

> drm being one of least important of factors.
Not from what I've heard, plenty of people complain and outright boycott companies due to DRM. Hell there is somebody somebody above stating they boycott any games that use Devuno

>The majority of the customer base is ignorant
That doesn't help you're case at all you know?

>> No.15602212

>but as was stated many times before it has repeatedly been hacked.
Doesn't matter if it gets hacked, if it lasts months and been years before then.

>> No.15602220

It's a meaningless exercise to use the program if it gets cracked, people who pirate will wait for it to be cracked and if they do that defeats the point of using it in the first place.

>> No.15602224

Well, now you're just showing your ignorance, I think. Denuvo is unique per game. Cracking one game doesn't help for cracking other games.

>> No.15602225

My case is that people don't know and don't care about denuvo aside from a few hardcore pc fans, which seems to be the case. How does an ignorant consumer base undermine that?

>> No.15602240

lets keep the drm shit posting in this thread as to not derail the new one please.

>> No.15602259

And? They will still wait for each version to get cracked, people do have backlogs. It's just a meaningless action that costs companies money in my eyes

>How does an ignorant consumer base undermine that?
Somebody else already answered that >>15602206

Obviously, I'm only talked about it at this length because the thread is about to expire. It's mostly off topic after all. At any rate I'm done with the conversation

>> No.15602271

>They will still wait for each version to get cracked, people do have backlogs
Some small amount of people will, but most people will not. I don't know why you insist on referencing a small group of people that do not matter in this discussion.

>> No.15602276

Some peoplw like to play games when they are most relavent and without spoilers, especially in the context of untranslated visual novels. I am sure no one here learned Japanese so they can read vns years late and after spoilers.

>> No.15602282

Because he is a pirate and it affects him personally. It's pretty obvious, most people that pay for games don't care about drm.

>> No.15602288

The discussion isn't about what affects him personally, though. It's about whether or not an "effective and not cumbersome" DRM method exists, which objectively does for the market at hand.

>> No.15602292

>I am sure no one here learned Japanese so they can read vns years late and after spoilers.
Haha, you'd be wrong then. I learned Japanese to read a handful of eroge that wouldn't be translated, the content was spoiled for me already thanks to research but experiencing it yourself is better than just reading about it

I'm pretty sure he stated that it didn't affect him and that he couldn't understand why they were doing it in the first place.

>> No.15602301

You know people can discuss problems without being personally effected by them, right?

>> No.15602311

Not sure why you would boycott something that does not personally affect you, but I guess it is easy to boycott something you never intended to pay for in the first place.

>> No.15602323

Principle of the matter, while it is easy to boycott something that doesn't currently effect you it's a matter of not buying it when something does show up.

>> No.15602324

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

>> No.15602325

i didn't learn jp to read vns period and reading them years late is exactly what i'm doing now. i do buy and play some new stuff but only a handful

and for the record, denuvo in particular has been noted to be extremely expensive to license and that may be fine for big AAA western titles but for small vn companies with slim profit margins it might not, and piracy of vns in particular is why this was all brought up in the first place

>> No.15602367

Yes the principles of not needing to pay for Japanese porn games, a God given right.

>> No.15602377

We haven't been talking about eroge even since Devuno was brought up

>> No.15602444


The eyes are always a dead giveaway, there's something about them that just makes it really easy to spot.

>> No.15602746

>what is the point of putting the game on steam as opposed to hosting the game yourself
Point is that Steam exposes game to millions of mindless drones with very streamlined way for them to pay for games.
No other platform can offer you same scale of sales if your game is cheap enough or can be memed.

>> No.15602787

I guess if you like to sell your games at $5 a pop, but I don't see how steam only visual novels are going to sustain themselves. We need physical releases.

>> No.15602973

Yeah, visual novels are just too niche thing to be able to be a sustainable thing based on those steam-releases.

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