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YO /jp/!

I'm seeing a lack of Marisa discussion!

Yare Yare Da-Ze~

What's your favorite shot type?

Also, does anyone have any info on why Marisa's shot has never had a star theme?

Why not just let her shoot out stars instead of Green Missiles?

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>What's your favorite shot type?

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Reimu needles.

Homing types are for pansy ass niggas.

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I read it with Clint's voice so I post marisa

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How physically /fit/ is Marisa?

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I like Youmu's sword charging.

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>Also, does anyone have any info on why Marisa's shot has never had a star theme?


Marisa doesn't have my favorite overall shot type, but my favorite Marisa shot is PCB!MarisaA or MoF!MarisaC.

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Marisa A MoF has a star theme.

>What's your favorite shot type?
Marisa B, PCB. I hope that ZUN brings it back some day.

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Not very, probably. She flies with a broom for long distances, so she isn't particularly toned/shredded since she gets few cardio.

She has to watch her weight, too. Otherwise flying the broom would feel like trying to pilot a Sherman.

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Nope, it was confirmed that she keeps in shape in order to not end up like Patchouli and Alice. She's easily the most fit of the Magicians, aside from maybe Byakuren who's a cheater anyway.

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Marisa's whole character is that she's a tryhard.

She's constantly studying and improving herself while the other laze around.

Best girl.

Now I need a picture of Marisa doing pullups with one hand on her broom while reading a book in her other one 100 feet in the air.

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What is Marisa's most widely recognizable attack for you?

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butt slam

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Very /fit/

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Super galactic giga drill breaker!

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even though it's "dah-zeh", when Marisa is saying it, I always imagine she's saying "daisy!"

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Marisa's squishier than most of the cast, but cockier and more confident than most of them too. It's an odd combination.

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>What's your favorite shot type?
the IN one
>Also, does anyone have any info on why Marisa's shot has never had a star theme?
she had two (three if you count PoDD) in the early days of pc-98

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If it's about widely recognizable, Master Spark, obviously

Personally I like Gravity Beat and Orreries Sun.

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it's not pronounced like that though

zeh, not zee

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Can you actually discuss Touhou games here?
I thought /jp/ is only a containment for 2hu memes and lewds

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I dunno man, you tell me >>15543352
This is the original home of Soku and Melty threads

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I want to be born from Marisa's womb so I can suck her titties until satisfied

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>What's your favorite shot type?
Marisa B from SA.
It's only good because all of Reimu's are shit and B has Patchy helping

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Too bad no one plays Soku anymore.

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.45 isn't a shot type. It's a caliber of slug. Shot type would be something like 00 buck or birdshot (i.e. the numerous small projectiles shot out of a shotgun)

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Stardust Reverie/Event Horizon
Mainly because she actually came up with that one herself.

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>What's your favorite shot type ?
In general, I just use Reimu needles, but there are some exceptions, like in UFO, with Sanae B, or in TD, with Youmu.

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Doesn't she contradict herself when she make a big deal of danmaku pattern and its prettiness while her spellcards are pretty straight-forward?
Even her ace skill is just an extremely big laser that cover almost the entire screen.

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She also often proclaims that danmaku is all about fire power, so no not really.
She just happens to find massive fire power beautiful.
What a perfect woman.

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Shoot the Moon, Event Horizon and Starlight Typhoon aren't very straightforward.
But Starlight Typhoon isn't hers, so that's fine.

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>Shoot the Moon
Primarily straight firing lasers with aimed bullets.
>Event Horizon
Heavily inspired by Reimu, but with a large focus on circular movement and literal barriers via lines of bullets.

Marisa's danmaku is very straight forward and honest, much like her!

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I am european so don't mind

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She's a little girl

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She is a perfect little woman!

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Well you can have .45 caliber shot, but that's more likely to be fired as grapeshot out of a culverin or something.

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Persuasion needles are just illusion lasers for slowpokes and weaklings.