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Don't you hate this lucky bastard?

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I hate you

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kinda cute, actually

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He's the least sexual touhou though.

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I bet they are paying him to get fucked

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His canon self is a damn loner though, I still do envy him though since he's in Gensokyo.

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This. Pictures like OP are dumb since it would never happen, so there's nothing to envy.

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What a dork!

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even if it did, i'd rather jerk it to 2hus than have them constantly bothering me for a fuck while i'm trying to take it easy.

he's probably getting kicked from his Overwatch game for being afk right now.

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lmao yeah, I'm with you, bro

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What a fag

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I exist

1-0 for me

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Hard to make a harem picture without Rinnosuke. There's literally no other young male character to use. And Kourin's shop is frequented by enough girls to make a harem.

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I know and don't mind since it's fanon and anything is okay there anyway, but just keep canon and fanon separate.

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canon chunni nerd>hidefu>mannosuke >>otome gheyboi>>le harem man

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this desu
Harem!Kourin is the worst Kourin, and seeing the girls uncharacteristically drool after him can be pretty cringe.

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oops, I meant 'desu' not 'desu'
I-I don't know what came over me

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Well, more like the fact that people pair any given woman with him without giving any reason other than "he is a guy". It's like bad yuri crackshipping in terms of motivation and buildup.

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Pretty much. It's a shame that a huge portion of Rinnosuke works are him just basically being paired off randomly.

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Up until you see the crap he puts up with on a daily basis.

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This nerd is in a relationship with a real high school girl

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Not at all actually, that's purely the fandoms doing.
Fandom often mistakes him for self-insert gary stus that exist to try to get into 2hus panties and there's plenty of those to hate.

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Hate? Come on, Rinnosuke is a cool guy.

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Rinnosuke is a bro, would drink a beer with

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ahhhhh loincloth

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He's not your typical harem boy, so yeah I envy him.

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Canon-wise he's quite the dork

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It's rare to see /jp/ don't play along with annoying fanon.

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There's a few here that actually like that fanon shit, but I'm glad the majority here don't seem to agree with it.