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How big of win /jp/ in the general election?

I'm saying 5 point victory

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8 points; no more, no less.

This thread is now about the Japanese town of Obama.

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Obama has to win for the sake of the World. Bush has crushed millions of peoples for the sake of oil. We need someone that sees the story from both sides.

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Kagami~n won't, I don't care about anything else

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Are you fucking kidding me? Kagamin is voting for Obama now. She came to her senses and dumped that Ron Paul nutjob.

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Kagami~n won and I don't care about anything else

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Whoever wins, we all lose.

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Don't be a faggot, both candidates are better than the present one. Learn 2 politic.

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No. McCain seemed like a decent candidate until he got elected as the representative of the GOP. Now he looks like fucking Rumsfeld ready to wage war and increase deficits.

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Yeah, we need objectivity, reason, and balance, lets have a gov't made entirely of Democrats! GOBAMA!

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Both candidates being better than the current one does not make them good.

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Don't forget about the trainload of fail named Palin.

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... and Obama looks like some rich Ivy League grad who has lived in a fantasy world for the last thirty years, which (oh yeah) he is. Seriously did you watch the first debate? It was embarrassing.

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>3. Do not post the following outside of /b/: Trolls, flames, racism, off-topic replies, uncalled for catchphrases, macro image replies, indecipherable text (example: "lol u tk him 2da bar|?"), anthropomorphic ("furry"), grotesque ("guro"), or loli/shota pornography.
>Do not post

This thread is reportable. I have done so, and invite all sages and silent onlookers to do so as well.

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For President

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A dude who lost his mother to cancer because she couldn't afford insurance must have been born RICH.


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Aww, jealous that you can't vote yet?

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Cry more, you probably won't see two more reasonable options in your lifetime, besides, "there is a better chance of seeing a camel pass through the eye of a needle than of seeing a really great man 'discovered' through an election."
Pro tip: whining about the candidates in a critical election makes you sound like a retard.

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>off-topic replies

Everyone replied on-topic here.

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Because the amount of money you have has a lot to do with the mortality of cancer in the early 1990s.

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You're acting like /jp/ is moderated at all and not actually a free discussion board for the exclusive use of anyone who bothers looking at it.

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Wait, so I can post loli all day long and not get bann- lol no.

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Enjoy your electoral college, colonists.

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that's true, /jp/ is sort of like a higher IQ /r9k/ with better trolling. There is definitely moderation though

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>3. Do not post the following outside of /b/: Trolls, flames, racism, off-topic replies, uncalled for catchphrases, macro image replies, indecipherable text (example: "lol u tk him 2da bar|?"), anthropomorphic ("furry"), grotesque ("guro"), or loli/shota pornography.

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OP here,
I was asking for the point spread but knew it could get ugly, if /jp/ supposedly has higher IQ than it should be able to debate legitimate political points without trollin

I doubt this can happen

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Politics real life trolling. Why else would we have the candidates we have?

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I'm always impressed by the guys who cry about the term IQ. It's a crude measure of potential INT scores. Idiots have low IQs, and smart people have high IQs.

Are you butthurt over not getting let into a gifted program because your IQ was too low or something?

Subject field related, it's the IQ I was tested for in fourth grade.

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>I need no sympathy

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You mean a dude who got sponsored by the financial world as charismatic puppet.

If elections could change anything they wouldn't be legal. There is no exception.The elite in empowerment will stay where they are, because it's their right and duty to "guide" the inferior masses as they proudly claim here and there.

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Going to agree with you on this one. First of all IQ is pretty accurate. It effectively measures categories that are right below the value "g." And we can also through experimentation find that people with higher IQs (and thus higher "g" values) have brains that simply function better. Their brain physically processes information faster and more efficiently. I'm not sure why people don't have much faith in IQ; it's okay to be skeptical but there's a load of evidence to say that there is some number out there that is an actual core value of intelligence and IQ is a decent predictor of it.

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Enjoy wearing your tinfoil hat to protect you from the Illuminati's mind-beams.

Get over it; people in charge change things. Things have changed over the last 8 years, they changed the 8 years before that, and ever so on. The President DOES have power.

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vote Bartlet

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lol Mensans

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Obama is an empty suit. He doesn't stand for unification. He just stands for the same rhetoric and undermining of institutions that all politicians stand for in our age.

McCain is no better, but I think he's less of an enemy.

We're doomed, either way. I just think Obama will make it far worse.

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Seeing as how FDR first campaigned on "balancing the budget", I could see Obama dropping the neoliberal bullshit and pulling a another New Deal. Though it's probably more likely that Obama will be another Clinton and won't really change much of anything.

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Heard tape today of Obama talking about bankrupting the coal industry and causing skyrocketing electricity costs in the name of environmentalism. No paraphrasing, actual words used. Good times.

I can't wait to be a third world country.

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I have an IQ of 148 (tested in late teens, not in 4th grade, when numbers are severely adjusted for age). Yet I'm still here, and so are you. Do our brains function better? I don't think so.

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Mega dittos, >>1556452!

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>Nobody can change anything

>Obama will change things for the worse

You are giving me conflicting messages here.


Nuclear power is much superior anyway.

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I strongly believe that there is indeed a underlying factor that determines intelligence, however I am hesitant to believe that written tests given by psychologists (I regard Psychology as a pseudo science) are capable of accurately measuring the intelligence of an individual. The only way to truly test intelligence is to fabricate a machine which measures intelligence by testing activity in the brain (sort of like a CAT scan). To me, numbers from said IQ tests are just numbers, as a man of science my belief shall not waver until a test that is uneffected by socio economic standing and is capable of producing a score with a standard deviation of .1.

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Hey, Clinton was a superb politician.

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i'm still writing in ron paul, because i'm just that hurpity durpity

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Obama: Fail
Biden: Fail
McCain: Fail
Palin: Epic Fail

Are you really confident McCain will survive his term?

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Eurofag doesn't know how American elections work.

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>>undermining of institutions

It's pretty ironic if that's truly one of your reasons for endorsing the "small government" conservative party.

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Paul > Obama > McCain

Shame the GOP is too fucking stupid to put a good politician on their ticket.

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Theres no point in voting, the election is already over, Obama has won, even if everybody in the United States voted Mccain, Obama would still win because the elections are rigged.

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I read at between two and three times the speed of your average Joe with the same rate of comprehension, and I learn much faster than my classmates. I score very high for everything on career aptitude tests. I was reading on college level in 4th grade, which is why they had me tested. Does my brain actually function better? Maybe. Does that have anything to do with how bad I am at fitting in with the crowd? Maybe. We don't really know these things.

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>(I regard Psychology as a pseudo science)

Pseudoscience deals with the unobservable.
The human mind can be observed and documented; it just depends if the mind is willing.

Ergo, study of the human mind cannot be pseudoscience, as it can be an observed scientific field.

You don't have to believe Freud wants you to fuck your mother to believe Psychology is legit.

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discrimination and fascism. nothing more to say. and in terms of efficiency we could just as well classify branchnes and positions in the economy and allocate them with manpower through measures like IQ.
For higher effciency people have to be graded and in certain classes with the help of genetics. It's a waste of energy for say a working class member to exceed in terms of IQ than in the standarzided values classified for his labor class.

Have fun with your new world you fascist fucktard

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This is what conservafags actually believe.

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I don't think you know what fascism is.

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I take a special pleasure in seeing how even /jp/, the board with that most self-loathing of userbases, still thinks it knows politics better than everyone else and that 90+% of americans are the complete buffoons.

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Hey, I was in a similar state, apparently.
Except I don't remember that and was only told so by my parents.

But then, I don't remember anything before the 10th grade. My memory is on the verge of chronic-amnesiatic. It took me a minute to remember the word "amnesia", right there, you see. I know all about amnesia, and what it entails, and I remembered the facts; I simply forgot the word itself.

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90+% of Americans - no, of people in general - are ignorant buffoons.

There, I said it.

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and /jp/ is somehow exempt from that axiom. that's the impression one gets from reading this thread

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Yeah Light. Everything alright dawg?

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We hate others a lot more than we hate ourselves, actually.

And we're recently having some kids here at this hour, hence the rather stupid political comments (most of them are trolls anyway, and they've been pretty much ignored).

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>Pseudoscience deals with the unobservable.

Pseudoscience is any field that does not use correct scientific methodology.

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Lighto-kun was a sociopath.

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McCain is damaged goods moe~
He will win.

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When mccain loses, i'm going to rush off to juneau, so that when the palin plane returns in defeat, i can be the first to comfort a crying piper...

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... If it can be observed, it can use the proper scientific methods.

If it can be observed and ISN'T using the proper scientific method, it's not a form of science at all. It's conjecture.

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Obligatory copypasta from during the primaries.

Ron Paul- Mysterious transfer student who's actually an alien
Huckabee- Clumsy, innocent schoolgirl i.e. Mikuru
Romney- Arrogant daughter of rich family with hidden softside. However, the Romney you know is only a robot stand-in for the real Romney who became a hikki due to emotional distress from bullying.
Obama- Little brown meganeko. Victim of bullying, due to outspokenness. Calls Edwards Nee-san.
Hillary- Student council president. Although seemingly strict and powerful, has nervous breakdowns unknown to the rest of the class.
Edwards- Adventurous, rural tomboy. Bitter rivals with Giulani. Obama's Nee-san.
Giulani- Giuliani as the slutty mean girl. Urban. Bitter rivals with Edwards. Leader of bullies aka Antoinette.
Kucinich- Loli. Little sister? She would think she's some kind of child genius and tries to be very mature, but she's actually an idiot. She would commit many malapropisms, and screw up common sayings. Because she thinks she's a genius, she has a bit of an ojou-sama complex.

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Truly fascinating how every person on 4chan claims to have 130+ IQ and none of them are able to provide any evidence of academic achievement.

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I got a sticker on my 6th grade report card

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I aced tons of tests, and I barely was at school. I had 98 absent days in third grade of high school.

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Sup dawg, heard about empirical psychology? Every science is doubtful, some more than others. Epistemology is a dangerous quicksand.

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Scan report card replete with sticker and I MAY believe you.

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