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newfag to 2hu here

Where do you guys get the personalities of the 2hus from? From what I've seen, the dialogue in the games aren't very heavy on lore or anything, is it just assumed stuff from what they look like?

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They are made up.

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There's canon written works, read those.

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What a pretty girl!

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Most of it is from the books and manga.

Some of it is from the fighting games.

In the games, most of the info is in their profiles and the endings. Pre-fight dialogue is usually just throwaway banter.

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>Where do you guys get the personalities of the 2hus from?
The games and extra material, like databooks and manga.

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Fanworks, since they're all that matter.

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But I don't want to use a condom..

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That condom isn't for you.

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Can someone link me to an Imgur gallery or something where I can download all these rare Marisas?

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The official mangas/interviews/ print works.

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the games can be pretty straightforward

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Nice memeronni pizza, Luigi

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From reading fan material

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This thread
Someone uploaded this archive, I havent examined it but he says its complete


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What about Alice taking care of travelers in her home and performing puppet shows for the children in the village?

She's a nice person. She just also very much likes to fight.

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But only secondaries base their love of the series on non-SHMUP materials!

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The written works help a lot specially since we have pseudo encyclopedias with Akyuu's works.

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>if I ignore all those times Alice blushes and is tsundere, my fanon will overwrite other fanon!
Alice is a bit belligerent, incredibly weird, but is an otherwise helpful and nice person. Creepy, but that's about it. She seems fond of/occasionally frustrated with Marisa, although Marisa just finds her annoying.

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Thank you

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;_;, then who?!

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Who are you quoting?

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Each touhou gets one personality card. You must not lose it!

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I'll be honest, I just go with the general fanon. I enjoy the games, but the characters hardly convey personality, and all have the same "voice". That is, when they aren't just spouting bizarre non-sequiturs.

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>the same "voice"

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>alice doesnt like raymoo
>therefore alice is a bitch
kill yourself armpit fag, your fetish is only 28.5714% as erotic as mine

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She's also a complete autist who won't say a single word to travelers in her home because she's too busy playing with her dolls and her dolls do everything in the house.

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The characters all have the same voice because the entire game dialogue is told from a male narrator's perspective. What you see on screen isn't so much direct character quotes as it is ZUN telling you what this or that character said.

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Discursive Tradition

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From porn, duh.

Ignore what everyone said here. All 2hus are sluts only good for pleasuring men and neets.