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The mistress will now hear whatever you have to say for yourself.

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The mistress has manly feet!

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Remilia has TWO threads!

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"Hey Remy. What's the better game, Resident Evil 2 or Resident Evil 4?"

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Tone down with the lens flare.

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EoSDfags are the worst.

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Seems fine to me.

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Show ur butt.

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Only two?!

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INfags mad because best household getting the most art.

feels good being a vampirefucker.

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As I approach my Lady’s gate tonight,
I see your watchman is again asleep.
It seems that I can enter sans a fight,
And go excitedly straight to your keep.
I find you sitting cross-legged on a throne;
You greet me with naught but a smug, wry grin,
And let a short laugh out–or, wait, a moan?
You narrow blood-red eyes and raise your chin.
Then pointing to your feet, you seem to say,
That there is nothing else that I can do.
It seems they have not been cleaned yet today.
Rag? Water? I suppose my tongue will do.
Of course, I do not mind, and nor does she.
No other way is there I’d have it be.

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Mistress, We have run out of cake, and Flan REALLY needs it what should we do?

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Let her eat bread.

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Forced impregnation!

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Wingless "vampires" should be more respectful when talking to the mistress.

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I would read this infront of Remi.

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I want to hold her down with my friends and fart on her!

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I want to HUMILIATE her. I want to BREAK her. I want her to LEARN her place. I want her to at first hate me and eventually come to LOVE me through sheer obedience. I want to see her tears, her anger, her frustrations as she can't do anything but submit. I want to have her nourishment consist of spunk and her juices. I want to make her fall to carnal pleasure and despair. Then, she will sit on my lap, and I will embrace her and make her into something worthy of me and my seed. But take heart, I have this desire for her and her alone. Ahahahaha!

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Where's Patchouli, tiny vampire?

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Please Remilia, contain your /d/ threads.

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Remilia hugs keep me warm

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>tfw no qt vampire loli ojou-sama to serve faithfully and worship her slender loli body

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I wanna kiss the remi !

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Being smugged at by the Remy!
That will show you!

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Kissing Sakuya !

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Yes, fuel my hatred and my darkest desires towards Remilia

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Ready to die, monster?

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Living as a butler or so in the SDM must be pretty great. You get the SDM cast AND cute fairy maids everywhere, and you're the only guy there.

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None of them are interested in you. You either seen as a snack, a fruitcake, or Flan's new toy.

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Or just as a worker. Remi gives her fairy maids food and shelter.

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Which is a fair bit more than you can say for any other job in Gensokyo.

Truly, Remi is the hero humans in Gensokyo need.

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No, fuck no, if it were up to her she would of made all humans sick just to go outside for a small walk. She did as well.

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Not interested in someone from beyond the barrier? Doubt it.

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Guess where it comes from

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That's a great point she does get people from another dimension. Someone post that Sakuya in the kitchen pic.

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used garments won't care about how ugly you are.

I would make tea out of Remi's used panties.

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Remi fangs !

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That's not very lady-like!

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Fuck off Jackson

Filthy secondary

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Remi feets

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Are Remi love bites dangerous?

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Very !

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Remi eats!

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There no such thing as a love bite with Remi, but a bite can be fatal, considering your letting a little girl suck blood from your neck.

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Remi sleeps !

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Does Remi wear pjs when she sleeps?

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Maybe Remi is an expert in first aid?

Maybe Remi's love bites are safe because she fixes you afterwards?

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Anon you're fucked, and not in the good way.

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In English or in French?

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Cheer up friend, 'tis only nature.

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I see nipples! My purity! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?

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It's artistic nudity. It's fine.

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Good luck getting married now anon

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Please fuck off

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I want to climax and creampie Remi with all my might as she drains my body dry of blood.

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I jus want to lock Remi in a basement and have sex everyday. I also want to give her degenerate fetishes.

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It's been said that she often feeds so little from them that she doesn't kill her victims.

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Which one?

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>tfw blood drinking fetish
>vampires everywhere
>still rare
>loli illegal anyway
>most common vampire is loli
I wish I had a pleb tier common fetish or was born elsewhere.

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Nope both Flan and Remilia are holding an arm and there is a skinless dude in the back with various parts next to him.

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Their main diet consists of the blood of humans. Those whose blood has been sucked by one will neither die nor become a ghost. They will turn into a zombie for a while before evaporating under the sunlight.

So even a small bite can kill.

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File: 847 KB, 780x1200, __flandre_scarlet_izayoi_sakuya_and_remilia_scarlet_touhou_drawn_by_okahi__f996192b48a4c304427961c7b9430c67.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Got ya.

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I'm I'm honest and say I want to start a sub/dom relationship with Remi domming, would she be game for it?

I mean, she's an immortal and bored being who entertains a lot of strange things, I might be able to make this work.

>> No.15534304

Thanks! Creepy as hell man. Fuckin' Vampire monsters.

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File: 320 KB, 1500x938, yande.re 246727 sample frac motomiya_mitsuki remilia_scarlet touhou wallpaper.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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How does remmy take her tea ?

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What kind of Remi is this? I can't tell if she's drunk or something.

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In the pooper.

>> No.15534938

It looks like a just woke up to see you happily making breakfast for her but she'd rather suck your blood Remi.

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She seems more drugged out to me or like in those doujins after some hard sex she particularly reminds me of a few NTR doujins when the girl is with her boyfriend and friends. I think Remilia has been having a party.

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Do not sexualize my waifu please.

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What if she wants to be sexualized? Immortality can be so booring.

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I want to PET Remi.

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I want to mating press Remi!

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I wonder what her alcohol tolerance is like. Probably not much since she's so small. I guess I should avoid drinking too much if I know she'll be sucking some of my blood soon.

>> No.15538861

>roofie yourself
>remmie gives you neck succ
>gets roofied

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Who are you quoting?

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Shut up anon

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Lewd up the Remi

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I hope she loses grip, so I can see her vagina and butt!

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Her lady bits are widely available on the internet. Let that sink in.

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It's dangerous to go alone.
Take this ozeu.

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Remi likes physical contact!

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delete this

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ZUN can't catch me!

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Who is this mysterious touhou?

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What a slut!

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Blood and Remilia

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Describe what she doing here.

>> No.15539901

She's jus' mucking about.

>> No.15540048

Remi wants YOU to be her master.

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What? It's no fun if she wants it.

>> No.15543704

That's a cute picture, I like it. I would agree, but I'm partial to a consensual relationship with Remi today.

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Well should I try out Ren'py for Remilia?

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>> No.15546406

I want to eat burgers and fries too!

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How would you make Remi a degenerate?

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Please my queen, have mercy!
Sorry if pick isn't /jp/ related.
It's how I would beg for my miserable life though.

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I want to make out with the Remimi's everything.

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what is this

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Remi selling her body?

>> No.15553901


>> No.15553927

Nice I like this pic.

>> No.15557489

Luring men to suck their blood.

>> No.15557508

I want to impale remilia with my stake.

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Would rent her loli tummy for a few hours and do unspeakable things to it. Like peppering it with kisses

>> No.15559235

That''s a great way to pay the bills, her pussy gonna be tight forever. It also helps out with boredom!

>> No.15563424

>on /jp/
>certain anime is illegal

>> No.15563997


>> No.15564033

>There Will Be Remilia

3 hour movie about Flan

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I want to non-consensually molest this 2hu .

>> No.15564131

I bet her breath stinks

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Probably true, only her shut-in sister brushes. Remilia is going through that phase after all.

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>> No.15573718

I want the Remi to treat me like a lowly dog.

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I want to treat Remi like a bitch.

>> No.15574356

Maybe she would prefer a pie?

A creampie, more specifically!

>> No.15574362

So you want to treat Remi like Remi?

>> No.15574429

Na, harsher.

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So like this?

>> No.15574595

>that chin
Please someone post the version with the corrected chin. It's too weird.

>> No.15574695

6 years later and this artist is still bad.

>> No.15574960

Evidence? I can't find a source for your post, though I could for the anon you responded to.

>> No.15574964

If you're ok with a pretty short relationship then probably? She seems like she'd be game for a week at least.

>> No.15574972

I bet she gets drunk drinking a drunk person's blood!

Well probably not, that would be insanely low tolerance, but it's an interesting thought.

>> No.15574988

tfw Remilia shakes your spear

>> No.15575039

They don't sell Listerine in the Human Village?

>> No.15575176

They used to, but they stopped after a particular incident happened.

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This one?

>> No.15575202

Yes. Much better I think.

>> No.15575349

Don't be disrespectful towards the Mistress, you filthy peasants.

The Remimi is to serve faithfully and worship her slender loli body as she permits you to do so.

>> No.15575362

sakuya pls go

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>> No.15575617

Na, I don't get anything out of that aside from a mess.

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I'm going to kidnap remi

>> No.15578774

I want to fist Remi.

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Ojou-sama. Your picture in the J-list banner looks rather.. revealing

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File: 404 KB, 848x1200, 55898182_p3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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File: 3.92 MB, 3532x2503, a04a4fcf80fe404395d4c814b68e6422.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm in love with your little sister. I want to ejaculate semen into her infertile underage womb.

>> No.15582761
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Why would you do that? She's unsexy and she' in the basement 90% of the time.

>> No.15582794
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Frandoll a cute, A CUTE


>> No.15584101

Why are vampire feet so much more amazing than regular feet?

>> No.15584125

I would make out with their assholes.

>> No.15584152
File: 1.83 MB, 1210x1460, 1461958162791.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I wonder

>> No.15584167

I bet Remy's feet are pretty smelly!

>> No.15584241
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She's not walking around too much and she might not sweat at all. The chance is high they are not smelly.

>> No.15592574
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Bumping the bitchiest of loli bitches.

>> No.15593269

yaaaaas queen, slay

>> No.15593504

Is Remi soft? I don't know if being a vampire makes you more or less soft.

>> No.15595607

She's really quite friendly though.

>> No.15595624

Yeah, she's quite nice. I think everyone should have some poison gas at some point.

>> No.15595628

Where did her wings go?

>> No.15599075
File: 335 KB, 800x1119, c84711f829e6ced9a2fbd9bf260249f5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I hate you, Remilia. I loathe and despise you. I wish nothing but the worst for your fate.

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>> No.15603450 [DELETED] 

Delete this.

>> No.15603459

Someone should tell this guy the dress is not part of the vampire.

>> No.15603493

You know the youkai shape shift their clothes, right?

>> No.15604316 [DELETED] 

Delete this

>> No.15604727

The position of umbrella's shadow on the ground does not match the shadow cast over the vampire.

>> No.15605271
File: 1.39 MB, 250x350, 1447279351568.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.15605552

I want to be Remi's lapdog.

>> No.15606817


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Earl Grey. Hot

>> No.15611177

How can I animate pictures like this?

>> No.15611293

Step 1:


>> No.15611295


>> No.15611950

I want to kiss that back.