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Does Japan have a prostitution problem? As in too much of the general population being in the business and underaged exploitation.

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looks like tani and piichan combined ;_;

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Does ______ have a prostitution problem? As in too much of the general population being in the business and underaged exploitation.

You're so fucking retarded OP it hurts.
Worry about the whores of your nation.

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OP is talking about a very real problem. Something like 10% females in Japan have engaged in prostitution or adult industry.

USA on the other hand is very progressive in this regard that this form of human trafficking is simply banned. Not that many whores in USA.

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Let me guess, you're a murrikan?

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Problem? More like superiority.

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No. You're thinking of Thailand.

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Maid cafes and similar places are sexist to MEN because they take advantage of lonely guys and give glamorous, fun jobs to girls while making guys work in the kitchen.

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>USA on the other hand is very progressive in this regard that this form of human trafficking is simply banned. Not that many whores in USA.
>Not that many whores in USA.
Not that many whores in THE prostitunation, yeah, sure.

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Nope, Australian.

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how is it a problem
prostitution is a good thing

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Bait threads don't work on the jay, you know
Kuso Thread

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Yes, all these neckbeards on /jp/ think it's normal for a 14 year old girl to be forced into selling her body to middle aged men.

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So you'd be fine if your partner was a prostitute? If so you're a fucking cuck.

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>The most surprising thing about Miranda’s story is how unsurprising it is to many of her peers. “Almost all of my friends do some sort of sex work,” says Katie, 23, a visual artist in New York. “It’s super-common. It’s almost trendy to say you do it—or that you would.”

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not him, but I don't mind.

calling people a cuck is basically a meme at this point.

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not like I will ever have one anyway

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This has to be b8, I'm guessing you've never been in a serious relationship

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The only problem I see is if people would rather do this than actual populate Japan. We can't run out of Japan people guys, then we will have nothing left.

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It really is!!

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I've been in the same one since high school.

I guess you could call me naive instead then

But the truth is, the slutty one between us two is me anyway.

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Reminder that all the persons running these prostitution businesses (deriheru, fuuzoku-ten, etc) are almost all invariably Chinese, Thai or Zainichi Koreans who trick their own countrymen with false job notices. The sooner Japan cleans the country of these lesser Asians, the better.

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this is the third time someone's posted something from that manga

It breaks my heart every time

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That's disgusting, you have no respect for your partner.

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You act like my partner doesn't know.

I also don't think some anon on /jp/ can accurately judge my life either, but go ahead.

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>lesser Asians
Japan is the country that never progressed past stone age without these "lesser Asians"

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Would of thought so, the Japanese have fairly high standards compared to most east Asian countries.

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>OP is talking about a very real problem. Something like 10% females in Japan have engaged in prostitution or adult industry.
>USA on the other hand is very progressive in this regard that this form of human trafficking is simply banned. Not that many whores in USA.
Reality is more complicated than you may believe. First, women don't mind being prostitutes so long as it's regulated and they're being treated well. They basically are prostitutes in the first place so it's in their nature (no misogyny .. sex for resource). Second, the women who push for men to enforce the criminalization of prostitution do it to eliminate the competition and make it so your average woman has more control over men. That's why women were behind prohibition, are against gambling, against men clubs and wanting to get into them... even the effing boyscouts. Women don't like men doing anything that doesn't benefit them, or that they can't oversee and manipulate somehow. So instead of worrying about the wimminz maybe worry about yourself. Unless you're a woman... in which case... never mind.

btw in many countries, such as Australia for one example, there is legalized and regulated prostitution and they women aren't poor victims. They get paid loads just for opening their legs and laying there... pretty good gig they've got going there. Now as far as sex slavery... no morally sane person is advocating that.

But even then they aren't poor victims as they made stupid decisions that landed them in a bad position. They had agency and they did something stupid with it. So their asses need to 'saved' at great expense to society for them being stupid. They aren't infants.

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If you're worried about your "oh no, no QT innocent real waifu" most Japanese women are not whores. The media has only focused on the bad things, making it seem like they're more prevalent then they really are.

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Thank you Korea for bringing to Japan such great cultural exports as sex parlors disguised as massage saloons.

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I will never understand these red pill people writing some ridiculously lengthy novels about some female conspiracy.

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You would have a point if you claimed European Whites rather than other Asians, but no you are just full of shit.

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>The Jōmon period lasted until 300 BC and, towards the end of the period, the Japanese archipelago experienced the introduction of bronze and iron simultaneously. Bronze and iron smelting techniques spread to the Japanese archipelago through immigration and trade from the Korean peninsula and the Chinese mainland.

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lol rekt

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Because wikipedia is a reliable source

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Have some other Korean whores working illegally in Japan, one even has the nerve to say she's just there for tourism. Thank you for your bronze Korea, but keep your kimchi whores for yourself.

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Why are men so obsessed about sex anyway, 3D is dirty and not that appealing usually.

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You do know we are on /jp/ right?

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wouldnt they rather have some skanky lowlife korean whores, than beautiful, pure, honest, and good hearted Japanese girls tainted and sullied by prostitution?

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>Idol threads
>JAV threads
>Cosplay threads

not him, but you should be asking yourself that question.

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Doesn't it feel bad as a guy to know that girls would rather prostitute for money than have normal relationships?

Just look how shit the average guy looks, I don't blame them

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Idol and JAV threads are filth.

Economically unproductive women who sustain their existence parasitically through manipulating lonely men for money should not be respected.

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Le 3DPD meme is some /a/ bullshit that started from some stupid anime line and then grew out of control, my suggestion to go there is perfectly appropriate.

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Then you should go to /a/ where there are no 3DPD threads friend.

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'3DPD' is older than /a/.

I thought 3d people were disgusting from the time I was a child. That's why I got into 2d.

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>Visual Novels
>Phone Games
>Endless lewd Touhou
>Occational smaller topics with lewds (Vocaloid and Elves are still up)

I would ask you the same question.

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Well I would assume this is in part because of Japan having low natural resources itself. When there isn't much of something you don't learn too much about it

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Is this why the starting point was some retarded monolugue from Welcome to NHK?
By the way kill yourself and hope to be reborn on some other Euclidean plane then.

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I'm not saying /jp/ doesn't have 2D threads, but the board has had both 2D and 3D since forever.

/a/ is pure 2D. That's why I suggested /a/ if he only wants to discuss 2D.

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Are you a girl

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And this is why 3d is shit.

Some men are marrying literal whores.

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and 2d gets fucked by thousands of brown japanese manlets, niggers, orks all the while presenting itself to millions of filthy neckbeards wanking themselves of. MEGAwhores

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You are not welcome here. Return to your boards of origin and let us have our nice board again.

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i know u r but what am i?

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I know a woman like this. She fucked like 8 guys by 18 and countless others since then yet testosterone-addled morons still give her money and gifts for dates or even nothing at all. She's not even very attractive.

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Not canon.
My 2hu's are mostly virgins. Suwako, Junko, etc arent but most are.

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The entirety of the entertainment industry is "economically unproductive."

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You're talking sense now /jp/

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But it enables everyone, including workers in economically productive industries to work more. It's like the manager giving the pep talk. Sheep just need their stimulation tap to be able to keep on going.

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kill yourself faggot

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Allowing people to let off steam and not blow up under working pressure or suicide because they are too bored with life sounds like economic production to me. Entertainment exists because there's demand. It gives work to people and it caters to the psychological needs of a whole population. This is like saying that food catering is economically unproductive because it.only allows people to survive by granting them easy access to food and creating social cohesion.

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