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VNTS - Visual Novel translation status

>Amagami - 1st day patch Released for PS2/PSP, "1784/2308 original edition scenario scripts translated (77.3%)"
>AstralAir - 100% translated, release a long ways off
Ayakashi Gohan - ~93% Complete
Clover Day's - Common + 3 routes done, other routes + 348/711 KB and 74/722 KB translated
>Daitoshokan - 89.82% translated, 77.07% edited
HaraKano - Patch with Common, Marina, Ayana, Ren and Kanna routes released.
Haruka Na Sora - Sora 11.29% translated, Kozue 23.73% translated
Harumade Kururu - 100% of the initial harem route + 25% common route translated
Hoka no Onna - 84.88% translated
Irotoridori no Sekai - 8526/50663 (17%) lines translated
Junketsu Megami-Sama - prologue patch released
>Koiken Otome - 100% translated and edited, 96.77% QC, prologue patch released
Koiseyo Imouto Banchou - 9% (3796/42627) lines translated
Kurukuru Fanatic - 100% translated, UI + Wordwrapping done
Lovely Cation- 31.6% of lines completed
Majikoi A-2 - Picked up
Majo Koi Nikki - 6866/40394 (17.08%) lines translated
Mahou Tsukai no Yoru - Commie project actively in editing
Mahou Tsukai no Yoru - 2nd project with 2.2 scripts translated
Mahou Tsukai no Yoru - 3rd project released ch 1-5
Monster girl quest paradox - Being translated, new partial patch released
Muv Luv Total Eclipse - 25% translated
Oreimo Tsuzuku - All scripts translated, 212/268 through TLC+Editing, 154/268 scripts finalized
Sanarara - Project resuming
Sukimazakura to Uso no Machi - 10,082 / 30,513 Lines (33.0%) translated, partial patch released
>Tsui Yuri - 43% (2521/5872) lines translated
>Tsuki ni Yorisou Otome no Sahou - 9970/31248 (31%) translated
Witch's Garden - 47555/67201 (70.77%) lines translated, 3,426/67,201 (5.10%) edited, prologue patch released
Yosuga no Sora - Translation status is Common route 100%, Sora route 100%, Nao 100%, Kazuha 100%, Akira 89.73%, Motoka 32.17%, Common and Kazuha fully edited

Official work

Higurashi Hou - Released chapter 3
Umineko - Ch 1-4 July 8th release
Bokuten - 100% translated, 95% edited
Da Capo 3 - 100% translated, 98% edited
Myth - in scripting
Kuroinu - Being released as 3 seperate chapters, CH1 80% TL 21% edited
Supipara - Ch 1 in testing
Himawari - TL and editing finished, in scripting
Negai no Kakera - 100% translated, 16% edited
Princess Evangile W Happiness - 50% translated, 22.2% edited
Imouto Paradise 2 - 48% translated, 25% edited
Kyonyuu Fantasy - 100% TL+Edited, in scripting
Fata morgana fan disc - 18% translated
>SukiSuki - Picked up
>Hadaka Shitsuji - Picked up
>Hadaka Shitsuji fandisc - Picked up
>Bocchi Musume x Produce Keikaku - Picked up
>Dal Segno - Picked up
>Maggot Baits - Picked up

>Sonicomi - Released
Sumeragi Ryoko - Beta, in preorder, script edit 20%
Django - Waiting on translation.
Flowers - Re-write/editing 40%, Beta 10%
Sweet Home - 100% translated, debugging script
Sumaga- Fully translated, in editing
Trample on Schatten- Translation 86%
>Katahane - Picked up
>Eiyuu*Senki - Picked up
>Princess X - Picked up
>Princess X fandisc - Picked up

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>Karakara - Released
Grisaia trilogy - 2nd title Steam released, uncut still to come, 3rd 35% translated
>2236 A.D. - 89.14% translated
>Maitetsu - 13.55% translated
Nenokami - 99.79% translated, Indiegogo finished
Koi to, Guitar to, Aoi Sora. - 100% translated
Kokonoe Kokoro - 100% translated, engine work
Creature to Koi Shiyo - 100% translated, engine work
>WEE 3 - 100% translated
>Chrono Clock - 24.19% translated
Narcissu 3rd - TL+Editing done
Narcissu 0 - 89.23% translated
Tenshin Ranman - 29.99%
Darekoi - 100% translated
Wagamama High Spec -Demo is 100% translated, 2016 release
>Hoshizora no Memoria - 18.38% translated
>Memory's Dogma - 66.34% translated
Fault Milestone 2 - Side Above released, GE still to come
Ley Line - picked up
>Baldr Sky - Picked up both 1 and 2
>SakuSaku - Picked up
>Koikuma - Picked up

>Corona Blossom - IGG project finished, Vol 1 7/29 release
>Sharin no Kuni - Kickstarter started
>Island - Picked up
>Grisaia no Zankou - Picked up
>Grisaia no Senritsu - Picked up

Visual Arts
>Tomoyo After - Released
Little Busters - Picked up
Harmonia - Through Steam GL
Rewrite+ - Picked up
Angel Beats - 50% translated

Hakuisei Aijou Izonshou - 7/7 release
Muv Luv - 7/14 release
Muv Luv Alternative - Winter release
Schwarzesmarken - Through Greenlight
>Kiminozo - Picked up

>Zero Time Dilemma - Released
>Collar x Malice - Picked up
>Period Cube - Picked up
>Code: Realize fandisc - Picked up
>Bad Apple Wars - Picked up

Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness - 9/13 release
Steins;Gate 0 - 2016 release
Root Letter - 2016 release
ChuSingura46+1 - Trial released
Wish Tale of the Sixteenth Night - 100% translated + edited, in QC
Kyuuketsu Hime no Libra - Common + 50% of Mari route translated
Taisho Alice - Picked up
Love Sweets - Picked up
SubaHibi - Official release planned
Sora wo Aogite Kumo Takaku - Through Greenlight
Lucky Dog - Possible iOS released based on the ongoing text only fanTL
Work being done on a fanTL of Shin Koihime with hopes of getting it licensed
>Stuff like this has been either added or updated since the last thread

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Nice. Let us build a better world, friends

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>Trinoline - picked up

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>mfw Baldr Sky

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Maitetsu is a 30+ hour long visual novel with train info dumps, a lot of loli fanservice, and a whole lot of other boring shit. The H-scenes aren't even part of the main game. Needless to say I didn't particularly enjoy myself, especially not in comparison to Monobeno.

Anyway, I don't think that they'll release it on Steam without heavy censorship due to the fact that Lose really doesn't shy away from the loli pandering whatsoever. Especially considering with what happened with Yohjo Simulator. Stuff like:
Is exclusive from H-scenes. They will have to be cut, and there's more than a few of these in the very beginning of the game iirc.

Personally I don't think this title will do too well with the English audience. Lolicon material is compartively more niche, not to mentiont he subject matter in the visual novel overall for the main story won't be that interesting for most people. Trains, politics, economics, industrialization, etc. all these are thrown in a bag in a really boring manner. Throw that on top of the inevitably high price tag and I can only assume that it will fail like G-Senjou, Root Double, and the recent Grisaia fan disc.

Fuck if I know. I literally have no idea why those two are doing business. Mangagamer is based in Japan so it'd be no problem to give them Maitetsu, but Sekai? That's a fucking PR nightmare if they don't do it right, and it's a PR nightmare if they DO do it right (and by which, I mean gut it completely to get it on steam).

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You know you'll like it

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I don't think anything was added or changed, someone just did a repost of this weeks thread because of how fast it went after AX. Nora to Oujo to Noraneko Heart being picked up was also discovered since the previous thread was made.

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Konosora Maitetsu edition soon

>> No.15501273

Ha. Are they going to give everyone bath towels? Well, it's Live2D so I doubt they could even if they wanted to.

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Forgot about Nora. That was just a small update in case people hadn't checked MG's twitter

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The right way to release that is to do an all-ages version with a sekrit day one patch (and actually release it day one). And make it clear.

>> No.15501334


I'm gonna try to get it done by Friday, but it might be next week depending on how dead I am from this cold.

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SP doesn't have the balls to do that, unfortunately. The only release will be the cut release and it'll probably underperform Tokyo Babel.

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Get better, Haro. And thanks for everything.

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I know. And they can get fucked in the ass. They deserve to flop for not being able to deal with the situation accordingly. I mean if they cry on twitter about how the game has not performed because of lolifags boycotting who else is going to buy the game?

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Is it a japanese cold? Try to not die.

>> No.15501369

Don't die.

>> No.15501370

The thing is, it's risky.

I don't really reconcile lolis with actual kids since they often don't act or actually look like kids (Toddlercon is a whole nother ballpark altogether, and I don't like that), but Lose pushes it a bit closer than a lot of other companies do. Then again they are proportionally--aside from height and bust size--too out of means with actual children considering the exaggerated hip and ass sizes many of them have in the CG. Those are distinctly womanly proportions. Not childish ones.

But bear in mind the public outcry stuff like Rapelay has caused. I can see the theoretical headlines on gaming websites already; "There's a Child Fucking Simulator on Steam!" wherein they would focus on how you can patch your game to have sex with some lolis. This is what I mean when I talk about a PR nightmare. Perhaps I'm jumping to conclusions here or over-exaggerating.

>> No.15501511

At least Lose will know to stay in Japan from now on and not care about EOPs.

>> No.15501519

>But bear in mind the public outcry stuff like Rapelay has caused. I can see the theoretical headlines on gaming websites already
Honestly surprised this hasn't happened already. Steam is getting flak for some other shady business practices but nothing about the fact that there's about 10 games you can easily patch to have R18+ content, or a game that's deliberately selling a R18+ DLC.

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Those sprite tits look so bad.

>> No.15501560

Isn't that some kind of "Well we could work on it if minori asks" announce and not the official obligation?

>> No.15501561

Yeah, they look like implants don't they? I really don't know why a lot of artists can't do tits properly. Y'know. They don't need to sag like grannie's tits, but they DO need a bit of sag. And space them out, jesus. You'd think a lot of these people have never seen tits before.

Actually, a big thing that pissed me off about Maitetsu is how unnatural the Live2D stuff felt. Everyone looking at you 24/7 really bugged me. The animations felt a bit wonky and overly exaggerated. Downright weird in some of the H scenes.

I would rather have a shit ton of still variations for sprites rather than fully animated ones, honestly.

>> No.15501569

Probably because nobody really cares about chinese porn novels. The media has plenty of other things to attack nowadays than shit that comes from Japan.

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Reminder that if you don't buy Maitetsu you are are le entitled and le killing the VN industry :^)

>> No.15502268 [DELETED] 

Is having a Phil Fish of VN translation good or bad for these threads?

>> No.15502316 [DELETED] 

Well, shit talking Dovac never gets old, at least.

I try to remain positive, though (it's hard)

>> No.15502455

Bethesda is safe in said exmaple. They have the ultimate card "Its unauthorised user modified files/textures/modding/w.e and hence we don't bear responsibility for it". 18+ patch is a different story it IS official patch that officialy supported and distributed and thus its said company responsibility.

>> No.15502517

When I said this to dovac he told me "Why? The game's erotic content isn't even part of the story" and "You want us to prioritize 18+ content and give it out for free" and then he blocked me.

>> No.15502525

gaijins don't don't deserve loli desu

>> No.15502610

Hilarious, thanks for the laugh, anon

>> No.15502660

That really bothers me. The 18+ content is a part of the game, it should be treated the same as the rest of the content. You shouldn't be able to take stuff out of a game and charge more for it while acting like everyone should be thankful for even getting it.

>> No.15502667

50% of baldr sky cg are going to censored


>> No.15502682

Well, who knows? They've been evasive but maybe with all the bitching they'll change their minds.

Personally I didn't care for the H too much in Baldr, I was too per-occupied with the game itself most of the time. That being said there are some decent scenes. The game can easily stand on its own without H.

That being said I'm still against a strict all-ages decision simply because of the idea surrounding it rather than the action itself. I won't support censorship of any kind. No exceptions.

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Any chance of 12riven actually coming out?
Maybe some new fan project to translate it, that gets a "sudden burst in progress" wink wink?

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MG used to have a terrible reputation.
Maybe Dovac will stop being public, and they'll publish their backlog.
And maybe JAST will release Full Metal Daemon: Muramasa
Maybe MG will actually get sales for their Kamige.
Maybe Doddler will get the loli laws overturned in Canada, and get a massive payout from a lawsuit so he doesn't have to work another day in his life, and can do this full time.

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File: 817 KB, 1600x900, Odin-Sphere-leifthrasir.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>"Why? The game's story isn't even part of the gameplay" and "You want us to prioritize story content and give it out for free"
We sell games, not novels. Why do you even care about the story? It's not even part of the game, and Odin Sphere is a game. And yet you insist on also having the story? What an entitled little piece of shit you turned out to be. /blocked

>> No.15502712

Maybe Daiz can destroy SP

>> No.15502720

Maybe I will learn japanese and give the middle finger to english localizations

>> No.15502729

/jp/ should just crowd translate games. Round up a dozen or two weedlords and put them to work.

>> No.15502735

/jp/ already does some stuff like that, look at the Kikokugai the Cyberslayer updated version. Done by a single /jp/sie.

Now, if someone could hack Phantom of Inferno (2013), we could go from the DVD only version to a new version. Depending on laziness, we could even manually transcribe the script from the 2000 version, and edit it. Though I don't know if they actually have the same script, I'm just spitballing

>> No.15502753

>Kikokugai the Cyberslayer updated version
I love that this was worked on. Love it.

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>The game can be difficult to play on a PC, as many media players will not display the video and subtitles properly or at all. Two known media players that do work include VLC and PowerDVD. VLC will run with no problems, allowing the player to fast forward scenes with the slider bar, but the password system will give the player a blank screen if the player attempts to use it. PowerDVD will run fine as well, but sometimes it will not let the player to use the slider bar to fast forward scenes, which can make it more time consuming to replay the game and obtain different endings. PowerDVD also has a working fast-forward option, however it can cause the game to freeze up and stop responding at certain scenes.

>The DVD version removed the save/load system from the PC version, replacing it with a password system to jump to selected points in the story. The CG gallery was also removed in porting, and there is no way to go back and re-read the text in previous scenes. The English subtitles suffer from various quality issues, such as a large amount of typo or grammar mistakes, liberal translations, and sometimes fail to show up at certain points in the story. One particular instance has the character Cal say "Thanks" in the English subtitles, at a time when Zwei is asking about her age.

>> No.15502761

No hacker will do work before there's some proof that it would be used. Maybe you could get someone to dump the scripts for you, I guess.

>> No.15502766

I was just spitballing.
Seems like an "easy" title that is a kamige but in total disrepair

>> No.15502768

Well, here's your chance to achieve something in life, anon.

>> No.15502773

I'm a NEET.
My lack of accomplishments is a forgone conclusion

>> No.15502881

That's the least plausible one.

>> No.15502886

俺は賢い人だ。get fucked, EOP

>> No.15502891

>Daitoshokan - 89.82% translated, 77.07% edited
What is happening? How?

>> No.15502895

It's supposed to come out in English around the same time it launches in Japan, which is early 2017, unless they reannounce it at Anime Boston next year, then this is its official announcement. Honestly, they should have cleared it with MG first, because that really should've been listed with their other announcements instead of being overlooked for the most part.

>> No.15502904

It will most likely come out officially, since the translation group went legit.

>> No.15502905

August's artstyle is so nice, man. MangaGamer should announce a partnership with them at Otakon for maximum thrill. August was the month I was given birth! August 13th

>> No.15502906

>Guy translates part of some shit
>Guy gives up
>Guy notices that you can make fat stacks from Sekai buying your garbage
>Guy suddenly revives his project and will inevitably sit in the 90% range until he gets bought

Trust me I'm from the future

>> No.15502907

Known shit translation.

>> No.15502912

Lemnisca appears to be more looking for work right now instead of getting it.
But that's just what I get from their official site and thumbing through it.

>> No.15502919

Apparently now that Sekai has licensed SakuSaku, it's supposed to come out around this December.

>> No.15502931

Why make a second thread? You fucks should just wait for the next update on Sunday. If you want to whine about the VN licensing industry go to /vn/, there's plenty of that there.

>> No.15502933


>> No.15502937

One VN thread is too much.
3 Sachiko threads isn't enough.

>> No.15502938

/vn/ is shit

>> No.15502941

>as if they never read any proper cyberpunk books in their entire lives.
Even though this isn't /lit/, please suggest some. I'd love to try out this genre, and if at all possible not grab a bunch of shitty books to begin with.

>> No.15502944

One out of three. You are almost KKE.

>> No.15502945

Fortune Arterial is better anyway.

>> No.15502947

I am actively supporting this suggestion.

Don't spoil my plans!

>> No.15502954

Start with the Sprawl trilogy.

>> No.15502956

Why wish for Sekai Project's Destruction?
Why not wish for them to turn into a not shit company, and transition like Mangagamer?
I'd rather have two good publishers that release stuff, instead of just one. Mangagamer is great and all, but competition is a great motivator.

>> No.15502959

Their CEO is a retard, unless they replace him I will never support them.

>> No.15502961

I agree. There's no fucking reason to make this into another general.

>> No.15502965

Payne's an absentee CEO.
Would you prefer an absentee CEO or a retard?

>> No.15502974

So, I know Doddler didn't have internet for a while.
Was there ever some news story on what happened?
Were charges dropped?

>> No.15502977

Dovac provides a lot of drama, so I can a retard CEO is pretty cool

>> No.15502981


>> No.15502986

He wasn't confined or detached from internet in any way, you are misremembering things.
Police decided to not go to court with case, Doddler voluntarily accepted certain terms (stay away from kids, visit counsel) and they dropped charges, so he's not convicted and not on sex offenders list.

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File: 40 KB, 800x450, Punished snake.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

See, I always thought he was a /jp/sie who had trouble taking it easy.
Dovac, a /jp/sie denied his home

>> No.15502989

Payne is at last cool.

>> No.15502993

No matter if the FA and his tl is better if the translator got cursed by August end went mia.

>> No.15503002

MG>JAST>everyone else>dirt>Sekai

>> No.15503007

Jast has mad potential but they seem to not have any dedicated staff. Their twitter is barely updated, they have 3k posts while Sekai which is much younger has 9k. They stealth release their games and shit, games enter limbo territory permanently, etc.

>> No.15503018

Their crappy localizations don't show mad potential.

>> No.15503019

JAST got J-list, good partners and most of their VNs sell decently.

>> No.15503051

It's not really a surprise if it they list down 6 things and only announced 5.

Also, considering that this is the "surprising announcement" that minori was hinting, Good Haro seem like she knew about it, so I guess the rest of MG was in the know.

>> No.15503074

It might still get officially announced, like Supipara did last year, or the Fata Morgana fandisc did this year.

>> No.15503143

TL is Haggling with Dovac over how much his translation will cost

>> No.15503156


>Mediating between two parties is hard when they both seem willing to self destruct.

>> No.15503162
File: 756 KB, 1490x690, meme.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nips consider eden a better story than muramasa

>> No.15503171

Eden was good.

>> No.15503187

Is this related to >>15503143?

>> No.15503209

And? Even Oretsuba is better.

>> No.15503214

>inb4 Sekai hasn't actually gotten Aroduc on board and he and Dovac are engaged in a clash of autistic retardation

>> No.15503229

Aroduc is busy shitting on anime of this season, he didn't have time for dovac autistic ass.


>> No.15503240

If you add to his hate for anime the fujoshi/yaoi/lesbian series of this season, then you can see why he is so busy, poor guy.

>> No.15503241

It would be really dumb if dovac negotiated like they already had the fan TL licensed from Aroduc, and if they can't work something out then the Baldr license might not come out or be delayed forever.

>> No.15503248

I can only imagine the drama. Almost orgasmic

>> No.15503249

Aroduc should make a patron account so we can pay him to never work with with Dovac.

>> No.15503258
File: 95 KB, 662x372, trt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He's bussy fapping to this...

>> No.15503269

Aroduc Ixrec'ing would be incredible.

>> No.15503270

Maybe they can work for JAST God knows they need decent translators.

>> No.15503333
File: 1.14 MB, 1024x640, a smile for you.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


that's because it is

>> No.15503369


quads confirmed

>> No.15503475

How can he hate literally everything?

>> No.15503498


>> No.15503504

I've been seeing alot of retweets for this BL game from Haro, so I wonder if they licensed it?

It would be hilarious if that's the NTR title that they hinted at. Would you pick up up /jp/?

>> No.15503507

He didn't hate Regalia.

>> No.15503529

It's a best case scenario for us if Aroduc tells them to fuck off and still releases his patch.

>> No.15503533

The canon that inspires baldr is from the 80s like william gibson and bruce sterling, but a proper start would be PKD and other 50s 60s SF. For 90s stuff vernor vinge, neal stephenson

>> No.15503542


>> No.15503556

Looks pretty interesting but a translation for it will probably never come.

>> No.15503573
File: 319 KB, 1920x1080, Burger Lady.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Guys, guys. Now that there's a new AA game, how many burgers will she eat?

>> No.15503592


I have my doubts on this from yesterday

>> No.15503612

Do you really think that NTR fans are going to feel pandered by a BL nukige that only uses it as a background?
And Haro could be talking about loli too and cosidering how well Sweet Sweat sold it is really possible.

>> No.15503628

Sweet Sweat sold decently for a short nukige, that's not the same as it being a great seller. NTR titles have also been frequently requested.

>> No.15503631

>And Haro could be talking about loli too and cosidering how well Sweet Sweat sold it is really possible.
Good lord, this makes me think of MG announcing Monobeno. Unfortunately I don't think it'll happen but there are several other loli VNs out there. I'm looking forward to Otakon but as usual, not expecting anything earth-shattering.

>> No.15503634

And then Aroduc gets lawsuited into the ground.

>> No.15503664

When is the last time anyone got sued for a fan TL, even of something licensed?

>> No.15503666

It wasn't. It was boring shit and it took me 2 months to finish.

>> No.15503694

Dovac will launch an indiegogo to pay the lawyer fees.

>> No.15503732

Watch it turn out to be the Himawari doujin 18+ release, since people kept saying the remake was censored.

>> No.15503738

Dear devil,

Eden is a story of breaking the chains that bind you from doing something, of hope, of fulfilling one's life, of love.

It's only natural someone as evil and cursed like you could not understand and appreciate such tale.

>> No.15503742


No, that's not happening. Don't want you guys getting your hopes up for that. As far as I understand it, the developers have no interest in releasing the original doujin version of the game.

>> No.15503753

You're being extremely rude.

>> No.15503788

I like raburabu moege though.

>> No.15503845
File: 326 KB, 634x1109, sempai noticed us.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I bet he shitposts on the Jay.

>> No.15503846


I would temper those expectations. It could just as easily be another short ammolite game, they've made a few more games with loli heroines since then.

If it's actually a title of note, they might have gotten in with galette. I remember kouryuu remarking ages ago on them on his ask.fm. Most of their titles are also less predatory than most lolige so they'd probably be better for probing the water.

That's if you dare to hope at all. I personally wouldn't.

>> No.15503855


kouryuu posted on /jp/ many many years ago, but I doubt he does anymore. Probably just uses the archive to search for mangagamer to see what the current buzzing is(since it's his job and all), and perhaps gets posts about him pointed out to him by people that do browse regularly.

>> No.15503864

Hi Kouryuu.

>> No.15503866


Nah, I don't think he does anymore. It's really just me, doddles, cucumber-kun and aru that post on 4chan regularly afaik.

>> No.15503867


I'm dovac actually

>> No.15503869

Fuck you, dovac!

>> No.15503870

Did you tell Arunaru that you think double u is better? You did make the article and unconsciously put double u in the cast.

>> No.15503878


Chances are she doesn't care at all, you'd have better luck twitting him that you'll pay him five hundred bucks to change it.

>> No.15503880

And me.

>> No.15503890

Sup, Maria.

>> No.15503898

I am not that cum-breathed skank.

>> No.15503902

She doesn't care about customers? I don't believe you for one bit.

>> No.15503906

The only other cum-breathed skank at MG is BDH.

>> No.15503915
File: 22 KB, 941x273, twopointfive.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Huh, it looks like that whining on the sharin no kuni kickstarter actually had an effect, daily pledges increased with it.

Still a long way to go, but if they can keep 2k per day they might atleast have a shot.

>> No.15503923

SP needs a Kouryuu to shake things up like he did for MG. The first big thing he did was even to overturn loli censorship after all.

>> No.15503924
File: 89 KB, 445x237, sharin.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They're gonna make it! How can this prediction be wrong?

>> No.15503935

SP's problem is Dovac. There's no overturning that.

>> No.15503944

I don't think that's really possible for SP. Mangagamer needed someone to take control of their English side, and Kouryuu was the first to step into that role. Most importantly, management was able to be convinced to let him do it. SP's issues start at the top, and I don't think that can easily change.

>> No.15503949

...and part of his staff, especially Herkz.

>> No.15503954
File: 53 KB, 950x559, pace.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


It's theoretically possible. It's keeping pace with how root double did, and that just barely made it.

It's going to require some pushing though.

>> No.15503964


I don't think herkz is involved with anything outside of grisaia so that problem should sort itself out eventually.

>> No.15503968

RD is Sekai throwing in their own funds to get the rest of the pledges.

>> No.15503971


Even if you subscribe to that conspiracy theory being true, there's nothing that says the same thing couldn't happen for sharin no kuni

>> No.15503976

They just haven't thought of it yet.

>> No.15503988

Even the greediest of nip companies have too much honour to stoop that low.

>> No.15503989
File: 16 KB, 200x303, superiorjapanesehonorfoldedover1000times.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15503995

You obviously know nothing about them. It would reflect poorly for it to fall. I wouldn't be surprised if the 2 top tier backers were asked to do it. I mean, who would pledge $1500 to this? Someone that interested in it would have already played the translation.

>> No.15504036
File: 367 KB, 1280x800, Oag6MqZ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I used to post on /jp/ back in our early days when I had more time too. Now a days keeping up with press and stuff takes up too much time for me to frequent it. I generally rely on Doddler/Good_Haro/Cucumber-kun to filter things my way. I've beenreading the recent /jp/ threads post-AX though, since DC3's done and I'm in-between projects atm. (About to work on some internal stuff this month that'll help the company, but might not be seen for a while~)

I can always be reached on my twitter though. I check that often, and my ask.fm somewhat often--(It's manageable now that I don't have 100 questions backlogged, lol)

Ricca=best girl (in DC3) btw.

>> No.15504047
File: 136 KB, 438x830, 1467923131766.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Read it while it's hot

>> No.15504060

>Now a days

>> No.15504062

Hope your car repairs aren't too bad

>> No.15504063

What an ass.

>> No.15504064


>> No.15504067

Baldr and Maitetsu 18+ confirmed.

>> No.15504070


Why would anybody jump to the conclusion that there'll be no uncut version when that's literally happened in the past? Especially when it was announced at a panel that was supposed to have uncut version announcements and didn't? Utter Madness.

>> No.15504078

>Maitetsu 18+

I think that's literally the only way to even possibly get some people to think he might be genuinely.

It's also never going to happen

>> No.15504081

This is much better than his usual rants. Not that it likely means much for the end result of Baldr, but Dovac probably would be in much better standing within the community if he addressed concerns like this as opposed to ill advised rants.

>> No.15504085

Thanks. The tire wasn't too bad since I had warranty/coverage on it. We'll see how bad the rest hits later. I'm just glad I'm not driving on a spare anymore for now.

>> No.15504086

Hey, that's actually an improvement from Dovac. He's not spitting bile everywhere, Doddler shamed him into being civil for once.

>> No.15504088

Even when he copies what better people from proper companies have tweeted recently he still can't get it right.

>> No.15504095

Yeah, that's what I was thinking. If we had shit like this all the time it would be a lot easier to sympathize.

Like we said in the last thread though, the relationships is a tough one. It's been neglected and treated poorly for so long now that we can't really take it too seriously straight away.

If they keep up this kind of behavior for a long time and actively try to encourage what people say they want, then that'll be good progress.

>> No.15504106


He'd also have to actually deliver in addition to chilling the fuck out.

>> No.15504109

Well, it at least means that he's aware people are angry, probably even angrier than usual. So it's not like they're unaware of the demand.
I'm sure his "wait for news" will really end being "no 18+" or super delayed releases to where nobody even cares anymore.

>> No.15504111

More like Aroduc.

>> No.15504112

When are you guys going to announce Dies irae and show Jast and SP how a kamige should be treated?

>> No.15504114


>> No.15504118

Cmon MG localize this https://vndb.org/v17284
though doddler should probably stay away.

>> No.15504124 [DELETED] 


Given that that kickstarter for that japanese school life title of theirs, I think dovac's probably a bit more skittish about kickstarters these days. Probably realized that the well is starting to run dry.

>> No.15504131

Given that that kickstarter for that japanese school life title of theirs got cancelled, I think dovac's probably a bit more skittish about kickstarters these days. Probably realized that the well is starting to run dry.

>> No.15504134

They had to get real desperate to reach the goal for Root Double and it probably cost them a fair share of money. After that they immediately switched to flexible funding on Indiegogo and it's probably not a coincidence.

>> No.15504136


>> No.15504141


If mangagamer were to pick up a loli title I think it'd be anything but that one.

>> No.15504145

Kouryuu, you clearly agree that double u is superior. What do you think about Arunaru making Yuuki into Yuki, which is another common name?

>> No.15504147

desu this art is downsy as fuck

>> No.15504158

Yeah. He knew what he was doing when he made those "mistakes". He's now going to stop making those "mistakes" because he can't get away with it anymore. It's a joke that he wants to sweep it all under the rug by saying they're a growing company.

See, the MG people never insulted their customers (to my knowledge) so it's easy to believe their recent tweets were genuine.

>> No.15504163

Your dedication to this is impressive.

>> No.15504166


Pretty much. Rather than a kickstarter, I just expect both episodes to be 60 bucks each.

>> No.15504170

It bothers me a lot.

>> No.15504173

Even if he doesn't mean it and still holds the same scorn for everyone like he used to, so long as the company changes in accordance to a "nice-guy" facade, then that's fine by me.

>> No.15504186

>Lolicon material is compartively more niche

And it gathers 180 000 dollars in kickstarter projects. You probably want in on that niche, at least if you are going to kickstarter something.

>> No.15504208

To be fair, that's pretty par for the course for most feitshes. Fetishists are willing to dish out money for the content they like because they realize that it is in comparatively lower circulation and that they need to support it to keep getting those kind of titles. Just look at all those furfag patreons, with some furfag creators literally raking in tens of thousands per month.

>> No.15504216

I am guessing a lot of it is the long delays for already paid for products. WEE, Grisaia, and others have been behind schedule and are still not finished, and any Vita stuff has yet to happen. It probably is difficult to convince the people who were supporting Kickstarters to pay for another one while they are still waiting on the previous kickstarters. Now something like Baldr probably could overcome that through sheer strength of the title, but for a generic doujin title or even a decent moege, it becomes much harder to get people to pay to wait for something else.

>> No.15504217

It's funny that Doddler's the one causing the drama to spill over.

>> No.15504219

While I'm not sure the Kickstarter is really indicative of the size of the loli fandom (it barely passed its goal, but some people avoided the KS due to fear of being FBI'd, fear of the company censoring it, or because they'd already read the source material), I also get the feeling that loli is probably the largest fetish within the anime community. A proper lolige would probably do decently. I think if Monobeno got released it'd do fairly well, especially since people love smug anime faces.
That said, it's a really touch subject and I'm sure more than a few people who are into it would be scared of buying the material due to the odd legality surrounding it.

>> No.15504228

It's not a mistake, just a differing localization choice. When I worked on DEARDROPS, we used the official spellings that condensed the vowels.

It's a perfectly valid decision to use it.

We generally use Hepburn, and either way of writing it fits with that system. A lot of engines don't support macrons, after all.

>> No.15504229

I think Atelier Sakura could be a good partner for Mangagamer. NTR seems popular judging from what i see on sadpanda.

>> No.15504251

I'm not saying it's a mistake; I'm saying he's making it into a different common name.
Plus, he's not consistent in the system, he only shortens it for one vowel combination and leaves it long for the others.

>> No.15504254

I'll stick a wet blanket on you lolicons right now. If you even get a title at all it's gonna be some weaksauce shit like https://vndb.org/v17897

You ain't getting galette titles or iris titles, and you certainly aren't getting monobeno.

>> No.15504269


Heard this series is pretty good https://vndb.org/v12949

>> No.15504281

Not if it is the 18+ version. Sekai hasn't licensed that for all we know so it would be totally legal and a competely different game that no customers would want to buy anyway. Just ask Dovac or Herkz, they both know what sells.

>> No.15504301

>As far as I understand it, the developers have no interest in releasing the original doujin version of the game.

This is what is killing VN in Japan. They stopped producing what people want and decided to just masturbate and do whatever they felt like.

A lot of people have no interest in paying for censorship, so they are just setting themselves up for poor sales and high piracy.

>> No.15504336

Yea, I'm using that as a flag. If uncensored full adult version, the Dovac route opens up with hot steamy sex. If cut content, then yandere bad end with Dovacs dick cut off.

>> No.15504343

Who would want to fuck a skeleton?

>> No.15504352 [SPOILER] 
File: 382 KB, 990x1400, 1467927903137.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But anon, Skeletons are the ultimate ero

>> No.15504353

Physicals yes, but I doubt anyone into loli has a fear of downlolading loli materials. It is after all how they survive.

>> No.15504369

Source? I really like public nudity/x-ray comics and have all too few.

>> No.15504449

This is a good attitude however, dovac himself should know what happens when you make last minute announcements without having all the details worked out.

I sincerely hope this attitude he's demonstrating isn't something temporary but a sign of him changing for the better.

This doesn't mean SP doesn't continue making stuff that bothers me though.

>> No.15504492

Yuusha ga Shinda! c.32.
Google is your friend.

>> No.15504526

It's confirmed he's trying. Doesn't mean it will work out, but the effort is there.

>> No.15504537

>thinking dovac is genuine

Wouldn't be the first time he tried placate the VN fans. He'll just lie for a few months, people fund his kickstarter, and then it's "fuck you, entitles twats".

>> No.15504543

I don't believe he's genuine either but at least there's an effort there. He needs to keep this up for a long, long time before I buy into it.

>> No.15504545

Even if he's pretending to not be a cunt, if it results in 18+ releases then it's an improvement over him just insulting the fanbase then doing nothing to improve the situation.

>> No.15504566

Should probably use google more yes. I used my 3 old image detectors from 2009 or something that were the thing back then. Not very useful in this case.

>> No.15504569

Dovac can be a cunt all he wants, I don't care about the man. I just want good, uncensored VNs. If he can deliver that then he can be as big a prick as he wants, I couldn't care less.

>> No.15504619

He'll keep it up for as long as all those twitter self-exiles or his.

>> No.15504648

I want a Nukige with a good story

>> No.15504655

Reminder that you guys wouldn't have VNs at all without dovac. The market would be FLOUNDERING.

>> No.15504660

Heated Blades Haruka, Labirinto of Grisaia

>> No.15504665


>> No.15504676

Dovac is the hero we need

>> No.15504752 [DELETED] 
File: 63 KB, 582x175, pre-kickstarter.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He really loves the fans and the community!

>> No.15504870

Bible Black

>> No.15504948

I think there is a bigger problem upcoming then Dovac. Everyone seems to be forgetting about Degicas Visual Novel Maker, if its anything like the RPG maker then the upcoming flood of VNs could kill the Steam market completely.

>> No.15504960

I don't really give a shit about the steam market.
Plus, winged cloud and sekai are already doing a pretty good job filling it with shit.

>> No.15504966

Good. Steam-exclusive releases are retarded anyway.

>> No.15504971

It can't possibly be worse than Ren'Py.

>> No.15504995


It's not even anything new, nor even the first one on steam

>> No.15505050

Hakuisei Aijou Izonshou got released. Although probably best to have low hopes for the translation considering it got delayed at the last minute editing a few weeks ago.

>> No.15505057


Though, it's weird how the Japanese site has a free, less-features version while in English there's only the paid version.

It's based off of this:


>> No.15505123
File: 221 KB, 1280x720, ss_42f9599395041085e7e2b5e808e426e250ac2116.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nice font, Degica

>> No.15505124

Why is the ellipses there...

>> No.15505144

It's indicating a pause or delay in the narration where a comma would be too short and a period would improperly divide the sentence. In this case, it is used to indicate hesitation or a delay between the brushing aside of the hair and the kiss. I can't comment further on exactly what without better context.

>> No.15505154
File: 78 KB, 538x670, 1461595864805.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>$33 for all ages yuri with serif font

>> No.15505219

White Album 2 when?!!!!!!

>> No.15505259

This Otakon.

>> No.15505440

> we didn't have time at panel to announce 18+
What a pile of bullshit.
They had more than enough time to be asked about 18+ specifically, and they answered with non-answer.
> we just signed contract, we still don't know
Holy fuck, how can you not know what you just signed? Intellectual Property related contracts are very detailed, it either says 18+ is included in what they got rights for or it doesn't.
> we made symbolic 18+ shop to dump nekopara patches there, so you can't call us porn-haters!111
Every single thing that made it to denpa is there only because of major community outcry or imposed on sekai by developers.
dovac repeatedly stated that VN fans and porn-lovers are not his audience and that we should fuck off and never bother sekai again. Those rants feel much more genuine than this half-assed atttempt at damage-control.

>> No.15505459
File: 183 KB, 890x625, Panorama.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's like 10 years too young to pay attention to it.

Here, have a more substantial reason for your paranoia:

>> No.15505462

Flowers fucking when?

>> No.15505464

Exactly, and the fact that the Giga dude confirmed that it was only all-ages make that even more obvious.

And when the game was announced all-ages you had the moogy squad and several sekai employees defending that decision.

The fact they did the same shit with maitetsu, saying that they were going to say something later just make it even worse, and makes me question that the people saying that dovac is changing are just naive or simply dumb.

>> No.15505470

Isn't that a dovac project?

>> No.15505527

Seems like a Sekai Project to me.
Isn't it even more lovely if it's indeed dovac's?

>> No.15505593
File: 180 KB, 636x522, renpytom.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

renpytom seems like a cool guy.

>> No.15505610

I will have to see a list of SP-published 18+ VNs -- with the uncensored content in all its entirety -- which is as long as that post chain before SP gets a singe cent from me.
The talk is cheap, I'm not trusting a single word SP staff utters.

>There is no waifu.
What a cynic. I bet he lurks /jp/ too.

>> No.15505616
File: 376 KB, 582x728, renpytom2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He would fit in with /jp/.

>> No.15505674
File: 92 KB, 1335x414, sdefdsfd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

From SP's PR guy. It's a complete mystery, no one knows what deal was made!

>> No.15505683
File: 135 KB, 514x810, 1348920_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>the most expensive license yet
>no Kickstarter

>> No.15505710


Man it'll be a hell of a saltstorm if dovac tries to pull a kickstarter without confirming 18+ or not.

>> No.15505716

Considering the 1.25 million Muv Luv Alternative pulled in I can imagine that Giga wants a kickstarter.

>> No.15505724

Does SP staff suffer from mass amnesia?
They negotiated with GIGA for several months according to my sources, you'd think they would memorize every clause by heart by that time.

>> No.15505727

What, you actually read what you sign? Man, no one's got time for that.

>> No.15505741

Why do people persist in whining about the shitty porn in Himawari? The scenes were shoehorned in to make sales as an unknown doujin game, which is no different to porn being cut to make sales on Steam or the like.

>> No.15505745

It would be even better if they do a Kickstarter and the core fanbase he says he doesn't need to pander to just tells him to fuck off, 18+ or not.

>> No.15505753


Fun as it would be, you know it wouldn't happen.

>> No.15505754

Sadly, I do.

>> No.15505762

The core fanbase knows what's he's doing is shit; however, the meme-loving normies just wants that game because they "heard" that it was good. They will fund it for sure with all-ages version because they expect other fans to do the work of giving them the uncut version.

>> No.15505764

Remember when Grisaia was supposed to have an 18+ hardcopy release, then he changed it post-kickstarter and told everyone to deal with it?

Fuck if I'll ever believe his lies.

>> No.15505788

They can justify having the kickstarter, and not tying it to the Steam release, just by saying something like the kickstarter is for a physical release. They could also tie the 18+ patch to the completion of the Kickstarter, saying it requires extra work beyond what they need to release it on Steam.

>> No.15505919


Not sure if you know this but an English Touhou game is coming out. Doesn't seem to be made by ZUN so take that as you will.


>> No.15505975

There's another Touhou doujin game coming out on PS4 by XSEED, though that one is a Ys clone.

>> No.15505993
File: 250 KB, 1280x720, NIS quality.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is this another quality NIS translation?

>> No.15505999
File: 308 KB, 1280x720, diversity.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.15506055
File: 309 KB, 1280x720, cotton.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.15506169

Nobody cares about the porn. It is about the censorship.

>> No.15506178

What censorship?

>> No.15506284

I like how neither you nor Arunaru replied to this argument.
I'm fucking right and you know it.

>> No.15506296


They aren't replying because they don't care to change it and only a fool engages in an argument with an autist.

>> No.15506304

Rude. I just want to support the company. I can't buy it if I hate the TL.

>> No.15506310
File: 430 KB, 1920x1080, Yuki.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You admit that you're don't want to read her route so I don't even know why care so much about the spelling. It would annoy even more people when her name doesn't match the opening. If you want her real name, it's in kanji anyways.

>> No.15506321

>I don't even know why care so much about the spelling
Common route.
>It would annoy even more people when her name doesn't match the opening.
Because it's hard to typeset one name, amirite?

>> No.15506328


>> No.15506343


The romanization is probably already approved, so at this point it's a probably a measure of the work of doing a find+replace and letting them know it's been changed not being worth one sale. I think you'd need more people for you autism crusade to have any meaning. Or be offering to buy a ton of copies or something.

I think your original plan to trying to bribe arunaru would probably have the highest chance of success.

>> No.15506348

As if there's an approval process for that. If there were, Arunaru wouldn't just be winging it.

>> No.15506349

How is he winging it when the Japanese themselves are calling her Yuki?

>> No.15506354
File: 91 KB, 1280x720, Seitokai Yakuindomo - 08 - Large 30.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I didn't respond because it's already consistent on the promo page, which is frankly the only publicly available text sample.

I'm confident our staff will ensure the translator's choice is consistent throughout the final release too.

Also, I feel like it's okay for translators to change their choice between projects too. I tend to favor the long vowel, but I still used the condensed ones in DEARDROPS and d2b.

>> No.15506358 [DELETED] 

Please tell Aroduc that Re:Zero is a good anime.

>> No.15506360

Careful not to be sucked into his austist vortex
It's a trap you'll never escape from

>> No.15506383 [DELETED] 

Emilia-tan is too adorable. I'm hoping Suburu manages to pull his foot out of his mouth soon as after that recent episode.

I'm excited for 3rei this season. Though they'll probably have to make another 3rei arc at a later season too.

We still need more DanMachi.

>> No.15506394 [DELETED] 
File: 1.03 MB, 1680x1050, 1454232956222.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Get back to work.

>> No.15506402 [DELETED] 

Can you tell me how many piss jars you have currently?

>> No.15506408

First, the japs are inconsistent too. She's labeled as yu-ki on chuable site.
Second, you mean the promo page which had "Yuuki" in the cast for almost a week, and was only changed yeaterday because I told Haro several times that the site has it differently than what Arunaru stands for?
Third, I'm not talking about consistency with one name, but with all of them. For example, I'm sure Arunaru will go with "Souta" even though it's long form. Why? Because he only dislikes double u. He himself said so, and that is exactly what happened in BBH.
Fourth, you said you responded now, but I still don't see anything regarding my argument that Yuki and Yuuki are both common female names.

Don't say it's too late to change it for the better, because it never isn't. Especially not in this stage.

>> No.15506429

>Having tantrums over japanese romanizations

>> No.15506492 [DELETED] 

>We still need more DanMachi
Please don't remind me. Hestia is hot as fuck and the anime had some fantastic OST tracks.

I still can't understand why instead of getting a 2nd season we get a side story with Aiz...

>> No.15506961

That is certainly weird. But I hate double A, so I can relate to the guy

>> No.15507029 [DELETED] 

>I'm excited for 3rei this season.
I love you

>> No.15507068
File: 81 KB, 607x696, 1467978778535.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Simply epic.

>> No.15507090

These are the kind of idiots who give Sekai money.

>> No.15507185 [DELETED] 
File: 1.53 MB, 1800x1400, 1437714553523.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Get ready for Miyu! Sherro

>> No.15507235

Meme reviews are excusable in games like F/SN since everyone and their mother knows what it's about already. But this game came out of nowhere...

>> No.15507249

Did you see this one?

People bitching because VNs that cost more than $10-$20 keep getting released on Steam.

>> No.15507260 [DELETED] 

>I'm hoping Suburu manages to pull his foot out of his mouth soon as after that recent episode.
You're in for a wild ride this next arc.

>> No.15507264 [DELETED] 

Is this the VN thread or Kouryuu's blog?

>> No.15507267

>9.99 is the default and standard price tag for all visual novel titles on steam, and IT SHOULD STAY THAT WAY.
Hahahahahahaha awesome. This is the world Sekai has created. Congrats, dudesters.

>> No.15507272

These are the people they're going to try to sell Badlr to for probably $60.

>> No.15507274

/a/ please leave and never come here again.

I'm also bothered by "Yuki" by the way, although for a totally different reason.
Yuuki says her name herself in her introduction video, and guess what, it's "Yuuki":
I'm going to read that VN solely for her, and I'll be permanently annoyed by a wrong transliteration, which will greatly reduce my willingness to pay for it.

>> No.15507278

There are entitled imbeciles everywhere. I don't think anyone should take them seriously.

>> No.15507281 [DELETED] 

thanks dovac.

>> No.15507294

You are my only ally. Good Haro as well, even though she's too shy to admit it.

>> No.15507310 [DELETED] 

If it makes your feel better, Subaru's (first) breakdown was really the major turning point for his character for the rest of the show. He stops blaming other people and instead works his ass off to earn the acceptance of Emilia and co, and eventually gets it.

Don't get me wrong, his twisted love for Emilia is never fixed and it only gets worse as his own situation (and of those around him) becomes more dire and hopeless, mirroring Satella's love for Subaru, just as the direction Subaru is going (becoming the Sage) is analogous to the one Satella went through herself. He becomes less insufferable every arc that goes by, but even still he grows more broken as a person instead. I mean, in one of the arcs he's forced to watch everyone he loves and cares about have their skin slowly ripped off over a period of hourswhile he listens to their shrill cries, only to have himself follow the same fate afterward. He's utterly broken as a person for the subsequent loop.

Generally-speaking though, people have been trying to self-insert as Subaru when they've never been intended to. He's supposed to be a broken, incredibly flawed somewhat unlikeable (but sympathizable) character. He's been that way since the first arc, it's just gotten worse because the situation he's in would break even the most stalwart of men, and he's just an ordinary guy.

>> No.15507324

You are however not a translator and your personal taste does not have influence on others.

>> No.15507376

Shouldn't that be said to this guy >>15506408?

>> No.15507408 [DELETED] 



>> No.15507413

Neither of us are translators as far as I know, so it could be said to both. It had no malice, more of an implication that there is someone who is a translator and whose personal taste, which he goes by, rather than any common rules, does have influence on others.

>> No.15507420

So, would you be okay if he drops all double vowels to be consistent?

>> No.15507432

Of course not, I will only ever be okay if the girl's name is not Yuki.

>> No.15507441

The one that happens when you do your remake and say "Let's remove content now so people can argue it wasn't our censorship but a freak accident".

>> No.15507444

Look, all romanizations are approximations of actual Japanese. Do you think Mt. Fuji is pronounced like it's written in English?

>> No.15507459

It is their "target audience" that is more worth than the people who buy 40 dollar VNs.

>> No.15507462

English doesn't have a letter for "a sound somewhere between F and H". But it's represented as best as it can.
English doesn't have a letter for a long o/u either, but it's best represented by either using the made up macron letter OR using u as the second vowel. Leaving it out completely misrepresents the sound when you have another option.
While that bothers me, what bothers me more is that she gets her name fucking changed. If Souta was written as Sota, it wouldn't bother me on this level, as Sota is not another name. Yuki, however, is. Yuki means fucking snow. TL note this shit.

>> No.15507464

Removing trash porn that was solely added to make sales is most certainly not censorship, my friend.

>> No.15507478

I care about the porn. I will never ever play all-ages shit.

>> No.15507481
File: 210 KB, 635x496, Steam.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Certainly this is the audience that the industry should cater to.

>> No.15507484
File: 1.71 MB, 1242x1156, highper.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How does this make you feel, /jp/?

>> No.15507495
File: 26 KB, 277x308, 1402194845553.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15507509


>> No.15507522

If it bothers you so much, pay him like you said you would. He needs to buy Doritos so he can translate Rance.

>> No.15507544

Two wrongs don't make a right. People will pirate that game based on the simple fact they went all-ages from ero. It is called punishment (or from the other direction it is called entitlement).

Their only chance is really to catch the steam market by putting it up at 9.99.

>> No.15507552 [DELETED] 

People will pirate the game because they don't want to pay for it.

There's probably stuff I pirated out of ideological objections to the publisher here and there, but 99% of the time it's because it was free.

>> No.15507561

>You Rock!

>> No.15507564

I am in the negotiation phase now. I presented the arguments in the thread, without anyone countering them other than "What would the 10 plebbitors, who don't know about this argument, think after vising the announcement page which had both Yuki and Yuuki think after we picked Yuuki".
They are reasonable people, surely I will at least get a logical answer before I have to stoop down to bribery.

>> No.15507570

Why japs have such a hard time comprehending concept of space between words?

>> No.15507578

But it's Arunaru, he will fight for his nameshit.

I still think Pi-R was better than Piar.

>> No.15507579

underdrstand. highper

>> No.15507582

This isn't a game of find 5 mistakes. You don't have to write the answers.

>> No.15507594

If you're stuck on the fact that 9 years ago they used porn to move their serious business doujin title, then you had no intention to buy the thing anyway.

>> No.15507597

If it's brought over to steam I won't be able to fuck the girls anyway so I might as well play what I can

>> No.15507606


It's probably going to be sold on mangagamer too since they've posted porn shots.

The problem more seems to be that it looks like there's multiple translators of greatly varying competence.

>> No.15507612


You're getting both.

>> No.15507628

doesn't it sound sketchy, like they are trying to release it on their own?

>> No.15507631

They are. They're going the Frontwing route but with even less capable translators.

>> No.15507633

>like they are trying to release it on their own?

That's probably because they are, anonymous.

>> No.15507640

Say that to my 9 hard copies, 44 MG titles, 20 JAST titles and 72 steam VNs.

The only games I don't buy are those who go ero to all-ages and forget their origin.

>> No.15507642

>72 steam VNs

Are even that many?

>> No.15507648

Hey, FW's translation of Purino Party was great, even if the game itself was kinda bad.

>> No.15507650

Do you think anon would lie?

>> No.15507651

Maybe I should've said Key.

>> No.15507678

Should be way more. As crazy as it may sound.

>> No.15507682

Adding porn for the sole purpose of appealing to a market is the same as cutting porn to appeal to a market.
Nobody around here would utter a word of complaint if all ages hackjobs got content restored, so why the issue with leaving out porn that was never meant to be there in the first place?

>> No.15507685

Even so, wouldn't this mean he's been buying mostly OELVNs? Or that he's helping to ruin the VN market by supporting trash flooding the market?

>> No.15507687

Everyone has access to Aroduc's secret forum now.

>> No.15507691

>why the issue with leaving out porn that was never meant to be there in the first place
The issue that the porn IS there. You have no idea why it's there or what is the author's thought process on making visual novels. It is all your interpretation, or rather delusion. You have no right to change their work.

>> No.15507699

The authors are the ones who chose to leave porn out of re-releases and the remake, so it shouldn't be a problem, right?

>> No.15507710

Not him, but when some all-ages versions have a very silly way of dancing around the H-scenes to the point that it feels more natural with them than without, it's hard to say that they "were never meant to be there in the first place".

Like F/SN with the dragons, dolphins and blood-sucking vampires just to hide the sex.

>> No.15507716
File: 24 KB, 940x270, dailypledges.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How low can it go?

>> No.15507718

Sure, if you bring both the original and the remake.

>> No.15507724

Why is that anon?

>> No.15507733

And if the author doesn't care if only the remake gets translated? Does he have no right to release only part of his work?

>> No.15507734

I never understood this. If you can't/don't want to show fucking couldn't you just fade to black or cut away? Even if simply mentioning sex is too hardcore, you can always just imply it like the "walk me home gently" scene in Nisemono.

>> No.15507736

Because the japs get a choice.
EOPs don't.

>> No.15507741

Yet another unsuccesful project for TOM. I'm pretty sure Sharin would succeed if they'd gone with Sekai instead of Frontwing

>> No.15507744
File: 118 KB, 268x332, 1413725699298.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not more low that Chusingura 46+1 did two times.

>> No.15507752

Love her eyes like that

>> No.15507753

Better learn Japanese then.

>> No.15507755

Are you sure that it's not because Sharin's not as popular as people like to think it is?

>> No.15507756

Then there's no point in localization, is there?

>> No.15507759

It matters very little what an author or store owner wants when it is customers who decide what money goes to.

They can sell anything they want, just don't come complaining if very few pay.

>> No.15507763

Of course there is. But if you want the same choice as the Japanese have, then you learn Japanese. Otherwise you get the version that the developer wishes to be translated.

>> No.15507764

Nah. whether they are bad or not, Sekai has visibility. They asked 135K for Root Double and got it

>> No.15507766

>Bishoujo Mangekyou - Translation: 100%, Editing: 22,9%, QC: 3,1%, Proofreading: 0%

>> No.15507768

I think the reason is that they have early bird options that are cheap so people who want to save money are stuck on low pledges until add ons appear. At least 200 to 300 are stuck on those and can't pledge more.

Of course 500 paying the total 140k is a bit of a stretch so they will need those people who appear at the end of a kickstarter too.

>> No.15507772

>3 levels of translation fixing


the sad part is there's people actually looking forward to that garbage

>> No.15507779

Root Double is linked to a more famous series of games.

>> No.15507780

>QC: 3,1%, Proofreading: 0%

How are these not the same things?

>> No.15507793

You need to proofread the editing, obviously.

>> No.15507797

They went by vndb which probably had very early English readers giving it 10s. Nowadays, there are better story VNs and with less dated graphics.

>> No.15507801

Plus games that weren't fantranslated forever ago with the sex scenes being hidden behind a paywall.

>> No.15507813

Nah, it's because their initial Kickstarter was as jewish as possible, cutting shit like CG and BGM out as DLC.

Also, they've been condescending as fuck, it's been translated for a decade, and isn't remotely as popular like Muv-Luv, meaning there's very little incentive to back it in multiple senses.

It's well-known, but the faults intrinsic in both the company and the Kickstarter is too much to save it.

A decent Kickstarter of something like Kimi ga Nozomu Eien with a stated, acclaimed translator would raise $150k+ easily.

>> No.15507824

Reminder that looseboy is a dick to his workers.

>> No.15507826

That's... hot. Details?

>> No.15507834

Do the workers take it in the ass or are they women? Does he only accept virgins?

>> No.15507836

Is there a tool that extracts Liar/raiL-soft scripts nicely?

>> No.15507847

I'm still hoping for MG to licence the whole series. It would sell fuckton just for the gorgeous art. And loli.

>> No.15507856

I write it as first choice every survey. Do you? If not, fuck you.

>> No.15507864

Ask Ixrec. Liar-soft's engine and old and ghetto. It changes your desktop resolution when you put games in fullscreen mode.

>> No.15507866

Unfortunately once the Finnish Fuckwit releases his garbage it'll probably be a death knell for official localization.

>> No.15507872

I do anon. Let's believe Doddler will make it happen.

>> No.15507881

Muv-Luv is 0.5 BELOW Sharin in popularity at vndb so I think you can kind of claim they are equally popular. Since popularity seem to be the same as having played it, KimiNozo is bottom ranked from no English translation.

But perhaps because most people have played muv-luv and sharin, it might be more about what extras you can get that matters for the kickstarter.

>> No.15507882

You're not alone. This sparks my autism too, but I'd also be triggered if "Souta" were changed into "Sota." Probably more so because the name looks like a pile of trash that way.

>> No.15507893


>> No.15507902


I literally don't care.

>> No.15507909

Just pick the opposite choice to annoy his autism.

>> No.15507916

Nice try, Arunaru.

>> No.15507921

Censorship is censorship. You can't call it non-censorship when you're conveniently not bothered by it.

>> No.15507932

I commend your determination, stay strong. But I just can't bring myself to care about it. Sota is a shit name and I would rage if he did that though

>> No.15507935

Females: Yuki
Males: Yuuki

>> No.15507937

Unfortunately anon you have a broad and incorrect definition of censorship.

>> No.15507941


He's asking about the transliteration anonymous.

>> No.15507967

While that wasn't me, I won't turn down the attention it brings to the issue. Hopefully, my arguments will get answered.
And what >>15507935 makes the least sense out of all, considering Yuuki works as first name for both genders, but Yuki works only for girls, bar silly parent choices. Again, first names only, as I know there are people with Yuuki as their family name.

>> No.15507983

You already spoke to the translator and he said no. I don't know why you keep going on about it here. I was especially annoyed that you said you hated Good Haro because she wouldn't do your bidding.

>> No.15507989

Actually, I said I hated her for ignoring me. You as a whiteknight should understand.

>> No.15508021
File: 195 KB, 1024x768, 1467687487731.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's really dependent upon your interpretation. I don't particularly see why there is so much shaming of adult content like sex and what not. There are many well renowned books that don't shy away from this and I don't see people trashing those for having that sort of content therein. Media like moege are supposed to emulate actual relationships (or, at least, emulate the foundations and generalized aspects of these relationships, with multiple overdoses of 'cute') and that includes sex. There's a reason why romance novels are so popular with college aged students and though the comparison might not be apt I think the two are more-or-less along the same lines of intent for including these kinds of content, though doubtless many VNs do include sex primarily to boost sales in Japan.

And though sometimes the H can be intrusive and awkward (usually happens in plotge) it is an aspect of the original product and as such I don't think it should be forgotten. There's an opera called Z mrtvého domu (From the House of the Dead), based on the same novel by Dostoyevsky, and in it there's a scene where the prisoners depict sexual acts on one another during a play (among other things). For many years this part of the opera was edited out during public performances of the work because it was deemed not to be tasteful and as such audiences never heard the music accompanying it. Though it may seem to be an over-exaggeration to draw a parallel between these two kinds of censorship, I believe similarly worse things could happen to visual novel localization in the west for the future is this kind of censorship is normalized in any way. How much longer before entire scenes are cut out because they're deemed not culturally appropriate for the west? Perhaps this is overly-paranoid but It's a slippery slope that I think no one wants to go down, even if the off-chance at such a thing happening is slight.

I'll also add that having an all-ages version on Steam is obviously expected and I don't particularly have a problem with that. What is important is that the original product is at least in some way available for English audiences to obtain elsewhere (in Sekai's case, Denpa), and it should have as much of a priority as the all-ages version. I would also argue that it shouldn't be paid DLC either, but perhaps that may be pushing it.

>> No.15508057

This story is the heartful story

>> No.15508082

I don't like perverts

>> No.15508088


>> No.15508100

Too bad for you. Sex is part of our life cicle.

>> No.15508120

There's no loli in biman. Well not yet at least.

>> No.15508126

>I would also argue that it shouldn't be paid DLC either, but perhaps that may be pushing it.

If paid DLC or charging a premium off site is required to make 18+ releases viable here, then I am all for it. Even if the 18+ version sells significantly less then the Steam release, getting a portion of the audience to pay a premium (and without giving Steam a cut) makes the economics of an uncut release much nicer.

>> No.15508128

Why does Dovac hate lolis?

>> No.15508140

Lolis killed his parents.

>> No.15508201

No reason to not get the money through all-ages. It is like having a lunch restaurant. You do best to have same price every day, and not try and say that some days it is 5 dollars other days 20 dollars to eat a lunch. It would just make people ditch you expensive days and come and eat cheap days, and your average 10 dollar plan turns into average 5.

>> No.15508237
File: 261 KB, 1280x720, 25662.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She's close enough for me.

>> No.15508250

I am not saying anything about avoiding all ages releases, obviously that makes more money then anything. I also prefer a free uncut patch over a paid one. However, if the economics make an uncut release viable only through paid DLC or charging a premium for a release off of Steam, then I have no problems if they continue to do that.

>> No.15508251

Loli is way too broadly defined of a term and everyone seems to have their own idea as to what it means. She's short, got a big head and eyes, and has no tits. For most people she's a loli because those are basically foundational loli proportions.

>> No.15508276
File: 517 KB, 504x451, the tru loli.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Loli is way too broadly defined of a term and everyone seems to have their own idea as to what it means
No, there are just a couple of autists claiming otherwise. Renge is a loli. Kirie could (and does) fit in as a highschooler. What you're saying is like calling the Princess Evangile heroines oppai lolis.

>> No.15508290

She has no H scene

>> No.15508297

In Bishoujo Mangekyou, Kirie literally calls the teacher-protagonist a lolicon, though. So even the Japanese can be inconsistent about this.

I don't know if I would called the PE heroines oppai lolis, since other than being toothpicks and having huge uguu features, they don't really appear all that short. At least in comparison to Kirie, who is 148cm. Which is decently below the average height of women in Japan.

>> No.15508300

I know the ship has sailed long ago regarding this topic when it comes to tagging on English sites but lumping every somewhat petite girl into the loli category just dilutes the point of it.

It's especially apparent how dumb it is when shortstacks are now tagged as "oppai loli" and barely anyone has any idea what actual oppai loli looks like.

>> No.15508319
File: 1.33 MB, 875x4725, 1461451711075.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I agree of course, but what can you do? Hell, some people I know don't even consider other proportional aspects of lolis and just drop it at the tits. "She's got no tits? Well, I guess she's a loli!"

It's pretty fucking stupid. Then again, it's a hard thing to concretely categorize in the first place.

>> No.15508321
File: 644 KB, 1920x1080, ゆうき.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>what bothers me more is that she gets her name fucking changed
This so much. It's not a matter of choosing one of alternative spellings, it's a matter of renaming a character for no other reason than "just because". This is where the personal taste of the so-called translator goes against authors' vision. It's fucking stupid to even discuss that ゆうき != ゆき (pic related), let alone pay the translator to make him use the only correct version.

Your opinion is the only thing that is trash, my friend. An authors' wish as expressed in the original release must be respected at all costs in the translated version. This is how it should be, and this is what must be done.
Bending over and learning Japanese because of the censorship doesn't do any good to anyone. Fuck you and censorship apologists like yourself.
And no, I'm not going to believe a single SP's word on the matter. Dovac discredited his company long ago.

>> No.15508363

I suppose you're new, but teachers who go after JK are called lolicons.

>> No.15508423 [DELETED] 

Hestia is also capped an oppai loli despite being too curvaceous and too tall to properly qualify.

>> No.15508619

This game is very soft
I like it

>> No.15508638

What did he mean by this?

>> No.15508641


>> No.15508677

Little does he know that I have Mangagamer stacked and will force them to release Evenicle, not Rance.

>> No.15508755


If I had to imagine some dumb twitter circlejerk stuff.

Certainly nothing of value since he wouldn't have access to any information of note.

>> No.15508756

He means that he has dibs on MG staff. See:

>> No.15508834

Apparently Insani is translating Dies Irae.

>> No.15508835
File: 336 KB, 1280x960, ss_d43904c04581e1933874087b35e5dcf472db0053.1920x1080.jpg?t=1468013407.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Umineko Question arc out, wish they did the same for Higurashi

>> No.15508859

No PS3 audio. I guess they wanted the 20 dollar price range rather than a 80.

>> No.15508860

my hatred for sekai is reaching levels never before seen

never have I wanted to see a company fail so bad

>> No.15508862

I meant voices.

>> No.15508885

I'm a huge umiunko fan and I really want to get this but I will hold out a while and hope for a physical release.
I don't really plan on re-reading it any time soon anyway.

>> No.15508963


Pretty sure its the same engine as Higurashi so hopefully ps3 art/sound soon.

>> No.15508980


I doubt it. Higurashi was ported to bgi hundreds of years ago, which is why doddler made a new engine(or reused his earlier work to be more specific). umineko never had that happen and doddler didn't work on it. Probably still nscripter

Still that's pretty well known so someone who cares will probably do the work.

>> No.15508981


>> No.15508995


Hey /jp/, what do umineko and sumaga have in common?

they were both listed on the vntls 7 years ago

>> No.15509003

That surprise box really surprised me.

>> No.15509005

That's really sad

>> No.15509017
File: 444 KB, 650x193, 1416215724113.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15509020


Man how the fuck is jast so slow? How has Nitro not cancelled their deal?

>> No.15509026

Slow and steady wins the race.

>> No.15509035


By time they finish there will be no human race

>> No.15509062

Umineko is up to the first page of Steam top sellers.

>> No.15509077


It should go pretty far on name-power alone, I imagine. It also has the benefit of there not being a ton of misinformation floating around like there was with higurashi.

>> No.15509081

Really hope it does well. Chiru shit the bed but I still love this VN, probably because of how fun the threads were in between comikets.

>> No.15509082

3rd Eye's Sorcery Jokers

>> No.15509088

What kind of misinformation did Higurashi have?

>> No.15509102


cut music, can't use the original art, mangagamer was using a stolen fantranslation(lol wut), mangagamer is a sexist evil company you shouldn't support, etc

>> No.15509110

To be fair, cut music is something that is worrying people since it is so amazing.

>> No.15509125

Well, the original release of Higurashi was less than stellar. It's a shame that the re-release is being churned out so slowly.

>> No.15509138

I'm curious where the fan translation rumor came from. Last I heard they had Gary retranslate the entire Question Arc. Not sure about the Answer Arc since it's TL wasn't as bad.

>> No.15509177

I have a huge love hate with Umineko. It's more fun than it is good, especially if you have the voice acting and that killer OST going on. It's kind of hard not to get somewhat swept up in it with top tier VA work and top tier OST.

But stopping and thinking about the game, espcially the latter chapters, shows that a lot of it makes no sense

>> No.15509186

>Last I heard they had Gary retranslate the entire Question Arc

Higurashi's actually been all different translators if I recall. For example, episode 2 was done by the guy doing wish right now.

>> No.15509234


Nevermind, looks like he did two AND three. Still a different guy though.

>> No.15509377

Glad to see Umineko is doing well

>> No.15509385

I'm kinda surprised it is considering that art, but I suppose most people probably don't care. Maybe it's doing better with the western audiences because of the art?

>> No.15509390

Mugidrones on suicide watch.

>> No.15509410 [DELETED] 


The only thing that's keeping it out of the global top ten sellers right now is a launch week neptunia, which is pretty impressive.

>> No.15509585

This would be so much better with PS3 assets but we can't have it all. And that kid's uuu~ are annoying

>> No.15509599

Umineko is fairly popular. It's basically the only VN more popular overseas than in Japan.

>> No.15509698

Maybe we'll get a patch later, like Higurashi's

>> No.15509701



>> No.15509707

>endless, boring infodumps about trains
>no loli lewd

How hard will Maitetsu bomb?

>> No.15509716

Depends on the price. High chance of bombing if it's 50+

>> No.15509738


Graphics patch should still happen, it's just that they won't be able to do voice insertion as easily.

>> No.15509752

It'll probably bomb if it's over $15. There's basically no audience without the lewd. It's not a plotge so nobody will recommend it for that. If the price is too high even the people playing it "ironically" will have trouble justifying a purchase.
At least, I hope this is the case. I don't want my lolige to get tarnished by this garbage and have it result in others being localized as censored messes.

>> No.15509766

Moogy will buy it.

>> No.15509772

It'll be SP's Tokyo Babel.

>> No.15509777
File: 287 KB, 1280x960, AJZOFcm - Imgur.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15509783

Root Double already is.

>> No.15509802

I wonder what Lemnisca's next title will be

>> No.15509824

12riven or secret game, something they already started on

>> No.15509844


The only reason nscripter is a "shit engine" is because it's literally older than 4chan.

>> No.15510009

I'd be pretty impressed if Lemnisca managed to secure a deal with 5pb.

>> No.15510221

We're getting Eustia or another August game, Sorcery Jokers, and Evenicle/Rance. Mark my words.

>> No.15510237

They'll probably go back to fanlating if someone doesn't want to do an infodump-heavy or sci-fi game within the next year.

I could see them doing Rebellions if someone managed to get ahold of that license somehow, or 5pb./Nitroplus titles.

Honestly, JAST should probably outsource all their translations to basically anyone.

>> No.15510277


where's my lolige though

>> No.15510279


Aroduc broke Dovac.

>> No.15510294

Oh, its time for Seasonal Dovac Retirement From Twitter. Will be back by Otakon, I bet.

>> No.15510297

The guy seems physically frail. From reading his twitter feed you'd think he was on his death bed. (Maybe he should stop binge drinking if he's coughing and puking)

>> No.15510306

Well, he does look like a skeleton.

>> No.15510310

Of course skeleton would talk and look like skeleton.

>> No.15510324 [DELETED] 
File: 68 KB, 582x564, subtle.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, I guess rance might as well be confirmed for otakon.

otakon's starting to seem a bit crowded though. There's still the two leftover hints and haro's "NTY or loli title" too. And you'd think they'd have some more sonohana.

I doubt mangagamer'll have more than five titles so I wonder if we'll see more announcements at some small scale late-year con?

>> No.15510339
File: 68 KB, 582x564, subtle.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, I guess rance might as well be confirmed for otakon.

otakon's starting to seem a bit crowded though. There's still the two leftover hints and the "NTR or loli title" haro mentioned too. And you'd think they'd have some more sonohana.

I doubt mangagamer'll have more than five titles so I wonder if we'll see more announcements at some small scale late-year con?

>> No.15510344

But I want Evenicle ;_;

>> No.15510363

>Author's wishes must be respected

I agree, that's why people should stop whining about a couple of garbage porn scenes in a 9 year old doujin release and play the remake that the authors want you to play.

>muh censorship
>muh SP
>muh dovac

I understand that the mere mention of content being removed may trigger you but those 3 words have absolutely nothing to do with Himawari.

>> No.15510377

It is probably Rance VI and Evenicle, Arunaru talked about being actively translating his new project and his rance VI translation was pretty much finished, what make me think that he is not talking about it.

And they added Anime Weekend Atlanta to the convention schedule and it has a panel, so the loli or NTR game is probably going to be announced there along with some hardcopies.

>> No.15510378

There are like 3 people in the world that care about Himawari porn scenes.

>> No.15510391


Given they could only get something as old as Haruka a year ago, Evenicle's always been a pipe dream at best.

If you want a crazy dark horse possibility, maybe they've gone full memegame and it's Daiteikoku. It's certainly not what I'd put my money on though.

>> No.15510406

If that's the case they all seem to be located in this thread.

>> No.15510412


A concentration of autists?
On /jp/?

Shit man, I never woulda thought

>> No.15510415

>Given they could only get something as old as Haruka a year ago, Evenicle's always been a pipe dream at best.
I dunno about that. I interpreted Haruka just as a feeler type game. It seems to be a habit for new licenses to always start with an old game, but that doesn't necessarily mean the next one will be old as well.

I think Evenicle would be quite successful and much more so than Haruka. But then again the same holds true for Rance.

>> No.15510433

They did 5 announcements at AX, so 6 for Otakon wouldn't exactly be a stretch. My guesses for Otakon are:
1) Sona-Nyl
2) Supipara Chapter 2
3) A Kiss for the Petals: Maidens of Michael
4) Rance
5) Sorcery Jokers
6) NTR or loli VN, if it's NTR, then it's probably from Alicesoft and MG will punk everyone by announcing it before Rance at the panel.

>> No.15510472


Too early for supipara 2, I'd think.

Another item of note is that both arunaru and maria have secret projects.

>> No.15510490

Supipara chapter 1 is going to release at the end of the month in steam and only need 50k for the second chapter, so is possible.

>> No.15510495


Yes, but by then I imagine mangagamer will have locked in most of their announcements, so to say. Not to mention it'd be a huge cheap-out to announce a title they've already announced and I'm sure they know that.

>> No.15510512

>Not to mention it'd be a huge cheap-out to announce a title they've already announced and I'm sure they know that.
But that's exactly what they've done with previous Supipara announcements.

>> No.15510515

They announced Supipara Chapter one last year after they'd already announced plans to localize it. Then there's what happened with the Fata Morgana fandisc this year.

MG hasn't updated the minori fundraising page since the Steam sale and with Supipara 1 launching before Otakon, they likely planned to announce Chapter 2 then, because they predicted it would reach its goal by then.

>> No.15510536
File: 43 KB, 211x250, 1413000655542.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, like every hardcopy and the supipara Chap 1 itseld. Lets be real, those box could be either a new game or rehashing something we knew.
And Supipara is going to sell like pancakes, anon.

>> No.15510538

>MG hasn't updated the minori fundraising page since the Steam sale and with Supipara 1 launching before Otakon, they likely planned to announce Chapter 2 then, because they predicted it would reach its goal by then.

Given how previous steam sales have incremented it, I doubt it brought in enough. They'd have to have been taking that into account and assuming that supipara's launch wouldn't be absolutely horrible.

>> No.15510553

>And Supipara is going to sell like pancakes, anon.

On literally what basis? I mean, I imagine it'll probably do a few thousand atleast, but I don't think even pulling the same amount of sales as eden is a sure thing.

>> No.15510558


Well, generally I might add something like that to mess with you guys, but it's not like an announcement like that would change the number of "actual" announcements. To be honest, I'm a bit more inclined to do it if there's an ugly number of slots on the page and I could even it out with a HC announcement or something (assuming there is one).

>> No.15510567

They could sell it as "By the creator of Eden* and Ef" and almost 3 (or more, i dont remenber well) years of being presented in almost every conventions.

>> No.15510568

Why would they announce two Alicesoft games

>> No.15510583


The steam audience is a fickle thing and most of eden's sales are a result of it's own momentum. If supipara can't get that momentum, it won't be featured prominently in sales thenforward and could end up doing mediocre. It being an episodic game is another element against it.

>> No.15510616

Some people want Rance, while others want Alicesoft's more hardcore titles.

>> No.15510618


They announced two propeller titles last year.

>> No.15510619

Supipara is cheap and also have the "moe" shit that steam users use to like. Not only that, I know a few people in the youtube community will make it notable.
My prediction is 5k copies before Otakon and by then. MG will greenlight chapter 2

>> No.15510635


That's certainly a bold prediction alright.

>> No.15510636

Evenicle certainly isn't one of their more hardcore titles

>> No.15510674

MG hinted NTR, which is probably https://vndb.org/v10732

>> No.15510687


That shit's just a meme anonymous.

>> No.15510705

Why is it probably Oyako Rankan?

Like the Escalayer think it was just a meme

>> No.15510765

Has Mangagamer sent out the hard copies of Yurirei, Haruka, and Euphoria? Their website says they're in stock, but I haven't received a shipping notification.

>> No.15510791


Pre-orders should have started shipping shortly before AX. We occasionally have had issues with notifications not going out properly though, so if you preordered or ordered recently and haven't received a shipment notice yet, you may want to contact support ([email protected]).

>> No.15510806


They've shipped preorders atleast.

>> No.15510807

Alrighty, will do.

>> No.15511028

Will Moonstone come back to MG once they realize that their TL is engrish as hell?

>> No.15511057

I'm sure people will still buy it anyway. Look at Konosora. Literally censored to death and it has a terrible tl that was obviously not edited even once. And yet it has quite a lot of owners.

>> No.15511068

It's dirt cheap. Not particularly proud of owning that one.

>> No.15511082

True. Hell, my friend has it I think and he doesn't even like visual novels.

>> No.15511102

Probably costed me 2 dollars thanks to regional pricing and trading cards, and that's with soundtrack.

>> No.15511118

Wouldn't it just be easier to pick up Tsuma 3 then?

>> No.15511136

There is no way Alicesoft left them have Tsuma 3.
It's way too recent and they won't want reverse importing.

The NTR in Tsuma 3 is shit anyway. It's a massive bitch to get.

>> No.15511141

The better question is, has Moonstone stopped working with Mangagamer? Angel Ring and Magical Marriage Lunatics showed up briefly on E2 (even if that looks dead), Moonstone is doing Love Sweets themselves, and Mangagamer is currently translating W Happiness and Imouto Paradise 2. Moonstone appears to be trying to get as many titles as they can to the West as fast as they can, and I doubt Mangagamer would be willing to do more than a couple titles at a time, so Moonstone is looking for other avenues.

>> No.15511167

Who's Chiru?

>> No.15511199

>I'm kinda surprised it is considering that art

I know ryuukishi's art seems amaturish, both in this and Higurashi, but it has a very unique charm to it that I can't help but really like for some reason.

>> No.15511219

Muge Souls was censored and sold 18k Disgaea was not censored to my knowledge and sold 80k. Agarest 1 sold 202k and censored Agarest 2 sold 46k. People who care about porn are not many, but people who will refuse to play things with content removed "because the publisher doesn't care about customers" are a lot of people.

Whatever sales Himawari gets will be one quarter of how many wanted to buy it.

>> No.15511254

Himawari hasn't been censored though, anon.

>> No.15511273

Cause they're sitting on two translated ones anyway, and might as well announce the next one as well.

>> No.15511284

So far are we know at least one new partner will be at Otakon. My guess is Subahibi since if anyone would announce that it would be MG.

Do we know which clues haven't been used up yet?

>> No.15511337

It's a revision of the original VN; they added a few scenes and removed the H ones; aka a censored version.

>> No.15511340

One which won't even get released and we don't even know if VI is what they will announce

>> No.15511379

So they haven't removed porn because they didn't like it? They removed it because they love it? That is a sign of madness. I can't support insanity.

>> No.15511416

They removed it for the mobile release. Which has more scenes. Author-approved so I can't reconcile it completely with censorship and if one could then it's self-imposed.

>> No.15511583

Mugen Souls is a shit game with a ton of DLC. Disgaea is well liked.
Agarest 1 came out before everyone and their mom put their japanese game on steam which is why it sold well.

>> No.15511611

They should just announce the Alicesoft space one.

>> No.15511612

Fuck you EOPs, you won't get August!

>> No.15511625

All IF games are still selling well.

>> No.15511646

Tards said that about Baldr Sky too but looks like we got it. Maybe not this year but in the coming years we are not just going to get August but Venus Blood and everything that is good.

>> No.15511650

Mugen Souls came out nearly a year ago and has sold less than 20k copies. I guess it's ok for a kusoge, but it's still going to remain the worst seller IF/CH game on steam.

>> No.15511659

What is it about eustia that makes people want it so badly?

>> No.15511693

From the looks of things, to piss off the Japanese readers who feel superior being able to read it.

Not that it changes any damn thing, because it just increases the number of people taking about it and you can read the original version without worrying about anything.

>> No.15511752

Memes. That aside it has some of the better writing seen in a VN, but more than that, it's an incredibly consistently good experience. A lot of good visual novels suffer from bumps or dips in enjoyment. When I read through Eustia I felt thoroughly engaged throughout nearly the entire thing.

>> No.15511758 [DELETED] 

It mostly has to do with the fact that Eustia caused Gran Forte and the outbreak of wing disease.

>> No.15511771
File: 1.26 MB, 1233x694, Screenshot_307.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is gold.

>> No.15511844

>He bought a neptunia game

Thanks for your contribution to the cancer of english translation.

>> No.15511971

Why is the f in 'Oof' not bold like the rest of the text???

>> No.15511972

Nekopara, Neptunia and Jojo are the cancer starter pack.

>> No.15511991

And how do you know what's good? Besides being told by Japanese readers, you subhuman?

>> No.15511992

Wasn't the bad translation only for Nep 2 and 3 ?
Anyway Megadimension is fun, you should try it before you shit on it.

>> No.15512004

I already played it in JP on PS4, you fucking plebeian.

>> No.15512017

EOP just posting random shit or EOP tried reading with machine translation and understood shit?

Gran Forte was caused by Gilbert's experiment to revive his wife using the power of an angel that's being held in a tower in the upper part of the city. The same angel that's actually the first Saint Irene and is using her power to float the city. But she saw humanity didn't get better even after she saved them from apocalypse, so now she wants to destroy it too. So she created the wing disease and Eustia is a produce of that too. That grand destiny Eustia often speaks of is to being the herald of the end.

Well, there's more to the game, so even you read this EOP pals, you're not fully spoiled. But almost.

>> No.15512033

You know, I didn't notice his post until you replied to him. Now I'm spoiled. Fuck you.

>> No.15512037

But his post was a lie and mine is just teasing unless you mouse over.

Wait, don't tell me you have automatic despoilering on.

>> No.15512042

No, I didn't read any of your post, but even fake spoilers can influence my thinking during the playthrough.

>> No.15512103

How does that work?

>> No.15512117

If eustia ever comes it'll be far enough away that you'll forget.

>> No.15512129

Look at my name. Do you think I ever forget?

>> No.15512140

Yeah I never forgot -that- one spoiler of Umineko. Good thing I don't plan on playing it

>> No.15512145

I'm the same way as him so I'll take a swing on explaining. If you have fake spoilers then you can check whatever you know isn't true off the list of possible theories reducing the fun. It might also send you into a different direction of thinking so even if you do guess what the mystery might be it'll feel hollow because you feel like you only got it because of someone else. And also when dealing with fake spoilers you aren't sure what is true so you have to take someone else's word for it but they themselves might be lying so it's always in the back of your mind that the spoiler might be true.

>> No.15512146

Yeah, who'd ever play all-ages shit.

>> No.15512153

Chiru is the latter half of the Umineko arcs.

>> No.15512154

It's not like anything in Eustia is truly surprising, it's almost always the most obvious thing it could be.

If you want a perplexing mystery, read Nijuuei.

>> No.15512168

Subahibi's devs are planning to release it themselves.

The clues that haven't been used up yet are HD (1080p), no joke. People have guessed this meant Sorcery Jokers. Another title that's been guessed is Iwaihime. The other clue was the word hint in purple, which people have guessed to be Sona-nyl.

>> No.15512181

Sorcery Jokers might easily be Conjueror-sama's secret project. Too bad for all the EOPs that believe it's Eustia.

>> No.15512183

I can already see the demo
>Ah, I see, this is just a dream. Well, whatever. My name is Goshogawara Yuki. I don't like my surname, so call me Yuki.
It will be truly epic.

>> No.15512194

There's no way it's Sorcery Joker

>> No.15512207

Sorcery Jokers was pretty big in Japan. It has great reviews on EGS and on Character1 it had a pretty long waiting line to its booths. Honestly surprised me when I saw it with my own eyes directly before me. Conjueror-sama might be easily refering to this popularity in Japan. Or it might be his prediction/faith that the game will become popular.

>> No.15512215

He acted like Tokyo Babel was a kamige, and the closest thing to Dies Irae in the west.

>> No.15512224

Eustia doesn't line up with any of the hints that MG gave. And Eustia is way outside MG's price range.

>> No.15512229

Apparently Conjueror is translating Dies Irae

>> No.15512241

Sorcery Jokers is a good game though. And the difference between "kamige" or not is simply being meme on Reddit/Twitter. With enough Moogy's and Redditors and time, any good game can become a "kamige".

Or could become, I guess. Nowadays there's too many Japanese readers on Reddit and other sites, so it's not as easy to push any one game so strongly into people's minds.

>> No.15512261

He isn't working for MG with this one

>> No.15512312

It's probably more of, while Sorcery Jokers is a good game and could very well rival Baldr Sky, it's not what the common perception thinks of when they think of games that can rival Baldr Sky.

I do agree that kamige is more or less a buzzword that just means "things that Moogy likes a lot".

>> No.15512320

>You'd have to be a pretty odd fellow to be a part of the VN scene and not have heard of that game before.
I don't think SJ is that well known

>> No.15512324

They probably have cash issues and see the West as an avenue to alleviate them.

I think it's less 'we don't want to be partnered with MG anymore' but more 'we need to release translations of as many games as possible so we don't go bankrupt or have to take on (more?) debt'.

>> No.15512326

He has more than one currently unannounced project. One is for MG, the other isn't.

>> No.15512332

Arunaru is the one with unaffiliated project.

>> No.15512335

And is Eustia?

>> No.15512347

Based on Conjueror's poll. Yes.

>> No.15512362

>Reddit: The Poll
by which I mean Reddit is the only website that cared about the poll.

The way he phrases it, I find something like Cross Channel -Final Complete- Now With Not Shit Translation Edition more likely.

>> No.15512379

cross channel getting an actual translation would be nice

>> No.15512382

If the Nurse Love Addiction Steam forum is any indication, then the Steam VN community is even shittier than it used to be.


>> No.15512385

Yeah, could be cool. And the Final Complete edition with its extra content and 1280x720 resolution could push people to buy it.

>> No.15512393

This is what dovac brought upon us. And he's proud of it.

>> No.15512394

He said his projects were participating in his tournament. It at least confirms that he isn't translating Sorcery Jokers

>> No.15512402

Based Erenussocrates

>9.99 is the default and standard price tag for all visual novel titles on steam, and IT SHOULD STAY THAT WAY.

>> No.15512403

Fuck, I want Rebellions

>> No.15512411

Based. Pretty good way to destroy Japan's interest in the selling to the West.

>> No.15512415

Thanks Dovac

>> No.15512422

He thinks VN devs teams are no more than 5 people and that charging more than a bare minimum for VNs is anti-consumer. It doesn't matter what VNs cost elsewhere, it's Steam so they should be dirt cheap.

>> No.15512429

It's a brilliant look into why focusing on Steam is for fucktards. Sekai is already screwing themselves over and if Mangagamer had put more eggs in that basket they'd be on their way too.

>And quite frankly the whole "it's pricey because it's voice acted" doesn't sway my position either when the voice acting is a bunch of squeals in japanese (which I don't understand anyway), not that I think it would be the most immersive thing ever regardless of if I understood it or not.

>> No.15512442

Will Nutaku be the savior of VNs?

>> No.15512447

>Too Expensive
>Too Expensive
>Will it have porn?
>Too Expensive

Good luck Baldr Sky

>> No.15512452

dovac becoming more open to 18+ games than he used to be likely means that he's noticed that Steam isn't the money maker it used to be. He's really trying to build up denpa now and decided to sell titles on Nutaku too.

>> No.15512460

Fag. He was blinded by Nekopara along with other retards and now scrambles for alternatives. But the result will be >>15512411

>> No.15512471

>VN devs and publishers have gotten greedy, this trend of VNs over $10 must stop at once.

>> No.15512487
File: 71 KB, 943x543, IFeelYourPainDoddler.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.15512501

Niche unknown Yuri games being $40 is different than Baldr Sky being $50-60. I'm not saying NLA should cost less, but it is expected.

>> No.15512508

I'm actually learning moon purely so that I can play Rebellions, Hatsuyuki Sakura, and a few other VNs that probably won't ever be translated.

>> No.15512513

Yeah, for Baldr Sky the EOPs will cry it should be 20 bucks so they can get it for 10 on sale.

>> No.15512523

People are saying that VNs on Steam shouldn't be more than $10 no matter what it is. People have also started complaining about the recent string of full price VNs on Steam. They want only bargain ($10) VNs.

>> No.15512529

Personally I'm a huge fantasy reader, so any VN with that setting gets me excited, regardless of quality. Eustia also has meme status and it's one of the few above-average games that the English audience at least got a taste of. I believe when the demo came out it was probably one of the prettiest looking English VNs, and it had a unique setting since 90% of VNs are a high school setting.
As a former EOP I hope it gets brought over so everyone can experience it and so I laugh at people who will actually be mad to see August show an interest in the West. As long as SP doesn't get it, at least.
Eustia definitely has meme status but it's not like it's bad at all.

>> No.15512532

There's always going to be people like that, but I think Baldr Sky will be successful. Clannad, Grisaia, Kindred Spirits, and Princess Evangile were all "costly" for Steam VNs and they were successful. The only real failure was Gahkthun, and I'm not sure why that failed other than not being extremely well known to westerners.

>> No.15512540

Princess Evangile came out when VNs were still selling really well on Steam. It also got lots of Lets Play promotion. Waifu games tend to sell better as well. Kindred Spirits got alot of press as uncensored porn on Steam. Clannad and Grisaia were riding on anime popularity.

>> No.15512543

Tokyo Babel and Fata Morgana sold poorly too. Gahkthun is hardly an exception.

>> No.15512552

Well it remains to be seen. I think that unless they fuck up badly, like more than $70 for BS or no 18+ patch, then it'll do well enough based on its reputation.

>> No.15512556

What reputation? It's like everyone confuses Reddit for the whole scene.

>> No.15512562

Good lord, I should not have stuck my head in there. Are steam forums always this retarded?

>> No.15512575

To some extent, but it's been getting worse lately.

>> No.15512576

Most Steam VNs are not dong well right now. Grisaia and Root Double both had Kickstarters but their sales seem less than stellar.
I don't think that Baldr will pull garbage numbers like Tokyo Babel did, but it's not guaranteed to be a top seller. It has a lot of prestige in the VN scene right now, but if you check any social media lots of people are bitching about the lack of 18+, that's likely the reason Dovac backpedaled on it, because of how many people are complaining about it. It's certainly not contained just to /jp/ right now, and even Steam's forums show that people are refraining from buying VNs without ero.
Baldr's one selling point that will help it reach mainstream is the gameplay. If SP can somehow convince people (or streamers) that the gameplay is good, it'll be successful. If they can't do that, it'll probably be decent, but I don't think it's fair to compare Baldr to VNs with anime adaptations or ones that have been translated already. Clannad is on an entirely different level than Baldr because of its multiple TLs and the popularity of the anime itself.
If Baldr is $50 or $60 and they can't convince people the gameplay is good, I don't see a lot of the mainstream audience buying it. They'll equate it to an indie game that they can buy for $10-$15 and get 200 hours of gameplay out of without having to "read a book."
I doubt Baldr will bomb but it's too soon to assume it'll be a huge hit.

>> No.15512650

The problem is in the west we have built the foundations of the vn fanbase upon bricks of piracy. Most people who read vn's know they don't need to pay for them.

>> No.15512652

I wonder how many mainstream players would want a 800x600 gameplay VN. People can get classic RPGs really cheaply on Steam and that's likely the price comparison that people will use for Baldr.

>> No.15512663

I will buy VNs when I'll get a job

>> No.15512668

That's because for a long time it was literally impossible to get most titles. Going from piracy to $40+ shitty translations with cut content is a big step.

>> No.15512669


>> No.15512671

Like with any other form of media, people will buy things if they can easily buy them. Most people want to support creators.
If it was true that people are so accustomed to piracy that they never bought anything, manga would never get published and anime would never get dubbed. Pirates make up a portion of the fanbase but these people are more than willing to buy things that are readily available. You need only look at Muv-Luv's kickstarter to see this.

>> No.15512682

Same, luckily my backlog is big enough that I should be able to get through it by the time I am employed again

>> No.15512699

Yea I agree, it does not help that most of the shit coming out is not particularly interesting on a surface level. I would like to see something like Mahoyo, Leyline, or Utawarerumono 2 get offical releases. If you keep flooding the market with bad visual novels, people will think visual novels are inherently bad.

Muv Luv, Baldr sky, and the likes are a step in the right direction.

>> No.15512704

>tfw SP will get Type-Moon

>> No.15512709

Do you think they will use the fantl for Fate/Stay Night if they ever license it?

>> No.15512710

I think you mean MoeNovel

>> No.15512755

Sekai Pro's is doing Leyline!

>> No.15512921


No anonymous, that is the opposite of fact.

>> No.15512964

I would show you proof, but I'm apparently blocked, because he can't take the fact that Yuuki and Yuki are two different names.

>> No.15512983

Salute kek.

>> No.15512987

I'm surprised, I only tweeted at him twice.

>> No.15513007


You can just log out anonymous.

The problem is that there isn't any proof to be had. And also that you're alleging that conjurer's secret project isn't unaffiliated when he's basically said it is three hundred hundreds.

>> No.15513041

Nah, he's got a secret project. So secret that you don't know about it.

>> No.15513426

If they do, they're retarded. Honestly Conjueror might be one of the only translators who can do Fate justice.

I don't think TM will ever partner up with anyone. They have a decent history of purposefully fucking westerners in the ass. I still remember the Melty Blood controversy.

>> No.15513502

It's not necessarily cash issues, even in the past they had Gift brought over on mobile so they have been interested in the West for some time. Their MG releases have both been successful quite successful so they have every reason to be able to cash in on the West. It's more along the lines of that they are acting like Visual Arts is right now, they made some money in the West so now they want to cash in on as much as they can, and they don't want to wait a decade for their titles to flow through MangaGamer.

>> No.15513520

Probably a good chance that one of the announcements for Otakon is Love Sweets. At this stage, releasing it will probably cause problems for Moonstone, which might affect any future Moonstone games released by MangaGamer.

MangaGamer might promise Moonstone to release it faster or do a TLC check to fix it up.

>> No.15513535


There's been barely anything so far that would suggest to them that they should do it through mangagamer instead of on their own, so I highly doubt that.

>> No.15513545

what MB controversy?

>> No.15513549

Why would it cause problems for Moonstone? MangaGamer isn't going to stop doing business with a partner because they self-publish a title.

>> No.15513555

I think he means them releasing it with an unpolished shit of a translation.

>> No.15513557

If Tokyo Babel isn't the closest then what is?

>> No.15513562

I wouldn't be surprised if they sold the R18 release through MangaGamer (and Nutaku if the Princess Evangile sales there have been reasonable), but they probably don't have any reason to give MangaGamer a cut of the Steam sales.

>> No.15513570


The only complaints they've seen so far have been about their website and they've said they'll fix them.

>> No.15513576

So speaking of Moonstone, I wonder how they will bring over Sakura no Mori.

>> No.15513591

Hopefully with MG.

>> No.15513621
File: 120 KB, 1280x720, 52455[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wonder when MG will bring Fortissimo

>> No.15513665

Kouryuu can work on it, so that he will never leave Da Capo hell.

>> No.15513706

So which tittle do yo think MG going to released first Da Capo 3 or Bokuten

>> No.15513709

Fate/stay night

>> No.15513712

Doddler has to port Da Capo 3, so I think that BokuTen will likely be released first.

>> No.15513727

I think he meant officially available.

>> No.15513851

But anon, Bokuten will be ported too

>> No.15513856

Bokuten is much shorter and will take much less time to port.

>> No.15513870

They need to do edits to make a (barely) Steam acceptable edition as well though, while that already exists for Da Capo.

>> No.15513924
File: 20 KB, 704x396, 1390912189929.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Goddamn spent hours trying to extract a script. I think it would be faster to train a monkey to do this for me.

>> No.15513960
File: 28 KB, 186x208, 1453432155643.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sorry for being new, but is this good place for VN recommendation or should I ask /r/?
/r/ seems too 3DPDish.

>> No.15513971

/vg/ fagget. This is for jaypee discussion only.

>> No.15513972

try /vn/ on /vg/. I don't use that thread myself but it's probably better suited than this one.

>> No.15513980

Don't be rude to cross posters!

>> No.15514005


Moonstone has not stopped working with MG. They're just doing their own thing too for whatever reason. I'm not exactly privy to their internal decisions so I can't really comment (not that I'd likely be allowed to even if I did know).


Game length has very little to do with how long a game will take to port. It's running on BGI though iirc, which Doddler has a fair bit of experience with.


That's pretty much how they always are in my experience. The best part is if you try to clean up the forums to make them not hellish cesspits for the handful of people trying to use them for actual discussion, the blatant trolls bitching about pricing or whatever (99% of the time they have no VNs in their library and never had any interest in or intention of buying the game in question, they just want to bitch about weebs and how VNs aren't real games) will throw even bigger tantrums if you delete or lock their threads and argue with you endlessly about how unfair their ban was because they were TOTALLY asking a serious question for realsies.

I honestly wish we could just disable them. The worst part is people posting actual support/tech issues on the boards instead of e-mailing us and getting lost in the sea of garbage since we don't have enough staff to babysit the steam forums for every game indefinitely.

>> No.15514035
File: 2.77 MB, 3600x1920, 1272730098247.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'll give you some protips:

1. Must hate dovac and Sekai Project.
2. If it's in English, it's shit.
3. Must be learning Japanese or pretend to be.

>> No.15514050

What happened to ef-the later tale's opening on MG? All I'm getting is he blurry Youtube version.

>> No.15514052


Hm, not sure. I can poke people about it. You mean on the product page?

>> No.15514058


>> No.15514061

I've got these 2 pages here which might interest you.

>> No.15514063

I'll check /vg/ then, thanks.

>> No.15514064

Chances are he's an EOP and half the stuff in your pic is currently untranslated.
>tfw I meet all the requirements to be a /jp/

>> No.15514071

The most important requirement is
4. Don't abuse quote and spoiler functions

>> No.15514081

The mark of a true Jpsee is using the surprise box accordingly.

>> No.15514094

I half expected that.

>> No.15514104
File: 2.62 MB, 2025x3000, 1401023466037.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're trying too much, friend.

>> No.15514122

I play Seinarukana, I think of this.
I watch the animu Aroduc sorely hates, I think of this.
I go to sleep, I think of this.
It's eating me alive. Why does he change her name? Why do they allow it? It's a completely different change than when you leave out the letters elsewhere.

>> No.15514132

Maybe MG and JAST should work together to create a Steam/Nutaku like store for VNs. They could make a agreement that MG and JAST keep full profit of their games from that store while they split the cut for third party VNs. I think that doing this would make it easier for new people to find the VNs that cant be on Steam while also making it more convenient for everyone since they could get most VNs at the same place. This would probably result in more sales too.

But for this to work MG and JAST as the two most important VN publishers in the west need to do it together so that they can both keep the full profit for their VNs because otherwise it wouldn't make much sense for the other party to join.

>> No.15514142

Kouryuu already told you >>15504228
>It's not a mistake, just a differing localization choice. When I worked on DEARDROPS, we used the official spellings that condensed the vowels.

>It's a perfectly valid decision to use it.

And the japanese OP

Blame ChuableSoft, not MG.

>> No.15514149

Can one of your representatives at least poke them about translation quality? I don't want to have to pirate their games just because they are inept.

>> No.15514155

That vowel condensation does not create another name in 99% of cases, but it does here.
If there was another girl who was actually called Yuki, what the fuck would you do?

>> No.15514161

I'm starting to get worried for you, anon. Take a breather, man. Fight the good fight again next week or something

>> No.15514163

Also, we already went through this, but japs are never the ones you turn to when it comes to romanization. It's a conversion from their language, not to their language. They don't understand shit, have a different common system than the one that's used in the west and they're inconsistent about the usage.

>> No.15514169


Thanks. I'll try to see what's up with that.


I mean I can try to poke evo about it, I guess.

>> No.15514171


This thread is for twitter drama, scene gossip, and complaining about dovac.

>> No.15514174

poke poke ~

>> No.15514177

They would rename one of them to Snow. (Then hint that she is also named John to sell more to game of throne fans)

>> No.15514183

This is what I needed.

>> No.15514187

Yu Ki

>> No.15514225

Yuki and YUKI.

>> No.15514230

At this point I hope you don't stop, even after it gets released.

>> No.15514233

No thanks, I don't want to hear him sperg for 100 posts.

>> No.15514240

It would probably be more sensible for a third party (like a non-shitty version of Nutaku) to make such a website and get the full support of MG and JAST, and honestly even SP for Denpa titles so everything is consolidated accordingly. But that'll never happen since there can't be much money in it, even with the VN scene growing.

>> No.15514244

Fakku can try to branch out into VNs, I guess.

>> No.15514251


I doubt that something like that'll ever happen since that's exactly the platform they all want to be themselves. But then again, mangagamer did go and stick their shit on nutaku so who the fuck knows


That'd be a saltstorm if I ever saw one.

>> No.15514297

I'm quick to give up things, like a typical /jp/sie.

>> No.15514448


>tfw you license a huge game and forget to get the rights to the already complete translation

>> No.15514472

I figured this is what was going on, but jesus. I guess they really jumped the gun.

Is it bad that I want Aroduc to fuck everything over for Dovac?

>> No.15514483

>inb4 Sekai has to translate it themselves with their in-house B team

>> No.15514492

Does Sekai even have an in-house A team? Has any one of their in-house translations not been total shit?

>> No.15514502

That's what I meant. Their in-house translations are never good. At least they're usually readable.

>> No.15514512

I think the Narcissu guy kind of counts? And Kanna too

>> No.15514519

I don't see how Doddler's response says much of anything.

>> No.15514522

You need to read between the lines.

>> No.15514532

Baldr sky is a fucklong game with a million technical issues. If sekai doesn't get the existing translation, it will probably be 3-4 years to get something reasonable out if starting from scratch. And that's stretching the definition of 'reasonable'.

>> No.15514544

Well, reading the rest of Doddler's tweets on this and the general attitude from Dovac's twitter I can see where you can arrive at this conclusion, especially considering Doddler was claiming he was a mediating party between two people, and now his recent tweet confirms that there is something a little shaky going on.

Whether or not it is as we are imagining it is another thing altogether, but one thing is certain; something certainly going on in regards to the translation.

>> No.15514550

That's just for Dive 1.

>> No.15514560
File: 55 KB, 217x190, 1466786742047.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Stall Rakuen indefinitely
>Show Koestl the big bucks
>Censor irrelevant stuff

>> No.15514571

Dovac got the license, rushed to announce it without talking to Aroduc, realized how fucked he'd be after AX so immediately slapped Aroduc with a C&D to keep him from releasing his patch, so now Aroduc's pissed off at him and Dovac wants to release a cut content version of the game that doesn't exist but won't accept that it's impossible.

I guarantee you that this is what's happened.

>> No.15514573

You forgot
>Start a Kickstarter

>> No.15514579

Aroduc hasn't made a blog post with regards to Baldr Sky yet either.

>> No.15514580

I wish Aroduc said something. Instead he's posting million blogposts about how much he hates every airing anime there is.

>> No.15514599

If, in their spectacular display of stubborn stupidity, they do release a game with a renamed character, I'll take his place and patch the script myself.
And since the patched script won't survive in the Internet on its own, I'll have to bundle it with the whole game and put it on several torrent sites to ensure that the target audience gets the game in the state original authors wanted it to be.
They heard our arguments and refused to listen to the voice of reason.
You can be wrong if you insist, but this will cost you.

>> No.15514600

What are you expecting him to say?

Dovac fucked me over, is asking the impossible, and is offering to give me a fraction of what it's worth in return?

>> No.15514611

It could also be that Sekai Project made concessions to Giga that Aroduc doesn't want to go along with, such as how much influence Giga has over the final script or decisions on what gets removed from a release.

>> No.15514613
File: 1.24 MB, 1242x696, Screenshot_318.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dovac made it into Neptunia

>> No.15514615

To be fair, this season is dogshit. Worst summer in years, and that's saying alot since summer always sucks for anime.

Only shit that's above 'watchable' is 91Days, Arslan, (maybe) Danganronpa, Illya, Rewrite (mostly redundant to the VN, and retarded as fuck if you haven't read it), and Souma. Orange too, if you're a girl I guess.

The best shows this season are continuations - Re:Zero, Kuromukuro, and Delta, and Kuromukuro is flat-out mediocre.

>> No.15514620

I think I'm more inclined to believe this as well. Or perhaps Dovac offered him so-and-so amount of dollars but is backtracking on that--especially considering how expensive the Giga license must've been. It could be anything, really.

But in the end it is probably Dovac's fault. Sasuga.

>> No.15514663

I fucking hate Dovac so much. If this is what happened I swear to God my opinion of him will hit a new low.

I've always kinda liked Aroduc, despite him being a cynical bastard, but that comes with the package. He got more or less fucked over by JAST already, and now SP is just rubbing salt in his wounds.

>> No.15514677

What actually happened with him and JAST ?

>> No.15514691

Aroduc is fast an efficient. I enjoyed reading his TL notes. For things like Kamidori for instance he objectively improved upon the original.

>> No.15514699

Given how Doddler knew absolutely fucknothing about the deal, and Aroduc isn't the type of guy to go around other people he's working with, it's most likely that Dovac got the license right before AX and decided to announce it - either wasn't aware that Aroduc was translating it, or because he had no time to enter talks before AX.

Now they've entered talks, and Aroduc either doesn't like the price that they'll pay, he flat-out doesn't want to sell his translation to Sekai Project because they're cunts (and thus triggering dovac 'maturing up' on Twitter post-AX to try to make himself look better), doesn't like the terms of the agreement in terms of his stake in the final state of the script and censorship, or he was pre-emptively hit with a C&D by SP when they found out he was translating it and are now trying to buy the translation off of him.

Either way, he feels like the type of person who fucking hates censorship, and as >>15514663 said, he's a cynical bastard. I'm sure he'd be fine with just cutting the H-scenes, but I doubt he'd be willing to do what SP did to Grisaia, which is what they'd probably want from him.

Regardless, they're probably at a deadlock.

>> No.15514711

They took forever to both release the game and pay him.

Gotta remember that JAST pays translators when the game is released, not when it's translated or edited. I swear, JAST's strategy is to wait so long after a work is translated, that they forget to collect the money. That poor Sumaga translator has probably long-since forgotten the project existed.

>> No.15514716

Aroduc says he grew out of honorifics, so fuck him.

>> No.15514717

This level of autism is overwhelming.

>> No.15514721

I think he actually wrote several blog posts regarding that (according to his POV.)


>> No.15514730
File: 88 KB, 420x314, 1452612014259.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You know what, maybe Aroduc has soured to the whole corporate translations thing and wants nothing to do with SP/MG/JAST ever again?

>> No.15514757

Why not all the things?

>> No.15514766

Maybe. He did decline Jast's offer to translate the additional all-ages content for the steam version of Seinarukana

>> No.15514774

Frankly I delt after the events of the last few years that he was the only translator that I could reliably still trust to do fan work. That being said I hope he secured a good occupation. He's given a lot to the English community at this point. I don't know how his life situation is but I hope it's good.

>> No.15514776

Not the only one, apparently.

>We’re not being licenced by MangaGamer or SekaiProject so shut it. I hate these two companies with a passion.

But perhaps he's just saying that to obscure his actual intentions, you never know.

>> No.15514784

I know he was unemployed and in school when he started blogging. I think he has a job in IT now.

>> No.15514787

>hating MG
Why were they brought up anyway? They don't pick up fan tls very often as far as I know.

>> No.15514805

I will fucking love you if you do it, mate. Just put it on mega and post a link here when it's done. I'm always lurking.

>> No.15514818

I've never really understood why he did fan translating anyway, most people would work on translation projects for e-peen, business opportunities, cash and sometimes out of the goodness of their heart. With Aroduc, I just don't know. All possibilities seem unlikely when it comes to him.

>> No.15514831

Hatred for the Japanese language.

>> No.15514845
File: 72 KB, 402x397, 1454802347610.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There's a really obvious possibility you missed.

Maybe he's just bored and he finds translating fun, or at least a way of distracting his mind from the tedium of life, or improving his own understanding of the language?

There's not exactly alot of reasons left.

>> No.15514846

That probably wouldn't stop idiots from asking.

>> No.15514874
File: 11 KB, 470x454, 1364999448879.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>he finds translating fun
That genuinely never crossed my mind. Translating and fun? I already hate translating things from DE -> EN, and that's ridiculously easy compared to JP - > EN.

Truly Aroduc must be a rare creature. Or I'm defect myself, probably the latter one.

>> No.15514889

Does anyone know what engine Atelier Sakura games (specifically https://vndb.org/v5160) use and if there's any script ripping/patching tools out there?

>> No.15514948

It seems he's a workaholic, don't know about translation being fun

>> No.15514953

>Given how Doddler knew absolutely fucknothing about the deal, and Aroduc isn't the type of guy to go around other people he's working with, it's most likely that Dovac got the license right before AX and decided to announce it - either wasn't aware that Aroduc was translating it, or because he had no time to enter talks before AX.
You are fucking crazy. Aroduc was informed about negotiations with GIGA months ago, and everyone on his secret irc channel knew it and discussed it there openly. Its bizarre that Doddler wasn't informed, but there's certainly no issues between Aroduc and dovac.

>> No.15514965

Right, because you are part of Aroduc's super secret IRC and have access to Aroduc's super secret forum.
Lying faggot.

>> No.15514987

If you like writing or languages translating can be real fun. Even moreso if you like the source material. I like translating myself but it's too much of a time sink for me to ever want to work on a VN, but if I had the free time I'd probably give it a go. I'm sure there are others like that.
Like any other hobby or skill, I think it can be enjoyable, just depending on how you apply it. Professionally I'm a programmer but I hate what I work on at work, but when I go home and work on side projects I always have fun with them.

>> No.15515012

Even herkz knew about it and he isn't involved in the project... I could search the that tweet but laziness is a bitch

>> No.15515036

He's called NISA and T-K embarrassments to translators. Why would he like SP?

>> No.15515053

For same reason he called Baldr Sky shit in his review but still spent time translating it or calls every fucking anime shit but still watches it.
His public opinion doesn't align with his actions.

>> No.15515060


I am not doubting that Aroduc knew of the negotiations and had been, at least to some degree, involved with them.

On the other hand, I could easily believe that Aroduc isn't happy about the terms of the license with Giga, especially if Sekai had to make concessions to get Giga to agree to the deal without his input.

>> No.15515158

He's a tsundere?

>> No.15515172

Dive 2's streets ahead of Dive 1, so it could just be that.

>> No.15515353

I mean in general. He can't express his feelings well is what I'm saying.

>> No.15515378

Sekai has been trying to get baldr sky for years, there's no secret there. Actually everyone has tried, including Jast and MG. The question is, did Aroduc know a deal was actually struck, and more importantly, if he had agreed to anything. Things could also have changed drastically, including status of 18+, cut content, or use of crowdfunding.

>> No.15515431

Aroduc said he was translating porn for it about a week before it was announced. I guarantee the cut content was unknown.

>> No.15515626

>realized how fucked he'd be after AX so immediately slapped Aroduc with a C&D to keep him from releasing his patch

If negotiations fail, can someone who is not Aroduc, maybe someone named cudorA, release a patch?

>> No.15515647

I find it fun as well, at least when I read in japanese, since I am partly mentally translating in my head anyway, and I think about how I would phrase it in english

>> No.15515801


Should be close enough, contact the author if it doesn't support your particular game.

>> No.15515804

>JAST pays translators when the game is released
So that's why kirby has been acting like a starving hobo.

>> No.15515828


Thanks. Managed to unpack it with that crass tool I found eventually instead, seems to be a pretty unknown engine, its archives are in the form of ".gsp" files which crass seems to use AGSD.cui for. Scripts are in some painfully formatted ".spt" form.

As the repacker Crass claims it has in fact seems to not exist though seems I'm at a dead end as far as potential editing goes.

>> No.15515844

Man, if it's true Aroduc sure is unlucky picking publishers to work for.
He should just go with MG like all cool freelancers do.

I can understand the hate behind Sekai Project, but them also despising MG strikes me as weird. The only reason I can think of is that they tried to sell their translation and were told it was shit.

>> No.15515851

He tried to get MG to license Romanesque. It wasn't his idea for Jast to get it, and if he's not signed on with SP yet, he hasn't picked them either.

>> No.15515866

>but them also despising MG strikes me as weird
They are funa clowns of Aaeru era, they all got pissed at MG when MG C&Ded Aaeru's Da Capo fan-tl.

>> No.15515898
File: 40 KB, 976x512, ic7742xj9zqe7du.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Aaeru era
Man, stop making me feel old. And don't you even mention Cuddamnit

>> No.15515911

I almost miss cudder's insanity.

>> No.15515987


Was it really so long ago?

>> No.15516015

Aaeru died 3 years ago.

>> No.15516038

Simply beautiful. Please tell me that it was a brain cancer and dovac is next.

>> No.15516157

Dovac will not die until he's fulfilled his life wish, and that is to kill the visual novel scene. The hatred only makes him stronger.

>> No.15516415

So if the game is never released, the translator is never paid for his time?

>> No.15516434

Fuck if I know. Ask kirby if he got paid for his work in Sumaga.

>> No.15516463

Pity bux for weed. Aren't they retranslating it anyway?

>> No.15516478

I got paid for my work. I was waiting on it for quite a while, but they didn't keep me waiting until the game came out.

>> No.15516485

So are they self-publishing?

>> No.15516891

so... sumaga soon?

>> No.15516995
File: 616 KB, 800x600, 1468011817448.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fucking Jast. I just wish to read some good stories while I learn jpn on the side. Schatten when

>> No.15517770
File: 87 KB, 1155x397, slowest editor in history.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So, who's the editor?

>> No.15519648

Isnt he still working with JAST i thought he was going to clean up the eiyuu senki tl

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