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Confessing to Remi!

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Confessing to Redman!

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I am the vampire hunter that hides under her bed and makes noises during the day scaring her.

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I want to give the Remimi a big, wet, adult kiss!, fondle her slender loli body in a rough and obscene manner as she tries to push me away!, sniff all of her lewd girl aromas, lick every single crevice of her body, manhandle her petite frame with sexual intent whenever and wherever I happen to find her!

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Thats a less creepy and more jerky way to say you are Sakuya stalking the mistress to get off.

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She is clearly disgusted.

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Maybe she thinks it's a cruel joke and someone put you up to it.

YOU confessing to Remi?

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>you will never mating press Remilia

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That's a weird thing for Remi to say.
Is she feeling okay?

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Remi wishes she could duplicate herself and grow a dick to mating press her clone.

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Being smugged at by the Remy!

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smugcute Remy best Remy.

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Petting the Remy!

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Anyone want to trade Remis?

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I want to force smug Remi to lick MY underarm! Then I want to tie her up and squeeze her nipples till they are tinder! Eventually I want to do a mixture of rubbing her clit teasingly while at some points pinching her clit mercilessly! I want to make her small booty becomes red as cherries while agonizingly teasing her clit until she can't help herself but cum! I want Remi to love pain and crave more! I want Remi to ask me to hurt HER. Every time she ask I'll give her a nice dish of my sperm!

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This image is an improper depiction of the Mistress. delet.

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O... okay.

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No! Don't give in to bullying! Fight for what you believe in!

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I want to unleash my homemade cream on Remi! I'm a great baker.

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Being hugged by the Remy!

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Of course you would be smitten with Remi's beauty and charisma!

At least your confidence should impress the Remiremi
If you were offered a butler position with room for upgrades, would you take it?

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It's a trap

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If she and Sakuya pin down Flan, she's almost halfway there. She just needs Eirin's help for the dick.

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Oh, man. That must be nice.

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Is Remi's skin cold like a cadaver's or normally warm?

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Yep, she's as cold as ice. But to make up for it she has like pale skin that anyone could envy.

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I want to hug the mistress so bad.

So bad.

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I want to be Remi's living hot water bottle!

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Assuming you start your butler career at the status of "lowly dog" how far away is "Mistress's boyfriend"?

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Post baby Remi

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why don't they just make the whole dress out of parasol material

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Unknown, but she's stated to be a devil and never really referred to as undead.

I lean on warm myself.

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Quite sure at least the dressed part won't affect Remi, in fact the most effective way to deal with the sun for her would be dressing like a muslim.

Also I don't think the sun has a real physical effect on her but it's more of a psychological thing like when a kid that fell down acts like nothing only to notice 10 minutes later his knees are full of blood and will start crying the whole day. I'm saying this because in SSiB she acts like that until the others point out she's been under the sun for quite a while.

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\  ヽ    i  |     /   / 
              ;' ':;,,     ,;'':;,
             ;'   ':;,.,.,.,.,.,,,;'  ';,
  ー         ,:'          ::::::::、
 __        ,:' /       \   ::::::::',
     二    :'  ●      ●     ::::::::i.
   ̄       i  ''' (__人_)  ''''    ::::::::::i
    -‐      :             ::::::::i
           `:,、           :::::::::: /
    /       ,:'        : ::::::::::::`:、
            ,:'         : : ::::::::::`:、

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Holy shit

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Very far away.
However, making a good impression means everything.

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Confessing what?

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I want to hold her hands and pat her head. Remi is a good girl.

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Where do these remi's come from?

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forgive me Remi for i have sinned

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Remilia is literally an undead monster unlike Reimu who is just figuratively one

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Remilia is ugly too. Very ugly, and probably very smelly, like rotting meat in the hot sun.

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Shut up.

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You just stay there while the Remy smugs at you.

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whenever I lift weights I get horny thinking about the Remimi and her slender, petite frame and how I can lift in a single arm more than she possibly weights.

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Stay in the trash, where you belong.

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I just want to pulverize her womb with Hamon imbued fists.