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I'm hungry /jp/

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I want to rape Alice, /jp/.

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I'm hungry for Alice's goodies /jp/

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Found OP

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I haven't eaten in 3 days.

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Pay attention to what you are doing Miss Margatroid!

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I want to a eat out Alice.

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Pretty sure there is a doujin (or two) of this.

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I haven't eaten very much, I ran out of money on the 14th, and my NEETBUX haven't come in.
I'm still fat, even though I go days without eating, and when I do eat it's one meal a day
What gives?

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Alice has no friends, except for maybe that bitch next door.

I'd still fuck her in front of her dolls, though.

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Me too, OP.
But I have nothing to eat.

I'm in the mood for some carbonara.

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What is up with those doll chairs?
Are they like regular chairs (abide small), and just magically hover next to the table?
Or do they have like comically long toothpick chair legs that reach the floor?

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It's like you read my mind. I just want to bend her over the table while the dolls look on in horror.

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Each doll chair sits on top of a regular chair, for the friends that Alice doesn't have.

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Any nice guides for cheap cooking?

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By not eating, you put your body into survival mode and so when you do eat, your body get as much as it can from the food you provide it with.

Starving yourself like that makes you *gain* weight.


Have a look over at /ck/, they've got plenty of resources for tastey, but frugal food.

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They are probably just tiny chairs sitting on a bench.

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I disagree.
Cutting calories is the only real way to lose weight

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You don't "disagree" with biology.
There's a difference between eating 300 fewer calories every day and eating 3000 more or 3000 less on random days.

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Man I really want to FUCK a dollmaker!

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OP a cute

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I want to die.
Do you think getting a job in Gensokyo would be easy?

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I want to rape Shanghai

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A job?
Your dick is all you need in Gensokyo.

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Good job picking a picture that I edited from the Cirno pictures. Which means you must be the fake!

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How about a job working for Eirin where you administer suppositories to the residents of Gensokyo?

If you are really Alice, then what color panties are you wearing

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A certain baka needs economic advice so she can better run her shaved ice stand!

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You should eat
a human being
a tasty being
a scrumptious being
You should make
a delicious roast
a gracious toast
a satisfying boast
Gut them with a cooking knife
Skin them while they have their life
Simmer with a brazen pot
Wait until its steaming hot

You should eat
a human being
a tasty being
a scrumptious being

Bite into their living flesh
Their faithful power you will mesh
Your duty is to eat their kind
Bring some fear into their mind

You should eat
a human being
a tasty being
a scrumptious being

Now go out there and find!

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I'd shave her ice, if you know what I mean.

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>Now go out there and find!

A pizza!

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Trick question. I'm not wearing any.

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Freakin hamburgers and fries!