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As AX is about to start, the AX thread for visual novel announcements.

Panel schedule for AX(all times Pacific)
MangaGamer - 10:45pm Friday July 1st
Jast USA - 11:15pm Saturday July 2nd
Sekai Project - 8:00pm Sunday July 3rd
Sekai Project: Sayori + Degica - 9:00pm Sunday July 3rd
MangaGamer: Shigeo Hamashima - Q&A - 10:15pm Sunday July 3rd
MangaGamer: nbkz Q&A - 12:15pm Monday July 4th
Frontwing - At AX, no formal panel
Visual Arts - At AX, no formal panel

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You're not allowed to photograph Hamashima.

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Albatross Sky Butlers hype!

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You'll get Sona-nyl, BL, and Chuablesoft and you'll like it.

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No alterations were necessary after all.

Just 35 hours left to get those bets in.

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Do we know Degica is only announcing one title?

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All we know is that yoshimune is there and it's "not just muv-luv".

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Reposting mine.

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Praying for you EOPs not getting anything good and/or relevant.

Especially not August.

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You again.

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Yeah, my wishes stay constant.

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I'm wondering whether I, an ESL, should counter-pray that and pretend that I'm a karma or do not bother and keep the neutrality.

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wording this tbqh

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Is there going to be a stream, or that live transcript thing?

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Half expecting only garbage announcements.

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27 more hours till panel, isn't it a bit too early for thread?

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Granted it doesn't mean much with regards to licensing, but MG had a bunch of Maggot Baits stuff in the images they showed from their AX booth setup.

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VNTLS got shitposted to the bump limited and died is why this popped up so early I imagine.

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I hope so. I wanna shitpost with /jp/ in real time.

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They already said not to go by their merch, because they sell whatever they can get their hands on.

And they already said that they didn't have any plans for Maggot Baits on twitter.

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I remember last year when I had high expectations. This time? Fuck them all, we're gonna get average tier stuff and like it. Not me, I'm done.

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>Add on panel coverage. I will also be streaming MangaGamer panel on Friday night at 10:45 pm

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Until con internet renders those plans moot.

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We need to get based moogy in here to put these EOPs in their place desu

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From their new Muv Luv Kickstarter update in the part about AX

>and new games to announce!

So it looks like multiple announcements

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how many years has it been now since sumaga was announced?

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They'd say that right up until they did announce it, so it's not like that means anything.

I'm personally starting to lean eromanga though, since this is lining up right with kouryuu finishing DC3, and eroge continues to be a top seller to this day.

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Frontwing's new AX post indicates we will be getting at least some type of announcement from them at AX. Relevant part of the post.

> *Exciting Announcements*

>There will be a video playing at our booth. To see what plans we have in store in the future, come and see for yourself, before everyone else!

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If there was any doubt left about chuable soft, Ishida was on the flight with bamboo and is now complaining that he can't sleep because LA hobos are being too noisy rooting through the trash outside his hotel.

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Eromanga makes a lot more sense then Maggot Baits. As far as we know, Eorge has done a lot better then euphoria at this point, and Eromanga came out first and has an hanimation. I would expect Maggot to be next year at best and Ero this year.

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>Sekai Project
Reminder that their co-founder says anyone liking loli should be send in jail. Do you seriously believe he'll allow Maitetsu uncensored?

>> No.15475136

I can't wait until Maitetsu becomes the meme game of the year and it becomes trendy to be a pedophile.

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It's gonna be all age only with all nudity removed though.

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The only way MG will sastify me is by announcing a new InnoGrey title.

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All-ages and a snore-fest because people will read it for the loli and will drop it because of the huge info dump on TRAINS.

>> No.15475264

Probably not gonna happen and if they did I'd expect it at Otakon. AX is going to be filled by guest announcements, otome-esque Sona-nyl, and BL. There isn't even room for anything else.

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Are train otakus only a thing in Japan?

>> No.15475281

My father was a model train otaku. At the time of his death, he owned model trains at an estimated value of $50k.

>> No.15475323

Trains are cool.

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>KnS3 simultaneous release in the west and Japan

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The new partners are likely LevoL, a BL company since parade is tapped out at the moment, and Chuablesoft. The existing partners will be Sona-nyl and Ero Manga. The guests and Haro's twitter comments to BL and otome fans just about confirms such a lineup.

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Yeah, I forgot about this https://vndb.org/v17376
But still, they may announce it at Otakon

>> No.15475509

It's gonna be that shitty match-3 game whose name I didn't even bother to remember.

>> No.15475516

MG mentioned "girly boys" in an interview which makes me think they have such a game planned. If not the BL title, then it could be this trap MC game from Chuablesoft.


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I'm in the hall early as a dealer and checked frontwing's booth they're playing baldr heart intro.

>> No.15475524

Nobody will read it m8. Do you seriously think people are gonna buy a loli VN will all the lolis removed?
No, the game is liked for the lolis. The twitter account mostly advertise the main girl.

>> No.15475537

>"Watashi ga Suki nara “Suki” tte Itte" is about a protagonist that likes gardening and cooking.

Holy sheet. This is the VN for me.

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I want to marry her

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>No, the game is liked for the lolis.

Perhaps mainly, but most definitely for trains too. Remember those train ride events the writer held and paid for fans?

Or fans tweeting about trains?

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Yeh and the only train ever advertised was the android loli's train.

>> No.15475570

Yeah, that's the main train appeal, as Hachiroku is the main loli appeal.

Have you played the game? Remember the scenes introducing it and lovingly showcasing it?

>> No.15475575

>Is there going to be a stream, or that live transcript thing?

While he hasn't mentioned panels he is covering, but our usual live transcript source updated his site indicating he is at AX.

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>Shigeo is amazed by all the big-breasted girls in America.
Pretty sure she's a lesbian, but a lesbian with good taste.

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File: 586 KB, 2048x1536, CmPT1W8UYAAMj_B.jpg large.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She's going to be so fat after she leaves.

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Nope, I don't want to be spoiled. I'm going to pirate Sekai's translation though, so I'll eventually get to know.

>> No.15475589

Then why do you comment on the game and its appeal? Especially when it's clear you wouldn't be able to understand it.

>> No.15475592

Koihime Musou sequel confirmed? The blonde loli is exclusive to the sequels...

>> No.15475599

Don't assume their merch is next license. They sell random stuff all the time.

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It's California, so everyone is more attractive than other places in the US. Alot of those boobs are probably fake too.

>> No.15475615

Man disappointing. When I saw this daki, I had my hopes increased. MangaGamer would had won AX if they announced Koihime Musou's sequel.

>> No.15475638

They can't afford to do Shin Koihime Musou, since last I heard they needed to sell 6,000 full price copies on their website just to break even. Most of Baseson's games are equally as expensive. I'm not even sure a kickstarter would work with how high its goal would have to be to cover the costs. Baseson priced themselves out of the western market.

>> No.15475650

artist? Tried all the usual methods and searching through artists I thought were similar, came up with nothing
I thought it was Milky Holmes when I saw the ribbon

>> No.15475660

degica announced a VN Maker.


>> No.15475667

At least that is separate from the announcements they plan at AX, as they announced it in their same Muv Luv post that said they had multiple announcements planned for AX.

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I hate that thing. It's extremely wrong and the numbers change radically as the campaign progresses. Strong start, slow middle, followed by a usual last 48 hour flood.

>> No.15475767

thanks man

I'll abstain from 4chan as payment

>> No.15475884

Glad to see they'll make it. Based FW saving VNs

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The kigurumi mask is disturbing but wow that's a really nice body.

>> No.15476023

>landwhale con-goers with """""""big""""""" tits
Eh she was probably being sarcastic

>> No.15476099

JAST stealth released Sonico O:

>> No.15476101

No, but it will be nice getting a valid reason to pirate all his games for a decade. Else my poor sense of justice would make me buy stuff.

>> No.15476110

Visual Arts/Key decided to steal release Tomoyo After as well.

>> No.15476111

Uh, there was a release date on their website and they did some promo vids on Youtube.

>> No.15476123

He updated his schedule for today, and indicates we will have a live transcript of MG tonight, so even if the video stream has problems there is a backup.

>> No.15476147

I hope it is something like まにょっこみのりん or 女装山脈.

>> No.15476174

Now we can make more OELVN.

>> No.15476180

Got to remember to pirate that. After all, I own the PS3 version so I'd just avoid paying double.

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I think Sona-Nyl and the ChuableSoft title will be announced at Otakon.
Minori announcement will be Supipara release date and +18 patch for max profit.

>> No.15476264

>not liking mommy milk

>> No.15476273

Reminder that Hamashima Shigeo did only one character for EroManga! so if they announce a game related to a guest it'll be Fraternite where she did all the characters.

I hope i'm right and the Clockup title isn't Cosscos! because she worked on this one too.

>> No.15476372

>All ages

>> No.15476394

According to this >>15474749, Chuablesoft's president is in LA for AX now. Was at the MangaGamer booth just an hour ago, in fact.

One of the new partners is definitely going to be Chuablesoft.

>> No.15476467

It's great that they took our advice to not go to SP.

>> No.15476482

I'm waiting for official confirmation but if that really happened, I'm glad he listened to the tweets.

>> No.15476692

They don't have a panel though do they? I doubt they'd be announcing anything, but that's still pretty interesting.

>> No.15476718

She's very famous, so even if she had minimal involvement they would still use her to promote Ero Manga. It fits in with MG doing sequels and Kouryuu translated EROGE and now's he free.

>> No.15476724

They did say they would be showing off what they were doing next as a video in their booth. Baldr Heart wouldn't be a surprise as I'm sure Giga isn't oblivious to the rise of the Western market, and their new Baldr title would probably make more business sense then the two part Baldr Sky.

>> No.15476731

Can't wait to see AJTilley's abominations in Live2D.
The shit is surreal to even try to imagine.

>> No.15476827

Living four hours in the future is awful. It means Mangagamer and JAST panel will happen at like 4 pm down here. Can't even watch the streams :(

>> No.15476836

I mean 3 pm actually

>> No.15476913

Back to plebbit you go.

>> No.15477067

What is plebbit? :(

>> No.15477214

What? That :sadface emoji exists for longer than the internet

>> No.15477394


10:45 PM

>> No.15477457

I hope MG gets a better cameraman than the current one. Like fuck, learn to use a tripod and learn that zooming multiple times gives people a headache.

>> No.15477471



>> No.15477818

2h 40min

>> No.15477974

I was in front of the booth waiting to see if I won the most awkward weeaboo dinner of my life, and even the dedicated Keyfags like myself had no idea it was stealth released.

Kazamatsuri apparently had a post on it earlier today and we're surprised as well.
I guess they borrowed marketing tactics from SP after CLANNAD.

>> No.15478022

Fuck Mangagamer.

>> No.15478029


Woah dude, rude. At least until after the announcements.

>> No.15478039

I don't know how likely any of these are since the Witch Boy kickstarter bombed and would make such titles appear undesirable for licensing.

>> No.15478052

Then you'll just bitch that it's sour grapes. Fuck them now. Fuck them forever.

>> No.15478063

If they do otome they might do Sakuragatari instead.

>> No.15478079

Dovac, pls go.

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>> No.15478316


>> No.15478319

>tfw it's Dies Irae

>> No.15478331

>all ages
no thanks

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File: 1.05 MB, 1920x2155, 1463183150560.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not gonna lie. I would buy 3 copies of Dies Irae if is truth.

>> No.15478341

WA 2, please.

>> No.15478346
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Lol, you know jackshit about Dies Irae and only base your hype on memers from Twitter and Reddit. And you'd buy 3 copies? How easy to take advantage of are you, sucker?

Even Conjueror, one of the biggest Dies Irae memers, knows you suckers wouldn't handle it.

>> No.15478357

Jokes on him though, I bought Tokyo Babel.

>> No.15478366

I know that I going to buy it, faggot.
Also, I liked Tokyo Babel and yes, I bought it.

>> No.15478407

Once you pass it through a Conjueror salt filter, you come out with something that's actually praise!

>> No.15478413

>calls himself a writer
>misuses adjectives as adverbs

>> No.15478443


>> No.15478464

You'll never be as relevant as Conjueror-sama, random EOP-kun.

>> No.15478474
File: 24 KB, 586x195, 10231456523145.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.15478491


>> No.15478497

I'm Herkz, cockfag. I'm already three times as important as that dicksucker.

>> No.15478502


>> No.15478505

But I don't need a car rental...

>> No.15478526

When will the live start?

>> No.15478528

It's been canceled.

>> No.15478530


>> No.15478545


>> No.15478556


>> No.15478563

Seems like MG wil start their pannel late again this year...

>> No.15478576

It's a panel tradition by now, isn't it?

>> No.15478577


Gotta let people get inside before you start your panel

>> No.15478582


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File: 13 KB, 300x54, salty fag.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.15478609


You realize that's someone intentionally baiting you/him right?

Are you faggots really so antsy that you have to follow a stream chat?

>> No.15478620


Panel is on, stream is not

Stop arguing with fuwatards and do it the old way

>> No.15478622

Rance announced!

>> No.15478625

Stream is working silly.

>> No.15478626

Stream's up now.

>> No.15478627

Fuck, I'm afraid some good games will be desecrated by an EOP release.

>> No.15478632

>we've always named the panel "the now and future of visual novels"

Aside from when it was called "the now and future of bishoujo games"

>> No.15478636

Who's the fat guy doing translation?

>> No.15478641

They stole the fat guy from Sekai Project.

>> No.15478657

Why Bamboo keeps calling MangaGamer "MangaGamers"?

>> No.15478665

Supipara July 29

>> No.15478667

Looking forward to seeing supipara finally getting episode 5 in 2030

>> No.15478683

So is this Supipara thing one of the announcements?

>> No.15478686

Pre-announcement announcement, according to their twitter.

>> No.15478687

Whatever gets announced, I probably played it years ago already :^)

>> No.15478688

At least he admitted that it didn't sell well.

>> No.15478689


No, but everyone knew it was going to get pimped

>> No.15478691

They haven't updated their announcement page, but that might not be meaningful.

>> No.15478694

I wonder if the Japanese hear this they will get mad.

>> No.15478697

minori talking about pandering to the West. Brave new world.

>> No.15478698

Supipara 3,4,5 announced to be west-first, JOPs BTFOd.

>> No.15478700

Why would they? They didn't really care for Supipara.

>> No.15478701

Lol at this pander to EOPs.
Noone in Japan wanted their bland non-H shit, so now they have to push it for EOPs.

>and we're going to start thinking of different ways to see what games, what titles, what types of genres will sell in the foreign market, and work very closely together with bamboo-san to get more information
And there you go, enjoy more cucked shit faggots. This is how you EOPs ruin the eroge industry.

>> No.15478704

I don't think so. Supipara sold like shit for a reason.

>> No.15478711

I wonder if anyone'll stream nbkz's panel

I submitted some questions to that that would be interesting to see answered

>> No.15478713

VLC quality.

>> No.15478717


This shit was literally announced years ago, do you guys have the memories of an insect or something

>> No.15478719

Chuablesoft confirmed.

>> No.15478720


Pretty much everyone knew that one though.

>> No.15478721

LOL at this buttmad JOP.

>> No.15478722


Well, they were open about wanting EOP cash.

>> No.15478726

You called it.

>> No.15478730

Yeah, I'm pretty mad at the possibility of subhuman swines like you ruining eroge industry.

>> No.15478732

>Hadaka Shitsuji

>> No.15478734

Awww shiet. Gay Butlers.

>> No.15478739

Good Haro is ridiculously cute.

>> No.15478741

Who is the fat guy sitting next to her?

>> No.15478743

I guess mangagamer's willing to give releasing already translated games another shot?

>> No.15478745


>> No.15478748

>improved features

>> No.15478751

Not really?

If you were capable of getting into college there is like 200 girls like her

>> No.15478752


I don't think kouryuu's that fat

>> No.15478753

It's not like this is new. They did it for ef and Umineko

>> No.15478756

Cute. And the asian guys are?

>> No.15478758

I'm surprised no one guessed this despite the fact that haro was raving about it so hard

>> No.15478761

An otome.

>> No.15478763

There's only one Good Haro you homosexual.

>> No.15478766

No Eustia or WA2. mugi lied.

>> No.15478767


They literally announced them anonymous

You should pay more attention

>> No.15478769

>two fujoshi VNs
t-thanks good haro.

>> No.15478770

Protag seems super cute.

>> No.15478772

I'm late, sorry.

>> No.15478773

The aboslute madman

>> No.15478777

Kouryuu's going back into the Circus hell, it seems.

>> No.15478779

MadRaven and other urusai moebutas should be happy, they are getting tons of moeshit just like they kept begging.

>> No.15478781

Another two years to translate this.wwwwwwwwww

>> No.15478782

Fujoshi actually buy games.

>> No.15478783

lol EOPs expected eustias wa2s and dies iraes

instead you get Dal Cuckno

>> No.15478788

Last announcement is Rance 01.

>> No.15478790

maggot baits

>> No.15478792

Oh shit, it's Maggot Baits

>> No.15478794

Haha, they fucking did it. Maggot Baits!

>> No.15478796

Duuno if Good_Haro can see this from her laptop right now, but the Dal Segno's website is 404-ing.

>> No.15478799


>> No.15478800
File: 117 KB, 648x648, 1405648926282.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>no Rance.
Why live?

>> No.15478801

Hi good haro.

>> No.15478807

Rance wouldn't even be at AX, at least wait for Otakon for one year to pass.

>> No.15478809


Maggot Baits site has broken images too


Rance'll be otakon if it's announced, like everyone's said forever outboarder.

>> No.15478813

Good outing for MangaGamer.

>> No.15478817

How long until Maggot Baits actually comes out?

>> No.15478818

A game for everybody. It's was pretty good.

>> No.15478820

Overall better than expected. If minori wants to kill themselves by EOP pander, it's their idiocy.

>> No.15478821

>no plotge
Well shit

>> No.15478827

Maggot Baits is plotge.

>> No.15478829

Any interesting questions so far?

>> No.15478830


realdeal tards btfo

suck my moebuta chode

>> No.15478831

No point doing stuff that doesn't sell. I doubt anyone will dare to touch chuunige in next several years after this year fiasco.

>> No.15478832

Yeah, they can pander to the COPs instead.

>> No.15478833
File: 48 KB, 300x297, jsdfsdf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15478834 [SPOILER] 
File: 223 KB, 800x600, 1467441776463.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hadaka Shitsuji.

>> No.15478840

But tell me, why Otakon?

>> No.15478843


>> No.15478844

Surprisingly good questions.

>> No.15478845


AX is traditionally new partners(and guest related this year).

Otakon is big titles from existing partners.

>> No.15478850

And now a sperglord with a question.

>> No.15478861

Rance is never getting localised

>> No.15478863

I didn't knew that. Thanks for the info.

>> No.15478864

>DS and Maggot Baits' sites got fixed already
Sugar + Spice 3's also has broken images.

>> No.15478870

Jast can still NTR it tomorrow.

>> No.15478871

So, its official. /jp/ made Chuablesoft to drop Sekai and go with MangaGamer instead.
We should focus on other possible SP partners and drive dovac out of market now that its proven that it works.

>> No.15478877

Lose, go go go.

>> No.15478881

Well, crap. I didn't get even a single one right.
Hope I'll do better with JAST/Sekai shit.

As for the announcements, Good Haro isn't doing any favours to the fujoshit/otome community. lol
Really doubt they'll be happy with Gay Butlers and a random cheap otome.

The other three are right up my alley, especially Maggot Baits. I don't want MG to skip Fraternite though, so they better announce that when they finish with Maggots.

>> No.15478887

>/jp/ made Chuablesoft to drop Sekai and go with MangaGamer instead

I think it was more a combination of things. We aren't the only place that dislikes SP, other people tweeted the same things to him.

More than anything I think the biggest factor is that ishida ran into bamboo himself at denkigaimatsuri

>> No.15478888

Fraternite is too dangerous with its transsexual themes. Tumblr wouldn't handle it.

>> No.15478889

This is funny if true.


>> No.15478893

No homo, but that Otome looked really good.

>> No.15478895


What's the issue with Gay Butlers?

>> No.15478897

Did someone take a photo of Hamashima Shigeo?

>> No.15478898

I actually want to play it too. Reminds me of Nobuta wo Produce.

>> No.15478899

With everything else they could do from Clock Up, I dount Fraternite will be on table. There's Eromanga and bunch of non-Hamashima games that are well received. Why should they work on a game that's very unfinished?

>> No.15478900

The livestream accidentally panned to her at some points, I believe. She's the one beside the speech translator guy, right?

>> No.15478901

Tumblr hates Hadaka, and they still got it.

>> No.15478902


It's offended a few people on tumblr, but that doesn't really matter since tumblrina's don't make up the majority of fujos that actually pay money for chinese porn games(mostly because they're usually underage).

>> No.15478903 [SPOILER] 
File: 20 KB, 267x349, 1467442978485.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Credit goes to anon

>> No.15478904

>Tumblr hates Hadaka


>> No.15478910

I've got interested in it too. 18+ Otome is nice sometimes, and it got cute heroine and Haro claims is hilarious, so I'll probably pirate JP version and buy it from MG if I like.

>> No.15478916

The artist of Eroge!, Euphoria, Fraternite, Maggot Baits and Slave Club is female?
That's kind of hot.

>> No.15478917

Because it is Starless with homo butlers.

>> No.15478920

Why pirate a game you can't read?

>> No.15478923


Anyone who enjoys material with fictional rape is basically a problematic toxic individual who should be purged.

>> No.15478925
File: 382 KB, 1116x1944, 1365763979831.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15478927

I can't unsee that foot being a hand

>> No.15478933

Got 1.5 right, with the Chuablesoft title and a Clock-up game (was thinking it might have been Eromanga instead). Hadaka Shitsuji's pretty infamous, Bocchi Musume looks adorable and Dal Segno came out of nowhere (thought it would be a minori title or Sona-nyl).

Therefore, extremely satisfied with the outcome.

>> No.15478934

Big change from last year for MangaGamer in terms of their future aim, AX last year had 4 titles, 3 were 18+, while Otakon had 5 titles, 2 were 18+ (and one of them was Kindred Spirits). This year for AX, all 5 were 18+.

>> No.15478935

The hand is being stepped upon.

>> No.15478936

>you can't read?
Joke's on you pal.

>> No.15478938


There's also the supipara release date, which puts me at 3 points so far

>> No.15478940

We both know reading machine translated vomit isn't "reading".

>> No.15478942

They don't have to, its just a wish of mine since I'm a sucker for Hamashima.
Though I suposse MAKO HUNTER could make me happy too.

>> No.15478943

Whoops, meant 3 of their 4 titles at AX last year were all ages.

>> No.15478946

I am not into gay stuff. But isn't this the kind of "fun" game where you're never really fully sure how the routes will play out, leaving you intrigued yet anxious while being hooked to see all the different outcomes?

Disregarding the gay stuff it looked interesting.

>> No.15478950



>> No.15478953

It's Manko Hunter. Manko for pussy in case you don't know

>> No.15478955

It's really fun if you're into no homo butt sex with butlers, it's also hilarous. The protag doesn't take it into his ass so it's not that homo at all. I can recommend it.
Regarding the plot, I still have some routes left, but yeah, you can't predict the outcome and you just keep wondering what the fuck will happen next

>> No.15478956

>Fraternite is too dangerous with its transsexual themes.
Fata Morgana went by unnoticed.

>> No.15478958

Although it's good to mention that two of them have all-ages versions, Dal Segno and Bocchi Musume.

And they are the "specially-made for the western audience" type of all-ages.

>> No.15478960

>all ages

>> No.15478965
File: 63 KB, 1024x768, 1467444058854.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.15478968

You can tell buy the fists, which character R07 drew.

>> No.15478970

Is Kouryuu enslaved to Circus forever?

>> No.15478972

That graph is cute. They've got a good mascot.

>> No.15478976

Her face is good but I hate the full body pic that shows her lewd tats and scantily clad body.

>> No.15478980


You can see right when they started offering bundles.

>> No.15478982

I still prefer her original chibi form. Mostly because of >>15478976.

>> No.15478990

I still like her. The young one is super cute. And it makes sense for the grown one to be lewd since the grown one is the mascot for the 18+ products unlike the young one. At the very least it looks like she's enjoying herself being lewd. And I like the contrast between the two of them.

>> No.15478996

most eroge artists are female

>> No.15479004

Eroge! is her autobiography.

>> No.15479008

Reminder that Hadaka Shitsuji is a solo project by one dude. So you know that it's authentic yaoi.

>> No.15479013


I don't suppose there's an image of this with the dates actually legible anywhere?

>> No.15479016

Is there a stream?

>> No.15479020


There was. Party's over.

>> No.15479042


>> No.15479084

lol ishida's complaining about the noise again


If any of you faggots do the twitter thing you could probably tweet him in simple english if you're hype for sukisuki and get a reply right now

>> No.15479095

Now to wait and see what Jast has. It's just a shame that if they grab anything meaningful that doesn't have heavy Steam appeal, it will be a long time before they get around to working on it.

>> No.15479100

The one fast thing they did that had Steam appeal was utterly crap and had to be redone though.

And it's still not out yet after nearly a year. JAST time will affect everything.

>> No.15479102
File: 279 KB, 1280x720, 93662.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah I am quite excited for it. I really like the what I am seeing of the protagonist.

>> No.15479105

I just want more Empress titles. Even if it'll take years.

>> No.15479128

The noise?

>> No.15479138 [DELETED] 


It's a reference to a tweet from earlier

>> No.15479142


It's a reference to a tweet from earlier

>> No.15479161

>2 bland moege
>1 BL
>1 otome
>1 guro tentacle nukige

I guess i'll put my money aside this summer. Thanks MG.

>> No.15479165

I think I'll re-read Fata Morgana for the fourth time.

>> No.15479171

As some predicted, arunaru is the one translating sukisuki

>> No.15479175

Hmm. So you guys got Chuable on the train, at least Sukisuki was decent. I still enjoyed Byakko more though, saw Ishida wearing the Byakko shirt I was able to buy from Denkigai a while back for the game too.

>> No.15479188

I don't have this problem since my backlog is huge but still what a disappointment. Anime Central was better than AX.

>> No.15479192

No it's not, this guy is butthurt over getting perma-banned on the mangagamer forums for posting some retarded shit (I think piracy-related).

>> No.15479193


I thought the whole point of minori was "minority spirit"

ef and eden* were unique, but besides the usual great bgm/cgs supipara and minori's later VNs seem like generic moege

the promo video at the end of the ef fandisc for supipara was also incredibly boring

it'll be a shame if minori goes the cute catgirl/puzzle game route

>> No.15479197

It wasn't perma-ban, it was 1 day long ban and deletion of offending post.

>> No.15479200


No anonymous, I was literally there. The faggot himself was present and wasn't using that name. Stop getting baited so easily.

>> No.15479201

Did Chuablesoft seriously drop Sekai for MangaGamer? FUCK YES.

>> No.15479204

I don't think announced games sell 1 month later.

>> No.15479210


That's because sekai got august.

>> No.15479217

Damn that's pretty shitty actually.

>> No.15479219


yeah no

>> No.15479224

Yeah, no. August wouldn't be that stupid.

>> No.15479232

I actually checked that tweet he made about Sekai Project. Glad he listened to people telling him to go for MG/JAST instead.

>> No.15479270

I need a pic of good haro like right nao!!

>> No.15479276
File: 372 KB, 611x893, stand.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Imagine what would had happened to her if Sekai Project got the game.

>> No.15479294

I wonder if there's no steam version for sukisuki since it's listed as 18+ content only. That seems like it'd have a negative effect on sales.

>> No.15479380

Based on the design, I only like Yuuki and Rinka.
Where are all the moege where all the girls are cute? Those two better have good voices and personalities.

>> No.15479390

Can't you just play their introduction videos to check out their voices and personality?

>> No.15479398

I'm already doing it. Yuuki is out too, she's searching for her onahole in it.
Another eroge where I'll only complete one route and then drop it.

>> No.15479417

Jast a shit.

>> No.15479423
File: 99 KB, 1200x675, ee04_0022.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


You can only do Rinka or Chiho from the second playthrough on, is the thing. Just fuck around with the tertiary characters because they're better.

>> No.15479436


I find it hilarious that after all your trashing of moege as a genre that the first serious game that you get assigned is one.

Do you find this hilarious as well?

>> No.15479438

>You can only do Rinka or Chiho from the second playthrough on, is the thing
The skip button can do something about that.
Still, if I'm forced to read one route beforehand, I guess I will pick one of the three, depending on the common route.

>> No.15479443

They've done pretty good work. Even if it's only every once in a blue moon.

>> No.15479444

I'm just going for Mahiru, she's the only moe girl for me.

>> No.15479447


Such is life. I don't know whether this is more or less 'serious' than Haruka, though.

>> No.15479450

You and I think much alike.

>> No.15479451


>> No.15479457

ChuableSoft always have one really nice token little girl in all their games.

>> No.15479458


Soon enough.

>> No.15479459

Look, I like loli as much as the next guy, but if you're going straight for the token loli, then you and your dick need to rethink your priorities.

>> No.15479460



>> No.15479464

What did you mean by this?

>> No.15479469


A Rance game will come out some time before I'm dead.

>> No.15479471

A translated one?

>> No.15479473


Is it true that there's no steam cut for sukisuki? Isn't that exposure suicide?

>> No.15479474

I like my priorities as they are and my dick agrees. I'm sorry but you've been out voted 2 to 1.

>> No.15479476


>> No.15479488


I hope so.


There might be, we'll see.

>> No.15479494

I'm sorry but I have no interest in the other girls. That's like if I told you to romance a male character because he has a better design than the girls.

>> No.15479496

Does that include unnatural deaths? I mean, were you to die tomorrow, a translated Rance game would come out around the same time, right?

>> No.15479502

>going straight for the token loli
>anything but number one priority
You lost me.

>> No.15479507


I'm not sure what they'd do with my stash of already translated Rance games if I died. Maybe.

>> No.15479530

Holy lel, that psycho SJW chick that haro got into it with about a year ago is tweeting about how mangagamer is going to buy the hadaka shitsuji translation and butcher it.

>> No.15479531

Pics? I love myself some crazy drama.

>> No.15479539
File: 62 KB, 604x795, dontgetinvolvedyouautistfucks.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Not really drama, just hilarious irony

This is the chick that argued with haro for literally 12 hours like a year ago that mangagamer was sexist for translating hardcore material aimed at men.

>> No.15479540

Are they going to buy the translation though? From the way they stated it in the panel, it sounds like they're going to retranslate the original game, seeing as the fandisc included in the Double Edition "will come later".

>> No.15479542


Protip: Haro did the original translation, that's the joke.

>> No.15479543

I can't see shit. Who is tweeting what and how that chick a ''SJW''? She's just going crazy over BL shit like every other fujo.

>> No.15479546

Oh. That just makes it even more hilarious.

>> No.15479548

This post displays a staggering lack of comprehension

>> No.15479556

I'm not gonna take your 4chan comment at face value m8. Need some of dat evidence.

>> No.15479557


The person replying to the original tweet is
>This is the chick that argued with haro for literally 12 hours like a year ago that mangagamer was sexist for translating hardcore material aimed at men.

If you need the joke explained, she doesn't realize that haro is the original translator because haro blocked her like a year ago.

>> No.15479577

Did the video of the panel get recorded or is everyone who missed it fucked?

>> No.15479585


You're fucked for the time being. The livestream wasn't the only recording of it, so maybe if you wait it'll get put on youtube or something.

>> No.15479637

Any chance of August announcement?

>> No.15479649


Are you a retard or do you not realize that even if he knew, he's signed an NDA?

There is no chance though.

>> No.15479665

I don't know how well their BL announcement will sell since it's already fan TLed and really niche within BL to begin with. I doubt it's what most BL fans were hoping for.

>> No.15479667


100% confirmed

>> No.15479671

What two fujo VNs? The butler one + the fandisk?

It includes the fandisk which isn't translated yet.

>> No.15479692

It will most likely get a Steam release like BokuTen where they just keep in whatever they can.

>> No.15479711

Again it's very niche BL. If most people don't like it, they won't buy it's newly translated fandisc. They may even feel entitled to pirate it, since the main game was released as a fan TL.

>> No.15479715

ef sold horribly digitally and Umineko and Higurashi only got retranslated due to Steam bux.

>> No.15479766

That and Higurashi was pre-Kouryuu MangaGamer wasn't it?

>> No.15479779

Higurashi had MG's old poor TL quality, while Umineko wasn't officially in English and just linked to the crude fan TL to patch to the Japanese version that MG sold.

>> No.15479866


If this is the person I think it is, it was actually accusations that I'd marketed NTY at men (exclusively) that we fought over. I tried to explain that no, it wasn't marketed at men exclusively, I just wanted to be inclusive and had several gay friends who'd specifically asked me to try not to alienate them by describing the game as "for girls". She blocked me too (might have even done it first?).

>> No.15479871

>gay friends
You can't be friends with mentally ill people.

>> No.15479874


But anonymous, you are mentally ill

>> No.15479889

This is why you don't translate fujoshi games. They don't deserve to be pandered to.

>> No.15479894


Yeah it's her, I could have swore she was arguing with you for working at a company that translates rape games, but it was a long time ago.

Also if your two projects are hadaka shitsuji and something else, does that mean that bocchi musume was done by somebody else or is already done?

>> No.15479896

And he doesn't have friends

>> No.15479897


It might have devolved into that eventually, but it was the marketing thing at first (I really only remember because the whole argument was completely baffling).

Someone else is assigned to Bocchi. My other secret project is not with MG.

>> No.15479899


What a twist

>> No.15479915

Fuck yes!

>> No.15479923

Meh. The amount of shit that people get for translating regular eroge is about as bad, just differently flavored crazy.

>> No.15479929

I'm talking about about that fujoshi that harass mangagamer for tling eroge. She doesn't deserve to be pandered to.

>> No.15479931


I'm pretty sure they aren't, it's just a mysterious side effect of releasing female oriented games.

>> No.15479934

Well, if you think about all the non crazies that aren't doing anything wrong it doesn't seem fair to punish them for something they didn't do.

>> No.15479942

The few fujos I saw on twitter were all crazy SJWs somehow.

>> No.15479948


Crazy people tend to be the most outspoken.

>> No.15479953

Some of em are pretty crazy, I've seen them attempting to rationalize liking BL as being extremely progressive because gay sex, while in reality it just gets them off.

That being said, both outward fujos and outward otakus are crazy. Most sane people don't outright say they like BL, Yuri or lolis and such. A bit more hush hush is appropriate.

>> No.15479965

First world and its first world problems.

Anyway, looking forward to Sukisuki. While I'm not a big fan of the girls' faces (scaling 16:9 pics to my 16:10 monitor aspect ratio might help a bit with that), their bodies and the rest of the art does look great. Gotta torrent the whole thing since the official JP demo will take eternity to download.
I also have a problem with girls I like not being the main ones, and this is the case for both with Sukisuki and Supipara #1 here. Oh well.
That otome title's art doesn't look that noteworthy to me, but if the heroine is not supposed to be a self-insert one (yeah, sure), I might help her catch the better guy of the two.
I see no role for myself in any gay shit, but if MG manages to sell that butlers VN, good for them.
Maggot Baits story should better be a damn good one with a rewarding good end, since I'm not going to play a game where the hero(ine) I'm responsible for gets a bad end regardless of my actions.
All in all, not too much to be hyped for, but it definitely could've been worse.

>and we're going to start thinking of different ways to see what games, what titles, what types of genres will sell in the foreign market, and work very closely together with bamboo-san to get more information
I guess I'll have to vote with my wallet after all.
Hopefully we'll make them release their VNs uncensored in the western sense of the word. I wonder what's chuable soft's stance on the mosaics.

>> No.15479970

I say on twitter it's ok, my problem is how they act toward what they like. It's like those retarded fuck who will tell an artist on pixiv that they "can't draw" because they don't like loli and the artist draws loli only.

>> No.15479971

>I wonder what's chuable soft's stance on the mosaics.
Check MangaGamer's page for the game, it says "without mosaics".

>> No.15479984


I don't see that anywhere but I do see
>Graphics: 1280 x 720, uncensored

which, given how past sites have been laid out does imply no mosaics

>> No.15479986

>Graphics: 1280 x 720, uncensored
is not telling much if you mean http://mangagamer.org/sukisuki/

>> No.15479989


compare that to eden's
>Graphics: Mosaic Censorship

at http://mangagamer.org/eden/

>> No.15480005

It originally said "without mosaic" an hour ago or so.

>> No.15480006

There's "uncensored" and "uncensored". Hopefully I'm wrong and MG's "uncensored" is different from Steam's "uncensored", but I'll stay pessimistic until an official confirmation comes out.

I also completely forgot about Dal Segno which tells how much I care about it. Thanks for reading my blog btw.

>> No.15480041


No mosaics on SukiSuki or any of the titles announced tonight. Maggot bait's site has mosaics in the preview CGs that are up now but that's just because I didn't get the uncensored assets yet (ClockUp does that in-house so sometimes it takes a while).

>> No.15480049

MG, romanization is serious business. If you use Yuki instead of Yuuki, I will destroy you.

>> No.15480051


>> No.15480064

Sounds great, because I started to worry about the reason of changing precise "without mosaic" to ambiguous "uncensored" in >>15480005
The only thing better than that is actually reading "without mosaic" on a game's page with my own eyes. Gaben made me paranoid, I swear.

>> No.15480070

Saying this because the site >>15479986 says
>my childhood friend Yuki
That is not the way to go.

>> No.15480071

MangaGamer is not Sekai Project.

>> No.15480075

Whine more, cockgagger.

>> No.15480083

Please keep the only decent VN publisher alive, it's just a typo. I'm sure it will be fixed along with "uncensored" part.

>Yuuki Goshogawara Mao Tachibana

>> No.15480089

Fuck off, Nakima.

>> No.15480157

Arunaru is never online when I'm finally around. this sucks. Just want to tell you to keep bossing

>> No.15480170


He's got a twitter you know

>> No.15480184

4chan ftw though

>> No.15480185

How annoyed was Good Haro when some fujoshi squealed so fucking loudly at Gay Butlers that the whole room can hear her?

>> No.15480192

You sound like you are not from 4chan, though.

>> No.15480196


Probably not very, I imagine

>> No.15480199

Have you, like, never bought a MangaGamer title?

>> No.15480226

That Chuablesoft moege looks like it's worth a shot. As for Maggot Baits, I'm definitely interested in that, it looks pretty cool.

Anyways, let the hype begin for the JAST panel tonight.. Still waiting on Django translation.

>> No.15480229

Both of you are correct, but as a representative of /jp/ers I see no need to have a social media or a forum account when everyone from the 'industry' worth talking to reads /jp/ anyway.

Does it matter?
The practice of releasing restoration/adult/whatever patches on Steam and calling them 'uncensor' does however, and I can't be the only one concerned about the misuse of the term recently.
Unlike "without mosaics", "uncensored" will stop me from buying the possibly censored uncensored title for sure, at least until further investigation which I'd rather not bother with.

>> No.15480230

>The faggot himself was present and wasn't using that name.

sanahtlig takes every opportunity to advertise himself, dude. That said, of course there was plenty of shitposting in the chat. The sekai one made me laugh.

>> No.15480233

>Anyways, let the hype begin for the JAST panel tonight
Yes, let's hype up the stuff which will come out 5 years from now, if ever.

>> No.15480234

>Still waiting on Django translation.

If they have a Q&A, somebody should bring this up.

>> No.15480238

It does matter because uncensored for MangaGamer always means without mosaics. If it has mosaics, MangaGamer would have said something. There's also reduced mosaic for minori's games because they're afraid of reverse-importing.

>> No.15480240


Protip: The reason that guy has a 1 in his name is because the real name was taken, and also posting his own dumb shit.

>as a representative of /jp/ers

wow look at this faggot

>> No.15480244

How can you be a representative of /jp/er if you don't even know basic shit about MangaGamer?

>> No.15480247


It's pretty ridiculous to claim such a thing without a hint of irony, but being a mangagagamer dicksucker is not a prerequisite for posting on /jp/

>> No.15480250


>> No.15480258


the "but this" is referring to sukisuki so that's not any new information.

>> No.15480260

I am, speaking about just VN companies since we're in a VN thread. You should at least know "something" about the big 3. It's like going into this thread and not knowing JAST takes fucking forever to translate something.

>> No.15480269

But the fact that he's translating another game (a Gameplay game) is new

>> No.15480275

ESL here, I probably should've said 'sample' instead. Of course I'm not elected or something, but I feel that my attitude to social media is one with /jp/, so it represents general attitude.

>uncensored for MangaGamer always means without mosaics
That's great, but they aren't advertising their games to themselves (I hope), they are advertising them to people often coming from Steam which may have different thing in mind when they see 'uncensored' as opposed to 'without mosaics'.

Also, Haro, get a tripcode finally.

>> No.15480278

When will Jast's pannel start?

>> No.15480279
File: 17 KB, 604x104, Anaru.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is that so? And did anyone tell Arunaru about this fact?

>> No.15480288


I'm pretty sure he talked about that awhile back, in the context of "something that might be relevant to haniho's interests"

>> No.15480295


If only there was some post that listed all the relevant times. It would be such a smart idea to put that kind of information in say, the OP for example.

>> No.15480296

It's literally in the OP, idiot.

>> No.15480302

>Maggot Baits story should better be a damn good one with a rewarding good end, since I'm not going to play a game where the hero(ine) I'm responsible for gets a bad end regardless of my actions.
It's shit. Fights are fucking boring, same for the story.
The only good point of Maggot Baits is Hamashima Shigeo chara-design but it's wasted on guro, vore and tentacle bullshit.

>> No.15480308

JAST is going to announce Purely x Cation.

>> No.15480310

At least Conjueror's secret project is good ;_;

>> No.15480312

Chuuniboi, pls go.
Maggot Baits fights are pretty cool, that's how every VN should depict fighting, instead pointless wanking like muramasa or dies irae.

>> No.15480327

I was interested by Maggot Baits but apparantly it's pretty hardcore, how hardcore is it ?

>> No.15480334

I rather see Lovely x Cation but still it would be nice.

>> No.15480335

Not as hardcore as putting spaces before punctuation.

>> No.15480339

You tell me

>> No.15480349
File: 850 KB, 1280x720, love.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Arunaru is loev.

>> No.15480355

Much worse than euphoria

>> No.15480395



>> No.15480408

They played us like a damn fiddle

>> No.15480420

Just take a look at the CG set, i thought Fraternite and Euphoria were hardcore but it's nothing compared to Maggot Baits.

I can't wait to see the uncensored CG.

>> No.15480426


I don't know why this made me sad.

>> No.15480432


Denial is standard operating procedure, I'm not sure why you're surprised

>> No.15480454

Good. Fuck them.

>> No.15480499


As predicted, kickster fatigue has kicked in.

>> No.15480522

But it's how punctuastion works for us

>> No.15480567

>But it's how punctuastion works for us
It's doesn't work like that in English, frogeater.

>> No.15480571

And now I made a typo. It's all your fault.

>> No.15480606

Because nobody gives a shit about autographs? Not a measure of her(?) popularity I'm sure.

>> No.15480644

I think people kind of underappreciate staff. Probably not the most prominent case with Hamashima but I feel it's definitely part of the reason.
I'd get a ticket myself in a heartbeat if I could even be anywhere near AX and brainwash myself into going to a convention for the greater purpose, but I'm sure a lot of people don't feel the same way.

>> No.15480722


Did they just announce Island?

>> No.15480734

>all ages
Who cares?

>> No.15480751

Hey, why the fuck is there no 18+ version?!

>> No.15480792

Steam buxs. Congrats to those fags wanting VNs on Steam.

>> No.15480799

>I'm just pretending to be retarded

>> No.15480800

not even worth an illegal download

because they had the western market in mind

>> No.15480848

I am not pretending to be anything. Especially not a shitter who would ever read all ages shit.

>> No.15480862

Apparently Aroduc's translating Parfait.

>> No.15480867

I take it Conjueror didn't get his wish to be the translator for Island then.

>> No.15480876

Unless that is the project he's been keeping secret.

>> No.15480901

Fuck you. I bet you have access to the forum and you're just trying to confuse me. You know what the project is. Tell me. Tell me right this instant.

>> No.15480919

Okay. It's Baldr Sky.

>> No.15480924

FUCK, I was praying for Dies irae. Thanks for nothing, Aroduc.

>> No.15480934

You should've backed my kickstarter.

>> No.15480945

Aokana translator rage quit the project, but later deleted the post. Not sure how that's going to show up on next vntls.

>> No.15480947

I did, but some doofus suspended everything.

>> No.15480951

Show me. I want to laugh.

>> No.15480952

Can't rage quit something you haven't put any effort in. Bet he was faking his project status à la Ludo Rathowm.

>> No.15480959

This is the same project where the 'translator' accidentally deleted everything off of a version control where that's impossible to do a few months ago?

>> No.15480974


>> No.15480977


>> No.15480988


>Not sure how that's going to show up on next vntls.

It won't, it has been removed from the list ever since the translation 'disappeared' last time.

>> No.15480998

At least it won't be censored.
Although there's little I hate more than
>Enforced Playing Order

I have nothing against all-ages VNs as long as they aren't too romance-y, because romance without sex isn't a proper romance, much like an alcohol-free beer is not a proper beer.

>> No.15481006

The shitty anime's already come and gone so nobody gives a shit about it anymore and there's no e-dick to be had.

>> No.15481043

I don't keep up with Japanese people. An autograph from koestl would be pretty neat though

>> No.15481045

Who's the blessed soul that'll translate Maggot Baits?

>> No.15481055


>> No.15481058


>> No.15481059

Cafe translated euphoria, so maybe he'll translate Maggot Baits.

>> No.15481072

I hope so.

>> No.15481077

Bamboo has been waiting a long time to be able to go on a victory lap to be able to brag that his creating of a western visual novel localization company was a good idea. He certainty seemed to enjoy being able to give that speech during the Mangagamer panel last night, and he repeated much of the same on twitter this afternoon.

>> No.15481100
File: 133 KB, 1280x720, sum027aL.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dat loli though.
Too bad she get timeskipped during her route.

>> No.15481104

It's Monobeno -happy end-

>> No.15481114

are they finally in the green this year?

>> No.15481126

Best prez ever. I couldn't watch the stream though so I'm slightly sad :(

>> No.15481155

Poor Cafe. MG should give him a all ages title to work on.
>Has translated Euphoria.
>Currently translating Kuroinu

He'll lost his mind

>> No.15481166

Just give him Aoiro Rinne and he should be just fine

>> No.15481183

More than 300 people at MG pannel and MG has what I believe to be more than 100.000 accounts registered on their site (displayed at >>15478965 ).

>> No.15481204

Why does MG only get so few titles from companies like Clock up? Also why dose it take longer for them to translate a game than it took to actual create said game?

What a shit industry.

>> No.15481226


That's literally the answer we have to give about every licensing question regardless of actual status. I thought you guys knew that by now.


I think we sold out this morning before the signing.

>> No.15481261

Thanks for saving VN. Please save Lose from Sekai Project now.

>> No.15481274

Since you're already present at AX, could you please firebomb the Sekai Project conference? Thank you for your sacrifice.

>> No.15481304

Tell Bamboo to beat up some Canadians while you're at it.

>> No.15481306

What did Canadians do to you? Not their fault if their country is a dictatorship.

>> No.15481308

Toushin Toshi III

>> No.15481346
File: 356 KB, 457x733, faceofcanada.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you oppose dictatorships, they win.

>> No.15481371

They tried to imprison my hero, Doddler. Also, they hate lolis.

>> No.15481394

Yeh that's what I meant. It's the Canadian government who is fucked up.

>> No.15481428

so are there any pictures of sayori yet?

>> No.15481446
File: 34 KB, 640x288, sp lol.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.15481451

ayy, wish I wasn't several plain flights away from AX. Sounds like good fun.

>> No.15481460

Doddler is nobody's hero.

>> No.15481466

I would totally do this if I could come to AX, too bad I'm a filthy europoor.

>> No.15481476

So does anybody have a google doc or something of whats been announced or am I going to have to wait to see a big list when everything is done and over with?

>> No.15481483

So far

>> No.15481500

What did they censor? bit out of the loop here

>> No.15481502

Shiny Days and Maitetsu and probably more. And that's counting only the VNs.

>> No.15481566

I love that stuff. "Afraid of reverse-importing". So you worry about people committing crimes? Glad you don't worry that people would commit crimes like piracy.

>> No.15481573

well to be fair the west is afraid to see little girls naked.

>> No.15481585

Yet MangaGamer's announcements include a game with a token loli you can sex up.

>> No.15481630

Shiny Days was JAST and it has an "unofficial" restoration patch. Maitetsu isn't confirmed to be all ages-only yet but there's basically a 0% chance that it'll have an ero release. SP's censorship is probably referring to G-Senjou, slow releases of 18+ Grisaia patches, and whatever other stuff they choose to release as all-ages only instead of patching.

It's fine as long as the character isn't explicitly stated to be a child. At least in the land of the free.

>> No.15481640

Shiny Days is JAST. And as real life has shown it was meaningless to censor because nobody has gotten in jail over their patched games yet.

I still haven't gotten a counter argument to how people would even find the scenes in a raid/customs. But apparently the police/clerks would play through the game and pick the right options to get to the loli scene and then jail you. Very dedicated police in Canada.

>> No.15481644

Shiny Days was translated by the loli hating sekai faggot, IIRC.

>> No.15481645

are the patches officially sanctioned by jast? If not then its out of their legal territory. Jast specifically excluded that content. You can't sue bethesda for people adding in naked children mods.

>> No.15481679
File: 74 KB, 1122x391, sekai is shit.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The latest Grisaia was censored on release. Not only the H scenes, but a fair amount of other scenes that included lewd jokes as well.

People get on SP's case because of shit like pic related and because they often don't prioritize 18+ patches unless they have someone like Nekoworks on their ass to make them do it. And even then they often charge way too much for the 18+ patches.

Maitetsu will be butchered as well. Not only the H scenes, but a fair amount of other CG and scenes as well. It's a lolige and I honestly can't see it getting on steam unless a fair amount is taken out. Which begs the question as to why Lose is working with Sekai in the first place. Unless they think English speakers want a bleeding chunks version of Maitetsu.

Come for the lolis stay for the train info dumps, I suppose?

>> No.15481687

>(I really only remember because the whole argument was completely baffling).
yeah, that's generally what talking to SJWs is like.

>> No.15481693

So how long will it take for them to actually release Bocchi Musume x Produce Keikaku ? Should I just download the jp version instead, my jp isn't that great but I could get by.

Also what are some other otome games with ero in them?

>> No.15481695
File: 169 KB, 775x756, rich.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Come for the lolis stay for the train info dumps, I suppose?

I'll stay for the rich and beautiful world and characters, thank you.

>> No.15481708
File: 181 KB, 512x548, 1420494794610.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>a playfulness that can quickly be seen as lewd and absurd

>> No.15481711

>please buy our game

>> No.15481717

It's worth noting that sekai 'censoring' things generally means just localizing the all ages version of the game. They haven't directly made cuts themselves, they've simply chosen not to localize or delay adult versions. Depending on your opinion, I suppose that could be worse, but at least they aren't directly modifying games. JAST is the only company though to directly chop content from releases.

>> No.15481718

Honestly gotta wonder what sort of JP developers would be averse to loli. There can't be too many of them.

>> No.15481724

>It's fine as long as the character isn't explicitly stated to be a child. At least in the land of the free.

Actually all those retard laws tend to say "If it looks like". Which conveniently makes all the moege illegal in a legal sense. Which is why I always find it ironic when companies say "We are a bit afraid to add this slightly younger character".

Not as ironic as it being legal to draw torture and death of children though. But I understand normal people. You rather want your child killed than naked.

>> No.15481730

Yeah, a company is trying to sell their products
Big surprise

>> No.15481732
File: 943 KB, 720x720, 2015-12-28 18_08_14-沙耶の唄.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>they aren't directly modifying games

>> No.15481738

>They haven't directly made cuts themselves
Yeah, because G-Senjou's fade to black during ero scenes and letterboxing are from the non-existent all-ages release, right?

>> No.15481754

>we are always talking to Lose about how to approach the game

Well this alone speaks volumes about their intentions.

>> No.15481786

Is this nigger on crack? Maitetsu was boring as shit.

>> No.15481820

>their cool with us working the Denpa 18+ stuff
What did he mean by this?

>> No.15481827

They were done by Akabei Soft, Sekai Project generally seems to have little sway over what their partners are doing. That's the downside to a business model that is all about grabbing licenses and less about what you actually do with them.

>> No.15481841

He meant:
>I am a dirty ESL with poor grammar, please rape my face.

>> No.15481923
File: 102 KB, 1280x720, 1371099360240.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, SP is being held down by their japanese partners.

>> No.15481936

>Why does MG only get so few titles from companies like Clock up?

>Also why dose it take longer for them to translate a game than it took to actual create said game?
It doesn't. Vns take several years to develop. Most VNs get translated in one year, unless it's something super long like Da Capo 3. If a project is low priority, like BokuTen, it can also take much longer.

>> No.15481940

>SP's shitty business strategy is because of their Japanese partners who are the reason all of their releases are shit
>But for some reason the Japanese partners of Mangagamer and JAST don't do any of this shit

I wish this meme would die. Just because Frontwing fucked over SP doesn't mean all their business partners are, Dovac is just a cunt who doesn't care. It's a convenient for the Dovac Internet Defense Force.

>> No.15481945

That's why Mangagamer's superior they have Circus, Overdrive and Nexton watching over them so no one would dare bully or take MG for a fool. Sekai Pro's only pillar is the deplorable Dovac

>> No.15481956

>MG is a 10 year old loli
>watched by her onii-chan in japan
I can almost see the doujin being made

>> No.15481989
File: 651 KB, 1000x776, Joy_half.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

am i blind? where are the tattoos?

>> No.15481996

Loli was way better.

>> No.15482005

Tats is short for tattas which is slang for tits.

>> No.15482014

Way to misread and miss the entire point. Hint: I wasn't being flattering to SP.

>> No.15482016

What the fuck? Usually, it's short for tattoos. Fucking ESLs.

>> No.15482021

Tats is also slang for tattoos and much more associated with that than tits.

>> No.15482023
File: 115 KB, 800x600, mascot-doesnt-belong.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

well, I won't disagree.

>> No.15482035

True. But I don't see how a tattoo would be lewd idk I lack imagination

>> No.15482044

A lot of people are attracted by full-body or otherwise large tattoos. It's an odd fetish.

>> No.15482046

Too cute and pure for this world. I remember she was rule 34'd by someone who proceeded to show her lewd to Bamboo. I never managed to see it though :(

>> No.15482047

Well, there are things like tramp stamps which are lewd. And that's just the most mainstream lewd tattoo.

>> No.15482113

Context should've let you know I was referring to tits, as it's obvious she has no tattoos but her tats are very prominent in that image.
> Fucking ESLs.
I bet you're an American.
>Americans lecturing me on English when they can't even spell colour or gaol properly.

>> No.15482122

Nice job being retarded. I don't deny that people use tats in place of tits but it more often than not means tattoos. Even your amazing source of UD has most entries being about tattoos.

>> No.15482136

>Top Definition
>Tat Noun. 1. Rubbish, junk. Abb. of tatty.

Wow, tat means more than one thing, like pretty much every colloquialism in English. As I said, context should've made it obvious. You're the only person in the 17 hours since I made that post to have trouble with comprehension, since context should've made it obvious. Now kys, Ameri-kun.

>> No.15482144

They seem Australian to me.

And here in Australia we can spell colour and gaol.

>> No.15482191

Shows what you know. "Colour" was originally spelled "color" since it wasn't an English word to begin with. The added "u" was the French influence.

>> No.15482193

>Wow, tat means more than one thing, like pretty much every colloquialism in English. As I said, context should've made it obvious.
The problem is that tat for tattoo is much more common so it shouldn't be a surprise if it confuses some people. Like I said, it's also valid for breasts and I wasn't terribly confused by your post but that doesn't mean others wouldn't be. I'm not sure why you are so baffled that people associate it with the more common meaning.

>You're the only person in the 17 hours since I made that post to have trouble with comprehension
I'm not even the anon that was confused in the first place, so whatever.

>> No.15482200

>The problem is that tat for tattoo is much more common so it shouldn't be a surprise if it confuses some people.
Confuses ESL maybe.

>> No.15482203

Now let's hope JAST pleasantly surprised us.

>> No.15482210

What's the point though?
They don't release anything, just sit on the licenses.

>> No.15482221

The amount of games in their backlog annuls any sort of hype for whatever game they are to announce. What was the point of announcing Schatten in 2012 if 4 years later it's not even fully translated

>> No.15482227

They cant stay slow ass forever especial not while their competition is growing.

>> No.15482234

I'm not even sure PP cares that much about JAST... I doubt they make any profit at all

>> No.15482244

well, some VNs of them, like S;G and SD sold like 20k as far as I know.

>> No.15482256

If they can't make a profit off of Sonico, they are doing something horribly wrong.

>> No.15482292

well they are doing something horribly wrong already since they launched the game in the middle of the steam sale with neptunia just 3 days away as well.

>> No.15482369

Well the collectors edition was sold out so I guess its doing well.

>> No.15482376

How many of those could there be, though? Wasn't the only thing it offered over the other limited special edition the fullbody mousepad? How the fuck do you even use a fullbody mousepad?

>> No.15482381

You are so full of shit, dear shill. G-Senjou censoring was done by Shit Project, there's no Japanese all-ages version.
And while we are at it, there's no all-ages Maitetsu JP version either, all censoring will be done by dovac's rabble.

>> No.15482407 [DELETED] 

The programming and asset work on G-Senjou was done in Japan by Akabei Soft and SP has outright stated that the reason there is no 18+ version of the game is because of them. Sekai Project doesn't have the resources to do all of this in-house. Calling me a shill for a post that was criticism of SP just demonstrates how low your comprehension is.

>> No.15482417

Regardless of who did the censoring for the release, it seems that Akabei Soft was responsible for the all ages decision of G-Senjou. Frontwing has no problems with 18+ content, or 18+ patches, yet of their projects only Sharin no Kuni was all ages only initially only to be changed with later demand on Kickstarter. Both G-Senjou and initially Sharin no Kuni also had "creative" ways to break of the game to try to get some extra money, which seems likely from Akabei Soft. Additionally, of titles released thus far by Sekai Project, only G-Senjou is a censored only releas, despite there being no content in G-Senjou that would merit it getting censored over other titles.

I doubt there will be an uncut release Maitetsu release, and that would likely be all on Sekai Project. But as to G-Senjou, there is little reason to believe they were the ones who made that decision to release it cut.

>> No.15482435

>I might be in a forgiving mood toward somecomapny at the moment...
>No it's not Aksys Games BTW

I have a guess on who she's referring to.

>> No.15482566

But are we supposed to understand what you are referring to?

>> No.15482574

SJW that Haro blocked on twitter sounds like she's warming up to MG after their AX announcements of more BL and an 18+ otome.

>> No.15482680

I disliked the grown version at first as something of a kneejerk reaction since I somehow assumed she would replace the first version for some reason.
But when I realized that they would use both and that they would work together I started to love her.

>> No.15482754

Reminder that even if Hadaka Shitsuji sells well it doesn't mean that people want more games like it.
>I'm still feeling bitter about the Hadaka license, and I don't really want to spend my money on it. But I want more BL games, and I don't want MG to think that the genre is not worth it if Hadaka doesn't sell. If it had been Dramatical Murder, another fan translated game that I have no interest in, then I probably wouldn't be so bitter since that game has a pretty devoted fanbase and would probably sell decently.

>> No.15482760

It sucks that MG does not listen to fans request on what games they want because the translator's have a final say on what gets localized:(

At least SP somewhat does

>> No.15482764

I wont support it even if I want more bl.

>> No.15482770
File: 14 KB, 588x311, fans.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Given what the 'fans' request, probably a good thing they don't listened to.

>> No.15482809

o(╥﹏╥)o White Album 2 ┐(‘~`;)┌

>> No.15482815
File: 11 KB, 225x300, is.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.15482818


>> No.15482827

Straight to Steam, eh?

>> No.15482898

To be fair if it isn't a viable choice they need to think of themselves first. There's a reason SP has yet to have a profitable year thus far--despite their mass sales in comparison (and their constant kickstarter whoring). Meanwhile MG is doing fine because they make far less retarded business decisions. If a license isn't feasible to acquire (meaning they aren't willing to pay an arm and a leg) I don't see the reason why they should absolutely have to listen to fan requests. The latter should be something to bear in mind for the future but not something you absolutely need to jump on immediately. Plus it leads to nice little things like Fata getting localized, which I very much doubt the english community even heard of before MG announced that it was working on it (it didn't sell amazingly but it sold more than I expected it to).

>> No.15482899

Guessing they want to time the release with the anime, because well, good luck selling it before the anime.

>> No.15482901

Is someone covering JAST's event?

>> No.15482903

The usual transcript guy is covering it, don't think we have video though.

>> No.15482964

Isn't the anime premiering in fall? Can they actually do it in that timeframe?

>> No.15483007

with enough determination anything is possible.

>> No.15483020


>> No.15483043

Iam really happy with ISLAND localization, this game is a fucking SF masterpiece that the whole world needs to experience.

>> No.15483055
File: 111 KB, 900x1200, Cma2vaLUEAAd1oZ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.15483061



>> No.15483066

Are they really localizing that? I thought it was pretty mediocre when I read the fanTL 5 years ago.

>> No.15483068

Panel starting.

>> No.15483077

Lol Sekai and Fuwa tards are complaining about JAST

>> No.15483082


>> No.15483084

HD version upcoming + full fan translation + not hard to put on Steam + yuri has recently sold well, so they probably see it as easy Steam money

>> No.15483087

Is JAST gonna spend 30 minutes seating people or what?

>> No.15483089


>> No.15483093

They announced the panel for 23:15, but it actually won't start until 5:30.

>> No.15483095

Party's on

>> No.15483096

It just started, though.

>> No.15483097

Who is "they"?
Every panel starts late.

>> No.15483099
File: 117 KB, 1200x900, SOON.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.15483100

>we think it's nice to do package versions

You should make it cheaper for MG to do theirs then.

>> No.15483101

>Who is "they"?
The post I quoted had JAST PANEL as the title, didn't it?

>> No.15483102

We have a /jp/sie at the panel? Nice desu.

>> No.15483103

Is there even a point listening in to this? After all, nothing they announce will be released in the next five years anyway.

>> No.15483105

Sekai discord

>> No.15483112

At least they correct themself with School Days and Shinny Days.

>> No.15483113


It's not like you're doing anything better with your life

>> No.15483114

It's an indication of what titles will not be announced by other companies.

>> No.15483115

>great game

Is this true?

>> No.15483117

If you want to pay $30 for a non-pornographic 3d picture simulator with about 4 hours of content, sure.

>> No.15483119

>17 endings including 1 that answers the secret of sonico

What secret?

>> No.15483124

everyone here probably knows but jast actually skipped announcing a release date and just put sonico out a couple days ago

>> No.15483128

Sonic isn't her brother even though their name sound almost alike!

>> No.15483129

About flowers:

>we had some issue with translation, so we had to pause the game to work on that so when it comes out, it'll be up to our standards

>> No.15483131

>Shiny Days is JAST
Sekai Project were the translators and were the reason why the game got censored to begin with.

>> No.15483132


That's literally news from months ago

>> No.15483134

It's official now.

>> No.15483136

Katahane remake announced

>> No.15483140

>Katahane - An'call Belle'

Will this be in French?

>> No.15483141

>Eiyuu Senki

Is this the one everyone thought was shit?

>> No.15483142

I guess jast is putting out the 18+ version of Eiyuu Senki?

>> No.15483143

HOLY SHIET. Eiyuu Senki.

>> No.15483145

Yeah, it's actually already over here, but for PS3 only.

>> No.15483147


No it was just that fruitbat did the allage version only originally

>> No.15483148

There was fan patch for 18+ version.

>> No.15483152

>we'd like to thank fruitbat, the company that did the ps3 version, who is assisting us
So it will have shitty translation?

>> No.15483153

Stop shilling for them, retard. It's been pretty clear Sekai Project is forcing the Japanese companies to censor their games.

>> No.15483156

Didn't care for any of the new announcements:(

>> No.15483158

I liked Eiyuu Senki though.

>> No.15483160

So, JAST announcements: Katahane (en patch existed), Eiyuu Senki (en patch existed), PrincessX (low-quality monster-girl nukige), Sweet Home (something they already announced 3 years ago).

>> No.15483161

Yeah, two already translated games, and two nukige. I wish they talked about their fucking backlog titles.

>> No.15483162
File: 186 KB, 800x600, Princess X.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>23:45:58 <bay|AX|JAST> This is the game that started the monster girl craze

This is a blatant lie, isn't it? Wasn't this game made to cash in on the monster girl hype when it was first starting?

>> No.15483163

Somebody ask them about Django. lol

>> No.15483167
File: 55 KB, 464x279, Pissjar-kun.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Since JAST has disappointed us, in other news...

>> No.15483168

>Sweet Home (something they already announced 3 years ago).
I fapped to this like, I don't even remember, 8 years ago? Localization has amazing round trip times sometimes...

>> No.15483170
File: 43 KB, 293x419, ba23aa7c124c43c0a817ba17392655ea.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15483171
File: 51 KB, 988x82, 2011.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yep, first Monmusu Quest was released half year before this game.

>> No.15483172


Yeah, monstergirls got big outside of VNs first and that's not even the first title to cash in on the idea.

>> No.15483176

>(the girl getting the tenga egg and the guy getting the female item happened as always)
>(they swapped)

If only doddler was there.

>> No.15483177
File: 44 KB, 367x404, a68a297c53624190bd9a9bfe96ce3c44.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pls no

>> No.15483179


There's also those vanadis titles that have been going on since longer than either

>> No.15483181

Not bad desu senpai.
Can't someone just fucking kill this guy already?

>> No.15483185

Compared to everyone else, that's terrible. Even Frontwing and VA are doing better.

>> No.15483188

someone needs to take one for the team

>> No.15483189


>> No.15483191

Oh my god, can somebody kill him with fire already?

I know someone is going to win the August-bowl (hopefully MG), but I rather see JAST "release date never" winning over Sekai Project.
It would be rather sad if they get to butcher Eustia.

>> No.15483192

Need to wait until Q&A, dude.

>> No.15483194

Dunno, 2 games with loli content is good enough for me. Also both of those have very good artists. The yurishit and monster girl rip off seem pretty meh though, but hey at least it's not fujoshi garbage.

>> No.15483201

>First question is about fucking muramasa and not their backlog titles
These panelgoers need to step up.

>> No.15483202
File: 428 KB, 1000x707, 56353570_p0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


start learning Japanese if you haven't already begun

it's the end

>> No.15483203

>Q: muramase? A: one of the crown jewels of nitro+, that's basically, if we sell so many copies, we'll talk; they know we want it, whenever we talk about new games

>> No.15483205

Why the fuck would you ask about Alicesoft if you know they're with MG? What a wasted question.

>> No.15483207 [DELETED] 

Need did even finish answering the question.

>> No.15483208

Can't expect those normies that go to anime conventions to actually know anything about VNs.

>> No.15483210


It's not like that's stopped them in the past.

>> No.15483211

Doesn't help against dovag plague: he corrupts jap devs and they make EOP-oriented garbage from the start.

>> No.15483216

Didn't even finish answering the question.

>> No.15483220

Did they just say MG is working on steins gate 0? What the fuck?

>> No.15483224

They asked about SG0 when it's already been announced for localization by someone else. Terrible questions.

>> No.15483227

M is probably for Mages.

>> No.15483228

So Koryuu goes back to circus hell and Cafe goes back to nukige hell. Who has it worse?

>> No.15483229

>Q: Where is Django anyway? A: Other projects got put in front of, and nitro+ wanted other things out first; also the translation isn't done yet.

Thanks, dude.

>> No.15483231


I believe the company beginning with M is Mages.

>> No.15483232

Koryuu isn't working on Dal Segno.

>> No.15483237

Well that wasn't very impressive

>> No.15483240

>00:13:56 <bay|AX|JAST> Q: Where is Django anyway? A: Other projects got put in front of, and nitro+ wanted other things out first; also the translation isn't done yet. the translation for starmine girl is done so that will probably get ahead of it

>> No.15483246

Is Eiyuu Senki going to be 18+ or are they just porting over the ps3 version?

>> No.15483249

+18. Uncensored. Working with Fruitbat.

>> No.15483250

>Q: do any yaoi? A: there are certain realities that make yaoi harder to do.. the studios that owns the rights to the voice actors say to make this version of the game in english, you have to pay secondary royalties in english, which can be hundreds of thousands... or we can do the game without voices... we could do the game with english voices.. and that wouldn't really appeal to fans either... it's kinda a barrier and we're trying to work around it

What the hell was this answer? They have a BL game lined up, but they want a full english voice localization?
Why do they specify multiple studios? Are these JP devs bullying JAST into doing english voice versions?

>> No.15483251


sumaga has been "fully translated, in editing" for literally years now, so that means basically nothing

>> No.15483253

The first.

>> No.15483254 [DELETED] 

It's the 18+ version.

>> No.15483258

Peter Payne has been complaining about otome/bl voice licensing costs for some time now. That read like his stock rant.

>> No.15483259


Read it again, VA royalties kills the profitability. They said in order to get around that they'd have to either release it voiceless or with a cheap english dub, neither of which would appeal to people.

>> No.15483260

They have a backlog titles thread on their new forums. The way the admin responds makes me think they have literally no clue on who is editing it or how much progress is being made.

>> No.15483262

I'm glad about Eiyuu Senki at least, even though everyone keeps saying it's shit.

>> No.15483263

On the bright side, in 5 years when it's released if Princess X does well then JASTUSA might be able to start looking at the other brands under the parent company.

Maybe they'll go for Black CYC again in 2022?

>> No.15483274


they probably want LuckyDog1 since it's like 80% translated and they've previously worked with the production team (Enzai and Absolute Obedience). But all the characters have big voice actors.

>> No.15483280

Why do the Eiyuu*Senki we already have? It's vastly inferior to the gold version and it's poor mans Sengoku Rance anyway.

>saving anything

>> No.15483285

fuck off Dovac, kys

>> No.15483289
File: 41 KB, 639x485, 1459251778802.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Our only hope is that Sekai goes belly up soon. Please make it soon. They've been in the red for years.

>> No.15483292

Who says anything about this is true? He may have been lying all along to hide how profitable Kickstarter has been.

>> No.15483295

The dovac that was known for regularly sharing his suicidal and pessimistic thoughts and then deleting them later is definitely just the facade of an extremely crafty businessman.

>> No.15483301

> Why do the Eiyuu*Senki we already have?
Because its already translated and therefore less effort, cost and risk.

>> No.15483305

If he was as much of an idiot as you and others make him out to be, he wouldn't be as successful with his business as he is. Putting being in the red or not aside for now, he did make a lot of smart deals like Nekopara, which is undoubtedly better than what competitors managed to put out in terms of sales.

>> No.15483306

But they're still in the red for overpaying the translators. Pls buy.

>> No.15483308

I suppose. It's just depressing because Gold is a substantial improvement in my opinion.

>> No.15483314

It's just Rancefags angry because the game has lolis.

>> No.15483323
File: 37 KB, 579x190, fuccboi.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He hasn't been particularly succesful with Sekai though.

How much do you think Sekai is left with once you factor in the cuts that Steam takes (around 30%) and then the cuts that Nekoworks take? (usual publisher cuts are ranged at around 30-40%, but it could be more given Sekai's tendency to make absolutely stupid business decisions so as to aggressively acquire licenses)

Not to mention that a large amount of the Nekopara sales come strictly from Steam Sales, when the already cheap game goes for just a few bucks. I think you're over estimating how much Sekai takes away from their deals.

>> No.15483329

The one thing I don't understand is why they take plane tickets in first class if they're lacking money. How do I know? Good question huh.

>> No.15483334
File: 214 KB, 1124x1037, sekai sucks.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does he still do that? I was certain that he had stopped that awhile back to save money.

>> No.15483336

It is a generally accepted fact in the gaming industry that sales from Steam actually increase profits even though the net gain per item sold decreases though. Sheer numbers make up for a lot of things. Feel free to look it up via Google. If SP actually has financial problems for real, I would be rather confused indeed.

>> No.15483338

Oh my bad, I thought the whole "first class" thing wasn't wide-spread.
I heard about it a few months ago.

>> No.15483339


JASTUSA are also doing the fan disk for Princess X

>> No.15483346

I don't think there's any reason to lie about it on his Twitter considering he doesn't really have that many followers and sympathy bucks don't really get you too far unless you're an abused SJW. No one looks favorably upon a supposed failing company, especially not when the owner is a huge cry baby loud mouth with Phil Fish tier tantrums.

I can't write him off as some genius liar manipulating people into giving him more money out of pity, because if such were the case the way he is going about it is absolutely retarded.

>> No.15483353

He's attention whore, he doesn't need money, he needs attention of any kind.

>> No.15483355

Yeah, maybe thats all there is too it.

>> No.15483360


Yo-Jin-Bo might be coming to steam

>> No.15483370

I've known dovac for like 6+ years and he didn't seem like that. He barely talks on IRC ever. To be fair he actually acts normal compared to the other members of his staff.

>> No.15483396

Well both MG and JAST were decent. Glad to see Katahane getting a official localization and more monster girls is always nice.

>> No.15483432

What were the highlights of JAST? Are we getting more overflow games finally?

>> No.15483458


Katahane - An' call Belle
Eiyuu Senki 18+ Version
Princess X - My Fiancee is a Monster Girl

Also sounds like Nympho Sensei and Sweet Home are the next 2 they're focusing on releasing.

>> No.15483465

what is the point of jast even? they took forever to get starless out, and the nitro+ titles they were supposed to translate still aren't out after how many years.

>> No.15483466

>23:43:41 <bay|AX|JAST> we're happy to announce we're bringing out Eiyuu Senki
>23:43:57 <bay|AX|JAST> strategy based rpg where you have to conquer the world
>23:44:19 <bay|AX|JAST> it has gender bent and loli versions of famous people in history
>23:44:38 <bay|AX|JAST> it's like civ for perverts
>23:45:01 <bay|AX|JAST> we're happy to also announce the game will be released without any censorship at all

>> No.15483470

Not so sure. Frontwing goes all-ages until told it won't work. So I am certain Frontwing told Sekai they wanted an all-ages release and Sekai just didn't push for "But all our customers want adult version" because Dovac thinks it is just pirates that say that.

>> No.15483471

MangaGamer was also in the red for years. Amazon didn't ever turn a profit in its first six years, and to this day it's barely making a profit (relative to company size). Being in the red does not mean you're going bankrupt; it just means that your expenses are higher than your revenue (a very common situation for new companies), and thus you need other sources of income than your revenue (such as investors) to keep going. The only real risk of this is that you're fucked if you lose your external source of income (for example, your investors figure your company isn't going anywhere and pull out), but in Sekai's current situation they can just stop growing for a while to recover (assuming they're not too deep into the red).

>> No.15483477

>because Dovac thinks it is just pirates that say that.
So if it isn't just pirates saying that, why are MangaGamer's sales so poor despite catering to these people?

>> No.15483481

>we're happy to also announce the game will be released
Is JAST being serious right now? Wow, that comment kind of blindsided me.

>> No.15483484

I distinctly remember some people guessing JAST will announce Muramasa.

Allow me to express my lol.

>> No.15483487

Isn't it the opposite? All their all-ages ventures fall flat on their faces while the 18+ stuff, especially the nukiges, rake in the profits.

>> No.15483488

Yeah. Pretty amusing.
To be perfectly honest though I would have a hard time trusting that part of the statement, unless it wasn't for the fact that Fruitbat Factory are working on it.
It'll probably actually be released this time. I hope.

>> No.15483494

I'm pretty he meant to say that MG's 18+ sales are good.

It isn't like all of MG's All-Ages stuff has gone to shit. Tokyo Babel sold terribly, but Fata moved 1.5k units which is way more than what I was expecting. Game has no voice acting, no generic uguu art, and it isn't light hearted at all. It's a niche within a niche for the english audience, but it has received a lot of praise and ok sales considering what kind of title it is.

>> No.15483498

I naturally have no insider information. But it really looks like you've got that backwards.
Sekai have repeatedly talked down or even trashed ero stuff to the point where one could get the impression that they've got the impression that ero would hurt their image somehow or something.
Meanwhile Front Wing have been in the eroge market for ages and while they're new in venturing into the western markets, they were the ones to supply the 18+ versions and they have also published 18+ works themselves since breaking off from Sekai Project. And advertises the 18+ aspects no fuss all while Sekai Project always appear to be shifty and sneaky in regards to anything ero.

>> No.15483500

Fata Morgana was great. Probably one of my favorite localizations done by anyone period. Enjoyed almost every minute of it, and the OST is top.

>> No.15483503

I would probaby buy katahane adult version but waiting on 2030 for the release is a bit of a pain.

>> No.15483504

I liked Fata Morgana's translation.

>> No.15483506

Pretty much. Dovac has mocked people on discord for wanting ero in eroge.

>> No.15483525
File: 170 KB, 585x952, 1466977617375.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Guys, visual novels literally wouldn't be in the west AT ALL if it weren't for Dovac-dono. Please pay your respects and stop saying mean things!~

>> No.15483534
File: 499 KB, 500x281, 1353626845377.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>No Empress news
Is it hopeless? Is it over? Will it never happen?

>> No.15483535

I hate this deluded fuck so much.

>> No.15483536

I can't say anything for dovac, but the co-founder (Shini) hates ero and so do most of their staffs/freelance staffs.

>> No.15483545

I didn't know they mined salt at Sekai.

>> No.15483580

- Pricing. Dovac runs on 5-20 dollar VN sales to be able to say he sold a lot. MangaGamer howevers at 30-40 dollars and sell less.
- Hard copy system. Fans of a game will wait 1-2 years to see if a hard copy appears. This directly lowers digital sales of even popular games. And if they buy digital and then hard copy comes, they grow irritated with MG.
- Store not accepting paypal.
- Store download system is pretty horrid. Your library of owned titles are in sale order so you better remember when you bought it. (Jast suffers from this too)

You have their marketing to blame too. Saying things like "Hurray we got this game onto steam uncensored thanks to it having almost no ero" is not really going to push the title. If it had been "even though it has 200 H-scenes" you'd probably see sales in the 25k.

>> No.15483583

>What would the VN market be like if we didn't step in.
Considering MG was already on Steam and was working on more Steam stuff, and the Sakura series already existed at that point, probably for the better?

MG might have made contact with NekoPara and gotten that catgirl meme money but VA and Frontwing might still not join in.

The amount of releases might be less with MG not having enough translators to work on everything if they hypothetically acquired all of SP's licences but it seems like a moot point when everything SP self-translate takes forever to come out anyway so there's no difference there.

>> No.15483596
File: 153 KB, 1090x896, MangaGamer steam sales.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tokyo Babel, Fata Morgana and Gahkthun failed because they were niche titles (ironically, mostly desired by the same pirate audience that wants 18+ versions). If you look at the sales numbers for their other Steam titles, they're generally very good. I'm sure that MangaGamer's site sales have improved recently, but I very much doubt they're consistently getting the sales numbers they're getting on Steam.

>> No.15483601

>Go Go Nippon sold 150k copies
So this is the power of steam sales and meme games.

>> No.15483605

I bet Frontwing would be making next Grisaia instead huniepop clone. Thanks dovac for ruining VNs both in West and in Japan.

Devs getting profits is not something we consumers should care. Our goal is to get more high-quality stories, and dovac is working against it.

>> No.15483612

Lol that drop with Higurashi 1 and 2.

>> No.15483662

Higurashi ep1 was in a bundle. Also, a significant dropoff is to be expected from direct sequels (the kind you need to play earlier games for).

>> No.15483672

I bought Fata and Gahkthun after pirating them. Didn't buy Tokyo since I didn't like it.

I don't purchase anything on Steam either unless I absolutely have to. I'm sure there are others in the same boat as me.

>> No.15483701

I am so conflicted on the whole Grisaia deal. I so very much want to support Front Wing and the localization of Front Wing titles and of course the localization of Grisaia.
But I do not want to support Sekai Project. It's really vexing.
If only Front Wing could find a way to publish them by themselves or something.

>> No.15483709

>It isn't like all of MG's All-Ages stuff has gone to shit. Tokyo Babel sold terribly, but Fata moved 1.5k units which is way more than what I was expecting. Game has no voice acting, no generic uguu art, and it isn't light hearted at all. It's a niche within a niche for the english audience, but it has received a lot of praise and ok sales considering what kind of title it is.
The difference is Tokyo Babel is an unremarkable chuunige that no one really likes whereas Fata Morgana is widely regarded by the Japanese audience as the best doujin game and one of the best visual novels ever released because it has a strong narrative, brilliant characterisation and strong themes reinforced with wonderful use of motif, that makes it nothing short of a masterpiece.

The moral of the story is this. Voices don't matter. Porn doesn't matter. Art style doesn't matter. The only reason people read this shit is because they want to read a good story.

>> No.15483720

You do realise Frontwing is in many ways WORSE than Sekai Project when it comes to publishing, right? They do all the same bullshit but turned up even worse; steam whoring, censorship, shitty translations, etc. They force Sekai to delay the 18+ version, they've been sitting on Himawari for months preventing Mangagamer from releasing it and they've announced they're bringing an all ages version of Island and providing now 18+ release.
>If only Front Wing could find a way to publish them by themselves or something.
That's what they've done and it sucks.

Also Grisaia is shit.

>> No.15483721

>23:45:52 <bay|AX|JAST> PrincessX - My Fiancee is a Monster Girl
I did not expect this. But I am very pleasantly surprised.

>> No.15483729

>Fata Morgana is widely regarded by the Japanese audience as the best doujin game and one of the best visual novels ever released
Nice imaginary world you live in.
In our reality, Fata Morgana got mediocre ratings on EGS and total lack of interest on 2ch and other popular japanese vn communities.

>> No.15483732

Dovac pls fuck off thanks.

>> No.15483733

>That's what they've done and it sucks.
Where can you buy Grisaia without giving money to Sekai Project? What you said just applies to everything post-Grisaia.
Also. Front Wing aren't grabbing licenses left and right while ruining the entire western VN market like Sekai Project. At the very least unless they were to surprise us and start to publish the works of others. But until then, supporting Front Wing would just be that, supporting Front Wing.

>> No.15483739

FW didn't censor any of their games. Corona Blossom is simultaneous allages and 18+ from get-go.
>shitty translations
Only game they released had very good translation, orders of magnitude better than anything SP ever done.
>They force Sekai to delay the 18+ version
Bullshit. We all know its dovac who tries to block ero content, and he publicly stated so many times.
>they've announced they're bringing an all ages version of Island
ISLAND is all-ages only, no 18+ content ever existed for it, you fucking moron.

>> No.15483752

>Fata Morgana got mediocre ratings on EGS and total lack of interest on 2ch and other popular japanese vn communities.
u wot

>A reminder that #FataMorgana's egs median is 90, tying it with Muramasa, Baldr Sky, Subarashiki Hibi, Sakura no Uta, and Fate/Stay Night.

>> No.15483759

Ignore Moogy's shit opinion.


>That said, I'm probably a bit harsher on the game than I should be since I went into it with *very* high expectations due to the Japanese fanbase's response to it

Japan LOVED Fata Morgana dude. Who do you think you're kidding?

>> No.15483760

>723 replies
New thread when? The thread is making my browser lagg...

>> No.15483767

Wait for VNTS to make his thread.

Actually, shouldn't it be up by now?

>> No.15483769

He said he'd delay the VNTS until after SP announcements. Do you have the memory of a goldfish?

>> No.15483770

No, I just never read that post by him.

>> No.15483772

Frontwing doesn't even work with Sekai anymore. They broke off relations. Frontwing is self publishing now so just purchase future titles from them (not the Grisaia ones, as they are under contract with Sekai). They released some Huniepop clone on steam not too long ago. And it even got a 18+ patch day one.

Meanwhile the recent Grisaia release from Sekai was delayed to shit, doesn't have a 18+ patch in sight, and it actually censors content other than H. And it's over priced as hell for the length.

>> No.15483775

How can 723 make your browser lag? It's not even anywhere near 250 images.

>> No.15483782

I bet you're from /a/ or /v/ or something. Some people on /jp/ don't use very good computers because we're NEETs with no money..

>> No.15483785

Wew lad. Is this what a Sekai drone looks like?

>> No.15483792

>we're NEETs with no money
speak for yourself mate im a neet with money

>> No.15483793

>not the Grisaia ones, as they are under contract with Sekai
Yeah. That's the thing. It sucks. I love Grisaia but I don't want to give Sekai Project any money.
And yes of course Sekai Project can't do anything right while also not caring for the 18+ versions at all. If it was actually published by Front Wing themselves I am sure everything would have been better, with the 18+ version also being available at launch.

>> No.15483801

>FW didn't censor any of their games. Corona Blossom is simultaneous allages and 18+ from get-go.

This is effectively censorship. The 18+ content is made inconsequential from the get-go and non-H 18+ content is ignored.

>> No.15483802

Well, all I can say is that you should just buy Island when it comes out. Give some to your friends or something. And that other title they're currently localizing--forgot the name. That's really the only way you can throw money directly at Frontwing.

>> No.15483803

I'm guessing it's firefox that's shitty because big threads always make it lagg hard.

>> No.15483806

That tweet is pretty dishonest. He should consider the number of reviews as well.

>> No.15483809

If they give me a discounted adult pack of all 3 games I'll support them. But knowing their 0 discounts so far, I doubt it would ever happen.

>> No.15483812

It has more reviews than Sakura no Uta does, since it's four years older.

>> No.15483813

>The 18+ content is made inconsequential
dovac, you aren't making any sense. VN 18+ content is almost always "inconsequential", its the way games are designed regardless of "censorship" and presence of all-ages version.

>> No.15483815

They put a message directly on the page of Purino Party telling people where to get the 18+ patch. They are actively encouraging it. OBVIOUSLY they have to remove that content for it to get on steam but they are in no way trying to shove the 18+ content under the rug. Oh, and it's free. Yup. Don't need to pay an extra 10 dollars for something that should've been in the game in the first place.

>> No.15483816

Who are calling dovac, you shitty EOP?

>> No.15483821

Kill yourself dovac.

>> No.15483826

>Who are calling dovac
Oh God, the veil is shattered. Dovac's gone completely mad!

>> No.15483837

Putting all those kickstarter bucks to good use.

>> No.15483844

Sadly Frontwing is no different from Sekai.

Corona Blossom is their Nekopara attempt. Same price, same patch cost, same catgirls.

Purino is their Huniepop attempt. Adult patch is just because else it would be a puzzle game and not sell at all.

G-Senjou, Grisaia and Sharin no Kuni are games they want to sell all-ages of. Grisaia and Sharin apparently got so much kickstarter/prefundia pressure on adult content that Frontwing reluctantly agreed with it. (But claiming they will always have to be delayed because all-ages have priority).

They also have Island coming, that is their "At least nobody can complain about adult content, LOL!" title.

We can only rely on MangaGamer to save the industry now.

>> No.15483858

Drink your sorrows away, Dovac. And then drive yourself into a ditch.

At least Island is good.

>> No.15483859

shill, you should at least familiarize yourself with subject first.

>> No.15483861

Why wont Dovac just DIE

>> No.15483868

Not him but Frontwing is doing the G-Senjou english release for AKBsoft2.

>> No.15483870

No, I am dovac

>> No.15483873

Are you retarded? You can go on steam right now and buy G-sen, publisher is SP.

>> No.15483876

I don't care about the other shit, I just want Frontwing to stop fucking around with Himawari already

>> No.15483879

Frontwing is not related to G-Senjou in any way. It was butchered and released by shitkai project.

>> No.15483881

>But claiming they will always have to be delayed because all-ages have priority
Can you give me a single source of Front Wing having said anything of the sort, and it not just being Sekai Project? Because Sekai Project has spouted this bullshit plenty of times before.

>> No.15483907

>Don't need to pay an extra 10 dollars for something that should've been in the game in the first place.
Like a Sound Mode or CG Gallery?

>> No.15483910

If /jp/ is to be believed, I am dovac.

>> No.15483914

Me too desu

>> No.15483917
File: 13 KB, 607x118, c.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>At least Island is good.

Already forgotten by denka.

>> No.15483924

Nothing will stick with someone unless they're led to believe that it's a masterpiece by a large amount of other people.

>> No.15483925

Frontwing shit company, Grisaia overrated. No support for Sekai Project, Give dollars to Mangagamer instead.

>> No.15483926

Sharin no kuni kickstarter has them claiming that they need more time to make a patch than time to translate the game. In my ears that sounds like it just has less priority and they want all-ages cash now.

The rest is just that it matches what Dovac says. So unless Dovac lies and it just happens to match with reality through luck, I think Frontwing prioritize all-ages.

>> No.15483927

Who the fuck cares. It's good.

>> No.15483928

The prophet has judged. I'm no longer hyped for Island, fuck FRONTWING.

>> No.15483932

Sakura no Uta and Subahibi stuck with me purely on their own merits.

>> No.15483935

To be fair Nekopara is the biggest reason companies are getting interested in the western market.

>> No.15483941

Really only because it got lucky.
The vast majorities of VNs aren't going to get covered by a ton of twitch and youtube celebrities like Nekopara did.

>> No.15483949

And that's while they'll crash and fail and run back to loyal Japanese customers. Those are a better bet than some kids watching Twitch streamers.

>> No.15483954

No luck in making a voiced moege for 10 dollars. It is exactly what people want and can afford. They also want 50 dollar voiced moeges, but it is rarer that they afford that.

>> No.15483960

I don't this so because before that games like Sakura, Go! Go! Nippon! and especially Konosora sold pretty well.

>> No.15483962

JAST? More like JAST WAIT, right?

>> No.15483965


That is wrong.

>> No.15483975
File: 340 KB, 899x664, fdsfsdfsfd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't be mean, at least in this half of year they have released 2 games, that's an improvement.

>> No.15483984

Shame sonico has "gameplay". I could have played PC and PS3 version at the same time to practice Japanese.

>> No.15484005

That wouldn't be a good idea.

>> No.15484015

I hope someone asks Sayori about the plans for imouto H-scene in Nekopara.

>> No.15484034

Dovac is my brother and he told me they'd localize Ponkotsu Akuma.

>> No.15484054

VNTS has abandoned us too, huh? Sales have increased in general but the community couldn't be deader

>> No.15484056


And if the staff comments in their forums are to be believed then we might be getting another 1-2 in the second half of the year. Nympo Sensei and something else.

>> No.15484063

>the community
Blame /vg/.

>> No.15484069


He said it'd be delayed this week for all the panel announcements to finish you autistic retard

>> No.15484086

No he didn't.

>> No.15484088


Yes, he did.

>> No.15484144

Apparently Aroduc's translating Eiyuu Senki.

>> No.15484163

Sekai doesn't even ask their fans what games they want. They say they know what they want.

>> No.15484175

Its common sense that everyone wants pile of Indonesian doujins, asking would be just waste of time and resources.

>> No.15484176

You're never getting Dramatical Murder, it's a much too expensive license. Just about everything that's mainstream and popular is too expensive for the western market. And even if a game isn't too expensive, the company might have no interest in having it localized. So, localization companies as a whole are limited in what they can do.

>> No.15484181

And they know! They gave us Clannad, Grisaia, G-senjou and will make F/SN happen
Any Japanese title you think is good they can get it for you

>> No.15484218

Any Japanese title you think is good, they can get it for you with a shitty localization

>> No.15484226

Where did you get the 1.5k for Fata from? If it's Steamspy, then that isn't reliable. It could be as few as a couple hundred. They already basically confirmed that it flopped.

>> No.15484235

Yes, Firefox is shitty. That's what happens when you cater to SJWs instead of fixing the browser.

>> No.15484237

Fata sold like garbage too, don't let the unreliable Steamspy numbers cause you to draw false conclusions.

>> No.15484254

Fate is beyond Sekai. And once the Japanese devs realize that their games aren't the next Nekopara in terms of sales interest in the western market will dry up really quick.

>> No.15484255

All that alcohol he posted would cost 1000$ retail, only 3 bottles too. What a waste.

>> No.15484256

None. Sekai Project told her loli h-scenes are not allowed.

>> No.15484283
File: 261 KB, 1274x466, c.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Using Pale Moon on a shitty i3 laptop. Thread loads instantly.

It's almost like this fork isn't just a meme.

>> No.15484287

Would've switch to Pale Moon ages ago but I remember like half of my extension didn't work. I wonder if they have improved on that.

>> No.15484296

Only one of mine that didn't work was HTTPS Everywhere, but there's a Pale Moon version of it called Encypted Web.

Also there's this fancy Greasemonkey fork you can use for Pale Moon.

>> No.15484309

Nice desu. Time to look at it again. Fuck "we won't fix memory issues because it's your imagination and please love us as we try to look like Chrome while being 10x slower" Firefox.

>> No.15484322

Also one more thing perhaps worth noting. If you use Rikaisama, the newest version 22.9.3 doesn't work for me on Pale Moon, but the previous one 22.9.2 does.

The only difference is
>Fixed issue that caused incompatibility with Firefox 46.
I presume the fix for Firefox in turn broke compatibility with Pale Moon.

Or it was all just issue on my PC. Anyway, worth noting.

>> No.15484327

Yeah! All those titles I read years ago! Yes!

When will Sekai translate something relevant?

>> No.15484336

Thanks. I do use Rikaisama. :3

>> No.15484346

Hopefully never.

>> No.15484470

Games sell past their first week you know. Steamspy isn't reliable at those numbers, but it could very well have had some legs.

>> No.15484509

Launch sales are deemed very important by developers, so if those were bad that won't make the game seem appealing to license more like.

And games that sell good at launch will continue to sell over time as well, probably in much higher numbers than a title that flopped at launch. Princess Evangile and Imouto Paradise are still selling plenty of copies on their site and those have been out for a long time. For a Steam release Fata Morgana sold disappointingly.

>> No.15484739

Should we tell her it is allowed? Who do you think she believes most, a notorious liar or the community?

>> No.15484748

There is no such thing as a steam release. There are on the other hand 10 dollar releases and 30 dollar releases and those sell differently. Only a fool would think price doesn't matter just because it is Steam.

>> No.15484755

As publisher Sekai Project can force the dev to bend to their will. It's not easy at all to break contract with them once the contract is done.

>> No.15484763

Princess Evangile, Kindred Spirits, and Ozmafia are all expensive and sold well on Steam. The latter 2 didn't even come with keys from buying on MG's site, so those all came directly from Steam sales.

>> No.15484789

Aroduc confirmed that he's doing Eiyuu Senki and is throwing out a bunch of Fruitbat's shitty translation.

>> No.15484793

Good for him. But still, Gold would've been better ;_;

>> No.15484801

I know Gold is better but how exactly?

>> No.15484813

They will probably do Gold too if this sells well.

>> No.15484831

Link ?

>> No.15484852

If she doesn't want it she shouldn't buy it. It will just give the impression that those types of BL games are more popular than they are. Maybe she'll rethink her stance when they announce yaoi SAW next year.

>> No.15484857

Better gameplay. Protagonist isn't as much of a faggot. The main heroine from the original, who is shit, gets far less screentime. Better music. Better focus on characters that didn't get much in the original.

>> No.15484868

ISLAND is a somewhat controversial game, I personally loved it more than most people, and I definitely feel like it will be very well received in the west. G.O's writing style is very simple, yet very unique, so hopefully the translation can do it justice.

>> No.15484884
File: 174 KB, 843x828, BL.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here's what Haro has to say in regard to the BL license.

>> No.15484933
File: 180 KB, 638x299, desperate translator.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He really wants the job.

>> No.15484935


I wonder what else they're gunning for

>> No.15484940

They probably plan to release it around the anime, so he's probably out of luck.

>is you see them
I think I'd prefer if he didn't work on it.

>> No.15484941

I'm sure he'd do good with it. Conjueror is a good translator. But it seems like FW has a good thing going for their translation team judging from their recent title.

>> No.15484946


He's fucked, it's probably already handed off since they started teasing it ages ago on their facebook

I can taste his disappointment through my monitor

>> No.15484989

Tomoyo After looks like it is doing poorly thus far. A Stealth release during the Summer sale still looks like it was a horrible idea.

>> No.15484997

Sonicomi did the same thing. Japs are really stupid when it comes to releasing shit. Even Neptunia is launching on the 5th but its not even listed on the store yet.

>> No.15485009

But Sonicomi seems to be doing well.

>> No.15485067


>> No.15485094

Man, JAST could've been as fast as MangaGamer if only Aroduc stayed around.

>> No.15485108

He deleted it -_-

>> No.15485110

They took years to release Romansesque and Seinarukana after they were finished.

>> No.15485113

Wasn't that an "editing" problem?

>> No.15485119

It got picked up by streamers.

>> No.15485330
File: 53 KB, 640x480, q9bVG.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.15485494

Should I make a new thread?

>> No.15485501

Aksys is bringing over Collar x Malice, Period Cube, Bad Apple Wars and the Code:Realize fandisc.

Otome fans are the real winner of AX.

>> No.15485509


>> No.15485518


>> No.15485519

>still no Plotge
Please Dovac, save us!

>> No.15485528

Wait for Otakon, MG will save us.

>> No.15485540

With current state of SP backlog, anything they announce with 0.6 probability will never come out, and with 0.3 probability will come out at least 4 years later.

>> No.15485571


This thread should survive until sekai's panel is over

>> No.15485576

We still have Degica's probable Kiminozo announcement tonight. Just a shame Kiminozo isn't a better title.

>> No.15485586
File: 188 KB, 960x544, Bad Apple Wars.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bad Apple Wars looks and sounds interesting, at least.

>> No.15485601
File: 166 KB, 1024x600, Marimo-chan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Kiminozo have a good and popular anime so if you watched the anime you can't really be hype for the VN since you know everything.
If only Degica knew that Kimi ga Ita Kisetsu got a beautiful remake in 2011 and that a lot of main characters from Muv-Luv are relevant in the story.

>> No.15485613
File: 63 KB, 640x480, [Anime-Legion]_Akane_Maniax_03_[754422AC].avi_snapshot_15.01_[2012.01.29_22.22.46].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i want to ____ marimo

>> No.15485635
File: 146 KB, 756x756, 1404712108392.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15485639

It's astounding the extent to which you don't know what you're talking about.

>> No.15485643
File: 1.01 MB, 664x388, mad dog.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want to be sexually harassed by Marimo.

>> No.15485648


>> No.15485666
File: 68 KB, 640x480, [Anime-Legion]_Akane_Maniax_03_[754422AC].avi_snapshot_04.38_[2012.01.29_22.11.42].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15485670

Can't wait for all these OELVN

>> No.15485679


I didn't know that Napata was attending AX. Is there a fakku booth or something ?

>> No.15485687

With how Root Double did, prepare for nakige or moege.

>> No.15485720

That released 2 months ago, it's probably too soon to expect a reaction to that to affect licenses.

>> No.15485723


>> No.15485804

Wouldn't that just attract an audience that will look for BL games thinking it's for them and throw shitfits when they find out it isn't?

>> No.15486045

With G-Senjou in the record books, I'd be quicker to blame AkabeiSoft than Frontwing. Frontwing has seemed recently willing to shell out 18+ releases, Purino Party and Corona Blossoms being prime examples.

>> No.15486246

Don't forget a ton of new H-scenes including one with Imai-san.

>> No.15486372

There probably needs to be a compiled list of announcements here

I am trying to read through the thread for which announcements belong to which and its proving rather tedious

>> No.15486426
File: 419 KB, 2048x1535, CmdqPKEVMAA2dlJ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15486455


Where? I don't see any tattoos.

>> No.15486496

>girls' handwriting


>> No.15486541
File: 614 KB, 1444x795, code.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Any mangagoy shills here? Please give me a discount code

>> No.15486545


Are they ever going to fix the points thing?

>> No.15486614

It seems like SP will stream their panel here http://www.ustream. tv/channel/animecon-industry

>> No.15486629

OELVN shit doesn't belong here.

>> No.15486642

Will there be anything worth sticking around for?

>> No.15486650

Eustia All-ages only

>> No.15486658
File: 76 KB, 601x601, 1467512863829.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

gas em

>> No.15486670

fault milestone and Rabi-Ribi. JAST and MG BTFO

>> No.15486673

Really pushing the Sony connection.

>> No.15486686

Pretty boring so far

>> No.15486690

Dies Irae

>> No.15486691


>> No.15486696

Second OELVN announced.

>> No.15486700

Can't wait for a shitty doujin VN to be released never.

>> No.15486703

Idol OELVN is a nightmare.

>> No.15486708

Oh boy I can't wait to see how much they are castrating Maitetsu.

>> No.15486710

20 minutes passed and we still didn't get to actual real deal announcements. Great.

>> No.15486712

There aren't any.

>> No.15486713

OELVNs are the future, these are the real announcements

>> No.15486715

Is this horror the thing David Bruno was so proud of?

>> No.15486716

Wow this interview video is still going on
What are you doing Sekai

>> No.15486728

The fuck!?

>> No.15486729


>> No.15486731


>> No.15486733


>> No.15486735

Hahaha, Baldr Sky licensed.

>> No.15486737


>> No.15486739

WTF, sekai got baldr sky.

>> No.15486740

Well then.

>> No.15486743

MG/JAST owned yet?

>> No.15486745

GG Sekai

>> No.15486749

I hope MG will get Eustia

>> No.15486752

Baldr Sky cut and with shitty translation. Can't wait!

>> No.15486759


>> No.15486760


>> No.15486762

So how many of these announcements will have a kickstarter?

>> No.15486770


>> No.15486775

So a non-answer as if to if Baldr will be 18+ or not.

>> No.15486777

SP avoiding to answer about 18+ Baldr. Confirmed to be censored.

>> No.15486778

As expected of SP.

>> No.15486779

>no uncensored maitetsu

whelp I can't even defend you anymore dovac

>> No.15486780

enjoy you're all-ages

>> No.15486782

Will Mangagamer ever win? Poor guys

>> No.15486783


>> No.15486784

did they not announce Hadaka recently

>> No.15486785

They won Alicesoft though.

>> No.15486789


>> No.15486790

can't wait to pirate this when they release it in 10 years

>> No.15486791

desu Baldr isn't that great its just got a huge meme status after years of cock teasing and spoilers

it's a good title but it has a disproportionate reputation in my opinion

>> No.15486793

RIP Aroduc's secret project.

>> No.15486800

Great, now they also licensed nukige to turn it into all-ages.

>> No.15486802

Kek. Was that what he was working on? Did all that work just go to waste?

>> No.15486803

Boku to Koi Suru Ponkotsu Akuma.


>> No.15486808

Baldr Sky. it got licensed and now we'll only get the all-ages release instead of a patch.

>> No.15486816

It's pretty dated graphics wise. And given how Root Double sold I wonder how well a game like this can sell on Steam. And if there's no 18+ that's another strike that many people will have against it.

>> No.15486817

Learning Japanese was the best decision of my life.

>> No.15486820

Baldr Sky has a huge reputation and actual gameplay though. It'll probably do decent no matter how much they fuck it up.

>> No.15486821

He's the translator for the official version.
>congratz Aroduc for getting it official

>> No.15486824

So were is the retard that said that Sekai doesnt censor their releases,but just gets the all-ages version?

As far as I know baldr sky, koikuma and maitetsu only have 18+ releases.

>> No.15486826

Of all the companies to get baldr sky, it had to be the one group that censors everything
Legit fucking furiated. Fuck you Dovac.

>> No.15486828

Aroduc works for JAST I thought

>> No.15486830

Has anybody told him that?

>> No.15486832

Most gamers want more than 800x600 resolution.

>> No.15486833

He's freelance. He stopped working at JAST due to them releasing games years after he translated them. It pissed him off.

>> No.15486834


>> No.15486835


>> No.15486837

Well shit. I really hope MG will announce a big title at Otakon

>> No.15486841

Since when were they on speaking terms?

>> No.15486843

Nekopara already showed this a long time ago.

>> No.15486844

wait what

please fucking tell me this didnt just get picked up, i closed the stream

>> No.15486845

So who won AX, /jp/?

>> No.15486847

SakuSaku and that nukige with Sayori art are getting Denpasoft releases.

>> No.15486848

I want to hire a hitman to blow up SP's offices.

>> No.15486850

they showed it at the end

>> No.15486852 [DELETED] 



>> No.15486853

That doesn't stop people on twitter.

>> No.15486854

Nekopara isn't as ero-heavy as ponkotsu.

>> No.15486855


>> No.15486856

>So who won AX, /jp/?
Consumers who know Japanese.

>> No.15486857

In terms of baldr sky? SP.
In terms of not butchering their games and actually releasing stuff? MG.

>> No.15486859

You and me both.

>> No.15486863

Well, if you're into guro I'm not sure how many licenses could even top maggot baits.
Otherwise, probably SP for Baldr, although they're not likely to release 18+ so I feel extreme indifference.

>> No.15486864

Fuck this

>> No.15486865

Doesn't matter who won, all it matters that VN industry lost big today, and most likely will never recover. Neutered 5$ steam games forever from now on.
Thanks dovac.

>> No.15486867

ponkotsu is getting a 18+ release. Baldr Sky is the only thing getting censored from their announcements.

>> No.15486869

>all those good titles now confirmed for being ruined

>> No.15486871


brb suicide

>> No.15486872

Did seriously nobody ask them about Maitetsu?

>> No.15486873

who cares about some pedoshit

>> No.15486875
File: 40 KB, 638x290, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

aroduc is a master

>> No.15486876


They gave a non-answer to the 18+ question. It's possible that it'll have a Denpasoft release.

>> No.15486878

EOPs never win, get back to your reps pigs

>> No.15486882

Mangagamer is getting absolutely BTFO by SP in terms of licensing. How are they letting dovac win?

It turns out the poor reputation of SP in the English-speaking world doesn't matter in Japan where they just see SP with the big names and decide to sign up with them too.

>> No.15486883

people were begging about it in the stream chat, I didn't hear anyone ask about it myself
I really wish they'd just confirm no 18+ and be done with it, they'll probably censor non-ero CGs as well

>> No.15486884

If Degica announces Albatross for some mysterious reason we literally got Albatross Sky Butlers this year

>> No.15486886

But his review didn't trash it.

>> No.15486890

Don't worry, MG will get Fate/Stay Night

>> No.15486892

>How are they letting dovac win?
MG doesn't want to go for ridiculous licenses that almost guarantee them never making a profit. SP is all about that.

>> No.15486893

Conjueror is doing Fate, Tsukihime Remake, and Mahoyo, to release them as a trilogy this fall.

>> No.15486896

Well, we/they got Chuablesoft to change their minds so it's possible if enough Japanese speakers tell the companies not to go to SP, it might happen.

>> No.15486899

Maybe their policy with Maitetsu is to pretend an 18+ version never existed.

>> No.15486901

When's the kickstarter? This is just like Root Double getting one announced at a later date. There's no way this VN isn't going to cost a bundle.

>> No.15486902

You gotta spend money to make money.

Now that SP can go around parading the likes of Grisaia, Maitetsu, Baldr Sky, etc, they're going to keep getting more and more licenses on that prestige alone.

>> No.15486906

>tfw SP gets August

>> No.15486910

they'll get August, Type Moon, and finally get Nitro+ away from JAST

>> No.15486911

That's not funny.

>> No.15486913

I'm going to end it

>> No.15486915

Ironic how every victory for SP is a huge loss for the English speaking audience.

You guys really need to just learn Japanese. Sekai is a cancer and they won't stop.

>> No.15486923


>> No.15486929

Dies Irae confirmed

>> No.15486933


How long until the next con?

>> No.15486935

Nah, I'll just buy it in English

>> No.15486937

Anyone on twitter covering that joint degica/sekai panel?

>> No.15486938

WA 2 confirmed.

>> No.15486939

One month

>> No.15486941

EOPs fucked super hard.

Aroduc barely knows Japanese and Sekai's practices are horrible.

>> No.15486944
File: 14 KB, 500x500, 1412227634957.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Otakon. August 12-14

>> No.15486947

>meanwhile dxs

>> No.15486948


>> No.15486949

<span class="sjis">

        ⊂( ゚⊥゚)つ-、   >>>>15486915
      ///   /::/ /  
      |:::|/⊂ヽノ|:::| /」
    / ̄ ̄旦 ̄ ̄ ̄/|
  /______/ | |
  | |-----------|


I'm trying, dude. I'm trying...

>> No.15486952

I don't think they're using his translation (?), which may be worse considering how awful Sekai's in-house TLs are when aren't stealing Fan-TLs.

>> No.15486955

>Not SP, MG, JAST, or FW

>> No.15486958

Nutaku has already got that.

>> No.15486959

He's the translator for it, Conjurer confirmed as much on twitter.

>> No.15486961

I barely even have time to play most English games, especially with this year having so many releases. How the fuck am I gonna learn another language to double my backlog?

>> No.15486962

I really hope MG has something big to announce at Otakon.

>> No.15486963

He's obviously referring to MG since he's a primary employee there.

>> No.15486964

I love this guy

>> No.15486965

this is the actual issue with Baldr

>> No.15486966

MG literally getting rekt at every con this year

>> No.15486968

I don't see the huge loss.

Sekai Project releases all-ages version of Baldr Sky. A few months later, a fan TL group releases an 18+ patch. What's the big deal?

>> No.15486969

Stop playing bad games.

>> No.15486970

Haha remember Futsuu?

>> No.15486971


>> No.15486973

>waiting until August to announce August
thank you conjueror for saving VNs

>> No.15486974

Don't play engrish games, problem solved.

>> No.15486975

I hope so

I thought he was working directly with the nips this time

>> No.15486979

Stop being a pleb gamer and embrace Japan and moe.

>> No.15486982

99% of the games I play are Japanese and localized. There's still too many games to play.

>> No.15486987

SP thinking it's OK to continue this practice, or Japanese developers pushing for all-ages releases. Relying on the fans for content restoration is an awful practice, it's barely a step up from fan translations.

>> No.15486988

Did you faggots think sekai was going to get out of this AX without announcing a kickstarter?

Too bad, nekopara anime kickstarter

>> No.15486989


>> No.15486993

That feelio when I'm playing a Japanese game while shitposting in this thread.

>> No.15486994

Nekopara anime announced

>> No.15486997

and people thought the Baldr news was bad

>> No.15486998

So another good VN ruined.

>> No.15487000

>make hundreds of thousands from the game

>> No.15487003

>didn't even announce an anime, just announced an anime kickstarter
we're in self parody territory now

>> No.15487006

degica's short segment is happening

>> No.15487007

I'm fucking dying

>> No.15487009


>> No.15487013

Great, another machine translation.

>> No.15487015

least surprising announcement of the century

>> No.15487025


>> No.15487039

I wish Dovac would kill himself and someone cool would take over the company.

>> No.15487040



>> No.15487049


>> No.15487051

He's working on Baldr, does anyone knows if he's a good translator?

>> No.15487052

Don't you get the joke? The silence means it's not happening.

>> No.15487056

No news is the same as news. The fact that they're skirting around confirmation is essentially a confirmation of a censored version.

Enjoy your train info-dumps with butchered lolis.

>> No.15487057


He's not a translator

>> No.15487059

He's not a translator. He's a commie editor.

>> No.15487060

aroduc is the translator

>> No.15487061

Its dicks, guy who ruined Grisaia and Subahibi.

>> No.15487064

My bad

>> No.15487074

wasn't that herkz

>> No.15487082

That was herkz bruh.

>> No.15487087

Get used to this friends, it's only going to get worse. Sekai is taking the Amazon approach to business economics and if they keep landing good licenses it will eventually pay off.

>> No.15487094

Nope, its Dicks editing stuff first, then herkz pretending to edit it further by changing random words here and there.

>> No.15487100
File: 5 KB, 236x104, Grisaia no Kajitsu - TLWiki.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.15487106

Kimi ga Nozomu Eien remake being considered for Kickstarter.

>> No.15487114

Gross but I'd rather keep blaming herkz and only herkz for being a humongous faggot

>> No.15487122

MG should annouce a Rance title and Eustia at Otakon

>> No.15487124

With Sayori art

Holy shit

>> No.15487127


>> No.15487128

People don't just give away licenses for the hell of it, rather that makes it look like they have the money to pay a shitload for anything.

>> No.15487139

Apparently Aroduc is translating Baldr Sky

>> No.15487141

I giggled

>> No.15487144

tfw it's real

>> No.15487147

Meant to quote >>15487139

>> No.15487149
File: 1.18 MB, 1960x1200, 20790896.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I was about to say nobody would want that, then I remembered Steam kids would want that.

I mean there's nothing wrong with Sayori Kiminozo art, but it's not better than Latest Edition in any way.

>> No.15487155

Speak for yourself, I'd want the shit out of that.

I don't like age's terrible hair

>> No.15487162
File: 271 KB, 1000x2215, FinalAnswers.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Looks like that's a wrap. How did you do, /jp/? Seven points, myself.

>> No.15487167
File: 224 KB, 1024x600, 7055.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sayori doesn't change hair.

Latest Edition is actually probably the best art of any age game that exists for that matter, -maybe- besides TDA or Schwarzesmarken if you like bootleg imitation Carnelian. The time is better spent replacing everything Sou Miyata ever traced.

>> No.15487176


>> No.15487182

Well, I didn't know they had redrawn all the art anyway. Yeah, it seems pointless then.

>> No.15487183

Speaking of VN art remakes, what is your pipe dream?

>> No.15487189

You can't expect me not to choose the option that says "fuck you dovac"

>> No.15487190

Where is the option for age won by getting to release their other favourite game they wanted localized first and waste a bunch of time doing kickstarter bullshit for it instead of being productive.

>> No.15487191

Sayori redoes Muv Luv's terrible hair

>> No.15487198

The ones who will pirate them all.

>> No.15487200

Tsukihime remake

>> No.15487206

Great, more visual novels for Sekai Project to "pick up" and leave sitting around with zero actual progress until years after the proposed release date.
I can't think of one legitimate VN that they actually managed to release without completely fucking up the timing or quality of release, if releasing anything at all.
Why keep on picking up new visual novels if you can't release anything that you already have on your to-do list?
Expanding your backlog at a faster rate than you can finish your projects is a fucking horrible business model.
Can't wait until they go completely tits up and piss off every major JP company they've worked with.
If they keep this shit up, I'm seriously afraid that Japan will just stop giving a fuck about the west thanks to SP's incompetence.

>> No.15487219

Personally I'm more interested in MG's offerings but getting a giant meme is probably more of a win for Sekai

>> No.15487221
File: 125 KB, 361x870, mitsukicompare.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I guess Sayori CGs might be better but a stretch goal of "redrawn porn" on a Steam release would be pretty odd.

>> No.15487233

I cannot wait for this company to crash and burn.

>> No.15487244

>If they keep this shit up, I'm seriously afraid that Japan will just stop giving a fuck about the west thanks to SP's incompetence.
Nah, they'll just start releasing their titles themselves like Frontwing/Key and others did. They need money, you know.

>> No.15487247


>> No.15487248

After Maitetsu and Baldr Sky, is there any other audience left on /jp/ that dovac could drive into a salt-filled rage at Otakon?

>> No.15487257

some new R07 shit

>> No.15487263

Don't you mean Romeo?

>> No.15487265

So I take it the Baldr Heart announcement that someone mentioned before was fake.

>> No.15487267

I'm sure SP will announce it in a few years since they already landed Baldr Sky.

>> No.15487269

Dies Irae, Typemoon, Eushully.
All-ages Eushully games will be truly hilarious.

>> No.15487273

Giga will follow Frontwing's example and ditch Sekai Project.

>> No.15487274

Nah, just like with Grisaia and Frontwing, I think the Sky is the limit for SP with Giga.

>> No.15487278

All ages Kamidori.

You know Dovac would try to pull that shit.

>> No.15487282

I'm sure Sekai is already on the phone to the master translators at Nekohen as we speak.

>> No.15487308

Sounds like an excuse to make all-ages only. Welcome to localization.

>> No.15487314
File: 258 KB, 635x712, poutine lad.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.15487318
File: 15 KB, 589x110, 2016-07-03 23_50_58-Twitter.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The intelligence level of Muv-Luv fans has really tanked in the last few years

>> No.15487327

Maybe you're the retard for not recognizing a joke.

>> No.15487329

So are there any pics of Sayori yet?

>> No.15487347

no, but she's apparently very cute

>> No.15487358

wasn't it streamed? Was she shown at all? Hamashima Shigeo was shown at the MG panel.

>> No.15487360

No video or photos allowed at those.

>> No.15487362
File: 20 KB, 265x349, 1467442564308.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

if Sekai nabs August i'll be salty

Eustia and Daito deserve to be read by everyone with shitty censorship

>some new R07 shit
r07 is trash though, iwaihime was garbage

Typemoon will never do business with the west with their self-published titles so that won't happen

a really shitty blurry pic when the camera accidentally went over on her for a few seconds. you can't really make much out though.

>> No.15487370

whoops, ignore that picture. went full retard and thought you were talking about Shiggy.

>> No.15487375

>a really shitty blurry pic when the camera accidentally went over on her for a few seconds. you can't really make much out though.

please learn to read anonymous

>> No.15487376

>iwaihime was garbage
Details? I've been thinking about reading that.

>> No.15487383

R07 can't write

>> No.15487391
File: 2.25 MB, 1488x2104, 110421e19aa34e2f35fba9e66a0b61bf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

lucia was cute, frig off.

>> No.15487393

>R07 can't write [endings]

Ain't that the truth but I still like his literary world.

>> No.15487398

>SakuSaku, Ponkotsu and Baldr Sky
WTF I love dovac now.

>> No.15487399

>the only person even kind of tweeting about hamashima's panel is literally ZUN!bar

Now there's a name I haven't seen in awhile

>> No.15487401


Will you still love him when baldr sky is all ages?

>> No.15487407

You're replying to dovac.

>> No.15487408

I still get the other two, so yes.
Won't be hard to download the JP version with 100% save and read the H-scene.

>> No.15487410

I guess I'll have to be the one who starts it. Baldr sky wasn't even that good of a game.

>> No.15487412

Aroduc pls.

>> No.15487421

Somebody already said it above you, snowflake.

>> No.15487424

Damn it, I got distracted and missed the panel. I'm caught up on what happened thanks to the transcript, but does anyone have a link to the stream? I want to see those weeaboo's heads explode when the Dive1 OP starts rolling.

>> No.15487427

Realest talk.

Should I finish my doctorate or should I follow in Conjueror-sama's footsteps to become a porn translator?

>> No.15487430

We've got plenty of people with retarded degrees, but there's never enough translators. Think about that.

>> No.15487431

Never mind, I'm a moron, I see it now.

>> No.15487432


When a guy started trying to take pictures with his phone up front, some guy literally got off the stage and stormed straight at him to get him to stop without any of the panelists skipping a beat. They were pretty serious about the no video/photo policy besides the one guy doing the stream who was almost certainly preapproved/official somehow.

>> No.15487440

Which do you prefer: being called sensei or translating sensei in to English?

>> No.15487441

It'd be really bad if the only pictures of sayori or Shigeo ever to be posted on the Internet was from the one time they went to an American anime convention.

I really want to know what they look like, but I'm glad that they didn't leak.

>> No.15487443

Good point.

>> No.15487444

Do it. Pick up a well-known kamige that has no current translation project. And when SP comes to you to buy your translation out, tell them "no fuck you", then release the translation on the web.

>> No.15487445

why are they so strict about that? The stuff is being announced for the public anyway. I can see on the SP twitter that they have pictures of Lunatic Joker doing drawing but nothing for Sayori.

>> No.15487447

No, no. Tell them yes and when they announce it, THEN release your TL on the web.

>> No.15487449

He's gonna be like lxreck but with actual Japanese language proficiency.

>> No.15487455

>actual Japanese language proficiency.

Let's not get too carried away here.

>> No.15487456

Because the artists don't want pictures of her floating sound the internet.

>> No.15487458


>> No.15487461

Well I'm already studying it for 6 years and live in Japan now.

>> No.15487465

Work for JAST for pennies then. They have so much trouble finding/keeping staff. Do it for the love of VNs.

>> No.15487470

It's a choice between being just another smartass guy with a degree and being a fucking savior.

>> No.15487472

You can be the Django translator that JAST desperately needs. lol

>> No.15487474


She doesn't want her face known so psycho fans won't be able to stalk her as easily.

Pretty simple stuff, really.