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The thread where everyone has time to ask for the creation of something, but never bothers doing it

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Labyrinth of Touhou.

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Tabasco, Cholula, Tapatio, Texas Red, take your pick.

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If you wish to play dots on dota 2 with /jp/:

Join the steam group https://steamcommunity.com/groups/jpdots
Join the in-game /jp/dots chat channel

if no lobbies are up, feel free to create one yourself with password /jp/dots and create an announcement on the group

Remember to be cute and take it easy!

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Any Japanese players?

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Why Japanese people?

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Modded LoT 1 at that.

I think it only works with the individual expansion and not the entire plus disk. Don't quote me on it though.

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Quoted from the readme.txt of LoTR:
>This hack is built on top of english-patched 2.04 with the plus disk installed. Other versions are VERY likely to just straight-up crash if the hack is applied to them.
>Likewise, upgrading the patched game to 2.06 or another version will probably crash as well. I offer no support for those and you will be on your own if something goes wrong there.

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Currently stuck at Alice's fight.
Haven't grinded far too much since stacking AoE buffs did wonders for me, so now that I'm actually overwhelmed, I gave up on the fight and started grinding whatever leftovers there were from the lower floors

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The fight itself isn't that hard, but the second I target a single enemy, Healing Light pops up and heals said target for 10k.
Sadly, my 36% REC Reimu isn't good enough to manage to barrier AND heal me often enough to keep this neverending torture continue, or she just gets silenced just as I gather enough SP.

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Post your game screenshots

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Ah thanks, I was thinking of the 3.0 disk.

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Wow, never new LoT had a mod. Played the original for almost 150hours grinding my ass off for fun. (actually until some characters I never leveled had an exp overflow and the skillpoints didn't fit into the window anymore) I think that was 2 years ago during the world cup.. watching that during the grind. Result was girls that took everything down with 0 problem.. even the strongest boss in the game was not a challenge, even after like 5 power-ups.

So thanks thread that should actually be about dots, but is now hijacked by LoT...

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It's far more fun to read through story dialogues in LoTR than the original
And considering the thread is usually dead, it's better to be about LoT than the cries of sorrow feom US.East and Yuropoor players

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You have the acronym in the filename, you have the setting, and you have a very good estimation of the genre with the character portraits.
Come on, man. This retardation should not be brought to /jp/.

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Hug the fluffy kitsune.

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Make your own fucking thread

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You sure never get tired of sperging out, do you?

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if you didn't want this kind of thing to happen you shouldn't have used a picture more interesting than your thread

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I didn't even make this thread you nerd!

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we must all suffer for the sins of others

such is the fate of all who were born into this world

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Maybe in your world, but not Gensokyo!

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My understanding is that LoT is some sort of dungeon crawler but that's a pretty wide genre these days. What game would you compare it to?

Also there's a lobby up.

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Etrian Odyssey Lite

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I was scrolling and didn't even realize it was a Dots thread until I read 'dots thread'!

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Theres a jp lobby open right now!

Come join

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New lobby up. Come join!

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Moving to Japan soon and ping is just going to be unbearable.

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There are a few, but not enough to create a 10/10 lobby, unless you can make a similar gathering in 2ch.
Mudslime pubs are gonna be a lot plus their regional ping shouldn't be bad either, considering SEA servers aren't too far away, so if you're content with playing against a wave of ACTV-1 infected people then you should be able to play.

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>Moving to Japan soon

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There were two small patches today. No new girls, sadly.

- 修复兔炮不会触发的BUG
- 绿刀 相机

Which according to google are:

- Repair of rabbit gun will not trigger BUG
- Green knife camera

Just tested and multiple inaba weapons still stack.I have no idea what was fixed/added.

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Ghost ult still broken? Probably huh. They probably don't know, as nobody wants to play that normally or something.

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Did you try repairing the rabbit gun though?

It used to crash my game.

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geimu when?

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The mods are there to unfuck the god awful graphics. Too bad there isn't a mod to make the game be good.

Except Etrain Odyssey is good and doesn't have an arbitrary mechanic that forces you to grind even more because your characters keep deciding to leave for no reason.

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Please stop hijack.

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I'm using sage. Don't worry! That and DOTS and DOTA is /v/ shit send it there.

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The OP hijacked his own thread.

If you want an actual DotS thread you should just make another one, nobody will shoot you.

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Lobby is up

The Great Shrine war continues

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is yuugi the strongest

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False. Cirno is the

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I have created a lobby.

Not for LoT but for dots.

The password to join the lobby is /jp/dots

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Another lobby is up!

This is the fourth(4th) lobby of the day!

The password is still the same!


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End this 9/10 limbo

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I would, but I recently started playing potato MMO with a few friends of mine
Meaning I'm busy grinding my ass off

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As in, from now until the end of the next month sort of busy

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Why the hell won't the custom tab show up?

I've installed the dota tool stuff, subscribed to dots, and changed my steam settings.

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The custom tab?

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Sorry I haven't played in a while guys!!!!!

It's been busy here for me. Lots of planning and preparing for a friend from out of state to stay with me for bit.

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It is fine. Have fun with your friend!

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Todays geimu when?

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Most of the games take place late at night est in us east.

We have non-us players that complain about the timing of the games though, so I need to get an idea as to what the timing should be.

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Games usually start 6-9 Eastern Standard Time

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Is it time?

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It begins

Lobby is up

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u lie

but i maek it truth

davai gaemu

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7/10 waiting for geimu

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7/10 new game

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6/10 Game #2

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>Wage slavery in the morning

What an unfortunate existence

Good games tonight though

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Some one must keep the streets of gensokyo safe.
A scream goes out into the night, a dead damsel stripped of all her power lays down behind the flower shop and everyone's wondering "who was the youkai that did this?"

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Is /jp/ up for some games later?

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I can't escape Doom's grip. I am sorry /jp/.

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ded gaem ded thred where's the game at?

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Everyone's waiting for an update I guess.

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Lobby is up.

Pass is /jp/dots

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Next gaemu


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New patchu

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If you refer to that 300kb patch from last night it is nothing. Google output "Fixed a bug 10" which i think means that they fixed 10 bugs.

I wish those chink developers would bother writing actual patch notes.

>> No.15489994

fixing 10 bugs is kind of good though

>> No.15490009

If only we knew which 10 bugs were fixed out of the dozens there are.

I didn't bother testing things out to see what has been fixed because that'd take a while and I don't remember exactly how everything is supposed to work.

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Wow, the instructions I was using must've been outdated or something.

>> No.15490357

The UI has gone through some changes since custom games started to be a thing

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Does anyone have that screencap of eiren's panties they took in-game. there was a specific one.

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You're really trying to keep the thread alive.

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You're acting like its just one guy

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is that a bad thing?

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I feel bad for not playing for a few weeks. Bumping because I don't want this to die out again. Hope new characters come soon.

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Oha, this is still alive. Thought it'd dead for sure. Well, I suppose you can only have that much fun with the broken mess Dots 2 is, unfortunately.

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I dusted off a few cobwebs and opened a BRAND NEW LOBBY

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Absolutely no one joined

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Oh no I was too late!
I'll be there next time.

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I was at work, rip

>> No.15530489

Am I invited if I can't play mobas?
I don't know if bother to install steam

>> No.15530696

you are, but some people might get aggressive if you feed and don't know the absolute basics.

>> No.15530706

I th-thought /jp/ies aren't bullies

>> No.15530710

mobas make people horrible

>> No.15531310

Anyone wants to play now?

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>> No.15531603

Some of us have to work during the day.

>> No.15531615

Most of the /jp/ circlejerks has become tryhards, the very thing they wanted to avoid at start.

>> No.15531750

Do you have an updated list?

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People shouldn't bully you and if they do then just mute them and call them uncute, that will show them!

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I want NAMES!
give me a list!

>> No.15534876

It's not possible to avoid the tryhards because at the end of the day /jp/ only has enough DotS players to put together 0.8 games in any given time. Blacklisting either reduces or splits the community and then you would just never get any games.

>> No.15534955

why do you hate "tryhards"? because you lose to them?

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More people came to games before the mood soured.
Tryhards are jerks and loser's that bully our new players who don't even play moba's. DotS was always just a fun event for /jp/'s to get together and play their favorite 2hu's while having fun.

>> No.15535067

Probably for the same reason people hate tryhards in virtually any game. Because at the end of the day, they don't add to the experience, and very typically ruin the fun. Look no further than League of Legends and DotA 2 ranked games. And being tryhard and actually good at the game are not mutually inclusive concepts.

>> No.15535156

i dunno, regulars i have been playing with in EU have also stopped playing for a week or two, i think it just needs some rest to recover from playing to much with such a small playerbase.
well there's gotta be a limit to what is considered tryharding, i guess most of the hate goes to people who do their own thing and then blames his team.
When it goes to shit for himself he starts tilting and just gets this defeatist attitude where its GG next gamu.

I play alot with russians there is this whole banter mindset where you play the game and shittalk whoever is the scapegoat of the game.
What i find amusing with russians is that they are easy to anger but atleast they come next game with no hardfeelings.
Its a subculture hard to escape sometimes and it does scare away newcomers, but i have grown to like it with my over 3k dota 2 hours.

i can add that i havent exactly been playing recently either, i've got work this summer so its hard to keep up with merican gaming time.

>> No.15535420


Just realized there were posters on the front of the SDM,never noticed because of the perspective.

>> No.15536362

I'm not sure what player you're referring to but it sounds like he's pretty toxic. I wish there was a way that everyone could take a vote or something and mute players in game too. Sometimes I think there should be a way to IP lock the lobby so this russian guy you're talking about can't join the US hosted games.

As a side note, remember when everyone sucked at making lobbies but me?

>> No.15536612

That "Russian" guy is only pretending to be russian, The lobbies he hosts are US lobbies.

He has jokingly complaint that playing dots teamfighting and yelling in that accent at the same time is hard at times.

>> No.15536753

Well he must be from russia because whenever he hosts I always get 300ms ping. Plus back when there weren't dedicated servers he would get mad and just say "bg davey next" and would just leave, causing everyone to disconnect. Easily the worst host I've ever seen.

It's not very wavy davey at all, really.

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File: 481 KB, 744x1052, yuuka sleepover.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There is actually a way to mute players,I've muted aforementioned russian pretending guy by opening up the in-game player panel and clicking on both the "T" and "Mic" mute buttons, you could also block on steam so all you see from him are in-game pings.


There are dedicated servers now and its on US E/W when he hosts so you just have bad ping to the valve US E/W dedicated servers.

>> No.15540087

I'm familiar with League of Legends but I quit it a while back because it got super boring. I keep meaning to get into Dota 2 but it's too hard for my small mind. Will I be able to play this mod?

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Post your character sort and lets find out.

If your none of your top 3 are in the game then flip a coin and choose a side to determine if you are worthy. If none of your TOP 10 2hu's are in-game. then just walk away and never look back. game is dead

>> No.15540136

the list

>> No.15540149

Where is Tewi?

>> No.15541112

Sounds like dots is more trouble than it's worth.

With all this talk of muting and rampant toxicity I don't think I'll play now.

>> No.15541378

Good. I would have fucked you up, anyway.

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A new lobby has been created.

The password is /jp/dots

>> No.15541578

Wise, newfags ruined it

>> No.15541597

I forgot to mention that this is a big fun Friday night Dots lobby so it'll be up for the duration of Friday.

>> No.15541615

Or you could just try it out for yourself, rather than having other peoples' opinions dictate how you should spend your time.

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File: 2.26 MB, 1280x1810, 89437b09185d91f25b5d3fd298ad358b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

gamu was fun even if it was pointless since no carry

>> No.15542596
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Please leave shield at home.

>> No.15542981

Big Friday night lobby is still up.

Password is still /jp/dots

>> No.15545107

euro pub lobby +1