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You wouldn't fuck your pet, right?

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This is my pethou!

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Honestly, if it had a mostly human female body but the intelligence and loyalty of an animal, yes. Why not?

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That would be the perfect partner

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Having a braindead girlfriend... I might feel sort of bad about that. But if they're happy, then it's fine.

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Touhous aren't pets!

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I would kill for a girl as loyal as my dog

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Reisen is a canon pet

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You must not love her very much if you're knowingly posting samples.

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That's a really cute Kyouko. Here's my pet umbrella.

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I'd like it better if they willingly submit to become a pet, even with human intelligence.

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Not all animals are loyal wolves, crows and ravens are all fine 2hu's.
Cats have no loyalty.
Not sure about foxes/sparrows, but clans who fucked kitsune met bad ends, so even if your relationship is 10/10 devotion until death, your child is effectively destined to be Elliot Rogers.
Fish are a shit choice too, as are insect youkai.
Rabbits have no concept of loyalty either.
Scarlet sisters are also loyal given they keep contracts, and marriage is a contract.
I dont think humans or regular youkai are that trustworthy, excluding oni who admire honesty and an oni friend is a friend for life. Allthough they do drink a lot.

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Okuu would beg to differ
I absolutely adore this pethu, Orin too

if you know anything about birds/ravens they make very lovable and loyal pets.

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My pet.

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>Scarlet sisters are also loyal given they keep contracts, and marriage is a contract.

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>Cats have no loyalty
Never met a Bombay cat I see.
Those things act more like you would expect a dog to.
Children with kitsune tend to turn out pretty well, actually. Even if they do tend to pick up an odd habit, they're usually successful.
Tradition also says they're always human though. Sorry, no kitsune-kids.
Mermaids are more their own thing and less directly-fish-derived, at least as far as behavior goes.

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>Never met a Bombay cat I see.
I went to look it up and that's pretty interesting. I've never heard of a cat breed described as social "not independent".

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We've had a couple. They are absolutely dependent on human affection.
What's more, they tend to pick a "favorite human," and will do everything to remain in their presence. They even get pissed at unfamiliar people that talk to or hang out with their human.

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I want Okuu to wake me up every morning begging for attention!

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>Stephen Turnbull, in "Nagashino 1575", relates the tale of the Takeda clan's involvement with a fox-woman. The warlord Takeda Shingen, in 1544, defeated in battle a lesser local warlord named Suwa Yorishige and drove him to suicide after a "humiliating and spurious" peace conference, after which Shingen forced marriage on Suwa Yorishige's beautiful 14-year-old daughter Lady Koi—Shingen's own niece. Shingen, Turnbull writes, "was so obsessed with the girl that his superstitious followers became alarmed and believed her to be an incarnation of the white fox-spirit of the Suwa Shrine, who had bewitched him in order to gain revenge." When their son Takeda Katsuyori proved to be a disastrous leader and led the clan to their devastating defeat at the battle of Nagashino, Turnbull writes, "wise old heads nodded, remembering the unhappy circumstances of his birth and his magical mother".[73]

Your children will fail. If you dont care about them, only yourself go ahead and impregnate a kitsune.

Okuu is debatable. Ravens are loyal and smart, Okuu isnt smart, she may lack other traits.

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Relative to a normal pet raven that isnt anthropomorphic, Okuu is a genius. She functions a fusion reactor.

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>Although they like to be around people generally, Bombay Cats also tend to have a certain person whom they pay special attention to in their lives.[7] Overall, the Bombay breed is intelligent, playful, and attention-seeking.[7] They tend to get along well with other cats, as they have an established pecking order in the household. They have a very distinctive purr and love to snuggle.
Orin has potential. Chen plays alone in mountains, but Orin stays with her master most of the time.
The cats are also described as black and asian, Orin is asian and has a black coat.
I want Orin to be yandere for me, with her powers not even death will deter her love.

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>human woman seduces man, so people call her a fox
Meanwhile, from a researcher:
>Foxes' human children have unusual qualities. In both China and Japan, they are often "big men," physically or culturally—that is, they're huge and strong, or politically and socially important, or both.

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Thats because of a gods blessing. It's even mentioned her empty head made it easier for her to gain power.

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So the faction with two pale, blonde women who are smart and well endowed are the ones to fuck to make a master race. They even have swastika spellcards.
Is Zun trying to tell us something?

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It's a Buddhist symbol to them!

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If she was a 2hu, I would

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im not much of a cat person, but id love to have a rin

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Her being granted power and knowledge from a God is practically the same as a teacher teaching a student, granting them some knowledge they didnt know before. It doesnt change the fact that she's now functional and productive, and definitely smarter than a regular raven. Were talking about anthropomorphic humans here, not stock animals.

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>Foxes' human children have unusual qualities. In both China and Japan, they are often "big men," physically or culturally—that is, they're huge and strong, or politically and socially important, or both.

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If I take that fox mask off, will you die?

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I fuck my OWN touhou.

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Does Sakuya count as a pet?

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>Cats have no loyalty.

Yeah but think of it this way, you have a penis that WON'T shred up their insides.

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Foxes are canidae (canines), they're as loyal as a dog

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By that logic you can also tame a dingo or a grey wolf

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His logic is flawed but kitsune do have quite a history with people. Just make sure you find a nice one; the kind are devoted, but the cruel will fuck you up and everything you love.
I wouldn't say they're a great example for pethus though, since they prefer to act more like humans than most animal youkai.

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Give me a couple thousand years, I'll tame the whole damn species.

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Foxes have been domesticated.

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Having a girl like Kagerou or Momiji to just pamper and love would be heavenly.

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You disappoint me.

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I like Kyouko as well, but she doesn't hold the same place in my heart that Momiji or Kagerou do.

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Call me boring, but I'd like a pet fish the best!

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Or a pet satori to dress in cute clothes!

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No, wait! A pet tapir to cuddle!

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I don't want a pethou, I want to be Yukari's pet!

Headpats, belly rubs and chin scratches from Yukarin would be nice!

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I want to Smell the Glove.

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Yukarin's gloves are not for smelling! They are for rubbing and hugging!

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I like you.

Who wouldn't want a mouse though?!

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Someone should update this for /jp/

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I want to be a mouse breeder

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I need this pic with HD quality

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>Is it of sexual maturity for its species
It's not pedo if it's another species!

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That'd be cute.