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Why do Yukari's gaps have eyes in them, anyway? And what do they even do?

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That's the real Yukari
The cute girl is just her avatar/reproductive organs

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This is false.

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Stare into the abyss and it stares back

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This is the best answer, even if I don't know whether it's true or not.

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Her original artwork also has hands sticking out of it. I guess that's where dead /jp/sies end up.

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To know the answer to this is to know what a 'Gap' is.

It is unfathomable. Yukari is to Touhou what Giyhas is to Earthbound. You cannot comprehend.

Also; you think eyes is all that's in there? Look at her PCB artwork. There's HANDS as well.

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This magical shit is part of why I've always had so much trouble getting into fiction, and why 2hu lore has always made me cringe. As much as I love 2hu.

>why does XYZ work that way?
>because magic
>why does magic work that way?
>cuz we're we can't comprehend it

Every time.

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To add to that:

>why can't we comprehend it?
>cuz humans just can't fathom it; it is beyond them
>and cuz mankind is arrogant and wants to know everything and conquer everything

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If magic was explainable it wouldn't be magic in the first place. Also there's some info there and there in the written works, specially when Lunarians or Renko and Mary are involved.

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Hmm, this reminds me though. Star Wars explained what The Force was, and that was infinitely more cringe than just never explaining how it worked.

I must stop being a biggot and just accept 2hu's brand of magic.

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I thought the eyes represented desire for those who want to see what they can't attain.

You sound like a teenager or just an idiot.

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Is "teenager" this board's go-to insult or something? The problem I have with it is that it's neither insulting nor funny. Can we come up with a word that has more kick to it?

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No, it's straight to the point.

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Oh, no. I'd be a terrible gap-ghoul.

The gap would open and I'd insistently make exaggerated spooky noises, "Ooohh! Gaaaap!" etc. Yukari would have to lay me off.

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It might be hard to find a culture that hasn't used eyes as symbolic of the unknown and imperceptible.
You've got like 3 billion people in Asia that seek to awaken their "third eye" and here in the US we have it on our currency.

More importantly, though, is that it looks cool and every Japanese fiction has to have them in it.

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That's a pretty cool way of looking at it.

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Sounds like Kogasa.

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Smells like Team Spirit.

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They're for scaring the innocent children she gaps.

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You do realize there are things that with our current methods that we won't ever understand, right?

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>Why do Yukari's gaps have eyes in them, anyway? And what do they even do?

Answer: No one knows and fills in the gaps with headcannon, memes, and lies.

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This is my fetish

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>magic is *so* stupid, i can't like this piece of fiction because its physics makes no sense

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So the currency of the US is imperceptible?

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I am ZUN and this is canon.

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Yes, and that's why Ron Paul was going to fix it.
RON PAUL 2012, /jp/!

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Or bait. You know, like those monsters who live in deep sea

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A vampire

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The lives she has left

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I just tried doing that pose with my hands in real-life.

I felt as stupid as it looks.

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It works better if you have some fingerless gloves and sunglasses on, trust me, I know these things

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I already have fingerless gloves, though I only use them when I'm on my bike, or lifting at the gym. I've also test-driven wearing them on cold days a few times as well, so I think I have it in me to wear them everywhere if it really needed to come down to that.

What do you guys think of me getting a katana for self-defense?

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>What do you guys think of me getting a katana for self-defense?
Get two, dual wielding or gtfo

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Good advice, Anon.

Though I'll need a good guide to mast their usage. Do you have any recommendations?

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Of course, only the finest

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Vampires are moe. Is Yukari considered moe now?

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Allow me to interject. Gaps are perfectly comprehendible, and, infact, if Touhou were real, you too would be capable of using a crude form of 'boundary manipulation'. The Gap, or the 'universe' Yukari Yakumo personally uses, is accessed via gaps, but is not one itself.

According to the Secret Sealing Club booklets which come with Zun's music CDs, string theory is correct, and seperate brane universes exist with it. Gensoukyou is a small brane-world created by Yukari Yakumo to act as a world for Youkai, linked to the Outside World brane-world mainly via an area in the Yatsugatake mountain known as the Hakurei Shrine.

However, there are also other links to other brane-worlds in Touhou, of which shrines are usually built over, which also allow travel between brane-worlds. Maribel Hearn, a skilled manipulator of branes, had seen a 'boundary' manipulating Youkai cat at one of these shrines.

Also, for some reason, ZUN attempted to throw people off, by implying that he fell for the common misunderstanding of Schrodinger's Cat. Upon closer reading, however, it is clearly written the bakeneko is "not a normal cat but a phantom cat, one that lurked in the gaps between quantum particles."

Related to this, Maribel Hearn also crossed between brane-worlds many times while sleeping (opening a gap, in a way), and is now said to be able to do it at will. Though she often shows up as a ghost-like being.

Sumireko Usami and Renko Usami were also able to do this, despite not being able to see 'boundaries' like Maribel Hearn. Though Renko required assistance from Maribel to be able to do it, and both Renko Usami and Sumireko Usami were only visible as ghost-like beings. Renko Usami was also visible to Maribel Hearn while as a 'ghost', despite Maribel Hearn being in the location in full physical form.

Also, Youkai are described as beings dominated by different particles from the one common here (photons), implying that they get their magical stuff from that. But that's not important.

To sum it up, a gap is a direct entrance to another brane-world. There are other methods of doing it, but they do not give you precise control that Yukari Yakumo's gap method has. The Gap, the eyes and hands in it still unexplained, and still incomprehendible, is a brane used by Yukari Yakumo to jump to other areas in the Gensoukyou and Outside World branes. Interestingly, she'd also be able to open a direct gap to the Outside World and Gensoukyou if this were true, as they are seperate branes.

Please call me out on anything I have written that is false, and I will correct it. Also this is a dumb post.

Sources: ZUN's music CDs and https://kafkafuura.wordpress.com/, as the Touhou wiki translations are crap.

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You're really picking your brane for this one.

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What the hell did I just read, Anon?

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This. The arms coming out are from the humans she ate

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they watch me masturbating to touhou prolapse doujins

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