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Are fairies dumb?

I've heard that since they're born out of nature and the elements, which are inanimate, their intelligence reflects that.

Is this why Cirno is a 馬鹿? Why do you all like her so much?

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That also just reminded me, is Clownpiece the manifestation of blind and idiotic American patriotism?

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>Are fairies dumb?
Clownpiece is a Lampad.

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Clownpiece isn't American.

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Yes, but that doesn't stop them being adorable.

No. She only wears the stars and striped theme clothes to piss off the Lunarians by reminding them of the war. It's pretty much their version of invading Israel while draped in the nazi flag.

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They can read in Japanese. That already is more than what most /jp/sies can do.

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But can they read in English?
Checkmate fairies.

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They only speak English in ye olde Europe. Here in America, we speak American.

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The living onaholes of Gensokyo

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I'd rather be in ye olde europe's equivalent of gensokyo than the american one. Sure, there are some bad things in western european myths, but native americans take it to a whole other level with their skinwalkers and shit.

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>Patriotism is bad
This is why Europe is falling to the foreign hordes

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>Are fairies dumb?

I like idiots. They're innocent and cute and they make me feel healed by their simplicity.

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I wonder how dumb they actually are, though. Let's say you were lost somewhere, and asked a fairy for directions. What would they do? Would they be able to comprehend, or be like "oh shit nigga, I can fucking fly" and then fly away and more #JustFairyThings?

What would the bell curve look like if you gave a bunch of fairies IQ tests?

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Ever attempted to talk with a 4 year old child? Cousins, siblings, family? It'd be kind of like that.

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They lack common sense and advanced thinking, basically.

Also, fairies don't let lost in their "zones" for the record. Some sort of fairy thing

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Does their intelligence vary between each-other? And how valid would it be to create a Fairy IQ Test that is graded by how long it takes to trick one into sucking your dick?

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Can a fairy pass the Turing test?

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It varies. Hilariously, Cirno seems like one of the smartest. She even knows fractions.

That sounds pretty valid. I bet Luna and Sunny would be particularly easy. Add drinking into the mix for improved results.

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Yes they could give you directions, they're not that dumb. You should give the three fairies manga a look if you want to get an idea of what level they think on.

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Clownpiece is derived from Hell or madness or something.

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I want to lick a fairy's feet!

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I remember ZUN saying Cirno was particularly smart because she was able to actually read.

I also remember him having to specify that general fairies were intelligent enough to be able to speak in some thing translated on wiki, since he basically portrays them as being a little above mindless, feral chunks of nature.

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This does make me wonder if fairy intelligence is linked to size. So the child sized ones (Cirno, Lilly ect) would be the most intelligent, then the "sunflower fairy" sized ones, then the regular one hit kill ones.

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PMISS had a story about a child holding Lily, so she's probably smaller than child size.

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So fairies are like orks?

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They actually are. They form a WAAAAGH when strong youkai are about, getting stronger, more organized, and more aggressive.

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Fairies are for rough hard fuckings.

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Pretty much. Regular fairies are Snotlings, bigger fairies are Gretchins, "named" fairies are Boyz and Clownpiece is a Nob

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Is Dai-chan da biggest? Is she da boss?

Greez iz best.

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GREEN. GREEN iz best. Zog me.

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I'd liken it to talking to a child, maybe a young adult. They're not /stupid/ or anything per se, but critical thinking and advanced problem solving aren't as easy. Though why worry? No one goes out of their way to hurt fairies and even so they return after something happens.

I want to hug the Great(est) fairy.

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Dai-chan is easily the most huggable fairy.

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I wonder who creates the clothing for fairies. Or if that isn't the case, are they just created with them because they magically sense wearing clothes is the norm?

Let's say there was an apocalypse, and every human being or yokai or tengu or whatever shit that made or wore clothes was dead. When some dipshit fairy is created from nature, would they still be made with clothes? And what if, in the apocalypse scenario, space aliens came down and colonized the earth/gensokyo/whatever, and they were all naked or wore some kind of bizarre form of clothing? Would the fairies, when created from nature, reflect that?

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Maybe that's where gensokyo gets all its fabric from. They just steal the clothes and genocide the fairies and wait for new ones to spawn.

I bet all the poorer people in the human village all have really shoddy looking patchwork clothing from several different colored dresses.

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I wouldn't mind wearing a dress previously worn by a cute fairy.

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Its more like the leftover rags from about 11 fairies.

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As long as a pair of fairy-worn panties/bloomers are there, I'm more than okay with that

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>Sure, there are some bad things in western european myths, but native americans take it to a whole other level with their skinwalkers and shit.
This is a strange comparison to make, considering skinwalkers and European witches have very similar traits, e.g. using magic to harm others, transforming into animals, etc.

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>They're not /stupid/ or anything per se
>No one goes out of their way to hurt fairies
Both of those are against canon. Fairies are murdered just for being in the way and they're stupid because they never learn from mistakes because of their ability to respawn.

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If fairies were born nude the men of Gensoukyou would be too aroused all the time to do anything.

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>chopping wood in the forest
>see naked fairy girl flying by
>go back to chopping wood
>dick is now laying on the ground

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So that's what happened in 1997.

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>Let's say there was an apocalypse, and every human being or yokai or tengu or whatever shit that made or wore clothes was dead.

Fairies would die too. Even if they're nature spirits, they still only exist because of human belief.

>And what if, in the apocalypse scenario, space aliens came down and colonized the earth/gensokyo/whatever, and they were all naked or wore some kind of bizarre form of clothing? Would the fairies, when created from nature, reflect that?
I think clownpiece is an example in this case.

Although I do wonder if fairies in western gensokyo equivalent are nude, since that's the way they tend to be thought of.

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I'm not sure. I might need some visual examples here.

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That theory was disproved. She just really, really likes Old Glory's design.

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>The living onaholes of Gensokyo

That's incredibly lewd, Anon.

What, would you just go up and grab one and user her like that? Her tiny waist in your hands as you pump into her...

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That you will never fuck.

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Fairy clothes are created by the GREAT YOUKAI TAILOR, who happens to be a huge prude.

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They are just little bit slow.

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Class, make sure you all stay away from that filthy anon-san! He's a pervert who only wears clothes made from fairy panties!

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I like this idea.

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Because you can fuck them as roughly as you want and it will be okay

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They have very poor memory and are typically uneducated; those conditions combined tend to lend towards bellow average intelligence.

Nevertheless, a non-trivial amount of them are bilingual and literate, so it's not like they're useless, they just don't have skills that would really pertain to surviving in the wilderness like they do.

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The existance of Clownpiece and the other fairies in realms like Hell and Makai however (which strictly speaking, predates humanity) seems to imply that fairies can exist without human presence, so long as there's /something/ there to perceive them.

Assuming the original Celtic orgins of fairies are canon; which states fairies are actually the result of YWHV getting angry at a bunch of "gods" abusing their powers and hitting them with the banhammer to the point that they were reduced to the relatively harmless sprites you all know and love (which would explain things like immortality and the fact that they're so human-like in spite of said human qualities being redundant on them), which means they simply need to be aknowledged by a sapient in order to remain existant, be that a human, youkai, or even a dolphin.

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They aren't stupid
They just aren't sharp

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Aren't 2hu fairies tied to elements of nature?
Is hell a element of nature?

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Technically speaking, Reimu nor any of the protagonists has never actually murdered any fairies both due to the spellcard rules and because of the fact that fairies and humans occasionally share the same screen and have about the same tolerance for getting killed by magic, which would make using lethal magic simply to kill the fairies when KOing them is enough unnecessarily dangerous to the latter. Their ability to respawn was not made as a justification for them dropping like flies in the games, but rather as a justification for how they can exist at all in the setting without going the way of the dodo due to Gensokyo's inherent danger.

And I don't recall any of the fairies dying in the manga either, in spite of the fact that several humans and youkai (mainly the male ones) have kicked the bucket. It appears the only thing more of a redshirt in Touhou than a fairy is a man.

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This is a more accurate comparison then you would think.

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If I lived in Gensokyo, I'd like to have a house in the woods that's open for all fairies to come and go as they please. In time, it'd be a hot spot for fairies and become known as the Fairy House. They'd come by, have a chat and some snacks, ask me for advice and explanations for complicated matters, and give me gifts like flowers or berries they picked that morning. I'd live, grow old, and eventually die happily surrounded by fairies. I just hope they'll remember me.

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They'd probably set your house on fire for fun

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That's ok too.

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I wonder if there are any fairies created from lust or the urge to fuck, since the drive to reproduce is crucial to the natural world.

Or are all fairies sluts by default, given how dumb they are?

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That'll all happen, but they'll probably forget you after a decade of your death beyond vague memories. Which is okay, as it means it'll hurt less when you go.

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Quite the opposite, it seems that the fairies of Gensokyo were separated from their male counterparts (Leprechauns, Clerichauns and other Chauns') and had their drives nuked to prevent the exact thing from happening; sexual reproduction+immortality=bad nachos.

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>Technically speaking, Reimu nor any of the protagonists has never actually murdered any fairies
This is a retarded notion and unless you have definite proof that Reimu and the others always go Pacifist until the bosses then you are to be considered a retard.

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I owned a book of fairies when I was young that was written back in like, 1870. 3/4 of the fairies were naked. This was written back during the Victorian age.

So for most people I think fairies are SUPPOSED to be naked. It reflects their innocence. It's just that Zun is not going to go that far and made Gensokyo fairies with clothing.

If you want to combine the lore it's possible that fairies wearing clothing just reflects them following modern sensibilities or that they're trying to follow fashion.

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As far as clothing, I like the idea proposed by >>15347045.

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That's totally plausible, considering that fairies eat food for no other reason than "humans do it".

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>they're everywhere (spiritual earth, hells, makai, dream world, moon, etc.)
>spam bullets non-stop unless you "killed"
>not very smart
>congregate to spam bullets when something happen
>asexual reproduction

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>Give a name and a meaning to the elegance of each The >number of naming duels to be fought must be announced >beforehand.
>Relying on stamina and repeating an attack is not allowed.
>Do not use meaningless attacks.
?Meaning is equivalent to power.
>If you are defeated in a naming duel, acknowledge the loss even if you have remaining strength.
>If victorious against a human, you may not kill them.
>Write down the name of the duel on paper like a contract.
>With that, all of the aforementioned regulations become absolute.
>That paper will be called a "spell card."

Reimu herself insisted on making spellcards duels pacifistic for the sake of keeping things from escalating to full blown conflicts, not to mention that the rules don't really benefit her when she already has the ability to become invincible via Fantasy Nature. There are no "lethal spellcards", because that would ruin the point of the system in the first place, and the boss/stage distinction is canonally closer to Phantasmagoria of Flower View where both fairies and bosses share the same screenspace (and there is no difference between the attacker and defender; they're both "bosses") than it is to the mainline games which are more of an abstraction. The fact that the three fairies are left intact enough to run away in GFW after battle seems to imply the fairies themselves are following spellcard rules to resolve conflicts, which would make making an exception for them "just because they can regenerate" even less sensical.

It's not unreasonable that Reimu offed a few fairies in Mystic Square and Lotus Land Story before the ruleset was put into place, but Lol@PC-98 being canon.

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>Or if that isn't the case, are they just created with them because they magically sense wearing clothes is the norm?
the predominant species guide the path of fairies apperance and other traits that aren't part of their core nature

interesting, if you think in that this planet being as a bunch of incandecent dust and rock put together so isn't rare suppose that hells are being in the earth surface when primordial fairies were exiled

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Maybe fairies have an inistrict knowledge on how to make clothing; it's even in the myths that certain varieties are master shoemakers, so it wouldn't be a stretch if they were all godly tailors at the expense of being dumb in every other field.

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What would I need to commission fairy clothes?

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I guess my assessment of your intelligence wasn't far off the mark.

Look, spellcard fights aren't mandatory. We don't see Reimu declaring spellcards before she killed Nosferatu. We don't see Reimu declaring spellcards before attacking Kogasa. We know fairies and tanuki kill careless humans, which wouldn't happen if everyone was forced into spellcard fights all the time.

>and the boss/stage distinction is canonally closer to Phantasmagoria
[citation needed]

And that's kind of funny you bring that up, considering you actually HAVE to kill fairies in PoFV or you can't win.

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Not that anon, but there isn't a representation of the "one participant is allowed to get hit a hundred times while the other only gets six tops" duel in the manga or light novels like in the games; which makes them sort of like PoFV that way.

>> No.15361054


If the Spellcards in PoFV aren't strong enough to kill Marisa (who is, abilities aside still just an ordinary human physically), they wouldn't be strong enough to destroy the fairies either, so while they're defeated en-masse in that game, they aren't killed.

The same case is with the zombie fairies in SA; again, they're unambiguously stated to not be actually killed when defeated, and are merely going for the motief for stylistic reasons, and this is in a game where Reimu would have a good excuse not to follow the rules on the virtue that the world is at stake.

As for spellcard duels being closer to PoFV, you don't see one character tanking half the other character's arsenal outside of the games; canonally, both of them are attempting to dodge each other's moves, like in PoFV.

The fairies and tanuki killing humans are going against the law and should be detained/exterminated as suitable if/when their actions are discovered; unless it's against outsiders, in which case what they're doing is frowned upon, but not strictly illegal. Reimu didn't permenantly exterminate Kogasa and was largely doing it to keep her out of her hair for more important buisness, and she killed Nosferatu because he was explicably breaking the rules, and thus couldn't be relied on to follow the spellcard rules in the first place; this is true for just about every youkai Reimu has killed.

The point here is that the law is only as strong as it can be enforced, and while Reimu is really good at enforcing it, she can't be everywhere at once, so some criminals are gonna slip through the cracks. Generally though, she wouldn't bend the rules to kill the stage fairies because it not only takes a conscious effort to do so, but it would serve no purpose; why would she kill them yet leave the zombie fairies alive?

>> No.15361103


That doesn't change the fact that Reimu killed em' by the hundreds between 4 and 6. The 98 games flesh out her willingness to kill and actually exterminate in a manner that is otherwise lost in the mainline games, like when she exterminated Orange for getting in the way of important matters and potentially endangering the entire realm by stupidly threatening the string that holds it together. It gives her actions in the novels context because it's all stuff she's done before.

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I wasn't saying the mainline way is the canon way. Just that we don't know what the canon way (when it comes to what we see in the games) actually is, so for all we know everything we've seen could all be abstractions.

I see you don't know fairies are much, much weaker than humans physically (Akyuu even encourages people to beat them up if they feel stressed) and given this is a very obvious bit of Touhou worldbuilding, I'll just dismiss the rest of your post as secondary ranting.

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I just think that the spell card rules are used in PC-98 games, but are just not stated.

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>Implying a real secondary would even know there was a difference between PoFV and the other games

My point still stands with the zombie fairies; why are they an exception if the heroines are apparently mowing down every other fairy? I'm tired of people screaming that Reimu is some sort of mass murderer with a lack of empathy when its stated that her personality is the opposite (she's one of the few people that is willing to look at youkai and humans at an equal light), and most of her "threatening quotes" are taken out of context. And beat up=/=killed.

A fairy is physically weaker than a human; yet a youkai's power is such that if they had a killing intent, their attacks will pass through either a human or a fairy with equal lethality because the difference between the two compared to the youkai is like the difference between an ant getting crushed by a boot, and a beetle getting crushed by the same boot.

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This argument is sort of pointless as ZUN has neither confirmed nor denied if the fairies die on-stage. It's like how technically, Mokou is breaking the rules whenever she uses the card that kills herself assuming that they're literally doing that, and the spellcard rules don't strictly cover fairies themselves, them not being human and all.

In other words:

>Have fairies died on-screen?


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Isn't that every time there's an incident?

>> No.15362502

That's a good point.

>> No.15362520

Can't we just get back to talking about what really matters - how you would fuck and impregnate Star Sexual?

Would you do it tenderly and lovingly, caressing her hair and fingering her nipples as you thrust yourself into her tight, hairless fairy kitty, or would you grab her by the hips and use her as a living onahole, almost tearing her fragile body in two with your big human penis as you drain your filthy, slimy spunk inside her womb?

>> No.15362543

>Star Sexual
No, I'd rather give Luna a child. If you catch my drift.

>> No.15362549

All I want is to impregnate and then milk Sunny.

>> No.15362595

We can always go with the LiteraryAgentHypothesis: "Yeah, they actually are nude, but that would never fly by the Tokyo Public Morals Committee, so I drew them all looking at least decent."

>> No.15362623

People are still posting this?
I feel sort of proud that I started STAR SEXUAL a couple years ago.

>> No.15362657

I'd much prefer to have a piece of the clown.

>> No.15362778

We have a dedicated pun thread. Please post all your puns there.

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Choose one to adopt.

>> No.15363441

How can cirno even eat ice cream bars when her body temperature is lower than the ice cream bar.

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>> No.15363817

Only one?
Luna Child I guess.

>> No.15363875

it's hot food to her I suppose.

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Luna. The things I'd do to her...

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File: 1.51 MB, 1512x2150, --daiyousei-and-vergil-devil-may-cry-devil-may-cry-3-and-touhou-drawn-by-death2990--4da8e49fc2d27dab9df636b9b493bda1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Dai's power shall be ABSOLUTE!

>> No.15366171

Fairies don't reproduce at all though. They simply come into being as a consequence of their environment. Their appearance and anatomy has nothing to do with their function, but is rather in the image of the humans, as with everybody in Gensokyo.

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File: 1.69 MB, 1062x1500, lily black and lily white (touhou) drawn by baku ph - 2fff7d90677608e42d6e23addf99fc0b.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Both Lilies.

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Luna's fat fairy butt!

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>> No.15366767

It's a butt. So what?

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I wanna eat it.

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Luna or Star.

>> No.15366951

I'd go for Sunny. I'd love to have an energetic and cute daughter like her. Luna and Star would be too risky - I couldn't stop myself from molesting them all over.

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As a daughter I'd take Sunny or Cirno. For molesting I'd take Luna or Star.

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Exactly. It's for the best they have no male counterparts, for if they figured out what there anatomy actually did, we'd be facing a growing population of immortal idiots overcrowding Gensokyo!

>> No.15367229

I want to fill that butt with cum!

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>for if they figured out what there anatomy actually did

You mean the humans were lying about that being our punishment hole?

>> No.15367258

Are you telling me you wouldn't molest Sunny? Why?

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Don't know about them, but there doesn't exist a fairy in Touhou I wouldn't molest, named or not!

>> No.15368450

You know, the real reason the barrier exists is probably to keep pedophiles out of Gensokyo.

>> No.15368737

That's a very, very nice belly, let me just say.

We need someone to do what Sumireko didn't and blow up that pesky barrier.

>> No.15368855
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I'm not a pedophile, I'm a fairyphile! Or fayophile.

>> No.15384119

If you hire fairy maids, do you have to provide dresses or do they come with them?

>> No.15384190

You are supposed to have separate uniforms for them depending on where they are working.

kitchen: naked apron
rest of the house: complete maid uniform
cleaning the bathroom: micro bikini
tending the garden: underwear only + overalls
dusting off my room: stark naked

>> No.15384260

I should go look up CM3D2 fairy mods. Hopefully there's something you can use to make the characters smaller than the normal minimum size too.

>> No.15384266
File: 708 KB, 1280x971, img20160426223449.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have good news for you.

>> No.15384344
File: 1.79 MB, 2480x3507, 57206460_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Are fairies small, tiny, like they're supposed to be?? like the ones you exterminate throught the stages?? What's so different and special about these our known and revelant fairies, and the casual fairies??

>> No.15384533

Faries vary in size. They're said to even go down to the fit-in-your-hand fairies. Cirno is usually portrayed as like half the size of a short 2hu, so she's probably under a meter.

>What's so different and special about these our known and revelant fairies, and the casual fairies??
Most of them are too stupid and/or weak to have spellcards. Other than Cirno and Clowny being strong enough to be a sort of threat to humans and Lily being dangerous to everyone when announcing spring, nothing.

>> No.15384655
File: 285 KB, 374x642, SaBNDFairy_Maid.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fairy size is notoriously inconsistent.

>> No.15384725

If they don't need to eat do they digest food normally?

>> No.15384742

Goes to the same place food goes when Rozen Maidens eat.

>> No.15384752

Never thought about this

>> No.15384883
File: 184 KB, 1470x1540, ffb3ada541a33121e689660b64e6cd02.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I like to think that's a human just wearing some cellophane wings for free meals and boarding, and thinks Remilia and the others don't know even though they do but they still pretend like they don't.

>> No.15385137

Well I know what I'm doing when I get to gensokyo.

>> No.15385419

But guys can't be fairies!

>> No.15385429

I've always assumed that their normal size is "small", but they can use magic to make themselves big, usually so they can have a conversation with larger creatures like humans.

>> No.15385487

The chances are very high that they can take whatever form they want, just like gods and shapeshifter youkai.

>> No.15385544


more like nature shits out various forms

The inconsistency of the same characters between different works is negligible

>> No.15389535


>Their height is uniformly small, from the degree where they can fit in the palm of one's hand, up to the size of a child below ten years of age. There is hardly any fairy outside of this scope.

>> No.15390204

why'd you quote me, that's basically what I said

>nature shit's out various forms

>> No.15396129

Various, but uniformly tiny.

>> No.15396273

Should be retconned since I'm sure ZUN would also appreciate being toyed with and sat on by a giant loli fairy.

>> No.15396802
File: 105 KB, 1000x1000, Dai-chan... Do it, and don't stop....jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

At least they are capable of advanced surgery.

>> No.15402194

I'd trust fairies like チルノ and 大ちゃん to be near my essential organs.

>> No.15406926

I saw an interview with Zun where he said that the waves of fodder fairies in game are so lowly that we wouldn't be able to communicate with them. There must be at least two tiers of fairies.

>> No.15406968

You can't say that kind of shit without linking to a proper source for it.

>> No.15409916


>> No.15425605

>Are fairies dumb?
Uh, yes?

I bet it wouldn't take much effort to convince them that your dick tastes like candy.

>> No.15432398
File: 111 KB, 600x600, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Tell me about Dai.

No, really, tell me anything. She didn't have a single line of dialogue and is a nameless fodder fairy.

>> No.15432417
File: 745 KB, 953x972, --daiyousei-and-lily-white-touhou-drawn-by-hydrant-kasozama--4af187e577f6b7df734ce1611c5ad943.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Dai is the dedicated paizuri fairy.

>> No.15432521

My sister reaction to this pics "A girl carrying 2 eggs"

>> No.15432558
File: 563 KB, 708x1000, --daiyousei-touhou-drawn-by-nagana-sayui--f0094487867b13a3f9357b567be99f25.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Tell your sister to carry YOUR two eggs.

>> No.15432562
File: 362 KB, 670x917, 13.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Daiyousei is a bad fairy!

>> No.15432590 [DELETED] 


>> No.15433851

Almost uniformly tiny.
Daiyousai is Daiyousai because she is larger than normal. Her name literally means "great fairy"

>> No.15433933
File: 829 KB, 800x848, 33407834.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She's a big girl.

>> No.15433936

Well her name is literally "big fairy".

>> No.15434030
File: 66 KB, 631x348, peri_a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

not necessarily...
[let us not 4get that her sister, Tink, is now an executive @ Disney...]

>> No.15434606

I don't believe in fairies.

>> No.15436620

Stop typing like a subhuman being

>> No.15443615

I would let the Big Fairy play a prank on me!

>> No.15448867

More like naive?

>> No.15451608

>Place bigger on the inside than outside
>Fairies take from their environment
>Supersized fairies.

Remember they still got normal fairy sized outfits inside so it means that they take both the normal sized 'standard' fairies and the 'stretched' fairies who have been inside for decades if not more.

>> No.15451699

I want to stretch a fairy!

>> No.15454470 [DELETED] 

I don't want to sound (too) condescending, but this type of arguing over touhou lore is pointless. It shows an inability to take a step back and see things for what they are. Touhou never attempts to build a cohesive, consistent and all-encompassing universe, so it really doesn't MATTER whether the way you envision the touhou world in your mind fits the established 'canon'.

What you really should be saying is
"There are fairies, they're kinda smaller than regular humans and are the regular stage enemies that fly around."
That's it, got it. It doesn't need to be any more than that.

>> No.15454502

go away

>> No.15454584
File: 1.42 MB, 2380x1516, ff27db3c307b8dec0c726f34d2d82bba.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Way too lewd, dude!

>> No.15454589

I want to go ballsdeep inside a fairy!

>> No.15454769

The weaker fairies are usually smaller, but that doesn't fix their dumbness.

>> No.15456187 [DELETED] 
File: 268 KB, 337x607, m.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Even the official art agrees with you.

>> No.15459404

But she's not a fairy

>> No.15463620

there's no such thing as fairies dude

>> No.15463827

Yea she's /trash/. Put her in the bin

>> No.15470440


>> No.15470564 [SPOILER] 
File: 611 KB, 1253x893, 1467289233200.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Cream pie a fairy.

>> No.15475050

But she's a child

>> No.15475077
File: 54 KB, 249x599, 249px-SBND06Alice.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Alice has a fairy rape dungeon in her house

>> No.15475205
File: 283 KB, 500x500, 17662688_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Alice has a normal rape dungeon. It's Akyuu who's got a fairy rape dungeon.

>> No.15477777 [DELETED] 
File: 10 KB, 125x125, cirnopurev2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fairies are NOT dumb!

Fairies are REALLY lucky!

>> No.15477791 [DELETED] 
File: 41 KB, 1049x755, cirnohooray.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.15477856

The only rape dungeon Alice has is the one she's a prisoner of.

>> No.15479148 [DELETED] 
File: 101 KB, 550x400, Cirno.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can't argue with that

>> No.15479706 [DELETED] 
File: 122 KB, 444x444, 1466649584822.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Cept for cirno she's dumn

>> No.15479748

Gangbanging Alice and passing her around!

>> No.15488182 [DELETED] 


>> No.15492337

Why don't people draw any of the other fairies with disconnected wings like they do with Cirno? Cirno's wings rarely even resemble what they actually look like in fan art.

>> No.15496070 [DELETED] 

>She's a big girl.
for ZUN

>> No.15496385

Hm... Cirno has memes and is more intelligent. But Sunny seems to be more enjoyable to be around. Luna is slow but more of a night fairy. Start Saphire has brown hair. I'm going with Sunny just so she doesn't keep dying near the mountains

>> No.15496403


Hm... Cirno has memes and is more intelligent. But Sunny seems to be more enjoyable to be around. Luna is slow but more of a night fairy. Start Saphire has brown hair. I'm going with Sunny just for an enjoyable upbeat time.

>> No.15501724

I'm going with Sunny for her milk, if you catch my drift

>> No.15509260

sunny is annoying

>> No.15509326

What exactly is /pol/ like about that post?

>> No.15509342
File: 589 KB, 1266x900, 1454344788392-jp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I like fairies because they are so innocent and cute!

>> No.15516037
File: 103 KB, 310x354, 1467310350046.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Are fairies dumb?
Yes. Cirno is stated to be the smartest.
>I've heard that since they're born out of nature and the elements, which are inanimate, their intelligence reflects that.
Not necessary since they have a chance to actually be something more
>Is this why Cirno is a 馬鹿? Why do you all like her so much?

>> No.15523310

Where did you find that in English!

>> No.15523450
File: 46 KB, 236x344, ss+(2016-07-11+at+09.58.45).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Tam gdzie zwykle. いつもの。 В обычном месте .

Oh, in English? The usual place.

>> No.15534568

So are there male fairies? There are obviously male humans and youkai.

>> No.15534819

Wish I could draw, this is a nice doujin story