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Which touhous can speak English?

Alice probably can.

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Why English?

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I need to know which ones I can communicate with when I go to Gensokyo.

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Patchouli probably knows English.
Eirin probably knows Latin.
Nitori probably knows German

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Sanae probably has very broken english (F or C Grades)

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Everyone who's been a part of the SDM crew before it came to Gensokyo speaks French and possibly English.

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If Yukari frequents the outside world, she might possibly know how to speak English.

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Rinnousuke, so you are only able to talk to the only guy in the land out of dozens upon dozens of girls.

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Going by Canon only:
-Remilia and/or Sakuya (Forbidden Scrollery)
-Marisa (If the non-japanese language she spoke at one point in Imperisible night was English)

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It depends on your headcanon(s), really. You could come up with a lot of dumb reasons for why Character X could know English to whatever degree.
Maribel and Renko probably know some English, Sumireko as well. Former are university students, too. How good their English might be is debatable, of course.

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She picked up the hobgoblins from England in the manga, so probably

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That's not bad, Rinnosuke is an a-okay guy.

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Hell, that sounds fucking great. I'd love to talk to him about technowizardry and shit.

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>-Remilia and/or Sakuya (Forbidden Scrollery)

What does it say about her?

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>-Remilia and/or Sakuya (Forbidden Scrollery)
Mind elaborating on that?

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>Patchouli probably knows English.

Glad she's my favourite.

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Yukari is a pretty likely candidate as >>15328123 and >>15328173 pointed out. Marisa's got a decent shot too due to IN dialogue, but it could be any language, and knowing a few tidbits is not knowing a whole language. Sakuya/ Remilia/ Flandre have a decent chance due to coming from the west, and Alice Margatroid is a very western name, especially fitting for someone in Britain, so it wouldn't be out of the question for her to know English that said, it's never been specifically stated that she is from the west or even implied she is multilingual, so this is shaky even for speculation. Patchy is probably adept in many languages and also came from the west, so I'd even say she's more likely than not to know English, probably just as likely as Yukari. Yama has been judging dead people for a long time so maybe she's picked up on some languages, and Komachi is a talker that ferries dead people so she's bound to know some. Rinnosuke's pretty old and has read a lot of books, especially one on digital computers mentioning the letter 'F', and speculates on the letter 'F's position in the alphabet and ASCII(even if he didn't realize it was ASCII). Thus Rinnosuke is at least somewhat likely to have a loose grasp on English. There's nothing that says Satori can understand English but she can read minds on the unconscious level so you would probably be able to communicate with her, albeit not speaking in a normal way.

I'm only familiar with characters up to SA enough to be comfortable speculating on them so I'll stop there. Here's a tier list:


Very Likely:
Yukari, Patchy

Rinnosuke, Yama, Komachi

Sakuya, Remilia, Flandre

Less Possible:
Alice, Marisa


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Doctors and scientists dont all speak Latin. The moon is based of Japanese shit, no Latin.

Cute, I want to see her struggle with English.

SDM is best bet. I wonder how they all learned Japanese. Sisters are probably French, Hong speaks Chinese, Patchy may know English. They cover most bases outside of Yukari and Satori. Yukari visits foreign countries, and she can probably alter the language barrier given her ability goes beyond physical things. Or so she claims.

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Ask Yukari to remove the boundary between languages.

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Spirits cant speak, Komachi wont learn anything.
Eiki is the yama of Gensokyo, which is filled with Japs.

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Fair enough about Komachi, but Eiki has a special mirror that will let her see into people's past. If Eiki couldn't understand other languages then all it would take is one dead foreigner to put her into a tricky situation, which I'm guessing has happened at least once for all the time she's been doing her thing. I think it's pretty likely that she has some way to communicate at least with people that can't speak Japanese.

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A letter from Remilia was sent to Kosuzu in English. Either she dictated to to Sakuya or wrote it herself.

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Statistically, quite a few seeing how powerful the English empire was when Gensokyo was founded, and just how darn old most of them are. When you push past 1000 you would have to go out of your way not to have picked up some stuff.

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I wonder if Gensokyo has westaboos as a result. Westerners loved Japan and China, Japan loved the west back. China didnt, so the west got them addicted to opium and made them dependent on the west.
British empire was yandere as fuck, if only China hadnt resisted their love.

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>There's nothing that says Satori can understand English but she can read minds on the unconscious level so you would probably be able to communicate with her
Why would you want to, though? It's fucking Satori.

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Being able to pick up words and bits is one thing, but being able to learn how to speak it is another, though.

I personally don't think there'd be many, if any, westaboos. For citizens of Gensokyo there aren't any nations, there are just people from outside world and that's that.
Depending on how good Rinnosuke's memory is though he could be a westaboo. Aside from that, Nitori would probably be amazed by the technology but not necessarily the nations themselves.

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Surviving all the way down to Former Hell just to meet her would be one hell of an achievement in itself desu.

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Maybe Kosuzu if she practices speaking it.

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Not really.
Orin has high human friendship, and you can probably ride her cart. You just need to help her rob a grieving family and she will be your friend.

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Which still doesn't explain why you, or anyone, would want to talk to Satori of all the god damn Gensokyo denizens.

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Pretty sure Prismriver Sisters and Clownpiece could speak english, if you convinced them to.

Why would it matter though? If you made it to Gensokyo, you would start picking up japanese out of sheer necessity soon enough.

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What's wrong with satori?

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I wouldnt like her because she is a canon bitch known for horrid manners. The mind reading wont bother me, her interruptions are the issue.

I also want to ask for her cat daughters hand in marriage.

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Hell that sounds like a recipe for a good time.

Maybe not to meet Satori but to meet Utsuho, you know, the hell raven that caused an incident and came close to nuking Gensokyo? Not that that's any less idiotic, though: Any ill intents would get shot down by Satori, and an interview would be pointless since she's a birdbrain.

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Clownpiece is just a fairy from hell though, not much more. She wears the star-spangled banner on her clothes simply because it makes Lunarians butthurt.
Neil Armstrong really took a toll on the morale of Lunarians I suppose.

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Satori finally gets someone who wants to see her.
It's not her they care about.
She knows exactly how much you love those other than her.

Being Satori is suffering unless she can turn mind reading off.

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Now THAT would be a good reason to subject myself to her presence. Still would stay athwart of it if I can, though.

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Too bad the only way to do that is become Koishi and lose yourself

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I wonder what would happen if you got a team of trained professionals to operate, rather than whatever Koishi did to her eye alone. Erin is well over 10,000 years old.

I mean, Raiko managed to transfer herself do a different drum, and a modern one at that- so could a satori violate the norms of her species like Raiko did?

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This is %100 fanwank so you don't need to pay any attention to the following:
Watatsuki sisters could maybe have an unspecified grasp of English. Lunarian technology is more advanced than human technology so that means they have better communications, and thus better access to information. And you know, it'd be pretty damn useful to have commanders that can speak the language(s?) of the enemy.
But as I said, just pure fanwank, don't take any of this shit I spewed seriously.

As much as I feel bad for her, boy she got some bad habits. Interrupting someone's speech all the time is a really shitty thing to do, and it's a great way of saying 'just fuck off I'd really rather not see your face ever again'.
She could really use some counseling.

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Lunarians would never EVER employ impure earthlings. Ones with penises especially.

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They'd employ them to fuck

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I don't think the trouble would be violating the norms, but to learn how to do it in the first place. She doesn't get many if any chances to go out to the surface, and even then she'd have to seek some very specific people. She'd either have to learn how to close her third eye at will, which would take either a lot of magic and training or a shitton of counseling; or she'd have to get an operation on shutting it off, which would require a lot of very specific people and magic and yadda yadda.
As it's been said before, life sucks for Satori.

Well some fuckers are probing all those asses and those sure as hell aren't humans. If those aren't Lunarians then who the fuck are they supposed to be? Checkmate atheists.

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canonically, marisa and flandre speak english


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Agatha Christie is one of the most translated authors. Japs love her.

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Oh shit, I forgot about this.

All they discuss is the lyrics of the song so you could argue this still isn't confirmation, but at this point it's pretty safe to assume they can understand English.

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Since Flandre presumably understands English there's a very good chance Remilia does too, so the sisters and Marisa have been promoted to Very Likely. Sakuya, while likely having western origins, has too unclear of a past for this to transfer to her, and remains at Possible. Eiki probably would have run into problems in her job by now if she didn't at least have some sort of method of dealing with the rare foreigner, so I put her under ??? with Satori. It's likely some all-purpose solution that is sloppy but does the job. Either that or she transfers them but that honestly seems too costly for The Ministry of Right and Wrong to achieve just for each foreigner that comes in.

Updated List:

Very Likely:
Yukari, Patchy, Flandre, Marisa, Remilia



Less Possible:

Satori, Eiki

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Kyouko, if you say enough to her.

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Does it count if it's in American?

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Maribel majors in psycholoy while Renko majors in physics, is English particularly needed to get into those two fields? I'm not really knowledgeable in this stuff.

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Not really. A lot of scientific terms were invented by English speaking people(really westerners in general) but knowing English likely wouldn't make a physics or psychology class any easier, since they are able to easily be translated over to Japanese, and the meaning behind the words is more important than the words themselves. If you were to go deeply into computers, on the other hand, that would be a different story.

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wait what
Where is Fortran in 2hu?

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I want to celebrate the 4th of July with that fairy.

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Remilia of Rumanian!

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What characters 1000% do NOT speak English?

I would wager that Futo, Tojiko, Minamitsu and Koishi would not.

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Sukuna speaks Japanese but in a Irish accent to it. She is the weab leprechaun. She didn't like living in Ireland so she left after watching JoJo & other Homoerotic anime.

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Alice is probably from Makai, which seems to use Japanese, so probably not.

I'm 90% sure that Remilia is confirmed as being able to speak and write in English, so she's your best bet.
It's safe to assume that Flandre, Patchouli, and Sakuya would know English as well. Meiling might, but that's a stretch.

Your next best bet are characters that have been outside of Gensokyo. Yukari is most likely to be proficient in English of these characters, but she's also the least likely to help you. Sanae is most likely to know some English, but it will almost certainly be at a very low level, and communication may be impossible. Mamizou could know English, but that's up in the air.

>-Marisa (If the non-japanese language she spoke at one point in Imperisible night was English)
Elaborate, please. I don't remember that part.

Not how her power works.

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Miko and Byakuren sure as hell won't.

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Cirno is the strongest at languages.

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Curiosities of Lotus Asia

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File: 442 KB, 400x1196, --cirno-kirisame-marisa-and-mystia-lorelei-touhou-drawn-by-tefu--832efdaa9069b7ff6710989143fc4d2b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Cirno knows many languages!

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Translate it, weebmasters!

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Cirno says penis in a lot of languages while Marisa says 'hol up whachu just say' in the third panel, and in the last panel Mystia says 'PENIS IN EVERY LANGUAGE!!!!' while Marisa is like 'hol up you just say penis nigguh'.
t. I love ruining jokes

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If Remi was born to nobility in Transylvania 500 years ago her native tongue would be Hungarian, not Romanian.

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I'm suprised it took this long for someone to bring up Kosuzu, since she might have picked up bits of other languages from reading.

Similarly, it's possible that Marisa, Alice and Patchy might have learnt other languages to read foreign grimoirs.

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Didn't Kosuzu explicitly have trouble reading the English letter sent to her from the SDM? She was even using her powers

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We don't know if she was, though.

Nope. Kosuzu can read any language, but that doesn't mean she can speak it.

I would have to dig it up, but I'm pretty sure that Kosuzu could read it just fine, she just couldn't respond in English. I might be wrong, though.

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pic related

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Classic Patchy, what a dame.

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Stinky eurohus go homu!

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Elly might, considering the western name, though I doubt PC98 counts.

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Except Vlad the Impaler was the Prince of Wallachia, not fucking Transylvania. That country spoke Romanian.

This reminds me, does Alice know Romanian too? I mean, PCB's Stage 3 Theme is called "The Doll Maker of Bucuresti" (which is the capital of Romania).

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I want Alice to string me up like a doll and abuse me.

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So Patchy really is autistic.

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Remi is not actually related to Vlad. Though she claims to be, she's lying.

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Remilia is all about looking cool after all.

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What if Remi isn't really 500 years old and from eastern Europe at all? What if she was born in the Bronx in 1970 or something? She could just be a vampire chuuni.

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You mean Morioh?

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What if Remyriya is DIO's one successful child?

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I always thought the Scarlet family originated from west-mid europe (France, most probably, as Remilia and Flandre strike me as french names).
I think it is pretty much cannon that Remilia lied about descending from Vlad (thus contradicting her stage's name).

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Well Flandre is the French name for Flanders (Vlaanderen) in Belgium, so that's certainly French. Remilia on the other hand seems to have been made up by ZUN, but it's probably just a girlier version of the real French name Remi.

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>Well Flandre is the French name for Flanders (Vlaanderen) in Belgium, so that's certainly French.
I'm afraid things are rather circular there.

"Furandooru" sounds nothing like "Flandre", and has only been transliterated as that once - in every subsequent appearance, ZUN has written it as "Frandle" (or "Fran" for short).
The only reason it wasn't changed on the wiki is because people were convinced it was a reference to Flanders.

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Well in that case they both seem to have names that were made by taking real western womens names (Remi and Fran) and making them longer, probably to sound more exotic.