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What if 2hus were French?

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Two hermits one witch.avi

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Raped and killed by muslims or soon to be.

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What if OP made good threads?

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Worst idea in years.

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>What if 2hus were arrogant, self-absorbed, stank of cheese and spoke in tongues?
No change.

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More original than 99% of what's on the front page these days Tbh.

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Je suis français and I think French 2hu would ruin it all. Touhou wouldn't even be called 東方 to begin with. The furthest you can possibly go is Korea, China (we already got an example) but going full Western would be shit.


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Le Touhoux.

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Bijoux, cailloux, choux, genoux, hiboux, joujoux, poux, Touhoux

Fuck me, I had to look at the list to write them, I'm losing my froggy edge.

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As a french speaking belgian I wanted to counter that then I realized all french are just scums.

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Seeing as its very name means 'east', I don't think that's surprising.
Besides, what about the mythology and the rad hats? You can't do without both of those y'know.

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La Pièce de Clown.

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The same but with spirits and demons fleeing catholicism instead. And europeans loved their hats even more than asians in the past.

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That's a nice draw for a joker.

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You speak their scummy language. You're not any better.

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Where do you think Alice would be from? Britain? If so, which part of Britain? What about the Scarlet sisters?

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It only makes sense for them to be Japanese.

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>Where do you think Alice would be from?
If you want to take her family name as an indication, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Murgatroyd
Her outfit always reminded me of ye olden Britain anyway.

The Scarlets are either Romanian ("Tatal meu este Dracul!") or frogs. No way they're anything else.

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Alice is a Scandinavian witch that kidnaps children and cooks them in a stew and hangs around with Marisa on Blåkulla.

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Kek. English is barely badly spoken french.

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We cancel that out with superior Germanic roots.

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Stinky eurohus.

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>Low german pig language that steals every word possible from other cultures in a worse way than nips trying to speak engrish

Would you excuse me while I refrain throwing up violently ?

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Remiria say "Scarlet is descended Vlad the Impaler of Wallachia".
Wallacha is called now Romania.

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I kinda find it funny when comparing the oni with the stereotypical vikings.

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The game would be about what girl surrender first.

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Reimu would be the german bully harassing the poor carefree french youkais. Until they surrender, hard.

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Kindly proceed to fuck off alongside your frogspeak along the way. This is an ANGLAIS site.

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Well, considering neither Reimu nor the other playable girls actually "kill" anyone, Touhou "extermination" is more about beating sense into people until they give up. So the comparison is quite pertinent.

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There is a myth that Shuten-doji is "Stein Welcher" of Germany.
I listen it from yuyusiki.

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>Having any sense to begin with

Good one.

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What an unusually-busy thread.
Who is visiting us today? Please go back there.

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*pig snorting noises*