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Why do Magicians like Patchouli and Alice have small, petite bodies? Do they stop growing up after they become teenagers or something?

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Because they don't put XP in Strength and Skill and only put them in Will.

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>small, petite

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You made me smile, you silly bastard.

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According to Perfect Memento a magician stops growing once they become complete and learns the magic to abandon food.

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It's the magic of love, baby.

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But they still drink tea.

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Speaking of which,
What's it like to kiss a magical girl?

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Many people in the Touhou universe are drawn with small, petite bodies, but it is mostly dependent on the artist.

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Like salty coins and milk.

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I refer to Tasofro's and Aki Eda's drawing as a gauge of their physical maturity. And from both it seems that Alice and Patch are just teenagers.

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I'd like to know.

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Sort of like blood?

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Does this mean that Marisa will be a perma-loli? ;_;

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That's just their art style, I feel. Anyways, I think Tasofro portrayed Alice and patchouli in a fairly mature manner compared to some of the other characters. Aki Eda is just all-around wonky when it comes to these sort of things. Of course it could just simply be Patchouli's droopy attire and eyes that make her look younger and petite than she really is. And we all know how much Aki Eda loves Alice/Patchouli and loves showing them is her ridiculous lesbian doujins.

I tend to view them fairly maturely in both body (not necessarily meaning healthy, just developed in comparison to a child) and mind.

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I dropped salty coins in milk once, not sure if this anecdote actually goes anywhere.

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Well, I suppose you could talk about what went through your mind and if you drank it or not, but to be honest, I'm not all to interested in your anecdote.

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MS Alice was really young. ZUN's loli art was actually correct for her in PCB. I think she can't be more than 12, considering that she likes rainbows, dolls, and has attitude problems, right?

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I'll bet that canonically, Alice is very young. However, I still prefer my ideas that she looks and acts like someone in their 20s.

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Grownup women do not play with dolls.

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I always thought marionette-type magic was pretty neat. I also like the idea that she stays inside frequently, just studying and experimenting to perfect her magic and dolls to her liking.

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Grownup men do not play with figs.

Also, why don't magicians share that no-food stuff? I hate food.

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Wow who drew this image? Is there anymore adult versions of touhou characters?

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What constitutes "adult" for you? There's more than a few Touhou images where they're portrayed with more realistic, adult proportions.

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Isn't Marisa supposed to be like 15-16?

It seems to me like the "loli" aspect of Touhou is frequently exaggerated.

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Whoops, pic not related.

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her age is never mentioned

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Thats like saying why not teach a six year old linear algebra. Abandoning food is advanced stuff, unless of course, you just want to starve.

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Yeah, but it can kinda be inferred.

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Ages in terms of physical appearances are almost never specified. You were probably thinking of this chart.

I like to think the majority of the Touhou cast are in the mid to late teens.

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I would teach 6 year old children algebra. Hell, I'd have them reading at like 3. No offspring of mine is going to not be a prodigy.

I know her bow is long but that arrow just looks too big for some reason.

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Ask /x/

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Inferred from what, her body which looks the same as other characters that are thousands of years old?

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I guarantee that you will get a lot of philosophy and this image will be posted once or twice. If you're willing to dig deep enough into what is said, chances are you'll run into some magical system. For some reason, I doubt real magic(k) would interest /jp/.

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Only if real magic involves beam spam.

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Marisa will never learn the no-food and eternal loli body spells, because she only cares about LONG GIRTHY BEAM SPELLS.

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And in a few years, all she'll care about is LONG GIRTHY DICKS.

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Close enough.

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Marisa's love of LONG GIRTHY BEAMS will never fade.

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>It's to cater to the pedo faggots who like anime.

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While we at it we'll hothouse our daughters so that she can go to Oxford at the age of 12 too!

Pic related.

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>Magic is powered by growth hormones.

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I want to fuck girls who are good at both maths and in bed.

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Here, you can thank me later.

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Close, but Yukari is the one who is good at maths.

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Ran is too.

>>She's extremely intelligent and is much better at math than any human.


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ZUN goes out of his way to avoid mentioning specifics such as age. The primary purpose of this is probably both to make the Touhou universe relatively timeless (to avoid fans nitpicking all sorts of shit out of the time passed between games) and to allow for all sorts of perfectly valid interpretations.

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And while I'm at it, I was reading Yukari's.

>>She has no weaknesses, but fortunately seems to rarely attack humans.

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I always figured most characters are around teenage to young adult in their form. It's not like it's easy to tell with ZUNs art anyway, the guy likes his loli danmaku games.

I remember we tried to create a list organising characters into the ages they appeared to be by consensus. It was a bit of a mess though some characters are definitely perceived as being older or younger.

Yukari and Yuyuko are pretty much always given older appearances in fan art. Cirno is always depicted as a child who will never grow up, quite fitting for a fairy.

Alice seems to be to be a young adult now. Sure, she was originally introduced as a child, but it seems most PC98 has been more or less ignored now with characters being re-introduced in the newer windows games. Patchy would be the same in my view; a youkai mage with a petite body that doesn't age any more. Marisa seems like she's probably in her late teens, Reimu should probably be the same age but seems older through the way she acts.

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Also, Akyu keeping a record of timelines.

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I'm not sure where I got this, but I think ZUN stated that Marisa is slightly less than Reimu both in terms of age and height.

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Akyu is the only reliable source of information in the Touhou universe.

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its because they're computer generated figures created by a 40 year old ugly man....

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There is no reliable source.

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I actually like that ZUN does this, along with the very vaguely defined fairy tale powers he gives many of them.

There is a lot of room to interpret how each girls powers actually work along with their limitations and doujins use this to know end and play with the setting. Gensokyo itself amuses me because it's meant to be a world of phantasms, a place where Yukari staged a invasion of THE MOON using it's reflection in a lake.

It's like a fairy tale land with odd problems like a red mist covering the land, the moon being replaced with a fake and a entire season being stolen. It sparks the imagination and has most definitely helped Touhou to become as popular as it is, fans see what they want and add to the experience.

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>Akyu is the only reliable source of information in the Touhou universe

>reliable source of information.

I'm seeing a problem with this sentence.

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>Why do Magicians like Patchouli and Alice have small, petite bodies?

If you have fucking magic powers, there's no need for your physical body to develop beyond a pretty basic level. You don't need huge muscles to lift stuff or be really tall to reach things, you can just use magic.

It also makes them easier to hold down.

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Smaller hitbox.

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If I see Alice's AMERICA!! underwear one more time i'll...

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what do you say, silly human?

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Indeed, it is a good thing; Touhou is popular because its explicitly open to a huge realm of possibilities. Unlike most fantasy worlds, it doesn't even have a single set of agreed-upon lore or even agreed upon magical laws. Despite having an enormous amount of canon material, it manages to avoid the traps of most fantasy worlds, where most of the interesting stuff is set in stone before fanon even gets to touch it.

Of course, this is all done by being intentionally vague about everything and having every single "in-universe" source being rather unreliable. It also helps that Touhou basically throws the kitchen sink at every fantasy concept: it has contained at some time basically every type of magic known to fiction, from hermetic to device magic, and more different fantasy creatures from different mythological backgrounds than Tolkien ever thought you could fit in one world.

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>She has no weaknesses, but fortunately seems to rarely attack humans.

gap youkai are ghost + dark.

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I especially like how ZUN takes whatever folklore that interested him lately and turns it's monsters into little girls. Furthermore, it amuses me that ZUN will drunkenly draw up some of the most retarded character designs around for these monsters and then the fan base will try their hard to make it look good, often succeeding. That said, some of his character design is rather good or at least looks damn good when drawn properly.

But yeah, Touhou has all kinds of awesome influences and the setting can just keep eating them up because it's basically a refuge for anything supernatural tired of a world losing faith in the mythical.

And moon rabbits. Only good for sex appeal.

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It makes sense though. In during Normal type Pokemon.

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>Aya Shameimaru

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wriggle kick your ass

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Fighting EX-Yukari on my 2nd run of the Elite 4 was such a huge pain. Retardedly high Defense and Special Defense through the roof.

Thank god for Komachi's attack that always halves an opponent's HP.

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Most artists forget Patchy's obligatory bookworm attributes, glasses and big tits.

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If you count ZUN as artist.

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At least he got over his stupid bonnet fetish.

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He's temporarily abandoning them for Renko hats.

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I love me some Utsuho, but I always wonder just what he was drinking when he designed her.

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He played too much Dawn of War recently. CHAOS CONSUMES US!! MUST.....OBLITERATE!!

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Whatever, she's made of hot even if she did look a little doofy in the game... fanartists are awesome.

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Whatever he is on, I fucking want some of it.

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It's best to assume that

1. A year passes much faster in Gensokyo


2. Each race tallies their age up differently.

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There needs to be a touhou character with a top-hat.

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Renko Usami?

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Ten bucks says that this man is going to get what he wants.

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You got my attention...

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Your mission, should you choose to accept it:
Brake into the SDM and steal Remilia's bonnet. There will be an ample reward. If you fail though, prepare to become Flandre food.

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Not tall enough.

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Perhaps I should have said press the pedal as you slam your car into the mansion wall.

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Well, you don't want to drive all the way through the building.

Remi doesn't take kindly to that.

Or she might be impressed that you even have a car, and offer a trade.

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>offer a trade.

>Scarlet Devil

Yeah, good luck with that. While you are at it maybe you should kindly ask for a cup of tea from their helpful maid while you find your insurance details, they wouldn't want to look impolite now would they?

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Cant bet if we all agree.

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Easier than a piece of human-flavored cake. Distract the vampire loli with tits, remove mobcap/silly hat.


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Tupac is a Touhou character.

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No I am the touhou character.

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I want to move to Gensokyo when I hit 25 and then learn magic so that I can become an immortal.

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When the character is +/-5000 years old, technically the difference between loli form and adult form is a bit fluent...

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If you define "loli" not as looking childlike, but as looking a fraction of your actual age, that is...
After all, if you're thousands of years old you tend to look /x/-worthy. Although /x/ would most likely be dumbstruck at most of the things you see in Touhou...

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And yeah, I know just looking younger than your real age is not the common definition of loli.

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... and back on track.
At least in SWR, aren't Alice and Patchy actually pretty tall? Although Patchy's usually drawn as being pint-size, and her character portrait in EoSD makes her look a bit like... a gray dough.

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Marisa on the other hand is sort of tiny for her age. But she acts all the older, so she tends to be drawn like it.
Interestingly, she tends to be drawn smaller when alone, and taller while around Alice. Go figure.

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Then there would be no doll makers.

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Come to think of it, which other mages are there in Gensokyo? My memory fails me...
Not counting familiars who make little girls gay.

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Not counting "time mages". Pad jokes aside, she's pretty big anyway.

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Not counting... hmm.
Well, guess using black magic makes you a sort of mage...

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There just aren't a lot of them.

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My patchy is a V& material and I do not care.

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