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I hope you've been making progress in reaching your goals, /jp/.

Previous thread: >>15124762

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Not a goal, but some accidental progress. I used to have a hell of a time with PoFV, only ever managing to clear it with a couple of characters, but after walking away for a couple months then trying again, I was able to clear every story mode and both extras with hardly any trouble. God only knows why, but hey, can't complain.

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Fucking hate those three faggots
Man I feel really lucky with the series, like I play EoSD and realize I like Sakuya and Remilia a bit, then on PCB I can play as Sakuya!
On PCB I really really like Yuyuko, today I started IN and there she is!
Also what's Remilia's problem on IN? She's all fucked up

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Why did ZUN stop caring about character balance post-MoF?

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So what do collecting those purple orbs do in IN?

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She's a complete gangster in IN, I like it a lot.

Mokou is my favorite but I love when Remi goes full asshole on her and Sakuya has to beg her to stop

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Basically, they give you score.

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>Basically, they give you score.
Forgot to add that it's a bit more complicated than that though. IN scoring is complex and I don't fully understand it.

>Shit, that's just great.
A bad translation, perhaps?

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Collecting enough by either hitting enemies (human) or grazing (youkai) when over 80% on the meter produces the Orbs. If you rack up the required number by the end of the last card on the boss, you get a bonus chance to capture their Last Word, for score. It also only advances time by 30minutes instead of an hour at the end of the stage. Hitting 5AM at any point is an auto-end.

When you first start the game and aren't very good it helps because Continuing advances time by an hour, but it's ultimately unnecessary if you're going for 1ccs since time will never come close to hitting 5AM unless you continue (and you need to 1cc to get to Kaguya anyway)

So mostly for score and for playing Last Words

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>that's just great.
Is just sarcasm. If anything this traslation has proven to be pretty funny

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I've found that typically IN is just an amusing game in general. Probably a function of having a gorillion playable characters, but still.

Netherworld team is basically Yuyuko Bullies Youmu: The Game

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Speaking of IN, why does Youmu feel so gimped compared to the other humans?

Does having her Myon fire opposite of her current direction feel shitty to anyone else?

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Youmu is really strong, she's just pretty tough to use since the Phantom follows her loosely and is tough to control without a lot of practice and planning. One thing that helps is focusing to Yuyuko always resets the phantom to normal, so if you need to just shoot straight for a while, focus and unfocus.

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>I hope you've been making progress in reaching your goals, /jp/.

Nope. Nada. Null. None whatsoever.

I simply haven't had the time and I never do but that PCB normal 1cc will be coming. At least a year overdue.

Youmu is a bit of a bitch.

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Using vsync strangely hurts SA's performance so much I can actually see it lag. Turning it off lets me play the game without a hitch. Does anyone else experience this?

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Vpatch, not vsync. Sorry.

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Runs the same for me with or without vpatch, haven't experienced added input lag without it. Only reason why I really like vpatch is because it lets me use 1280x960 for old games, but SA already gives the option natively.

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youmu is literally the best human

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Stage 5 SA is hard
Those zombie fairies

Stage 3 SA is no laughing matter too

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SA stage 3 is one of my favorite stages in the series

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I wish I could argue that you're wrong but you really aren't.

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I just 1cc'd SA normal. I was not suppose to clear it that attempt. I feel like I do that a lot. It was just a practice run to get warmed up and I died twice to stupid shit on early levels but somehow I did my best on Orin and went into stage 6 with the most lives I ever had 6. The final phase lasted a lot longer than I expected and I still almost lost. Damn still got adrenaline running through me. SA is my favorite touhou yet.

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I don't think I've ever cleared a game when I was supposed to clear a game

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Man I remember the satisfaction from the SA 1cc, didn't think it was going to happen as soon as it did as I thought it's the hardest game before LoLK. Congrats on getting it!

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The only time you should be bombing in stage 6 would be when sakuya traps you or eternal meek fucks you over. The fairies aim at you so all you have to do is to tap left or right.

They mistranslated ふん as shit. It's understandable why but it's still stupid.

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>Previous thread: >>15124762
Would you stop doing this before some new people start coming in thinking this is supposed to be a permanent general?
Doubly so when the previous thread is still up, it's just in autosage.

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>Would you stop doing this

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There's nothing you can do. The generals are here to stay.

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I managed to 1cc IN on Hard a few days ago and today I managed to 1cc PCB, too. I guess I will try EoSD next although I keep losing most of my lives on Stage 4.

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Good job. Did you clear the other games on normal before doing those on hard or are you starting with hard or something?

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that's a hard but fun card, not total bullshit like the one where she fires bouncing lasers to all directions from around you.

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It's my first time trying to break through LoLK and I'm a low-level shitter but god fucking damn, this was the hardest and most maddening spellcard I've done so far. And now, I cannot get through Clownpiece's very first card. I must be tired.

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Thanks. I have cleared the other games on normal before so I decided to start trying to clear them on hard now.

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>PCB Normal
>have a perfect run with 8 lives.
>reach Youmu.
>Fight starts.
>Instantly lose one life because of my bad screen position.
>This throws me off and I lose another one.
>When I finally beat her I had 3 lives left with no bombs.
>Proceed to get my ass handed by Yuyuko.

Has this ever happened to anyone?
I was doing so well and then I just threw the whole run for no reason.

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Yes, this happens all the time. Good thing the games are short enough so they don't feel like a massive waste of time and it doesn't demoralize from trying again that much.

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>it doesn't demoralize from trying again that much
It was one mistake after another with no end in sight.These runs for me happen once in a blue moon and it was wasted.
Oh well,I guess its no use crying over spilled milk.
Still hurts though.

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Older games are like this.
You get the hang of their spellcards, and you start owning, but the last stages always get you offguard because even if you know the stages, the amount of projectiles on screen will always remain an inconvenience. Almost, shortage of attention and fatigue happen, and this is the hardest part about Touhou because your attention is at its peak during the BEGINNING and it decreases over time, which is the exact opposite of what is needed.

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Youmu is infamous for raping newbies.

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Sometimes when I've played for a while I pause and take a breather after stage 3 or 4 to make sure I'm not in an unfocused mindset for the next stages. It can help reduce some mistakes.

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>I must be tired.
Yeah, that happens. It's the dark side of Pointdevice mode. Repeatedly failing the same part over and over again really wears you down, way more so than just losing a game normally. However, the more you play and learn how to dodge particular attacks, the less frustrating it will become.

Also, just to make sure you know, there is an English patch.

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Fuck waypoint, I go legacy. Sure, it seems harder but it is still more fun than that shit

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Just a tip, her last two spellcard are more or less static.

Dream catcher will always start around you, so, by starting always at the same point the lasers will act in the same maner all the time, this should let you make a route.

Ultramarine lunatic dream is pretty much static, so try to learn where will be a lesser amount of bullets, aswell as what kind of movements you should do to stay avoid getting hit.

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How come there is patched LoLK but no DDC?

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What do you mean? Neither has a hard-patched .exe last I checked, but they're both translated, and you can play them in English with thcrap.

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Oh I see. The LoLK game I got had thcrap, can I use that same file for DDC?

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The circle of lasers isn't actually that much of a problem, I easily did it. It's just this insanity of a spellcard >>15232150 that I couldn't do after more than a 100 tries and only got lucky in the end. Must be something with my brain, because even subsequent levels and spellcards didn't have me start over that much.

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Too bad Legacy Mode was so hastily just shoveled out Zun forgot to put in bomb drops as gimmick modo was the 'intended' way to play.

Also RIP Sanae she lost her powers after LOLK. Way to stuff her in a fridge Zun.

But thcrap is malware.

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>caring for a drug user

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Someone post the interview where ZUN said the non-drug ending is canon

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Youmu and Sakuya are noob killers. Reisen apparently too because she's unique but I actually didn't have trouble with her.

But yeah losing focus is very common. If I die to a boss holding on to some resources I should have used it's very easy to get flustered and keep making mistakes especially because you're out of position. I've been trying IN's extra stage off and on and EX-Keine will just catch me with something I wasn't paying attention to and I'll just be frustrated by the time I get to Mokou.

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The term you are looking for is casual filter.

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>Youmu and Sakuya are noob killers
I just finished watching my old replays. Those two were such formidable opponents. I forgot how hard those games were until rewatching them.

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Which games are just not even worth playing?

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I finally went past Hell Eclipse but I had to bomb. The pattern is easy to see but there will always be a start to fuck with your movements.

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>But thcrap is malware.
Stop that. I don't know where this idea came from, but it's ridiculous, because thcrap is FOSS. If you can actually cite what's wrong with it, then please share; otherwise, stop spreading misinformation just for kicks, as it really undermines new players' ability to enjoy the series.

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I've been trying to 1cc Normal on EoSD and I just did a run where I made it to Remilia's final spell card before losing my last life.

Which is both inspiring and discouraging.

So fucking close.

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New thread when?

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SA in general is one of my favorite games in the series.

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Finally made it past Raiko.

Her spellcards were really really easy, but those non-spells, holy shit.

It was pretty simple using SakuyaA and her bombs though. Maybe I should consider using Reisen for Touhou 15 Extra.

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What are you talking about, the bosses still drop bombs just like in 6,7, and 8.

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Not to mention it's easy to get bomb pieces from completing chapters with enough points/graze.

>> No.15236515

Well he was talking about legacy mode. I like going back to the style of the older games with bomb drops in Legacy mode, with a new system for getting lives

>> No.15236518

oh right, life pieces, atleast you get new bombs when dying

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>playing through all the main games in order
>reach Phantasmagoria of Flower View

What the fuck is this? How do I play this?

>> No.15236881

Its basically the same as the other games except you win by the other person getting hit first. The other person is an AI who can predict bullets though.

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The games are good. /jp/ needs more players. I don't see the problem with having this kind of thread prominent.

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You start by reading the manual. For 9 especially, there a lot of mechanics that you would never figure out just by trial and error.

At least you didn't die after clearing the last card, but before all the bullets were cancelled.

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What's the shape that forms around me when I focus? Not seeing anything about that.

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It's your scope. When you focus, it activates spirits, causing them to die much more easily when you shoot them.

Btw, try to not use level 3 or 4 charge attacks, or bomb. They're a waste of gauge.

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Alright I'm getting confused as all hell here.

My "bomb" button is how I attack the opponent, yes? And why wouldn't having it at 3 or 4 be better? Doesn't that make them stronger?

Right now what I'm doing is
>dodge and shoot until it gets up to 3 or 4
>press x
>repeat until win

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Red Magic is a bitch

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The focus field will 'activate' spirits (the flappy things), meaning that they'll become circular and stop moving down the screen. Activated spirits create a blue explosion field when they're destroyed, like fairies. However, if an activated spirit isn't destroyed within a few seconds, it will explode into three large aimed bullets.

What this means for strategy is that you want to mostly activate spirits in front of you, or in places where you can combo chain explosions into them. If you're playing a character with a wide horizontal scope, like Tewi, you either have to really stay on top of spirits, or not focus too much. On the other hand, If you're playing a character with a forward scope like Aya or Marisa, you can pretty much focus all the time.

There are multiple ways to put pressure on the opponent. Usually, though, repeated Fairy-class spells (two-gauge attack) are the best strategy. Don't use the bomb button unless it's unavoidable, because it will use up your entire gauge, whereas holding Z to charge will always leave you with one chunk. Dragon-class spells (4 gauge, where your sprite flies onto the enemy screen) are also good if you can afford them, but Witch-classes (3) aren't really worth it on most characters. When you get a free Dragon from scoring, or when Lily appears, you can put extra pressure on with a Fairy.

Oh yeah, it's also good to spam Fairies because they make your Dragon more powerful.

There are a lot of interactions between the various mechanics, so it takes some getting used to. It can lead to really fun games against a human opponent, though. For fighting the AI, just do what you can to stay alive for two to three minutes.

>> No.15237502

AI death is determined by a timer. So stages 1-5 will normally die at 1:30 on lunatic, and stages 6-8 will normally die at 3:30. It's a bit shorter on lower difficulties. If you die on a stage and have to do it again, the timer is shortened for that stage.

>And why wouldn't having it at 3 or 4 be better? Doesn't that make them stronger?
The main use of charge attacks is to cancel bullets or spawn pellets on the enemy side of the screen. Level 2s do that more efficiently.

>Oh yeah, it's also good to spam Fairies because they make your Dragon more powerful.
This makes no sense, what are you talking about?

>> No.15237522

One of the counters at the bottom of the screen is how many Fairy- and Witch-class spells you've cast this game. The higher the counter, the longer and more intense your Dragons are.

>> No.15237531

Oh, that's good to know.

>holding Z to charge
I was not actually aware of this.

>> No.15237601

Oh, I forgot about that, and usually just attributed stronger level 2s with higher rank.

>> No.15237639

Actually no, you're right, just checked the wiki and I'm retarded.

>The power of spells is determined by the numbers in the lower corners. The lower left number affects the power of your level 2 and 3 spells. It increases whenever you do a level 2 spell or higher, capped at 16. The lower right number is shared with your opponent, and affects the power and health of bosses. It goes up whenever either player sends a boss and also has a maximum level of 16.

Sorry. Still, that means you want to use as many Fairies as possible.

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Related question about the manuals, where can one find translated versions of them? The wiki doesn't have anything past MS and the ones that are in (some of) the games' files are in Japanese.

>> No.15238161

>The wiki doesn't have anything past MS
But it does have a 'Gameplay' page for each game, which describes the mechanics in much more detail than the actual manuals do. Since 12.8, there are in-game manuals as well, and I believe those are translated in the patches.

It is a bit annoying that the various .txt files in the game folder aren't usually translated, but I guess at the time it wasn't a priority. All the story stuff is translated on the wiki.

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So i just 1cc'd DDC

>> No.15238872

Nice. Did you like it?

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probably IN or PCB, both trash spellcards and bad characters

>> No.15239238

What have you accomplished in those games?

>> No.15239532

Please. I don't even like 7 that much compared to the others, but all the ordinal Windows games are worth playing.

To honestly answer your question, I'd say 1, 2, 3, and 9.5. But you should give them a shot anyway and see what you think.

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get a load of this guy

>> No.15240518

Just because it's the only game you've played doesn't mean it's the best, anon.

>> No.15240545

All game worth playing them at least few times so you get to know the different endings and such, at the end you get to like some games more than other. But, personally I avoid playing UFO just because of the shitty ufo's mechanics and how easy to screw them up may result.

some of the best spellcards are in that game anon, you just have shit taste
the syncrhonization of the stages with the music is top tier, even if some spell are kinda meh

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I thought it was a rule on /jp/ that every OP had to be cluttered with 10 paragraphs explaining what the thread is about and 100 links for people who are too stupid/lazy to look things up.

>> No.15240567

I'm glad this isn't like that.

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How do I get vpatch working with EOSD with english? I'm getting error messages running both vpatch and the original JPN exe, but the english exe runs fine (just without vpatch)

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Did you rename the exe to 東方紅魔郷.exe? That's what it said in the readme. Vpatch for eosd works fine for me, added a screenshot of my folder.

>> No.15241045

name your exe "“Œ•ûg–‚‹½" or use applocale and name it "東方紅魔郷"

>> No.15241063

Do I rename the JPN one or the EN one to moonrunes? Both of them give me errors.

>> No.15241069

nvm, I renamed the JPN exe to 102h and it works now. It was 'eosd'.
Thank you!

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I've played them all though. IN is better than EoSD for sure and probably PCB.

>> No.15242064

How is IN with those boring ass streaming stages better than PCB or EoSD?

>> No.15242384

I was credit spamming through EOSD stage 5 to unlock stage practice, and I got to sakuya's last card, still had a continue left, and accidentally chose not to continue.

>> No.15242389

just restart it's not like it takes long and you get more practice

>> No.15242462

>IN is better than EoSD for sure and probably PCB
I played them all too and i think your opinion is shit.

>> No.15244756

Not that anon, but 7 was the king of boring-ass streaming stages, so don't be a hypocrite.

I also agree with him in that 8 was certainly the most well-put-together of the three original titles, especially because the other two were basically just practice for it. I personally enjoy playing 6 more, but 8 is a much more complete and polished package, and to call it bad is downright silly. Among the entire series, however, it's definitely overrated.

Practice stage 4 so you don't have to worry about credit-spamming next time.

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post your' scores you dumb niggegrs

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Anybody got any tips for 1cc'ing LoLK on Normal? It's the only main game I haven't 1cc'd yet. I beat Point Device already but I can't even get to Sagume without continuing on Legacy.

I feel like I should just bomb more but I know I'm going to have to bomb everything Clownpiece throws at me so I'd like to save up for that if I can.

>> No.15245186

OK I'm working on it.

>> No.15246374

If you're going to die, you bomb.
Whenever you lost control of the situation, you bomb.
Don't try to save bombs you have no hope of keeping.

>> No.15246390

It's just like any other game, but harder. Get as many life pieces as you can. Practice, practice, practice. The consensus seems to be that Sanae is the easiest to clear with, if that helps.

>> No.15246406


Sanae might be easiest for pointdevice at first but if you're already familiar with the game I'd recommend Reimu

>> No.15246916

For Normal mode, Reisen's the easiest to clear with, followed by Sanae. Same applies for Hard mode. As for Lunatic, Sanae would be the easiest to clear with.

Be sure to manage your bombs well. LoLK is a lot of resource management.

>> No.15246923

reisen hitbox is fat as hell though, especially when using the bomb, making it borderline useless as it doesn't damage bosses or clear the screen

>> No.15246984

That's only true in certain cases, usually during spell cards that require tight dodging. Elsewhere, the enlarged hitbox effectively doesn't matter, and the fact that each bomb can save your ass four times makes it incredibly useful. Overall, I'd say the greatly enhanced utility during stages is enough to make up for some weakness against bosses, though of course it depends on your play style.

Reisen is also great for fighting Sagume, with that piercing shot.

>> No.15247014

Finally made it to the last stage in UFO. This game is hard. I thought this would be easier than SA but I'm not sure it's going to be.

I have a hard time remembering how hard of a time I had when first starting SA.I just know I spent a lot of time playing that game. Stage 6 broke me and I took a 2month+ break from the game before coming back. I never did beat stage 6 with only 2 lives from continuation. I got really close a few times but it turns out I had to 1cc it to beat it.

>> No.15247146

The only hitch in the stage should be when Nue shows up again, if you're not used to her pattern. Byakuren isn't too bad, as final bosses go, especially the last card. After clearing the game for the first time, it took me no more than a few tries to do so with every shot type. Keep at it.

>> No.15247698


>> No.15248477


>> No.15248534


The fuck, there are Touhou games out there? Are they sanctioned by ZUN?

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Who exactly are you quoting?

>> No.15249335

The thread's subject? Are you retarded?

>> No.15249515


Thanks anons, I'll keep these in mind the next time I try LoLK. Hopefully Clownpiece rapes me gently.

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Bad at the games and have only gone through them for story reasons in the past few weeks, completing only the very easy ones (GFW, PoFV, and all the fighters) and generally not making it too far on normal with the ordinary shmups..

However, I have now given myself the low goal of "reaching Clownpiece in LoLK and seeing how long I last".

Sadly I can't survive Lunatic Time right now (I think I have 2 or 3 parts of it left, stuck on this bullshit with stars). Or, well, not with Reisen. Gonna try again later, but this is the first time I ever reached a stage 5 and even with the "handicap" of pointdevice I feel pretty accomplished for that. Or, I would, but mostly I'm pretty mad right now.

>> No.15251092

LOLK is not a nice place for newbies.
Try EoSD or IN on easy, and then bump it up to normal as soon as you can 1cc.

>> No.15251118

Maybe later, I'm not trying to clear the games just yet. The only reason I'm attempting this little goal is since I figure I should try my hardest for once/LoLK kind of allows it, despite obviously being the hardest in the series.

After I'm 100% fed up, hopefully having started the Clownpiece fight, I'll probably try clearing Ten Desires. That game was very easy. I don't like how IN plays, much, and I figure I'll save EoSD for a little later.

I've actually gotten a lot better at these kinds of games since starting but I know I'm not the best.

>> No.15251123

>the very easy ones (GFW [...] and all the fighters)
Excuse me? 12.8 is made to be hard, since it's not an ordinal, so ZUN wanted it to be an extra challenge. As for the fighters, 14.5 was intentionally made easy since the story was a prequel to 15, but all the others are ridiculously hard. Are you some kind of savant? If you can clear 12.8, you shouldn't have any problems with anything.

>> No.15251137

I thought GFW was pretty easy. The clearing mechanic was an easy to understand crutch (one I don't have in any mainline game). It wasn't like STB/DS or ISC, both games I haven't made much progress in although I've enjoyed what I went through (camera games were especially hard). Certainly GFW had challenge but it still felt like an easy game on normal.

Also the only fighter I thought was actually hard was IaMP, because of Reimu's last word in Suiika's story: AKA "fuck you, die". The controls in each took some getting used to/configuration and I will admit, I bumped it down to easy for characters I was bad with, but cleared them otherwise (played ULiL on Lunatic because it was too easy and wasn't any fun)

The characters in question were weird ones like Alice. I can't figure that crap out.

>> No.15251140

also do be aware I didn't 1CC GFW or anything, I just finished it

and I did not bother with the extra stage, it was hard

>> No.15251176

I'd say that Fairy Wars is a bit easier to just 1cc than most of the other games, since you can get a lot of resources, even if the patterns are difficult. No stage practice option sucks though.

I'm sure everyone already realizes this, but you should state more specifically for what you are describing the difficulty for. Because it differs depending on what you are going for, not just for which game you are playing.

Using continues doesn't count as finishing it.

>> No.15251189

>Using continues doesn't count as finishing it.
It does for that game. Saw endings, finished it. Most bar you from a proper ending if you continue. One doesn't even let you finish it.

Well, I never understood that aspect of shmup culture anyway so I don't really care whether I reach an ending with continues or without.

>> No.15251230

A 1cc means you cleared a game on one credit.
Really, using continues doesn't count as finishing it.

>> No.15251231

Using continues doesn't give you an ending in Fairy Wars though. Only game where you can and still get good endings is PoFV (or maybe some of the PC98s) if I remember correctly.

Well whatever. Nobody's going to force you to play these games.

>> No.15251268
File: 323 KB, 640x480, th002.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How the hell do people play this scene for score? First three photos score seems random, although I know there's some sort of weird timing to it. Can't get close enough on the later photos. Feels bad to be bad.

>> No.15251282

I guess I was being too loose on definition after being turned away by Sakuya for playing on Easy in EoSD. Getting to an end at all felt good to me.

>Nobody's going to force you to play these games.
I've still played all of them, finished a few of them, and will attempt 1CCs at some other time. What's more I don't know how even if one day I just finish them without 1CC'ing that would mean I "haven't played them".

How does that make sense? Does any attempt you make at one of these games that doesn't result in a 1CC not count as playing it?

I know what it means, and I don't get how it doesn't count. Only shmups have this silly little street cred code among games. I get it, since it demonstrates you know how to at the very least earn enough lives to buffer yourself through to finish it all in one go, but failing is a natural result of playing many games, especially difficult ones, and most have to fail a lot before they "succeed 100%".

Saying "doesn't count as finishing it" sounds so ridiculous and even a little pompous.

>> No.15251293

We're not trying to judge you or hate on your or anything. It's just the lexicon we use around here. When you came in and said you finished GFW, we all assumed that you'd 1cc'd GFW, because that's just how we talk around here. If you've cleared GFW with continues, you just say 'I've cleared GFW with continues'. It requires a different caliber of skill to 1cc, and that 1cc is the holy grail we generally work towards to claim to have bested the game.

Yes, we do have to fail over and over again to get that 1cc. That's why you can proudly wear the badge of having 1cc'd a game on whatever difficulty.

When you said you'd 'cleared' gfw, the first thing that popped into my mind was you grinding it out until you could 1cc it.

>> No.15251308

I only said I completed it (actually said I'm not even going to bother clearing the STGs here >>15251118), but I suppose that still sounds misleading. I wouldn't say I cleared anything except the fighters, which doesn't feel like an accomplishment beyond IaMP. Even with those for some characters I had to use continues since I was bad with them.

>> No.15251326

This is a thread for touhou gameplay discussion.

>> No.15252649

i just beat TD on hard
it was my first touhou game beaten on hard
#wow #whoah

>> No.15253463

I just beat byakuren with continues. Took me 69 tries. Now I gotta 1cc it...

Nice. I'm looking forward to being able to do hard mode.

>> No.15254411

Woah what the fuck. So I just got done re-watching stage 6 of my SA 1cc and when I get to Utsuho I use up all my lives chain dying in the first 2 phases. Everything up to that point was exactly as it was in my clear until the boss fight. How the hell does that happen?

I'm letting it play from stage 1 up to see if that fixes it. Damn I didn't back this one up yet.

>> No.15254474

Yes it is, what are you implying here?

>> No.15254597

This basically always happens. Start from stage 5 and don't fast-forward.

>> No.15254621

I was about to type an update. It worked as it should from the beginning. That's the first I've heard of that. I was upset when I saw my character just chain die like that. It also turns out that I had backed it up.

>> No.15255436

listen closesly to the chime sounds and time the photo late in between the sounds. it may take some time to get a feel for.

for green bullet composition, take after 7 chimes on photo 1, then another 9 chimes for photo 2 (or 15 chimes if you must stall) and same with photo 3. if you do it right you should get 80k on average for 1-3, with a little RNG variance. missing the timing window will drop the score by around 25-30k depending on if late or early. the chime sound timing window exists for all 7 photos

>> No.15255606
File: 70 KB, 289x189, 1294451008009.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I got through Clownpiece's first nonspell!!!!


I died immediately with her first spell card, of course, but I'm just really glad I was able to do that. I feel a great sense of accomplishment.

I'm probably going to quit soon since I'm pretty sure while facing a spell card every death continues to lower your power even below 3.50. I will surely die more than 50 times if I keep going, and I'm not facing one of her spell cards with a level two.

>> No.15255701

No, you're slightly wrong there. The limitation is that for each chapter, you can never lose more that .5 power. That doesn't change for spell cards. Of course, if you start with less than 3.5, then you can still drop down below 3.

Try again from the beginning, knowing what you know now, and see how much better you do on the way there. You have been learning from your mistakes, right?

>> No.15255728

Definitely. I think I can somewhat confidently get through that nonspell.

The only things I have definite problems with are...I think it's Doremy's second nonspell, which if there's a way to get though that reliably I don't see it, often I'm just facing a white wall; Doremy's "Dream Catcher" (laser spam), which I know what I have to do but it still frequently blindsides me; Doremy's last card, not because it's particularly hard but I usually end up bombing it because I can't be arsed; and lastly, there's this part during Lunatic Time where these three fairies start spamming stars and lasers. I do a lot better with this as Reimu, but I just can't deal and will bomb it around when the last fairy shows herself and starts throwing out lasers all over the place.

>> No.15255732

wait, that sure is a lot of Doremy

it's like she's demanding I use the bombs I gathered

>> No.15256890
File: 718 KB, 1280x720, PCB 1cced.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hey /jp/,I am that anon >>15232267.
It was kinda hard to 1cc tbqh,but not as hard as EoSD.That game took my whole soul to 1cc.

Youmu didn't give me much trouble as she gave me last time,it was all a matter of being focused,not have anything distract you even for a second and knowing when to bomb.
Also whenever I got Supernatural Border I pressed bomb at the last second,even though I wasn't in any danger,to gather Cherry Points to charge up the next SB faster.

All in all,I learnt three things.
1.Focus on the game.
2.Manage your resources.
3.Practice a lot.

Thanks for encouraging me,kind anons.
On to IN next!

>> No.15257056

Nice job anon. Good luck with IN. Oh and check out PCB's extra stage. While it's probably going to be too hard for you as it was too hard for me at the time. I ended up pushing through it anyway. Mainly because of the music I think. It's the only one I've beaten so far and it's one of my favorite experiences in the games.

>> No.15257278

Cool. But format your posts properly, nigger.

>> No.15257315

>Mainly because of the music I think
Or because it's the easiest Extra in the whole series (being an easy-modo of the actual 'extra', which in that case was the Phantasm stage). It's the only one I've cleared as well.

>> No.15257328

>Or because it's the easiest Extra
That might be so but I struggled with it. Spent like 30+hours to beat it.

>> No.15257413

I don't know what happened to me. It didn't happen before but when I die I get angry and makes me want to start from the beginning or simply quit.
How do I fix this?

>> No.15257614
File: 469 KB, 639x480, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>0 seconds left

>> No.15257684

You're getting better, maybe? When you start out, dying is a given, but as you play more, the stupid mistakes get more and more painful, and you beat yourself up more over them. I, too, find myself restarting at the drop of a hat because 'fucking hell, I can do better than that'.

Instead of instantly restarting from the pause menu, just take a minute to calm down, then keep going. Easier said than done, maybe.

That shit. Twice, I have died to Hell's Artificial Sun after beating Okuu but right before the bullets were cancelled. Shit sucks. Aim to get there with some resources left next time so you don't have to worry about it.

>> No.15257721

What a nightmare. I haven't had that happen yet.

>> No.15257891
File: 115 KB, 500x500, 1298695608972.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That was my entire PCB situation.I died to Alice but instead of restarting I chose to press on.
Because of this,I have now 1cced PCB.Don't throw runs at the slightest mistake,although I am guilty of doing this but try to reduce it,it might be the ONE run to your 1cc.

Damn anon,my condonlences.Don't let it get to you though,think how close you were to doing and try again!

>> No.15257914

I didn't care at all about dying since that was a throwaway run to unlock stage practice on hard.
What made me mad is that I unconsciously closed the game and I didn't unlock anything.

>> No.15258655

This has been happening for at least 4 years.

>> No.15258763

Thanks, I'm getting better first three photos already.

>> No.15259220
File: 2.86 MB, 640x480, SA Fucked up replay.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just made my first SA normal clear with ReimuA (before I've only normal cleared 6 to 15).

I tried many times to attempt a 1cc, but I always got my ass kicked in stage5/6 or screwed up so badly in 4 that I just didn't bother to continue.

I think this time only went well since I sort of got a handle on Orin's spells (except her 3rd normal/spellcard). Just before making this attempt I studied a replay, and was surprised I was able to handle Orin's last card.


In the final seconds of Utsuho's last spellcard I had no bomb/lives. I haven't been so hyped for a clear since I made my first normal 1cc of EoSD (which was also my first 1cc ever).

Now I'll try for the other shot types (with my current minimum clear requirement being 'get to stage 6 with 6+ lives, and then bomb shamelessly when needed). Then I'll try to tone down the bombing.

Also I never really noticed the SA replay bug until now. Webm related.

Are you me?

Although you sound like did better.

>Has this ever happened to anyone?
>I was doing so well and then I just threw the whole run for no reason.

In almost every instance where I've attempted to 1cc, something like this happens.

>> No.15259246

One of the hardest parts of Touhou isn't learning spellcards but learning to do 25+ of them without getting mad when you screw up

>> No.15259418

>(before I've only normal cleared 6 to 15).
What do you mean?

Congratulations. >>15231486 is me. SA made me much better player more so the other games did. It was also my first non homing shot type. I've been doing Reimu A for everything so far.

>> No.15259972

>my current minimum clear requirement being 'get to stage 6 with 6+ lives'
And that was playing with Yukari's shot? That doesn't bode very well for clearing with the other types, as hers and Patche's are probably the strongest ones. Nitori's and Alice's especially are just straight-up worse for clearing.

Then again, making it out of stage 5 with that many lives is pretty good. Practice Okuu's cards a bit; I think you'll find them a lot easier to learn than Rin's. You can beat her with only two or three lives, no problem.

>> No.15261694

So what about that PS 4 exclusive thing? Any news on that?

>> No.15262021

How do I change the input keys for Touhou SA? The shoot button isn't at the right place and I cannot play like this.

>> No.15262064

What PS4-exclusive thing? The only PS4-exclusive thing I can recall are those fangames that are getting ported to Sony consoles, but those fangames are all old and perfectly playable on PC so it doesn't matter.

You can't change the input for the mainline Touhou games, you'll have to use an external program.

There are many programs that can help out with that, here's the one I use along with some instructions:

>> No.15262142

Oh, I feel bad for asking now. I noticed that the shoot button was on the Z for French keyboard so all I had to do was switching to English keyboard. Thanks anyway.

>> No.15262202
File: 131 KB, 428x312, 11fe727c44df0f0fe8d4b8d169bb58e3741432dc779cc2a1e3413d78e324281c.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You mean Udonge being confirmed for the PS4 version of 14.5? It's lame, but even if she never gets added to the PC version, it's no great loss, since she's not in the story mode.

As for the game being ported in the first place, it's likely because Tasofro are trying to make a name for themselves and/or grab some quick shekels. Nothing to worry about unless you really care about the fighters.


>> No.15262298

Just 1cced MoF on Hard. Kanako's last spell was HELL.

>> No.15262308

Ah. Oh well.

>since she's not in the story mode.
But she is? ZUN specified that the reason Reisen was added instead of literally anyone else was because of story reasons, and he also did say something about Reisen's story being set after LoLK. So her addition will be by all means canon.

>muh reddit memes xD

>> No.15263183 [DELETED] 
File: 872 KB, 868x1159, Cirno_the_weed_fairy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

'Hey <name>. Why don't you make an original LP of Touhou while you're suffering from insomnia madness?'

>> No.15263822
File: 109 KB, 305x323, 1443216273274.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Excuse the pleb question but what is the purpose of focusing in the game?
It just seems like you're better off holding down shift the whole time
Is there some kind of technique to it where sometimes it's better to not focus???

>> No.15263831

Sometimes you can only get out of tight spots by not focusing since you move so much faster. It's also much easier to move and collect items or score points at the border line if you're unfocused

>> No.15263937

That's not all. Depending on the game, focusing may dramatically change your shot, usually meaning that going unfocused is better for crowd control during stages. In some games, your bomb is different depending on whether or not you're focused. It also affects the ranking system; in 7, for instance, going unfocused will give you more cherry points, and thus more borders (I think? That always confused me). More broadly, the games are designed such that you have to use both focused and unfocused movement, so if you try to stick with just one you will most likely fail.

The only situation in which I've found always focusing to be the correct move is when playing Aya or Marisa in 9.

>> No.15264467

When you get a little better you'll realize that focusing all the time = death.

>> No.15266025



1cc Normal EoSD is fucking done, and with a life to spare.

I mean I know that's probably nothing to most of the people here but I've never 1ccd any of these games before. I've actually unlocked the extra level, I got the good ending, holy shit.

This rush.

>> No.15266124

Congrats on losing your 1cc virginity. I assume you did it with default lives.

>> No.15267087
File: 189 KB, 579x819, 1461561840347.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I know how that felt anon,the gratification of that first 1cc after all that practice and failures is amazing.Still remember it to this day.
I actually screenshot all of my 1cc results screens to view them later to feel better when I'm losing too much and see how far I've come.I currently have 2 1cc's,my most recent being PCB.

>And with a life to spare.
Holy shit,I 1cced EoSD like that too,with no bombs and 1 life to spare.Red Magic was a rush to dodge at that point!

But enough about me,congratulations anon,well done!
Will you move on to PCB as well,some other game or perhaps a higher diffuculty?

>> No.15267650

Why does the ingame PC-98 music sound so muffled compared to the OST I downloaded a while back? I'm using Anex86.

>> No.15267714
File: 811 KB, 500x281, 1452796048025.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just got my first 1cc, PCB.

I feel absolutely fucking amazing. I had no lives left on Resurrection Butterfly and I still managed to do it without bombs or anything.

>> No.15267805

I got it to work by tweaking Anex86's config. I changed the type in the Sound tab to -86 and Rate/Buffer to 55KHz in the Wave tab.

>> No.15268058

There are a lot of people getting their first 1ccs or other early milestones in this thread. Is it just because the threads have been up for a while, so there's a place to post about it? Or have there actually been more people starting recently, and if so, why?

>> No.15268103

I had noticed an upsurge of players a few weeks ago, here and a few other communities. Not necessarily toho communities either, just people wanting to share it.
Maybe this is the upsurge of those players finally 1ccing their first game.

>> No.15268168

My guess is that people are getting fed up with the video games industry and are getting into indie/doujin stuff more in general

>> No.15268232

Personally I've been at 2hu on and off for a good 8 months now, but this is the first time I've been able to accomplish anything.

I'm >>15267714

>> No.15269851

I'll probably move onto PCB soon, but I'll likely play Ikaruga first just to diversify my shmups a bit. I'm gonna try to clear Extra before any of that though, so I'm not totally done with this game yet. I don't plan on moving past Normal in any games, but if I get good enough for it to feel natural to advance then we'll see.

Shit, I actually beat it with five lives. I've played like that so long I forgot it wasn't the default. Oh well, I got the good ending and unlocked extra, so if it's good enough for the game to count it as a clear then that's enough for me.

This is sort of true for me. I first played EoSD like eight years ago and just played in bursts once every few years, but would eventually quit. Damn it feels good to have beaten this after so long. But I've been playing a lot of indie games lately, which is part of why I went back to this. Interesting that there's been a lot of new players for this particular series though.

>> No.15270022

Just remember that Extra is harder than hard and easier than lunatic.

>> No.15270197
File: 260 KB, 459x744, Okuu peek.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm having a very difficult time transitioning from hard to lunatic. I feel like I'm making no progress at all.

>> No.15270568
File: 226 KB, 600x600, 49718370_p6_master1200.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's a common occurrence for a lot of people that have transitioned from Hard to Lunatic, myself included. What I would recommend is knocking out some of the easier Lunatics first before looking at the tougher ones, as that would perhaps ease you into the difficulty better.

>> No.15271356
File: 389 KB, 1280x960, clownpieceofshit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can we talk about how much bs RNG is in Touhou, like how it is in this spellcard? This effectively makes it harder on Normal than Lunatic.

>> No.15271772

I'd like to play through the danmaku games again, but the fact that I can't bomb while I shoot (press Z and X together) thanks to my shitty laptop keyboard's ghosting problem is really pissing me off.

Is there another control setup I can use, or will I need to use an external device to get rid of this problem?

>> No.15271826

Use something like AHK to remap.

>> No.15273139
File: 120 KB, 392x495, My sadness very big.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have a problem when playing bullet hell games.
My vision get blurry when the hail of bullets comes and I sometimes walk into the bullets by accident too.
But I sort of have a easier time playing the PC-98 games. Might be cause of the simple pixel bullets instead of a giant bright .png images allover the screen like someone is throwing tic-tacs at your face.

But can someone please tell me how to play Touhou, as a person that gets blurry vision when playing. I want to enjoy it too.

>> No.15273377

Usually you hear the opposite complaint, that the restrictive palette of the PC-98 made things harder to see because bullets, background elements, items, and visual effects all look similar.

Maybe try focusing on a smaller area of the screen? I mean, you need to be aware of the whole thing to a certain extent, but when a 'hail of bullets comes', you can just focus on the area immediately in front of you.

>> No.15273759

How long have you been playing? For the first half year or so after I got into danmaku I would struggle when a lot of shit started happening, but now I only really have problems with arcade or other doujin's true last bosses.

>> No.15273890

Just got UFO normal 1cc. I think it might have been harder than SA. It was very hard and stressful to say the least. I got byakuren down to a sliver of health before dying the attempt before I got got it. I was almost content with the close wipe but I was like you can't be content with that! I somehow cleared it the very next try.

This game keeps surprising me every time. I vaguely recall a lot of people hating on UFO. I think it's a great game. The the last 3 stages were fantastic especially the last two. The ufo mechanic was overall fun. Though this is only from a normal mode perspective. I don't know how ridiculous capturing ufos are in the harder modes. Normal mode was already super danmaku. In any case I enjoyed the hell out of this one.

>> No.15273933
File: 119 KB, 480x640, pcb solved.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What are the native resolutions of the Windows games?

You can choose it in the newer ones when starting them, but are resolutions above 640x480 just upscaled?

>> No.15273970

>The ufo mechanic was overall fun.
That may be an unpopular opinion, but yeah, the game is quite good overall. Congrats on the clear. Also, if you're going for a clear with every shot type, they're all pretty good, so you shouldn't have any trouble.

It was 640x480 through 13, and the optional sizes in 11 through 13 were upscales. 14 and 15 are actually at 1280x960. And you may know this already, but you can run 6 through 10 upscaled and windowed with vpatch.

>> No.15274035

I got with Reimu A. I'll check out the other ones for sure.

>> No.15274053
File: 167 KB, 1250x1425, 1446605054780.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yes, using vpatch.
Was mainly wondering for recording/encoding purposes, since I can downscale 1280x960 to the original resolution without quality loss in that case for 6-13 and 640x480 is way faster for x264.

>> No.15274212

>This game keeps surprising me every time
To clarify I meant the touhou series. Every game is so freaking good. I remember thinking at one point that the rest of the games could suck and it would be ok because these games were amazing.

>> No.15274542

>That may be an unpopular opinion
Why is that? For me, it's one of the most fun mechanics. I love having to chase after the UFOs and shoot them down to get life pieces, I find it very exciting, I feel like it's one of the main reasons why I find UFO to be so fun in general and I almost never get bored of it.

>> No.15274839

that shit is still easy on normal tho, regardless of the stars, I'm not 100% sure if they're RNG but still hard to predict

if you want to talk about bs randomness in LoLK tho, Junko's final card

>> No.15274861

It's polarizing. There's no point getting into a lengthy discussion about it, because I've already done that here once and it's not productive for anyone; suffice it to say, there are plenty of people who don't like it. However, since it clearly has its devoted fans as well, I'm glad it exists.

>> No.15274872

No way, dude. That spell is magnitudes harder on normal.

>> No.15274893

didn't say it isn't, only said that it's easy regardless, just needed a lot of tries on pointdevice at first but once learned, easy to get it every time.

>> No.15275557
File: 29 KB, 500x500, reimureaction.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Fake Apollo

This was not a fun game to do a blind first run through.

>> No.15276484 [DELETED] 

May not be the right place to ask but whenever I play Touhou on my shitty 2009 macbook pro it just overheats like crazy
I really want to get a new computer but I'm not sure where to look
Any ideas?

>> No.15277776


>> No.15280704

Just 1cc'd TD. I pretty much did 3 or 4 play throughs and on the last time it was a clear. I made to the end boss with zero lives lost and basically cheesed the boss with bomb spam because I didn't learn her spell cards yet. Just coming out of an SA and UFO 1cc the only thing challenging here was the endboss. I should learn that fight instead of bomb spamming through it.

Now it's time to finally beat th14. I have a backstory for this game. It was the game that got me into the series years ago. For whatever reason I chose to start at the newest game which was DDC at the time. Being my first shoot'em up game and a danmaku to boot I got my ass kicked. I enjoyed it but not enough to keep playing the series because stopped playing for whatever reason. I decided to start at 14 again 2 years or so later and looking at it I already have 52 hours logged on that game. The end boss was just too hard for me. So I decided to play the games in order starting with 6 instead. Anyway It will be nice to finally beat this game.

>> No.15281586

I decided to try TD on hard. I cleared it with continues first try. That was a lot of continues... It was pretty fun though.

By the way does anyone use windows 10. ya ya i know. I really like the multi desktops though. Anyway I had an issue with TD lagging in windowed mode. I had to enable maintain aspect ratio through catalyst control center and play in fullscreen mode to get rid of it. But i'm getting noticeable lag again on hard mode. I can play lunatic on the other games like DDC for example without any lag. It's weird because it shows my slowdown at 0.0% and I never seen the fps drop under 60.

Anyway does anyone play TD without issue on windows 10?

>> No.15281623

try vpatch

>> No.15281768

I tried Hard mode at windowed 480 resolution and I didn't get any lag. Felt really weird making the jump from EoSD to TD though.

>> No.15282011

I already use it.

Thanks for looking. Ya TD is pretty different.

>> No.15283679

Then try not using it. Depending on your system, vpatch can actually make things worse, or so I've heard. It shouldn't be necessary for the newer games anyway.

>> No.15287220
File: 79 KB, 640x480, th011.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>(before I've only normal cleared 6 to 15).
>What do you mean?

By that I meant, before I was able to finally 1cc SA (I tried quite a few times, picture related), I've been able to get 1cc's (on normal) for the rest of the whole numbered games ( EoSD, IN, PCB, PoFV, MoF, UFO, TD, DDC, LoLK(PD mode)). SA was my last hurdle (now I feel I can make serious Lunatic attempts).

Since then I've been trying my hand with the other shot types and not I've managed to 1cc with Marisa A.


I made a few mistakes (okay a lot), and ended up in stage 6 with less lives than with my Reimu A clear, but I still managed to hold on.

Since being able to clear SA, I found I've been fairing a lot better in my extra clear attempts (I'm trying TD extra to start with,and I can now make it to Mamizou's 8th card, and clear her 6th without focus ).


>I think it might have been harder than SA.

For me it was the other way around. I was able to clear UFO before I could even think of clearing SA.

>> No.15287662

I finally got around to playing PCB. It was a lot harder than I expected. The atmosphere in stages four-six was fantastic, really well done. Didn't expect to be so challenged mechanically and emotionally by PCB, figured it would be one of the less interesting titles. Glad to have been wrong!

>> No.15287781

is this some sort of meme, or copy pasta?

>> No.15287798

no just blogging

>> No.15289693

Just because you hate pcb doesn't mean everybody was.
Stop treating it like the red faction 2 of touhou games and start treating it like a polarizing game that causes strong opinions.

>> No.15289792

To be fair, 7 is only 'mechanically challenging' in comparison to 6, and both of them are downright simplistic in comparison to every other game except 10. I think >>15287662 will be pleasantly surprised by the rest of the series, and realize how that level of praise for 7 sounds kind of comical.

Also, you may want to use more board-appropriate comparisons if you want people to stand any chance of knowing what you're on about.

>> No.15289825

Post your scores

>> No.15289870


>> No.15290499

How do i break shields in Hisoutensoku with Sakuya?

>> No.15290537

Grats on clearing them all. I noticed while you have been playing SA for a long time you only have 9 and a half hours played time for your clear. It took me 30 hours for mine. Most my 1cc's took that long.

>> No.15290851

Do literally anything. Sakuya is one of the best guard crushers.

>> No.15291173

Just 1cc'd DDC. That didn't take very many tries. I remembered most of it. I'm a lot better now too. On to LoLK. I'm looking forward to meeting Clownpeice.

>> No.15291460

Now do it with Sakuya B.

>> No.15291612

Just tried. That was harder than Reimu A and B.

>> No.15292315
File: 62 KB, 400x400, Snort.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>I noticed while you have been playing SA for a long time you only have 9 and a half hours played time for your clear

That was because SA made me realize very quickly that my skill level during my previous attempts wouldn't cut it (and the numerous replays available didn't help per say, since seeing it done and being able to do it yourself is quite different) .

I would then shift my focus to the other games (thinking about it, I never really payed attention to my completion times before) clear them and then get back to SA to see how much I've improved.

Honestly I think between clearing UFO and LoLK point device mode (on normal and hard) the last bit of skill I needed was kind of 'beaten into me'.

One of my attempts at clown piece:


Picture unrelated.

>> No.15293872
File: 2.39 MB, 384x450, heartfelt.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I fucking love this stage.

>> No.15294059

Stage 1 powerup collection is the worst part of EoSD, isn't it?

>> No.15294077

Pretty much, yeah. It's only doable with Marisa really, with Reimu you might as well just bomb.

>> No.15294085
File: 2.99 MB, 384x450, spin2win.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.15294087
File: 22 KB, 198x198, itemdanmaku.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nah fuck that shit

>> No.15294089
File: 2.85 MB, 384x450, yugi.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Never caused my any problems. I usually have graze collection during that part of the stage.

The part that always gets me is the streaming section with the green talismans...

>> No.15294090

nice job looking where you're not supposed to look

and even paying attention to the items at all really

>> No.15294095

>It's only doable with Marisa really, with Reimu you might as well just bomb.
Go watch a replay to see how it's done properly then.

>> No.15294101

Then I'm going to make the right choice and play Marisa!

>> No.15294102

I've never seen a Reimu EoSD replay that managed to collect all of the [P] without bombing. Isn't she just not fast enough?

>> No.15294110

Oh my bad, I thought you were responding to >>15293872 for some reason. Maybe I need more sleep.

Yeah, I don't think she's fast enough.

>> No.15294209

In hindsight, a terrible choice for being tired, because I just fly into bullets all the time.

It kind of sucks... the only time I can play shmups is morning and afternoon, by evening I'm useless.

>> No.15294229

reimuB is the best shot anyways, if you play well enough you're going to get most p items in stage one with her and you don't need to collect all of them

>> No.15294283

>if you play well
But anon, that implies effort. Cut it down!

>> No.15294323

stop dropping the items reeeeeee

>> No.15294347

When i'm focused at 3/4 and I see a nondistinct blob of blue squares heading at me when i'm dodging other similarly textures blue squares, I get that subconscious reflex of "OH SHIT GOTTA MOVE".

Its these parts where I actually have to specifically focus on my character to get through it. Not saying that part is particularly difficult, but my brain wont let me just ignore that shit and I hate it.

>> No.15294383
File: 2.86 MB, 638x720, spin2lose.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

if you were looking for feedback on how to do this section without item drops i hope this can help

>> No.15294394

Ballsy motherfucker aren't ya

>> No.15294444

Not really, it's entirely aimed and the spawn locations are static. Once you get to the V-shapes wave you can easily kill the enemies before the spreads fire.

>> No.15294449

yeah its safer imo

>> No.15295069

I'm doing point device mode and I just used all my bombs on Clownpeice how fucked am I? I was unconsciously using them after a 100tries. I Even double bombed one and immediately after I tried to kill myself to get them back.

>> No.15295158

You can definitely get one more bomb, at least; maybe up to three if you try really hard? Save one for Junko's last card, and the rest of the fight isn't too bad. Or, now that you have a better idea what you're doing, you could just start over and it wouldn't take too long.

>> No.15295182

I'll try without restarting first. Taking a break for now.

>> No.15296206

Thanks, nice strategy.

>> No.15296539

It should be illegal to play Marisa B in Mountain of Faith without vpatch and the bugfix.

>> No.15297732

seija has absolutely wiped the floor with my face

where's her uprising for me? i'm a mop at this point
a sad broken mop

>> No.15298613

only autists abuse the bug anyways

>> No.15299053
File: 2.92 MB, 640x358, no no youmu.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just got around playing IN and at what time can I get to the final boss?
Also, how can Yuyuko be so best?

>> No.15299149

IN has great dialogue.

>what time can I get to the final boss?
I forget exactly how it works, but you only really need time to keep using continues on Eirin and for last spells. You can't use continues on Kaguya though. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.


>> No.15299186

You just need to practice a bit. Her patterns are easy. The first two control-reversing cards are fine as long as you don't panic, since the danmaku itself is easy. The final card can be tricky, but you just have to take every chance to put yourself in a good position, then have the balls to follow through with your movements during the screen flip.

What kills me every time are her bullshit bullets-from-the-bottom cards. I don't think I've ever captured either one, despite playing that game probably the most out of all of them. So, can't help you there, but the rest of the fight is fine as long as you can keep a cool head. And then all you have to worry about is the hardest final stage and boss in the series! Good luck!

>> No.15299517

I can't do her attacks when she reappears in the the last stage. I wouldn't be surprised if they're easy but I can't do them.

>> No.15299660

The first one, you have to read ahead a bit. The lines of bullets spin quickly at first, but then sharply slow down, and as that happens, you need to be moving up through a path that's opening. You can practice a bit to get the hang of it, but basically, you aim for where the bullets are, and by the time you move up, that's where they're not. Anyway, make sure you end that one as quickly as possible, because the longer you take, the more the previous wave's bullets will pile up behind you and make it harder to move.

As for the second one, fuck that shit. I'm just resigned to wasting bombs and/or a life there, depending on how shitty the rest of the stage has gone.

>> No.15302255

>tiny 2hu

>> No.15302371

I felt really good about being able to 1cc PCB on Normal but that gave me Extra and even attempting Extra completely eliminates that pride. I can't even get past Chen.

>> No.15302433

Just practice it a bit. The patterns are pretty simple. Extra Stage in PCB is somewhat easy, almost as Phantasm.

Anyone has a tip on what to do with 9-1 card of ISC? I just have that raising clue.

>> No.15302468

You can't expect to just waltz through the Extra; it takes practice and, even moreso than the rest of the game, memorization. You have to know when and where the enemies appear, and how to dodge, ahead of time. As for Chen, once you learn how to deal with her attacks, only the last one should present any trouble.

While you do want to save resources for Ran, using a couple of bombs during the stage is fine.

>> No.15302521

1244 retries later... normal point device mode clear. I still suck at this game.

>> No.15302545

Good for you. I can't into Purely Bullet Hell without bombing.

>> No.15302569

While it is the easiest of all the extras and it's not even the true extra (PCB has two of them) it's still really hard for someone as inexperienced as I assume you are. It took me as long as it took to 1cc pcb if not longer to beat it. That's with 1ccin'g esod and pcb prior and taking a break and 1cc'ing IN before coming back and finishing it.

>> No.15302582

Thanks. Especially if you were the guy who told me to save a bomb for junko's last phase because that's all I had.

>> No.15302607

Is there a bug?

>> No.15303090

Marisa B's unfocused shot when her power is 3.00-3.99 is absurdly overpowered, to the extent of capturing many spellcards before the first wave of bullets even reaches the bottom of the screen.

>> No.15303307

I've always been curious why.

>> No.15303461

Likely a misplaced decimal point or other typo in the player files.

>> No.15307776
File: 1.99 MB, 1440x1080, 1455049936401.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

ISC is really fun.

Just cleared my final missing spellcard, the one where Remilia chases you around and explodes. I used some god-forsaken Miracle Mallet/Umbrella combo to bap her to death.

That's what really great about ISC, it really feels like there's way more ways to capture a spellcard (although there will probably always be some "intended" strategy)

I'm really hoping for a sequel, although it's unlikely as hell.The biggest complaint about ISC was that it was too easy, right?

>> No.15307816

>too easy
Really? It was certainly easy to clear, but I thought the real challenge was supposed to be capturing all the cards without items. And even if there were people who thought that was easy, so what? Not every decimal game has to be super hard. Like you said, it was a fun little twist on the usual gameplay that had a lot to offer. It felt like the photography games, but good.

Regardless, if there is going to be a sequel, it probably won't be until a few more ordinal games have been released.

>> No.15307834

>ISC was that it was too easy

Yeah, but the whole point of this game is capturing the spellcards without items.

>> No.15307858

It's more of a normal/lunatic kind of thing.

>> No.15308807

Weird, I got extra after just clearing the game

>> No.15309480

>pleasantly surprised by the rest of the series, and realize how that level of praise for 7 sounds kind of comical.
Actually PCB is probably the most respected game in the series alongside IN. Even though it's not my personal favorite, I recognize that it's a really solid game with easily the best designed scoring system. If I had to pick one game to represent the entire series, PCB would be my choice.

>> No.15309702

First of all, don't remove the context. That anon said he liked it because it was 'mechanically challenging' and interesting, and I pointed out that that's laughable in comparison to the series overall. If that's his criteria, then pretty much every other game is more interesting and has more complex mechanics than 7. 8 requires you to think about balancing focused and unfocused shots to gain time and cancel bullets efficiently. 10 makes you trade shot power for bombs, which can lead to tough decisions, although admittedly not that often. 11 additionally has a variety of unique shot types that encourage different strategies. And 12 onward all have unique mechanics that make you play differently in order to gain resources. 6 and 7 are shallow in comparison. So again, if what he wants is mechanical complexity, he'll probably enjoy the later titles a lot more.

Regardless, saying that 7 is a good representation of the series as a whole is ridiculous. It has nothing special to offer. It's almost as unpolished as 6, but with much less interesting danmaku and worse stage design. And it's nowhere near as complete a package as 8, since it's basically 6 with a bonus counter tacked on. Speaking of that,
>easily the best designed scoring system
How do you figure? How is 'collect a lot of cherry items' better than 'collect a lot of faith items' or 'collect a lot of signal items'? It barely even counts as a unique mechanic.

There are far better picks to represent the whole series. 6 is the bare-bones, pure essence of what Touhou is about. 8 is everything ZUN wanted it to be, and has a lot of content. 10 has music and atmosphere that are iconic of the series. 14 feels like a sort of throwback, but is much more polished and modern. Really, I have to imagine that anyone who likes 7 so much has some serious nostalgia goggles.

>> No.15309859

Different guy but evidently you have absolutely no idea how PCB scoring works. I presume you just watched some kind of scoring run and think you got it all figured out.

Out of all Touhou games, PCB is probably the one that has been completely hauled over in terms of routing the most. That's not because players are retarded but because the system isn't nearly as simplistic as you imagine it to be. EoSD routes are being altered even nowadays, as well. They only seem superficial to you because your knowledge is. It's as simple as that.

It's also very hard to imagine people are wearing nostalgia goggles when a lot of players only started in more recent years when TD or DDC came out. To have nostalgia goggles for PCB, you'd have needed to start in 2003 or so and I don't think there are very many players like that left at all, much less in the English speaking communities.

>> No.15309929

post your scores :)

>> No.15309947

Right, 'nostalgia goggles' may be the wrong phrase. I was thinking more like, the fallacy that the older games are better just because they're older, and the newer ones can't hold up just because they're newer. I know a lot of people think that way about Touhou, massively overrating the first-gen games just because they have that label of being the 'originals' and shitting on the later titles because they're full of 'newhus' or whatever. In reality, each game has its strengths and weaknesses, but it can be hard to ignore biases like that when judging them.

Anyway, as for scoring, we're not on the same page at all. You're talking about how difficult it is to get a world record, which I'm sure is a complex challenge no matter what the game. I was just talking about the mechanic itself, which is simple. Just because people have put a lot of time into dissecting a game, that doesn't reflect how complicated the game itself is. You even pointed out that getting high scores in 6 is complicated, and it literally has no unique mechanic. Clearly, he complexity of the scoring mechanic isn't tied to the complexity of doing a high-score run, because the latter depends on a lot more.

When the newer games are as old as 7 is now, do you really think people will have put less work into dissecting them?

>> No.15309983
File: 47 KB, 495x700, 12492fb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.15310003

I just made progress in PCB Extra stage up from 44% to 56%, could anyone give me some advice regarding Ran-shama's "Charming Siege from All Sides" spellcard? I survive it by panic bombing.

>> No.15310026

Your favorite game is shit too.

>> No.15310055

All Touhou games are pretty shit, that's why everyone who plays them go to Kusoplay

>> No.15310098
File: 2.88 MB, 640x480, PCB stage 4 opener yusuke.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Clearly, he complexity of the scoring mechanic isn't tied to the complexity of doing a high-score run, because the latter depends on a lot more.
I'm not sure what you mean here. The cherry system and managing it is not simple. From timing cancels for star items for cherry+, shooting unfocused for extra cherry+, or breaking borders to chain them, like in webm related, it's clearly not simple. There are plenty of seemingly minor but also very important details, like using invincibility frames after, and possibly before you get a border (if it's delayed), or spell captures increasing the value of cherry items. The complexity of the scoring mechanic is also definitely tied to the routes that emerge because of it.

There's not really that much to it. The bubble hitboxes are much smaller than their actual sprite.

>> No.15310137

I don't know where you're trying to go with this. You say PCB's system is simplistic because "all you need to do is collect cherry items" but that is just clearly, simply wrong. It's like you are simply looking at the new kind of item ZUN added for the player to collect and call that simple. I wouldn't even be surprised if you didn't notice you gain more cherry when you shoot unfocused compared to shooting focused.

The complexity of a system is very clearly tied to high scoring runs. With a simple system (e.g MoF) the theoretical cap for score is reached much more easily than with something complicated. Let me point out a very vital difference between "collect a lot of cherry items" and "collect a lot of faith items":

In MoF, the faith is your PiV. a big faith item on lunatic adds 10.000 PiV and that's it. In PCB, a cherry item gives you cherry+ (a different amount depending on how many spells you captured, of course). Cherry+ is not you PiV. You can only raise it during the borders and here is where the game starts to show its complexity. You don't just collect the cherry items at blind. You want to have the borders at places where there is a lot of bullets to graze, because that increases your PiV. That much routing doesn't mean "world record tier" either. It's the bare minimum you want to pull out of the mechanics PCB has. Routing any game is tightly connected to how the mechanics of the game work, so you're wrong: People putting a lot of time into dissecting a game means it IS complicated.
Let's take MoF again as the opposite: The extra stage had been routed out not much after the game came out to the point where players try to get extra points by dealing tick damage to Suwako and to the point where if the RNG is bad, the run is lost more or less. That's because MoF's system is not nearly as complicated. On the other hand, PCB extra routes were altered by ina not long ago, despite the game being much older. Similarly for DDC: the system isn't terribly complicated so great routes for the lower difficulties became quite clear very early on whereas the overall WR for PCB has mistakes in its routes at several places.

I only talked about cherry items now but you surely do know that there's other ways to gain cherry, right? Shooting and bombs do that, as well as breaking a border with bullets on the screen. Those are all mechanics the game has which you should consider when you talk about "simple" because it really is not. Mechanics of the any Touhou game can not just be summed up by "man, just collecting the new item ZUN introduced is really simple, man". There is more to all of them, even the more simple ones like MoF and DDC.

>When the newer games are as old as 7 is now, do you really think people will have put less work into dissecting them?

Most of them, probably yes. it is very evident where the big spending point are in DDC or LoLK because the patterns clearly scream "bomb here for PiV". Sekibanki is the perfect example for this. TD is less clear, I admit and it has good chances to get looked at a few more times. The problem with new Touhou games is also that they have a PiV cap which often is actually reached on at least one difficulty, which takes away depth. Reaching 100k PiV in DDC easy means you don't have to concern yourself with that aspect of the game anymore and concentrate completely on collecting the items. That is clearly less complicated than PCB's endgame where you raise your PiV even on the very last pattern of the game. So yes, I do believe that by the time the newer games are as old as PCB now, they won't have been overhauled as often.

>> No.15310190

You're right. That's a world of technical detail that I never even considered. At that level, it really is complex.

That said, I was originally responding to someone who just got a Normal 1cc. At that skill level, not far from my own, there really isn't a lot going on. Assuming that the majority of players aren't at the level of doing challenge runs (though that may be incorrect), for most players, that depth and complexity will be hidden. So for that anon, and anyone else just trying to get clears, other games are more complex than 7.

>> No.15310206

For survival play, every game is rather shallow and discussing the depth for that kind of play seems quite silly to me. You're not wrong: Survival play in PCB isn't very deep. But it isn't in any other game either. At most you have to consider what color ufo comes next and when the next life spirit comes so you can trance is for double value but that's the extent of it.

Unfortunately (for this time), discussing a game's mechanics will be tight to discussing how the scoring works with those mechanics.

>> No.15310799

I almost got a PCB lunatic 1cc today, but Resurrection Buttefly destroyed me (´・ω・`)

>> No.15314910

I almost lost my 1CC virginity on EoSD. 97.60%. Fuck you Remilia.

>> No.15315475

Red Magic'd?

>> No.15315571

Yeah, last spell. The worst is that I usually have very little trouble with this spell.

>> No.15315714

I'm playing LoLK
What the fuck is wrong with this game?
I picked this girl called Reisen, but her bombs doesn't work and sometimes when something hits me I don't die, wtf?
Also why did he fuck up the shot types this fucking hard

>> No.15315777

Reisen's bombs are OP. They deal no damage but you get 3 barriers that protect you until the end of the level or until they are broken.

>> No.15315784

Also happens MoF Stage 4.

>> No.15317056

Why the fuck would you play them out of order?

>> No.15317071

Well you don't have to play them in order, but starting with LoLK is certainly a bad idea.

>> No.15317082

I started with motherfucking 6, so who cares anymore, I just jumped where my love interest awaits.
After 6 I also cleared 7 before doing this btw

>> No.15317118

I can't even reach it in practice. Maybe because it's been a while since I played it and I'm trying other games or because I can't get into keyboard and my 3ds lags sometimes fucking me over, but the fairies at the start almost always take a life, I don't know what's wrong with me
Gotta keep it up I guess

>> No.15317491
File: 51 KB, 400x542, c33553f6840f0d62e4f858d6526c112ee1bf3ee925f2354e1fc9fd6c5f431086.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Read. The bloody. Manual.

>> No.15327628

How does Marisa A's power in Subterranean Animism correlate with other characters? As how would you rank MarisaA 4.00, MarisaA 8.00 and ReimuA/B 4.00 by damage output?

>> No.15327674

Oh well, I said fuck it, cranked the life count to 5 and did it in one shot with 1 spare life and 1 bomb remaining. Too bad I had to do this but I wanted to unlock the extra stage. I'll do a proper 1CC later.

>> No.15327695

Still, I hate my shitty laptop keyboard. Shit makes me waste so many bombs by failing to take into account my button pressing when I want to deathbomb. I'm pretty sure that, if it were not for this problem (I'm not joking: I'm clearly pressing the key but the bomb doesn't activate sometimes), I would have already done a proper 1CC.

>> No.15327743

Someone did an analysis of shottype damage on MoTK, should be what you're looking for.

Laptop keyboards are pretty shitty for Touhou. At least get a cheap external keyboard or something.

>> No.15327859

Nah, my suitcases are already cracking full of Touhou and anime shit and I still have to attend my local 東方際 in July before going back home so I can't really afford to waste space and money on a keyboard. I have the necessary stuff at home anyway.

>> No.15327866

a question for the slightly older players (over 45's):

Is finger cramp an issue for you once you pass level three or so?

>> No.15328049

According to the post >>15327743 mentioned,
>Ordered by Power (forward shots only, not close)
>12.0/18.0 Yukari F
>12.5/18.0 Alice UF Far
>15.0/22.0 Nitori F
>15.0/23.0 Alice F Far

So Alice is the most consistently powerful, assuming you can get your shots lined up. However, keep in mind that her bomb isn't much good for damaging bosses or for clearing bullets, so you can't really depend on it.

>> No.15330078

I usually try to clear every game on hard mode. SA is wrecking my shit more than the others have(to clarify, I've already 1cc'd normal for it). I'm playing Reimu A(original, I know) and stage 4 is giving me a hard time. Well, stage 5 is too but I know what I'm doing wrong there. Stage 4 I just consistently fuck up on the stupidest things. Also, Border of Wave and Particle destroys me, I'm able to dodge maybe 5 seconds before I need to bomb.

Any tips for stage 4 overall? Obviously I'm basically a veteran at this point so I'm not really expecting anything other than hold shift for focused movement, but if any of you have some sort of trick, particularly with Border of Wave and Particle, I'd appreciate it. Or just confirming that SA on hard is actually a challenge and that I'm not just a scrub.

>> No.15330213
File: 242 KB, 640x480, KG&#039;s run.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There's a safespot for border of wave and particle, just like meek, although I'm not sure how hard it is to get into. You might need to bomb once to get into it in the first place. BoWaP is static though, so you could try and just learn to dodge it at the bottom that way too.

Also, there's a practice hack for SA someone made, which might help. You can skip straight to BoWaP or whatever attack with it. Just rename the th11p1.03.exe to th11.exe and run (with vpatch).

>> No.15330306


>there's a practice hack for SA someone made, which might help.

Neat. Not this >>15330078 anon but thanks for the link.

Once I'm done 1cc-ing SA normal (I just managed to get a third clear for ReimuB and I'm trying MarisaB (surprised I captured all cards on stage 4 on m first try)),


I'll try my hand at SA hard (with practice hack) and try to finish up LoLK Lunatic (PD).

>> No.15331740

Anyone knows how to use t98-Next? I have everything configured as the thread on ShrineMaiden indicates but the hdi files refuse to appear as I can only see FD images or HD images when opening files. Anyone got an idea?

>> No.15331745

Oh nevermind, found how to do it.

>> No.15338328

Just made it to kanako's last phase on hard. Kinda close had no lives and got her half dead before I got hit.

Her bgm is one of my favorites.