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I love Reisen! No matter what!

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Reisen is ugly.

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Why is she?

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I think that's a boy.

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Boys can be girls too anon!

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That's deep, Anon.

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Rabbit butt!

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Why is she white?

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The cosplayer isn't ugly though

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Really? My tarp detection abilities are awful.

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She's an alien.

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but that FACE

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the transgender rabbit

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Holy fuck shit like this makes me angry. Why go through the trouble of buying the fetish gear and letting some schmuck stick a lens up your cunt when you're going to completely butcher the photo you upload by resizing the photo that badly? This isn't 1996, I don't have to squeeze the thing into my computer through a 28.8 modem.

To add insult to injury, the focus is better for the stockings instead of the panties, and the exposure is so fucking god-awful I had to feed this through Photoshop just so I could try and better make out her cunt lips. You're producing wank material for weebs, not ultra-realistic news photography - you can get away with some lighting tricks and post-shoot editing to make things turn out better. Or maybe you and your cosplay doll were nervous being out in the open and exposing yourself in public and didn't want to do retakes to get the lighting done? Whatever.

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Shut up, Aya.

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Udongen a shit

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Would you help a 3D Satorin get rid of her awful photoshop?

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Cute Youmu, dude.

Yes. Her hands look soft.

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thank mr skeltal

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I love the Sak

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source on this? it's really cute

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Need more curves

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I don't know dude, it's a pretty old pic.
She's chinese if I remember correctly.

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hey there big boy

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Yuugi's delicious muscles

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Found one

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I dont understand how a country with so many health hazards can produce cuter cosplayers than a clean country like Japan.

Guy on the left is no ammused, what a fag.

I cant tell if this is a trap or not. What is it with touhou and trap cosplayers? Is it just because Touhou is popular?

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Same Reimu, I think.

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A lot of cosplay photos are tiny as shit. I wonder why.

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I really like this Yuyuko.

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boobs are so great.

boobs are just the best thing ever.

god, I love girls so much.

wow, just wow.

boobs are so nice.

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Post male Touhou cosplayers

I need that for reasons

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Yeah, sure, lets go to lgbt and ask them for pictures of male cosplayers.
That board's filled with mentally ill transvestites and warmly pissed off special snowflakes. I bet few of them have even heard of touhou.

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Got your back, buddy!
Pictures :

Videos :

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>That board's filled with mentally ill transvestites
Isnt that what you're after?
Out of curiosity a while back I visited /b/, it had a trap thread with unpassable trannies. It's like they missed the meaning of the word trap.

Why does this guy apply makeup better than most women I see?

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Because if you are a guy and want to pass a girl unless you have god-tier tier or are already far into hormones, lots of surgeries done or a mix of all three you won't ever be able to look like a girl no matter how much you try.

The only solution left is make-up and unless you know how to make-up properly you won't be able to create the illusion properly.

Girls usually don't care because I'm a independent strong woman who don't need no man or for the simply reason they are lazy slobs who don't care about their looks and think that just having a vagina will need them pluses even if they don't put effort in their appearance.

I always get a good laugh whenever I go out and see a woman with horribly applied make-up. The only thing that's as funny are women who wear super high heels and are wobbling and nearly tripping every 3 steps.

>it had a trap thread with unpassable trannies. It's like they missed the meaning of the word trap.
Normalfags have taken over the word and diluted it's meaning, just like they do for everything they get into. For them a "trap" includes trannies, crossdressers and the scuh even if they don't ass at all and are just skinny faggots who badly shave their legs, put on panties, a skirt and stripped thigh highs and coincidentally never show anything beyond their lower body.

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Happy Mother's Day!

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It makes me happy that there are people like this in the world

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Those girls are going to die alone. you only get good partners if you put in the effort. Thats why I laugh when I think about a woman I sa before who was overweight, yet wore right clothes and put the effort into getting a fake tan. It's just so half assed I dont understand why they even tried.
Shame becuase if she wasnt fat she would have probably been cute.

Something about this image is off. Maybe it's becuase she's white. Or her tits arent big enough.
No I think I got it, her hair is wrong.

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>Maybe it's becuase she's white
I don't get it. Isn't ran white?

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Whenever I see a good cosplay it's usually an Asian. It's strange to see white cosplays that arent terrible.

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A-are you a part of this group?

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It's a lot more "serious" over there for sure.
Although, I think there's also a form of confirmation bias going on that's enforced by the language barrier and adventurous anons only saving the best examples to share on Western boards.
The con community, especially the cosplay part of it, has been irreparably tainted by mainstream intrusions for a while now anyway.

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Nope. I wish I had friends like that, though.

I wonder if these guys are still active.

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>It's a lot more "serious" over there for sure.
Definitely. A lot of people in the west will do bad cosplays because they find it fun to dress up. Of course there are some good western cosplays as well, but fewer than there are in Japan. I was thinking of cosplaying at a convention once, but realized that I'm just not cute enough and it would require too much effort (I'm lazy). What's the point if it's not good.

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Then cosplay as something that covers your face. There's tons of characters like that.

>Too much effort
A valid point. Better to not do anything than do a half-assed effort.

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It's a shame, because I find it almost impossible to get off to asian cosplayers. 99% look like they have downs or are realdolls.

Not that white cosplayers are a shining beacon of taste and eroticism, mind you. But it's just simply easier for me to sort them into dogshit ugly (the majority) and fap material. Whereas way too many asians sit in the uncanny valley for me.

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>I wish I had friends like that, though.
Despite being a culture so focused on being honourable and polite, seems like close friends are a lot more conducive to come together and actually do something they all enjoy, like that above and this.
Same with stuff like Okkusenman.
All might seem incredibly autistic, but damn they're all having fun, right?

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A lot of western-centric fandoms actually work better with ugly-ass dudes.

It looks weird to see an Adeptus Astartes in his battle gear who doesn't have a gnarled-up face that looks like it's seen more than it's fair share of shrapnel blasts and WAAAAHGS!

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>Whereas way too many asians sit in the uncanny valley for me.
That's what over-use of photoshop and editing does.

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My opinion is that it just makes it worse.

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Definate confirmation bias.
But lets be realistic, it's insanely hard to be unbiased.
When was the last time you saw a morbidly obese asian?
Now think of the last time a morbidly obese asian cosplayed as a thin character.

I have seen lots of white cosplayers in my area, and none of them stuck to their bodytype. It could work, but the fact they couldnt get something so basic showed they were half assing it.

In their defence I cant think of many fat characters.

>All might seem incredibly autistic, but damn they're all having fun, right?
Fair point.
But wouldnt that be a justification for some of the most cringeworthy weebs?
I know Flanfags get a lot of flack, but that video makes me consider Yukarifags as most autistic. Stioll it' nice to see they are having fun, and honestly if I had talent I would probably do something similarly autistic.

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We Westerns see a fraction of what the Japanese community has to offer.

I'm sure they also have their fair share of shitty cosplayers, artists, writers and the such. Unless we know Japanese and browse their sites most of the stuff we see is the cherrypicked and most amazing best of what they produce.

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Well, the point I'm trying to make is that over here our culture looks down on that kind of stuff, by default.
That Yukarin chorus has put together something skill-intensive and had a bunch of fun making it without caring about who's watching. That just doesn't happen over here. Sure, you might get the odd project every now and then, but nothing quite like this.
How successful do you think you'd be trying to band together a bunch of people to do something like this? Even if you're really close friends and share the interest... it just doesn't happen.

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I think it's true to a degree. But we found out about Davido-kun didnt we?
Japan knows him, and so do we.
Yetwe havent seen a Japanese version of him known to embarass Japan and make westerners cringe. Ideally he would be an Ameriboo or something. Maybe France too given paris syndrome.

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>That Yukarin chorus has put together something skill-intensive and had a bunch of fun making it without caring about who's watching.
Thats the sad thing.
In the west it seems like everything is done caring about other people watching. Reaction vids, letsplays, selfies, the lot.

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>In the west it seems like everything is done caring about other people watching
At the same time, though, don't ever put in too much effort - you don't want to be known as a try-hard.

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>I'm sure they also have their fair share of shitty cosplayers
Remember that Shimakaze cosplayer that was photographed by a perv that also came on her ass in public?
Some of her pictures featured her face. She looked like a pug.

Also, we tend to let deficiencies in asians slide, just as much as japanese otaku are slower to pick up on homely white girls.

We here would probably rate 3D Angela and Sue in the 6-7.5 range while Genshiken sticks them way up in the 8-9 tier. Meanwhile Kugayama says that Ohno is only "above average" and not the bombshell that Tanaka drools over; even Kuchiki doesn't really find her that attractive beyond her tits.

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Putting in effort is fine.
It's when everything is staged or you feel the need to record everything that it goes too far.
Lets say you like climbing mountains, thats great.
It becomes a problem when you climb a mountain just to take a selfie and post the pick on facebook or whatever trash attention whoring site you use.

With cosplayers it would be trying to hard when they dress slutty as fuck (then whine about men looking at them) or become lipstick lesbains. I still remember a youtube vid of some con where 2 contestants start making out to get attention, and it worked.
The best part of the vid I remember was the look of disgust from other cosplayers who knew damn well they were attention whoring.

>> No.15199469

>...without caring about who's watching.
They have masks on, you know.
You guys are romanticizing Japan - it's quite judgmental and harsh, more so than the West in many regards. There are strict expectations and a pecking order that is a major key to its success.

Anyway, it's easier to find people like you when the bulk of your country's population lives around one mega city.
"We" can only get together on the internet - my town's population is about 30,000 and I can only imagine if there's another one here that even knows what a 'touhou" is.

>> No.15199533

Yeah they are judgemental. But it seems less attention whorey there. Probably due to their culture of trying to avoid standing out, just being a cog in the salaryman machine.

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>I still remember a youtube vid of some con where 2 contestants start making out to get attention, and it worked.
Fucking hell, that's disgusting.

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This is depressing, post more Touhous

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>Meiling with High Heels
Fucking why.

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Later on that day...

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post Yukari cosplay

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This is extremely cute.

Is this a guy? pls be a guy.

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Even the gatekeeper wants to feel a bit girly every now and then, anon.

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Dangerously cute.

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Isn't it kind of gross when a girl displays the entire goods all at once?

These days I can only really get off if the girl is sowing just enough to inspire the imagination and make the mind race, like how >>15181719 is showing off just enough ass and panties, or how we're getting a quick exhibitionist panty flash in >>15199806.

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Her knees must hurt.


Yes, it's why I find most modern women disgusting. I cant say how it works in China or Japan, but I hate how in the west the attitude seems to be less clothing = more sexually attractive.
Not a fan of exhibitionism either.
Not a fan of her footwear at all, but I would say this Meiling cosplay is alright.
Shows off some nice legs and isnt slutty. Then agian it's sticking to character so you cant really do much to change the outfit itself.

Personally I like a nice outfit that shows off the shape of the womans body without giving off too much skin. The only exception to this would be an image I have of a girl in a saber maid outfit. The skirt is kinda short and held out so it's pretty revealing, but I thought it was a good cosplay so saved it anyway.

>> No.15200689

There's a lot of good images in here and I really don't feel like reposting them all so here grab it while its up


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Maybe I'm just picky as fuck but I only liked 3 of them.
Not sure which I liked most, I think it would be the Suwako one.

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Koishi's was great too.

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Byakuren cosplayed by an older woman was nice.

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I hate you autists so much. I dont care if it's ironic shitposting.
This is all karma for calling Sanae a slut, I know it is.

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That Suwako would be fucking d i v i n e if it was shot with a decent fucking camera.

Junkos were good. Chohous were great. Hard for me to pick a favorite.

>> No.15200786

he needs more muscles, but I would still let him flip me

>> No.15200790

I wish this was updated more

>> No.15200800


There's something extremely sad and pathetic about dragooning your own child into cosplay. Seems like child abuse desu

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So many three-dimensional 2hus. It's spooky!


>> No.15200840

It's a family having fun together, it's fine.

My main issue is the lack of a full body shot, I prefer them becuase it will bother me not knowing if the rest of the outfit was great.
It looks like she used a little much blush or whatever the red stuff is, but aside from that it's pretty damn amazing.

>> No.15200846


Holy fuck look how utterly miserable that kid is.


It's not like the child has an easy way to say 'no', and we know particularly that parents who are into stuff like cosplay tend to be much worse as parents.

>> No.15200854

is that his mom

wow i wish she would bend me over and give me a good spanking

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>the attitude seems to be less clothing
I think you might be looking in the wrong places.
Note that >>15181719 and >>15181726 appear to be shot in England.

Dude, just let us have our fun.
Is it necessary to voice your displeasure at every little thing that irritates you?

God, how depressing. That kid ruins the whole shot.

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Godspeed You! Black Sorcerer

>> No.15201473

Maybe their cameras suck and they get a lot of noise in the image.

>> No.15201906

Best one in all the thread.

And I hate Tewi.

FUCK Tewi.

>> No.15202033

uhhh thicker!

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>> No.15202194

Hot damn that Suwako!

Very nice.

I wanna go

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>> No.15203987

My God I need more pictures of this wonderful lady

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>> No.15204124

Girl don't look sad, she is having fun.

>> No.15204883

>making it worse
>complaining about samples

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>> No.15207144

Photoshop thread?

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shut up beta kun, if I wanted your type I'd move to Saudi Arabia

>> No.15208121

No bullying

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I don't know what to feel about this

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Hina a cute!

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I wanna pound a slutty Reimu cosplayer in a seedy motel bedroom

>> No.15209600

It was a decent costume and a decent-looking actress, but way too passive in action.

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I want to spin with your Hina.

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Koakuma's big fat jiggly butt!

>> No.15217754

Seeing western cosplayers get molested turns me on so much.

>> No.15217858

Don't sexualize the Koakuma!

>> No.15218030

You mean there's more videos like that? Show me!

>> No.15218143
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She does that herself!

>> No.15220000


>> No.15220433
File: 257 KB, 493x740, hina6.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.15220440
File: 242 KB, 740x474, hina8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.15220475

Oh my god, look at that Yukarin! I want to cuddle her!

>> No.15220672

Can you fuck off.

>> No.15221851

Wow, mean.

>> No.15221877

cute Remi, dude.

>> No.15224162

Is this the NET idol thread?

>> No.15224182
File: 355 KB, 500x700, yukari.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.15224329
File: 87 KB, 628x788, 1461066565139.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Yukari would never use those kind of cosmetics, anon.

>> No.15224336

See would when you wants to attract young, throbbing, blood-and-cum-filled cocks for her granny pussy!

>> No.15224344
File: 89 KB, 625x626, bait.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I she what you are saying.

>> No.15224724

S-sorry, I don't know of any others.

>> No.15226188
File: 646 KB, 1997x3000, stkuqvlzdmdrjsqqqohiakqusjuwxuinfthsfhxi-3000.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want to cuddle this soft and silky Yukari!

>> No.15226251
File: 23 KB, 286x286, 1451904989068-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Probably the only Yukarin image that has scared me.

>> No.15226345
File: 436 KB, 800x533, 11272706.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How so?

At least it's not like this.

>> No.15226363
File: 46 KB, 1000x1240, 1278904697559.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.15227600

That's not Reisen. That is a pig dressed up as Reisen.

>> No.15227628


>> No.15228024

Looks like a human to me.

>> No.15229002

I really like the idea of seeing a hot older mom cosplay as Yukari. Especially with their softer curves, her hag appeal would be truly be realized.

>> No.15237089
File: 107 KB, 494x740, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want to pat this Momiji's head!

>> No.15237174
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>> No.15237238
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>> No.15245534 [DELETED] 

>when da kush hits you xdDddD

>> No.15246545 [DELETED] 

lol weed dude lmao!