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Why does Japan like Obama so much?

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big black dicks

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Everyone loves Obama.

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because they want to see america destroyed

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Seriously, the ONLY people that don't like Obama are people that live in America.

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Because Obama is clearly better than McCain.

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because they want to see america rescued

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So they can go "lol at least our country was never run by a nigra."

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Why don't you?

Obama's the best.

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then why don't you take him?

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because http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nJaquTJXTYQ

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The world wants to like America again. There was a time when people loved to love America. We let it go to our heads though and pissed it all away.
Obama will go a long way towards stirring pro-American sentiment in the world on top of promoting friendly ties.

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Obama is really sugoi

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because they're marxists

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Because, like it or not, America is currently the cornerstone of the world through sheer influence and economic might. They like Obama because he MIGHT be able to keep the random idiotic invasions to a minimum, stop the world from plunging into depression, and prevent neo-con facisim from raping what is currently known as a decently free country.

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My name is Aso and we have their our elections to worry about. Enjoy your Diebold victory.

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I'm an American myself. And we are, judging by how early voting has been going.

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Mccain would have been cooler with a manlier running mate. Seriously, Peggy Hill? Common now

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good thing we've got diebold to reign in morons like you

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But basically he'll just change the world back into how it used to be, right? Because that's boring. I want something exciting to happen.

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Fuck, you know what ticket would have been awesome? McCain/Obama, or Obama/McCain. Or McCama, or something.

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no, not really.

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japan likes snorters

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It will never be the same as what it was; we can never go back to those glory days. Everyone knows that; we just don't have the resources to do it. We're going to have to start living differently; the question is whether or not we are forced to change when we reach a point where we can't keep going like we have been.

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Palin/Biden is more awesome.

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retard spotted

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But will he try? Because that's what matters.

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Obama is a joke, the Japanese love ridiculing how foolish he is

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More Palin fanart, please.

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Obama is a black, the Japanese love ridiculing blacks

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Good Sarah, you look pretty stacked.

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........('(..­.´...´.... ¯~/'...')
.....­..­...''...\.......... _.·´


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I wouldn't mind nailin 2D Palin.

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Good Kilgamayan, you look pretty anonymous.

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Everyone can relate to Obama in one way or another, except white conservatives. That's why he's so popular.

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oh wow lol

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Isn't that from air gear ?

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Gankutsuou, actually.

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this is why they like obama so much:


they like african-americans

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oh lol, if only you knew.

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I'm not sure how someone can be capable of seeing a rap video and thinking "an African-American would probably make a good president".

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Lets be fair; he's half white, and grew up in Indonesia.

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hmm that wasn't bad. those japs can actually pull the rap thing off.

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They all have obama in them nowadays, fuck that shit.

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All power to the VPILF. Then, when McCain dies, we can have our first PILF. The world couldn't ask for more.

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yes, yes we could...

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>The world couldn't ask for more.
How about a politician chosen based on their political platform rather than physical appearance?

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I know someone who's voting for McCain because she doesn't like how Obama's wife looks.

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Voting in an intelligent manner ?
God forbid !

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It helps them get their minds on what a clusterfuck of corruption and incompetence that is their own government.

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This world sucks, so we should just go ahead and blow it all up. If I were Amerikkan, I'd vote McCain.

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Obama puts the world over being an American.

Which means he will turn America into a fucking tampon for the next 4 years and then try to pass the blame onto Bush.

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Europe, Japan, Canada, etc... are extreme liberals.

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Japan is not liberal. Japan is what would happen if you cloned Cheney and gave him every office.

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no? japan's arguably one of the most conservative countries in the world. often companies will tell their employees how to vote, and it's usually for the republican.

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>Which means he will turn America into a fucking tampon for the next 4 years

A tampon is a good thing; it stops the BLOOD FROM GETTING EVERYWHERE.


McCain, not being a tampon, will get BLOOD EVERYWHERE and it will be ICKY BLOOD.

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He's being ironic.

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Oh wow. 8/10, I raged.

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You're pretty fucking narrow minded if you think Liberalism is extreme is any way...

Europe actually fluctuates heavily between socialism and conservatism.

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But while you might appreciate the function of a tampon, you don't want to see one. That's why the people who keep the blood from getting everywhere should be hidden, like a true tampon is. The Stasi of East Germany got the right idea.

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Is that... a LINE?!

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fuck niggerbama

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So you are saying they should just sit in the background and pull strings?

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CALL /x/

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I don't think you saw what he did there.

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There's a town in Japan called Obama. No, really.

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I remember a time when 4chan knew how to shop.

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i don't believe a 4channer made that.

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You are clearly from usa as you have no idea what so ever what those terms even mean.
>Conservatism is a term used to describe political philosophies that favour tradition, where tradition refers to various religious, cultural, or nationally defined beliefs and customs.
>Liberalism is a broad class of political philosophies that consider individual liberty to be the most important political goal.
>Socialism refers to a broad set of economic theories of social organization advocating state or collective ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods, and the creation of an egalitarian society.
None of these are not even on the same fucking scale, even though USAian politics tends to fuck up the meanings of terms for personal gain it's no excuse to spread those idiotic misconceptions any further. Saying any of them can be found from any "line" with extremes is braindead AT BEST.

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I put the on a line to illustrate his narrowness. As far as I know this is how they would be placed IF you were to put them on line. (I know it's faulty to do so)

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Because If the US fails then Japan's economy fails too.

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>Why does Japan like Obama so much?

Because they don't want to be nuked again when he becomes President.

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Obama and his makers will go into conflict-modo with Russia. They will try to further strenghten regimes in Ukraine, Georgia and Belarus, attack the Nato and the EU with they alienate Russia politic and (re)invade Afghanistan and Pakistan.

He has to do it, first for his global-domination-crew-faggots Biden, Brzeszinski, second for the industrial-military-complex, which he better shouldn't challange.
America is pretty much doomed with the financial crisis anyway ,then the built structures by Bush administry for a clean coupe-d'etat, when time should afford it.

Let's see what America will do. K*** Obama before election, try to manipulate the election, or to make him their nigger in law, with Obama's charisma they could achieve almost everything. Have fun with your police.state, debt-ridden-amerikkans

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The left represents a large, centralized government and the right represents a small, decentralized government. That's the idea, anyway.

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right: gov is allmighty, don't question it
left: suppress gov power levels

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That's the exact opposite of what it represents.
Extreme left = Dictatorship
Extreme right = Anarchy

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IIRC polling shows that Obama is preferred president in almost all countries except some in Africa (lol irony). So Japan is simply conforming.

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Exactly. The world doesn't want, nor need a war hungry party in office.

A continuation of Bush policy is absolute fail.

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Holy shit, go back to school if you really think that.

Extreme Left: Communism
Extreme Right: Facism

>> No.1518521

>gov is allmighty, don't question it
This is the neo-conservative belief. They are not TRUE conservatives. They take the worst of both sides and put it together and turned it into the current Republican party of today.

Democrats come from the same lineage as Federalists since Washington's time.

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Both of those are large governments, though. So they both would be right.

>> No.1518524

We are not talking about extremes. Where power there's corruption. I didn't mean to say the left wing is "right" and the rest is "wrong"

And what you are saying is not wrong in modern times(!) where the economy and financial world runs the balls.
socialism needs planing distribution, a potential for corruption. Capitalism wants the survival of the fittest, the big ones get bigger the rest will get eaten or enslaved. The bigger you get the more power you hold, goverment is a puppet, elections are worthless otherwise they wouldn't be legal.

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Both of those are large governments. So they both would be left.

>> No.1518529

I can't seriously imagine anyone outside of America would hold a genuine intrest in the victory of either candidate. Afterall, everyone abroad knows the only candidates with a chance are, thanks to diligent pruning according to the deciding motives of the voters, the most undeserving and unreliable ones. It's hilarious that most of the 'states consider military affiliation to be a plus for a candidate, the tighter the better.

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Well, they certainly have their finger on the pulse of american politics.




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What I'm more disturbed about is why her 'papa' looks like Bill.

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Hilary is tsundere in real life, too.

"I-I'm only backing you because the party wants me to, that because I like you or anything! Nigger!"

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"However many Italian Fascists like Benito Mussolini were ex-socialists and ex-syndicalists, and upon the Fascists being ousted and then reinstalled in the German puppet Italian Social Republic, Mussolini and the Fascists professed to be a left-wing movement."

Thanks for proving me right.

>> No.1518566

hahaha no

>> No.1518574

don't tell me things like that are being taught in amerikka?

>> No.1518596

Facsism is where the Left and Right sides meet on the outside.

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>While Walter Laqueur asserts that historical fascism "did not belong to the extreme Left, yet defining it as part of the extreme Right is not very illuminating either", but that it "was always a coalition between radical, populist ('fascist') elements and others gravitating toward the extreme Right".[citation needed] Since the end of World War II, many fascist movements have become more monolithically right-wing, and became intertwined with the radical right.

>> No.1518634

If you actually cared to perhaps look up at all the history of Italian fascism before spouting your bullshit, you'd see that fascism originated from radical syndicalist (extreme left) and Futurist (authoritarian anti-liberal left) tendencies, before taking a far more conservative turn when it got into power out of necessity of retaining power (fascism adopted the 'liberal state' rather than the 'liberal state' adopting fascism).

The ISR, 'betrayed' by the monarchy and the old order, abandoned the conservatism that it had picked up from the old Italian state and took a turn back towards its origins, reinventing itself (partly out of ideology, partly out of the lack of need to follow the old order, partly to attempt to appeal to an increasingly angry population). The reason that people think this (and not just the Yanks) is because it's TRUE.

Fascistic and Nazi movements tend to be a juxtaposition of the far-left and the far-right, with the more right-wing tendencies taking over if they get into power out of simple necessity.


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Italy is a shitty 3rd world country anyway, nobody cares. And you are wrong. Italy is a country full of self-righteous gangsters you are calling left-wing extremists. When they took over they showed their true face /thread

>> No.1518675

durr hurr hurr
If you're seriously so stupid to think that the mafia and fascism were ever good buddies, then yeah, thread over, because you are clearly too fucking stupid to comprehend basic logic.

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ITT /b/ + /newpol/

>> No.1518762

China says hello

see US in economic deepshit in 3 years.

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>> No.1518869

There's not enough whining about Jews here to be like /newpol/.

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obama is just like any other nigger. he just wants change

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Left thinks people are awesome and can be succesful by themselves.
Right thinks people suck and need guidance.
Hence, extreme left = anarchy (you don't need a government, people are so good it'll all work out) and extreme right = fascism (people will be doing it wrong if you don't control them, so take control over as much of their life as possible).

>> No.1519146

Oh, are we doing /n/ today?

Might as well go full burrow, then.

Obama's democratic congress is gonna de-arm the nation.
McCain's republican lobbyists are going to get providers in charge of connection regulation.

Shit. Which do I want to lose less, the right to defend myself, or freedom of information?

>> No.1519150


Then I'm assuming Canada's high income tax rates and public health care make it further right-wing than the USA? Because if what you are saying is true, that would be the case.

>> No.1519156

you fucking faggot you don't even know what communism is

>> No.1519192

Freedom of information vs more school shootings.

This shouldn't be a hard decision.

>> No.1519196

Yes. More government involvement = further right.

>> No.1519215

More government involvement = socialist = further left.

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>> No.1519227


Blank check for government tyranny versus Throttling connection speed for malware domains.

This shouldn't be a hard decision.

Both sides can make stupid claims. Doesn't make the removal of my freedoms any less incoming.

>> No.1519228

lol no
this proves, fucking faggots don't know anything about politics
stronger gov = right

>> No.1519243

The meanings have flipped themselves since the French Revolution. Now left is small government and right is big government.

>> No.1519244

China needs the west to accelarate their own development. They are still a bunch of millions of pawns. Without investmens, China = Japan's nigger

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ITT Poly-Ticks

>> No.1519249

The meanings have flipped themselves since the French Revolution. Now left means large government and nonconservative and right is small government and conservative.

>> No.1519260

Don't feed trolls, he is well aware of that.

>> No.1519261


The problem everyone of the fucking right wingers I've ever dealth with is they immediately associate "gun control" with "well this is just like 1984, right down to the boots pressing on my face! if only we had GUNS!"

>> No.1519262

Fascist states didn't come to power until after the French revolution. And fascism is all about government controlling every aspect of a society. It doesn't get much more right-wing than fascism.

>> No.1519270

>fascism is all about government controlling every aspect of a society
not much different from socialism then

>> No.1519271

Well, essentially, extreme right wing would be total absence of government except for the most regalian of functions.
It's normal to worry about oppression.
You don't think you're in danger until the militia comes knocking on your door and raping your daughter in front of you.
then again, this isn't /jp/'s problem.

>> No.1519272

Fascists call themselves right wing because they try to be conservative. But they are really leftist. Read the rest of this thread.

>> No.1519275

Maybe because until the french revolution, only monarchies existed?
I don't know, feodal systems seem pretty bad to me.

>> No.1519278

two words : national socialism.

>> No.1519286

>Fascists are left-wingers

Holy fucking shit, I have learned my lesson. Never again will I expect people on a wapanese imageboard to have any clue about politics.

>> No.1519305

See that kids, that's what a typical butthurt leftist void of arguments look like.

>> No.1519306

If by "leftist", you mean knowing that fascism is a right-wing ideology, then sure, I'm Lenin himself.

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>> No.1519312

economy wise. now you lose your private rights to global companies and the govs are supporting them, by tracking you and your personal data. and if you have something against it they will get you, because they have the righs to do it

>> No.1519316

Well, yeah. Even if the government is made smaller, you just get people with money oppressing the people, so it's not much different.

>> No.1519331

sure is japanese in here

>> No.1519341

This is the dumbest fucking thread I have ever been privileged to see. Congratulations.

>> No.1519346

/jp/ - Japan/America

>> No.1519348

All political arguments on the Internet eventually devolve into Hitler Potato ("You guys are like Hitler!" "No, YOU guys are like Hitler!")

>> No.1519350

You must be new here.

>> No.1519361

You're all little mini-Fuhrers, so just shut the fuck up already.

>> No.1519363

So, when is the election anyway?

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Go McCain!!

>> No.1519379


November fourth.
Can't you feel the heat over there?

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>> No.1519393

Fascists hate commies, morans

>> No.1519394

The NAZIs were anti-capitalist, anti-liberty, and anti-middle class, just like the communists.

>> No.1519401

Because fascists didn't like the idea of people governing themselves ( which in fact, always turns into the creation of a nomenklatura) The powers of state are the same, although the leaders aren't.

>> No.1519403

They did hate each other, though, even though they were essentially the same.

>> No.1519404

The nazis were also anti-communist.

In fact, that was one of the pillars of their existence, lalala.

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>Extreme left = Dictatorship
>Extreme right = Anarchy

Extreme left = Anarchy
Extreme right = Dictatorship

>> No.1519419

>Extreme right = Anarchy

>> No.1519421

Nazis were capitalists, fascists and wanted a strong middle class, 'just' like the communists.

Why do you think they broke their alliance with Russia? Take a wild guess, kiddo.

>> No.1519425

If you guys thought 8 years of semi-Republican control was bad, wait until you see what happens with complete control by the Democrats.

>> No.1519426

Right-wingers don't want a powerful government. No government at all would be really far to the right.

>> No.1519427

8/10 would rage again

>> No.1519434

And is ironically the ultimate goal of far-leftists!

Oh the irony!

>> No.1519436
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Obama Move List:
→←PKK = "Change!"
↓↑KPKK = "Progress!"
↑←↓→↑PPP = "O-bomb"

McCain Move List
↑→KKP = "Memories of 'Nam"
←↓→PK = "Faith of my Fathers"
←↓←→↑KKP = "The Mccain Train"

>> No.1519613

There are two to three people in this thread who have any fucking idea what they are talking about. The rest are idiots or trolls.

>> No.1519648

Guys, "fascism" doesn't automatically mean right-wing. You can be a left-wing fascist too.

"Left" and "right" has to do with how you stand on economic issues, not social issues.

>> No.1519676


>> No.1519728

I'm rooting for McCain because I do not want a muslim to be running our christian nation.

>> No.1519899

Actually it has to do with whom your allegiance lay during the French Legislative Assembly of 1791, specifically whether you were a Feuillant or Montagnard.

When it comes down to it, the weight of a word is the meaning it conveys, which is in turned defined by common usage. There are a lot of ways people use left-right political terminology and therefore a variety of applicable definitions to choose from in a conversation. You may have your personal favorite and it may lend to discussion of your preferred topics, but you should establish that in the beginning of the conversation.

>> No.1519904

I know you're trolling but I want to hurt you anyway

>> No.1520053

Asia actually back McCain. Only Indonesia backs Obama due to a connection with him. Asia likes continuity and stability not "change".

>> No.1520058

Japan was a part of Asia last I checked

>> No.1520081

Without regard to what the Obama fags try and tell you Japan doesn't want to see Obama elected. Asians like the security of stability above all. People outside of the USA backing Obama just want to see a transfer of wealth for the USA to them. The UN is already got it's hand out.

>> No.1520089

Whereas a majority of Europeans — with the exception of those who for historical and geographic reasons are obsessed with the return of the "Russian bear" — support Obama, a majority of Asians, particularly among the elite, seem to support McCain. This difference stems above all from strategic considerations, but it probably also contains a cultural dimension.

In Asia, Indonesia may look "European" with its Obama craze, but it essentially constitutes an anomaly, easily explainable by Obama's brief Indonesian upbringing. Otherwise, and for very different reasons, a majority of Asian elites are awaiting the growing possibility of an Obama victory with some bewilderment and even apprehension.

For example, Japanese elites tend to favor continuity over change. In their mind, the hard power of the United States is more important than its soft power, and their vision of an America "bound to lead" is largely unchanged. For them, the U.S. is above all the strategic counterweight needed to balance China.

But the Chinese, too, may very likely be favoring McCain, for the opposite reason. The decline of America's image and influence in the world does not annoy them. As Asia's leading power, China has seized the mantle of "hope." America could regain it under Obama. Why favor change, when continuity works so well for you?

>> No.1520100

key world there

>> No.1520105

LOL. The Elites control Asia, The is very true in Japan. Keep living in your Leftard dram world.

>> No.1520111


The Elites control Asia and particularly Japan. Keep living in your dream world

>> No.1520118

"Leftard"? lol
But I don't mind. We can all live the dream once our lord and savior, Barack of Nazareth, ascends to the Presidency.

>> No.1520171

ITT rightwing fags are trying to disown fascism?

>> No.1520188

What manga is this? I remember seeing Bush and Putin in some manga too, but anon didn't tell me where it was from. Is this the same manga?

>> No.1520190

>See that kids, that's what a typical butthurt leftist void of arguments look like.
fascism is awwwRIGHT, there's nothing wrong with being a fascist. Don't be embarrassed, be proud of your right wing heritage.

>> No.1520195

Japan would be rooting for McCain if they knew he was a Cylon.

>> No.1520204

ITT /v/

>> No.1520205

/jp/ - Nagisa/Death


>> No.1520223

gtfo keyfag

>> No.1520250

Information is more important than self-defense.

>> No.1520302

I see a lot of people associating communism with fascism, and saying communism isn't right instead of left.
The big problem here is that the concept of communism differs greatly from the communistic governments we know (because to be honest, communism just doesn't work).

In communism, theoretically, everybody is equal. The whole all-controlling government is just supposed to be there at the start to set things up.
People in charge don't want to give up their power, though, and so communism never reaches their typically left ideals of perfect equality and harmony.

Now, in fascism (which includes national-socialism, for those who are too retarded to get that), it's totally different. People aren't equal; some are better than others. If people aren't guided, chaos will ensue. For that reason, the superior people control the inferior people, because that is (according to fascists) for the best.

>> No.1520987

They're both equally important.

>> No.1522001

what most people do not get is most Americans are not conservative or liberal, they are populists. in terms of economics populists are pretty liberal however they have a deep seated distrust for the left. In terms of foreign policy they will side with the right as long as casualties are low.

>> No.1523035

Air Gear

>> No.1523059

Information is more powerful than some gun. Information controls where that gun is aimed at.

>> No.1523087

Hey guys, I want to kill all of humanity and make sure that no trace of its history is left on Earth.

What kind of politics does that put me in?

>> No.1523094

Dunno but you've got a good shot at becoming the next american president.

>> No.1523097

In my 19 years of life I have never needed to defend myself with a gun. I've never even felt like I might need to defend myself. We live in a world where you don't need to constantly have a gun at your hip, so I say information is much more important in this age. Not to mention our guns won't disappear if Obama gets elected, that's just more Republican bullshit.

>> No.1523109


this is awesome.
watch the video from niconico douga

>> No.1523118

Omaha > Obama

>> No.1523137


>> No.1523159
File: 65 KB, 933x671, 1225179954273.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Obama supports the PATRIOT Act and will inherit all of Bush's powers if he becomes president.

Just thought you guys should remember that.

>> No.1523168


I'd hot glue security.

>> No.1523177

Palin supports independent Alaska...enjoy your 49 states

>> No.1523198


It's cool, we'll just make Puerto Rico a state, whether they like it or not.

>> No.1523202


what the fuck i can't stop watching omg

>> No.1523212
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Just a reminder, so does McCain

>> No.1523217

Vah-Go? Where's that?

>> No.1523235
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Just a reminder, there's one guy out there that actually voted AGAINST it.

>> No.1525347


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