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Hop in, fagboy; today's your lucky day.

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Where are we going?

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And who the fuck are you? And I ain't a fagboy, you OLD HAG.

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...okay u_u

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Nice hat, Yukari.

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Big fat Youkai tats.

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Change into loli form or no deal.

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y-you too.

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Don't call me names.

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Do you always have to say that when you pick me up from school, mom?

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To fill in some lottery tickets. It's your lucky day, remember?

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I want to FUCK that granny.

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U feel lucky anon?

A mom who calls her own kid "fagboy" sure is the best mom ever.

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Oyasuminasai, anime fantasy booby lady.


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I have a dog to take care of.

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Take him on a multidimensional cross boundary walk then.

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And nice, thick Youkai thighs.

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impregnate the granny

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Why are you saving the master file?

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Because I fucked up on mobile. Thanks friend.

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10/10 would caress all day.

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>Shag an actual Granny

Don't they mean a Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Great-Granny

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I hope the exit is at the front of the line at the DMV, I'm not waiting in that shit

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Hold on, I watched Diamond in the Rough, I know how this ends so Yukari can fuck right off.

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does anyone have that image of a /jp/sie cosplaying yukari sitting a chair

always makes me laugh

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Is she the cherry eating youkai?

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I don't boink murderers.

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Who the fuck are you?

And how do i know i can trust you?

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>not boy

Guess I'll just walk past her.

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I want to fall asleep while getting cuddled by Yukarin!

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Look at this cute!

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look at this big-tittied pouting cute!

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Look at this smiling cute!

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Yukarin is wonderful! The cutest 2hu!

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She's really cute!

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Oh, shoot. Yukari got small! Would you be able to take care of gaploli until we can fix this?

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Sure! I'll teach her to play doctor.

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I've got this, for I am well experienced at babysitting.

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dancing with yukarin

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Haha, nice try, you won't have my soul!

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Loli Yukari is best.

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So why are you posting what is clearly a teenage yukari?

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Okay, maybe I was throwing around the term a little. How about "more loli than she is normally depicted" Yukari.

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Time for headpats and cuddles! Lolikari a tiny cute!

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Teen Yukarin

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man, I want to kidnap and furiously rape the tiny loli Yukari.

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Please no. Loli Yukari is for hugs, not for rape.

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I just want to hug her and rest my head between them.

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Mom, I told you not to call me that anymore....

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You keep using that word. I dont think it means what you think it means.

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Yukari in general is for hugs.

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Fuck off.

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Yukari in general is for fucking

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I hate anime I like Japanese cartoons better

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Agreed. I want to destroy this woman.

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Last time, that "lucky day" entitled me to groom 9 fucking fox tails mom, no thank you

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SOunds like a great day.
It always bothered me seeign Yukari well groomed, prettied up, etc. Then Ran looking plain in camparison.

I like to imagine when Ran does well Yukari rewards her by grooming her tails and prettying them up with some of her ribbons.

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I always thought Ran was too busy making formulas to bother tidying herself up or keeping chen from ruining someones day.

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I like to imagine Yukari lets Ran use her body to relieve her sexual frustrations.

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Other way around. Yukari forces Ran to perform oral sex on her. She see's her as nothing more than a tool after all.

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But two girls can't have sex

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No anon, she'll destroy you

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Yukari will break your mind and keep you as a pet or daughter, maybe!

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I'm a boy???

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This sounds fine.

In fact, where do I sign? Life with Yukari, even as a pet, sounds a lot more fun than what I have now.

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Ah, I want to be Yukarin's pet!!

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Die Monster! You don't belong in this world!

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does this look like the face of a monster to you?

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That's a titty monster. Does that count?

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Wrong monster, you faggot

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What about hug while raping?

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All monsters need to die, fuckface

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Yes, but you need different tools.

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Holy rod?

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Beware of the Yukari, the cherry boy hunter

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I'm convinced Ol' Gappy put me on the list, I've been having nothing but 2hu-related dreams for a week and now that feeling of being watched from behind is kicking in.

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How many friends do you have that aren't /jp/ or internet only? Family is included.

Also. Please do not call Yukari old, or imply she has a list of people to be transported to Gensoukyou and fed to Youkai.
Firstly, it has been proven many times by fellow, distinct posters here that the Youkai residents of Gensoukyou do not, and have not in the past, devoured human flesh.

Secondly, those are very impolite things to be saying. And I would not like to talk to a person who is willing to insult a one-hundred-percent fictional character (who is also very beautiful, intelligent, polite, and has a excellent sense of morality) like that. Thank you.

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Yukari? More like Yukkuri, because all she does is sleep.

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I apologize for the error. When I said family was included, my intent was to say that your family members are grouped together with your friends off of the internet. But it may have seemed to you that was I saying your family is grouped together with your internet friends. Please ignore that mistake I have made.

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sure. lead the way, slaaneshi-breed

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Yukari is more Tzeentch than Slaanesh.

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Keep thinking that. It'll make her downfall all the sweeter.

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How oddly alluring.

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Fucking rude, dude.

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>wolf fuckers

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I feel sick

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I want to lock Yukari in a guillotine, have her hold the rope with her teeth, and then ravage her ass and crotch until she lets go. It'd be so much fun to see how long she lasts.

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That's pretty hot

Let's hear more anon

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Never seen that before, but it's not very good so it's fine.

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Why does she sleep all the time what a fucking sloth

>> No.15240319

Managing Yukari's sex dimension is tiring work.

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Yukari's abilities take up an immense amount of energy, so she has to sleep a lot to recharge. Also she's lazy.

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Gaps are holes, right?
If something hides in a hole, you use something made for taking out things hiding in holes.

Fuel/air bombs anyone?

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Look at that sleepy cute! I want to hibernate with Yukari!

>> No.15241288

Becase she likes to be Maribel sometimes

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oh you

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I'll give her my thermobaric device.

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Are there any other translated touhou vns? The whole huge dick thing was really stupid about this series.

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>(Moving as if angry)

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If I am such a fag,why does she turn into a man for my sake?

>> No.15243083

>The whole huge dick thing
This I gotta hear. Explain.

>> No.15243092

The protagonist has a dick the size of a forearm.

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But dude, if you did that, you'd never see Letty!

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I see letty

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But I would get to see more Yukarin!
But I do like Letty… dang.

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You brought me the Lego I wanted?

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File: 1.47 MB, 2000x2000, gaphegbra.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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Where's my Lego at, Yukari? You said it was my lucky day.

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The bike Ran gave me sure got me pumped. But I want something relaxing. Now where is that Lego?

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Don't make me honk at you, missy Yukari.
You will have Makai to pay for when Ran get to hear this.

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Hello everyone-oh... I better leave you & Chen alone...

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Give me some space Chen.
Where is my Zach Hadel & Chris O'Neill Yaoi love pillow at?

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Ah some 98s were just too cute.

>> No.15260383

Gotta love late-night, off-topic shitposts on a two-week-old thread. Never change, /jp/.

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You know what? I had it with your gap shenanigans. I'm off to the 90's zone and have some real fun. Tell Ran that I am busy having fun bashing mail boxes with this golf club with people that share the same interest.

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this is where the lego's went

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File: 214 KB, 395x290, Chen_so_angry_that_she_can't_express_the_feeling_of_anger.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'll recreate the movie 'Who framed Roger Rabbit'. I'll smash Reimu's donation box & put the blame on Yukari. Cya you willy-wonkas!

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Sukuna is cute as heck.

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How Irish/Scott/Scandinavian do you think Sukuna will be when she meets her Leprechaun & Gnome kin?

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I'm just a gappy girl, nobody loves me!

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>nobody loves me!
hey, just like me!

>> No.15270643

I rather enjoy the idea of Sukuna being well endowed. The concept of the inchling doing her best at giving paizuri tickles my fancy.

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>> No.15270851 [DELETED] 

The real secret of getting everyone to like you is sex. You know what to do, sex the fuck out of everyone.

>> No.15270860

The real secret of getting everyone to like you is sex. You know what to do, sex the fuck out of everyone.

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Take out both the Pokémon & Yu-gi-oh Cards.
You'll impress the Alpha /vg/s & /jp/s to come out from the deep jungle.

>> No.15271453

that really brings the sleepy in that name to a different level.

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yeah but you aren't getting any

>> No.15277796

Neither is Yukari.

By the way, do you think Yukari gives a shit about Chen?

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*sigh*..Yukari, where are you...

>> No.15286789

As another agent of her schemes? Absolutely.

As a person? I guess that depends on if she thinks Ran is a person or simply a tool for her own use.

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Hi there anon!

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>> No.15289431

How will she go about doing that?

>> No.15289557 [DELETED] 

Nice Try but Check these

>> No.15294584

Yukari has to make her gaps wider and wider to fit her huge tits and giant ass through these days.

If Ran is a computer, Chen is an external hard drive? I wish there were more pictures of Yukari and Chen interacting.

>> No.15294602

At first I thought Yukari was pointing down into the gap to tell you to get in which was pretty funny, but it looks like she's pulling on some kind of cloth? I don't get it. Is it panties?

>> No.15294648
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It's one of those gay hand fan things anon.

>> No.15295489
File: 497 KB, 1170x650, --chen-yakumo-ran-and-yakumo-yukari-touhou-drawn-by-aono3--678acd94c0b8a6f94f3e22ca49c4109b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Do you think Ran or Yukari would shitpost on 2ch?