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There already is a Kaguya thread. That means it'll soon cave into a Kaguya X Mokou or Kaguya X Eirin thread. With a little luck, it may turn into a rarely seen Kaguya X Someone Else thread.
But no love for brief, mortal Kei-nuh?

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Let's talk about tripfriends instead.

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Keine is MOO

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Ore yome

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No thanks. Maybe another time.
Instead on today's menu we find:
The Great and Wise Hakutaku
The Princess Bride
SCUD missile breath

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Fanon Keine:
Chews on books. Feral. Drools and howls. Frequently runs out to CAVE for no apparent reason.
Not even death can save you from Keine.

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Canon Keine:
Possibly sanest character in Touhou. Relatively boring harassed teacher. Feels a bit stressed before full moon, a bit sick after.

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Also supposedly one of the few Touhou characters safe for humans to hang around with.

Though I've been told Akyu's opinions are biased.

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>Possibly sanest character in Touhou

Well not only is that not true; I can fix it in case it is.

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>I can fix it in case it is.

Please do. I rather prefer fanon Keine.

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Mokou wuv Keine.

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And not without reason.

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I'm not a fan of horns in my anus actually.

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But think of the pantsu removing implications.

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No worries.
Should you ever, hypothetically, in theory, upset a hakutaku enough for your well-being to be in any danger whatsoever, a horn shoved up your rear hard enough to emerge through your mouth will not be anywhere close to your main worry...

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History major? Enjoy your low wages! Better get along with the princess, Mokou, people can't live out of love.

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This cute little... well, cute slightly-taller-than-average lady comes with the power to fuck you up beyond all recognition in four different abstract dimensions.

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Well... I'm surprised nobody's mentioned it yet...

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Marisa can.

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>Mokou, people can't live out of love.

Mokou can live off magic and fairy farts, jackass. She's immortal.

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Imagine how much money she has to spend with clothes due to her phoenix.

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I'm sure everyone who prefers Mokou / Keine over Mokou / Kaguya knows and accepts Mokou and Kaguya are going to be left without Keine in the end anyway.
But for now, let's enjoy it while it lasts.

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A renegade princess whose only source of income is her doctor friend with little to no clients?

Enjoy your poverty

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>in the end

Such a thing doesn't exist in a fiction world like Touhou. Eternity is daft concept that can be delayed perpetually

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Most pairing with a human will end that way

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Good point. You don't ever go see Eirin unless you have no other choice. You just don't.
Or, unless it's for recreational purposes.

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With all the rabbits around, I'd imagine the doctor thing is just a front for Eirin's huge prostitution racket.

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Yes. Eventually. But it's not like Keine is going to bite it tomorrow or something - more like sometime in the next 5000 years.
So unless ZUN decides to advance the main plot (which doesn't really exist anyway) several thousand years, and thus killing off a big chunk of the cast in one fell blow, Keine isn't in any real danger at all.

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c00l, danbooru image dump.

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Why do you think she has all the anti-fire charms on her?


>little to no clients?

I thought Eirin was making a lot with her medicine work. Like those good-dream pills she made sold well.

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>Like those good-dream pills she made sold well.

Sort of. They sell out everytime, but mostly because Alice buys the whole batch.

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oh you

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Looks like someone OD'd.

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Why are you trying to make me fap? What's your problem?


Marisa is going to become a magician-type youkai the way things are going. Sakuya is a Lunarian. And I can't see Reimu dying, either, between Remilia and Yukari both wanting her ass and Sanae's MoF dialogue about shrine maidens gaining enough faith to become deities themselves.

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It's true that she does buy them. But it's unlikely that she buys that much.

The drugs are advertised on Aya's paper but we all know that nobody reads them. So not only does Alice rely on drugs to help her sleep better, she also reads a paper that nobody else does....

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nobody wants reimu, zun agreed


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You know you want to.

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But perhaps, a repost among reposts will help.

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>Marisa is going to become a magician-type youkai the way things are going.

Nooooo. She's the perfectly ordinary black magician.

>Sakuya is a Lunarian.

Speculation. You'd be better off saying she's temporally immortal due to time manipulation.

>And I can't see Reimu dying, either, between Remilia and Yukari both wanting her ass and Sanae's MoF dialogue about shrine maidens gaining enough faith to become deities themselves.

I think she's very mortal, and she'll have a daughter to carry on the Hakurei line.
I mean, her mother didn't become a god, did she?

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How about...
Reimu takes up her role as the next Youkai of the Boundaries because Yukari's lived a long and content life and she decides to pass on.
Marisa becomes a magician youkai so she can remain by Reimu's side - be a Yuyuko to her Yukari, so to speak.
And Remilia turns Sakuya into a vampire.
Nothing new really, these ideas have already been explored in doujins.

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Even youkai die.
Even ghosts fade and pass on.
Even the reincarnated finish the wheel.
Even gods grow old and die from lack of faith.

These all may take eons, but what is any amount compared to the nightmare of eternity?

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What is eternity?


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>>1515523 Nooooo. She's the perfectly ordinary black magician.

Next you're going to claim she doesn't behave cynically or set off cobalt bombs with cries of "Fuck you, human!"

>Speculation. You'd be better off saying she's temporally immortal due to time manipulation.

Speculation, sure, but something sure as hell's going on there (like the fact that she's even capable of time manipulation in the first place, Eirin supposedly being surprised to see her, etc. etc.) Lunarian seems like the likeliest explanation to me.

>I think she's very mortal, and she'll have a daughter to carry on the Hakurei line.

I was going to argue with this, but I guess I can work with pregnant/MILF Reimu.

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Reimu will give birth while still remain a virgin

You heard it here first

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I think Reimu's mum will be the True Final Boss of the series. She'll look like The Boss, too!

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Isn't it sad?

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The first setting I ever wrote - back when I was 13 and my brain, infected by FF7, did not work properly - ended with a lone immortal floating in space with one last surviving hydrogen atom for company.

In hindsight, it sucked.

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Eirin is Reimu's mother?

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So, while we're on the subject, was it ever stated in canon that Eirin Hourai'd herself?

I haven't been keeping up with all the canon stuff- SSiB, Lunatic Runagate, whatever- so if it's in there I missed it.

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>was it ever stated in canon that Eirin Hourai'd herself?

In fact, it's implied she's NOT in the games.

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Yeah that sounds pretty terrible. Scan / upload, though.

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If Eirin were truly devoted to her Princess she would've suffered immortality along with her. Only Mokou is devoted enough in a tsundere way.

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Lost it in a HD crash a couple of years back. And I don't exactly miss it.

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What really makes my head hurt is when Eirin and Kaguya use the Elixir against you as a spell card in IN. What the hell is going on there? Is Eirin chugging it in order to heal her wounds so she can go back to kicking your ass? Are they trying to force it down your throat- "Fuck you, now YOU'RE immortal too"? Are they just...chucking it at you, trying to, like, bludgeon you with it or something? I don't understand.

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It's magic lasers. Don't worry about the feasibility of it all.

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Speaking of which, just how old is Eirin anyway?

Also... not on my regular computer, starting to run low on Kei-nuh.

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Does anybody have the name of that doujin in where Reimu is dying and Marisa tries to cure her?
In the end Marisa asks Eirin for a cure.

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Meditate, rewrite, upload. FOR ME.

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I bet your average touhou fan calls her Keen.

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I like to think they're trying to bludgeon you with an empty flask that had the hourai elixer in it.

It's funnier that way.

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It's called New Moon by DEMOUR402.

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'keine' = none of those.

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Let me ease your suffering

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In Cage in Lunatic Runagate, it's heavily implied that Eirin was among the first humans to leave Earth and colonize the moon. How old does that make her? Probably older than any other character, including Yukari and Yuyuko.

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I too would if I was native English.


Take the worst possible lowest bottom scraping fantasy story written by a 13 yo off ff.net or something, stick in random Playstation rpg elements, early pubertal hormone induced rage, and you get exactly that.
Sorry, no, I'll never mention this again.

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What do you want, mortal? I was busy having Tea with my niece, Remilia.

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No problem. That's what tags are for. I can identify any non-hentai Touhou comic from a vague description!

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Yukari and Yuyuko are only like 800 years old.

Eirin, Kaguya, AND Mokou are all at least 1300.
Eirin at least somewhat older than the other two.

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it's Kay-Nay

>> No.1515807

Yukari mounted an attack on the moon roughly 1000 years ago, so you're full of shit.

>> No.1515814

The hydrogen atom, the most recycled of all playstation RPG elements

>> No.1515824

Pronounced Kay-nay.
I myself use Cane.

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I thought that was circa 1300s, which would make it 700 years ago.

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Although, if you're desperate, some elements of it survived into later stories that I'm still happy with as an adult. But I'm a draft artist, not an author, so the quality probably isn't what you'd be looking for.
Also, I know this is not /ic/.
More Kei-nuh.


If you count Chang'e ascending to the moon as the founding date of the Lunar capital, that would make Eirin well over 5000 years old.
Chang'e exists in Touhou canon, but I'm not sure about the dates.

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It's not kei-nuh ]:

Also i'm not actually that interested, though the thought of the hydrogen atom story was pleasing. If that survived, interest re-kindled.

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Over 1000 years ago. ZUN wrote it so don't bother him about it.

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Ive always wondered about China's back story. Like why she even works at the SDM anyway. I'd imagine since she's friendly with humans she would fine work elsewhere, no?

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