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Shit tier religion.
Byakuren beign Buddhist is also illogical, in Buddhism you really dont want to escape death, as death is what will free you from samsara.
Ironicly she should have become liek Miko, Buddhsit on the outside, but Taoist for that immortality. Maybe she is and the holy war is all a farce.

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but it's not a Byakuren thread, it's a Buddhism thread

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It's a "Heresy" Thread

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Anyhting other than Shinto has no place in Gensokyo. Wihout shinto worshipers Suwako will die.

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There's more than one school of buddhism.

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"Shinto" is a lie and isn't a real thing. Japan's religion is Buddhism. In the late 19th century nationalists in the government, in an attempt to forge and reinforce a Japanese national identity, took all the little local customs and vaguely Animist aspects of Japanese Buddhism and walled it off from the rest of the religion, declaring it to be a separate thing called "Shinto". Every region obviously had its own traditions and customs, often incompatible with each other, so they didn't even try to take some pre-existing aspect of a unified Japanese culture, they just fabricated most of it and forced local practices to fall in line. The government forced this made-up religion onto the population while cynically manipulating the doctrine and placing emperor-worship at the center. In reality, there was no such thing as "Shinto" (as we know it today) before the Meiji period.

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Thou art worst, Boddhist. Thou art doltish, Boddhist; thou are noisome, Boddhist! Return to India. To our Indian cousins, ye mayst come of our country; ye mayst live in Osaka!! Corea, we shall ne’er forgive thee. Hijiri, thou rascal! Zounds, but: I rebuke thee! Burning Boddhists stink of incense, egads, egads! Mine happy resurrection in Gensokyou was e'er the best day of my life.

Smell thee a whiff of burning Boddhist. TOJIKO, WE SHALL SEIZE THEE!! Forget ye not the battle of Shigisan! Paekche, we burned thy idol! Boddhisatvas, return to your precious India... burning Boddhists and idols reek so bad; verily, I can smell it! REMOVE BODDHIST IDOLS FROM YAMATO. Thou shalt get caught. The Nakatomi, the Mononobe, Crown Prince Shotoku, and the ten thousand Kami shall kill all Boddhists... and thou shalt not resurrect. The Crown Prince liveth with Taoism, the Crown Prince crafteth musical albums of Taoist teachings. Hark, the fast wrapping Taoist music of the Crown Prince!

We are rich and have gilded albums now because of the Crown Prince... thou art poor, pungent Boddhist... thou livest in a boat, aha, thou livest with Youkai! Taoism yet liveth and is the strongest faith in Gensokyou... rebuff the wicked vegetarian... rebuff the traitorous Tojiko, I switchéd the urn of thy remaining heir! The Crown Prince liveth and beareth mighty taoist Danmaku, and shall exterminate all the Boddhist youkai with wrapping-music Magic, and Taoism shall rule! Buffoon of Corea king Seong of Paekche hoodwinked Emperor Kinmei and kindled a cult; this cult grew and Boddhism took root. O faddish heresy of Corea, give thee back our land! We shall burn thee like the idols of thy avatars. Taoism remaineth greatest faith!

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Yeah, becuase Japan had no religion before Buddhism arrived, right?
Shinto is a religion you buddhist shit.

Besides, in Gensokyo without faith gods vanish. Suwako needs worshippers. Buddhists also need to leave youkai alone, if youkai became buddhsits and stop acted like youkai, youkai would die.

Personally the only alternative to shinto is to go in with Christianity and pray that gods and youkai can get some of that "divine grace" or whatever. Gods and youkai are both alive only through faith, so they may not have souls (Gods jsut vanihs after all, no reincarnation).
I just want the youkai/gods I like to survive.

Remove Buddhist, remove Taoist!

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Leave now buggering wrench. May you have an angry Jupiter for an enemy.

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In islam djinns and desert spirits (aka yokais) are also eligible for divine grace and many myth surrounding demons converting to islam and stopping being desert man-eating abominations exists.

So, /jp/, knowing that; would you join DAESH if your favorites touhoues joined it too ?

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No, burka = no funny hats.
Islam in general is also no fun allowed the religion.

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What about burkhats then ?

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Islam also punishes any magic with death and all the touhous can't do anything Yuri. Not to mention all the touhou genital mutilation to take place

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"Drink is the pleasure of the oni." - Suika before picking Christianity purely becuase of it's tolerance of alcohol.

Fuck Japanese Christianity could have been so great if it took root. Mainly because the commmunion wine would be sake. Red wine is so shit.
If I could found my own religion with alcoholic rituals, I think I would pick absinthe as my drink of choice. I honestly feel bad for muslims and buddhists with their no drinking laws. Buddhists are especially fucked with their anti drug views too, as I hear there are some drugs that create the sensation of buddhsit enlightenment, and make one feel one with the world.

Do they have alcohol in Gensokyo that isnt beer or sake?

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>shit tier

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But sake is crap, wine or beer are the best in my mind.
Since when are buddhists not allowed to drink? I thought that only applies to the monks.

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Don't bully the Byakuren, onegai.

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>I thought that only applies to the monks.
The only Buddhists in 2hu are monks.

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Byakuslut a shit, if you like her you are shit too.

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Ooh, mom's bra is intoxicating. Please let me borrow it, mom!