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Toehoe feet were built for sex.

Would you deny this fact?

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feet are for walking, not for sex
you stupid idiot

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feet were built for sex

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I will never get to pamper Patchouli's perfect peds ;-;

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You can't sex a foot

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They're built for massage.

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Yes you can

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d is for shittying dick nipples. Feet would be /e/ or /h/ or even /c/.

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This is also true.

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Of course you can, silly

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Not a footfag but the Nine looks cute barefoot.

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Go on.

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Of course not but you can still have fun in other ways. You can give her foot massages, paint her nails, be her footstool, suck her toes, ticke them, and get footjobbed. I would my favorite 2hu's all day long if I could.

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Why are the hands black?

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black men are taking all of the sexy soles!

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does this end in worship or other kind of lewdness or is it just played for laughs?

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They were built for tickling, which can be sexual and sexy. Does that count?

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tickling AND licking.

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Post more sexy 2hu FEET, dudebros.

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I think they're also built for kissing!

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Fair enough.

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it is an undeniable fact that touhou girls have the best feet of any other universe ever

you can't even prove me wrong

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I've fapped to this pic approximately 50 times.

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Cute, lewd, smelly, sweaty, ticklish Touhou feets!

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i love pink soles. they're so kissable.

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They're embarrassed because they're naked!

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sauce pls

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Which Touhou has the smelliest feet?

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It's really great, isn't it? I love how Alice is leaning away even though that doesn't move her foot at all.

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probably nitori, but that's not a reality i want to accept

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extending the big toe and fanning out the others in response to having the bottom of the foot stroked is a sign of neurological damage

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Just imagine how sweaty and smelly and lewd they are when she pulls off her boots!

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she's nice enough to kick around in the river for you

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Tying up Alice, pulling her boots off, and then describing to her, in excruciating detail, how smelly her feet are!

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Only if it's reflexive, and mostly in newborns. The fact that Wriggle or I can do so voluntarily isn't indicative of neurological issues. My chronic depression and her gender identity issues, however, are.

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I can't post in feet threads. I always end up trying to derail them into tickling.

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i'll tickle your soles, with my tongue.

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There's a lack of lewd feet in this thread.

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All feet are lewd!

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What about toehus that don't walk?

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Is that why they're called sole brothers?

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Would you let Yuuka rub her big feet in your face? She's a huge pervert and she gets a thrill off of it, so by doing it you'll get her really horny. And who knows what would happen next!

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Only if she rubs her feet against my face firmly and aggressively and possessively.

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Of coursh! She'll talk dirty to you to.

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There are a lot of artists who can get the basic shape of the foot right, but oh so few can nail the soles. Well-done soles are EXTREMELY erotic.

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And was walking not made so we could get around to each other better, thus improving our species' sex life as a whole? Therefore feet are for sex.

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I love soles. I want to get stepped on by some sexual soles.

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Kaguya's sweet NEET princess feet!

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nue kills it

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What's a toehoe? A girl that fucks with her feet? Urban dictionary doesn't say anything.

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A touhou that has sexually charged feet.

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Foot that has a sexually charged toe

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Feet are built for for sniffing, licking and sucking, not sex.

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sniffing, licking, and sucking are all important parts in sex

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Fairy feet ratiate lewdness!

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Patchouli's feet would smell pleasant, dork!

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Madou a BEST

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I can't jerk it to this guy's stuff because his faces are so goofy.

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the drawings are low quality anyway
not masterpiece like >>15110473

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Big cute smelly lewd sweaty ticklish Touhou feets!

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Hina is embarrassed because you like her feet so much!

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I hope her feet are warm and moist. Warm, moist feet are more pleasurable to kiss and lick.

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and assholes were built for shitting

doesn't stop gays from fucking them

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Tits are for feeding babies, not sex.

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I am most certainly not gay and I fuck my girlfriends asshole regularly.

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I am pretty sure imageboards were not built for lying, but look at your post

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I want a Touhou to shove her big smelly feet in my face! Maybe Koakuma!

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I envy those aroused by feet, I really do. Such a simple bodypart arouses such strong feelings in a surprisingly large part of the population. It must be easy to find porn.

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I like this frog's cute feet!

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Anyone else kind of burnt out on KSS?
He does so much so often that after a while, all of them start looking sameish and bland (with a few exceptions).

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Yeah he needs to try something new to spice it up, or something.

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I want to drink a touhou's foot sweat. I want touhou footsweat to come out of my tap so I can drink it all day long.

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Only if you know where to look. For every good artist like Iromeki Overdrive there's a metric fuckton of Deviantart shitters. Sturgeon's Law is in effect.

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More imminent tickling or actual tickling.

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I really want to see Touhous with smelly feet getting bullied for it.

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ball jointed feet would be nice. he should draw the girls from Rozen Maiden or any other dolls at all.

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She sure has a lot of foot art compared to other dolls.

Like the best doll for example. Souseiseki.

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I want to nuzzle up to Suigintou's feet and breasts!

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I want to be the footpet to a touhou and have her stomp on my tiny body.

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This has nothing to do with giantess please stop

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Use your imagination and it can be.

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giantess is gross

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I bet they're nice and soft because she never has to use them

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And she wears soft slippers all the time.

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I want to rub her cute feet and playfully tease her about them being smelly!

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It is all your perception. It is an opinion not a fact. do agree 2hus do have sexy feet.

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They're connected, although not mutually inclusive

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Meiling has calloused, nasty feet from years of kicking things during martial arts training!

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N-No she doesn't! Though I'll admit that they're smelly!

Either way, I'll rub them for her!

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Are you implying that she doesn't take perfect care of her feat after her daily training - including moisturizers?

Why do you think she takes naps on the job? She's too tired from her meticulous care.

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I need those on my face RIGHT NOW!

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that video isn't giantess

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Doll joints are NOT sexy--


God dammit.

Okay, maybe they're sexy. MAYBE.

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How many times have you found a good artist only to discover that they can't draw feet for shit?

Every fucking time, I swear. Nothing kills my boner like some badly-drawn feet on an otherwise really good image.

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But isn't part of the point of training to build up calluses so that her feet don't get hurt as easily?

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What are you looking at anon? Hmm?

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I'm looking at those cute lewd smelly bare feet!

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She has magic for that, anon. And slippers.

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I want soft feet to step on me.

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China has the nicest feet.

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She has that "This pervert is getting turned on by just my feet" look!

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As much as I love naked feets, a cute pair of stinky socks is great too!

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I love feet, bare or clad in socks!

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>You will never worship Remilia's feet