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A new place to take it easy!

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A new thread to hide on sight.

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Does anyone has the pastebins of all the stories that have been written so far?

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Bump limits are uneasy.

Never seen an aquatic Chen before.

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I don't expect this to happen, but I'd like to see a story about an uncommon type. Not necessarily a rare or obscure type, but something you don't see all too often in yukkuri works.

Personally, I'd like to see a Sanae, Tenshi, or Yuuka. Maybe an Aya, I don't really see stories about them all too much and it would be something completely different.

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Ooh, I like the idea of an Aya story.

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Aquatic Chen looks very easy da ze!

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How do I get me one of these?

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This inspired me. Would anyone be interested by a fic about a Yukkuri Sagume ?

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Would you fap to this ?

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As long as you have a clear understanding of how her ability works. Otherwise it would just make me frustrated.

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This is an old one.

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Does anybody know where this is from?
Does anyone have the full version?

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That's pure gold.

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Is there more of this?

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thank you

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Implying somebody exactly knows how her ability works

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Deibu zings bedder dhan shiddy Migu ! Dhad'z why Deibu gedz all dhe sweet-sweets easy !

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Aren't you a fat fuck.

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I don't get it.

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Never played puzzle games? The four reimus formed a chain, and so they popped. The marisas on top of them will fall, forming another chain reaction.

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I worry about you guys sometimes.

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ryuko pls go

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I don't think about shitty mister at all.

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We're all easy here, anon.

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You stupid? Wanna die?

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thats clearly seija

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I worry about you too, Ryuko.

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Which pool is this?

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What is your all time favorite pool?

Hard mode no True Happiness.

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Dake it easi mister!

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Abyuse Counselling 2. The doc murders Shinkis.

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Probably Mother and Daughter.

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The one where the demented Chinese restaurant owner rams plugs up their anyarus?

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Eyup. I'm not the same anon, though.

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Such is life.

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New favourite is Another Kind of Happiness.

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Takumi's art is impeccable, why isn't he a proper manga artist yet?

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I really like this one because it keeps thing unusually grey for the story, none of the yukkuris, nor the main human are particulary nice/shithead or abyuse/yukkuri lover(except for that one guy stealing the hat in the middle, but that was needed for the story). In the end everyone has a bad ending, but I really like how it reflects the general nature of the yukkuri.


Words cannot describe the rage I felt when a guy in the gdocs fic group copied the abyuser scene word by word but with his self-insert arriving and saving Marisa's hat. Fucking lack of originality

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Just downloaded Yukkuri Diary. What are some different kinds of abyuse this game have ?

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What's could be Sagume accessories ?

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I think none. You can just hit them to their death.

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I'm hard though

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Would you fap to this?

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The whole raping virgin yukkuri was strangely arousing.

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I would seriously kill those Alices and the whole clan, execpt for the Reimu and her little one.

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The little Reimu was a piece of shit too.

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oh. welp, then just the Reimu.

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There's a hidden torture room in the Ruin. When you enter the place use your rocket to blow up the wooden boards on the door to your right.

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I found a yukkuri game while browsing Google Play that looks like it's a battle game, but never managed to enter one for some reason. Search MiuLabo and it should appear. It's all in Japanese, though.

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Also, cookies if someone manages to translate the name of the game.

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Where's the new story?

Write it and do it fast!

Right now is okay!

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Yeah! Mawicha ish waiching too much!

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Gee, thanks anon.

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>so loose she can't even crush a ko
Used goods detected.

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Back alley beating is an eternal favourite.

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The mother is arousing me

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I remember there was this pool where a shithead baby Reimu was repeating everything her older sister said and said something like "Poonish! Penish!" after trying to repeat the word "punish".

Just cause of that its my favorite. Shame I can't remember what it was called.

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Would you?

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Would pick first, but fuck it, second.

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Get both the Reimus and make the expensive one take care of the cheap one. She feeds it, I feed her. She hurts it, I molest her.

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How come women drawn by yukkuri abusers are so erotic?

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I dunno, ask goodfree about that.

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Somehow a smart and useful yukkuri is really endearing. Could i have some recommendations for something similar to this.

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I don't think there's any.

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Yuuka's Flower.

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Hi ! I'm a new mister writer. This is my first interactive fanfiction, so please forgive me for the issues easy!

She was born a night of full moon. A single little yukkuri, with no hat, but a single wing on her back. She was doomed to die at the moment the man unpluged the stalk from her mommy before he crushed her to death in a small alley, ignoring the screams of the father and the two little ones, just for the pleasure of causing pain. However the fate decided that she had to live, making the stalk fall in a jar of jelly, in a big trashbin. The unborn yukkuri grew normally, fed by the sugar, for two days and two nights. Then, the time had come for the little one to begin her yukkuri life. Slowly, she opened her little eyes for the first time, and she detached from the stalk.

The adventures of Yukkuri Sagume.

Chapter 1 : Being born.

"Yupii !"

The fall was harsh for her newborn skin. But it wasn't the time for pain. She needed to greet the world, and most of all, her family

"Chage ich eajy ! Shagume ij Shagume !"

No response.

"Yu ? Where ish mwommy ? Dwaddy ? Why ish Shagume alone"

As she realised that she was alone, the koyukkuri broke into tears. She would never do rub-rub with her mommy, nor have high-high rides on her daddy's head, nor even play with her sisters. Instead, she would die from hunger, or thirst, or mold, unable to take it easy.

"Yueeen ! Shagume ij alone !"

Filled with sadness, she tried to eat the stalk, but it was to hard to chew for her young teeths. Normally, a parent would have chewed it to allow her to eat it easily, but there was no one but her here. So she ate some jelly from her pot. For the first time, she felt a positive emotion.

"Happinesh !"

It had a sweet taste of strawberry. Her tummy full, she drank some water from a little puddle of water. In fact, her situation was far from desperate. The trashbin was protecting her from mister rain, she had a lot of food to eat and water to drink, and she even found a little peeble to play with.

"Shagume ij chaking ich eajy with mishter tweajure !"

But she harshly remembered her loneliness when she had to do poo-poo, and realised that she had no mommy to do clean-clean. So to forget her sadness, she tried to sleep.
She spent three days in the trashbin, finding food in the garbage, playing around with her treasure and staring at the moon at night. She was amazed it's brightness and it's beauty.

"Mish Mwoon ij weally eajy" She thought, "Shomeday Shagume will go cho je Mwoon !"

She was imagining herself discovering the silver colored lanscapes, meeting the people of the moon, eating mister dango while looking down at the Earth. The exitement made her single little wing move, like if she was trying to fly away.
But the fourth day, the life of Sagume would change. The sun was about to rise, warming up her body with a warm easyness.

"Waching up eajy !"

She heard a loud noise coming from the alley. She cautiousely tried to watch. It was footsteps. A mister human was here, coming in her direction. Sagume remained silent, scared. The man dropped a trashbag and went back. He didn't noticed the little one, watching him from the trashbin. She would have to make a decision. To stay and to greet mister human, or to leave the trashbin.


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We aren't old enough to make it on our own yet. We should stay in hiding at least until we can eat mister stalk.

>> No.15118236

We should leave the trash bin, since we PROBABLY can find friends. Also, when some chaps are posted, could we get the results if we did another action instead? Also, sorry if you didn't understand correctly.

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Uh, what powers does a yukkuri Saguma have?

>> No.15118273

I'd imagine it's a toned down version of the real Sagume, who causes the future outcome of an event to reverse by speaking about the event. This might translate down to a wave pattern of being extremely lucky and extremely unlucky, or perhaps the same power but with not as wide a scope.

>> No.15118274

Not sure, but if I remember, if Sagume wishes for something, the opposite happens. (example: She wishes to get married with someone, but that someone marries with another.)

>> No.15118283

Well, it could certainly be interesting.

>> No.15118289

That's not how it works.

>> No.15118292

That's why I said not sure.

>> No.15118296

That's why I'm helping you instead of bullying you.

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>> No.15118330

Just like the real Sagume, when she speaks about something, it will reverse, but not necessarily the most obvious way. If she says " Take it easy " somebody will soon feel uneasy about something, or the person she is talking to can try to harm her, or a friend. However, it will only work in small proportions.

>> No.15118994

Is this story going to be daily, every other day, something else, or when you get around to it?

>> No.15119161

Try clever Marisa, I guess.

Yukkuri refering to themselves in first person if they aren't a Patchy or another smart type kinda annoys me.

>> No.15119772

Which yus will you keep as pet?
Marisa master race here.

>> No.15119781

A Patchy and an Alice. A Meiling would be nice too.

I can't see Reimus and Marisas as nothing but abuse fodder after so much exposure. I'd probably even abuse nicehead Marisas and Reimus because abusing only shitheads would be boring. Variety is the spice of life.

I can't be the only one, right? Someone who would keep a couple of niceheads as pets and shower them with love and affection and have a abuse dungeon in my basement at the same time.

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Give them enough love, they might reciprocate!

>> No.15119800

Shitheads are irredeemable. No amount of either love or abuse will fix their personalities. No point wasting time and effort on lost causes.

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If it were only one pair, a Marisa and Patchy. If they were nicehead enough, I might even let them have a couple kos.

I also feel like a Chen/Ran pair would be nice to have, too.

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Bodied kaguya.

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She's the best Yukkuri
Prove me wrong
Pro-tip You can't

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i can't.

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I want to keep and train a horde of Alice rapers!

Release them onto anon's precious pets when anon is offguard!

>> No.15120502

I will stop them!

>> No.15120513

I will stop you from stopping them!

>> No.15120532

And I will stop you from stopping me!

>> No.15121368

Joke's on you, those precious pets are actually a well organized pack of Alice rapers.

>> No.15121391


Unfortunately, Abuse of Yukkuri with body is unacceptable for me.

>> No.15121465


Not only grow grass when I saw abusing Remirya with body carmly,
inspite of we tend to aboid abusing yukkuri with body.

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>anon gets his finger hurt with suger teeth

How dense are Yukkuri teeth for that to happen? Salt can get sharp enough but sugar is so soft I can't imagine how much force do you need to apply to hurt someone's skin with sugar.

>> No.15122487


Chapter 2 : Mister Human

Sagume hesitated for a long time, but she had took her decision.

"Tomowow Shagume will gweet mishter human if he cwomes !" she declared with pride.

She knew that she maybe would be ignored, but in her still young yukkuri mind a mister human would never harm a yukkuri. Of course she was wrong. But going outside the alley alone would have been a dangerous trip for a little-one. The only thing she was sure about was that tomorrow, her life would change. She spent the rest of the day playing with her treasure, thinking of what could be her life. Maybe Mister Human would take her as a pet, so she can take it easy with him ! Maybe he would take her to an easy place with lots of others yukkuri ! Maybe... Maybe he would find out her mwommy and her dwaddy... This last thought brought tears to her eyes.

The night was coming. She climbed to the top of the trashbin as usual to watch the Moon. When she saw it, her filling felt warmer inside.

"Yu... Chage ich eajy, Mish Mwoon ! Pwease bwing mishter luck to Shagume eajy !"

She stayed here for half an hour, before her eyes began to close themselve.

"Yuwaa ! Shagume will shleep-shleep now. Gwood bye Mish Mwoon ! Bwe here tomowow twoo !"

She went back at the bottom of the trashbin, where she has her little refuge, but she couldn't sleep. Her mind was still thinking about tomorrow. Finally, Sagume managed to close her little eyes.

She was woken-up by a bizarre feeling, just like her easy place was moving. She tried to climb up, but the little passage she used to climb was sealed by a garbage bag : She was locked at the bottom of the trashbin. All of sudden, the noises an the moves stopped. And then her easy place turned upside down. Unable to hold on the slippery surface, she fell down with the garbage, from what have been the top of her home. Hopefully she landed on a trashbag, so he fall wasn't so hard. But the worst was still to come. Slowly, a huge piece of metal began to compact the trash, with her inside. She realised that it would lead to her death when she felt the compression on her body.


She cried in despair, but the huge, terrible press was deaf to her supplication


As soon as she pronouced this last sentence, the machine stopped. A firm hand threw away the garbage bag she was behind, then took her softly. It was a mister human. Still crying and shaking, she managed to speak.

"Ch... chank you. Mishter saved Shagume. Ch...Chage ich eajy..."

Then she fainted.

"Seriously people should be sent to prison for throwing away their pets like this.
- Man, what the hell are you doing ? You know we ain't allowed to take stuff from the garbage.
- You want me to put her back ?
- Damn man, it's a yukkuri. There is a lot of her kind, and they are pest. I wouldn't feel guilty. Some people are even paying for crushing them.
- I know, but this one is coming with me.
- You are too nice, ya' know ?"

The man dropped Sagume in one of his pocket. When she woke up, she was in a cardboard box. A peeled banana was next to her, as well as a little cup of water. But she was not hungry nor thirsty.

"Yu ? Where ish Shagume ?"

The face of Mister Human appeared above the top of the box. He was gently smiling at her.

"You finally woke up ! I was a bit worried !
- Did Mishter took care of Shagume ?
- Yes, I found you while collecting garbage, you remember ?
- Chank you ! Shagume will never chanks mishter enough !"

He carefully took the koyukkuri out of the box. He looked at her. For him, it was sure that a yukkuri with a single wing and no hat was an abused one. Being a dustman, he saw a lot of trash yukkuris, invading the streets, messing up the trashbags. But this one seemed different, too kind to be a shithead.

"So you are Shagume, that's it ?
- Yu ? No, Shagume ij Shagume !"

He remembered that babies used to slur their name.

"Sagume ?
- Yesh ! Chage ich eajy !
- I can't keep you as my pet. You have to understand. I don't have enough money to take care of you. I'm sorry.
- ..."

He felt bad for Sagume. But he had a solution. Many in fact

"I can give you to my daughter. She lives with her mother. She always wanted to have a yukkuri, but she is... inexperimented. If you prefer, I can sell you to a yukkuri petshop. You will surely find a nice guy to take care of you. It's up to you."

Sagume moved her little wing, like if she was thinking. It was up to her...


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This really. But otherwise its really a classic. I wish he'd abuse them more I guess.

Maybe we can chalk it up to the anon's imagination so he had an actual reason to be mad at Marisa.

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I'm really sick of the abuse.

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Yakumo Yukkuris are the best.

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how sinister!

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What is Yukkuri Sagume's filling?

>> No.15123430 [DELETED] 

Dango maybe ?

>> No.15123457

Mochi ?

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I've got no clue either, unfortunately.

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Finally an easy anon that appreciates cute yus

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I wish there were more of us.

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I only like it when they deserve it.

>> No.15124308

What if you spoil them and end up as shitheads?

>> No.15124537

Then it's time for discipline. Just enough to make a point and to help them realize their mistake.

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Discipline's fine, and I don't mind shitheads getting put down because generally they don't learn to respect their owners.

>> No.15124652
File: 202 KB, 850x601, Zombie yukkuri.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The end is near.

>> No.15124836

Man I wish someone on OYP would translate this story.

>> No.15124878

Should go to mister petshop. If the daughter is unexperienced it will cause us to be abused. Sagume will be fine with a new owner, and mister dustman will certainly get a lot of money for selling her.

>> No.15124889

I think we have better chances of taking it easy with the daughter, I think we'll get some really bad guy that abuses special types and livestreames it.
Unless the ex-wife's new boyfriend is an abuser and he does horrible things to us while the daughter fucks us up even worse when she tries to makes us feel better.

>> No.15124895

I mean, I think we'll get bought by a bad guy if we go to the store.

>> No.15124918

I think there would be a choice before being bought. And Sagume is a rare type, so she have less chance being abused than a Reimu or a Marisa

>> No.15125357
File: 144 KB, 512x512, 187f98cd6ef9fa2e7e27670c8f018e6d.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wake up

see this on night stand

wat do?

>> No.15125364

If shithead, leave to rot. If nicehead, keep it as a pet. Also, is there a summary for the anko?

>> No.15125372
File: 323 KB, 1000x708, 581df6a25279902b9d90711efc319e3131081c80.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

yukkuri have it hard

>> No.15125375

yes but it's abuse


>> No.15125378


>> No.15126300

>nicehead rare type with an inexperienced teen girl owner
Bracing for cute mishaps.

>> No.15126316

>that boarding action

>> No.15126319
File: 655 KB, 616x8033, 69e65d6bb9fc3de56e956129c8a0549a.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bullying a besto

>> No.15126360
File: 705 KB, 800x1784, 1a7cf4d7ead0c22a6be5652280c5e429.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.15126472

What the fuck is even going on in this pic?

>> No.15126501
File: 598 KB, 900x1300, 1fa8a286d897d73d1b8c6966bc3e898e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.15126511

>not swapping the kos's accessories

Be more creative with tortures, though you'd be doing the mother a favor by killing wasa.

>> No.15126517
File: 2.67 MB, 1600x2050, 0433f17225289db7e35cf473f0e7bfae.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.15126522
File: 116 KB, 400x2000, 823e8cdd1038ebc08d899eebc3b165ad3c9a64ca.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.15126958
File: 4 KB, 352x320, 1c2d63d9c9e21812a05780e74974b0a5.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>translation available
>not actually translated

>> No.15127539

literally me.

>> No.15127545

Is there a summary for the anko?

>> No.15129251

Shagume shtowy ij wate!

>> No.15129266

Shitty mister writer is taking it too easy!

>> No.15129528
File: 66 KB, 500x428, c187e9fb69aab183dcb948bf4b6fcf06.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.15129651

Takumi has surpassed kiriraitaa.

>> No.15129849
File: 250 KB, 1200x860, 704b7307123ef0e21a23eab73e3ac4ce.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.15129894 [DELETED] 

GMO yukkuri need to be labelled.

>> No.15129976

Well yeah, considering he's one of the last artists putting work out there more than once every couple months. Even big.g and y have slowed down considerably the last 6 months or so.

>> No.15129995
File: 637 KB, 1700x1000, f041d41f98aef627466f5e8eef79c66e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

any easy anon willing to translate?

>> No.15130035

kanji gan'd dake ich eajy!

>> No.15130234
File: 226 KB, 480x433, image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why do I keep hearing that death song every time I finish playing yukkuri diary?

>> No.15130243

Easy days are nearing its end.

>> No.15130421

In terms of artwork yes, nobody can top Takumi but his storytelling is still meh.

>> No.15130502


>> No.15130565

Damn that Reimu looks so abuse worthy. Look at its pathetic short little braids.

>> No.15131188

The last page of the pool has the basic summary, at least. Couple gets a Reimu together, girl cheats on the guy, guy takes out his anger on the Reimu.

>> No.15131339

We were all bodied yukkuri all along.

>> No.15131608

I'm late, I had to study for an uneasy mister test yesterday. Sorry for being so serious !

Chapter 3 : Being a pet

"Yu... Shagume thinks she will chage ich eajy with mishter's widdle one !"

Mister Human gave her a bright smile.

"Oh, you can't know how much she will be happy ! I'm going to see her this afternoon. You'll see, she is a nice girl !"

Sagume was filled with joy. She became a pet yukkuri ! The family she never had was here, with this miss human ! She flapped her wing with exitation.

At noon, she ate her banana, then mister helped her to clean herself, and put her in the box, in which he made some holes for breathing, then he took her into his car. Miss was living in a nice house afar from the city. Mister rang the bell, and a man opened the door.

"Carl..." Said mister with a glacial tone.
"Hi Frank ! We weren't expecting you ! Come in don't be shy !"

They entered the living room when Carl noticed the box mister was carrying.

"What is... this ?
- A present for Mary. A father still can do it even if he don't live with his daughter anymore, right ?
- Of course, of course ! Is it a yukkuri ?
- Yes, I found her while working. She is still a baby, but she is very mild-mannered. I think she was an abused pet.
- She has a badge ?
- No. But she is a rare type. I've never heard of this specie before.
- Ha ha ha ! You can't even spend the money to buy a real pet to your own daughter ? I feel sorry for you.
- You don't have to..."

Inside her box, Sagume was watching the scene by one of the holes. For her, this new mister human was really uneasy. How did he dared insult the easy mister that saved her ? How did he dared say she wouldn't be a suitable pet ? She puffed at him with all her strenght, even if he couldn't saw her. At this moment, a young girl came, as the uneasy mister left.

"Hi Daddy !
- Hi Mary ! I brought you something !"

The girl opened the box. Inside, Sagume was shaking her wing, to greet her new owner.

"Her name is Sagume. She is still a baby, but she is nice. And I think she is a rare type ! You said you wanted one, didn't you ?
- Yu ! Chage ich eajy mish owner ! Shagume ij Shagume !"

At this words, the girl looked down.

"What's wrong ?
- You know, I told this to Carl last week, and he bought me a whole gold badged family with a yukkurium... If I knew I wouldn't have... I'm sorry, dad...
- Yuyu ? Ish someching wong mish ? If you donch wanch Shagume, Shagume can leave easy..."

She smiled.

"Of course not ! I think there is enough place for you to take it easy ! I'll present you to my other pets ! And you look really special, you must be a rare type ! Thank you daddy ! You're the best !
- I shall leave now. Your mother certainly don't want to see me here.
- But you still can come see me you now. For me you will ever be my daddy !"

Mister then said goodbye to Sagume, before miss took her upstairs.

"You'll see, my yukkuris are easy ones, you will certainly take it easy with them !
- Yu !"

She opened a door. Inside a huge yukkurium, four yukkuris, two adults and two little ones, were playing.

"Looch ach me mwommy ! Mawicha ish mishter bird thach fwy in je shy ze !" a little one said while climbing on a little ladder.
- Yuuu ! Reimu has so cute little ones !
- Look, miss is back da ze !
- Chage ich eajy !
- Hi, I have a new friend for you !"

She opened the box, letting Sagume out.

"Chage ich eajy ! Shagume ij Shagume !
- Take it easy with Marisa family ze !
- Well, I'll go do my homework now ! Please be nice !
- Yuyu !"

>> No.15131610

Sagume was in admiration with this family. They had such nice badges, such shiny hair ! They looked very very easy. Sagume was a little hungry, so she hopped toward the food that was in the corner. But at she was about to eat, something bumped her, sending her flying through the yukkurium.

"Ich like fwying in YUGUU !"

Father Marisa was looking at her with mean eyes.

"Uneasy yukkuri don't touch Marisa's munch-munch
- Do shitty yukkuri that don't even have an accesory want to live in Reimu's easy place ? Then be Reimu Slave !
- Dwop dead eajy, je!" Little Marisa added.

Only little Reimu looked at her with pitiful eyes, but she didn't said a word. Sagume broke into tears.

"Yuuu ! Buch mish shaid ush to chage ich eajy !
- Sagume wants Marisa to do hurt-hurt again ze ? Stupid ? Wanna die ?
- Shagume will tell mish owner eajy !
- If shitty Sagume tells miss something, Reimu will crush Sagume ! Reimu will allow Sagume to eat her poo-poo if she shut up ! Sorry for being so generous !
- Mwommy and Dwaddy are the shtrongesht je !"

Sagume stayed alone for the rest of the day, her empty tummy hurting. For the first time, she fell asleep without saying hello to miss Moon.
She had a very uneasy sleeping this night.

"Yu... Mish Mwoon...Shagume ij...Why...Mwommy...
- Mishter bad dweam fwy away !"

Sagume woke up, feeling somebody doing rub-rub with her. It was little Reimu.
"Shagume can chage ich eajy with Weimyu ! Weimyu shabed some munch-munch for Shagume eajy !
- Yuuu, chank you eajy !
- Shagume should gwo bwack cho shleep ! Mwommy and Dwaddy will hear ush !"

Sagume ate the precious food little Reimu brought her. Her filling felt warmer : at least she had a friend. But she would have to make a choice for tomorrow...


>> No.15131676

Woah, I think we made a huge mistake.
What would happen if we stole little Reimu's accesory? Would the other yukkuri notice that the winged Reimu isn't the original little Reimu?

>> No.15131719

Why would Shagume do such an howwible ching to Weimyu ? Shagume ish an eajy Yukkuwi !

>> No.15131737

Are you kidding me?
If these are gold badge yukkuris, then Carl got scammed.

As for the choice, solidifying our friendship with small Reimu by playing with her might get us bullied by the others, but at least we'll have ms. Owner already trusts to vouch for our being an easy yukkuri.

>> No.15131756

We could steal the ribbon and pretend to be Reimu to have an easy life with the yukkuri family! Though I guess the daughter would notice a yukkuri missing and Sagume wearing a dumb ribbon.
I think playing with Reimu while the others are awake will make them hit us which will make miss punish them and they'll hate us forever.
Playing with miss likely has a similar result, I think being alone will make either miss or little Reimu have pity on us which sounds like the easiest way to have a good relationship with the other yukkuri.

Well, some gold yukkuri are smart enough to be nice when humans are around while being shitheads with "lesser" yukkuri when no one's watching, it could also be that Carl got some cheap family and made the badges like the piece of shit he is!

>> No.15131772

I think we would be best reporting the bullying to Miss in private. Maybe we could get her to secretly put a camera in her room to catch the shitheads red handed! That's a best-case scenario of course.

>> No.15132077

>he doesn't know

Gold badged only means well behaved to humans, it's very common for them to be mean.

We should've asked for pet shop since rare niceheads are so expensive you won't get many abyusers willing to buy them. Or just wait until her power kicks.

>> No.15132161

We ought to sit back and observe how things play out. Playing with tye miss will probably make the shitheads jealous and playing with the friendly Reimu will probably earn us a beating and Reimu being bullied by her shithead family

>> No.15132166
File: 89 KB, 530x356, 903743e6b1bd2b987fa5d4de425c789f.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.15132270

Oh good another shitty direction where the MC yukkuri gets shit on immediately.

I appreciate the work that goes into the stories, but are we ever going to get a direction in these stories where the yukkuri doesn't get the shit kicked out of it in some form or another?

>> No.15132283

it's just like real life

>> No.15132345

Life sucks for those at the bottom of the food chain.

>> No.15132367

If there is no conflict then what is the story supposed to be about? Choosing which treasure we play with?
Are you stupid? wanna die?

>> No.15132388

I mean, its pretty much the whole point of Yukkuri anymore. It would be nice to not be fucked from the jump though. I'm not gonna complain too much though, cause the guy is going out of his way to write a story for us.

>> No.15132398
File: 230 KB, 313x321, carlcuck.PNG.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What an uneasy mister, uneasy gold badges, and probably uneasy miss

We should have gone to the pet shop

>> No.15132418

Yeah, I mean conflict is fine, but it seems like every writer throws the MC yukkuri into the fire within the first choice. It would be nice to have a chance to establish something outside of "oh shit let's try not to die" first.

>> No.15132428

It's not like we are about to get killed, the family just doesn't trust some random yukkuri that was dropped in the middle of their house, we just started, maybe with this decision or the next one they get punished, we get raised separately, we get along or we can ask to leave or whatever the writer has in his bag.

>> No.15132441

Is Carl the guy that lives with your ex wife a meme? Or is the filename a coincidence?

>> No.15132527

No, it was intentional. I saw what easywriter did there

>> No.15132558
File: 367 KB, 1000x1406, 5e3b08bc067781f0588b94804ccb2050.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I hate yukkuri Youmu even more than the regular Youmu. It brings my piss to the boil that there's not more abuse of these shitballs on OYP

>> No.15132582

Pls don't bully the dork manju, they have it hard enough as it is

>> No.15132601

I only ever see them involved in crowd scenes punishing a yukkuri, one that rarely deserves it. That picture is from one of the few where the Myon scum get their just desserts. From a China no less.

>> No.15132614
File: 57 KB, 640x448, 1230022814178.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>just desserts

>> No.15132629
File: 346 KB, 900x1360, d9bd92f4d5c3e5764732453db17241e4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

youmus are a miracle of the universe.

>> No.15132637

>not getting the manjuu pun

>> No.15132684

Jesus H. Tapdancing Christ on a bicycle what in the name of God is this...

>> No.15132685

It's like the OP says, a new place to take it easy, now take it easy!

>> No.15132698

This goes beyond just not trusting her though. They are bullying her for not being a gold, hitting her, offering her to eat shit and not letting her eat either. That's straight shithead behavior, specially considering Sagume has literally done nothing at all besides greeting them.

>> No.15132710


>> No.15132794

I'm not very sure, but I think that's how gold badge yukkuris react to strays and/or pets with no badge. If I remember, that was shown on one of Hy's stories. I think it's Mother and Daughter.

>> No.15132798

Yukkuri canon is different from author to author, and even story to story. We can't make assumptions that they were trained to act this way.

>> No.15132801

Oh. Sorry then.

>> No.15132819
File: 425 KB, 800x1633, Extra.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.15132867
File: 839 KB, 1700x1000, 2049f35ce57faa335159ae1b197e16a4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Only if we stop acting like a nicehead in every story. I died a little inside when I realised Remilia wasn't a Remilia and just a winged Reimu who'd fight only to protect her friends.

>> No.15132906
File: 382 KB, 1200x725, abe162fe4ca982ec11d9d6fe17e7fa5a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There is some. Youmus are pretty cute though.

>> No.15132986

I think most people thought it would increase our survival chances, at least in that story. Turns out we should have just been the predator we were meant to be. I dunno, I voted to take what is ours and grab mister treasure from the beginning and act as predatory as possible.

>> No.15133030

And then they picked the suicidal path with Deibu anyway, that's what I meant, a predator would've loved the chance to punish a stronger Yukkuri who bullied her, or even just at the start not go sing with a Reimu family because we don't need to talk with food. The thing I noticed is that the thread in general will always act the same way regarding the story, so we can still have enjoyable things, just avoid picking predators, Alices and other similar types, because the way the things will go will be disappointing.

Anyhow, I'll stop complaining, it's up to whatever mister writer and the others want and whinning in this situation is wrong since the majority decides, just saying I'd want to spice things up.

>> No.15133176

I think the first real mistake we had in that one was approaching the Reimu family in public. Had Remi gone somewhere else to find a treasure or just gone home, I think things would have been a lot better for her. Making a scene near humans never ends well.

>> No.15133483

Turns out anons here aren't smarter than a yukkuri!

>> No.15133566
File: 15 KB, 219x204, sample-d824de7260813b84c9c4fa05a1ef636a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.15133645

i think a lot of this was due to the nature of the choices we were given. in almost all of the situations, the nicehead choice was the only one that anyone would even consider picking.
the most glaring example of this i think was when the "good girl" marisa was about to assault the little reimu. we had the choice to do nothing, take the assault for ourselves, or attack the marisa.
of course we chose to attack the marisa, because who would have picked the other ones? taking it ourselves would have been stupid and suicidal, and simply doing nothing would have been boring in a story where you want the remilia to do things.
it just so happened that even though the nicehead choice was 95% of the time the overwhelmingly obvious choice, they always ended up fucking us over for unforseeable plot reasons.

>> No.15133804

Can you really blame them? Cute yukkuri doing cute things aren't easy to kill, you know. For most people, anyway.

On one hand, getting teamwiped by a totally unforeseen occurrence happening out of nowhere is kind of shitty, on the other, that's what happens to pastebrains anyhow.

>> No.15134607

Nigga I wanted to beat the shit out of that dumb remi for MY treasure.

>> No.15134680

Wow, what shitty gold badges.
Let's just be really nice to them and tell them to take it easy all the time, then tell miss how mean they are.
Then they'll both be less able to take it easy and nicer to boot.

>> No.15134859

I'm planning on writing a story about a family of Alices and Patches from the PoV of a koAlice. Post it y/n

>> No.15134924

Does it involves lots of rape? Then y.

>> No.15135579
File: 1.86 MB, 1587x2245, 6b2bff3562fc6e3c14f4e560ca68a994.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>you will never crush a yukkuri
Why even live?

>> No.15135656
File: 70 KB, 566x800, happinech.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sure, why not? These threads always do well when fresh OC is served up.

>> No.15135711

I want to abuse a youmu until its white chocolate filling becomes dark chocolate.

>> No.15136884


>> No.15137234

Guess it can't hurt.


You're not sure exactly when you became aware. Such a concept as consciousness is lost on a custard-for-brains. You do know, however, that you're on the stalk waiting to be born. Mister Stalk, your ancestral memories tell you, is a very easy thing on which little ones grow. Soon you will come off Mister Stalk and be able to greet your mommy and daddy, perhaps even big sisters! 'Yu... Can't wait to meet easy mommy and city-sect daddy...' Your thoughts are clear, but the only noise you can make is an incoherent yu. The nutrients of the stalk and the constant easy sleep you are in means you don't mind this too much... But you still can't wait to greet the world.

Time passes, not that you can really tell how much. Occasionally, you hear words that you can't understand yet, as well as a very easy song - probably mommy! 'Mister Song is very city-sect!' You're not entirely sure what 'city-sect' means, but your custard tells you it is definitely the height of easiness and being a proper lady. You bet daddy knows all about city-sect things. You can't wait to learn from them both!

You feel in your custard that the time is fast approaching. The attachment to Mister Stalk feels loose, so loose you feel like you're going to fall. You can hear excited chatter from your parents. Suddenly it happens. One of your sisters is first. "Bein bworn eajy!" And with that she sets off a chain reaction. "Patche ij bein bworn!" "Shiddy-shect Awice is bein bworn!" "Bein bworn!" And before you know it it's your turn. "Bein bworn eajy!" Crack! And you fall onto a big Mister Soft-Soft. You open your eyes for the first time. "Chake id eajy!" - the all important first words, shared with your sisters, and addressed to the two adult yus in front of you. "Take it easy!" They respond. The nearest, a big Patchy with an empty stalk on her head, smiles at you. "Mukyu! Patchy is mommy!" "Mwommy ij vewy shitty-shect!" Says one of your big sisters, and you yu-yu your agreement to big sis - mommy is very city-sect indeed! "Mwommy wooks jusd wike Patche! Wets chage id eajy..." Says another big sis, approaching slowly. Another adult yu speaks, an Alice. "City-sect little ones take it easy! Alice is daddy!" This time you speak first. What do you say?

A. Daddy is very city-sect! Alice wants to rub-rub with daddy!
B. Daddy! Alice is hungry! Give munch-munch!
C. I was just born city-sect you know? Give lots of sweet-sweets to cute Alice!

>> No.15137288

Don't you think using strawpoll or something like that would make it easier to decide things?

>> No.15137365

A, let's get to know the family before we go shithead or whatever.

Also yeah, look into strawpoll, it'll probably be easier to manage choices.

>> No.15137478


>> No.15137682

Fuck it, C. I want to see where full shit head takes us.

>> No.15137687

C. Alices aren't meant to be good.

>> No.15138280


just write more cute

>> No.15138350

We had the easiest Reimu ever, Remilia died because she was a nicehead, Sagume is so cute that I hope she will have a better life...

What do we need here is an horrible, arrogant, cruel (and rapist) shithead Alice !

>> No.15139033

A, C is instant death flag.
Lets become a good girl for now and be rapist when the time is right.

>> No.15139315

C it is. Gonna start writing shithead koalice stuff right away!

>> No.15139582
File: 31 KB, 212x375, tmp_25830-6ab70cac9074fb04fb409f807f21d5ac~01-40803841.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Daddy is the honoured recipient of a greeting from you, so it's time for him to reward you! You declare as much loudly. "I was jusht bworn shitty-shect you know? Gib shweet-shweets to Awish! Loads ish fine!" To ram home the point you start shaking your anyaru. "Showwy for being sho cyute!"

Daddy laughs. "Yufufufu! What a city-sect little one that looks just like Alice!" She rubs up against you, to your delight. Your sisters watch on, and learn their first lesson: demanding what you want is very city-sect indeed!

Having learned from you, the little Alices all pipe up. "Dwaddy! Gib munch-munch, now ish fine!" "Awish ish hungwy! Gib sweet-sweets!" The cacophany encourages the Patchoulis to join in. "Mukyu! Da gweat sage of da shitty ish hungwy!" "Pwease dwaddy, Patche is hungwy..."

Daddy instinctively knows what to do. "Don't worry little ones! It's time to munch-munch on city-sect Mister Stalk!" She breaks the empty stalk off Mommy's head, and passes it to her. Mommy mashes it up with her teeth, and feeds everyone with the softened stalk flesh. You and your sisters enjoy your first easy meal. "Sho good! Dish shid ish sho good!" You declare loudly as you dig in. Your sisters seem to agree. "Munch-munch! Habbidess!" "Chank you for dish shitty-shect meal dwaddy!" "Batche wantsh more of dish good shid!" "Awish wiww wet you each her pwoo-pwoo if you forg ober more!" Mommy looks happy. "Mukyu! Patchouli's little ones are really taking it easy!" Daddy smiles widely. "So many city-sect little ones... It makes Alice feel warm to Mister Custard!" As you and your sisters finish your meal, nature soon calls. "Doin pwoo-pwoo eajy!" Almost in unison, you all fall on your backs, anyarus stretched out to Mister Sky. A short squeeze later, and a healthy lump of expired custard comes out. "Wefweshed!" You yell, and engage in some gratuitous anyaru waving. Daddy and mommy share the labour of clearing up the poo-poo, and soon the whole family forms a manjuu pile together, happily falling asleep to soft cries of "wub-wub." [1/2]

>> No.15139589

The next day, after a city-sect breakfast, daddy goes out to hunt, and you get a quiet moment to take it easy with your siblings. You are the youngest of eight, an even split of little Patchys and Alices. Naturally, you gravitate to the siblings who look like you. The Patchys are being boring and talking to Mommy, but you want to play.

Your three Alice siblings are differentiated by a thick fringe (Emo) a skinny headband (Princess) and shorter hair (Tufty). Emo knows what she wants. "Awish wantsh to find a shitty-shect Mishter Tweasure!" Princess yu-yus her agreement. Tufty looks unsure. "We'we still wittle ones... We canch go outside to wook fow Awish's Mista Tweasure..." Princess hmms, then looks like she had an a-ha moment. "Awish knowsh! We can wook for shitty-shect Mista Tweasure inside Mista House!" This satisfies Tufty, but Emo looks unsure. "Awish doesn't fink thewe will be a Mishter Tweasure here..." Your sisters look at you expectantly. What do you suggest?


>> No.15139648

I hope the other mister writer is going to continue Sagume's story and is just taking a break to study.

Also I think going outside will lead to us ending up around humans and that will not end well.

>> No.15140020 [DELETED] 

C. Let's get this shitty train rolling.

>> No.15140027

Lets not get too ahead of ourselves exploring. Remember Remi.

>> No.15140195

8 fucking kos? We should go in the house definitely, there'll be tons of good shit.

Can we be a shy/reserved shithead? Perhaps somewhat of mid intelligence so we survive any uneasy happenings. All humans are slaves of course.

>> No.15140236

Can't we just rub rub with kopatches on the while? Gotta get that pathces on our side.

>> No.15141156
File: 34 KB, 257x160, Uu~!.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Mister Writer here. The one who wrote Reimu's and Wemiwia's story.

Yukkuris, like humans, need conflict to have something to tell a story about. I wrote pretty dark stories because it gave value to the spots of easiness the main manjuus were allowed to reach. Also, I made sure not to give any dead end in the beginning in both stories.

Wemiwia began to have dead end choices later than Reimu did. And she died next to an open door to freedom.

The thread generally did well to avoid dead ends.

Not really. Fighting Flan for the pebble would have had Remilia with her family when kids would have burnt it for fun. She would have ended up alone in the streets without a roof or any source of food. Either way, Remilia was going to have it hard. I tried to write the story ina way that the good, or the "bad" choice was not always the safe or unsafe answer. Helping Weimyu against Marisa was the best solution, but so was leaving all your friends to be raped and killed by Deibu's gang and escaping a few chapters later. I wanted something nuanced, to contrast Reimu's story which was morally more one-sided.

Generally, in my stories, the yukkuris get fucked by the setting, but there's always a way to reach easiness in the end.
As of now, both Reimu and Wemiwia died standing for what they believed in.

I'll probably write a third story in the following weeks, as I'll have lots of free time.
Bad things will happen to the manjuu I'll write about, but it will be up to the thread to make the best of a bad situation.

>> No.15141881
File: 140 KB, 1089x842, d18343bfded1384c09207a72801c592c.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.15142379

Chapter 4 : Little Reimu

When Sagume woke up this morning, everybody in the yukkurium was still sleeping. As a wild yukkuri, she developped an instinct of survival that pets didn't have, especially after the trashbin incident. She was determined to take it easy in this new easy place, even if Reimu and Marisa were here. And she had only one friend here : Little Reimu. She slowly went to the mister bed the family was sleeping, and woke up her friend.

"Yugugu ! Weimyu wache up and play wij Shagume eajy !
- Yuuuun... Weimyu wanch cho shleep-shleep. Shagume can play awone..."

Sagume felt bad for her friend. Little Reimu brought her some food last night, and she thanked her like this. She was so egoistic in her mind !

"Shagume ish showwy if she bothered her eajy fwiend... Shagume will leave eajy...
- Shagume can shtay. Weimyu wanch cho tell a shecwet to Shagume.
- Yu ?"

Sagume was curious. This Reimu only knew her since yesterday and yet she told her her secrets ! It was probably really important.

"Weimyu's mwommy... ij not Weimu. Weimyu waj bown in je shtweet wike Shagume !
- Buch ? Why ij Weimu chinking Weimyu is widdle-one ?
- Weimyu waj chaking ich eajy with real Dwaddy and real Mwommy ! They were the eajiesht ! Buch one day, an uneajy mishter cwushed mwommy, and dwaddy, and bwig shish, and widdle shish, and, and... Yueeeen ! Mwommy !"

Sadness was too intense for little Reimu. Sagume tried to console her. She gently caressed her with her wing.

"Weimyu donch cwy... Shagume ij hewe."

But the memories of her dead family were too hard to bear. She continued her story, still crying.

"Uneajy mishter then took Weimyu in je shtweet, and shtole mishter wibbon. He gave Weimyu an ojer one. And when he pwesented Weimyu cho fwake Mwommy, she called me widdle one.
- This ij howwible ! How can this mishter do shomeching so uneajy cho Weimyu ? Shagume hope this mishter dwopped dead eajy !
- Nwo... He ij... He ij...
- Yugugu ?
- Mish owner Dwaddy"

Sagume had a shock. This easy mister... How can it be possible that a such easy mister human did that ? Why would he kill whole yukkuri families if he saved her from an horrible death ? Then she realised.

"Ij this mishter the mishter human that live here ?
- Yesh ! Mish hates him ! He can dwop dead eajy !
- Thish ij not Mish dwaddy ! He ij a fwake ! Mish dwaddy shaved Shagume !"

Reimu sobbed. Then she asked :

"Yu... Can Shagume be Weimyu shish ?
- Buch Shagume isn't Weimyu shish ! Shagume can't !
- Pwease...
- Yugu... Shagume will be Weimyu bwig shish ! Shagume will pwotect Weimyu !
- Waking up easy !"

Reimu and Marisa just woken up.

"What is shitty Sagume doing on Mari... Take it easy, miss !
- Take it easy ! You seem to get along well with your new friend !
- Yuyu ! Shagume ij Weimyu new bwig shish !" Little Reimu said.
"Cool, you're even part of the family now !
- Y...Yes ! Shagume ij chaking ich weally eajy !
- I'll buy some sweets when I'll come back from school !
- Buy a lot of sweet-sweets to Reimu !
- Mawisha too ! A loch ij enough da je !
- You're so cute, bye"

Marisa looked at little Reimu as Miss left the room.

"What is little-one saying ze ? Shitty Sagume will never be great Marisa's family ze!
- Buch...
- Is little-one stupid ze ? Uneasy little-one should be punished ze !"

Marisa then began to hit Reimu with her braid.

"Ich hurch ! Shtop !
- Nwo... Donch hurch Shagume's widdle shish..."

At this words, little Marisa turned mad at Sagume.


She dashed on Sagume, ready to crush her. Sagume managed to dodge, and to hit Marisa with her wing.


"How shitty Sagume dared to hurt Reimu's easy little one ? Fine, Reimu will crush shitty Sagume !
- Nwo ! Fwake Mwommy dwop dead eajy !
- How can little-one say that ?"

Marisa hit her more, so much that her ribbon fell off from her head. Marisa noticed something was wrong...

"But this is not little one... FWAKE LIDDLE ONE DWOB DEAD EAZY DA ZE !"

Sagume little paste brain began to think really fast. She analized the situation. Marisa was already beating little Reimu to death, while Big Reimu was coming to crush her... The ideas were processed into words, words that formed a sentence, ready to be told..."


>> No.15142405


>> No.15142623

the fuck it's only chapter four dude

Thinking about it, I think it's too early on in the story for anything to end up with us dead. Option 1 seems like the best choice if we at least want to attempt to save Reimu.

Unfortunately I misinterpreted the question in the poll and thought Sagume would be jumping in her place rather than blurting the options out loud, so I voted for 3. If mishtawriter could disregard one vote for option 3 and consider it a vote for option 1, I'd much appreciate it.

>> No.15142626

A or B. Begging for life will turn our ability against ourselves

>> No.15142675

What're the best Yukkuris to use as an onahole?

>> No.15142698
File: 100 KB, 344x540, e394ab6ff8a76e40ed8af494f5711fa8.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.15142759

Goddamn I cannot be angry at that Chen

>> No.15142906

>Unfortunately I misinterpreted the question in the poll and thought Sagume would be jumping in her place rather than blurting the options out loud, so I voted for 3. If mishtawriter could disregard one vote for option 3 and consider it a vote for option 1, I'd much appreciate it.
This is also my situation. Please do this one extra time.

>> No.15143107

Looks like Alice and co want to stay inside the house. The search for treasure will begin soon!

>> No.15143118

I figure the reason Deibus still get husbands is because to a yukkuri, being fat shows you have enough food and are thus attractive because your physique shows you can really take it easy.

>> No.15143136

Special needs /jp/sies don't know how sagume's power works!

>> No.15143252

>mister is a thief

The plot thickens. (Imagine if he stole garbage man's cap and Yus thought he was him)

The point of yukkuri is iften to be a crude representation of what people misterpret they are like or common jokes, that's why Marisas say da ze so much more than the real one, Alices are creepy rapists or yukkaris claim to be 17 years old.

I think it's safe to assume for the new species Sagume has this sort of power, like a Clownpieces will spout patriotic blabbing or Hecatias might be obssessed with other yus accessories and fashion. But then, they're new rare types, I still haven't seen much about those.

>> No.15143312

You yu and look confident. "Don't wowwy big shish! Da shitty-shect Awish finks we should wook for Mista Tweasure here in Mista House!" Tufty and Princess yu-yu. "Widdle shish is vewy cwever!" Emo, however, disagrees. "Schupid countwy bumpkin widdle shish! Dere'sh no Mishter Tweasure here!" You glare at her, and instinctively puff up. "Puff! Chut up! Awish ish da shmartest and mosht shitty-shect!" Emo cowers before your puff-puff - as well she should! How dare she defy you! Princess's eyes sparkle as she looks at you with admiration. "Widdle shish ish bwave choo!" Tufty looks a little upset though. "Widdle shishtersh shouldn't fight..." Emo is subjugated, but has an uneasy expression at having to submit.

You don't much care what your sisters say. After all, a city-sect leader only has underlings to do what she tells them to. "Big shishters follow Awish! Let's search Mista House for Mista Tweajure!"

For gutter trash yukkuri, your house is very large and pleasant. It's several big cardboard boxes chained together, ij the shade of a disused factory. Using Daddy's city-sect coordination and Mommy's brain, the spacious easy place was also insulated with assorted trash, keeping you cosier than most gutter trash could dream of. At the wall furthest from the loose piece of trash bag that formed the door, Mommy was on Mister Soft-Soft (a blend of cotton wool and fluffy insulation material) telling the little Patchoulis a story. Next to the Patchy rub-rub zone was a pile of promising looking stuff. "Wook at that eajy Mista Pile! Awish wiww inveshtigate!" Your sisters yu-yu their agreement and follow you.

All koyukkuri like shiny things or things that remind them of their Touhou origin. It's a familiar sight to see a little one playing with a pebble they thought was easy and took for their own. Usually, adult yus abandon these like toys when they grow older, possibly passing them on to their little ones. However, Alice types greatly crave material goods, which they see as a sign of the city-sect. Therefore, your daddy has piled up a great number of treasures over her life. You and your sisters search the pile, and you almost instantly find something you like.

>> No.15143324

"Yuu! It's Awish's Mista Tweajure!" You declare loudly. You've found a small metal bolt, which is very shiny and fits easily into your mouth. Tufty looks on in awe. "Widdle shish's Mista Shiny-Shiny is vewy shitty-shect!" Princess smiles - she's found an old penny, also very easy, so she's satisfied. Emo, however, starts to wail. "Twash wittle shish! Datsh Awish's Mista Shiny-Shiny!" You puff up again. "Puff! Awish found it fiwst sho it'sh Awish's! Shiddy big shish should dwop dead!" This time however, Emo isn't going to give up easy. She responds with her own puff-puff, a respectable effort at copying your own. Before she can yell anything, however, Mommy arrives. "Little ones! Stop fighting!" She picks you both up in her enormous flap-flaps. "It's wike fwying in da shky!" You instinctively cry. She pulls you both close to her body. "Mukyu! Mommy loves you so take it easy! Now, why are little ones fighting?" You manage to speak first. "Mwommy! Awish found dish easy Mista Shiny-Shiny, but big shish is twying to chake it from Awish!" Tufty and Princess yu-yu in agreement. "Big shish is buwwying Awish's poor widdle shish!" Says Tufty. "Widdle shish was chaking it eajy wif Awish till twash big shish came along!"

Egged on by the voices of Princess and Tufty, the little Patches join in. "Schupid big shish should go die!" "Mukyu! Patche doesn't hab a big shish who stealsh Mishter Shiny-Shiny!"

Mommy gently sets you down. "Mukyu, go and play, easy little ones. Mommy needs to punish this uneasy one." The Patche sisters crowd round you, one even coming close to rub-rub with you and ask if big sis hurt you. Amongst the commotion and affection from your sisters, you hardly notice mommy leave with Emo and barely hear the uneasy noise of koyukkuri shrieking.

After a feast of biblical proportions ("Alice found so much munch-munch she can take it easy with little ones tomorrow!") the night has arrived. Everyone is taking it easy on Mister Soft-Soft. You feel you want to grace one of them with your city-sect rub-rub - but who do you rub with?

>> No.15143358

Uneasy trash got punished easy!

Hmm.. all choices are appealing. I want to rubrub with Emo just to make her lash out at us again. Then again, rubrub with Daddy seems like a good idea so that we become her favorite little one.

>> No.15143363

Damn, finally a proper shithead story.
Yeah, if we become daddy's favourite we'll get all the treasures and food.

>> No.15143439

I'm afraid that we'll end up raping one of the kopatches or even mommy if we rub with them.

>> No.15143449

I don't think ko's get rapey with rubrubs. Well, they certainly do with vibrations though.

>> No.15143454

Choice E: don't rub-rub and let big sis eat poo-poo instead

>> No.15145435
File: 260 KB, 715x1000, 4f3f68bc5d62a99a658781e69ccf9021.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>This story will never be finished

>> No.15145817

And what is that one?

>> No.15146281


>> No.15146285


>> No.15146332
File: 222 KB, 850x1202, sample-039df42eddc823e3f75ec34334896ce7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.15146468


>> No.15147656

Honestly if it was a potential gold badge he should have just sold it, and told the parents he killed it.

>> No.15149206

>You will never shove a hot piece of metal through a koyukkuri piss-hole

>> No.15149416

Mwake Amewica Greawd Again da ze~

>> No.15150149
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Baby Maricha 1.44.



>> No.15150157
File: 141 KB, 768x588, lick lick.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



>> No.15150163
File: 131 KB, 771x540, nnoooooooooo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



>> No.15150174
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Escaping easy..slowly..slowly.

>> No.15150188
File: 144 KB, 777x570, glitched the fuck out.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And here we glitch the fuck out. Picked up the shaved Maricha and lit her on fire. Mister Hatch and wonderful mister hair magically reappear and the cooked mister hatch starts break dancing at the bottom.

>> No.15151056
File: 231 KB, 1280x1024, 4a0a705d4baf86a61201a44852409e0c.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.15152072

Is that Piko?

>> No.15152355
File: 424 KB, 600x2500, Abuse comic-019.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.15153418
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>> No.15153501

You realize that there will be at leas 3 versions of this aimed at abyuse fans?

>> No.15153511

I think it was more about drilling the message of "If you have little ones they will die in agony and pain." into the parents paste core.

>> No.15153637
File: 444 KB, 920x1306, f07fee643f81c651fdacd415f3f8d3bd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.15154756


Am I the only guy who thinks that Piko NEEDS freckles?

>> No.15154841
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no need to improve perfection,

>> No.15155127

She looks really happy licking that hat.

>> No.15155140

I love it when stupid parent Yus try to remove those and they just end up ripping their bottoms off.

Also can't take it easy without koalice shenanigans. Mister please.

>> No.15155208
File: 80 KB, 400x600, 6f44898631f6905e6a72cb216ecb54c9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Work has been deleted or the ID does not exist.
why do artists do this?

>> No.15155257
File: 421 KB, 920x653, bb368798c6480520e532a8cd5069ceba.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.15155558

Chapter 5

"Weimyu... will die..."
As Sagume said those words, she became extremely calm. The solution was evident in her paste brain. And there was only one way to save Reimu. She slowly closed her eyes, and her mind faded away...

"Yu ? Where ish Shagume ?"

She was in a really easy place. A sweet feeling filled the air, and a silver-colored light was coming from the ground.

"Ish Shagume on Mish Mwoon ?"

She saw something coming to her. It was a round, ghostly silhouette. However, Sagume wasn't afraid by the apparition, instead, she was curious. She tried to hop in it's direction, but she wasn't moving.

"Waich ! Who awe you ? Shagume whanch cho know !
- ae... ea... itle ... ne...
- Shagume doesht undershtand !
- Take it easy, little one...
- Yu ? Mwommy ?
- Yes... Mommy is here, little one. Take it easy !
- Yugugu ? Did Shagume chook ich eajy fowever ?
- No... Mommy is proud of you, little one."

The silhouette was disappearing. Sagume was crying for her.

"Waich ! Mwommy ! Shagume wanch cho shtay with Mwommy ! Pwease shtay with Shagume !
- Mommy will be with you, Little-one. Forever... Take.... care of...
- Waich ! What do Shagume have cho chake care of ?"

The darkness surrounded her, as her mind fell in the void.

She was woken up by an intense pain. Her wing was hurting her a lot. She opened her eyes. Little Reimu and Miss were looking at her. She was in miss's room, on her mister bed.

"Chake ich eajy... Widdle shis, mish owner...
- You are alive ! I should have taken care of you more. Please forgive me.
- Shagume mishter fwap fwap can't chake ich eajy.
- I know. I've put some orange juice on it, but I don't know if it will recover. At least you shouldn't feel pain.
- How did Shagume did ich ?
- Shagume waj amajing ! Ich waj wike Shagume waj fwying in je shky ! Shagume shaved Weimyu ! Chank you ! Chank you !
- I was going to the High-school when I realised I forgot something. I found you lying motionless outside the yukkurium, with little Reimu crying and those three... things badly hurt. It seems that you remained unconscious the whole day. It's a miracle if you are still alive !
- Shagume doeshn't undershtand..."

Miss and little Reimu then explained her what happened. When was about to be crushed by Reimu, she dashed toward her. Using her wing to turn while she was midair, she managed to use it as a spear, and to plant it in Reimu's left eye. She then wounded little Marisa badly by landing on her. Big Marisa, in shock, ceased to beat little Reimu and fought Sagume. She was cut several times by the wing, which turned to be as sharp as a knife, but then punched Sagume hard with her braid, sending her out of the yukkurium. Hopefully her wing caught the impact, saving her from being crushed. It was at this moment that miss entered the room. Sagume didn't believed that she did that. How can a baby yukkuri beat an adult one ? But she had to realize. She was the one wo did that.

"Shagume ish showwy ! Shagume waj an howwible yukkuri and did hurt-hurt cho mish pet ! Mish should punish Shagume eajy !
- I won't. I am the only culprit here. If I took care of you, it wouldn't have happened. You saved your friend, and you were really brave.
- Bwig shish Shagume ij the besht !
- However I want you to do something. I think the decision belongs to you."

Miss took Sagume to the yukkurium room. Inside, Marisa, Reimu and their little one were looking at them. Marisa skin was bruised, and the bean paste was clearly visible through her wounds. One of Reimu eyes was gone, now replaced by a huge scar. But the most injured was little Marisa, who had a huge hole on her right side. She had lost a lot of her filling, and was sobbing silently. The view was gruesome for Sagume. She didn't wanted to look at the yukkuris.

"Shitty Sagume that can't take it easy can drop dead easy ! Look at what she did to Reimu ! Miss please punish her and bring Reimu some sweet-sweets ! Right now is fine !
- Shut up. You tried to kill Sagume. She will now judge you."

The three yukkuris seemed to understand.

"How can miss be so dumb ? Punish Sagume easy and bring cute Reimu sweet-sweets ! Sorry for being so cute !
- Marisa didn't do anything wrong ze! Sagume knows that ze ! Please forgive Marisa da ze !
- Pwease... fowgive Mawisha and Dwaddy and Mwommy da je ! Mawisha waj a bad yukkuwi buch Mawisha pwomise that Mawisha will not buwwy Shagume anymowe ! Mawisha wiww even allow Shagume cho be bwig shish je !"

At this time Sagume had mixed feelings. Of course a part of her wanted those yukkuris to drop dead easy, because they tried to kill her and her sis'. But on the other hand she knew that she was responsible for their situation. If only she had told it to miss, maybe this would have ended a different way... Slowly, she gave her judgment.


>> No.15155603

Well, they are clearly shitheads, but maybe this is a test and miss is going to judge us as hard as we do them.
We should get rid of them and then we'll either have to deal with the stepfather or living outside, I think this is the better choice we have to take it easy anyway.

>> No.15155694

You're not a shitlead like them, so death is a bit much. I wonder if they'll try to break back in if thrown away (or the stepfather could get upset), and the last option seems like it could go either way.

I think the safest option for everyone is C.

>> No.15156455

>I love it when stupid parent Yus try to remove those and they just end up ripping their bottoms off.

>> No.15158062

I dunno how that backwards talk thing works but if we say we don't wanna live with them, odds are it will happen anyway. Telling them to drop dead is pretty scummy, so the last option is not to kill them but toss them out (which may kill them anyway).

>> No.15158137

Damn, Sagume is scary when she get pissed !

>> No.15162477

Happens in 'Compost Family'. Almost happens in 'Mother and Daughter'. Can't really remember any others but I feel like it's not too uncommon.

>> No.15162795
File: 243 KB, 920x653, 7ce094876850eb7864fd1871a8f16f46.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.15162813

Brave big sisters!

>> No.15162929
File: 161 KB, 630x500, Alice and koAlice rubrub.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Daddy brought lots of munch-munch for Alice, the most city-sect lady, so you feel she deserves the glorious first rub-rub. You sidle over to her and begin rubbing cheeks. "Dwaddie ish a vewy shitty-shect yukkuchi who bwought Awish mwunch-mwunch, sho Awish will gib dwaddie wub-wub!" Daddy smiles, and returns your rub-rub happily. "Rub-rub! Happiness! Alice can really take it easy with such a very city-sect little one!" You smile, able to take it very easy with Daddy's praise. Before long, Tufty and two of your Patchy sisters arrive. You recognize the one who comforted you after Emo proved her scum attitude – what a country bumpkin! - by her lithe body (Scarecrow). Alongside her is the opposite, a yukkuri for whom moving seems uneasy, one who ate more than her fill at every mealtime (Fatty). Scarecrow rubs up against you first. "Patchy's cyute widdle shish!" she says. Fatty isn't very far behind. "Mukyu! Batchy's widdle shish wesht eajy!" You rub against both sisters, and the easy attitude makes you feel inspired. You start to sing, a song based on the song Mommy sang while you were on the stalk.

"Yu yu~ Eajy dayz~ Yu yu~ Wewaxing dayz~ Yu yu~ Hwappy dayz~"

Tufty yu-yus. "Wow! Widdle shish shang a weawwy eajy shong!" Scarecrow and Fatty yu along. "Batchy's widdle shish wiww be an idol shome day!" Fatty offers. You stand proudly. "Of courshe! Awish is the eajiest yukkuchi in da world! Awish's alweady an idol!" Daddy yu-yus happily. "As expected of Alice's most city-sect little one!" Mommy, Princess and two more little Patchys approach. "Awish's eajy widdle shish!" "Mukyu! Pache's idol widdle shish!" "Mukyu! Patchy and Alice's little one is really taking it easy!" They crowd around you for praise and rub-rubs, and you thoroughly enjoy the much-deserved attention. The only one who doesn't join in is Emo, who sits alone by herself. She doesn't sleep easy that night, unable to share the affection of her parents and sisters.

The next few days pass nicely in your cosy easy place. Daddy shows clear favouritism for you, even bringing you sweet-sweets on one occasion. The family doesn't seem to mind, however – singing your easy songs for them, you are the family's idol, a yukkuri who can really take it easy. You of course believe you deserve this by birth, and spend your first few days inside the house, believing the world outside should bow to your easiness. Big sis Emo does not agree with the family that you are an idol, but disagreeing with your parents is not very smart for a baby yukkuri. She is an outcast in her family home.

A week after your birth, you are now old enough to be truly called a ko, rather than a baby. Your little crawl has become a healthy hop, and your body is now a good match for your exploratory nature. Yukkuri, especially kos, enjoy an adventure, so long as it's not too strenuous. So when the time came to go with Daddy on a hunt-hunt, you and your Alice sisters jump at the opportunity.

You find yourself hopping along after Daddy in a nearby local park. Spirits are high; you are singing your very easy song, and Tufty and Princess are singing your praises. Emo shuffles along after you, lagging behind and straying away, still uneasy at being left out. The park is a very easy place. There are scores of Mister Humans enjoying the crisp spring air, most picnicking. Daddy teaches you how to steal from them when they aren't looking; you learn the art of human stealth, which is to say not yelling "slowly, slowly" when stalking your prey. You manage to grab some Mister Sandwiches, Mister Fruit, and even Mister Cakes. Daddy hands you a sack to put them in ("Alice's city-sect hunt-hunt bag!") and you do so happily. "Awish fwound lots of shitty-shect mwunch-mwunch, sho be shure to gib her extra shweet-shweets!" you say. Daddy smiles at you, but suddenly her face clouds over. "Yu? What'sh wrong dwaddy? Are you chupid?" "Little one, don't turn round." she says. "Look here, and Daddy will give you sweet-sweets." Your yell of "Shweet-shweets! Awish can weally chake it eazy!" almost drowns out the "Yunyaaa! Dwon'd ead Awish'sh Mishter Cushtard!" "This donut tastes like shit. Why couldn't you be a Chen? I love choccy donuts." "YUBYAAA! AWISH IDN'D MIZDER DONUT!" As you munch-munch on your sweet-sweets, you look up at Daddy, who seems to be crying. "Yu? Why ish Dwaddie shad?" you ask. Daddy shakes the tears out of her eyes. "Alice wishes… wishes that that little one could've taken it easy more..." "Yu? Why does Dwaddie shay fings Awish doesn't undastand?" "Never mind. Little ones, let's go home and take it easy with Mommy and little ones that look like Patchy."

Tufty and Princess yu in response. "Wook Dwaddie! Awish found a Mishter Shiny-Shiny!" Tufty has a shiny new quarter in her mouth. "Awish's shishtersh can chake it weawwy eajy!" You hop along home, yu-ing your easy song, deaf to the soft moan of "Dish… ish... shiddy liddle shish's... fault… Awish… wanded... eajy more..."

>> No.15162947
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As you approach the easy place, a terrible sight awaits you. There is a splatter of cream on the ground, and a flattened doughball wearing the remains of a cute pink hat. Tufty shrieks and drops her Mister Shiny-Shiny. "AWISH'S BIG SHISH!" She charges up to the corpse. "Big shish Patchy! Pwease open your eye-eyes dat sparkle wike Mister Shtars! Wick-wick! Awish ish doing wick-wick so get better easy!" It's no use. The eldest Patchouli and the eldest Alice are both dead. Daddy's face darkens. "Little ones, stay out here." She walks into the house by herself, but not before you see her you start to hear uneasy shouting noises.

"Mu… kyu… Alice… Take... babies... run..."
"What is shitty Alice doing here? This is Deibu and her babies' easy place! Deibu is a single mother, isn't she pitiful? Don't take it easy and go away!"
"Yunyaa! Don't touch Deibuuu!"
[Shlop shlop shlop]
"Unf, Reimu's city-sect mamumamu… Alice's magnum will make you refresh~!"

Four koyukkuri about your age burst out of the easy place, three chubby Reimus and a skinny looking Marisa. They're crying about their mommy. You get a glance at what is happening inside. Mommy is alive, but looks a little worse for wear, and is surrounded by the three living Patchoulis, who are comforting and lick-licking her. Daddy is standing over a huge, fat Deibu, her face contorted in a disgusting expression as she pounds her body against the other yukkuri. Deibu is looking weak, and has five stalks with little yukkuris on sprouting from her head. Seeing what Daddy is doing awakens something in your custard. You watch the fleeing figures of Deibu's babies. "Nhoooo, zundere-zundere!" You say, and give chase. "PWEPARE TO WEFWESH WIF DA SHITTY-SHECT IDOL AWISH!" The Marisa and one of the Reimus scream, and falter in their step. Your penipeni stands proud and erect as you close in for the kill. Who receives the city-sect love?



Sorry this took a while. Busy weekend.

>> No.15163016

Maricha is skinny and a bumpkin, get one of those chubby little Weimyus instead.

>> No.15163023

Marisa suffered enough already under a Deibu mother! Punish shitty Reimu!

>> No.15163134
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Because I'm an autist and like graphs, have a family tree before I go to bed.

>> No.15163382

We may be shitheads but we are no chubbychasers.
Lets rape Maricha!

>> No.15163444

I say, we refresh with the koDeibus, and leave the hungry Marisa alone. We could also probably have her as a new family member.

>> No.15163761

Remember what happened in the Remilia story with Deibu? I don't think we should take any chances; get rid of them and make sure we don't see them again. Since we're playing nicehead, second choice seems to be the more merciful option, so I'd go with that.

>> No.15165464

Come now, everybody knows alices like marisas best.

>> No.15165469

>that wider bar on fatchouli

>> No.15165553

>We could also probably have her as a new family member.
What kind of yukurri do you think we are?

>> No.15165662

Nothing wrong with finding a shitty slave yukkuri to bring us sweet sweets and generally mistreat.

>> No.15166897

I don't know what's going on anymore.

>> No.15166982
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It's our destiny.

>> No.15167304

Rape time

>> No.15168228

Please rape the plumpest Reimu. Hopefully we can use Marisa as a poopoo slave.

>> No.15169058
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>> No.15169658

Bump limit can't take it easy

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>> No.15172356


>> No.15172373

Just finished the latest shithead koAlice, shall I post it here or wait for a new thread?

>> No.15172387

post here easy!

>> No.15172400



>> No.15172463

Ended up posting it here >>15172435