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Congratulations on being selected to participate in Gensokyo's mating season! This will be your mating partner. Go ahead and introduce yourself to her!

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Y-you too!

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Literally who?

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y-you too

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Simply epic.

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Guys come on this really is just too cringy.
Just go back to tohno chan with this already.

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I wanted Ran... I don't care if she's an older woman, I want her!

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Small fry from stage 4.

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Is Momiji the most secondary Touhou now thanks to all the "Awooo" crap?
Or are Flan and Koishi still the most secondary ones?

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A thread died for this

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I think she is considering she isn't a boss at all. She doesn't even has a theme, and no, fall of falls doesn't count.

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Man, for a random lottery, this isn't bad at all. I'd hang out with and have funsex with Momiji for a few days. Do I get to hang around her guard post and/or go around whatever village the Tengu have too?

Not the best result, but it'd be damn hard to complain about it. How did they know? Must be my appreciation for canines over felines.

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In the English fandom. Cirno and flan still reign supreme in Japan

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Do you people enjoy posting this stuff?

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Momiji is a good girl!
I want to scratch her ears and tell her I love her!

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Story time with Momizi!

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Cirno was 35th in the last popularity poll. both red and green Flans are some of the most secondary Touhou.

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Only if I can fuck her through the spats.

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My impression was that the mass of secondaries and tertiaries still mostly think of baka nine ball when they hear touhou

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The boss secondary himself immediately answered with Cirno as well during the Q&A, so you might be on to something.

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>Cirno was 35th in the last popularity poll
Dont worry Cirno, you will always be one of my daughterus. I hope you sisters Flan and Medicine are also doing well.

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Too bad that's not how theobromine poisioning works. Technically it would be just as poisionous for humans as it is for canines, but our increased body mass and larger livers make it nearly impossible to poision ourselves faster than we metabolize it unless one were already in liver failure. Even if Momiji did process it as slowly as a midsized canine, it would take more than a few first-time bites of dark chocolate for symptoms of poisoning to manifest. She would need to eat a significant (several bars) amount, or eat moderate amounts at regular intervals (before it could be metabolized) for her to start feeling sick.

TL;DR unless Momiji has a tiny dog liver, she is virtually unaffected by the theobromine in chocolate.

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Well good. I wouldn't want Momiji to die after a wonderful love making session.

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>maternal and child health handbook
Conceiving the pups is only the begining of your parenthood adventure with Momiji!

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She smells like wet dog, dude.

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Can I mate with Kagerou or the yamabiko instead? I'm not really attracted to Momiji

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Which doggy do you play with?

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If this doesn't result in impregnation I'll be quite upset!