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Youmu is NOT a dork!

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Youmu is a mega dork!

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Well I have it on good authority that she is.

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A shotacon dork!

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Youmu is the biggest dork in the whole world.

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shut up you old hag

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Truth hurts.

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Prove Youmu is not a dork

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Thank you janny

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Lmao you guys watch me bully this stupid dork. Shes crying! LMFAO!

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Why is everyone such a cunt to poor Youmu?

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Youmu will slice you up if you go too far with the bullying!

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describe 'too far'

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Because dorks are for being bullying

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Woah! That's a lot of mayonnaise! Youmu is gonna get fat if she keeps that up!

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Hey Anon. You should- heh... You should go over there and call her fat and ugly! haha!

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She is, canonically, a clumsy doofus who stays home all day and has an unhealthy obsession with one thing.

Given, she's also basically a slave, but more or less she's a dork.

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Youmu is a DORK!

A Silly... Sexy,loveable dork.

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Youmu is a DORK!

A Silly... Sexy,loveable dork.

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Why do we allow dorks to roam free? Can't we do something about it?

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Youmu's pretty cute for being such a big silly dork.

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Drunk Youmu!

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Is it normal to want to impregnate the dork?

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If Youmu isn't a dork, then Sanae is not a slut.

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Why on earth would anyone like Youmu?

She has a colossal stick up her butt, works all day and generally isn't fun, is scaredy cat towards ghost stories and darkness, and her only friend is a fat ghost bitch.

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Hey! Everything you said about Youmu is true, but leave Yuyuko out of this. She's a good girl. Be nice!

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She is canonically, everyone points out her immature behaviour when she has a relevant spotlight.

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Youmu is my WIFE

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That isn't true however, one has basis in canon and the other just is secondary memes. Surprise box

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Then I guess Youmu is a dork, because Sanae is most assuredly a slut.

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youmu feels the same way

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>If Youmu isn't a dork, then Sanae is not a slut.

Who says Youmu isn't both?

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What manga is this?

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yes she is

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Youomu's a dork! A CUTE dork!

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Youmu is my daughter!

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I've heard cool things about you, dude.

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i fapped to Youmu today

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She's such a dork she works for free!

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I dare one of you to go ask her out, haha.

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I already did! She's my girlfriend!

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Training with Youmu!

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Youmu likes corn. Only dorks like corn.

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But corn makes whiskey

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You can make whiskey out of several grains. Youmu is a dork because she likes eating corn itself!

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>name calling and harassing a trained swordwoman packing heat

It's like you fags WANT to be impaled through your virgin anuses

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>packing heat
Wait, she has a penis?

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Of course.

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You never had corn on the cob? Or popcorn? Or a corn tortilla?

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Its just friendly banter

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Lifting the skirt of a girl who has a sword and knows how to use a sword and isn't afraid of killing someone with a sword seems like a really bad idea.

Fuck you, corn's good and I'm no dork.

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That faceless dude is fast enough to make afterimages, he'll be fine

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Afterimages? That's cute. Don't challenge Youmu to a contest of speed.

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Why do you say that?

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Because Youmu's incredibly fast, duh.

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How fast though?

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Fast, very fast. Aya fast. One of her spellcards has her moving two or three thousand kilometers in the blink of an eye. She's fast.

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>taking spellcard titles literally

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Sazanami Mio does some great art with Youmu.
Drawn with amazing thighs and butt to match, she's a hot dork.

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She actually moves that fast during it, though. It's not just a name.

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>name calling and harassing a trained swordwoman IN heat

Fixed that for you.

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You've reminded of how much I dislike that everyone treats Youmu as a dumb and moe dork when she's an extremely accomplished swordswoman.

I think the idea of a dorky character who's still extremely skilled at something like swords appealing, but I guess the 2hu fandom just wants a useless moeblob for Yuyuko to mess with.

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She's an accomplished swordswoman, sure, but she's still a dork. You can't just pick one or the other and have it still be Youmu.
Dumb, useless moeblob is definitely inaccurate, though.

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ghaha me

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haha lol

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Does Yuyuko have sex with her servants?

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sshh Youmu is sleeping

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No, but I do.

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be gentle

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She hungers for more than just food.

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Reminder that she infiltrated the SDM in CoLR but was so dorky she forgot to actually hide and just sort of stood there in front of everyone while spying on them.

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I'll try, but no promises.

She more than made up for it in SSiB. Successfully sneaking around the Lunar Capital with Yuyuko in tow for days (or was it weeks?) on end is pretty amazing.

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Please buy Youmu's game.

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I like her other game more. It's pretty short, though.

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What kind of question is that? Of course Yuyuko has sex with her servants. How else would Youmu have been born in the first place?

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Why does Yuyuko have a fetish for traps?

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She's always been a strange person. Practically every piece of clothing that present-day Youmu wears are hand-me-downs that Yuyuko tried to get Youki to wear when she was still alive.

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you know what to do weebs

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It's translated you dummy just go to danbooru

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I want to sniff this half guman

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When you think about it...
Isn't Momiji kinda dorky too?

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Youmu is a Mcintyre!

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lol nerd

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2hu dork + dork 2hu

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I've been livin' in a dream about Youmu,
And now I know!
She is all I ever wanted on my mind!

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whatever dweeb

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More when?

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I know I'm supposed to feel bad for her but this picture of Youmu makes my dick REALLY hard

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>open in iqdb
>Danbooru comment is someone bitching about someone uploading a hard translation

Why are people still asshurt about this

>> No.15129735

>So what's the point of uploading a hard translation?
Doesn't sound very bitchy or asshurt to me.

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Post cute pictures of yuyuko eating myon

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Like this?

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Or maybe this?

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How about this?

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I always get triggered when it's not a faceless bald man

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The Yomu is a Dork meme has come full circle.
The new chapter of Visionary Fairies in Shrine she truly acts like a dork, with the aid of Clownpiece.
So the meme has now become (semi)canon.

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I love your daughter! I'll be sure to take good care of her

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I see Youmu's petite, stinky feet!

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She was drunk, that don't count.

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Marrying Youmu!

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Youmu is an ork!

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I don't think Youmu likes being called a dork.

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Youmu is fairly intelligent.

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You just tell yourself that's mayonnaise.

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I want to pork the dork