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This is my Miko, there's another like her but this one is pure.

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Best pair. Would ask for a threesome with.

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Perfect elegant gap youkai and shitty douchebag miko. Average at best.

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My Miko is way better.

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Pure shit, you mean.

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Say that again, not online, and see what happens.

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Yukari's own personal sex toy.

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Giving birth to Yukari's baby...

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This is Byakuren's Miko.
There are none like her and this one is hers!

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Who's the leader of the shrine that's made for you and me?
Who is flying coast to coast and far across the lake?


Forever let us hold his banner high.
High. High. High.
Come along and sing a song and join the family.

Anyone who runs, is a youkai.
Anyone who stands still, is a youkai causing an incident.

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Cute. I bet Tenshi and Yukari would get into all sorts of fun trouble together.

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Hakurei gaymu.

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Stop it. Yukari is not a man, and she certainly doesn't have a wife!

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What's Marisa's major malfunction?

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Mommy and daddy didn't give her enough attention when she was a child.

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She hangs around Reimu, who is a bad influence, she should hang out with others more!

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A Youkai shrine maiden? No one would go to the Hakurei Shrine again. Gensokyo would collapse

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Nobody goes to her shrine anyway.

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She works her ass off every day trying to keep up with the likes of Reimu and youkai who don't seem to be putting in half as much effort. Marisa will always be an ordinary magician.

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Why is Yukari a giant?

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Raymoos like 14 dood

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Yukari is a happily married woman with a family!

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14 inches

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Reimu is way older than that. Like 20s or something.

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Stupid hag, can I take a shower first?

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Miko pheromones are powerful. They can attract all manner of species.

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I love Yukari, and when I grow up I'm gonna marry her!

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