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Just one look at you, and they already know...

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Nice to hear, but that won't convince the cops I'm not the one who killed her.

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Paizuri with Yukari's saggy tits of course.

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That's impressive, since I don't think that even I know.

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>hey nerd, which one of us do you want to take your virginity?

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P-Please don't tell anyone that I'm high...

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>they already know...
That I want to be a girl?

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Reimu, after our marriage!

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>Yukari is thinking "I want this guy's cock".

>Reimu is thinking "I want this guy's money".

There's a stark difference.

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Reimu would happily accept sex on the condition that she gets paid and you do all the work while she lies there and takes it

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Sounds fucking boring!

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Shut the hell up you stinky nerdlord

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Yukari best choice
All women want my money, but only a few want my dick too

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wow, her boobs are as big as her head.

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Then forget her, Yukari will probably take control and teach you all sorts of naughty things she's learned in her lifetime!

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yukari is a virgin

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no, i am

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Like hell she is, if Yukari is a virgin then I'm a sex god

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I basically agree with you. I just know that some people would be more into Reimu's type of sex here.

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i want yukari to give me wrinklejob

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I want to fill Yukari's experienced, mature, fertile womb with my virgin sperm.

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Sure she is. she's only 17

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She wants you to as well

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Oh boy! Yukari-sama is going to make me a man!

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Oh boy! Yukari-sama is going to make me a mom!

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Know what?

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If they know then why aren't they handing me that kleenex? I'm about to sneeze and it's very rude to just smile at me in a condescending manner.
Shrine jew and old hag are terrible people!

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I would totally bear Yukari's child. That's probably the highest honor in the entirety of Gensokyo.

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Lookin' kinda Artemis there Yukarin.

(Is this worksafe? Danbooru has it set as questionable, but there's just some man ass.)

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are you guys real life girls

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No, it's just that Yukarin's thick futa sperm is so strong it will impregnate our prostate.

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when am I going to find a cute /jp/ girl

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Well if Yukari didn't want me to stare, she should put her tits away.

Same with Reimu. Put your armpits away.

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It can´t be helped, she´s the best pit hu

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This thread is about two /jp/ girls.

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I mean ones that don't live in gensokyo!

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When will I get 2hu gf?

Jaypees and toohoos are meant to be, so why can't we physically breed with each other

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Look at those faces in OP again.
How could you say such things?

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That I have a raging boner and trying to hold my urge to pin them down and impregnate them?

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20? Kids shouldn't post on /jp/!

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20? /jp/ is corrupting the children!

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I want to marry Reimu and have dirty, sweaty couch sex with her every day.

Yukari is whatever

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Do not bully the Maria

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Mating press the shrine maiden.

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What happened to the Reimu prostitution story we were gonna get? Someone get onto that already.

Incidentally, I would love to get paizuri from both at the same time, with my cock sandwiched between one of Yukari's huge tits and one of Reimu's modest ones.

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I would never bully the Maria. She had a hard life, she deserves the happiness she has now.

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765 production?

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That I browse /jp/?
That's how I would look at someone who does, too.

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Doggy style the gap maiden
Rutting her like mad as you grasp around her soft belly and feel her huge jugs swing about

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any good yukari cherry boy breaking doujins with cute boys

i only know one and it's an ugly otaku

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S-stealing Yukari's innocence..?!