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Hecate is fashion!

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By Sagume's look, we can tell it is her fault that it became a huge fashion.

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hecate couture

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Hecatia's outfit is so fucking lewd. God damn it makes any 2hu at LEAST 5x sexier, especially when you shorten the skirt a little.

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They're probably full of smallpox. Sagume is wise not to wear one.

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Those are some fucking C U T E bunnies.

I can't believe I'm saying this with five fucking bunnies already in the series, but we need more bunnies in 2hu. Never enough bunnies. Hares shall conquer Gensokyo.

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i want to buy her shirt for $300 + shipping

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and add some thigh highs

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I bet it smells really nice after she wears it.

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What I dislike about Hecatia's design is not the shirt, it's the stupid ugly skirt. Remove that

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remove and insert

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Still smug, even in death.

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More like this.

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i'd like to insert my nose into her butt

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Imagine what'd it be like to have all of those bunnies succin your dick and massaging you with their naked oiled up bodies, they taking turns getting inseminated by your filthy impure NEET seed...

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Hecate's my passion!

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Sometimes I fantasize about being a bunnyshota and getting mommydommed by Reisen and Seiran, using me as a way of cooling off from their stressful jobs.

Never Ringo though, I like her but she doesn't strike me as that kind of type.

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Fucking water, how does it WORK??

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So people don't like her shirt or her skirt. Maybe she would be better off naked. She would be a lot more popular that way.

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Do not bully the Hecate!

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It's not bullying if it's true

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Best LoLK character by far.

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ZUN really has perfected his artstyle, hasn't he?

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I don't know how to feel about this crying Hecate 2ch meme, /jp/. On one hand I don't like to see her crying, but on the other hand all the content being churned out means she's getting more exposure and as a result will receive more "normal" art.
Is it cancelled out? Is it good?

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Impregnate the Hecate!

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Hecatia deserves to be happy.

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What fashion items has /jp/ bought recently? We should have a thread for otaku approved clothing + accessories

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I've been keeping wearing the same 5 shirts I have for years

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This is one of the best Hecatia pics I've seen in a while.

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I got new shoes and will likely be buying an anorak soon.

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Hecatia a chuu chuu

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Very british otaku

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Hecatia, the unfashionable old woman trying desperately to fit in with the young girls Touhou.

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I wanna FUCK the old hag Hecat

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the hero

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Had to google this
On wikipedia
>unfashionable but warm coats called anoraks
It doesnt look to bad to me.
I wish trenchcoats werent unfashionable they look amazing for keeping you dry. My shitty waterproof coat keeps me dry, only for water to run down it and makes my thighs even wetter. If trenchcoats werent awkward to wear, I wouldnt have this issue. Was it the goths who made them unfashonable, or the faggots wearing them with fedoras? I just want to be warm and dry without people staring.

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me on the left

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a lad i served a term
as office lady to a yama's firm
i cleaned the windows and i swept the floor
and i polished up the handle of the big front door
i polished up that handle so darned well
that now i am a veritable goddess of hell
(she polished up that handle so darned well
that now she's a veritable goddess of hell)

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I'm not sure what made this LoTK Marisa shit blow up, but I get excited every time I see one I haven't before.

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Don't cry dude, it looks just fine on you!

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She needs to stop resisting and join the fold desu senpai

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In the past two months I've bought a new pair of Palladium boots, a lightweight Arc'teryx fleece jacket, a TAD FAST pack litespeed, and a rain jacket. I really like to wear technical clothing and tactical bags(I just like the look of them).