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Servant class: Archer
Alignment: Lawful evil

Strength: C Defense: B
Agility: A Magic: A+
Luck: EX
Independent Action: A Magic Resistance: A++

Noble Phantasms:
Unknown: Manipulation of Boundaries
A rank, Anti-army: That OP fan of hers

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Remi Lancer when?

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Strength: A
Speed: A
Range: A
Durability: B
Precison: C
Developmental Potential: D

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>lawful evil
Didn't she take care of that lost fisherman?

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Species : MoonBitch

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Species: One of my two wives, along with her sister.

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Superior in every way to earth filth.

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Got outsmarted by a Gap hag and a Obese Ghost

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me on the right

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Servant class: Berserker
Alignment: True neutral

Strength: A Defense: A
Agility: E Magic: A
Luck: D
Mad Enhancement: B

Noble Phantasms:
Umbrella that can shoot Master Sparks.
Reality Marble that takes the form of an endless field of flowers that constantly makes her stronger as she remains there.

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me on the right

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Yorihime havea god tier theme in Shoot Shoot Nitori

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>Agility: E

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Servant alignments don't follow any real logic. Gilgamesh is Chaotic Good ffs.

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Don't forget that Vlad III is lawful good despite being fucking crazy.

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me under u skirt

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Servant class: Caster
Alignment: Lawful Good
>Strength: C
>Endurance: B
>Agility: B
>Mana: C
>Luck: B
>Noble Phantasm: A+

Class Skills
>Territory Creation -: Caster cannot create a traditional workshop, but its effects are sublimated into her Reality Marble "Fantasy Nature".
>Item Creation -: Due to her Personal Skill "Solitary Being", Caster lacks the ability to create items

Personal Skills
>Instinct A+
>Projectile (Ofuda) B: Can grant homing properties to projectiles; damage is also increased.
>Shrine Maiden C++
>Solitary Being A+: Negates all modifiers on skill checks, positive or negative, if they result from "this world".

Noble Phantasms
>Yin-Yang Orbs A
>Fantasy Nature EX: Reality Marble which passively increases Luck and Instinct, and can function as a "workshop". If actively deployed, these stats increase to EX rank.

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Servant Class: Caster
Alignment: Chaotic Good
>Strength: B
>Endurance: A
>Agility: B
>Mana: A
>Luck: A
>Noble Phantasm: B

Class Skills
>Territory Creation EX: Capable of creating a "Sage's Realm" superior to a "Temple".
>Item Creation A: Capable of creating large numbers of powerful magic items, such as masks which control emotions and statues which extend the owner's lifespan.
>Magic Resistance B: Cancel spells with a chant below three verses. Even if targeted by High-Thaumaturgy and Greater Rituals, it is difficult for them to be affected.
>Riding B: Prince Shotoku was said to be capable of riding beings of Phantasmal Beast and Divine Beast rank. However, she cannot display her full rank in this skill unless summoned in the Rider class.

Personal Skills
>Charisma B: Increases the ability of allies during group battles. At this rank, it is suitable for the leader of a country.
>Divinity C
>Double Summon (Saber) B: A rare personal skill which permits a Servant to simultaneously possess class skills from two distinct classes. Prince Shotoku can only display this ability while summoned in Japan.
>Sage Techniques A
>Emperor of the Land of the Rising Sun A: A skill awarded to one who laid the structure and identity of a nation. Japanese Servants suffer a Rank-Down to all skills while in combat with Caster.
>Tenfold Listening A

Et cetera, et cetera. Miko is practically a Servant already.

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>Reimu of murder

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True, she hasn't committed nearly as much murder as most Casters, but she still qualifies for the class.

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>Reimu of murder aka "I'll break your head like a coconut using melee attacks"

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Seems like she'd be much more suited for the douchebag class.

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Servant class: Berserker
Alignment: Neutral Mad
>Strength: B
>Endurance: C
>Agility: B
>Mana: C
>Luck: E
>Noble Phantasm: C

Class Skills
>Mad Enhancement EX: Parameters are Ranked-Up, but is deprived of most reason. Even when under Mad Enhancement Berserker is able to hold a conversation, but holding a persistent line of thought is impossible.

Personal Skills
>Information Erasure EX
>Independent Action A: It is possible to take action even without a Master. However, to use Noble Phantasms of great magical energy consumption, backup from the Master is necessary.
>Instinct C+++

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If anything she's a caster pal

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Reimu is saber, caster and assassin
Miko is caster, saber or ruler
Assassin, berserker

Marisa is lancer, caster and Archer
Alice is caster
Sakuya is assassin, saber, rider
Sanae is saber, caster, rider
Aya assassin, rider, archer

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dude u r doing it wrong

she is more like an assassin

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one person can qualify for multiple classes you secondary

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You can quack "secondary" all the times you want, but you still stink of /fgo/ babbyshit
please go buy an account with a final ascended fucking brain you massmarket sucking monkey

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Toyo a cutest!
Undeniably the best!
Stands above the rest!

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She's meant to be a non-standard Berserker like Spartacus or the one in Strange Fake (who was also more like an Assassin).

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Give her Item Creation D - she can still make protective charms and things like that.

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>Strange Fake

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Watatsukis are dead, captured, or never existed after 15.

>Lunaria gets killed by a US flag

In retrospect, good on ZUN for clearing up Lunaristans' canon powerlevel.

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You wish, anon.

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Yokai supremacy

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MFW Watasukis are right now being raped by thousands of futa hell fairies

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oops... never mind.

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>Neutral Mad
now you're just making shit up

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Hercules' alignment is canonically Chaotic Mad

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Not even the only one
>Hercules: Chaotic Mad
>Lancelot: Lawful Mad
>Elizabeth Bathory: Chaotic Mad

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