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So lads I just ordered a 160 cm remi daki and I have a 150 cm pillow am I fine or is it horrible do I have to buy a 160 cm pillow

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so sorry forgot it was forbidden to say lad

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This is probably the most confusing board I've ever been on. Why the fuck is lads bad to say? what the fuck is a 2hu? Does it stand for Touhou?

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yeah 2hu is a touhou my friend

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only reason i got 160 cm because the design wasnt available in 150 cm, its the only non lewd daki of remilia i could find. Can you explain why 160 cm is bad?

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Why are there so many threads about it? Aren't there more animes/cute anime girls than just touhou?

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Why does /m/ have so many threads about Gundam? Why does /tg/ have so many threads about 40k? If you want to understand a place, just lurk.

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How can two people love each other so much.

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can anyone PLEASE answer my question wheres my daki bros at

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This is not /jp/FAQs and we are not here to serve you. Learn the culture by lurking or get out.

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It's better than having a 160 cm pillow and only having 150 cm cases. It will at least fit and close.

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Why are you guys so mean :(

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have you never been on 4chan lol

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Bullying nerds is important. I don't think there's anything wrong with saying lads though.

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Giet a least a 160cm daki. Better not hot glue it, you pervert.

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cute remi, dude.

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160 cm is 5 feet 2 inches, almost 3 inches. We are talking about Remi, not some kind of giant vampire freak.

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I thought the board that just likes cute anime girls would be nicer and cuter :(

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Touhou isn't an anime.

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its literally the only non lewd remi daki I could find would rather have tall remi then naked little girl remi

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How much of a manlet are you that 160cm is a giant freak?

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Touhou has an anime kek

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Check the mirror, loser.

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160cm is gigantic for a vampire loli, anon.

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stop posting lewd remi you pedophile

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What in the world is that maid doing with a bat?

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I just imagine a very big Remi towering over Marisa.

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>non lewd
Why, my good man?

It feels great to wake up next to a naked Remimi

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What are you talking about? She's fully clothed and doing innocent things.

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I want to creampie Remilia.

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Mind posting picture you chosed?

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Leave this place
And never return

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Does this count as a Remilia thread?

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Damn it, I just want to hold her.

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Have some bat loli

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How do you muster the strength to go through another day without serving the Remimi?

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>160 cm remi
5cm Remirya is better.

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Remi sama is a proper lady.

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Lewdest bat.

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I want to stick it in.

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The Remimi can't drink properly.

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Is it safe?

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Probably not but I'm willing to do it anyway.

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Proper ladies always swallow

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We will never know how a soft vampire tongue feels like.

Why is this world so shitty?

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I'd rather stick it in that butt

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My Remi is more pure that this.

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So cute!!

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Flan or Remi, which Scarlet is the lewdest girl?

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Do NOT sexualize the baby bats!

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Do not sexualize the Remimi
when I'm not present

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Flan has more H works

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Hot little bat.

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I want to bite Remi's belly.

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I want to eat Remi.

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I want to do lewd, degrading things for a smug Remi.

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I want to MOLEST Remilia

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So do I.

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Who remembers the YASY doujin with the Inu Sakuya werewolf and China Orc?

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Remimi wants a hug.

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That makes you a pedophile though.

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But she's way older than me

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Remilia's cute little butt.

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You get turned on by how young she looks though, and she knows it.

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I'm okay with her speaking to me like that. Still gonna fuck.

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So lewd.

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Oops, you got a little accident with Remimi.
Wat do?

Take responsibility
Get killed by Sakuya for doing such mean thing to her mistress.

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Get into another accident where she falls down a long flight of stairs, getting a miscarriage.

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That expression is so cute.

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daily reminder that the only reason 2hus exist is because the western powers didnt come to japan during the great demon

>tfw you will never be a templar cleansing the earth in the Lords name

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Whom thou reference?

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all yukari needs to do is get aleph on a loan if yhvh fags decide to be bullies

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great demon purges*

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They are looking so soft

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Remimi with color pencils.

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Main difference between Remi and Flan.

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SSiB really made Remi feel like she's trying to maintain a lady like facade while in reality, she's still a brat.

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I prefer my flan cute and my remi H.

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But I like both. On one hand I want to spoil and protect the Remimi, and on the other I want to do horrible, disgusting, lewd things to her. Isn't that part of the loli appeal?

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I guess that one mod must be sleeping.
Hi mod

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They probably are

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didn't ZUN say remi has the "wisdom of a 500 year old filtered through the mind of a 5 year old" or something like that?

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Whatever happened to Pro Remiliat Elite Force Commander? Anyone?

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Yes, and what of the fate of his Remi stalker? Remi stalker must be sad.

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I just dropped the trip, I'll never stop lewdposting.

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It should be other way around

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Is this still a dakimakura thread?

I was wondering if there's a good way to scan a dakimakura cover. I want to make a copy so I don't have to be worried of fucking up my only one.