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Hugs with Kaguya!

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It looks like she's wearing a hot dog costume.
What a weirdo!

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What's it like dating Kaguya?

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Sex and videogames.

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Like dating an extremely high maintenance girlfriend who makes unreasonable requests from you.

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Drugs with Kaguya! (and Mokou)

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Immortals are immune to drugs and alcohol. They cannot get high or drunk.

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Alright, that I can dig.

Gross. Maybe it stays platonic.

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Kaguya is a bitch and I hate her.

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Is this a ploy to get Kaguya pictures or do you actually hate this bitch?

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well that's definitely not canon, anon

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Sexy times with Mokou.

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Sniffing Kaguya's dirty hair!

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It's not dirty!

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It is really dirty! Disgusting greasy NEET hair!

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False! I'm a NEET and my hair feels soft and silky to the touch, Kaguya can do it too!

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I actually doubt so, from CiLR it seems she liked the simple earthling life to the point she didn't want to go back to the Moon. The impossible requests probably were a way to tell the annoying nobles to fuck off.

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Why is Kaguya so amazing with big tits?

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This. It's incredibly easy to keep hair clean with little exposure to the elements or physical activity.

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This is not true for people with oily skin. I should know. I swear that I cannot go without a through bath for 24 hours without starting to smell.

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She is a smelly girl and i want to sniff her wonderful scent!


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I want Kaguya-hime to turn my balls into mush!

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Kaguya's nipples are out of this world!

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Get a bra you slut!

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Didn't know any of you would have liked oppai Kaguya.

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yes, post more

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There just isn't that much around

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please delete this

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I'm sure you'll find something, space jin always has one

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Space Jin is always a good fail-safe.

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Ishimura is a god among men.

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Kaguya forget to bath before she took the elixir and is now eternally smelly

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Why does dfc and cowtits Kaguya both work so well?

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It is a mystery.

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I want to chill with these two in comfy clothes.

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Man, I wanna FUCK a princess

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A casual Kaguya is fine too.

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Space Jin has a lot of ballbusting pictures and a lot of Kaguya pictures, but I don't think I've ever seen a picture of Kaguya doing the ballbusting herself. Maybe I didn't look hard enough

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I want to FUCK Kaguya.

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Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen!

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sorry but only after marriage with Kaguya would that be allowed

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I'll marry her then!

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I'll be your best man.

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kaguya the KUSO princess lmao

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Don't be mean to Kaguya!

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Shoving her under the table to suck your dick isn't mean?

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I wish Kaguya was underneath my table

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I want to finger Kaguya's navel

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You aren't going anywhere near my wife's navel.

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translate it weebs

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dude weed

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Don't move...... Even the slightest movement will cause internal pain and this is not what you want, isn't it? ..... Umm... this is quite difficult.... (Something like this. Happy?)

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thanks anon

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Watching beginner morons try and translate basic sentences never really gets old. The second you run into more than a couple of words, it all falls apart and you just start making stuff up, huh?

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Please don't bully.

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Pls no bully.

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More titty-hime pls

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Okay, bud. I don't have any more huge titty-hime, but I do have some.

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That's all for now. I'll see if I can't get a couple mor for you all later.

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reminds me more of okuu than hime

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[blender noises]

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they can, and they can also feel pain and other sensations just like normal people. They can also die, but they wont stay dead, as their soul will stay on this plane of existance, regenerating the body after it died.

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Thank you, I love titty Kaguya.

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I'm happy to provide!

I would be inclined to agree if it wasn't for the tags.

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And some Shou for free.

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That's it for now!

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you have done a great job today, anon!