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Does anyone know the name of/have a doujin where the Eientei gang decides to have a competition and that whoever hits Reisen with a water balloon can have her do whatever they please for a day?

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Danmaku Festival in the Cool of the Evening

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Three minutes. Christ.
I love you /jp/. Thank you.

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Reisen thread?

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We just had one, but Reisen is pretty alright.

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We did? I'm sure I posted in it too if there was one.
You've got pretty forgettable threads, Reisen.

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It can't be helped, I suppose. At least the rabbit is getting some love.

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Forgettable love.

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I'll never forget about Reisen!

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Fuck you, OP.

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I want me some of that rabbit brand medicine.

The hell do they end up doing with her then? A Footstool? She's already pretty much a slave.

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Easily one of the ugliest doujinshi I've ever seen.

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I think Noya's art is usually prety cute.

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Bite your tongue.

Not so! She's a servant, albeit a closely managed and sometimes mistreated servant.

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Yeah, a slave.

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Who is this retarded looking bunny?
She only looks good for her sex appeal?

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She's not! If she was, she'd leave!

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Why is Eirin the least popular Eientei?

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There's just something untouchable about a genius that co-created a utopian society and an immortality elixir. At least you could entertain Kaguya and Tewi but Eirin's probably seen close to everything

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I found this bunny in my house?
It better not be that little shit Tewi

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This is Reisen! And yes, she's really only good for being a bunny you can breed with!

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Woah, Kaguya got fuggin Popeye arms

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Don't be mean!

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Alright, alright, she's good for other reasons too. I can't feign apathy regarding the rabbit any longer!

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Purple is my favorite color.

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Ridding side-saddle on a bike is going to cause balance trouble, princess.

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it's okay, she is immortal

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She could still get hurt. So could Reisen, for that matter.

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That's a good bun! Here's one of mine. His name is Goblin.

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Noya is the best for cute Remi arts.

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I wonder why this rabbits wants to make balloons.

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She rooms with Eirin. Why the hell do you think?

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I want a Reisen wabbit.

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One of the first things I associate him with (well the first thing that comes to mind is pictures of the scarlet sisters using, uh, toys) is the PV for Sekkenya's Tewi! ~EienTewi!


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a reisen is added

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And finally our hero Tenu.

I was going to say that I found myself surprised that this was eight years old, but then Imperishable Night was 12 years ago now. What a ride.

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A classic.

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Sounds like fun!

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>Danmaku Festival in the Cool of the Evening
Holy fuck it's that artist who has worked for innocent key!! SICKK

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I want to squeeze and love Reisen!

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Post your favorite Reisen doujins~!


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So predictable.
This one's really good.

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It's translated.

All the DOUMOU stuff is great too.

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i get real horny when i see this thread because my selective reading only picks up "doujin" "gang" "Reisen" and "whatever they please".

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I know, but I don't have any translated pages saved.

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Stop bullying Reisen.

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But it's so fun!

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Maybe she needs somewhere else to be bullied.

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Bullying the little rabbit.

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Too much bullying…
How do we make the rabbit happy?

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A hard question to answer. What does Reisen actually like? What's she do for fun?

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Reisen, Reisen
Sexy bunny Reisen

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That's a good question. We always see her working. She have an ESP link with other moon rabbits. maybe she's playing video games using her mind with Ringo and Seiran. Also, she considers herself to be an earth rabbit since LoLK.

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Are the other moon rabbits cool with her, though? She ditched them, considers herself an earth rabbit, and didn't have much hesitation to fight them in LoLK.

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Would Reisen ever marry or have any romantics?

>> No.14963739

Depends on if she gets to meet me or not

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Yeah, she'd lose hope after that.

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Back off nerd, I'll take you any day.

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They let her play with them, but call her a bitch behind her back.

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Would Reisen help me beat the shit out of Tewi?

>> No.14964120

No, but she might help beat your meat. Link for lewd.

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How considerate. Reisen is letting you take a look at her new lingerie set. But she's a little bit nervous, since people might see.

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Reisen invited you for a Christmas date. Wat do.

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[X] Jam it in

>> No.14964263

[x] hold hands
[x] ride on kappa made miniature train
[x] mulled wine
[x] ice ring
[x] christmas spiced grilled eels
[x] explore stalls
[x] throw coins and make wishes into the wish fountain
[x] mulled wine
[x] watch fireworks

>> No.14964337


I forgot!

[x] autisticlly forget that she's there whilst watching the fireworks until she tugs at my jacket, to be pulled into a kiss when I turn to her

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You listed mulled wine twice.

>> No.14964349


This was intentional.

>> No.14964395

Fuck that, I'm going to quietly celebrate my lord's birthday rather than hang out with some heathen harpy.

>> No.14964413

>[x] mulled wine
Tastes horrible and I doubt Japan or Gensokyo drinks the stuff.
Remember these are the people who have KFC for Christmas, you exp3ect them to drink mulled wine?
I wonder if mulled sake is a thing.

>> No.14964507


Each to their own tastes.

Though if mulled sake isn't a thing that's served a lot in Gensokyo it certainly would be a great business venture.


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Who's Reisen anyway, enlighten me anons

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This is Reisen, Anon.

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Reminder that female rabbits can get themselves off if you stroke their ears. And can get wet just by smelling human males. Rabbits are like all these h-manga where girls are drugged and ahoge'd

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I want to make lots of Oxytocin with Reisen!

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File: 1.16 MB, 945x1394, 55386388_p0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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Should I wear deodorant or something? I don't want to get her flustered in public. That'd be embarrassing…

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Silly goose, deodorant doesn't prevent smell! It only tries to covers it up!

You want anti-perspirant.

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Posting more happy rabbit. She's a sweet girl and deserves happiness.

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Ah, thank you for clearing that up!

>> No.14964998


Though I don't think anti-perspirant will prevent "love" chemicals being released if that's the thing that gets Reisen going.

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Too late, anon. She smelled your manly scent. You won,t sleep tonight, and tomorrow.

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She'll get no complaint from me.

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She's happy to help.

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I think living for over a million or more years will do that too.

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What about humanoid monster rabbits from the moon? If Reisen was like that, she probably wouldn't be the one selling medicine in the village.

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But, it feels good, man.

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There's not much good about being helplessly, hopelessly aroused whenever there's a guy around.

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Remember, Reisen is highly resistant to poison, drugs and toxins. She's surely resistant to pheromones.

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So we're in agreement, then. Good!

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She was playing around, faking rabbit characteristics symptoms to relieve some stress. Just to please you.

>> No.14965296


Lots and lots of Oxytocin!

At this rate, marriage is impossible to avoid!

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Marry the rabbit?!

>> No.14965323

You'll have to ask her boss and owner first. They're weird. Expect dangerous drugs and impossible requests.
Good luck, anon.

>> No.14965519


Yes! Marry the rabbit!

Here's a good question, how does one get married in Gensokyo?


I bet Erin would make you swear loyalty to her and promise to remove Lunarians when the time comes.

So you'd be doing all the jobs that are below the rabbits! Likely it would be a long time until you'd be trusted to handle medicine.

>> No.14965598

Clock says 01:93
What the fuck?

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>Here's a good question, how does one get married in Gensokyo?
Maybe Reimu practice wedding ceremonies, since she's a Shinto priestess.
Would you ask Reimu about marrying an Youkai?

>> No.14965668

Allahu Akbar!

>> No.14965696


Dangerous as you might get fortune-teller treatment. Although, being a part of Eientei and not being part of the human village might change that.

Kaguya would be able to do it as royalty.

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Maybe Moryia or Byakuren can help?

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She'd only kill you if you become a youkai. She probably wouldn't agree to it, though.
Try Byakuren. She'd be thrilled at the prospect of a human and a youkai entering such relationship.

>> No.14965851


I was thinking that Byakuren would be a great option.

If /jp/ had a wedding would they invite everyone?

>> No.14966898

If that counts as bullying...

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>Easily one of the ugliest doujinshi I've ever seen.
You haven't seen much.

>> No.14967742

>[x] ride on kappa made miniature train
I'd rather ride a kappa tbqph famiglia

>> No.14967824

I remember a doujin pages with Meiling where she's worked up a sweat and is embarrassed about her body odor, but never found the source. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?

>> No.14968340

Oh no Reisen's leaking, someone help her!!


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Leaking, you say?

>> No.14971154



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Want some?

>> No.14972306

Attractive image dudester.

>> No.14972337

What's the deal with people thinking a little piece of cloth acts like a gag in any way? At most it'll make your tongue a little dry.

>> No.14972349

It holds in stuff that actually does gag her.

>> No.14972354

Not as pictured, anything behind it could easily be pushed around the cloth.

>> No.14972381

Most things in eastern art don't work as pictured.

>> No.14972400

I dunno that one with the tentacles going in through her mouth and out through her ass seemed good to me.

>> No.14972535

Yeah, exactly. Lots of stuff that almost or kinda makes sense, but not really.
And we wouldn't have it any other way.

>> No.14973352

What's that, rabbit shit?

>> No.14976046

Reminder that rabbits eat their own shit all the time.

>> No.14976055


Says you Mr -- you ain't even taken a shower yet.

>> No.14976057

Only Tewi would do something like that. Reisen is pure and innocent.

>> No.14977090

I was just stating a fact about the digestive system of rabbits, no need to be rude.

>> No.14981065


I'm sorry, that was uncalled for.

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Take one.

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>Day Lunar bunny on the Moon!
>Names Reisen at least that's what my master's call me
>Lately there's been some kinda uproar here on the capital
>Allegedly human are on it "pfft yeah right!"
>Get ordered to investigate with my detachment of fellow lunar bunnies
>Bunny hop company in da house! Woop! Woop!
>Reach the Mare Tranquillitatis "oh wow! look at that nobody is around"
"Alright bunnies, let's head home" I tell my fellow bunnies "Worse day of my life" I say under my breath.
>Little would I know how true that would be
>feel a tug at my sleeve
>It's Reisin # 4, yeah the Lunars aren't very imaginative when it come to names
>She points off in the distance and no shit there they are, humans
>And they're planting a flag on the surface and high fiving each other
>those jerks got some nerve!
"Hey!" I shout as I hop over
"You can't just go around planting flags and claiming this place as yours"
>Bunny sisters all nodding in agreement
>The humans look at each other and and then lean close to each other
>Dumb-asses, don't they know bunnies have keen hearing
>Using my keen hearing I listen in.....
>Shit! I don't know that Language, you win this time humans
>They gesture towards us with a pen and paper
>Heh they're smart ones, if you can't communicate with words do it through pictures
>They hand over the paper and pen and I get to drawing
>While i'm doing that the other bunny girls seem to be playing with them
>showing them how to get around on the moon
>the bunny hop is the best way around it really is
>finish my drawing of my foot in their ass and had it over
>They take it and look it over
>Hmm I really wish I could see Their faces
>The one on the right gestures me over
>When I come up to him he balls the picture up and throws it in my face
"Oh It's on now!"
>They get in fighting stances and the one on the left gesture us over with one finger
>cocky bastards
"Bunny hop company! attack!" I shout

>> No.14992383
File: 34 KB, 480x360, bunny assassin.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>We charge em planning to use our Superior numbers and Superior technology and Superior everything else
>See Reisens#3-8 go flying over my head
>Oh my Watatsuki! these guys ain't fucking around
>See the one on the right use one of our own as a club swinging her around to beat the others
>The one on the left is throwing out blows and kicks and somehow stars and stripes
>Suddenly they jump back and a giant eagle holding branches and arrows with stars above it's head appears
"Shit! special attack! abort! abort!
>Well, it look like my fellow bunny girls were already way ahead of me as I notice the ones still able to stand trying to hop away
>Get to hopping but suddenly a vessel in the sky appears
>They had another keeping tabs on them from above
>Don't get to finish my sentence as the combine special attack plus space sky vessel unleash a powerful attack wiping out my whole party
>We got our asses thrashed
>Time to look out for number 1
>I nope the fuck outta there.
>I know Eirin will let me crash with her, she's so cool
>Hear my former battle sisters cry out
>Put my fingers in my ears
"I can't hear you!" I say as I high-tail it outta there
>I'll remember them..not really
>As I'm hopping away decide to look back
>See a couple of my former battle sisters getting their asses spanked...with the humans hips
>Sucks to be you I think to myself
>Steal off into the dark-side of the moon and to my new home with Erin
>Shits gonna be so dope!
>Little would I know that Erin is a bitch

>> No.14994385


C- nice effort, but there's lots to improve on

>> No.14996886

Okay, enough about your life
How was the greentext?

>> No.14996998


C- nice effort, but there's lots to improve on

>> No.14997177

Okay, enough about your life
How was the greentext?

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>> No.14998768


Since you've been cheeky, I'll give you my honest rude opinion.

It was just bad. I've read trollfics that were better.

>> No.14999750

Okay, enough about your sex life
How was the greentext?

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