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What are your reasons for liking Alice THAT much?

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I don't need a reason to love literal perfection.

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She is a beautiful girl. Liking beautiful girls is normal behavior.

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her footjobs

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She's a very cute Christian girl

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>Cute as hell
>Conservative fashion sense
>Wears a capelet.
>Lives alone and doesn't like most people
>I love the name Alice
>Blonde with a hairband
>Possibility of using the dolls for lewd purposes
>Magically powerful enough to take care of me but physically weak enough for me to take care of her.
>Also a little creepy, which I like.

Why the hell wouldn't I like her?

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I love everything about Alice so much. She really is the perfect girl in both personality and looks. With a really cool/cute/unique power too... Even her PCB theme is one of the best in the entire series! Is there anything not to like about her?

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> Cute Christian Girl

> Literally the spawn of Satan

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Alice is just like me.

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I just want ro gangbang Alice and pass her around like a doll!

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Rape bait

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I love Alice because she has a perfect body that I wish to corrupt with my semen.

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Alice likes honest anons like you.

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I usually don't mind this type of post, but when you write such filth about Alice (even jokingly) it really does disgust me.

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ryuhei draws the cutest Alice

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Paizuri with Alice and cumming in her bra!
Intercrural sex with Alice and cumming on her stockings!
Fellatio with Alice and flooding her stomach with sperm!
Hairjob with Alice and slathering her locks with semen!
Pantyjob with Alice and defiling her underwear with jizz!
Buttjob with Alice and coating her back with man milk!
Vaginal with Alice and filling her womb to breaking point with a torrent of baby batter!

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she's the only 2hu desperate enough to have sex with me

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>team shangai alice
that why

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That's right. She is saving her purity for Marissy.

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Sorry, the faceless old men disagrees.

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I want to impregnate Alice and raise a perfect Aryan family with her!

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I want to cuck this faggot by enriching Alice with my superior black seed.

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I want beat Alice and take her money as she raises my down syndrome kid by herself

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what would you do in this situation

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i want to fuck alice with the jay and see who makes her squirm the most

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Agreed. Better than Alice!

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Beautiful girl I'll search on for you...
'Til all of your loveliness in my arms come true...

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M-MARISA..I had a horrible dream!

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I know I can't be the only one who likes pc-98 Alice the best.

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you ain't black.

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I don't care so much for her Windows design, but her PC-98 design is great.

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I want to eat a warm meal when Alice is shivering in the cold while desperately trying to make enough money to feed her kid and herself through selling her body!

What happens next to Alice is
Bad if odds!
Good if even!

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Oh dear! Poor Alice!

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I wish that artist drew full color alice and not only that restricted palette stuff

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Needs more despair

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Fuck off, Junko.

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Alice is great for handholding!

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She is extremely attractive and seems psychologically vulnerable and easy to coerce into sex.

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Arisu is cray-cray.

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What's with that wimpy-looking hand. Arisu is for man of color.

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London is best doll, though

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I want to make Alice so poor that she has to trade in Shanghai at the pawn shop!

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I want to buy Shanghai from the pawn shop and make her koonago me every day!

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Do not stop dude

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Alice is being lewd!

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I wanto to help Alice and give her my money in exchange for sexual favors!

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Exploring with Shangai!

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There's treasure inside caves, Shanghai!

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Too much Alice bullying in this thread.

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I want to burn Alice!

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The bullying is real.

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Is this part of a larger video, or only an example of physics?

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The nico nico video is a bit loger, but it's mostly an example of physics.

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Why is that granny grinning so hard?

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I want to smell and be around Alice's butt.

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She's a white depressed lonely loser like me.

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Ask her to use her magic to transform you into a pair of panties, then she can wear you.

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Her mama is trying to steal you from her.

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The seven-rep puppeteer!

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Oh boy its too hot.

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I want to lick her strong abs!

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Good (Alice) stuff right here

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Sorry Shinki, I only have eyes for your daughter.

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You should have to date Shinki before you can get to Alice

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^^ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yjVaN0eMMqI

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She's a classy and elegant lady.

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She's pretty cute after all.

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She's cute! Also, she can make me a cute doll! If I ask nicely I'm sure she will!

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Blonde, blue-eyed, short hair, magician. I also enjoy her belief of only using enough power to match an opponent's power. I really like her outfit's colors as well.

Those are my reasons.

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Why do you all have a fetish for a pile of garbage? I don't get it.

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Cold-hearted bitch.

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The way I like 'em~

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Till she cuts contacts with you without even saying goodbye!

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Cause she's a doll!

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Citations for these opinions.

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sheez a meymey

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That is a very cute look and I wish I could rape a 3d girl who dressed so cutely.

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Where did this meme come from

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Why would anyone like Alice? She dresses like a Sunday School girl, stills plays with dollies, has bad social skills, and her only friend is a bitchy witch.

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A girl that cute would probably earn enough to keep a room in a brothel or do house calls, rather than work as a streetwalker.

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If your semen is black you need to see a doctor.

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>She dresses like a Sunday School girl
>stills plays with dollies
>has bad social skills
I have a shot.
>and her only friend is a bitchy witch.
More time for her to spend with me.

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I want to make another arisu with shinki!

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I don't want this thread die desu because the other arisu thread died.

Anyway i like alice because i liked short hair blonde type that no girls fits that hairstyle irl.

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Making grandkids with Alice!

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I want to use every part of Alice's body for my own sexual gratification.

I want to lock her up in my basement and use her as my own personal fuck doll.